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Atlantic Broadband customer service is ranked #210 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 77 ratings. This score rates Atlantic Broadband customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


66 Negative Comments out of 77 Total Comments is 85.71%.


11 Positive Comments out of 77 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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  • My big problem is with ABB On-Demand service. It won't connect me to the service when I try to watch. I've reported the problem several times and all they do is ask me to disconnect the box and wait until they refresh the signal and then ask me to plug the chord back in
    . I've been through this drill 5 times but the box loses the On-Demand connection once I leave. To connect again I have to go through all the steps over and over. A technician hasn't been able to find the cause. He claims other subscribers are having the same problem. Seems to me that the company is using equipment that is obsolete and giving people the runaround while they charge exhorbitant fees. In all fairness, the company has resolved other issues with promptness.
    Since cable companies have been (in essence) handed a monopoly franchise by municipalities, it's susprising there is not a task force in charge of monitoring their service to the public. There is no supervision of their activities and are allowed to charge fees that border on obscene. The only solution is to de-regulate the industry and promote competition.
    I'm considering moving to U-Verse from AT&T. Don't know if this would be a better choice though.

    SCOREBOARD 2/2/14 3:28PM
  • Who was the idiot i guess the president of the company who remains silent that changed the channels? Rerun after rerun of the same show all day and night! These people should be ousted and fired. Cable tv is such a waste. They think going to hd is really important when you are watch the same show you watch for the last 25 years!

    newmannjohn 1/19/14 10:49PM
  • Really? Internet guy came over, SAID he fixed the problem. Problem was not fixed. Internet constantly crashing. Worst internet. Worst Service. Worst company.

    Anonymous 1/9/14 2:15AM
  • It was bad enough when you got rid of "G4", the "Guide Channel" (forcing everyone to pay for a box to have a guide) The "Speed Channel"..... now you have gotten rid of the "Game Show Network"..... are you intentionally trying to get everyone to drop you as a cable provider? Are you trying to push everyone to internet tv? I mean really, think about what you're doing! Your rates for your services are already through the roof! You have just gotten rid of yet another customer. Whoever is responsible for these terrible decisions needs to lose their job.

    Anonymous 12/30/13 12:45PM
  • Wow how this company is still in service is crazy to me... Movies suck and the employees r total idiots. I spend more time on the phone with them then I do using there service I have an issue with a csr at the local office and this lady put a password on my acct and suspended my ppv movie privelages and put in the system tHT I did it and over the wkend nobody could fix it we have to go in with photo I'd and reset the password. These r not ppl u want controlling any acct with ur name on it trust me!! I miss my dtv and will bbsvk with them next month thank god. Worst service ever. Totally hate this company and the employees

    jessicamarie 12/15/13 8:59PM
  • I like the internet speed and the installer was a great guy who went out of his way to help us but their cable service is pure crap and until they get the new tivo box i wont even give there cable box a 0 cause its just worthless dust collector!

    Ralphy 8/30/13 8:15AM
  • this is the worst cable company i have ever been with i wish i could get another 1. always down and never give u a break on ur bill either. i really dislike atlantic broadband cable company !!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 6/13/13 4:41PM
  • Awful service - rude employees.. I asked them to hold and I was hung up on after an hour wait. Service is intermittent. Tech that came to the house just fumbled around and talked on his cell phone. Seemed clueless about my problem. When I called, everything was blamed - my router, my computer, the wiring in the house, despite all of these working fine before I switched to atlanticbb. After months (literally) they found a problem on the line and fixed it - and that made the problem better for a few months - until the same thing happened again - and then they refused to check the line outside again! Awful service, late, disrespectful employees, outdated/nonfunctioning website, just avoid them if you possibly can....

    Anonymous 5/14/13 2:58PM
  • use abb for online college. internet shuts off all the time when i need it. i have lots many points in my classes because of this very poor service.

    Anonymous 2/24/13 9:36PM
  • ABB is by far the worst company i have ever dealt with in mt 55 years of life,this company is so disrespectfull to my wife and me,there service is terrible,they never return calls and when service gets interuption they tell you to just have patience no matter how long,they never give you a reason why.DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY U WILL BE SORRY..

    joyanks711 2/6/13 6:07PM
  • I recently cancelled my atlantic broadband cable but kept my internet service. My new bill has a charge of $40 extra for a technician to come out and do something at the pole!!! I have NO contract with these people, I KEPT one of thier services and now they are going to charge me to pay the technician who came out to disconnect it from the pole! REALLY?? I could care less if he came out or not...WHY would I be charged for this!?? I even returned my equipment myself! If this fee is not removed, I will not only do what I did with my cable provider, I'll search for a new source for my internet as well! This is craziness!

    Justmom45 2/6/13 12:41PM
  • I am a resident of Hollidaysburg PA 16648. I have been holding on the phone for 90 minutes for a customer service person to help me with my internet problem and I ma furious. Please get back to me as soon as possible

    Anonymous 1/30/13 7:56AM
  • Getting in contact with Atlanticbb customer service is next to impossible. I am from the Greene County Pa area. My internet and phone are working but my cable is out. Have tried repeatedly to call the toll free number for our area but am not getting an answer. I thought that Customer Service was available 24/7.

    Anonymous 1/29/13 11:58PM
  • Atlantic Broadband Sucks period!!!! We have two boxes in our house. One is HD, one is not. The cable box that is not simply gives you basic channels, with a few extras, none in HD of course. It is quite literally a craps shoot on whether or not the box will work, and it has been since day one. The customer service reps say that if you do not use the box on a regualar basis, it will not work. Well, I guess a day and a half of not being used is not considered "using it regularly". And, how in the heck do you explain having such a piece of garbage that if you do not use it every single day, it doesn't work right? If your telephone doesn't ring for a day, does it not work when you pick it up to use it? If you don't start your car for a day, does it not work the next time you go to use it? If you haven't used your blender, your toaster, or, even your laptop computer for even a week, do they not come on and function fine when you go to use them? What gives with the garbage they are peddling at Atlantic Broadband?

    Ok, so, your only option is to call an automated telephone service and have the signal reset. Heh, good luck! The last time we had to do this, it took all day for the box to start working again. This time who knows.... If you have a choice, avoid the heck out of this company and go with another provider. Their service is "shoddy" at best.

    ok-when-it-works 1/29/13 6:01PM
  • this has to be the most awful; dishonest company to deal with; I called them 3 times; they modified their reqirements 3 times; they are HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL AND AWFUL TO DEAL WITH.


    really annoyed customer 11/25/12 3:25PM
  • I have a house in South Miami that I rent to U. of Miami graduate students and T.A.'s. For months service is off and on- the problem seems to be in the lines, but it hasn't been solved. Yesterday they replaced the modem, but my tenants said that at 12:30 a.m. it went off again. I don't know what else to do- I've been in contact with a great supervisor, but she's off till Sunday and my tenants need Internet, TV and phone. In Miami they keep sending different people to fix the problem- this is not working, since person B doesn't know what person A did. The incompetency of the Miami crew is beyond belief.

    Frustrated 11/22/12 4:41AM
  • I've been an ABB customer forever. During this time I've had multiple issues with the video feed. Almost every time they send a technician to fix the problem they try to charge $40.00 for the service call -
    even when the problem is in their outside lines.
    Now they are charging me another $40.00 for a recent service call because they claim the problem originated inside my home - which isn't true. The technician never set foot in our home.
    If I can't get this charge reversed I'm canceling my account. There are other options out there. I wonder who handles the PR department for this company. They have no clue.

    Pissed 11/10/12 11:51AM
  • this company sucks. i have called three times and after waiting on line over a hour they hang up on me. i do not have phone service that i am paying for. all i get is music in the background and after waiting over a hour they disconnect the call. this is stupid.

    auntybiotic1499 10/30/12 3:48PM
  • I moved in July & called A.B., to see if I could be serviced. I was told it would take up to 3 days for them to find out. Three days later, no call from them, so I called 'em. The Associate said I could get cable at my address. I took her name & extension, so that she could get the commission, when I had saved up the $344.10, I needed to get Cable installed. Yeah, it took me until October, the economy & all... I did call her every month, just to let her know, I haven't forgotten her & I was still gathering the money. So, finally I came up with it, called to schedule the installation. The Installer came out days later & it only took him 5-10 minutes, to figure out that I could not be serviced. So, what did the Technician see, 3 months ago, that this one didn't see? He tells me that he'll get his Supervisor to come out & inspect it. Give him up to 3 days & they'll call me back with an answer. Three days came and went & no call, I called them back & this Associate set up another Installation appointment because they said it could be done underground. Three days later, I'm waiting for the Installer to show up, during the expected hours & no one showed. I called and again, they tell me,"You can not be serviced, someone came out there today..." So, they said it would take 3 days to have the money returned to my credit card. Three days later, A.B. deposits a penny back into my account, a penny! This is not funny at all! It's my money & I need it now! I called and now they claim, it will take another 3 to 5 business days to get "my" money back. GO SATELLITE, I JUST DID & I'M LOVING IT ALREADY. ATLANTIC BROADBAND'S GOT JOKES & I'M NOT LAUGHING... BIRTH OF A BLOG, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU... THEY'RE SORRY! WHO DEPOSITS A PENNY INTO ANYONE'S ACCOUNT?! TRIFLIN', ATLANTIC BROADBAND IS TRIFLIN'!!!

    Annette 10/18/12 12:09PM
  • I have tried their toll free number numerous times - I am told all circuits are busy? Service complaints taking away from new customer service? I have called the Graysonville local number and drops me into VM - I have left messages regarding new service connects and no one has ever called back. Scary - not sure how they stay in business.

    Anonymous 10/2/12 8:13AM
  • Unfortunately in my building I'm not allowed to install a dish otherwise I would not think even a second to get rid of Atlantic Broadband!
    It's the most updated and inadequate cable company on the market! The equipment (box and modem) are very old and updated, the channel list is very poor, they don't allow you to record TV programs in remote through their website or through and App! Come on it's 2012... everybody got an App!!!
    Customer and Technical service are horrible! On a Saturday I went to exchange my regular TV Box to a DVR version and when I got home and tried to install it the box wasn't working. I called the customer service and they were non able to fix it through the phone so they had to send a technician that of course wasn't available in the weekend. I had to wait till Monday morning to be able to watch my TV!
    And last but not least the price of the service is outrageous compared to any other TV/Internet provider.

    Anonymous 9/24/12 8:37AM
  • I would not suggest anyone pay them $1, go with satellite, they are incompetent, unorganized, and don't care one bit about their customers. Everytime I've called them they were rude.

    Anonymous 8/28/12 9:42AM

    FEDUP 8/2/12 4:51PM
  • My experience is mind blowing !The capacity to create and not correct problems is par for the coarse.

    The are kind ,but not accurate.
    The are unable to correct mistakes & communicate.

    The instillers are nice but can not speak to the office.
    The office cannot communicate to the drivers.
    They schedule appointment and there are sum times submitted incorrectly just like our phone number.
    Supervisers can't help but the can see things.
    The are unable to please this customer with service .
    Inadequate wiring from 1995 to 2012.
    Then they blow my appointment scheduled.The funny thing is that the TRUCK WAS AT MY BUILDING IN THE EARLY AM. They say they are coming now at 4 pm the geek squad will be here any moment.Bad service -4 like the db signal in my cable box .

    stefano 7/24/12 10:58AM
  • i had a tech come to my house that has not been lived in for at least 3 years. he was upset that he had to work, because he got to my house at 3:00pm and worked till almost 5:00pm. he drilled holes in my walls to run the cable outside and didn' clean his mess up, pulled my telephone box off the side of my house and didn't put it back up. did not caulk any of the holes outside,and didn't show me how the remote worked,and didn't give me a DVR when it was on my order form. My husband and I were not happy with this guy and he was very cocky attitude.

    kim 7/13/12 11:22AM
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  • I have never ever had a problem with the customer service department of Atlantic broadband.

    cost2 9/20/13 1:41PM
  • I am pleased with the service I received from ABB in South Carolina. I had a connection issue wherein my Internet signal was being lost due to my cable being underpowered and oversaturation of the market in my area. ABB was always responsive to my situation each time I contacted them. I was treated with courtesy by all ABB employees, from the techs, to the installers, to the supervisors. Supervisor personally came to my home to check out my problem; techs answered my questions with patience. This was an aggravating and frustrating connection problem, but as of today, I am happy with outcome -- so far, so good. I cannot speak for ABB service in other areas of the country, but ABB employees working here in S. Carolina are good folks who aim to please.

    Anonymous 7/24/13 10:01AM
  • Atlantic Broadband has been helpful whenever I've needed help. They have talked me through issues even when they weren't related to their equipment. This fall, during heavy rains, they reset my modem from their side, called to see if it was all working and when it failed again a week later, they reset it but then came out immediately and installed new equipment. I have found their tech support to be wonderful and their field people to be just as good. We are happy ABB customers. And we have others to compare to.....

    glenheron 12/24/12 1:25PM
  • I moved to atlantic area after having comcast for many years. I am very happy with their service. We rely on the internet connection for work and when there's a problem they come out, most time within an hour.

    Tom 8/15/11 6:38AM
  • We have been extremely satisfied with the phone and internet service from Atantic Broadband. We will be switching from Direct TV to ABB for cable service. We hope this is a good experience also.

    Anonymous 3/29/11 12:09PM
  • I live in the Clearfield area and my internet works fine. I have never had a problem with their service.

    Anonymous 2/12/11 8:53AM
  • Atlantic broadband has been so much better then my experience with AT&T. I only use there internet services but my speeds are faster then I've ever gotten on DSL. Calling them can take a minute, but I've had that problem with every business I've called in the 5 years. The customer service was excellent the two times I've called, the girls I spoke with were polite and knowledgeable. Once I had gotten an answer it only took moments to solve my problem completely. I love my Atlantic Broadband!

    Dragon117 9/14/10 10:02AM
  • Atlantic Broadband usually makes the right programming decisions after what seems likes months and months of indecision.

    Alls well that ends well. I just wish that they would be in front of these programming issues. They should have had the Pirates home opener on!

    craspotnik 5/22/10 7:19AM
  • On January 9th your tech Bill James installed our system and assured us that everything would work as planed well in a word he was right so far we are pleased with the TV, Phone. and Inter-net and hope this will continue in the future.
    Bill was very through in doing his job and we would like to thank him for his workmenship

    Anonymous 1/18/10 11:35AM
  • not very satisfied it feels like im watching basic television with a crappy antenna. Changing the channels is like pointing a remote at a strobe light.
    the only thing i am satisfied with is the internet. It is very fast.The customer service was great i had no problems setting up im just not satisfied with the service.

    Anonymous 12/2/09 9:02PM
  • We had Technician # 6613, Bill Holcombe, at our home this week in Elkton, Maryland, and we were so impressed by his professionalism that we wanted to comment. He was on time for each visit, and he was extremely knowledgeable. We are very satisfied with his outstanding service, and we really appreciate Atlantic Broadband service.

    Anonymous 9/18/09 1:14PM
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  • After reading many of the negative comments if your not allowing us to come to your house and fix the issue then its very hard for us to help you.
    Every customer has a cable line coming into there house which carries a variety of different signals. many of the issues you may encounter are isolated issues that deal directly with your cable line and not the neighbors. If you have internet service and your signal levels are off spec this will cause your modem to randomly drop offline, or not start up at all. That is why we must send a tech out to fix the issue. now maybe the next day it comes back on, but the issue still exists and will happen again because the signals were never adjusted due to your refusal of having a tech come out.
    We do charge a trouble call fee, but will remove the fee if the issue is on our end.
    Yes there are times when you may have an outage that could affect your whole street, but most outages are restored within the hour. Most of our trouble calls are done within 2 days. A lot of other service providers can take a week for you to see a technician.

    If your experiencing trouble please call us and let us know. we want you to call us with any problem you may be experiencing, so we can fix it asap.

    Anonymous 3/16/11 11:27AM

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