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Adobe customer service is ranked #599 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.16 out of a possible 200 based upon 435 ratings. This score rates Adobe customer service and customer support as Terrible.


423 Negative Comments out of 435 Total Comments is 97.24%.


12 Positive Comments out of 435 Total Comments is 2.76%.

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  • There is no excuse for any department of any organization not to answer the phone. Ihave been listening to this dreadful hold music for what seems like hours now

    Anonymous 7/8/14 8:23AM
  • I bot a Macbook and needed to exchange my Microsoft version of Acrobat for an Apple version. Support told me I needed to pay $199 to make the change which I thought was expensive since I had already paid for a license to use Acrobat on my computer. Long story short, today I have been spent hours being transferred between seven different Adobe employees, have paid the $199, but have not yet received a receipt for my purchase (several hours later) or received a link to download the product purchased. I have failed in solving my problem even though I have authorized $199 to be charged to my credit card - Very Frustrating!

    Frustrated Customer 7/7/14 4:35PM
  • I ordered an Adobe pack. I canceled 3 days later.
    I was billed for 6 months.
    Adobe was hacked. I canceled the card and never got my money back. They are now trying to collect for another 6 months.
    Adobe does not care they have the bit in their mouth.

    Anonymous 6/29/14 8:22AM
  • What is wrong with Adobe? Their customer service is now on the level that Quark Xpress was before Adobe edged them out with (initially) superior products and customer service. Now that they have morphed into a large company, they are making the same mistake Quark did: ignoring their customers.

    I am trying to give them feedback on their new policy of not letting customers buy their own software and making us pay monthly fees. While the cloud can be an option for some, there are many of us who want independence and prefer to own the software and work and upgrade when we have the time and need. I tried to go on their site to send an email with this feedback, but was constantly referred to pages on their website; never found an email address. Any good company would solicit customer feedback, not ignore it.

    disappointed customer 6/24/14 8:58AM
  • Adobe service is nil. I can't attach images to emails and now Elements 6 won't even accept my new images from flash card.. Y'all are right they should be out of business but where is the competition?

    anonymous 6/20/14 3:42PM
  • Complaint about recent automatic upgrade from Plash Player 13 to Flash Player 14. Flash Player would not install because of an error: Unable to Register. I searched the Adobe Support page and discoered many things requested to do to fix the problem. These included a "Clean Install', which I did and followed the YouTube video to complete this procedure. I also downloaded 2 files which were suppose to clean the registry problems they thought were causing the problem. This has not been a recent problem , I have read posts back to version 10. I contacted Customer Support this morning by phone. They tell me for them to help me fix it would cost $39.95. This is EXTORTION.... their updates cuases a problem and they don't have a fix for it and want me to pay them for 1 techical support instance. This should be criminal. Extortion ,,, They also indicated that they would not guarantee that they could fix it.

    Unhappy Customer 123 6/18/14 8:23AM
  • Adobe has possibly THE worst customer service experience for Creative Cloud. The kind that makes you want to gouge your own eyes out.

    Same as every time that I have to painstakingly call them, I was recently on the phone for over 1.5 hours and got transferred to 5 different people, each time having to re-explain my account information and issue. One of the tech support people even hung up on me and I had to start the process all over again. Infuriating. Wish they would take a lesson from Amazon or GoDaddy's customer service approach. Adobe customer service is beyond awful.

    annoyed 5/22/14 12:28PM
  • May 16th 2014 called and it immediately goes to the hold music. Pressing # repeatedly had no effect whatsoever. This company needs to be reported the Federal Trade Commission by thousands of dissatisfied customers.

    Anonymous 5/16/14 7:33AM
  • I have been trying to resolve a problem with adobe cloud customer service for well over a month. Each time I get habeeb from India who knows nothing but what his/her book tells them, and when they exhaust what the book says, they pass me on to someone else who does the EXACT same thing!! I have requested AMERICAN customer service, or EXECUTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE USA several times and I am told there is none! It is imapossible to reach anyone who actually knows what the problem is let alone how to fix it. I am about to give up on adobe all together, and suggest EVERYONE else run in the other direction as well.

    JLB1831 5/2/14 4:42PM
  • I've been trying to get Adobe customer care help for over a week. That's right, that's a week of calling, emailing and waiting. I still have not spoken to anyone who can help me. I spent 1.5 hours on hold, just to be told that the person who answered me was not an expert in my question and that I had to wait for another person to call me back about my issue. Has that person called me? Nope. One of them actually emailed me and told me that so many people get frustrated on hold that they ask the reps to call them back. I did that too. Still no call. Over a week.

    Emma 4/21/14 8:37AM
  • pain in the butt …why doesn't adobe address all these issues? why call it customer service? it is NOT service. Horrible frustrating experience. Get your act tog.adobe.

    Anonymous 4/11/14 5:31PM
  • The "technical" help I received today from a rep. at Adobe Photoshop was clearly from someone in basic training. The person kept repeated a scripted answer that did NOT answer the question at all. And to make it worse, the individual kept putting me on hold to check with colleagues while coming back with the same answer. Adobe should make sure reps have a basic knowledge of the product. It is stressful enough to have a product that does not work and then add to it a "technical expert" who does not know much about it!

    gulfcoast paddler 3/24/14 7:33PM
  • adobe customer service is the worst I've come across in a long time

    Anonymous 3/21/14 4:41PM
  • Abosolutely THE worst ever. Kept me sending proof-of-purchase docs for a month to get an installation code, which I did each time requested, then refused it and the agent hangup on me.

    Ho 2/28/14 9:11AM
  • I have just purchased Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. I need to apply the Serial Number - but it isn't shown anywhere on the disc or packaging - just a sticker with a non compliant eight digit number. It hasn't proved possible to contact Adobe - it appears to be operational in the USA and Canada but not elsewhere. So I guess the software isn't operational and "not fit for purpose!, So back it goes for a full refund! The poor non existent service makes me think I have had a lucky escape from a poor product/company.Peter H

    peter h 2/22/14 2:23PM
  • How to reach a live person does not currently work. Pressing 1 gets you information about the recent security alert. Keep pressing keys for specific products, and when you get to the one in question, select "Other questions."


    Minette 2/14/14 8:52AM
  • Could not even understand basic English, which hey, if I was not speaking English would not matter, but if they cannot even understand the English of your problem how could they possibly solve it.

    Anonymous 2/13/14 12:17PM
  • No Phone Customer Service. No Email Customer Service. Zero Customer Service!

    JEREMIAH 2/12/14 1:19PM
  • Adobe Worst Customer Service Ever -- Terrible, terrible!!

    1) Very difficult to get tele number for customer service
    2) Once locate told to leave number as too busy and will call back
    3) Call back and then told to wait for rep.
    4) 45 minutes later no rep picked up??

    Consistent recurring problem and no solution and no contact. Customer service is non-existent STINKS!!

    Anonymous 2/9/14 9:22PM
  • Adobe customer service is probably the worst I've ever experienced. Long wait times, frequent transfers, and irritable staff make the experience frustrating beyond belief.

    Anonymous 2/7/14 2:33PM
  • Miserable. Absolutely miserable. I cannot wait for the day that Adobe EVERYTHING is replaced by SOMETHING that works! Something that doesn't require updates every five minutes! Something that isn't so damn intrusive, so poorly thought out, in such constant need of improvements and and attention...and most especially...that doesn't have mother google making it damn near impossible to work on anything NOT google! Does Adobe know how many people are rooting for its demise? Do they even have a clue!?

    waiting4adobe2implode 1/23/14 9:15AM
  • I recently was notified of an update to the Adobe Flash Player and followed through with the download and install.

    Along with the update came McAffee Scan software - undoubtedly a ploy to get me to purchase their software.

    This has occurred before and nothing irritates me more or is more likely to make me look for alternative software than to be tricked into taking something I don't want.

    I only wish Adobe could be completely deleted from my system. Unfortunately I use other companies' software that relies on the player.

    DECCPQHP 1/15/14 3:57AM
  • It appears Adobe has decided to just ignore people's wishes and forcefeed them to accept things they didn't ask for and don't want. Now, the download of Flashplayer of other Adobe software includes a MacAfee product, Google Toolbars and other unwanted software without asking whether you want it or giving an option to not download it. How do these brain dead morons think people are going to react to them? With thanks and gratitude? What horses patooties! Word of the wise to ANY Adobe employee. If I meet you in a bar or on the street, ask you where you work and you say ADOBE, you had better have awfully quick reflexes.

    reeve1 12/29/13 10:24PM
  • Absolutely impossible to conract Adobe Support

    aroma 12/20/13 5:30AM
  • If there are never any problems then Creative Cloud is fine but getting support is truly awful. You can be hours on the phone before you have to give up or waiting for an online chat that never happens.

    I hate them.

    Anonymous 12/3/13 2:24AM
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  • In May 2014, I purchased Adobe Creative Cloud for personal use, but only downloaded two of the apps. Months later I attempted to download all of the apps but was told I can't because my OS wouldn't support them.

    A man named Ajeet helped me via the online chat service. He attempted to get me to remain on the membership, but I held strong and explained my problem. He was the first person who understood my financial situation and helped me cancel my membership. Though we communicated only via chat, I felt like he actually cared and wanted to help me out- while also sticking to his guns. You don't get that very often, and though I cancelled my Adobe CC membership, I will be re-purchasing once I get a new computer. Who knows when that will be though.

    Thanks Adobe!

    hashtagpoordesignerproblems 7/13/14 8:12PM
  • Wow, Adobe support is amazing. I had a questions about the Creative Cloud and got them answered right away. Great Job Adobe!

    pdxhicap 11/27/12 10:35AM
  • Re my original complaint of 10/2/2012:

    I just received my wireless phone bill today. Those calls holding on for 5 hours for Photoshop CS5.5 Customer Service cost me $140 OVER my regular monthly bill. So not only do they waste your time with you holding on for the wrong departments for 5 hours, I have to pay for it too!

    On a slightly better note, after I posted the note on 10/2 I got an email from Adobe a few hours later from someone apologizing again. This time the problem was solved (for now). Originally they couldn’t find my Photoshop legally purchased registration and serial numbers, telling me it did not exist. That was a lie of course. After about an hour talking with this apologetic person on the phone he gave me a brand NEW Serial number and my CD worked after that.

    So perseverance does work. Keep posting those awful experiences. Of course no one ever replied to the 6 letters I snail mailed to the CEO’s and top honchos…

    culikam 10/12/12 6:30PM
  • Adobe was great! My wifes laptop crashed and we could not remove the adobe cs5 from it. After telling them they unlocked another lisensing agreement for the new laptop we purchased. Was on hold for only about 10 min and they resolved our issue. With the comments thought I was in for an hour wait...

    Stevo 12/13/11 12:41PM
  • Support was excellent. Hold time was just a few minutes and the problem was solved quickly. Thank you!

    lmbrown 7/11/11 1:50PM
  • best CUSTOMER SERVICE ever =) and I'm not sarcastic

    Anonymous 7/7/11 5:56AM
  • Reach CS quickly and my photoshop problem was solved.

    Andrew 12/29/10 7:44PM
  • He (RJ or Jacob) was able to help me in 4 minutes! Thanks.

    Shaine 11/19/10 5:46PM
  • I only had to wait about 1 minute to get help. They had my photoshop working again in about 10 minutes. A very pleasant experience.

    Anonymous 6/10/10 7:29PM
  • My computer died and I had to buy a new one. I had already used both of my cs3 installs, and could not deactivate the one on my dead comp. I called Adobe they walked me through the process of installing on my new comp through verification over the phone. Took less than 5 minutes. The person I spoke with was hard to understand. He sounded indian and spoke way too fast.

    Anonymous 8/5/09 5:00PM
  • The number worked like a dream and I actually talked to a very helpful woman (in India I think?) and she solved me problems right away.

    Couldn't even begin to find the customer service number on Adobe's site. You guys saved the day. Thanks!

    Anonymous 12/19/08 7:45AM
  • Thanks for the phone number! This really did work and I actually talked to a competent person who fixed my problem immediately....yay!

    Anonymous 10/28/08 12:21PM
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  • I worked for Adobe and everything I read above is true, I heard the same stories from customers every day and I couldn't believe it but it's all true. For your consideration keep in mind that Adobe is a large company and they have multiple segments, some are specialized in Enterprise only not consumer products like Photoshop or Elements, so if you call the wrong number you will get transfer.

    Consumer Customer Service 1-800-833-6687

    Direct Sales 1-800-585-0774 (consumer only)

    Business Sales 1-800-443-8158 (not consumer and not enterprise sales)

    Enterprise Sales 1-888-649-2990

    Tech Support (consumer only) 1-800-422-3623

    Software Activations 1-866-772-3623

    Hope that helps some of you

    Adobe Guy 10/23/12 9:12AM

  • Hi all, thanks for leaving feedback for Adobe. Unfortunately, this board doesn't allow us to respond to you directly, but we would like to...and can respond to you directly on Twitter. Just ping @Adobe_care and we'll be glad to assist you in taking care of any unresolved issues.

    Adobe Systems 11/15/10 12:54PM

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