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Archos customer service is ranked #633 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.26 out of a possible 200 based upon 98 ratings. This score rates Archos customer service and customer support as Terrible.


95 Negative Comments out of 98 Total Comments is 96.94%.


3 Positive Comments out of 98 Total Comments is 3.06%.

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  • Hello everyone The Archos customer Service i agree with all of you it's a Joke i Emailed them twice still no response just an automated email i got the Archos 40 mobile from QVC it froze two weeks ago i sent it back to them and there site says they don't repair they send you a new one well i'm still waiting i no it got there i had it tracked bye royal mail so i emailed them still waiting i went to QVC they don't sell that model anymore it is still under the years guarantee and your all right this company service Sucks i will be Emailing a company to complain about there behavior and i demand a full refund and i will get a new Mobile not from this pile of crap company Thanks there a Joke

    Echoes 8/16/14 8:25AM
  • December 2012 we brought Archos 101xs . payed £249.00 for item. it is now July 2014 it has only lasted 18 months. Independant computer specialist tryed to do a software upadate. this didn,t work. he said the mother board had packed up. we then rang customer services to be told there wasn't any thing they could do has the warranty had expired. they would only offer us 25 % of the price to buy another product from them. the person who we spoke to wasn't very helpful. when we asked for head office number so we could complain he said he hadn't got that information. biggest load of crap. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy this product. I have now contacted trading standards.

    Anonymous 7/31/14 8:09AM
  • Archos 101xs bought in 2013. After a few months the usb connector doesn't worked anymore, but it still could be charged through the keyboard connector. After one year (plus two month or so) the tablet could not be charged. It shows the charging battery on the display for a short time, then it stops charging and nothing happened anymore. Archos customer support couldn't reached for some time due to technical problems. Then we should sent it to them on our own costs. Now they told us, that the usb connector is broken and this is out of warranty...

    Anonymous 7/18/14 2:00PM
  • Horrible. Just Horrible. I have an archos 80 g9 and it just extremely sluggish. its android firmware is sluggish, the multitouch screen freezes, very slow, even crashes some times. This is what you get from such cheap rubbish company. I WANT QUALITY!!!
    If you want a true quality product, I strongly recommend you to buy an IPAD. No other company than apple has products with such amaizingly high quality!!

    Noname 7/5/14 4:45AM
  • This is the worst company for customer service that I have ever seen. For the past hour, I have been calling numbers listed on my RMA receipt of item and those listed in the website including your corporate office. I finally got someone to answer, but he could not help me. I want to know the status of my tablet. My RMA is

    Anonymous 6/13/14 2:29PM
  • my story is a long one too, so i will make it short, charger port fell out of expensive tablet in the first week, took forever for then to replace, then the screen went out, another return and wait, then more problems, have been waiting over month and a half for this one!!! will never buy another one!!!!!!!!!!

    terisboys61 3/20/14 4:54PM
  • too bad Archos neglected to give their Better Business's an F......horrible company....tablet is a piece of junk....broke shortly after warranty and no fixing it.....customer service stinks....they refused to respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint.

    carolg 2/5/14 12:58PM
  • To cut story short - usb port became faulty, sent it back, waited for over a month for the replacement product, which turns out to be a used one that appears not to have been repaired, just packed up in a nice box (light dot on the screen and light scuff marks on the back). Contacted Archos and they said it was no longer within the warranty period therefore nothing can be done! They replied straight away regarding my request for an update but have ignored my email which I sent straight away after their reply.

    Found someone had the exact problem but with a different tablet. Paypal can't deal with it because it is over 45 days and my bank (Santander) is making it hard for me to apply for a refund under section 75. Awaiting for paperwork but the guy I spoke to said they may not be able to help because the warranty is over. We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately I lot of my emails with Archos a week ago thinking they would replace the product. Not very clever on my part.

    Stay a way from Archos's products and if you do decide to buy something, don't go through Paypal, I think things would have been easier for me to claim under section 75 if I hadn't used Paypal.

    Anonymous 2/5/14 10:01AM
  • My story is long .... I have had five, yes "FIVE" Archos tablets. First the Archos 70 250GB, which worked marginally ok, but lots of problems. They replaced it with the Archos 80, which was much worse. Had to return that too. I've had four (Yes, "4") Archos 80 units. All pieces of CRAP ... !!! I'm still waiting for an upgrade, which they told me I qualify for. Been about three months now (since September, 2013), and they still keep giving me the run around (they tell me they have forwarded my request to the Warehouse). They want to send me another Archos 80, but I told them "NO"! The refuse to give me a refund.

    DO NOT buy Archos!!! I love my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, totally AWESOME and reliable High Tech Phone/Tablet!!! Excellent Battery Power, Fast and Sold Internet connection, excellent Phone Service, and Great Tech Support!!!

    -- Jim

    vja4Him 1/11/14 8:51AM
  • I have a problem with my Archos 80 G9. I phoned their customer service number. It says they are closed and to call back during business hours. However, I have tried for several days during the hours that their website says they are open and I still get the recording that says they are closed.

    I phoned their customer service number and the phone answers but then hangs up immediately.

    Are they out of business? If not, they should be!

    a 1/7/14 2:29PM
  • ive been having a terrible time with archos within a year they have had my tablet 5 months and there customer service rep yolonda is the worst.i asked for corporate phone number and they cant give it out I asked what city they were in and they said you can only email corporate, what a joke I do plan to go to to the BBB with this company they have terrible products and awful customer service do not deal with YOLANDA, she is the customer service big wig and will not help you if anyone has corp phone number please send to me

    youngmartin1 12/12/13 6:54AM
  • DO NOT purchase from Archos. Customer Service LIES to you. I am on my 2nd tablet, both returned for problems. When I returned it for the 3rd time (6/18/13, and got nothing back, I called and they said they didn't know when I would get it back because they couldn't get parts from China. They offered me a refund. I declined and said I would wait. When another month went by, I applied for the refund (8/15/13). When another month went by I called to see where my refund was: they said mine didn't make it in on time to be mailed out with the September checks; that my check would go out the first week of October. Today is 10/17, so I called about my refund. They told me the refund was denied and they had shipped a tablet to me. Mind you, when I track my RMA on the website, it says "REFUND". Do not trust what the customer service tells you. Product below grade. This company is just awful.

    Out330bucks 10/17/13 8:01AM
    i purchased the gen 101 xs tablet it malfunctioned and stopped working after just under four weeks. i sent the tablet to the repair center(at my own cost!) and after 8 weeks of waiting patiently i received a replacement. this replacement was scuffed and scratched and showed signs of heavy cosmetic damage. and the keyboard its self had keys MISSING. the keys were not in the packaging so the tablet must have been shipped in this condition. after a week of me phoning the customer services they told me that they were not taking responsibility for the damaged product and will not be sending a new replacement. at this point i asked to speak to the supervisor in charge to wich the reply was "no". and was told that i will not be getting anything. after which the guy on the phone refused to talk to me at all. i did not raise my voice or use profound language and do not expect to be treated with such rudness and imaturity. this is totally unacceptable i implore anyone thinking of buying an archos product to reconsider. better quality products can be found at your local market. a

    joaaoj 9/21/13 7:07AM
  • Terrible product, customer service, and company all around. I bought one of their tablets in may of 2013 and barely used it. I came home from work one day and my wife informed me that the lcd screen was messed up. I contact archos and they tell me that it's covered under warranty and to send P.O.P. and they would send me the shipping papers to send it in for repair. Sent it in for repair in August and waited. September came and I had to contact them to find out what was going on. The woman I spoke to, I believe her name was Yolanda, said that they would just issue me a refund on my purchase, I said ok and that was that. Then they proceeded to call me and say that they would not refund my money and that for $142 I could upgrade to the newer model or they would ship me back the damaged/defective piece of garbage and be done with it. I told them no, just issue me my refund that they said they would and Yolanda said we will not issue a refund so you have to pay to upgrade. I said no and I wanted to speak to someone above her. After a small wait she returned and said either take the upgrade or the broken tablet. When I said no I want a refund and asked for someone above her she hung up on me. This is not how you do business, and it's very unprofessional. Now I'm on hold with customer service waiting to speak with someone. I guess this is my punishment for purchasing something from a French company. I advise everyone to avoid this company and their products like the plague, otherwise you will end up with a useless paperweight.

    Pissedconsumer 9/10/13 2:16PM
  • Archos screwed me out of 2 tablets. Both were under warranty, the 7" and the 8" . 7" although they still sell them are being discontinued and so they will not fix them, instead they will give you $25.00 even though I paid $200. And the 8" they can't fix that either because they don't have parts. This company takes your money and doesn't give you a thing in return except broken products. Both tablets had the same problem, the plug in where you charge the tablet breaks. DON'T BUY ARCHOS, THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER!

    Lopez5231 9/5/13 7:43AM
  • I purchase a G9 Tablet from Archos for her birthday August 2012. Since then I have sent the tablet back to them 4 times and they continue to sent me refurbish one that work for a month or two if I am lucky then something else happens to it. I explained to there customer service that they have had the tablet more then my daughter has. Here we are August 2013 and the tablet is going back again. Now the customer service representative is telling me that it is now our of warranty....Really my daughter has not even had the tablet long enough to get use to it. ARCHOS COMPANY SUCKS AND I HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS.....THERE PRODUCTS ARE CRAP THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS.... AND THEY DONT CARE IF THERE CUSTOMERS ARE UN HAPPY WITH THERE PRODUCTS......NOR DO THEY DO ANYTHING TO MAKE THE CUSTOMER FEEL LIKE THEY CARE.............

    FRUSTRATED CUSTOMER...............

    Angeldreamsicle 8/16/13 9:57AM
  • I bought an Archos 18c Vision 4 GB and lasted me just above a year and after that it failed (the battery or something) and contacted the customer service, they guy was pretty arrogant and told me that they don't do repairs nor replacements and told me that everything has faulty products, he said something like "there are faulty planes" I truly wonder, what kind of example was that anyway lol. Anyways, they don't do any returns. The product lasted me 1 year, but I also checked about the product on other forums and read that a lot of them are defective, I just didn't know when I bought it and Currys where I bought it from also told me that it was faulty and it is not their fault as they don't make them and to contact Archos, but well, I did contact Archos and I now realize they support faulty planes.

    ARCHOS 18C vision faulty product 7/9/13 8:13AM
  • I own an Archos 7 which requires returning for service, the touch screen is not stable, and the setup fails. In it's present state it can not be used, it' scrap. Do not buy from this company

    shooter 6/19/13 4:20AM
  • Sent them a tablet for repair and a month later still waiting for a reply

    rgregoire3 5/20/13 4:33PM
  • This is a truly bad product. Do not buy any Archos because there is no support or help. Any email enquiries receive a blanket reply that does not tell you how to make the product work again. Leave well alone.

    Anonymous 5/16/13 7:12AM
  • Archos have had my tablet since 11 March 2013. I live in the UK and returned it to the Southampton returns centre. nearly 2 months on and I still have no idea when to expect a replacement. The UK centre has apparently closed and I go through to a call centre in the Netherlands. The responses I get vary from yes there's a supply problem but we are working through it although who knows how long to being told other people are being offered alternatives though not me). When I said UK companies would have dealt with my query as a complaint, I was told well you're not dealing with a UK company are you! How rude can people be. I would NEVER EVER buy anything from this company again.

    Sue72 5/8/13 10:37AM
  • I agree with all the complaints, I got as far as getting a repair # with that number I had to fax POP (prove of purchaes) which I have TWICE then I emailed them once so far with my RMA #...absolutely no responce..My reason for repair is the usb port for charging the battery is broken..I don't think they really care, I am still under warrent with device so I guess they want it to run out..Also afer reading the complaints I am afraid to send it to them, I might not get it back..yes it was cheap, but money is money with me anyways.

    ANGRY BIRDS 4/28/13 1:59PM
  • I am just another sucker who purchased an Archos tablet and had it break in record time.RMA sent out March 01.. Still no tablet. The most rude customer support people on Earth. It will be a pleasure to see this company go belly up! Only a matter of time. I will than be able to say to the customer service person YES I AM SATISFIED NOW!!

    SULK1862 4/26/13 12:04PM
  • Got son an Archos tablet for Christmas. Broke by mid-February. Mailed out for repair, Archos had by 2/26 per my tracking...took days (and me calling) to log into their system on 3/4/13. Now told the last 3 weeks that replacment "may" be mailed out by end of week. Still no mailing. Was hung up on by customer service when I told them that they were rude. Online help is a joke, says the same as online check of RMA #..."in process". Would never ever buy again.

    medic1997 4/21/13 8:53PM
  • Charging port again. Been back at Archos since 11th March (now 18th April).

    Screen rubbish, satnav worked every now and then.

    Staff understanding but useless.

    Anonymous 4/18/13 3:37AM
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  • Had a problem with my Archos 101g9, screen froze, after trying all the recovery options I phoned the support centre, one of the most helpful I have spoken to. He sent me an email with attachment to return the unit which I did two and a half weeks later I am now in possession of a new 101g9 plus they sent me a 16g version while the one I sent back was only 8g.
    Obviously people have different experiences but absolutely delighted with mine.

    Anonymous 8/1/13 6:18AM
  • I have read so so many complaints. I got an Archos Tablet for an early Christmas in 11 from mom when I was back home. When I came home I began to have problems with it not powering on, we tried with on line help and finally I had to ship back and they sent me a new on a few weeks later same thing. In thinking I got a bad charger unit wall out let so they sent me a new one.. along with a free shipping label to mail the unit back on them if this did not work, ( It was not my unit just my charger faulty that came with it, that ruined two of them :(). I would not have to pay to ship it back to get another new one. So short story customer service is Great!! In my book I am not sure of many companies who work so hard with customers like this in this day and age anymore. I definitely will continue buying from them, with the satisfaction of service after sale I have gotten. That alone says a lot about a company in this day and time of economics.

    Anonymous 3/29/12 9:19AM
  • My screen on a new Archos 80 G9 froze up and I did not know how to re-set. Telephoned help line, who were extreeemly efficient, and corrected the fault in seconds
    Hold the on/off button down for about 10 secs, the screen closes, wait a few seconds and restart as normal.
    I was informed to download upgrade asap to clear the fault from further happening.

    Mr 1066 12/6/11 9:57AM

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