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Blockbuster Online customer service is ranked #290 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 177 ratings. This score rates Blockbuster Online customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


162 Negative Comments out of 177 Total Comments is 91.53%.


15 Positive Comments out of 177 Total Comments is 8.47%.

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  • I've experienced this lack of service with Blockbuster twice,..yes I cancelled and decided to give them another chance. But this has gotten ridiculous...just about time for a Class-Action Lawsuit against them as they continue to take our money and don't deliver on their services!

    Anonymous 11/19/13 12:37PM
  • I Had The Unfortunate Experience Of Visiting The Morpeth Blockbuster Store.i Was Returning A Damaged Xbox Game On Behalf Of My Son. The Shop Assisstant,claire,who Was On Duty Was Both Rude As Well As Unhelpful.when I Returned Home I Phoned The Shop To Enquire The Name Of Her Manager And I Was Informed I Would Be Told The Same Info. She Had Rudely Imparted.i Informed Her I Was Going To Report Her Sppalling Attitude,to Which She Inappropriately Answered Really In An Aggressive I Have Very Limited Knowledge Of Games Etc. I Mistakenly Thought As A Customer Service Assisstant She May Have Lived Up To Her Title.i Was Totally Mistaken.i Hope This Behavior Is Addressed As I Personally Will Not Be Returning To This Shop And Will Be Informing Friends And Family Of This Quite Disturbing Incident

    Anonymous 11/3/13 1:58PM
  • I have not received any discs in several weeks even though I paid for a two-disc service.

    If this does not change I want my monthly fee returned for the past two months.

    Anonymous 10/29/13 7:17AM
  • I called the number listed and the Phillipino girl who answered was unable to help me and would not even try. Although her English seemed good we were not communicating.

    Janet 10/13/13 3:36PM
  • Getting ready to save my money.All your movies are in high demand.Getting old. need to get better service.You take my money each month maybe need to put it in high demand( LIKE MY BILL FOLD)

    Anonymous 10/2/13 8:21AM
  • very poor service,online responses do not resolve anything only repeat the same explanations.Never received movies I orderred,some were in Q for 2 years.Had to cancel subscription.

    dust 9/12/13 5:37PM
  • I do not get my movies in order that are in my queue. I have been waiting on my top 5 movies for over 2 months. I have been a member for a long time and am not happy about this situation. I have always been pleased with your service but for a while now it has not been good. Please start sending me my movies that are in order in my queue.

    rdjessup 7/23/13 6:03AM
  • Apparently they do not buy sufficient copies to meet their demand anymore. I have been unable to get new release for over a month and could only get one a month of the previous six months. All they want to do is offer excuses and suggestions for what I can do to improve their service(which of course I had already done 6 months ago). I expect they will go the way of AOL and lose most of their customers due to inability to meet demand.

    NB 6/17/13 6:33PM
  • Blockbuster's website has been down for at least 2 weeks. The only way to contact with them is though their Facebook page. All we've been told is that the website will be back up shortly. I nicely emailed Blockbuster and was told not to email again. They told me to use their website to report issues. The person who answered me clearly didn't read my email because I stated that I haven't been able to get on their site in a week. Other customers are also having problems with getting on Blockbuster's website. We have no access to our accounts,etc.. No one from Blockbuster is communicating with us about whats going on. We have asked and asked for an update but nothing but lies or nothing at all.

    Anonymous 4/28/13 3:02PM
  • I had Cherry 2000 in my queue since Blockbuster online started their service. At first it was available but since it was number 10 in my queue, I did not get it. Before it got near the top of my queue, it want Short-Wait. A few months later, it went LONG-Wait. A little over a year in the Long-Wait status, it went to Very-Long-Wait.
    Now all that time, it was near the top of my queue.
    It is now Availablity Unknown (meaning they no longer have a copy of that movie).

    The sad part is, I have 231 movies in my queue, only 19 of which are actually available. The rest range from Medium Demand to Very High Demand and 170 are no longer available.
    If this is any indication, then their inventory is shrinking and they are not replacing movies that get scratched or broken.
    So, do not be surprised when they announce that they will no longer be mailing DVD's and go STREAMING only.
    I like to watch DVDs, not having to watch a streaming movie on the computer (my setup does not connect to a TV.
    In a year or so, there will be no Blockbuster stores and the last of the DVD's available for mailing will be sold off. Was this Dish Network's plan all along since they are moving in that direction with their Dish Anywhere plan???

    LanceSummers 2/20/13 2:44PM
  • I have had issues that take multiple calls to resolve since I am told they will take care of it and don't. Representatives are friendly but some are not knowledgeable and they absolutely will not let you speak to a manager. I am in customer care myself and when I don't know an answer I admit it and then go FIND the answer. I take ownership of my calls and FOLLOW through. It is bad when one issue takes many calls instead of just one. To the employee NICKo who left a comment on 4/9/12 9:20PM, I agree some customers are very upset about things you consider "little" but typically it is because they have had repeated problems which add up to super frustration over the small stuff. Get some training and ownership and pride Blockbuster!! And when a manager is asked for, give the customer one!

    dragonfly2moon 2/12/13 4:37PM
  • My pc was hacked and the stole my cc and used it at blockbuster. Cc company canceled card and reissued. Happened again each month for over a year - im not joking. Bbuster told me they couldn't help because i did not have an account - 'just cancel your credit card', which i did each time. Finally today i told cc company to fix the problem or i was done with this card (after keeping the new one locked and inactivated for 2 months and still getting charged). When bumped to the fraud division they said oh yeah its set up as a recurring charge and visa sends lists of credit card changes to recurring vendors - we'll block them for you. So i manually got the charge reversed each mo via cc company each mo, and called to ask blockbusger go block me, and each month they said they could do nothing and just waited to get the new number and chrarge me. Over a year. Will NEVER use them.

    argh 2/6/13 11:50AM
  • horrible! horrible! horrible!

    do not join

    been a member for years, with no problem. but within the past few months, all of the sudden all their new titles are impossible to get. i have 12 movies in my queue since before xmas i still have not been shipped any titles. they all say "high demand." and i have the plan that allows me to have 3 movies out at a time.

    they are horrible! and you can't even email them to complain. when you hit "send" it keeps spinning forever.

    it's a shame, because it was a great service at one point. they are obviously trying to save money by buying fewer new releases -- but they're going to end up losing a TON OF MONEY because everyone is going to leave them (like me) because you can't get any movies from them!!!!!

    BRUUUUCE 1/22/13 9:05AM
  • # Very High Demand:
    # a limited number of copies
    ... and Blockbuster refuses to buy more.

    # You can always send us an email 24/7
    # by clicking the E-mail Us 24/7 link
    ... doesn't work, apparently de-activated.
    Telephone "support" is clueless.
    It is a shame this company has been run into the ground, but there it is.

    Badderman 1/20/13 5:35AM
  • You sent me the wrong movie. To get the one I ordered I have to send this one back and I have to pay the postage. I used what I had on a gift card. It is will counteract what I saved on the gift card. It wasn't my fault you sent the wrong video. I shouldn't be punished for your mistake.

    maybaby 1/17/13 4:33PM
  • I will never buy anything sold by blockbuster. I had purchased a samsung that included access to blockbuster, however it appears that rather than update the 4600 models the company decided to remove blockbuster from these DVD players. I purchased the dvd with access to blockbuster included. What gives you the right to deny me that access at a later date!!??? It is clear that you are not to be trusted. Your kind of company will never be a loss to me again. I will not use your company and I will be sure to let anyone who mentions your company what I think of your ethics.

    Anonymous 1/16/13 2:31PM
  • I received a Blockbuster free trial with my Dish Network sign up. I wanted to use the mail DVD's. I got 5 movies in 3 months, sometime none for weeks and never quicker than a week. Netflix gets to me in 2 days and never a problem. Blockbuster is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!

    dwpirkeyjr 1/15/13 12:12PM
  • Been a member for over 8 years. Suddenly all new movies get marked as Very High Demand or High demand. I have 9 movies in queue and they are all newer movies listed as Very High Demand, High Demand, or Unavailable? I have not received a dvd since Dec 22, 2012. This is ridiculous. I may need to look into netflix soon.

    SadToBeLeaving 1/8/13 7:16PM
  • I ordered a PS3 game for my son on 20th Dec'12 Online.13 days since the order placed I still have not received it, the attitude of the customers services is unhelpful. I regret relying on them for a Christmas present and feel sorry for my child who is still awaiting that parcel.

    tania 1/2/13 5:57AM
  • at time this i signed up for 'service' had two closed stores (according to corporate online service they were open--communications problem:ya think???) for 'unlimited' DVD through mail and in-store exchange. Here is the first FALLACY, a 1 for 1 exchange is NOT unlimited. on average each DVD has a 5 day turnaround. that equates to 6 DVDs a month. In my world 6 does not equate to unlimited. The 5 day turnaround is based an a 7 month tracking.
    So the cust. serve part. hearing continual "i am sorry," does nothing fro the marketing lies.

    UrbanNDN 12/27/12 3:34PM
  • Chat support is very poor. They could not resolve my issue which was due to Blockbuster error. They do not provide transcripts. Same problem w/ email customer service. The agent on the phone was able to resolve the issue. I am glas I could find the phone number here.

    pipe 12/24/12 7:25AM
  • I recently purchased 8 pre-owned games from
    The ad i was sent stated that it was an offer for 4 xbox or ps3 games for £20 so i thought cool as it had also stated that if i signed up as a vip gamer i would get an extra £5 off my first order.
    Anyway signed up selected the games that i wanted as xmas presents for my sons and then went to checkout only to be told that i couldn't use my £5 voucher as i had already had an offer that was the 4 for £20 which i found to be really shady and not as already stated in the email ad that i had received,very misleading indeed.
    Anyway still ordered as it was free delivery and the games still worked out slightly cheaper than from and it also stated that my disks would be dispatched within 48 hours and if it would take longer that they would let me know via email.
    It is now 2 weeks later,i have had no emails to explain lateness,no replies to my complaint emails,only 5 disks out of 8 have arrived and 2 of them are really badly scratched and need to be returned,one disk honestly looked like it had bogeys and sweet jism of some kind on it but this cleaned away with a good antibacterial wipe!!!
    This was my first order from them and i buy a lot of games over a year,it will also be my last ever order from them.
    I will never,ever buy from them again,one more lost cash cow for them i guess.
    I couldn't believe all of the negative comments about them i found here and i had an image of them in my mind of being a good company :(
    Anyway to sum up if they hadn't of ignored my complaint emails i would never have written this report here as i know mistakes happen and staff do things wrong but bad complaint handling is the end of a bad road that leaves only bitterness.
    My advice to all consumers would be to stick to Game or Amazon and avoid blonkbuster like the plague,truly crap!!!

    nat 12/3/12 2:26AM
  • Keep getting damaged blu ray disks lately. This service is really deteriorating fast. Web site is also ridiculously slow.

    Anonymous 11/27/12 10:58PM
  • I got a gift card for Christmas when went to try to use it appears it wasn't activated. I called customer service they had no explanation as to why it wasn't activated and did not help me at all. Way to go customer service. They should activate it and make it right but they just laid blame on everyone else. No wonder the stores went out of business what joke!!!!

    Anonymous 11/18/12 10:35AM
  • sent mw3 game to get cleaned because it had a couple of scratches on it and missed out 2 of the map's still played was just missing the maps but when i got the disc back it was worse than it was when i sent it for the clean now it take's me 45min just to get the game to load don't get me wrong when the game loads i have the 2 maps back that would not play in the 1st place but 45min wait just to load a game is a joke i would not recommend that any 1 gets a disc repair done by blockbuster as i lost out thought the disc repair was meant to make things better not worse.

    GAV 11/5/12 4:43PM
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  • I've been a Blockbuster member for many years. I recently made the decision to cancel my account. Up until now, I was a satisfied BB member. But cancelling was not easy, exposed me to their corp. approach to "holding on to members", and ended up with a surprise that I'd been paying $2 more per month for the last year. I had to call customer service this AM, then request a supervisor, which brought me to "...their corporate headquarters", (per the customer service rep). I explained I had a hell of a time the previous evening trying to cancel my account, and asked what they would do for the $22 overcharge amount. Knowing it was more the principal than the money at stake, the "corp. rep" said I'd get $18.31 credited back to my card. That's fine, as again, just by moral business standards I wanted someone to reverse the overcharge. But then the gentleman mentioned that, and I paraphrase... "I hope you'll find your way back to Blockbuster in the future..." I said that unless the Blockbuster brand apologized, and made an offer that was just too incredible to believe, they'd not see me or my money again. BTW... I've had Dish Network since their beginnings, and customer service has always been disgusting. I should have added Tagalog to my list of languages years ago, so I could better communicate with their first tier customer service group in Manila! Sad to see any company go "South" in service and value. But seriously, in 2013, how are they going to survive with all the "better value" competition?

    socalbronze 1/17/13 9:47AM
  • I called customer service, the lady cancelled my account, and knew what to do, and was very, nice.

    Old man 7/5/12 9:22AM
  • Blockbuster started out years ago and provided excellent service like Netflix. It started going down a year ago and now is very poor. New releases are not available for months and the shipping dates are bad also. I sure hope it straightens out soon or I am dropping it.

    Frankfort, Ky. subscriber 3/5/12 10:12AM
  • Had great service at the Lynnwood, Washington, store but was unable to get in to take the customer survey.

    tiger 10/22/11 12:42PM
  • Store # 55012-We are so fortunate to still have our Blockbuster Store and I am glad!! All of the staff are so friendly, helpful and courteous. This is why I do not go to movie machines. I agree w/ previous person's comments on "what happened to the personal touch" and I sure hope we don't lose our store and staff!

    Anonymous 7/29/11 6:35AM
  • Very helpful. Always helping everyone when I am in the store. Super kind. Gives great advice and always looking sharp. He has the best customer service, very polite and well mannered.

    NaztiiKickz 5/12/11 2:53PM
  • Its sad to see how many blockbuster stores are closing what ever happened to going in and having an employee help you choose a movie or how they would give their all to explain to you the rating of the games and why they liked it. I have a store not to far from me and i hope you dont close it. they are very nice and their staff is always very plesent and joyful. I love going to blockbuster they are the best. i have always had a good expienrence with them. They even know me by my name thats great.

    Anonymous 5/1/11 8:57PM
  • I go to the Blockbuster in Union Blvd. they always help me chose the proper movie I want to see. They seem to know their job real good. I love going there because they are always very polite and always seem to be in a good mood. Their staff is all friendly & ans their service is outstanding... I hope this store never closes... I dont like online I like a one on one expierence when it comes to the movie I want to see and they are just like that its like my other home... good job guys...

    Anonymous 5/1/11 8:49PM
  • Melody DeOrnellas (Blossom Hill/Kooser Store, San Jose, CA) helped me as we tried to locate a DVD I rented a few days prior. I thought it was returned to the store with the other DVD's we rented. I received an e-mail from Blockbuster that I had a DVD still to return. I went to the store. Melody was very professional and she and I went to the shelf and looked for 10 minutes for the missing DVD to be sure it did not go back on the shelf without being scanned. She suggested that I look around my car and home to locate it. She said that inventory would be taken in the store later that week and if it was found, she would call me. Well, I did locate the lost DVD at my home two days later. When I returned it to Melody, we both had a good laugh. Of course I tried to pay the late fee, but she was kind to split the fee with me. You have a valued employee in Melody. Melody made my experience a favorable one.

    Anonymous 1/14/11 8:45AM
  • great customer service

    stephinator77 12/30/10 5:52PM
  • Hi, I went to the store on DENARY ROAD and i want to congradulate the MANAGER and CREW for the exelent service Ive been going for the last 4 years, I smile when I walk in to the store, help in what ever I whant to rent they "GO THAT EXTRA MILE" on "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and every time I go to that store its clean and they help me with the information on your "promotions" "PLEASE DONT EVER CHANGE YOUR SERVICE" that is what makes me go back more then 4 times a week.


    alfonso javier brito franco 12/25/10 11:11AM
  • The young lady I spoke with was very pleasant with a perfect phone voice and extremely helpfull. It was a rewarding experience for a 71 year old to be treated with respect and courtesy in answering my questions completely and not sounding as if she had better things to do! Some one at BB personel really knows how to set standards for choosing employees. It is the same at my local Blockbuster on Louetta at Kuykendahl in Houston, Texas. Always courteous, pleasant and helpfull and that is why I will remain a customer as long as you stay in business. Sincerely, J. Moynahan

    Anonymous 10/8/10 11:04AM
  • I love blockbuster! I hate that there are so many negative comments. We have blockbuster online. In the last year and a half we have rented a total of 350 movies. Per month that would total like 90 something dollars. . . all we pay is $20 a month!! How can you beat that?!?! The people at the stores know us on a first name basis and are just all around nice people!

    saramike10 6/22/10 7:26PM
  • I just called customer service converning a lost movie from a kios. The service from friendly and helpful. I cancelled my online service over a year ago but with this issue I had no problem resolving my issue. Hate to see all the negative comments.

    texasgirl 1/13/10 11:54AM
  • WOW! all the comments were bad, but I must say for myself I have dealt with Blockbuster for some time now something like 8 years and have always had good service. I am a nice guy though and try to solve issues gently. It will get you a long ways doing it that way. I dealt with them today and waited ten in half minutes I just put the phone on speaker phone and waited calmly and I was off with them in 1 minute issue solved and got a couple free movie rentals out of it not so bad. Good luck out there.

    gonenuts 2/9/09 9:36AM
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  • I'm an SM that not only enjoys my job by helping customers. I enjoy my peers and staff.No jobs?I found one and love working.I'm grateful for all the opportunities to meet such interesting people!Everyone's on board with customer service from that ONE person that ONE time that ONE year when you went to get that ONE movie being horrible.The support is overwhelming from the grudge holders,blue-ray snobs,non adr fee paying,never update your credit card then swipe one.Or no to the up sale then hand me a 100?it's only 10am on Sunday....sigh,customer's.Blockbuster will succeed as a business when they realize they can't make everyone happy.So much for a happy ending.THE END...

    NICKo 4/9/12 9:20PM

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