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Allstate customer service is ranked #513 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 181 ratings. This score rates Allstate customer service and customer support as Terrible.


173 Negative Comments out of 181 Total Comments is 95.58%.


8 Positive Comments out of 181 Total Comments is 4.42%.

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  • Called to secure a renters insurance policy. Talked to Cecilia, who was at first kind and patient but grew increasingly impatient and apparently incompetent, as she didn't even bother to enter in the property address of the property being covered. So today I had to call them to get that straightened out. I waited on hold for 15 minutes before I got a live person. Since he wasn't licensed in the state of Arizona, he couldn't help me but would quickly transfer me to someone that could. Now I have been sitting on hold for 20+ minutes, all because some incompetent lady doesn't even know how to write a simple policy. If my wife didn't insist on having renter's insurance I would just forget the whole damn thing. As it stands, this is complete and total bullcrap (speaking mildly). Allstate is just...the worst ever.

    Anonymous 6/2/14 4:41PM
  • Mr. McKinney,
    Several years ago we chose not to renew Allstate Insurance with our cars because your office provided inconsistent service and lacked response after Saleta Matthews retired. This, after 20 years of uninterrupted Allstate patronage. At that time, I personally had a great deal of difficulty separating the home insurance from my ex-husband's name and your office billed him several times. I called your office repeatedly to correct the situation, but he continued to receive my personal bills and inquiries.

    Despite that, we retained our house insurance with Allstate at 11 Romney Lane in Bella Vista because it was easier than changing- with the insurance being involved with the mortgage. However, last month we chose to discontinue Allstate insurance due to rate increases. I spoke on the phone with Esmerelda--gave her our new address at 2885 Brookbury in Fayetteville and told her directly that our refund check should be sent to that address. I made note of the conversation in my Outlook planner. Despite that conversation - our refund check after shifting to Nationwide was mailed to 11 Romney Lane. This lack of attention to detail has cost my husband and I time and money. Our refund check will not be re-issued to the correct address until May 3 IF we follow up. If I had not followed up with Esmerelda today, we would not have discovered this problem and do not know when our pre-paid insurance would have been refunded.
    Until this time, I have ignored Allstate's repeated surveys regarding our Agency's service because of a personal belief that saying nothing is preferable to saying negative things. I don't wish anyone to receive poor ratings because of a couple of mistakes.

    However, at this point, I am contacting Allstate Quality Assurance as actively as possible to inform them of our dissatisfaction. Lack of response is one thing, but costing our family money - is something else entirely. I am informing you of this so that I can honestly say to myself that I gave you the information I am giving the home office.

    Dena Ross
    Executive Director of Instruction
    Bentonville Public Schools

    dross 4/30/14 7:36PM
  • Your Tv Advertizing Is Misleading On Purpose, The Accident Free Bonus Is An Additional Premium Cost And Equals To The Higher Premium Which Is Not Mentioned In Nthe Advert.

    This Is Typical For Insurabnce Companies Scamming The Customers

    avalonmanor 3/28/14 6:19AM
  • In my opinion Allstate is the most useless group I have ever met. I just received a notice that my home owners policy was being cancelled due to a waviness in the roof that I did not fix. I told the company I was puttin a new roof on in the Spring, but was told I was being cancelled because I didn't fix it in 60 days. I never received anything in writing, the only thing i got was a verbal call from my agent saying they wanted me to open the roof and fix it in the middle of Winter. My agent wouldn't even give me a contact person to talk to. Her response was call the 800 number. Useless garbage company

    Jeff 2/11/14 12:49PM
  • I have a home and auto policy with allstate. Both my auto and home policy is paid in full. I was contacted by my agent who told me I owe premium because they got my zip code wrong which is a lie. they have sent me all my bills to my home address with the correct zip code. remember I have both auto and home policy which has the same address. I asked why as I gave the correct address and zip code, she tells me they have the home address as just where the car is garaged and not as my residence. i'm about to refer this case to my attorney. again my policy is paid in full and they want more money from me stating I gave them the wrong zip code. This is non-sense as ive had crazy issues with customer service and me being iver charged

    craig 2/9/14 7:32AM
  • We were very pleased with All State Insurance for the first few years. Then our policies renewals showed a pretty good increase. Every few years this would happen and we went along thinking that everything was going up. Then both policies took a big jump, supposedly due to our age. We pulled up 4-5 different insurance Co. for quotes and they were all significantly lower. Then Allstate called and lowered our rates but I had enough and went with another Co.

    Ace 2/3/14 10:57AM
  • i mailed to checks in june and july 2013, which never were applied to account.077903530 for my son's account. went to chase bank to another allstate account.have check with chase bank, my bank m&t, nothing has not been done, chase account is 73012798. lots of pain and suffering over this matter, insurance cancelled, violations fines on cars, restart another account, have been with allstate over 20 years.this is ridicilous. Need money replaced and money for the TROUBLE, i did nothing wrong. been trying everything.REFUND OF $139. PLUS $500. ASAP

    DIANE 1/23/14 7:29AM
  • This is the worst company of any kind I have ever tried to deal with. The agent handling my claim is Paul Phillips. He is rude & uncaring. I was involved in an accident with one of Allstate's policy holders and they were totally at fault. I have been lied to and ignored for 10 months. Allstate refuses to pay my medical bills, and I have to deal with an arrogant disrespectful agent to add insult to injury.

    Anonymous 1/21/14 10:56AM
  • I've been with allstate now since 1992 never filed a homeowner claim... my truck got broken into and $2000.00 dollars worth of tools got stolen .. filed claim they said policy only covers $1000.00 with $500.00 deductible and there is depreciation! On tools I asked . yes everything depreciates but fine jewelry and sterling silverware she replied. need a list, need price I Paid, need police responsibility, they cant call to get it. they hide the deductible in your bill so it doesn't look like they take it. all in all maybe Maybe. $300.00 after everything. GOOD HANDS! THey can shove that money up their you know what. they already raped me why not You!! 2008 I just read they were voted #1 worse insurance angency . question when is the last time you looked at your policy? When is the last time an agent called to update you policy? Bought andy tools, tvs, ipads? hope you don't get broken into!! the thousands you pay get you a couple hundred when you need it.

    trmn8rharley 12/27/13 10:46AM
  • Allstate and customer service?
    an oxymoron.
    You can talk to a robot until you grow old and wither.
    Truth: customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird. Allstate hands are holding money. There is no one out there. Good luck.

    [email protected] 12/26/13 9:49AM
  • Our names are William and Donna Cornstubble and we did everything right... got quotes for auto and homeowners insurance and had agreed upon a price... The Allstate Agent set up appointment for us to come in and complete the paper work and pay our bill for this morning at 9 o'clock A.M. ... 10/19/2013 We set there for a half hour and called his number asking where he was... left our cell phone number so he could contact us and let us what to do...William even cancelled a Saturday Dental appointment ( which took 3 months to get ).... We found Allstate's customer service is non existence... right out the door... with Allstate... Customer service is non existence we have found thru out the whole insurance industries...

    Angel 10/19/13 5:03PM
  • Dear Mr. Thomas J. Wilson II & Mr. Matthew E. Winter,

    I am very sorry to bother you like this. I know your time is very valuable. But, you can see from this case and know how other people may feel about your company when they contact All State about the same situations.

    I am writing to you in regards to my claim number: 0300172426
    This case is just a tiny little case (under $1000). But, you can see how your company employees handling this tiny case.

    I know each case is different no matter how big or small. But, it is a protential oppertunity to grap a market share from your competitors and become the #1 insurance company in the world.

    Thank you so much for your precious time.

    Chien Lai

    Trade Antique 10/11/13 11:30AM
  • I have a very good driver record when I join allstate had no local agent I called asked for one I selected near my home it was done.I got anther used vehicle I called to added to my policy this agent he did signed to his location without my permission and pull my first vehicle from the agent I selected ,I went to the agent I selected I filled a form for agent change asked to be back to them been over a month no action happened.I been calling allstate asking for a gent change been told someone from the corporate will call you within two business days now it's week no call or action happened.I will take my business to anther auto-insurance company,who knows how to take better care of customer care(iwil not renew my policy or join allstate for ever).this happened in state of Virginia.your and now you greedy agent AT springfiled VA you are the looser for ever

    Anonymous 10/7/13 8:36PM
  • Worst customer Service. I have been a loyal customer for 10 years but when I attempted to cancel my policy they claimed they never got my cancellation letter that was both faxed and sent via the USPS. When I called to complain and get my policy cancelled again, the representative was rude and told my I would have to refax and remail my letter. I asked her to give me an e-mail address to send my cancellation to so I could immediately verify their receipt, she told me they don't have an e-mail address for clients to send correspondence and cancellations to (in this day and age a modern national company does not communicate via e-mail!) and she refused to give me the name of a supervisor or contact information for the individual in charge of the cancellation department. She said she did not have a direct supervisor or boss so she must be the CEO of Allstate. I have never had such terrible customer service and they have ignored my cancellation requests so I will be filing a complaint with the inurance commission. Beware of Allstate.

    docdana 9/25/13 5:13PM
  • Cannot understand why "Safe Driver Bonus Check" not available in North Carolina??

    [email protected] 9/17/13 4:01PM
  • in my city there was a terrible storm a tree branch went through the back window then front into engine. I got told I was recievi9ng 1 amount then I got another. After getting another car 1 month later I was rear ended, pushed out of the way by other car so they could get into turning lane. After being sworn at by 2 teen agers, while my young son was in car after I simply said I would call police. The other car took off. A Bryan W. ,who was suppose to be my adjustor did nothing. I had to go get police report myself. I received a shoulder injury from seat belt. They will not not pay even though I havfe full coverage. I was over and over again told different things when calling there. I was asked same questions over again. Tghey have no idea what they are doing. I was hit from behind but allstate called it a no fault. I have never dealt with such imcompetents in mt life

    shel0419 8/29/13 2:05PM
  • After 32 years as a loyal customer of all state i was treated like a peasent today by customer service. First of all when i called the 800 number i was speaking to a person in India, who i could not understand and had a noisy back-round. The service person had a bad attitude and when i explained that it was an allstate error due to their system and proved it, the Indian customer service person stated to bad and to go to a nearby local agent and re apply for a new Insurance coverage on my car. What ? i had the insurance for 32 years without 1 problem and always paid on time. Not to mention my other 3 policies with Allstate. They refused to assist me and my car policy in the mean time was cancelled. None of the agents near my house were open even though he [The Allstate Indian person] claimed they were open. So i became so irate i went to State Farm. What a disgrace to treat a 32 year loyal customer not to mention all my other family members that use all state. Wait until i tell them the story how badly i was treated and had to speak to a person who could not speak english very well from India. Unless i receive an apology and an explanation from a manager not a person from India, i am going to inform all my relatives and friends the story of how badly i was treated and to stay away from allstate.

    lenjac47 8/24/13 1:43PM
  • Called support for Allstate road service and the support person had such a strong accent (India) and the line was so noisy I could not finish the call.

    Chris G 8/14/13 10:40AM
  • I know a lady who has Allstate insurance and a storm came through and damaged a dead tree that caused damage or had to be removed because of risk. The hail part of the storm tore up her roof really bad and her A/C got messed up or damaged. She is really in bad shape. Mentally from having to deal with Allstate. The adjuster came out and told her that she did not need a new roof, but she had 2 signed letters form 2 roofers that said it had to be replaced. Her husband is also terminally ill with lung cancer. She is the only income and having to pay out of her pocket for the storm damages. She is the light in the nursing home where I live and it just sickens us that she is having to go through this. It is mentally and physically draining. Please pray for her and her situation. Thank you. lukebandit

    lukebandit 8/1/13 8:44PM
  • I am NOT an Allstate customer and NOW I don't want to become one because your telemarketers don't want to acknowledge that my number is on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST. I have spoken to a supervisor about this an insists that all state is not calling me when I simply called the number back that was on my caller ID and ALL STATE was the name given when I called back. He insists on arguing with me about the matter. I'm going to put it very simply (I'm a simple kind of guy) If the calls persist,(Next call I get) you can get hold of your legal dept as I will have you served to be in court for harassment and any other legal charges that may apply since my number is listed with the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!!

    N/A 7/30/13 1:35PM
  • Allstate is the worst insurance company EVER! I was involved in an auto accident in which a person who hit me was an Allstate insured. She hit me form behind and gave me her insurance card to call, which I did. After many calls and discussion, Allstate choose to believe her story that she did not hit us, but she just gave us her insurance card. In the past I have dealt with other insurance companies, and my experience with them is totally different. Lesson I learned: NEVER GO WITH ALLSTATE and always call the police, even for the minor scratch.

    bobas 7/25/13 8:13AM
  • dear all state :

    my experience to all state is really bad.

    I paid all for my auto insurance and still get bill come to my home.

    I did fax all my bank statement as a proof of payment. they say OK and few month later they bill me again

    one more time they ask me for the bank statement as a proof of payment.

    I start to have insurance by feb 2013 and almost every 2 months i have to call them again with the same problem

    Please give me a person who can work efficiency. Stop taking my time no more

    Anonymous 7/18/13 2:26PM
  • Horrible corporation!! worst experience ever! Was involved in auto accident in past in which the person who hit us had Geico. Completely different experience with Geico - smooth, very little inconvenience, etc. Unfortunately for us, the person who hit us this time had Allstate. Couldn't be a more frustrating, infuriating and difficult experience. Even our auto body shop said Allstate is the worst insurance company they deal with. Disgusting service. We talked about how extra horrible it would been if we were elderly. Hopefully Allstate treats elderly people a little better.

    Anonymous 7/2/13 2:47PM
  • They will not help with claims - will not return calls - do not care about us as customers

    Anonymous 6/12/13 11:28AM
  • I recently changed to Allstate Insurance. Once becoming a customer, I can't get them to return calls or give me answers on any of my questions. Poor customer service once they got you.

    Anonymous 6/11/13 8:40PM
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  • Dear Mr. Thomas J. Wilson II & Mr. Matthew E. Winter,
    Thank you so much for your kindly help. Without your help, I think I would still get stuck with this small claim case.

    Thank you again. I do appreciate your help. Have a great day.

    Chien Lai

    TradeAntique 10/15/13 12:34PM
  • I was in an accident on 10/8/12 and had an injury, by 10/10/12 I had been called by the claims and medical departments; they also had the rental place call me. I have had nothing but a positive experience with Allstate; I changed to them when I purchased my house because no one else would insure me since I purchased my house with cash. Everyone is helpful all the way down to the claims adjustor, he even wrote me a check on site, and they are awesome. I even save 36% by having 2 cars and the house. I have no issue with them.

    MrsDBo419 10/16/12 2:50PM
  • I deal with insurance companies everyday and Allstate is the least scariest of the major companies for car insurance. Farmer is a nightmare in my opinion but the others have good and bad points to consider depending on where you live.

    Insurance is one of the most important thing you can buy and you need to keep that in mind. Ask a hundred questions if you want on the phone until you're satisfied.

    Now I got this one from here somewhere but ask for the best agent in your area. A good agent will be a pain in your butt with questions and concerns but that's what is being covered!

    Terry 1/13/12 8:09AM
  • I've been with Allstate for two years now and I'm totally satisfied. I got quotes for 6 companies and nobody touched their rates. Plus, our agent Andy Fry is great. Very friendly, knowledgeable. I asked why our rates were so good and he said that every company has an ideal customer. Allstate's are married, good credit, two cars and a homeowner. Couldn't be happier!

    michael1966 12/28/11 11:49AM
  • I had Geico and unfortunately had some very bad luck and was in two accidents very close together. Geico raised my premium 400%, no way was I paying that. I called State Farm, Nationwide, and Progressive and none of them could come close to the Allstate quote. They were all double what Allstate quoted me so they are alright in my book.

    Not complaining yet 12/14/11 6:27PM
  • Good Deal worked out pretty good rate... Got a hold of them quick and got the quote with pretty minimal questions.

    Jeff 9/8/11 6:09PM
  • To whom it may concern,
    I wanted to write about an employee named,
    Stephanie Vargas. She works at the West New York, NJ office. She was freindly and courtious. Many people seem to know her. I could see why. I even commented that a commerical should be made with her in it. She made my husband's and I visit very pleasant.


    Mr.& Mrs. Elvin Zavala
    Guttenberg, New Jersey

    Mrs. Elvin Zavala 6/23/11 5:01AM
  • I have been with AllState for 4 years now. I have checked rates with other carriers and Allstate still has the best rate for auto/motorcycle insurance. NO ONE comes close to the motorcycle ins I pay!
    My agent (local) is ALWAYS available, 7 days a week. If I e-mail him, he responds in less than 24 hours. I have not had an accident (knock on wood). But I moved over here because the last company I had (Century 21) made me put junk yard parts on my car to do a front end repair. Even the body shop said they had NEVER heard of an Insurance company requiring that! Allstate won't do that!

    Pamegyric 2/19/11 2:14PM
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  • ALLSTATE SCREWS RETIREES.....Yes thats right. I worked 35 years as a senior acct. agent, Iretired with a RETIRMENT PACKAGE that included a 100,000 life policy FOR LIFE. They paid the premium, part of the retirement benefit package. Many agents passed, their familiea collect the Mr. stick it up your butt Wilson, the CEO simply decides since many of us are up in years and the policies will soon be redeemed, WELLLL we just ain't paying for them anymore. So if you pass your family gets nothing now cause I said so. Hmmmm really fair? Nice guy Huh?

    TennisTed 7/25/13 7:50AM

  • I am a current agent. I had bought an agency from a previous agent. He lied about the condition of the agency. He lied about the volume of income. He lied about our agreement. Now I am selling the agency due to his lies and mis-management. I am getting out before things get any worse. He used to be in Delaware and is now a Pennsylvania agent; pretending to be a "consultant". Do not get involved with him, his paperwork is set up by a team of lawyers to steal your money. And Allstate is taking away commissions from their medium to small agencies essentially forcing them out of the business. How do the owners who bought in the last three years expect to pay their bills. Many agencies in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia are up for sale. My customers have seen a rate increase anywhere from 5% to 45%. Allstate is not in the insurance business anymore. They are in the profit business. As a result of this increase I am losing 8 policies for every 1 policy that I write. Their feeling is with the rate increase if they retain 80% of their customers they will make more money than before losing the other 20%. Their customer service is rude and I am amazed that they are retaining any of their data base. If you are considering joining the Allstate "team" believe me when I tell you the bench is nothing but a hot seat that will leave long lasting burns. There is a better way to go. TWFG out of texas. A lot of the agents for TWFG are former Allstate agents.

    Niko Boy 2/3/12 8:09AM


    NONE 5/25/10 9:51AM

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