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Atari customer service is ranked #713 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 13.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 8 ratings. This score rates Atari customer service and customer support as Terrible.


8 Negative Comments out of 8 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 8 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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  • Well I ordered something for digital download and was told go to their find my order site to find the download link well there is no download link so i figure i just got scamed and ripped off by atari customer service is useless. worst company i have ever had to deal with once i am able to get my money back i will never deal with Atari again.

    Anonymous 5/6/12 3:23AM
  • 2 years ago i bought 911 first responders. 4 weeks ago i went to install it on my pc and my unlock code was used to many times, so i called and they sent me a email. all i had to do was sent them a request code. so i did that. this is what they sent me, (They will further investigate regarding this matter which could take up
    to 24-72 hours.) 1 week later still nothing. i sent them this,(its been over a week and i still have no code, i was told a total of 24-72 hours for a unlock code. whats going on?) i got this back, (We understand that you have not received the updates on your unlock
    codes. We aready set this issue to the high priority. You will be
    receiving an email for the updates and resolution on this issue within
    48-72 hours.We appreciate your patience.)and i still have nothing. 2 weeks later..... i still dont have it!! if i dont get my code, im asking for the code and my money back!!! (Can$24.41) make it $30 even

    killzone 1/11/12 2:23PM
  • Agree with all the comments here. Don't waste your time and try to contact Atari Customer "Service".

    atariSux 12/28/11 11:26AM
  • Atari No longer offers or staffs Customer Support For There Game Titles And Other Atari Stuff! Calling Atari Support Is A Waste Of Time! There's No help From Atari Your On your own!

    killernurse59 7/13/11 12:41PM
  • Absolutely shocking, as any console-owning TDU fan will tell you. TDU2 came out in Feb, and is still horribly broken. The game simply does not work as advertised, and a vital title update that was promised months ago has apparently been forgotten about.

    All attempts at 'community relations' have ceased, no doubt following the imposed lay-offs and strike at the in-house developer Eden.

    Result? I and many other customers will NEVER buy another Atari product.

    My advice to Atari - sell all your decent IPs to better, more savvy and modern publisher and QUIT THE INDUSTRY FOR GOOD THIS TIME. Retards.

    Miguel 5/30/11 12:03PM
  • Absoulutely horrible I can't even talk to a person only a damned machine that tells me to use there defective online support.

    Anonymous 3/11/11 10:23AM
  • I just purchased the PCDownload platform of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum edition from I used Paypal to pay for my purchase and after checkout, received a quick little note that said my order was being processed and I would be contacted shortly. Well it's been 2 hours now and nothing! So I went back through the purchase process, this time using a credit card in hopes of being able to instantly download the game but again, NOTHING. Apparently my second order is now being processed. Are you kidding? I paid validly online for a download that I cannot access for ??? amount of time. I want to play now... hence the download purchase, otherwise I would have saved $ and order the CD's to come to my house. I will never purchase from again.

    MRSBRONCOFAN 2/21/11 9:04PM
  • i have this rollercoaster 3 game, THE RIGHT NOT DOWNLOAD WAY, i bought it, and wanted to update, but no updates available on atari.

    want to have help on this, no way to reach them, exept becoming a member WHICH IN THIS CASE I WILL NOT BECOME, i bought something so you should give service anyways.

    i have downloaded a retailpatch, but then the game wont even start.

    this is my first product from atari, and I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING ANYMORE

    CRAP SERVICE, i am searching for 3 hours not to mention the 8 hours to find the richt patch update.

    perhaps next time i'll get my games like i've always did
    THE illegal way

    this shows me again, doing things the torrent way gives
    1. free stuff
    2. less work
    3. no drive to the store
    4. overall happyness

    Quiran 10/29/10 1:52PM

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