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Blizzard customer service is ranked #54 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 75.80 out of a possible 200 based upon 75 ratings. This score rates Blizzard customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


54 Negative Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 72.00%.


21 Positive Comments out of 75 Total Comments is 28.00%.

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  • Blizzard SUCKS. Their customer service is either non-existent or useless. I refuse to buy any more of their products because they do not care once they have your money. They refer you to pages that are supposed to help but the question and answers provided on those pages are as useless as the customer service itself.They are a bunch of money-grubbing self serving wastes of skin.

    kosihome 7/13/14 10:03PM
  • Their service is terrible. My password was changed and now I can't log in to my battlenet. And when I try and recover my account it tells me to contact customer service. Which is impossible because I cannot log into my account and when I click on the link for customer service it takes me to the same screen for recovering my account which tells me to contact customer service. Its probably the stupidest password reset/account recovery system I have ever seen.

    Anonymous 6/9/14 3:04AM
  • I had my NEWLY upgraded from the ground up (base expansion all the way to digital collectors edition Warlords of Draenor) account banned for a complete BS reason. My husband plays my old account, (why I upgraded a new one) and because of an issue on the first account the one he plays the decided to ban my WoW account and Hearthstone account just because they could. They said the connection was that a same debit card was used on the two accounts and so that's why they banned my NEW account. Problem with that is that it's a %100 debit card and the payment has always cleared for them. Anyway, they have completely locked both accounts indefinitely until he resolves his un-resolvable issue OR I take a PICTURE of myself holding my debit card and possibly opening myself up to being billed by Blizzard for the bogus charges they are claiming that he owes them on the first account. They also want a picture of me holding my ID card. I don't know about the next person but I say it can stay banned before they get a picture of MY FACE holding MY DEBIT CARD and MY ID and not knowing what goes with it afterwards not to mention who gets to see that information once it would be sent. That's definitely not the first issue I've had with them since 2009 but it's one of the biggest. Also I might add that in general they give you automated answers that don't solve anything and that when you do talk to a person they are arrogant and condescending unless you are in a top raiding guild and have sunk tons of money into their games sometimes the later doesn't make a difference for them. I have spent thousands of dollars with them since I've started playing and countless hours but that means nothing to them what so ever.

    caffe 5/22/14 8:18PM
  • Been trying to have them unban my account which was banned while i was out of town away from my computer. Was told by a game master that if I sent anymore tickets in on the matter it would result in actions against my account. So I submitted another ticket because I was tired of their computer generated responses. Then they go and ban another game in which I paid to buy and only play in private mode with a 3 day ban. I have worked in customer service before and this is by far the worst I have ever seen or had the displeasure to deal with.

    Madgamer 4/26/14 5:07PM
  • Had an in-game problem for over two weeks, and spoken to about 5 GMs so far. All but one actually read the full ticket, repeating the same nonsense as the others, and telling me to "click the resolved button" and if I still have a problem, to click the "still have a problem button". Another problem... there is NO "I still have a problem" button. I have attempted for 2 weeks to speak to real person to resolve this issue. I don't want canned responses. Their way to deal with unhappy customers is to suspend or block their account. They are THE worst customer service I have had the displeasure to deal with. AT&T and Comcast are a dream compared to Blizzard.

    Don't waste your time with them 4/18/14 12:36PM
  • Platitudes and excuses all the way. Everyone knows the lines "delete your wtf, cache, and interface files" or "it's an addon problem". You don't have addons installed, but it is their fault. They treat everyone as though they are morons, and if they don't have a clue, they say "post it on the forums", which means, we are incapable, get other players to solve our problems. If they can't cope with your problem, you are considered THE problem, and they will threaten to suspend or ban your account.

    Anonymous 4/18/14 12:25PM
  • WORST customer service ever. Had an issue, requested management assistance was completely ignored and had my tickets canceled without warning. REALLY hope others don't expect assistance. If you have any argument or issue with their response, you will be essentially hung up on. Reporting to BB after this post. Never buying another Blizz game.

    Hope_this_helps 4/17/14 9:17AM
  • I hope blizz crashes and Burns, they treat their customers like Chhit, after years of playing Im done, they have NON EXISTENT customer service. Being banned from forums cause of a NON REASON, They dont even have the balls to answer WHY. PUCK THEM is it any wonder they are losing MILLIONS of subscribers ? when they treat their customers like children. One reason I quit cause like a DUMMY I rolled a warrior, ask anyone WARRIORS ARE ALWAYS UNDERPOWERED when it comes to other classes like LOCKs, just about any retard can play a lock and with 15 Ilevels lower can shame warriors

    marky 4/3/14 7:00PM
  • I hope blizz crashes and Burns, they treat their customers like chit, after years of playing Im done, they have NON EXISTENT customer service. Being banned from forums cause of a NON REASON, They dont even have the balls to answer WHY. PHUCK THEM is it any wonder they are losing MILLIONS of subscribers ? when they treat their customers like children. One reason I quit cause like a DUMMY I rolled a warrior, ask anyone WARRIORS ARE ALWAYS UNDERPOWERED when it comes to other classes like LOCKs, just about anyone play a lock and with 15 Ilevels lower can shame warriors

    marky 4/3/14 6:54PM
  • The most horrible customer service I have EVER had the displeasure of trying to contact. I was hung up on twice and when I did reach someone they spoke to me very condescendingly and told me to use the online help which couldn't resolve my issue. I repeatedly told the person I couldn't resolve my issue online and they hung up on me.

    br32971 3/18/14 10:42PM
  • i try to call and get help with an issue and the 2 differant people i talk to both hung up on me! i mean what kinda business are you guys trying to run! this is by far the WORST i have ever been treated by someone that i give my money to im tempted to call the BBB and let them investigate this piss poor company of jerks

    Thorn 3/10/14 12:37PM
  • I never had a problem reaching their customer support. Granted, the in-game ticket submissions can take a while to be answered; sometimes days, which, depending on the issue you are having, is not really acceptable. However, I have had no problem contacting them via phone, which I would recommend if you need immediate help. I am horrified however, at how they deal with cheats and bullies in-game. Anyone who cheats, or makes other people's lives miserable in-game, should be dealt with immediately; even a warning would go a long way to making the game a much more pleasant place to be. Blizzard however will not do anything about it, and basically take the side of the cheat or bully, or whoever makes this game unbearable for others. Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves. They really need to offer more of a human touch, and take these issues seriously. I have seen the negative effect that their lack of care has had on others. And, for this reason alone, I will never play another of their games, and can now fully understand why they are losing so many of their decent customers. I would have been the first person to defend them, until I witnessed their treatment of a couple of people who were being very badly treated in-game. No-one should be allowed to cause grief to anyone, and briefing should be a bannable offence. It affects the lives of those that are targeted in and out of the game, and that is not acceptable Blizzard!

    wakeupblizzard 2/18/14 8:29AM
  • this is the most costumer unfriendly company i have ever seen!!!!!!!! you cant even talk to a person and the web help is HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your not getting anymore of my money

    sandicakes 2/5/14 1:36PM
  • I lost my d3 my dsl broke ive tried for 2 days now cant get my account Richard gaumond is my accound name can you please help get my account back tried to order new game wont except name or pass word t/y so much if you can

    sarahbrite 1/13/14 6:57PM
  • what kind of bull... is this after 6 month break playing diablo3 I try to log in my battlelog account and can not get in so I pay 99 bucks for the game and now I can not log in great job blizzard my account got hacked once and now I can not even log in somebody have to sue blizzard for this crap and I can not even get hold of customerservice since I can not log in no phone number and no log in what kind of game you guys from blizzard playing here so anybody can help

    sgoudie71 12/10/13 6:37PM
  • I've been banned from the game for 3 months now without a solid reason. I had 8 different reasons and 2 short unbans. When I tried to log in again I got automaticly kicked from the game with a reapplied ban.

    Not only is this unacceptable, since my first 2 unbans I haven't managed to get a third one and they just give automated responses. Since then I always get a simple "You could always buy the game again" which is not even even slightly acceptable.

    They also kept charging me without me being able to do anything about it and when I charged back, my balance went into the negative zone. If an account is banned, you can't just keep leeching money for a service I don't get! Even worse is the double charges they tried to throw on it.

    It's like the worst customer support I have ever seen.

    Ananas 8/3/13 9:28AM
  • I have had ongoing harassment for 4 months & Blizzard says ignore that is there answer even after a gm told the guilf to join in on the harassment. After talking to many GM's nothing is done. Ignore does not work when they make new characters, have guildies join in in general & trade chat & stock you in the AH. Blizzard is very sad in every part of there in forcing there own policys.

    Anonymous 7/21/13 7:49AM
  • Very bad customer service. Virtually no way to contact company if your issue is out side the standard. I have bought blizzard games since they first sold warcraft the original but after this I will never buy anything ever again from Blizzard. Real sad to see that kind of decline in a company.

    Topaz 6/4/13 10:11PM
  • I have bought diablo diablo 2 and now diablo 3 an all server programe no true single player its all on line now I find myself locked out of my account yet again and then I try and do what the message tells me nothing works I paid 60 buicks for this game had it alm ost a year and I spend most of my time trying to get it to work. once I change the pass word I log into my account and then when I try to get into my game it says im blocked if something dont change I will never buy another blizzard product

    general357bcd 4/12/13 8:37PM
  • i tried to get a hold of a rel person thru the phone # and it kicked me off!!! this is BS!!!

    Alanthegr8est@[email protected] 3/21/13 11:18AM
  • They haven't helped at all. My account has been banned and i have done nothing. I called them and they say submit a ticket and the customer support that handles the ticket tell me to do something that for when my account is locked. Why cant this be more simple.

    Anonymous 3/16/13 7:43PM
  • Worst customer service of any company I've EVER dealt with and that is saying something. There is no phone number listen anywhere on their site, so you have to search elsewhere for it. When you find it, don't bother using it because the wait is like 20 days. Submit a support ticket, that will be replied to in "24 hours or less" ? Don't bother, I've been waiting for 5 days. Post on their forums as a last resort? Don't bother. Your post will be buried because it will NEVER receive a reply.

    TL;DR It is IMPOSSIBLE to even reach customer support, much less get them to help you with whatever problem you are having.

    Anonymous 3/15/13 8:58PM
  • I am an avid player of the Diablo 2 game and have seen and heard alot. I beieve that Blizzard is not fully prepared and lacks sufficient space for all the user they have accumulated. All thier servers are full and it makes it hard to play. All people get are "Failed to join game", and "Your connection was interrupted". They say it's because there are to many players for the space they have on thier servers. If you ask me they are very cheap and excellent con-artists. They say "Bots are an illegal program" and that they want to cut back on them for the users that want to play. Well I haven't seen anything done about it. It's extremely easy to see a bot or a regular player. Obviously Blizzard could care less about the players that want to play. Also it is said not to frequently change games and not to farm fo r items as this will cause loss of connection or bans. Well, THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE PLAY FOR!!! To get anywhere in the game you need upgraded items and to get those you need to farm for them. For example: Countess drops runes everytime. So to get runes you kill the countess, then make a new game and repeat. If they didn't want farming then they shouldn't have made a drops game!!! Certain places drop better items. So why not go there...because Blizzard doesn't want you to. Sounds hypocritical to me. Blizzard is by far the worst I have dealt with in all my years of gaming. They should just man up and UPGRADE, they certainly make enough money to do so.

    Anonymous 2/18/13 8:55PM
  • I purchased WOW pretty much when it came out and have all the expansions apart from Pandora and have also purchased Starcraft 2 from Blizzard via Battlenet when it first came available which I think was about £45. My account has been hacked and I have tried numerous occasions to reset and restore my account only to get a message advising my name combination etc does not exist. I relaise there is no real way to actually speak to anyone and I have to say this is the most disgusting kind of service I have ever experienced. If there are other people who have experienced anything like this we should get together just like ngry bird said and try to make our views count. Blizzard has an obligation to provide a service I have never cheated in game or given my password to anyone. This has only ever happened with WOW and Battlenet and to say the service is lacking is an understatement. If any SAP reads tis from Blizzard contact me to restore my account

    Anonymous 1/14/13 12:32PM
  • Que is always full. Tech support is useless. They say call the number and give them the ticket# but you can't reach anyone live ever... They are taking customers money and then locking them out of thier accounts... They are conducting business in bad faith...Complain to the BBB Better Business Bureau and write them a postcard to their Irvine, CA locations.. and complain. This is not acceptable... Blizzard... you are irresponsible in handling your customers and supporting your products... I've bought over a thousand dollars in blizzard games and another thousand in gear and gold... and can't use it because you locked me out because I logged in from a new xmas laptop!
    Cmon, really? you guys are either really stupid or the smartest con artists ever... Either way... Blizzard better fix this scenario or crap is going to this the fan...

    like i would tell you 1/10/13 6:18PM
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  • Were helped by Nythillium from blizzard, great support!

    Ryso 5/16/14 8:32AM
  • untill now i only used the customer service two times. with both those issues i got help the same day within a few minuts!!! the helpers are very friendly and they fix the problem right away. i never have seen that good service to the customer.

    (sorry for my bad english im from holland:D)

    Anonymous 2/21/14 8:29AM
  • My experience with Blizzard customer service has been excellent. The last time I contacted them, I had lost my account credentials as well as the email I originally used to register (StarCraft II). I simply went to their website, clicked on "LIVE support chat" and waited some 10-15 minutes until a GM (support person) was ready to help me out. He was very friendly, very professional and got my problem solved in a matter of minutes.

    I don't understand what some people here are moaning about. One click to chat with a real customer service employee is the easiest way I can imagine for a customer service to work.

    Anonymous 8/13/13 1:22AM
  • At first I had an extremely difficult time getting in contact with any real support person, but after calling this number I waited about 1 minute the first time I called and then 7 minutes the next time I called. My account had been locked since I was playing the game on a new WIFI that they did not recognize, and after explaining the situation to an associate they unlocked my account immediately, and even sent me an authenticator for free! It's frustrating since we all want instant gratification, but just a little bit of patience will get you through it.

    Anonymous 4/6/13 5:58PM
  • i have never had a problem... every time i call i get someone within 30 minutes which is a resonable timeframe when you have people from the entire world calling in to the same number. i just think you guys can't wrap you head around how many people call in every day or use the support line on here. go read some buisness guides on how to run a buisness and quit patronizing them. if it were a company like bank of america i couldn't blame you but blizzard is not that bad. get over it and no life your games....

    Anonymous 4/4/13 6:49PM
  • From my experience the majority of support issues can be resolved without calling. For example, SMS protect lets me remove my authenticator without contacting a rep. Any tech problems I had with a patch were due to my computer security software or settings that I was able to figure out on my own by reading support articles. The one time I really needed to speak to someone was to get a refund on an unauthorized charge. After giving the rep my full card number on the phone they found the charge and refunded it. It appears now that the fastest way to get in touch with a real person there is by live chat.

    gamermom 1/11/13 10:49AM
  • Okay after Yahoo support, I've been inspired to write JUST how amazing Blizzard support is. (Yahoo support is not support but a harmful horror) Every call i made to blizzard, despite a ~long (10-20 mins) but very accurate wait, they resolve issues brilliantly! Great listeners. Recovered 2 of my accnts by getting proof of my info. Very very helpful, understanding and humane. 9.5/10 honestly.

    MavG 8/27/12 7:33AM
  • I had my account hacked.

    I called their 24/7 customer service, got someone on the line inside 5 min, including their pretty simple menu.

    Had someone who was properly speaking english who asked my personnal info. Forgotten some of it, that's what happen when you have a 10 years old account, but they still found a way to get my problem solved.

    NoradIV 8/3/12 1:25PM
  • Had to contact Blizz support several times, nearly always get a useful and helpful response within a reasonable time period. There's tricks to reaching their support quickly which help, but still, it's good.

    Al 7/5/12 5:30AM
  • I will admit the call wait times are a bit long but when you think about how many people play WoW, Diablo, and SC it makes scents. Every time i call i usually wait on hold for about 20 mins but always get someone and they always take care of what i called in about

    Tacotaco 6/30/12 2:12PM
  • My account was locked because I was silly and made too many blizzard store purchases at the same time. I was able to get through phone support and have it unlocked within 30 minutes! yay!

    purnima 4/26/12 6:09AM
  • The Customer Support was very helpful and knowledgeable. they helped my when my account was locked for 2 weeks

    lolcats 2/16/12 9:20AM
  • Awesome! Had zero wait time for both times I had their assistance. Very polite and professional.

    Anonymous 2/5/12 4:41PM
  • I've been playing games from Blizzard for 7 years now, and I have never been more impressed with the Customer Service of a large company. They have always been very good at resolving issues with the utmost courtesy and completeness, and if I encountered an issue I was unable to solve, I was able to confidently call on their services.
    In their earlier years, timeliness was sometimes an issue, but as they have grown, I have noticed a marked improvement in that aspect.
    I am very grateful for the efforts of their support teams.

    Jaquasimo 2/4/12 4:34PM
  • Amazing customer support over the phone as well as on their forums.

    Angel 1/13/12 3:05AM
  • Very sophisticated support which can be for the good or worse. Fortunately, Blizzard leans to the good by compensating regularly and being easy to reach.

    Coeco 12/16/11 8:14AM
  • I absolutely LOVE Blizzard's customer care. I made a stupid mistake and accidentally bought 6 months of game time. I wrote into them frantic, afraid all of their sales were final. They wrote me back and Gordon advised me he cancelled it and told me what I would need to do to obtain a refund. He also gave me 10 days of FREE game time to cover the time it would take the refund to return to my account. They were so generous over a stupid moronic mistake I made myself. I'm a Blizzard fan for life. I've never had a bad moment with any of their customer care.

    Imnotthatstupid 9/20/11 11:11PM
  • Awesome customer service, GMs are nice and customer service phoneline has REAL PEOPLE ON THEM OMG!

    StoneCold 9/6/11 8:56PM
  • Blizzard has the best customer service known to mankind. They actually care about their customers and treat them like human beings, instead of other companies (cough..... Microsoft) who treat their customers as JUST text on the screen or a voice on the phone. This is one of the many reason that I do, and will continue to play Blizzard games.

    BlizzardIsTheBest 8/25/11 6:29PM
  • Best customer support, I have come across.

    PravusErus 1/25/11 10:00AM
  • Called in about Wow account being stolen. It only took about 5 min. they got the account back for me and set me up with a care package to make up for what the guy took.

    bepler 1/4/11 5:04PM

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