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Audi customer service is ranked #337 out of the 710 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.42 out of a possible 200 based upon 88 ratings. This score rates Audi customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


82 Negative Comments out of 88 Total Comments is 93.18%.


6 Positive Comments out of 88 Total Comments is 6.82%.

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  • Audi's are great cars, that is until something needs a repair and you end up needing to contact customer service with hopes that they'll help you get your problem taken care of. Because that's what customer service is for, to help you out. You won't get that with Audi customer service. My audi a4 was under warranty until July of 2013. The car was taken into the dealership numerous times with the same complaint prior to the warranty expiring. Each time I was told they could not find the problem and my car was handed back to me. It was not until after July that they finally "found" the problem and at that point I was initially told they would consider the problem still under warranty because I had brought it in numerous times with the same complaint prior to the warranty expiring. However once they did discover the problem and realized it was going to be quite costly, they changed their minds and said they would pay half of the cost. It was then that I contacted customer service. I explained my issue in detail with dates, mileage, etc and the representative said he'd look into it and have his associate call me back the next day because he was off. Things didn't start off well with customer service because I didn't get that call back. So I ended up calling them again and the associate claimed she called me and left a voicemail. I was irritated with that but became even more irritated when she told me there was nothing they could do regarding my issue. They said they looked into it and agreed with the dealership that although the issue started prior to my warranty expiring, they already put too much money into my car. Their words exactly. As if the amount they put into my car was my problem. The fixes they attempted did not work but yet they did not see a problem with that. I told the lady I was extremely disappointed with their overall service. All she said was I'm sorry you feel that way and that I should be happy they're offering to pay half. I will NEVER again purchase an Audi. Which is unfortunate because I do think they make good vehicles but their customer service is horrible and they do NOT stand behind their work and with fixes as costly as theirs are, I'll take my business elsewhere.

    Anonymous 3/30/14 3:49PM
  • we ordered a new Audi a5 cab on new 2014
    plate for march 1st 2014 delivery in mid January,assured car was on forecourt ready for delivery.
    come the 26 February, after unreturned phone calls ,text messages, and emails I got through. my new car was still in Germany 6 weeks minimum delivery, such crap and excuses from a multi national company you could not make up.Have now cancelled the order and have now to wait for 2/3weeks for my new Mercedes.

    angry 2/26/14 8:12PM
  • I bought an A5 4 years ago. Used a huge amount of oil, which after 2.5 years of complaint they eventually replaced engine.
    The reluctance of Audi customer services to admit anything or have a dialogue has been unbelievably poor, from the local dealership to Martin Sanders.
    After 2 previous Audis,which were good, will never buy another one.
    Does anyone know contact details of trade press, complaint procedures to make Audi deal with ongoing issues?
    John Runacres 14/2/14

    John 2/14/14 6:39AM
  • Very very bad taste with the Super Bowl commercial so disappointed and disgusted! How dare could u make fun of animal rescue! There are so many animals out there in dire need of needing to be rescued and u make fun of it like it's a joke!! Unreal. Never will even think about purchasing an Audi and have already posted my disgust on Facebook and Twitter! I would suggest making another commerical in support of animal rescue foundations! Not playing it as a joke! This company is a JOKE!!!


    Anonymous 2/2/14 7:08PM
  • It is with regret that I have heard that all of the Q5s 2015 and going forward will be made in Mexico. I have just purchased a 2014 diesel Q5 and also own one of the very first 09 Q5's. I liked the car so well, I now own two. But no more, I do not want an Audi made in Mexico, or for that matter a Mercedes made in Alabama. If I truly want the quaility and the prestidge of a German Auto, I may have to go BMW or another.

    Annie G 1/7/14 10:17AM
  • I just recently purchase a Lexus RX 350 last week. From Audi of Charlotte and the service was horrible!The gas tank was empty and the salesman stated he couldn't give me a voucher on a preowned car. As soon as I left the gas light came on and I have to find a gas station quickly. The back flip for thetrunk was missing. I callled back and the salesman name"Anthony stated " it is as it". I thought this is the wrost customer service experience I have ever had.Without the flap everyone can see what is inside my trunk. As of today, still no returned called. All the salesman stated is he will see what he can do. I will never purchase another car from them ever.And I plan on letting all of my co workers at the bank know the type of service they provide. I plan on wiring a complaint about my service and call in about how they treat their customers.

    Very Unsatisfied Cuostomer... 1/7/14 7:48AM
  • I took my car to West Broad Audi in Richmond Va and received the worst service I have ever experienced.

    jim 12/16/13 11:06AM
  • A7, 2012 model with only 13000 miles. Car giving problems. Customer service response in the last 5 days poor & only false assurances. No action. Looks like Audi does not stand by its products. Has left me with a bad impression on the company and want to inform other vehicle owners of my terrible experience with the car and more importantly the total lack of customer service at Audi Corporate.
    End of business day today and no call.
    Is this how Audi stands by its products???
    Empty words, false assurances and insincere regrets.
    Their online chat is a big joke. Waste of your time.

    Anonymous 12/13/13 7:50PM
  • Hi
    I purchased a brand new A6 is South Africa last December. Although our roads are not the best in the world, and I can expect some tyre damage, I would expect the car that you sold me to have tyre availabillity in the country. The car has 255/40 19inch tyres and Audi specify and supply, Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres. I have to use the same tyre on the same axel for insurance purposes as stipulated by Audi. I first had to replace a damaged tyre in July this year. There was 1 tyre in the whole of South Africa. I ordered it and it took three days t get it. The second tyre was damged in November and there were NO tyres in the country and would take NINE days before stock was available. I wrote to Audi South Africa about the availability of the tyre, asking if there was any arrangement with Goodyear to support the population of cars Audi are selling here. Twice the dismissed my points claiming they have no arrangement and tyre availabillity is not Audis concers (both dismissive letters can be provided). I cannot believe a premium motor supplier can not have arrangements to support their car with third party suppliers, particualary when Audi sell the car with these tyres on and corner you with stipulating same tyre on insuarance replacement basis (also spare is only a biscuit wheel). I find this response poor and I am completeley dissatisfied with this arrogant and dismissive stance. This is my third Audi, tow in the Uk which I can say I enjoyed without a blip. The one here in South Africa will be my last with such a approach to customer service. The car is brilliant the customer service approach here in Souith Africa with genuine customer concerns is appauling.I can say that this will be my last Audi that I purchase.

    Scott 12/11/13 5:41AM
  • Had the worse possible experience possible dealing with the Arlington VA deadlership. do ont go there. MA

    Anonymous 10/24/13 8:27AM
  • Went to Audi in Waterloo with my friend to pick up his car. The service provided by the service manager called Sean Choi was really bad and extremely rude.

    Anonymous 9/20/13 10:05PM
  • I just purchased an Audi Q7 2008 in Jan 2013. So far I am very disappointed in the quality. When I brought it they said they did their inspection. Well so tires started splitting and I have to replace all 4 due to all wheel drive. Before that the car would start and it started something about a ECM fault. So I waited and called the dealership and they said bring it in. I did and the computer reset its self so I was able to drive it. Then recently again it did the same thing. This time the check engine light came on. Im so frustrated with this car. I havent even had it a year yet and its giving me problems. What should I do??? It makes me feel like I should have went to BMW or Infinity..... UGH..

    SINGLEMOM1 9/3/13 10:10AM
  • Poor customer satisfaction levels of Audi A4.

    After purchase on 02 Jan 2013, I have been experiencing following issues:-

    1. I purchased a media interface cable part no 4F0051510S Adaptor from the Audi Jaipur dealer, but the cable did not function. I took the car twice to them but finally they said the cable was not meant for this model. I was told that a new cable has been ordered which I have not got till date. Niether have I got any satisfactory answer from the company.

    2. The car cover that I was given along with the car was torn and had rust marks on one side probably due to poor storage conditions. I reported the matter to one Aarti, a sales exec from Audi Jaipur, who had been in touch with me for the sales, but nothing has so far been done.

    3. It has not even been seven months since I purchased the car, but one of the tyres has a small bulge, which may be unsafe for driving. So much for the quality assurance of a reputed brand as AUDI.

    4. The right side OVRM while opening makes a squeaking sound which is too rustic for a car like AUDI.

    Audi was always a dream machine for me but I am regretting my decision. Will someone give a satisfactory answer and take remedial measures please ?

    Vinay Khosla 8/20/13 7:18AM
  • I am very disappointed with my Audi dealer I purchased a Q5 in 2011 to now be told as a trade it is not worth the average amount do to color and engine. Really I was told it was an exceptional color and engine???? I paid cash. Perhaps not desirable but the statement was made. I was totally mislead the juke box did not work on any of my cds. Yet sold to me as the juke box was so great. I di not know they need to be specific to work in the Juke box. Your salesmen seem to be a bit on the not telling the truth scenario. Yes I purchased at Wilsonville Audi in Wilsonville Oregon and may not do so again.

    Anonymous 7/25/13 6:19PM
  • The Audi A4 & A6 from 2002 to 2006 have faulty CVT Transmissions.

    The quality of these cars have never improved for the last 25 years. They always have the reputation of being expensive and not reliable. The Cars are good lookin but break down way more than their competitors. Its like having an old girlfriend, good for 1 night (short term) then kick her out because she is good for nothing and cost you way to much to keep.

    These cars are no good pieces of caca. Dont waste your money, get a BMW or Mercedes, Japanese or a GM. Stay away and avoid the misery and headaches. Spend your money elsewhere...

    locknload 7/16/13 2:00PM
  • Their "service" is a joke. They send all Audi employees to the same training. In their training they role play how to argue with customers, deny, lie, cheat etc... These people are low class. Never buy and Audi.

    ccgckp 7/12/13 10:00PM
  • Bought a car from Laurel Audi in Westmont, Illinois USA and was told I had run flat tires. When I got a flat tire 27 months later, the GM says he cannot give me run flat tires. He said I should have come in within a month of buying the car to resolve the issue. However it is not my fault I was lied to and that it took 27 months to get a flat tire and determine Laurel Audi in Westmont, Illinois lied to me. Further, the Finance Manager at the time said I should buy the tire and wheel insurance policy for $750 as the run flat tires and wheels run $1000 each. I bought the tire and wheel insurance policy based on a lie and I am not pleased with their handling of the situation.

    TimR 6/19/13 10:36AM
  • My car had crash in 13.05.2013, and it goes to Audi services - Lacocar - they 2 weeks, plus 2 days yo repair. I accept the time and the budget. In the end of the time they tell me they don't have the delivery that of the new pieces, and the importer - SIVA - tell that the problem is from the headquarters. 2 weeks later they don't give one date, they don't give one car until they finish repair my, they still say that Audi headquarter and importer - SIVA - don't have a that for delivery the spare parts. This is the service from a premium brand ? One made in Germany ? They don't care for the clients. Never again I will by one Audi, Skoda, Seat or volkswagen,they are one ilusion.

    Lacocar SIVA - PORTUGAL 6/12/13 1:03PM
  • I want to complain about the service at Wynnewood, Pa. Audi dealersship Service.
    My car was dead no lights nothing even
    on the dash. Towed car to dealer. They
    called me that it was a loose wire, but
    I was charged $344 for finding and tightening a wire. They said it took 2hrs. to find the problem. My issue with this is the mechanics use diagnostic computers to troubleshoot, and it makes their job fairly easy. A loose wire don't take much to tighten. If it is taking the dealer's technician 2hrs. to diagnose with a machine, there is definately something wrong here. I feel I was taken advantage of by the dealer, especially being in the mechanical field myself. If you are allowing your mechanics to take 2 hrs. to diagnose a loose wire, and charging $150.00 an hr. you will never see my business again. If I get no feedback from Audi, I am going to make sure everyone that I know in the Philly area of what type of service you are rendering. Very unfair to your customers. I have no problem paying for service, but unfair service is not right. A loose wire, $349 dollars is ridiculous!

    rureal428 4/27/13 4:21PM
  • My great anticipation and patience of finally being able to drive my perfect dream car (my dream drive since I was 12 years old) turned out to be quite a nightmarish experience after discovering a water spot under the front passenger’s carpet a few days later. On the first day, upon removing the blue adhesive plastics protecting my instrument cluster, I observed some fine scratch marks on the left hand corner of the lens. Thinking that it could be due some settled dust, I ignored it at first. However, while driving under bright sunlight a few days later, I realized it could probably be finger nail scratch marks probably incurred when someone attempted to remove the blue adhesive plastic. Surprisingly, casual observation using a white LED light showed deep and fine scratches all over the instrument cluster lens surface.
    And on the 24th of April 2013, I was informed that the Warranty Department refused to change the instrument cluster on grounds that it does not cover scratches/damaged surface as it is not a manufacturing defect. Why should I be victimized for something which is obviously not my mistake?

    Dr. Vengadesh P 4/24/13 8:38PM
  • My Audi A7 side assist failed several months ago. I took it to the dealer who assisted all they could, but the solution was that Germany needs to write a software program to solve the issue. I called Audi USA consumer complaints spoke with them several times. The bottom line is that no one seems to know how long or when the program will be written. I paid for an option that may never work. How can I escalate this issue higher than someone manning a complaint desk.

    Anonymous 4/20/13 2:17PM
  • Audi A5 model 2012 with steering problems; there are a lot of Audi A5 and S5, with this heavy issues all over the world as mine, as you can read here:
    In only 5 months more than 1500 posts about these issues.
    These are safety issues.
    Audi only says steering problems do NOT exist. They are foolish !

    Lorddrake 4/11/13 3:55AM
  • Our Company bought Q5 from Gurgoan Dealer. During purchase we were given option for two add on accessories. out of which I agreed for Navigation Software and amount of Rs72000 cheque handed over, after pursuing for installation of software, I received the mail and promptly send the car in works. But till evening the car was lined up and no progress of work was done. In the second half I was told to leave the car for overnight for installation of the software.
    The company like AUDI should ensure prompt after sale service and committed deliver

    PJS Quad Design 4/1/13 3:28AM
  • Just poor service, car is broken, they are giving me a hard time about producing every oil change receipt, which has nothing to do with all the electrical problems on top of the engine problems. Rude about it and act as if they're doing me a favor for even talking to me. I will never buy another Audi, had it for 3 years and it's a lemon; Audi lost a customer for life.

    Andrew 3/27/13 3:47PM
  • We had booked an Audi Q3 (base model, diesel) with the dealer in Jaipur in June 2012 . We gave the initial deposit amount against receipt no. 169 dated 18 june 2012 on the assurance that the car would be delivered to us by end of September/ beginning October 2012. Till date we have no information as to the delivery date. On repeated calls to the Jaipur showroom we were told that they have no information regarding the Q3 base model and that the price has gone up and we should go in for the higher end model .
    In January we were told that they will be placing orders for the base model so we should get delivery of the vehicle by end of February 2013. Once again I would like to inform you that there is no response from the company till date.
    Such false assurances are not expected from a reputed organization and dealer. The response from the dealer is unsatisfactory with false assurances of early delivery. I fail to understand why such assurance was given by the company even at the test drive camp which the CEO of Audi India had attended when the company was not in a position to deliver the vehicle.
    We would be grateful if you could look into the matter and inform us accordingly. It is now nine months since we placed the booking order and we would appreciate if the vehicle is delivered to us at the earliest with no harassment or further false assurances.

    Anonymous 2/22/13 4:09AM
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  • Thanks for Audi A6. I'm still alive and my vollet on my pocket. I drive 25. April -13 Audi on road and it loose electricity and engine stopped. Also me stoppped car to bus stop side of the road. Then it start to fire on behind and start on battery because there was some short cut and cables smelt and bunt car. I'm so pleased that it burnt so slow, over minute and didn't left me in. Audi is so safety car and same said Audi dealers here in Finland. If you need I can send all those fire photos to you that you can see how impressive those are. I've to thank Finish dealer to quick contact after our claims to them, they have contacted now after two weeks and quoted test car to us for purchasing 35,5k€ A4 Tfsi rec 6/12 and drive 22 tkm. This is so nice and pleased quotation. It has been so nice to been Audi customer almost 20 years.

    Jukka Jokinen 5/8/13 3:07AM
  • I survived a very bad accident on Thursday, January 3, 2013 in my 2001 Audi A4 2.8 quatro. I was hit in the rear of the car and then hit again on the passenger door then, pushed over the side of the freeway and my car rolled over it's top to the bottom of a ravine! My beautiful Audi saved my life! It held it's frame and did not squash me. When my car stopped rolling over, it landed wheels side down and I literally "ran" away from the car! I know that I would have been killed in this accident if I had been in most of the other vehicles that are on the road these days. I will forever own only Audi's. I am selling my daughter's Toyota and buying her an Audi as well. No one should have to find out the hard way if their car will protect them...unfortunately, I did. If you want to survive an accident like should be in an Audi! I would put a picture of it, but, there is no way to attach a still looks like my Audi...just banged up, but, it was not squashed! I am alive because this car is made so strong...thank you, German engineers, for building this car for me that saved my life!

    Anonymous 1/5/13 6:12PM
  • The customer service representative was truly FANTASTIC!!! It was great speaking to a "real person." He was very pleasant, professional and knowledgeable and he found out in seconds my car's history and was further able to give me
    detailed advice.

    Kudos to AUDI for having this service available on a weekend and also for hiring people with outstanding work ethic. Tt shows that Audi really care for their customers. Thanks very much.

    Daily 4/29/12 1:56PM
  • I've had my 2010 Audi A3 TDI since new and it now has 55,000 miles on it. I bought the Audicare when new and have taken it to the same dealership for each service (Ken Vance in EauClaire Wisconsin).
    They have always been easy to work with and so far I've spent a total of $50 for wiper blades.
    They have always been very courteous and have taken the time to explain how long the service would be, and at the end, each item on the bill.
    The car comes back hand washed, no oil or finger prints on or in the car.
    Any time I've had a question they have listened to me and investigated.
    No problems, No issues, Nice people who are there for me.

    I've taken the car on multiple long distance trips of thousands of miles with no issues with the car.
    So far I have been very satisfied with my purchase and the dealership.

    wpociengel 4/21/12 10:24PM

  • I had a recent incident with my 2006 A4 2.0T which led to a repair bill totalling nearly 4k. With the help of my dealership we were able to contact Audi USA and come to an agreement on the repairs to my vehicle. They reached a very fair negotiation with me, even though my car was far past the warranty period and reduced my bill to 1/3 of the original cost. I am very happy with Audi USA and will continue to puchase their quality products.

    nv 10/29/10 11:43AM

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