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Big Fish Games customer service is ranked #253 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 40.93 out of a possible 200 based upon 298 ratings. This score rates Big Fish Games customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


269 Negative Comments out of 298 Total Comments is 90.27%.


29 Positive Comments out of 298 Total Comments is 9.73%.

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  • I have sent 3 emails to big fish with no response from them at all. every email they tell me to use does not get a reply. I am forced to stop using this site. in this day and age it is unfeasible that this company does not reply. there is never any problem on my end paying for the games. I expect the same courtesy when I have a problem I am being billed for 4 games that I neither ordered or received thank you

    Anonymous 8/21/14 3:23PM
  • I have been trying to cancel my membership since the first charge in May!!! Now my account is showing still active and I've been charged 6.99 for the past few months!!!! No one is getting back to me and I'm fed up with this!!!!! I wish to speak to a real person, not a fricking machine!!!! I want my membership cancelled and my money back!!!!

    AnnaBanna19 8/21/14 11:58AM
  • i need a credit to my account i have been trying to do this for 2 months i had 2 games i use jewel quest and route 66 if you have any questions you can call me at if this action does not happen i will get my credit card to block payments

    friendships12376 8/20/14 4:23PM
  • I want t o cancel a "club" member ship that I had no idea I had signed up to have. I have already deleted the game from my computer and I have no idea how to get the whole nightmare cancelled. I would love to talk to an actual human being and get out of this mess.

    Anonymous 8/20/14 11:55AM
  • I've left multiple messages with no contacts back. your game froze and took 2.4 million from me and I would like it back I've already spent $60 on this game and want to spend more please get back to me. also just please

    FADED 8/6/14 4:41PM
  • My name is justin Breedlove aka faded. I start today with Lil under 3 mill or right 3 mill lost 500 thousand night before. So I went and played black jack and I got back 2 what I had 3.5 something. Wile playing black jack betting a ridiculous amount off 500k the button would not let me stop the hands. It was glitches because wile I was train 2 push that button and it would not work I also tried 2 at least lower the amount. I've spent 60 dollars so far and until now I was gonna become a via person so I could get whatever bonus u get. I have sent face book messages train 2 get response and have them look at it and at least give me 2 of the 2.4 or 2.5 million that the game lagged or glitched from not the kinda player 2 make this up if I just wanted the money I could go on those sited that will give you whatever amount of money u and gold u want. I hope 2 get a response and them become a vip player. I've lost all of my other money train 2 get back to my 3 million dollar status witch is obviously my fault. Please take the time 2 look I work hard 4 my money and 2 have it waisted on a glitch would be very sad. Thank you 4 your time.

    FADED 8/4/14 6:24PM
  • Last week I had a vip sign next to my name yet other ppl who had this sign all got bonuses. I got nothing and would like to know why? I don't have any millions and could sure anything that's given. Can u please tell me why I didn't get anything? It's so emotionally wrong if it was a mistake. I so enjoy playing ur game so please help me and tell me why I get nothing. My Id is Deefa13 and number Thank u for ur time. I hope to hear from u soon.

    Deefa13 8/3/14 9:23PM
  • [28th feb 2014]credit&cancel account.,you have still not cancelled this account and must do so emmediatly plus refund amounts drawn
    peter zacharias.,

    Anonymous 8/3/14 3:46PM
  • I have been trying to get thru to Big Fish since Friday August 1st. 2014. I bought seven games in July and I did not get my free game. I really hate using the computer and I tried to call and got recordings that I couldn't understand how to get a hold of someone to talk to. I have had this trouble before and I just wish there was a easy way to get a hold of someone to talk to and take care of this problem, I buy a lot of games and I should be able to call and talk to a person when a problem comes up. My E-Mail is

    Tessie 8/3/14 4:37AM
  • Enjoy big fish and don't want to complain but I have been booted out of 100,000 tournaments many times in the past three days, and it seems to be at times when the slot tournaments start. Just happened again, and I'm down to 20,000 chips. By the way, I was 1st or 2nd in every tournament from which I got booted. # not buying anymore chips

    Anonymous 7/31/14 9:53AM
  • Hi I got a bit of a puzzle for you to sort out for me I been 4 days now and can't work it out, I have gone on the big fish casino link, the one that gives you rewards the only thing is it's put all my rewards on a diffrent user name that I don't have for casino, and i can't work out how to transfer these chips to my account, I have tried to play slots on this link but it will not let me as I can't even do my free spins on it,I see no point in this account it give me as I canot use it plz could you override this account and change it to my normal big fish casino normal account is mampan friends number is ....the account that the reward chips on the link have gone to is in the name of pan friends number I really would appreciate if you could help me out plz ........x thanks Mandy

    Mampan 7/25/14 6:27AM
  • I noticed that for the past few months I have been billed $7.13 per month - I don't know what I am being billed for, this is something new to me. When I called the phone # given on my credit card statement I cannot reach a real person. Nothing is so maddening or frustrating as not being able to speak to a real person!!! I want to know what I'm being billed for.

    Pauline 7/19/14 6:39PM
  • I downloaded and paid for Love Story 2. When I was almost through the game it shut down unexpectedly. When I reopened it I had to start at the beginning of the game. Frustrating. I restarted the game. About 1/4 of the way through it shut down again. I reopened it - now it's defaulting to the 'Unlock Now' page and when I click on already purchased - 'no record of purchase could be found.

    Hollywood - I think 7/18/14 11:53AM
  • I have changed my e mail address from Patricia mature need not to

    Anonymous 7/18/14 7:02AM
  • BF please contact me or if possible let me know if I won anything last night in the midnight luxe tournament , at 8:56 pm ET the game froze and kicked me out with less than two mins left and if I'm not mistaken I seen where I was in line for two million chips,,

    Rooster 7/17/14 4:24AM
  • Need help on content update for midnight castle. Try every thing I know and no update. This is not a one time problem. Just got update as I was stuck on Level 27 for three weeks now stuck on level 29 for two weeks. Like this game put tech service is really not very good. Please help.

    Anonymous 7/16/14 5:57AM
  • Hello .. I very early complain but I actually spend my own money to play and it always breaks me withen a few minutes or I get booted from most of the games a little help would be nice friend code is

    Kelly 7/15/14 10:03AM
  • Name Carla Grant

    No longer have a pc want to cancel my account. My email address has changed since I signed up.

    Anonymous 7/5/14 10:24AM
  • I have purchased dire grove and when I reach a certain point in the game, where you put the shapes in the rock it is taking them but not opening the tunnel so I cannot continue in the game. The first time this happened I restarted the game but then it happened again in the exact same place. I have wasted hours of my time and I am annoyed I want my money back and will not buy a game from you ever again

    Anonymous 7/3/14 7:19AM
  • On June 28, 2014 I purchased 2 of the $49.99 packs of chips during a 3X sale. After a few days Big Fish finally reimbursed my account with $2,000,000 chips. Quite a difference from the $6,000,000 that I purchased. Plus due to the amount of time it took to take care of this issue in their shoddy way I also missed out on the VIP bonus! WOW!!!! Big Fish this is not very good customer service! I then try to call the number I found for customer service and keep getting hung up on? I either want the $6M chips that I purchased as well as the VIP bonus or I want my entire amount of money reimbursed! VERY UNHAPPY!!!!!

    FishinBud 7/2/14 8:26AM
  • I did not sign up for your service and you are suddenly taking money from my card. You guys are dirty and so unhelpful. YOur lack of phone support is SOOOO sketchy and dirty.

    Anonymous 7/1/14 1:56PM
  • have bought almost 60 games from you and now that my computer is fixed,,,you will not let me put my bought games on my pc. I have had to change my pass word so many times that I cannot remember whish ones I have uses. My name is Gloria Stough in Eufaula alabama and I want my games back on my computer. customer service has not helped at all. I have sent you what games I bought and you willnot put them back on my pc. My user name was gstough. P>lease helpe gat ,y cames back. Look at my purchase history and you will see how many games I have bought. XCall me if necessary \

    Anonymous 6/30/14 8:04PM
  • My name is Jean Muller,In April, I purchased a game and have NOT purchased anything since. On June 23, 2014, you debited my account for $6.99.?????. Since you have my acct number, is this something that you do to your customers? I want my $6.99 put back into my account. Course, I probably will not be given credit. It is so sad that companies take advantage of senior citizens like this and get away with it. I do like the game that I have, but not ready to purchase anymore and probably never will from Big Fish

    Anonymous 6/30/14 3:32PM
  • Hi i need someone to give me a call right now regarding all the money that was taking off my card the number is ending with my number im waiting

    yolanda 6/27/14 7:36AM
  • Hi, I have been trying to contact a real person to speak to, but to no avail when I accidently come across this page. Has anyone had a reply to any of your issues. I, too have been trying to cancel my so-called membership but still $9.99 keeps coming out of my account. I received an email from them confirming my so-called cancellation on 18 April 2014, saying my membership would cease on 05/06/2014 why it would take that long to cancel is beyond me, considering we are not getting any support from them. Meantime money has just been taken out again 22 June 2014, therefore I will have to cancel that card and get a new one, it seems the only way to stop these crooks from stealing my money. I suggest you all do the same and lets all unite to name and shame these people starting with their marketing manager - Conor Murphy. I see there's people from all over the world, I'm from NZ. Best wishes to you all!!

    Anonymous 6/22/14 2:51PM
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  • Viewing positive Big Fish Games customer service ratings
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  • I paid for the game The Keeper/Lost Prophecy. And has not gotten past the first chapter. I can not get items in my inventory to interact with each other,they will not move. All other stuff move just find. And I play your games all the time. Would like to continue,but like I said, (play your games) At the point I can't play what I paid for. Helen

    Helen 8/15/14 7:14PM
  • Great customer service! Responses are wonderful to problems encountered with games. I have been an avid player for over 2 years and bought almost all the "hidden object" games I love. You need to make more like Riddles of Fate: Wild Hunt. Those games have beautiful graphics and are so interesting. There have not been as many and I can afford mostly the standard games and there are not as many. Alot of collectors editions which cost more. Please make note of this.

    Anonymous 10/21/13 6:08AM
  • When Big Fish took over sales & distribution of games purchased from Spintop I wasn't very optimistic. I've purchased over 200 games from Spintop over the years and been very happy with their service. As it turned out Big Fish also provided decent service. It's true that they could only add half (or fewer) of the Spintop games to my account but it appears that Big Fish doesn't have the right to distribute the other games. They did what they could and what they did was well done. The blame for my missing games lies with Spintop.

    oldgamer 9/7/13 2:20PM
  • For the most part I have had a good experience with Big Fish Games. The best way to get any issues resolved is through their live chat. However, they are on Pacific Standard Time. So if you can't reach them chances are you haven't checked the time difference where you live. I have always gotten coupon codes for free games anytime I have a game that won't work, and yes, sometimes resolving an issue especially technical issues take time. It would be helpful if Big Fish Games had a live technical support department to contact via phone to help resolve these types of issues. So if I were to offer a suggestion that would be the one. Big Fish Games, my advice to you is to add a live technical support department and a live customer support department for any customer issues.

    Anonymous 9/5/13 7:22AM
  • Well, I made a one-time purchase on the bigfish website for my daughter at a discount rate for $2 and some change. Then the following month I check my account online and found a $6.99 withdrawal....Found out that it was a fee for a membership that I hadn't opted in for.

    I wrote them an email of course disputing that I hadn't signed for any membership and demanded they return the funds...(no, it wasn't a lot, but it is still my money). A few days later, they credited it back to my account. Thanks.

    Anonymous 7/11/13 10:56AM
  • Hi all frustrated BFG account holders out there that are trying to cancel...there is HOPE for you all. I too had major problems trying to cancel an acoount via the website instructions,until I actually got in touch with the customer service dept directly. I must admit it was a chore to find the direct phone number, but once i was able to speak with an actual human being all my problems were smoothly and quickly resolved. What I assumed was going to be a major problem with canceling my account was actually simple! I spoke with a billing representative named Josie, and my situation was resolved in a matter of less then 5 minutes. No problem!

    Thank you Josie!!!


    cotton789 4/30/13 2:25PM
  • I have been playing Big Fish Casino for many months on my IPad. My

    Friends code is & my user name is . I have downloaded

    the latest update of the program, but I'm having problems. Although my

    profile says I have over 2 Billion chips, and I'm top of the rich list,

    each time I try to play a game I am told I don't have enough chips to

    play and do I want to buy more chips. I have spent thousands of UKP on

    the game, and I enjoy it. Please can you check my status, and let me

    join my many friends as I enjoy it very much.

    Thank you, Anthony Branscombe

    JEEWOOST 4/24/13 11:37PM
  • I could not get the games to load to my new computer, kept getting error message. I went back and forth for weeks with customer support via email with no success at all. I finally requested a refund for my monthly fees paid and for the purchase of games that could not be used. I then received a phone number that was for the payment center, they corrected my problem the first day. use option 1 even though it is for the payment center,

    vettelady 3/15/13 6:19AM
  • I could not get my games to load to my new computer, kept getting error message. I went back and forth with support via email for weeks and nothing was done to correct the problem. I finally requested a refund for my monthly fees and for games purchased that could not be used. I then received a phone number for assistance, , choose option 1 even though you are being sent to the account payment center. They corrected my problem the same day.

    vettelady 3/15/13 6:13AM
  • The woman was a huge help. She answered a question for me that I couldn't have imagined was going on in my bank account and she was spot on!

    Chatty222 2/11/13 11:45AM
  • I have never had a problem with them taking money from my account. I know how to cancel service, go to your account and click cancel... Hmmm, pretty simple huh? To all of you that bash on BF... I say learn to use your computer, don't rely on someone else to do it for you. BF has never taken from my account unless I say it is ok. I have been with BF for over 4 years, never a problem. Keep up the good work BF!! Love ya! :o)

    j_clark1971 1/25/13 2:25PM
  • I just wanted to let you know that I have been playing with your games for several years now and I have been completely happy with your services. I have joined other game sites but none of them beat Big Fish when it comes down to having the best games around!! Even in these difficult economic times paying $6.99 for a game is cheap compared to going to a movie...and the enjoyment lasts much longer!!!

    marebear70 11/28/12 6:53AM
  • I love big fish games; however the $6.99 monthly fee for games became a bit much for me. Calling to cancel my account was not a hassle. The representative was friendly and even credited my unused portions back to my account! ... Big Fish Games, I will be back!

    lyfe101 10/24/12 5:45AM
  • I just called these people and got right through. If you press #9, you should get right through. The representitve I spoke with was VERY helpful. He took care of everything! I hope this was helpful.

    Anonymous 10/2/12 11:14AM
  • Big Fish have always been extremely helpful whenever I have had a problem with a game (which is rarely). They always email back promptly and have also always kept working to make sure my problem was solved.

    I can honestly say I was very surprised to see all the bad comments. I have never had any viruses or anything from the programs. They're very friendly and you know you're talking to a real person! And my mum is always saying how good they are, and she's hard to please!
    (And no, I don't work for them or anything. Just thought I should spread the word that I have had nothing but good encounters with them as I was shocked to read all these negative comments.)

    Anonymous 9/13/12 6:55AM
  • I dot understand why everybody has such a hard time with Big Fish, I have been using them for about a year or so and I have never had a problem with games except one that was designed for an older version of windows and that was my fault for not reading the requiremets. I called and they gave me my credit back in less than 20 minutes and they let me keep the game not that it will work on my computer but will work on my kids. I like them and I don't have any complaints.

    mrsmoody2011 7/11/12 12:30PM
  • I have been a customer of Big Fish for years without any problems regarding supposed Trojans or viruses. Their customer service is "fantastic" and have always responded within 24 hours of any request that I have put in. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. I have purchased about 50 games of theirs and always play the free time before purchasing just in case there are play issues, out of 50+ games maybe 2-3 had to be deleted because of hangups but always get a refund from Big Fish when so. It is not Big Fishes fault if you fail to read your installation instructions or membership requirements. HAPPY CUSTOMER!

    Fisher 7/7/12 4:37PM
  • I asked them to stop payment, but did not realize that by making multiple accounts my card was being charged every month...I was mad, but it was my own fault. The guy I spoke with on the phone was very helpfull and refunded me, and explained how it all works a little better. Very understanding! Thank you

    mmaccune 5/22/12 9:43AM
  • i brought a game a then saw that big fish games had been taking £5.39 a month with out me knowing i had only brough 1 game any way i looged in to my big fish account and emailed them (u have to be loged in) and i never got a reply but a few days later they had refunded me the whole lot they had taken it was much easier then i though it would be

    refunded :) 5/15/12 12:19AM
  • I got through to an agent with very little hassle with their automatic phone system thingie. The agent spoke excellent English, understood the issue immediately, and promised me a resolution. His out-of-the-box-thinking gave me a resolution that totally worked, solved the issue on the first call, and was exactly what I needed.

    Seems like often all a company hears is the negative feedback, so I did want to mention this very positive experience. I wish they'd just put that phone number on their webpage so I didn't have to hunt for it, but once I got through to a human, it didn't take long to get my problem fixed.

    Anonymous 4/24/12 12:22PM
  • I joined Big Fish games.about 6 years ago and have about seventy games if not more as you can tell Iam hooked on games, unfortunately they crowd up my work space and slow down my pc. so today I am moving them onto another pc that is good just older(an xp) Big Fish Techs. are going to help. can't wait.Ive never been misled or agreived by them. they are always polite and helpful.

    aleta1 3/29/12 9:08AM
  • I had a very smooth transaction with Bigfish Games in getting a refund. I used the online chat function, and once I told the representative that it hadn't been clear that a monthly charge was to be included with purchase of a game, and that I obviously had not accessed my account since purchasing the game 3 months ago, thus with no awareness or intention of using credits, I asked for a refund. He initially offered for a refund for the past month, but I told him that I preferred a complete refund if that was at all possible. He obliged immediately and cancelled my account as well to prevent future charges. I have yet to see if charges will still be made, but so far the money has been refunded back to my bank account. Additionally, I saved the conversation for evidence in case I have any trouble with them in the future. They do e-mail you a receipt of the transaction, though, so there shouldn't be any problems.

    Anonymous 3/20/12 7:43AM
  • Well, I had a little different experience. I was able to reach them thru a chat window. It took about 10 minutes to get a rep online and when I did, the rep was helpful. Basically I asked her when and how I got signed up for a monthly service and can I get my bank account credited for the months I did not sign up for. She answered the first question very accurately and credited my bank account for both months I was charged without any resistance, drama or annoying offers of future discounts or specials. I won't be so quick to bash them.

    Anonymous 12/14/11 10:16AM
  • I've been with Big Fish on and off for 4 years. I've never had any problems with them. they answer the phone call in 5 rings and will talk slow and clear. He's their phone # I used 1-206-5753 or just use your computer and type in "Big Fish Games phone number" I just love Big Fish Games. Dragonlady

    Dragonlady 11/3/11 1:10AM
  • Had an issue with incorrect billing. When a game I was playing went onsale I purchased it through inapp. I didn't know you couldn't do that. I contacted Big Fish through their web site and they got back to me the next day. They were very helpful. Love Big Fish!

    Redlemons 9/26/11 11:52AM
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  • First, I want to address a couple of fallacies I have seen on here. Big Fish Games does not distribute malware (games laden with viruses, spyware, adware, etc.). However, some games take a lot of RAM (memory) to run, so if your computer is lacking in that area, it's going to slow to a crawl with some of their games. Also, some antivirus programs may erroneously tag game executables as a virus because of BFG's habit of giving them names that are random letters. Every game that was detected as a virus by my antivirus program was later found to be a "false positive" (not really a virus but the software thought so.

    That said, I will move on to my complaints about BFG. I am a long time member, buying from them from the time the company started.

    Initially, BFG offered games that had been thoroughly tested and also had a variety of offerings. In the past few years, heavy emphasis has been placed on "hidden object" games, arguably the most popular genre, but because so many games are of this genre, many are mislabeled as "adventure" games to try to even out the glut. Minor annoyance.

    Huge annoyance, and one that is ultimately going to cost them customers and reputation, is they are pushing out new games everyday. Not a bad concept, except the games they are putting out are buggy. Beta testers are reporting that issues that were reported were never addressed. In other words, their "beta testing" is a joke and not because the people who are trying the games aren't doing their jobs. Customer support replies with canned answers, wanting everyone to submit a "Dr. Felix" which is nothing more than a truncated "Speccy" or "Belarc advisor". When a customer's computer is shown to have the latest drivers, Direct X, Flash, etc., and the games still won't run, that's where it stops. They ARE great about issuing credits for poorly coded games, but the problem is, so many are bad, it's a struggle to use those credits on games that actually function.

    BFG needs to stop worrying about pushing out new games every day and concentrate on offering games that will actually run. They need to expand their beta testing department (I volunteered for this years ago and have tested a grand total of 3 games) and actually listen to their testers' reports. If problems are reported, don't ignore them. And if those problems aren't addressed by the developers (don't take their word for it guys...test it out to make sure), it's quite simple...don't release the game.

    People aren't going to stand for paying for an inferior product without protesting with their checkbooks and buying games elsewhere. BFG might be one of the biggest, but it's not the only place that sells games and truthfully, other places are doing a better job of releasing quality games. They may not release a new game every day, but in the grand scheme of things, that doesn't matter, ya know?

    Mariel72 7/11/12 4:14PM

  • Big Fish Games prides ourselves in helping every customer individually so that we can present a suitable solution for any issue. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and will works hard to help every customer with any issue they may have when using our site or games.

    We can be contacted directly at:

    Big Fish Games 10/21/10 10:29AM

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