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Boston Herald customer service is ranked #727 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 11.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 5 ratings. This score rates Boston Herald customer service and customer support as Terrible.


5 Negative Comments out of 5 Total Comments is 100.00%.


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  • i have been callong for 3 days to get my paper that has been paid for and still haven't received it. the customer service reps keep telling me the next day and come the next day still no paper. how hard is it fulfil the contract with them its 4 keys they have to hit.. when u try and contact on email with compliant the spam it so they can pretend the are wonderfull.. im done next step is to file an official complaint with Martha

    smonaco61 3/30/14 11:12AM
  • I am sick and tired of the extremely poor service delivery of the Boston Herald. I have had awful delivery problems for over a year now and I call every time but this just falls on deaf ears, why can't this problem be taken care of. I'm sure that I am not the only customer on this morons route to not receive my paper. Short of cancelling my subscription there is not a darn thing that can be done about this, the Herald just does not care about their customers.

    Anonymous 8/26/12 7:49AM
  • the customer service at the boston herald ias thwe biggest joke around. your told to call if your paper doesn't arrive evn though you are paying for this service when you call you are than told so to late you cab't have your paper even tough you have to give them a 6 hour window to deliver but they might be able to get you that days paper 24 hours after its suppose to be there for an additonal charge. when asked for a supervisor none can be found and you must wit 48 hours for a call there is no customer service all you get tis frustration and the runaround and no papet that has been paid for.

    auntue 7/8/12 9:38AM
  • Ive been complaining for literally years about the Herald driver that delivers to my neighbor's house. They either pull into *my* driveway to throw the paper to my neighbor or deliver the paper then back into my driveway. In the past few years Herald drivers have hit my wall, plowed through snowpiles on the side of driveway, or left ruts in my front lawn. This is why I no longer want them near my driveway (besides the fact that they DON'T use the driveway of their OWN customer) My neighbor has a clear, open driveway but the drivers never use it, they use mine and I'm not a customer. For a few days last week I put up a trashcan at the end of my drive and hoped he got the message. But, at 6:25 am this morning i watched the driver deliver the paper next door and back into my driveway. I have a regular width driveway and he can never seem to back in without going off the driveway. No one at the Herald seems to have the ability to stop this. I have called and complained at least 7 times over 5 years, now i rant when I call because no one there seems to be able to stop this. Starting today, I'm videoing and I'm also getting the police involved. I'm sick of this I've told (I think it was the circulation manager)that i will post videos on YouTube and I'm sticking to that as well as showing my local police. Look for the headline(s) with buzz words "Boston Herald Driver damages property" on Youtube.
    To the Boston Herald... don't contact me when the videos start going up on YouTube, or when i file for property damages, or the police contact you next time your driver backs up onto my lawn. After years of damage here, and bit of damage there and your inability to address this problem, now I'll fix this myself.

    Anonymous 12/15/11 5:44AM
  • I didn't get any newspaper on 04/09/11 and I call customer service and they say we will give u credit but we can't deliver newspaper. So I don't have any newspaper for the day. That's sucks. They need better customer service.

    Anonymous 4/9/11 4:02AM

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