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AAA customer service is ranked #170 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 48.81 out of a possible 200 based upon 222 ratings. This score rates AAA customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


194 Negative Comments out of 222 Total Comments is 87.39%.


28 Positive Comments out of 222 Total Comments is 12.61%.

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  • I was quoted a price of 125 for car insurance on a 2006 Volvo. It was already higher than my previous insurance company at progressive. Well a month later 175 was drafted from my account. I called my agent Dewain Culp and he blamed the under writer....needless to say I never got my money back. I can't wait to drop this company!

    Graham 7/22/14 2:16PM
  • Not thrilled AT ALL with aaa.. got a high level membership and have yet to see any benefits as far as travel say there is no charge to exchange currancy but what the banks and internet say the exchange rate is quotes an exchange rate of 10 cents higher..say what it is..why lie about it?... I recently purchased 750 in euros for $1080...I recieved the euros in 1 day turnaround...due to my travel partners moms death we were unable to travel..I returned the euros expecting to get $1080 back for them...not so...even though I called before I went to office to see what the exchange rate for euros was when I got to office I was told the rate for euros to dollars was 20 cents I would only recieve $918 us dollars back and if that wasnt enough of an insult I would have to wait for a check to be printed from ridiculous is that??? Didnt have a problem taking my cash but you cant return my money in cash in 1 day...I am very disappointed in the service provided. Its been 7 days and im still waiting for the check

    beckerbriggs 7/16/14 5:48PM
  • Asked AAA Agent Rita Armstrong to make Walt Disney hotel Reservation. was told I must buy Theme park tickets to book hotel. I called hotel and booked room without a problem.

    Anonymous 7/7/14 9:15AM
  • Past AAA road side service
    member for years. Sent a
    promotional mailing decided to
    re-join this February, being
    disabled it made sense.
    Gimmick only. $49. I got
    surcharges above that amount
    and never received membership

    In March Office Manager Pam
    Gladu promised to have the
    surcharges refunded and the
    membership cards issued. We
    believed her. In June called
    Pam again, hearing the District
    Office in Maine is going to call
    you to resolve the problems,
    have the surcharges refunded
    and the membership cards

    It is now July 6 months later, no
    results. No contact person or
    phone number was ever
    provided to a District Office.

    We are extremely sad, feeling
    we have been definitely taken.
    We lost our money and still
    have no membership cards
    when the need arose.

    Our suggestion, be careful. This
    is still unresolved. No one has
    accepted responsibility. Was a
    good service back then.

    Stress for no reason 7/1/14 8:56PM
  • I have been with your company since 1991. A nice long time and I might be a fool I thought since I've been with your company that long I would be treated with some form of respect. Well, I was totally wrong! No respect and lie after lie after lie by your service representatives and supervisors. I received my bill as normal a month prior to due date along with my cards. Mine which is prime customer and my husband added on 2 years later is add on. My card stated expiration date as 8/1/2015 and my husband is 7/1/2015. I called to request a new card same as my husband. I was told it was a bonus to me since I've been with the company so long. I told them I did not want any bonus. I wanted the same treatment as before nothing different and no changes. Again continued with same response. It took me 3 phone calls to have an agent tell me its due to a class action law suit. I said this is the first time I've heard about this even thou I called 3 called prior. I said I don't want to be involve with the law suit. Sharon 800-291-8022 stated she would send me out one right away with the same ending date at my husband. So now its two weeks since first call and still no cards. I call again today and spoke to Nicole 401-868-2000 x2757. she stated Sharon did nothing and had nothing for me stating I will get a new card. Now 2 weeks and still nothing is happening except for lies. I left message on Sharon's phone thanks for lying to me and you never planned on doing anything for me except lie! Is this how you treat your good members and keep on lying. When I spoke to Nicole she said I have to send in the payment and then get the cards. So now for my card I have to pay in advance and for my husband I don't need to pay in advance for his. Wait now since 1991 I got cards along with bill and didn't have to pay in advance. I paid when it was due prior to ending date. I want my card just like my husband. Same ending date 7/1/2015. Not a month later of 8/1/2015. My right to choose was taken away from me and doing the same thing since 1991. Now my rights are being taken away and treated like a moron. I want to have the right to be in the lawsuit or not. I have a right to have the same dates as my husband and for of respect for being a valued customer since 1991.

    Anonymous 6/24/14 3:42PM
  • I had my vehicle towed to the AAA Car Care Facility in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania in December 2013. The vehicle was diagnosed and repaired in eleven days. During that time I had to rent a car. The rental car caost me $1041.60 woth a member discount. The repair total was $716.42. I do not think it should have taken eleven days to get the car running normally. When I picked up the car it was running very well. The repair work is guaranteed for 2 years/24,000 miles. In January 2014, the vehicle had to be towed back to the Car Care Facility (Clifton GHeights, PA) for the same conditions as it wasa towed there in December 2013. The Service Manager informed me that the work they did in December 2013 was not the problem. He indicated thatr the csr needs $400.00 wiring harness to get all signals working to get the vehicle to start and stay runing. The car has been at this facility since January 2014. The warranty and gauarantee has not and is not being honored. I have been a AAA member since 1972. Until this experience I have been exttremely satisfied with the level of service. The Service Manager indicated tghat I could get the car diagnosed at another repair shop. If I do that it could void the existing warranty and guarantee. I informed the Better Business Bureau about this experiance and there has been no resolution. Extremely dissatisofed in Pennsylvania.

    Extremely dissatisfied in Pensyl 6/7/14 3:33AM
  • I called AAA to make travel plans to Disney. They were supposed to call back the next day. Three days later I called and asked to speak with someone to assist with Disney tickets. They put me through to VM. I know this AAA office is small enough that the operator knows who is and isn't available. Poor service and a don't care attitude - Augusta, GA AAA. If I had wanted to buy a membership, I'll bet he/she would have been happy to take the call.

    Mark 6/6/14 12:16PM
  • I've been a member of AAA for 26 years and have been completely satisfied until now. I am elderly and disabled and because of health issues I don't drive for weeks at a time which usually results in a dead battery. I've had to call AAA 3 times since my membership renewed in 2013 and when I called the 4th time, I was told I no longer could use your services without paying. I will NOT renew my membership for Year 27! In 1988 I don't recall being informed that service calls were limited. I was surprised and disappointed when I was told. I think you guys are just too big for your britches and don't care about the little guy anymore. What a shame!

    Anonymous 6/5/14 3:24PM
  • Hi My name Is Patricia and I just want to let you no that your company is alier because on April 13 I was stuck and Icall AAA and they send a tow truck out and the tow trick drive had ask where did I want my car toe to and I was not from Virginia so I didn't no ehere to brinh my cat so he eant on his phone to find a place to bring my car to and he said car care and I said is that Part of AAA and he said yes but that was a lie because I thought I eas hoing to get 10%

    Anonymous 6/2/14 3:59PM
  • Why does a husband and wife have two AAA cars, which the husband uses them on alternate days. Both have baby seats in the car and the wife uses the company car to transport their child, while the husband uses the other car for business. Does not make sense.

    Anonymous 5/31/14 3:42PM
  • NEVER purchase a car battery from AAA. They say it has 3 years warranty if its bad they replace it. Well the battery i bought from them its not even 2 yeas old and its bad and they will not replace it. Over the course of 3 months i called them 3 times because my car did not start, 1st they said its the transmission, 2nd they said its the wires connected to the battery, which my husband replaced because of them, now when the battery is all the way dead, they said it was because the wires were changed ( after i told him that) and it damaged the battery. I am so upset i will never buy anything from them again, and i wish someone will do something about this awful thing they do. I have to go buy a brand new battery. I will have to check out MCA, i heard they have way better benefits than AAA.

    TheCristeas 5/3/14 3:36PM
  • We travel with AAA april 29 from Miami Int to San Juan PR It was me, my wife and doughter in law and we're very upset with the customer service we received in Miami from two ladies working in the airport for AAA I already call 18006333711 and explained Susan Arguello what happend but she told me to send the complain thru email. My wife was carring her purse and a hand bag my doughter in law as well, I was carring a hand bag and a small lunch bag because the trip was too long from SC to PR and the time from gate to gate was too short and could'nt stop to buy any food, we hardly made it. This two ladies where grouchy and unrespetable one at the enter of inspection line and the other at bording entrance, the lady at bording entrance in a very rude language told me that I coul'nt pass two hand bags, my wife try to tell her that I only had one and the other was a lunch bag and try to explaine her that she needed to take some medicines that most be taken w/food she then gave my wife a dirty look and said "Look at this line lady (pointing the line) I don't have time to waist" at that moment she put a ticket to my bag and said this must go under the plaine. They where both spanish speaking. We had a real bad experience and did'nt expect this to happend!!!

    Anonymous 5/2/14 5:19PM
  • I purchased tickets for legoland on line and had difficulty printingthem. I contacted the tech dept that was listed on my receipt. They were unable to assist me. They told me to go to the park and they could print them. I go to the park with my family visiting from out of town and was told they could not print the tickets. I was forced to purchase a one day pass for all of us which cost an addtional $141 and whem I contacted AAA to tell them my concerns I got alot of run around from 3 different people. When I called corporate they put me on hold until I got a recording ending my call. Guess it's time this AAA customer of more then 15 years should cancel his account.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 11:37AM
  • I would like to share my resent experienxe it wa terrible I called triple a at 5:00 for a tow and to my surprice i sat there with my two toddler kids for 6hrs finally some one came and got the kids for me and i still had to wait and hour this matter will ne tookin up with. corporate because this was not a top priority.

    mad ass 4/14/14 10:39PM
  • I would like to share my recent experience (just this morning) with your location in Sandy Springs / Buckhead (Roswell Rd) area.
    I wanted to give your auto repair shop a try. I took my car to get a second opinion. I was told my can most likely has a punctured vacuum hose, which this type of Ford engines are known to develop over time, and was given and estimate.
    I was upfront with your staff and told them exactly that. Your representative ran a diagnostic (just as the other shop did) and suggested they needed to run a smoke diagnostic in order to tell me exactly where the leak is coming from at a cost of $89.00.
    I asked a simple question: If the result of the smoke diagnostic was the same as what my other mechanics had mentioned (the vacuum hose that is known to develop holes over time); how much would it cost to fix it? He told me without the smoke test, he could not answer this question.
    Therefore, it is obvious to me your operation is just as any other large mechanic shop.
    I will be sharing this experience with everyone I know, and I will not be returning or recommending your shop.

    Celeste 4/10/14 7:54AM
  • I would not use AAA to book a trip across the street. They are rude, couldn't care less if you're happy with their service and don't tell you anything when you book a trip. I will not renew my membership and will happily let everyone I know find any alternative but AAA.

    Anonymous 4/8/14 1:53PM
  • Tow truck drivers time was completely false, I made a claim at about 3:30, it has been almost two hours. The arrival time of the truck had been delayed twice. No one was able to confirm his location or how long he would take all that was told to me that he was "in route" without giving me a time table to work with. I am very unsatisfied with the ability to find out more than reasonable information, and that I was kept and still waiting for him to show up. I am a paying customer and a loyal one, the treatment given to me was dissatisfying to say the least. If I had been anywhere else besides a driveway, it would of been a lot worse. All in all Im upset with your lack of knowledge of where and when your driver will be at the location, and how hard it is to contact the driver.

    Azuko 4/3/14 2:20PM
  • Two hours to wait for a tow at 1130 pm in good weather is unexceptable !!!!

    Anonymous 4/1/14 10:00PM
  • I'm very dissapointed with the Road Service in Pompano Beach directed by Gene Ziobro w/AAA Auto Club Group.On January 21,2014 I had a flat tire and called the AAA 800 #on the front of the membership card and after telling them that the spare tire has never been used before to make sure the person they sent knows how to changed a tire frm a. 2008 Chrysler Town & Country Ltd . They sent me somebody that didn't know where the spare tire was . He finally figured out but broke the mechanism that lowers and rises the spare tire , and Gene Ziobro didn't want to pay $275.00 cost of the repair. My husband and I are members from longtime but that car has never being service by AAA before.

    I can 't understand how AAA sent people without training

    I sued and waiting for the Judgement to be paid .

    VSilva 3/31/14 2:51PM
  • WILL NOT STOP CALLING ME! I did not renew.

    Susan Huddleston of AAA sales keeps calling from her personal cell phone and her desk number She called and left a message with just her name and number to bait me into thinking it was a personal call. She is pure trash. I am reporting her to the main office.

    Stop Calling Me 3/28/14 5:54PM
  • My name is Rob. I called on Saturday March 15, 2014 to inquire on the status of my account with AAA. I was told that my membership expires that day. I was having an issue with one of our vehicles so I kept asking the rep if that would cover me till midnight. I could not get a straight answer. Instead the rep just kept repeating the same statement that it would cancel today and kept insisting that I renew my account. At this point I told him that I didn't need it anymore because I have a new vehicle with roadside assistance. My only concern was that my other vehicle was stuck in Neutral at a parking lot across town. I told the rep that I would consider creating an account for my girlfriend since she has an older vehicle.
    I went ahead and agreed to sign her up thinking if my girlfriend didn't need it, I would just cancel it before it becomes active.
    I was told it would take 72 hours for the plan to start, but that I could use it right away at the basic package level where there would be charges for miles. To make a long story short, I never ended up using the new plan and I tried to call back to cancel it, but I was never able to get anyone to answer due to your "experiencing a large number of calls" message. On Tuesday I call in and finally get to speak with customer service to discuss this situation with a rep and I am told that once you purchase a plan, there is no way of reversing it. I feel this should have been explained to me at the time of setting this up. It has not even been 72 hours since I activated it and now I am told there is nothing anyone can do. Also there was never any verbal disclosure made of the auto-renewal policy and there is no non-cancelation disclosure on the email that you sent to my girlfriend which has an incorrect spelling of her name.

    At this point I requested to speak with a supervisor. Enrique Sanchez stated he was a supervisor and told me there is no way they can cancel a plan even though I have not even received any account membership information. Since he states that I should have received an email. I did receive an email by the way, in which my girlfriends name was misspelled, even though it is a common English name. So obviously there was no attention to detail, as getting the sale to meet his quota is first priority. Your reps behavior is completely unprofessional and ridiculous.

    My problem with that is that there is no disclosure or even verbal communication of this so called policy which is obviously just a shameless sales tactic.

    There was no disclosure made at the time of my signing up for this account that there was no way to cancel this during a grace period. I called in to get information about my account and was being pressured to renew. Every customer service rep I have spoken with only tells me that the only thing they can do is stop it from renewing next year. I feel that this should have been an important disclosure that should have been made, which if you listen to the call, will be very obvious that it wasn't. Instead there is plenty of move forwards on closing the sale for the renewal and no consideration for explaining any policy or checking for understanding. This is terrible customer service and sales tactics. Coming from an extensive background in sales and retention, I can say with confidence that your staff lacks in proper training. I am very disgusted with this behavior from AAA after being a member for so many years. I do not wish to keep this plan and if I am forced to keep it, this will be the last time I or anyone in my family or circle of friends will use AAA. This is a situation that could have been avoided if your sales reps were honest and less concerned with closing a sale. Maybe your company needs a quality control practice in place to deter your reps from this irresponsible behavior.

    Since they can't even get the data entry process correct, technically this account is not ours. There is no empathy or relating to customers and a use of deception and sneaky sales tactics in place. Your company practices are not honorable and I will make sure to spread the word so no one else ends up feeling the way I do.

    If your department is not capable of handling this type of escalation, please forward or let me know the correct department to send this letter to. If I do not get a response I will take further action.


    Rob Herrera

    RobHerrera 3/18/14 10:36AM
  • Worst service ever! Took an hour on hold before I got to talk to a person. Had no problem with the tow company you rock Canton tow! But AAA you suck! Thank god it wasn't the below zero temps of a few days ago or I would have had to call 911 so I wouldn't get hypothermia! I your stand that it may take time to get the truck out to help but there is no reason anyone should have to wait on hold for almost an hour just to get roadside assistance dispatched. I am telling everyone I know to save their money and just add roadside assistance to their car insurance. I've used GEICO's roadside assistance before and they answer the phone in less than 5 minutes. Maybe AAA should take someadvice hire more call wraps!

    evilaniamkcdxx 3/1/14 5:24PM
  • Such a disappointing experience with AAA. As background information I have Premier membership with these guys, I'm in the heart of Washington DC, and the weather is sunny and clear. My car broke down and I called to have it towed at 3:53 in the afternoon. Expecting their arrival within 30 minutes as anyone would expect, it's been almost 2 hours and the tow truck has yet to arrive. It is freezing cold in the 30's and quite an inconvenience. Would have rather paid the $30 to get it towed myself if I knew this would happen.

    kelkurd 2/26/14 3:44PM
  • 02-21-2014 6:50 pm (CST):
    I called AAA for a jump start service. It is over 40 minutes and still on hold. Meanwhile I went to and placed a request for a jump start. The estimated wait time is 480 minutes...I'm not kidding it is freaking "480 MINUTES" and I should stay in my vehicle for the next 480 minutes to receive this service.
    With no second thought I have decided to cancel this AAA membership first this they open the shop tomorrow morning.
    I will definitely not recommend AAA to anyone, even not to my enemies.

    SeverelyIrritatedCustomer 2/21/14 5:59PM
  • I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in how my situation was handled by your agents. My father had his renewal due, I attempted to make a payment the day before it was due via pay by phone. I got a confirmation number and everything. It was two weeks before I received a letter stating his insurance was CANCELLED. Why no one bothered to reach me to tell me there was a problem with the payment I will never know. Before you CANCEL any insurance you should have members to call to see if there was a mistake made. I could have had this fixed the very next day. When I called your 800 number I was spoken to very rudely and pretty much accused of giving a fake bank number. Again, had I would have been notified there was a issue the mistake could have been taken care of right away. One number was off.. that was the problem, I had pushed a wrong number.. I then called my local office in Oshkosh Wisconsin, and spoke to a man named Dave, I did not get his last name and I wish I would have, again I was treated like I was trying to pass a worthless check, and give a fake bank, He never let me try to explain that a wrong number was pushed when I called in that payment. He did not seem to want to help me see what happened or offer any help. My dad was cancelled the 6th and I did not get any letter or notification till the 17th. Dave then pretty much said he could not contact anyone till the next day due to the time and that if I wanted him to call me back to see what we need to do to get my dad reinstated or he said LOOK SOME WHERE ELSE.. are you kidding me??? What kind of agent would tell a loyal customer to look some place else instead of trying to help? A unprofessional one, and rude and not good at his job... By the way he never called me back. I was forced to look for other insurance. I will tell everyone I know to cancel AAA and look elsewhere for insurance.

    Maria Curi

    estellamcstar 2/20/14 5:59PM
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  • Let me start by saying I have been a member of AAA for many, many years. I travel quite a bit for work and on my most recent trip, rented a car that was less than desirable (I sincerely believe this car belonged to someone's grandmother, but that's another story for another day). On this particular day, I had to travel several miles in the pouring rain to the nearest Apple store to see if they could repair or replace my iPhone which had, for some unknown reason, gone dark. I arrived at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall, found a parking spot, and off I went. Upon returning an hour later, I saw that I had left the lights on. As a frequent traveler, I learned a long time ago not to let unintentional mishaps ruin my day. So, I called AAA, spoke with a very pleasant customer service rep, told her where I was, what I did and that I was in need of a jump start so I could carry on about the business of the day. She was courteous and gave me a on hour (or so) window for when I could expect help to arrive. Wanting to make good use of my time, I packed up my laptop and walked back to the Gardens Mall to sit and have a bite to eat and get some work done while I waited. Immediately after getting settled in California Pizza Kitchen, laptop open and ready to work, I got a call from Pete Cona telling me he was 5 minutes away and would be ready to assist upon arrival. WOW! I don't believe 10 minutes had passed between my call to AAA and Pete's call to me telling me he was within 5 minutes of arrival. I asked for my food to go, (which had not arrived yet, but did so pretty quickly thereafter, and made my exit to meet Pete in the parking spot where my rental was located. I learned that Pete Cona owns the business, has operations all the way up toward Port St. Lucie, and personally services many customers himself. Talk about exceeding expectations! Pete explained the steps he was taking to get the car going and even checked the batter power to ensure it did not need a new battery, which it did not. He presented himself very well, was polite, respectful, responsive - the type of person everyone wants to have on their team. Kudos to AAA for having such a fine representative for your distressed customers in their time of need. I would venture to guess he and his company are the best you have! Thank you, Pete Cona and Thank you AAA! Regards, Dyan Kurtz aka A Very Happy Customer!

    DyanKZ 7/14/14 11:42AM
  • #3448 Greg Varlesi did sn excellent job in replacing the battery in my auto. You have a very competent and knowledgeable employee in Greg.

    Paul J. Pantano, Sr.

    Anonymous 4/11/14 7:55AM
  • I called AAA because my battery was dead. Affordable Battery And Towing arrived in about 45 minutes. NATE was so knowledgeable and respectful to me that I had to compliment that company. It's rare today to find the manners and respect that I received. Thanks

    sansan119 3/31/14 1:11PM
  • Wanted to let you know about the excellent customer service that one of your customer service associates provided our family on New Year's Day (01/01/14). On our trip from South Dakota to Wisconsin, our 2003 GMC 3/4 ton pickup truck's serpentine belt failed while approaching Minnetonka, Minnesota. Your customer service associate did an outstanding job in getting a tow truck to our location in a short time and also took the time to locate a service facility that was open on a Holiday! This was very much appreciated and allowed our family to return to Wisconsin yet that evening! Outstanding customer service!

    Byron Goetsch 1/2/14 10:56AM
  • Just received excellent service from the New Haven, CT, AAA. Couldn't have asked for faster or better service.

    Anonymous 9/8/13 12:53PM
  • Yesterday I went to pick up my daughter after her sporting event and I was stuck with a dead battery. Yared, of Yared's Road Service, quickly came to my assistance in a friendly, helpful, and professional manner, charged my battery, and tested it to make sure it was OK. He gave me the report regarding my battery, noting that is was fine. I appreciated that he did not try to sell me a battery unneccessarily, but took care of my immediate issue in a professional manner. Thank you, Yared!

    Anonymous 5/21/13 9:08AM
  • Triple AAA helped me a lot to day. I locked my car key in the car with the engine still running. when their technician Ruben Sanchez from anytime towing shop # 7678 came to open my car door he was very sympathetic and efficient.

    Anonymous 4/18/13 6:24AM
  • Wow, what amazing customer service. Thoughtful, courteous, people who speak clearly without heavy accents and you can understand them. Prompt service. Just amazingly great customer service!

    MM 4/10/13 11:18AM
  • ...I have been a Premium member since 1997..When I have called for your "Yellow Truck" were there when I needed you..with Nice people on the other end of the Line!!.....Thank You AAA for the Great Service!!...

    Richard S. Grove 2/23/13 10:40PM
  • I live in Long Beach, CA. I recently had a faulty battery in the jeep that I purchased. I called AAA and they came and replaced it for me. Joe Morris was who replaced mine. He was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend AAA to anyone. I have never had anything other than outstanding performance from them. People like Joe deserve a raise in my opinion.

    Anonymous 2/23/13 8:13PM
  • My Aaa agent lisa in Bend Oregon is AWESOME!I could never thank her enough for all she has done for me on behalf of AAA! I have alwYs recieved EXCELLENT service and prices on premiums for both my homes and autos and NEVER ONCE have I had anything but ABOVE AND BEYOND CUSTOMER CARE! Mrs. Niemeyer is OUTSTANDING! I had a really bad car accident on a trip more then 1500miles from home and she made sure I had nothing to worry about beyond the loss of my vehicle(i chose to only carry comp collision) and the accident was my fault. She reminded me I had AAA+ and was elligable for rembursment of out of pocket costs related to getting back home safe and sound. She got me in contact w/her auto manager who answered all my maticulous queations and was very sympathetic! They have been like having a dad in my trunk, always ready to do whats required to get me back on track. I will NEVER LEAVE HOME WIHOUT AAA, or my agents # again! I have read alot of comments speaking of terriable service and poor coverage and cant imagine we are using the same company! I guess AAA ought to find more LISA NIEMEYERS of Bend,Oregon!!! I could not be more pleased with any company out there then I am right now with AAA of Oregon! I highly recomend AAA for your home or auto policies!

    aloha aiuli 2/8/13 11:54AM
  • I would like to compliment the service and prompt response to a service call made on Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. I had a flat tire. The serviceman's name is Marcel. He was prompt and very very curteous and knowledgeable.
    Thank you
    I live on the south side of Chicago, IL.

    Anonymous 12/1/12 9:35AM
  • I had a rear axle problem Sunday, October 28, 2012.
    The tow truck driver named Dave (Hotel/nickname)
    was so speedy, helpful, friendly and encouraging at a
    very stressful time for me. I had several music jobs
    that day. Because of his kind, gracious manner I got
    through everything just fine. You have a fabulous
    employee in Dave! He deserves a bonus or a raise
    for his cheerful and skilled response to his job! Such
    an employee is priceless to an owner/manager! Please do something very nice for him! He so deserves it!
    Thank You So Much!!! Katherine Dryden

    Dave (Hotel) 11/8/12 12:09AM
  • Mr. Tom Hagan Jr towed my car to my mechanic on Thurs.,October 4, 2012. He was very friendly and professional. My car broke down on the Expressway (I-76). Luckily I was able to get out of traffic. Although it took him awhile to find me, he was very pleasant. He quickly put my car on the flatbed and we safely got off the expressway. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

    Anonymous 10/6/12 6:53AM
  • Josh, from the Naples division was extremely courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable. He is a definite asset to AAA.

    [email protected] 8/12/12 1:20PM
  • We are going on our "bucket list" cross country trip from Pennsylvania thru Florida, Texas to Alaska to do our first salmon fishing. We stopped in Clackamas, Oregon yesterday to update our on the ferry and highway information. Our AAA agent was Joseph McMahon. He was not only so knowledgeable but so customer service focused in marking our maps and calling to find out about ferry schedules and pricing. Itwas so great to meet him and must say he is a great assett to AAA!!!

    B ucket List B's 5/2/12 10:44AM
  • Triple A road service is awesome. However their mobile phone app is unusable. They ask for a trip tik number, however, does not tell you where to find this number. After spending 1/2 a day trying to understand the app & looking for the number, I deleted the app. There are other navagation apps out there that are user friendly.

    hoganhealy 4/19/12 11:41AM
  • we always have been satified with the service and information from AAA

    Anonymous 1/3/12 1:49PM
  • I was sad to see all of the bad experiences people have had with AAA. My husband and I have said we think this is one of the best deals out there, ever. I figured I would write because most people only do so when they have had a negative experience

    djs_8463 11/2/11 9:31AM
  • I just want to say AAA is awesome. I locked my keys in my car this week... Twice. Both times they came within 15 minutes. The first time was in 5 minutes after I called. I know I live in New Hampshire and we are a small state, but I can't thank AAA enough for what they did for me. Thanks again AAA.

    Anonymous 10/24/11 9:07AM
  • I cannot say enough about the wonderful service I received from AAAHelp today. The telephone contacts were available and ready to help in a very short time.
    Within less than an hour (on a Sunday yet) a service person was at my house and cheerfully solved my problem. The service person was Jim Garrett. He was knowledgeable and quickly diagnosed the problem.
    He was friendly and very assuring that he could solve the problem. I was back on the road in less than hour.
    I guess this is why we have carried AAA for 34 years and will never be without it.
    I thank you.
    Claire Drew, Stuart, Florida

    Jim Garrett 10/23/11 1:13PM
  • Just wanted to write about a very positive experience I had with one of your Triple AAA Field Service Technicians, Mr. Shelmire Lionel of Baton Rouge, La. On Sunday,September 4, 2011 around 4pm I had gone to store for some cleaning supplies to clean my apartment that had been overflowed with water. Once I got the supplies I went back to my car and it wouldn't start so I immediately called Triple AAA roadside service and the technician was there in about 10 minutes. He was very pleasant and very attentive in listening to what I had to say. he checked my battery and he said i have some bad news, your battery need to be replaced. I was shocked because because i had just purchased the battery, I thought maybe a lil over a year ago. This was the second battery within 2 years that was purchased from autozone with a one year warranty. Mr. Lionel explained to me that the battery had a 2008 year on it and i purchased it in 2010, which means that the battery may have just been sitting in the store for awhile. So then the Technician explained to me that Triple aaa battery replacement was a much better deal and it comes with a 3 year warranty and the price I paid for the previous battery was just a few dollars difference. This technician definitely educated me on something I knew nothing about. He was knowledgeable and I didnt feel pressure to buy the battery. its just that he made good sense about what i needed in order to be safe on the road. He then mentioned about the premire Gold Card which I thought I had before which made sense to have since i do travel a lot. After having such a bad day previously, I now had something good to share with my friends about my experience. Mr. Lionel was an awesome techinican and even when it began to rain he was still just as nice and took very good care of me. As a former Buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco I know when I receive great customer service and Mr. lionel save the day for me. He has made me a Triple AAA member for life.

    Mel 9/5/11 7:20PM
  • very helpfull and willing to do anything they can to help you no matter what.

    Anonymous 8/8/11 7:10PM
  • I want to especially thank D&M Towing in San Mateo-they were the company sent to me on three different calls in the last 2 yrs. They are fast, friendly and effectient!

    PS not happy that the AAA roadside operator couldn't advise me where I could get my car smogged in SF, CA-she showed no specific listings for Smog checks?? really?

    Overall, I love AAA and cant live with out it!

    Anonymous 6/23/11 9:29PM
  • I was stranded June 15 in Agawam, MA along with my 97 year old mother due to a dead battery. Scott Forest, the technician from your Pioneer Valley office arrived and saved the day. He took such good care of us. He gave us water as we were in a hot car and suggested we go into an air conditioned store while he worked on my car. He is just a super guy, very caring and very efficient at his job. We were gone in no time at all with the new battery he installed and I would like him to have recognition for the super job he did.

    J. Moriarty

    Jeannine 6/16/11 8:04AM
  • Submit your comment >>
  • What most do not realize is the Automobile Club of Southern California does not have their own employees running the tow trucks. These are contractors who are often paid anywhere from $15.00 - $28.00 per a call. They can make an incentive which is only based on member surveys which have to be "totally Satisfied" if not they do not make incentive. Most of their towing contractors are of Middle Eastern decent and most are not following the law. Alot of drivers are paid under the table or are paid minimum wage. Yes the person operating a motor vehicle that could easily kill someone is making the same as the kid at Burger King. Many times owners of these companies own other companies with other family members. Their way of doing business is to pay off the AAA personel to try and get ahead in call volume. Some often do not follow the requirements that ACSC (AAA) says that they must do like background checks on employees so you may have a felon towing you without your knowledge. ACSC (AAA) many of their reps know this but turn their head especially if one of these owners are handing them cash, vehicle repairs, cars etc... AAA has hurt so many little towers and will continue as long as they are making the extra buck. Their are some employees of AAA that do things right but if they blow the whistle they make that persons life alot harder. Many higher ups knew contractors were pushing batteries on members and they turned their heads because they were meeting the sales quota and they get an incentive for their contract stations to meet those standards. There was one employee who got his check from AAA contractor and on like three of his paychecks it was not even his social security number. The employee raised awareness to this and it continued until they were threatened with the labor board.

    Anonymous 4/10/12 5:16PM

  • Any time you feel like you are not getting the best service, please contact a senior manager at customer care or the national office in Heathrow FL @ 407-444-7000. All AAA are franchises of the national brand. So each club operates under different rules. But the situation described above should have never happened. I work for AAA and I can tell you we would never let that happen.

    Anonymous 1/4/10 10:36AM

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