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Ace Hardware customer service is ranked #225 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates Ace Hardware customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


30 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 85.71%.


5 Positive Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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  • I'm really shocked about how many problems everyone has had at Ace. The Ace I shop at is always helpful. My husband & I remodeled our kitchen & had quite a few of items that we bought extra & things that we didn't need or use. I couldn't find any of the receipts in the mess that was left over. The lady at Ace looked up every item with my Ace rewards card & gave me a full refund on every item. I felt pretty stupid because I had tried to return a couple things that I didn't even buy from them, they're from True Value!
    I love the Mom & Pop stores & I will always support them fully. If I want sales people to run away & avoid me or an 18 yr old kid that doesn't know anything, then I'll go to Home Depot.

    Just smile & be nice 7/14/14 12:22PM
  • I don't know if it's rudeness ,lazyness,or the owners not informing employees. But I had a problem with my local Ace
    not tacking my return. The lady I talk to at customer service
    was kind and helpful...BUT I now have to go to my Local library
    print out the return lable,go to the post office to send it back.
    All because my Ace in Smithville Tn would not do what is CLEARLY
    PRINTED on the shipping paper work they gave me when I picked it
    up .

    Anonymous 7/1/14 11:35AM
  • Went to Ace in Palm Coast and they had very few of my desired supplies. Most importantly an male employee stared at my daughter and i for several minutes until I walked up to him and asked him to hold on to some items i desired to purchase. He then said "im not your personal holder" and walked away then throwing our items into a rolling cart and handed it to me. Approaching him finally got him to leave us alone. We will not revist Ace Hardware of Palm Coast again.

    Manny 6/10/14 12:59PM
  • Don't shop at ACE unless you are desperate .. typically the people who work there are rude, uninformed and work with a policy that the customer is always wrong. Ace hardware stores are franchised stores but must follow certain policy's ... so they could take back returns .. if they wanted a loyal customer base - but they don't. So go to Home Depot or Lowes where the people are still pretty much uninformed but more likely to be friendly .. and the return policy's are much, much better. I got a rude answer and screwed when I tried to get my money back by returning something to the Ace Hardware store in Ormond Beach, Florida. Wont be going there again and I'm sure glad I never fell for getting an Ace card. You SUCK Ace!

    Ace_sucks 5/28/14 9:44AM
  • I have a question?. I purchased something for 500.00 bucks fromACE online and i used my bill me later account, what happen if i wanted to return this item? How do they credit me back, its a bill me later transaction so no card or anything, can someone help me! Lol thanks guys!

    Peter 4/19/14 3:51PM
  • 4-8-14 Went into my local ace hardware store Oakland, MD.The manager Joe called my friend and I WHITETRASH. We complained ,and were told that we lied. My friend had just return from afaganastan , wounded. Jan Naylor he is not WHITETRASH.

    Anonymous 4/17/14 4:53AM
  • I had ordered seal coat from my local ACE hardware for a big project. We had placed the order for the pallets of seal coat a week in advance. I arranged for temp workers to be hired to apply the seal coat. On the day the order was supposed to arrive the Distribution Center for ACE dropped the ball and did not deliver the shipment. To make matters worse, they took all day to inform me that because they screwed up there was no way they could deliver until next week. It created a total mess, not only that but as no one from ACE informed me of the mess I was forced to eat the cost of eight workers at 10 dollars per hour the whole day. ACE has not served this customer very well.

    Major Contract 9/24/13 12:42PM
  • I went to the Ace hardware#14432 in Cape Haze,FL. to purchase two items featured in flyer from the local newspaper and feel that this particular store needs some help with their customer service approach! When you enter the store you are not greeted and they usually just ask what you are looking for and will take you right to that product and then stick to you like glue like you might be a bad guy and steal something if they don't watch you very closely. I like to look at products in a store so when I need something for a project I know where to go. At this store they make you feel really uncomfortable and not shop there anymore. This has been an ongoing problem ever since store#14432 in Cape Haze,FL. opened it's doors! Guess I will have to drive a little farther and shop at a store that appreciates it's cus-tomers.

    Anonymous 7/3/13 4:27PM
  • I shop at ace almost everyday for my business and spend about $400.00 a week. I was in the Keokuk Iowa Ace and one of there workers an older man I only know his name is Ken told me to off" I have never been so mad at a company as long as he is working there I will never step foot in that store again

    Justinson 4/10/13 12:39PM
  • I went to ACE Hardware (Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines) to reserve items which I need for my hotel since it wasn't available at the I visited. I paid 50% downpayment for the reservation. The customer service supervisor, Mark, told me that it would arrive within 3 weeks. The items I reserved came on the 4th week due to the fact that I kept calling them on the 3rd week and had to argue with them so that I would be entertained! When the stocks arrived, I had my driver pick the items giving him the reservation document. I opened the box containing the items a day later and there were missing items! Which my driver paid for. So I had to call the saleslady, joy, and complain. I had the transaction confirmed that it was missing some items and they told me that they were sorry. After confirming they told me that they would call back. NO CALL BACK!!! Texted them to follow-up... NO REPLY!!! So do I have to get angry and argue with the supervisor? BAD SERVICE and POOR MANAGEMENT!!!

    PISSED 3/1/13 11:13PM
  • Galloway Twp, NJ Ace Hardware

    The few times I go there the results are the same. EXTREMELY HIGH PRICES AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. This time I needed a basic 79 cent receptacle. The guy tried to get me to by a 4.99 receptacle. I ask for white he gives me bone. I tell him no and he walks away. Just left me standing there on my own. NEVER EVER AGAIN WILL I VISIT AN ACE STORE. Home Depot is cheaper and the customer service is far better the associates are much more knowledgable

    Neveragain 1/31/13 12:57PM
  • Never again will I step foot in an Ace Hardware store.

    Terrible customer service and a even worse return policy.

    Anonymous 11/24/12 3:32PM
  • Ace HW
    Culver Blvd
    Irvine, Ca

    Too many idol/bored employees with poor social awareness skills. Just point to where the super glues is and stop trying to impress your new hires with your uber enthusiasm. I made it clear that I don't need to give you a dissertation about my project and you made it clear that you have very little construction and home improvement knowledge relative to me. Back off...
    It's the last time I shop at this store. Home Depot, forgive me, I'll never stray again...

    Charles C 10/27/12 5:33PM
  • good day,

    i would like to inform your good office about the incident happened last october 10 2012 around 2:30 to 3pm.

    i went to ACE HARDWARE MANILA BRANCH at 2nd floor to buy a chandelier for my mom's birthday gift, i ask your guard named " J DELFIN" who's standing on the main entrance of ace hardware if he know's where is the chandelier? then your guard replied "DUN KA MAGTANONG SA LOOB MAY V.I.P. KAMING HINIHINTAY DITO KUNG PWEDE TUMABI TABI KA"

    I was shocked by the attitude of the guard knowing that ACE HARDWARE is one of the best HARDWARE in the philippines and they have a good training and seminar on how to deal with the customers.

    Hoping that your good office will not tolerate this incident and will not happen to other customers again.

    thank you for your consideration regarding this mateer.

    sincerely yours,
    jenny sy

    jenny 10/21/12 5:10PM
  • Indian Hills Ace Hardware Wichita, KS.

    Tell your cashiers to shut up and start checking us out. They either don't speak English or too busy yapping to get us out the door.

    Anonymous 10/3/12 5:28PM
  • Last November, my father-in-law was visiting us in Joplin, Mo. He lives in Kansas City. It came up in conversation, that he could use a unit that would heat just one room. I told him we had an Ace hardware in Webb City, Mo.,just a few miles away. He purchased a heating unit, costing with tax $ 397.00. He took it to his home in K.C., plugged it in, it didn't work. Upon his next visit to Joplin, he brought the unit with him and we together took it back to Ace in Webb City. The owner/manager helped us. We explained the circumstance, he checked the paper work and then began to attempt to start up the unit. It didn't work for him either, so we were told he would contact the manufacturer and resolve the problem. My father-in-law and I have been back to check on the progress of fixing the unit several times. Each visit resulted in "the manufacturer is not cooperating very well, but will be sending a new unit to replace the defective one. Today, August 17, 2012, we went back to the Ace store and asked for the manager. We asked the manager about the status of our situation with our purchase of the heater. He told us,"he didn't trust the company" and that he wasn't going to send the defective one to them in exchange for a new one until they sent him the new one. Then we were told, "I guess our option is for you to take the unit back and deal with the company directly yourselves". I spoke up and replied,"that's not going to work, my father-in-law purchased the heater in good faith, it shouldn't be his responsibility to deal with the manufacturer". With this comment, the owner/manager lost it. There were crashing sounds, him mumbling, and one of the things I heard is "I guess I'll have to eat the thing". Like we were supposed too!!!!!!???? Ultimately, my father-in-law got his money returned to him but this guy is a poor representative for Ace.
    Now I would like to discuss my own situation with this same store. A year ago last spring my wife and I purchased several items in this store. Two of which were fruit tree's, a cherry tree and a peach tree. The cherry tree died during the heat of last summer. No matter the effort, I could not keep the cherry tree alive, but the peach tree lived. While purchasing other items in the store on another day, I asked a clerk what was the store policy on tree's they sold that didn't survive the first year. I was told the store policy was,"no returns". With that I quickly replied,"all the other stores in town that sell tree's have at least a one year warranty". The clerk said "I know, we don't". I looked at the tag on the tree when I got home and saw which nursery grew the tree. I called the nursery and they told me they have a 3 year warranty on their tree's. Need-less-to-say, I'll not be back to this store, nor will my father-in-law. I paid almost 40 dollar's per tree and I could of bought them for 18 directly with the nursery. Altogether a lousey experience both times, no more!

    Anonymous 8/17/12 3:34PM
  • I live in Jakarta Indonesia and yesterday we/me, my wife and the finance lady from our church went to Ace Hardware to purchase a floor buffer to clean and keep out marvel floors clean in our church, they didn`t have all the cleaning supplies so they ordered them and said it would be the next day Tuesday before they could bring the buffer and supplies and give our church helpers some training on using the equipment. They promised to be there by 3pm, then later called and said 4pm, they finally came at 5pm so two of our helpers stayed over time to train on the equipment and they only had two of the three chemicals needed and only one cleaning pad which it takes #3 pads plus neither of the three men knew how to use the machine. So I sent one of the other guys back to get the other two pads and it took him 45 minutes when the store is across the street, he came back and said they were out of stock but I know that wasnít so. I sent another guy and he came back I hour later with the other two pads and one supervisor and a guy to train our helpers but even the trainer didnít know how to use the machine. Tomorrow is a holiday so they have promised again to come on Thursday to bring the other chemical and a real trainer to train our helpers.
    The customer service is no good at all in any of these Ace hard ware stores in Jakarta and they donít know anything about the merchandise in order to help people find the things there looking for. I`m an American and I really hate going into an American chain store in this country. I hope the right people read this message and get us some real English speaking people to work in these stores to help us find what weíre looking for and give us the customer service we deserve.
    Anonymous July 10, 2012

    Anonymous 7/10/12 8:05AM
  • Purchased 3 window locks from Ace Hardware, on 9 Mile Road in Ferndale some months ago and tried to exchange today. 6/19/12, 11:45 a.m.
    I inadvertently picked wooden window locks and needed to exchange for vinyl. Since i didn't have the receipt, i left the packages at the register and went to look for 3 more to make the exchange. Some guy says to me, "you've had those for years haven't you?" i said no..., i bought these some months ago. I don't want money, but a simple exchange.

    Anyway, while i was back looking for the exchange, the clerk and management intentionally perpetated a fraud at the register by opening one of the pkgs and took one of the screws and a washer out of the package, stapled it back and when i returned to the counter she tells me i can't return it cause parts were missing.

    When i left them at the register, they were perfectly sealed and in tact. There were 2-3 clerks standing at this register blocking the view so i couldn't see what they were doing. What a shoddy way to run a business especially if you're trying to retain customers. The message i got today is that they really don't want my business because of my ethnicity...

    Anonymous 6/19/12 8:27PM
  • I made a trip to the local Ace Hardware in Houston, TX on Gessner near Westview mainly to purchase Nitro Phos Lawn Fertilizer. I was following Lawn and Garden Expert, Randy Lemmon's recommendations, as I have for the past several years. I have purchased the same item, but never at that particular Ace. I'd also visited to review rebate/coupon offers. I called the store to ask about using the coupon on Ace Hardware's website, to purchase the fertilizer. I was told to call a larger store (Memorial Dr.) to speak to the team leader, to see if I could use the coupon, which I did. I was told that, yes,I could. When I arrived at the Gessner store someone came over to assist me. When I went to the register to pay, I showed him the coupon, and he said the owner would have to approve my using the coupon. I also gave him my temporary Ace membership card, to which he replied that they don't do that, because they aren't computerized. The owner read the print on the bottom of the coupon (out loud, as if I could not or had not). Coupon states that it is not valid on sale, clearance items, power tools, small appliances,on-line purchases, gift cards, and may not be combined with other coupons and offers. Fertilizer does not fall under any of those categories. He then said he wouldn't make enough on it if he honored the coupon. I offered to buy a second bag at regular price. He refused. I was already aware that Ace is independently owned, although he didn't say that. For that reason, I know it was his decision, which I told him, I was aware of. He made a POOR DECISION. I will not shop there ever again, and will tell 2 friends and so on and so on. I suggested that he let corporate know which items to exclude from coupon offers, so that it could be printed on the coupons. Susan Wright Thomas
    [email protected]

    bluebellgirl 4/14/12 5:53PM
  • I'm in Albuquerque New Mexico, there is an ACE in the corner of San Mateo Blvd and Lomas Blvd, My frien does not speak english very well, he bought angle valves, by the way they double the price then any other place, so he bring them back, there was a lady but she was very agressive with him, asking for his ID when he gave it to her she tossed on the counter top, she look to the valves looking for water in side, after 20 minutes she tossed the money to my friend on the counter top, when he went back with me, he told me I bring more angle valves cause I did not like the way she act (the valves were already installed) 5 more, at the begining I've talked in spanish to her, instantly her face turns, so I ask her if she was ok. after she said some sh... in low volume, she ask me very mad for my ID, then I've talked in english I've told her she was in acttitud with me, call the manager, after a little conversation with her she just turn all the way opposite, to me that was discrimination.

    edfixanything 3/26/12 7:26PM
  • Was emailed a coupon for a free quart of paint. When we visited the store, we were told they had all been given out even though there were still cans on the shelf. When I asked why I was told that these were the cans for the next Saturday and we could come back then. When I suggested that the cans be moved, the cashier was very rude with her response. I emailed and received a return email saying I would receive a reply in 24 hours. That was 4 days ago and still no reply.

    poorserviceintally 3/21/12 6:26PM
  • I recently Dec. 11 placed an order from the 'online' site for the Ace Hardware on N. Andrews Ave. in Fort Lauderdale Florida for 10 items, all the same. I called on Monday afternoon to make sure the items are in stock and shipping, the gentleman I spoke with said they were in stock and would ship out Tues. Tues afternoon I called and was told them would ship out Wednesday at the latest, and I never have received my email shipping confirmation. I called again this morning and was told they would ship out Friday at the latest. I told the young lady I had been told this now 4 days in a row. ARE THE PARTS IN STOCK? Yes, I am told, and when I asked her what is taking so long to ship 10 of the same parts that it's taking 5 days before they are ready to ship? I get no answer. I told her just to cancel the order and refund my money.

    I own my own retail business and have been in retail for 25 years and I have never ever mis-led anyone about their orders. If I can do something I will, if not, I will tell you. But I will never deceive you about it. This made me so irate I wanted to set up my punching bag.

    ksginnc 12/15/11 8:10AM
  • Nov 15, 2011

    Dear Management,

    Your store in Branson West, Missouri, has been a very convient store for me to shop in. Always having what I want and good products. Although, the last couple times in the store the workers in the store had a tough time getting away from the TV to take care of customer needs. This happen to me more than once and I witnessed it happening to other customers. Just a little rude when the employee just points down an isle to the item I wanted instead of getting off the stool that he is setting on watching TV..Sorry...I m not usually a complainer. Just a customer!!!!

    jthogue 11/15/11 11:27AM
  • Outraged at the incompetent, disingenuous and irresponsible service received!

    Arrived with a blank transponder key and master and had cut by one of the staff. Cut was incorrect and did not work although the blank was identical to a non-transponder key and cut successfully to test. Clerk assured me it was his mistake and offered that, if I returned with a new blank, Ace would recut and reimburse me for the cost of the key ($20). I returned with a new blank and receipt for the cost only to be told by a manager that there was no guarantee for keys not purchased at the store and no reimbursement would be made. Policy never mentioned, stated or in any way referred at the original request.

    I was shocked at the complete reversal of policy and rigidity of the manager. Wow, this place must be losing a lot of money or certainly will with customer relations like this!

    I will be spreading the news to all my neighbors and never, ever, enter this pitiful excuse for a hardware store again.

    jayWen 10/10/11 8:26AM
  • Bought an expensive tabletop grill on a Saturday afternoon. Took it home. Tried to cook dinner on it. It was WORTHLESS, could not adjust the heat low enough. Took it back Early Sunday morning. Store refused refund or store credit. Said it had been used, they couldnt resell it. How are you supposed to tell if it works if you don't use it? Very rude. There was nothing on receipt or at register to say it couldn't be returned. Will never shop there again. Glen manager rudest store personnel ever.

    ANNOYED 5/30/11 6:05AM
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  • Ordered a couple of items on line. After discovering that the credit card I used for the order had been compromised (not a problem caused by using the Ace on-line order system) and subsequently cancelled I needed to contact Ace and change the credit card info so the order could be completed and shipped. Had a very difficult time reaching a live person as the automated phone menu didn't provide a clear method to contact a customer service rep. Used an on line site to find that using option '6' would get me to a live person. When I was able to talk to live reps (two, one each in two different departments) they were both extremely helpful and my issue was resolved. The prices for the items were in line with other retailers and shipping to my local store was free so despite the initial problem with being able to talk to a person I'll continue to use my local store and the on line site when necessary. The employees at my local store are are all helpful and courteous and the Ace store has an incredible variety of items - better in many respects than the 'big box' stores in my area.

    Nahkhii 10/16/13 11:57AM
  • The Ace Hardware in Mukwonago WI is wonderful. They patiently answer my questions and go out of their way to help me. I have never had a bad experience with them.

    Gary2 5/12/12 10:35AM
  • Wimberley Ace Hardware is the best! They accept almost any return, regardless of whether or not they can resell it. I have seen a customer come in and throw a fit about her paint not matching the first can. They gave her two free cans of paint, despite the fact that she did not bring both cans of paint in to compare, and that she had painted half her kitchen with the wrong color before noticing.

    Their Ace Rewards program is amazing. They accept your rewards coupons even if they are expired. The cashier once took mine, and it was a year old! They also let you use multiple rewards coupons on one purchase, even if it says you have to spend a certain amount of money. They do price matches without hesitation, and will do anything to satisfy their customers.

    The employees are eager to help, and really know their stuff. Especially the Bills. The managers are competent and genuine, and never refuse to help someone. I've even seen the store owner go out into the parking lot to look at someone's tire, and BJ put in my new car battery for free! Cashiers are always friendly and smiling.

    My only complaint is that they don't have enough employees. At most, they have three guys on the floor, and when they get busy, you have to wait a while for assistance. But, when they do get busy, the managers will come out of the office to help.

    Best hardware store ever.

    Virginia R. 3/1/12 8:59PM
  • I have nothing but good to say about the Fullerton Ace Hardware. Staff is friendly and always ready to assist should you need it.

    My complaint is where they get their products, specifically the Christmas items, from: China.

    Talk about cheap and poor products. Just bought a new line of Christmas light, brought it home, plugged it in to give it a quick test and the fuse blew out. That's right, less than 3 seconds in a plug and the Made in China cheap fuse blew out. I'm replacing a line from last Christmas that shorted out. Guess where's it's from...China.

    Compare this to seven lines of lights that an elderly neighbor gave me this past year. He'd bought them in the 1970's. They require no fuses. Four lines can be strung together without fear, and they were made in the USA.

    There was a time we had quality, but no more. Now we get replacement after replacement to replace the garbage we first bought. I don't know about others but I'd sure rather pay more and buy an item once and have it last. Anything from China is simply shoddy, cheap, and worthless product!!!

    Tired of cheap China products 11/27/11 11:58AM
  • I had a black decker drill fail after a hours use. Took it back to the store where they replaced it without a problem. The manager Stan let me trade up to the next model without a additional charge. I'm very happy with the care Ace handled my case with. I would recommend Ace as a great place to do business with. Thank you Stan and Ace Hardware. Excellent customer service.

    Back on the Job FAST 10/21/11 6:39PM
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  • I work for a store and the manager I work with is a total jerk to all of the employees. He is also rude to the customers that come into that store. I feel that he should not be in the position he is in if he wants to act that way.

    kane_undetaker_1975 9/9/11 6:47PM

  • Worked for an Ace hardware for 6 months. Worst work experience i have ever had. Owner/Manager's are completely clueless, one never knows what the other is doing. They have no regard for their employees. Do not trouble yourself with trying to get hired at one of these places.

    The boss. 10/18/10 8:10AM

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