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Budget Rent A Car customer service is ranked #469 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.87 out of a possible 200 based upon 123 ratings. This score rates Budget Rent A Car customer service and customer support as Terrible.


118 Negative Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 95.93%.


5 Positive Comments out of 123 Total Comments is 4.07%.

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  • I booked their car a month before the august long weekend in BC. I'm from AB and carry a GDL class 5 license. When I tried to retrieve the car at the airport, I was told by Budget employee that I can't rent the car because I'm not fully licensed and this policy was in the rental agreement.

    I searched the rental agreement and there's no where stated that only full license holder can rent a car.

    I seriously suspected that Budget purposely didn't rent to me coz of the high demand during the long weekend. By renting to any customer without a booking that day would earn an extra 200 bucks.

    yaya 8/20/14 5:32PM
  • This company flat out sucks! You can't reach them at a local level, The "customer service people" could care less. If they can't answer your question they just hang up. Worst company ever!!!

    Anonymous 8/9/14 8:38AM
  • Pre-paid a rental package that included basic insurance and coverage through AtlasChoice online. Was for a work trip so made sure to stay in a specific price range. Arrived to pick up car at JFK, and was told deposit would be around $200 (but my account revealed it was more like $400, misinformation right away). Woman at desk had me sign the contract pages electronically and was nice enough but didn't explain too much. I opted out of all of the items they tried to add to the package in the contract at that point. I only agreed to things I understood to already be part of my pre-paid package. Used the car, returned on time in perfect condition with full gas to a parking lot where the lot attendant gave me a receipt after inspecting the car and told me it was all fine. A week later my card was auto-deducted $600+ without notice, almost as much as the rental cost in the first place. They gave no reason or notice for this charge, and no documentation. When contacted they stated it was for an additional insurance package that I apparently "signed up for", but at no time did I consent for this additional insurance or its charges. They continually refuse to refund that charge or offer anything in consolation. AtlasChoice seems to be passing the buck as well. Be very careful when booking here, or when signing anything upon pickup. It's a slippery operation. Know that the price they quote you is not real...seems like it's just a trap to get your card number and start charging whatever they'd like. In the business world you have to have consent, notice, and documentation before you can charge a customer something, especially as an automatic debit. It's so unethical for any business to take unauthorized amounts from anyone's bank account out of nowhere, no matter how big or small.

    jrjfk 7/29/14 4:36AM
  • I reserved my rental car approx. 30 days before my trip to Orlando, Fla. I needed a large vehicle to transport my sons wedding party from the airport. After waiting over an hour in the Budget line, they told me they did not have a large vehicle like an SUV that I had requested. They said the best they could do for us was a pick-up truck. So please tell me why they offer on-line reservations??

    I too will not be renting from Budget anymore.

    deborah 6/27/14 7:57PM
  • I rented a car at the Downtown Montreal Location 845 De La Gauchetiere...I received the car with full tank and gave it back with a full tank. They billed me $30.00 extra after the fact without consulting me. They claimed the car needed $7.00 of gas and charged me $30.00 for it. I told them how do I know when I picked up the car that it wasn't needing extra gas as well. They blew me off and said too bad. Never rent from them again...Total nickel and dime rippoff!

    Spencer 6/6/14 7:40AM
  • We flew from Orlando to Norfolk, VA, to visit family, renting a Budget VW Jetta from April 11-21. Car drove great. After returning it and flying back to our Florida home, we picked up our mail and found a letter from Budget dated April 17--telling us the car had been recalled and we should turn it in right away for another! Instead of calling us--they specifically asked for my cell phone number when I rented the car--they wrote to us at our home in Florida telling us to return the recalled car TO THE NORFOLK AIRPORT RENTAL TEAM WHILE WE WERE IN VIRGINIA! So we didn't get the safety notification until we returned to Florida. This is crazy! If the car was recalled--thus unsafe or unreliable--and they wanted us to truly be notified, WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST CALL ME? Instead, I get a letter IN FLORIDA after our trip! May want to redesign your policy on this if you really want to help protect customers.

    Amazed 4/30/14 10:04AM
  • I have filed a complaint with the state attorney and better business bureau . I rented a car back in dec 2013 and was overcharged and lied I im amazed how little you care about legitimate complaints and costumer service but will continue to post google ( your company has 430 complaints) pintarest, facebook ect . and my state attorney complaint continues.

    carmen sosa 4/25/14 7:56AM
  • I went to my local Budget Rental to rent a car for myself and my daughter. Needed the rental for two weeks. I contacted the agency to get information on what was needed to validate my daughter as an additional driver. On the phone, I was told that she needed a debit card with no specific amount, be over 25 and have a valid drivers license and/or major credit card (the credit card she does not have, but is over 25). I contacted the 1-800 number for Budget and asked the same questions, that I was the primary renter with a major credit card and that she was the additional driver. I was told by the 800 registration staff, that all she needs is a valid drivers license, be over 25 (she is) and have a debit card, with no definitive amount on the debit card. So basically told the same thing.
    I went to get rental place, put down my drivers license and credit card, then the "female owner" asked for my daughter's license, major credit card or debit card. She then stated to us that my daughter's debit card needs to have the amount of the rental on her card plus a $250 security deposit. I questioned why and the woman told this is company policy. Why would it be company policy if I WAS PRIMARY RENTER??? Well, needless to say a bunch of not so kind words were said to us and we were not very kind also. At the end, the owner told us that refusing to rent to us would not hurt her business in any way and that she speaks for Budget and her relationship with Budget is still good despite this altercation. I find it hard to believe Budget would allow any "owner" to talk to a customer this way. Additionally, it was extremely bold of this woman that was so stuck up on herself to talk to us this way. Therefore I just had to comment on this site.

    Anonymous 4/18/14 5:39AM
  • I will absolutely never ever again rent a car from Budget Rental Car Corporation!! My husband and I went to Ohio to visit family and we rented a car for 19 days. My itinerary said my total was 411.33. Upon recieving my credit card statement it showed that budget charged me 1,220 and some change. Completely outraged I called customer service and was on hold for about 5 minutes, after talking to a customer service representative she said that she could not help me with my issue and she put me on hold in order to get a surpervisor. After being on hold for another 5 minutes or so the same lady returned on the line and said no surpervisors were available to talk to me at that time. She took down my name and phone number and said a surpervisor would call me back within the hour. That was over 3 days ago! I also sent an email to the corporate office in which I recieved a response 2 days later stating that they would re-address the issue and have a surpervisor contact me. Still no word, Your company is worthless and I can not believe that you are getting away with running a business in this manner! Being in the military we travel a lot and have a lot of friends that constantly travel and the last place I will ever suggest for anyone to get a rental car is this worthless company. Not only did I recieve the worst experience ever but thus far I have recieved the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life.

    Anonymous 2/27/14 5:49PM
  • I Recently Rented A Car From Budget In The Republic Of Panama On 02/16/2014. We Have Been Renting From Budget 3 Times A Year Since 2009. We Purchase The Total Car Replacement Insurance From American Airlines Every Time And Have Never Had To Purchase The Rental Company Insurance. This Time The Desk Personal Held Us Up For Over 45 Minutes Refused To Rent Us The Car,we Had Reserved 3 Months Earlier,unless We Purchased The Insurance At A Rate Of $129.50 Which Was More Than The Car Rental. We Paid Purchased The Insurance Because There Were No Other Companies At The Panama City Airport That Had A Car Available And We Had My 83 Year Old Mother With Us. When We Returned The Car And Talked To The Personal At The Desk She Informed Us That We Could Have Declined The Insurance And Still Rented The Car, That Budget Was Pushing The Agents To Sell Their Insurance And The Clerk Used That To Force Us To Purchase It. I Am Outraged And The 8 People In Line Behind Me That Day Were Too. I Can Not Image That This Is The Way The Company Wants To Be Viewed In The Eyes Of The Public. I Intend To Tell This To Everyone I Know And Certainly Write About It On The Trip Adviser And Every Other Outlet Available. I Feel The Company Should Refund My Money For The Insurance Along With A Letter Of Apology For Screwing Over A Long Time Customer.

    TERENCE SHORT 2/25/14 3:58PM
  • I would like to share an experience with you during my visit to Budget Car Rental at the Orlando International Airport.

    On Tuesday, February 11, I picked up my rental car from Budget at around 4:00 pm, confirmation. I made the reservation through Costco Travel. The term of my rental was 5 weeks.

    After waiting in line, we got to the agent and she indicated that we would be renting a brand new Malibu (I didn�t think that a Malibu was a full size car, which is what I reserved and paid for) with only 6 miles and that we should pick up the car at D-33 on the second level of the parking lot. My confirmation indicates that the Impala is a full size car, not a Malibu. When we went to that particular car slot, there was no Malibu. There was no car. There is no one to help, even the workers dressed in orange tops could not be of any assistance. So we had to go back to the agent and it was indicated that the only car available was a Sonata that had 20,000 miles. So we went from 6 miles to 20,000. The car was very dirty with bug marks t even come off. I think the agents at Budget should be educated to improve their customer service, rather than promoting upgrades and insurance issues.

    So having said all that, please be advised that I will never rent a car from Budget again. I am coming down to Orlando in June for a wedding and have already notified everyone coming to cancel any reservations with Budget. I am also sharing my experience with Costco and the Chicago Tribune.

    If you can be of any help going forward, please advise.

    Leny Catalano

    Leny Catalano 2/14/14 7:04PM
  • I will never rent from Budget again. I left a garage door opener in a car. After 14 phone calls to the Ft Meyers airport location, customer service office and corporate offices in NJ NO ONE answers the phone and or the voice mailbox is full. I have spoken to a supervisor in reservations (the only way to speak to a human) only to be given a disconnected number! This company does not offer customer support.

    sja 2/11/14 7:26AM
  • Budget Car Rental has a criminal in their company his name is Klye Bradley he works out of KAB International, Inc. his title is a Budget Rent A Car Agency Operator located . I rented a car there was a hold on my account he assured of one price I payed with cash he then charged for a rental that was rented and not in my possesion It has come to attention that he's renting cars under my preauthorization from a prior date for other vehicles if this is not being a criminal what is.... I will never rent from this company again to top it off he's been calling me telling me he will try to fix it and work something out to return my money trying to put blame on the company when I know it's him. It may take time but I will get my money back I'm going the police for a full investagation on this creep. The nerve of him..

    [email protected] 2/5/14 10:27AM
  • I have been trying to Call Budget rent a car for several days. I left messages, no body called back. I tried calling several more times and the phone was always busy. I finally get someone and she puts me on hold and after 20 minutes I gave up and hung up because no one ever picked up the call.
    Lousy service

    Anonymous 2/3/14 7:18PM
  • RIP OFF!! They charged me twice on my credit card and when I realized it I bounced 8 checks along with $252 in charges. I called Budget and they tell me it will take 7 days to refund my account!!!!

    Well what am I suppose to do for the next 7 days with no money because YOU screwed up!!! Refund my money ASAP and I can go to the store and buy groceries for my 3 kids!!! TOO BIG of a company to have the kind of customer service that is needed in this day and age.

    I bet if I charged money it would go automatically to my account but 7 days for a refund

    jenjimc 1/9/14 2:23PM
  • This company this full of crap.
    Rented car for honeymoon 12/2012 returned said car at appointed time.
    Got phone call ONE month later "where's the car"? "In your parking lot"!!!!!
    Credit card was charged for the whole month of Jan 2013 wrote letters to customer service and corporate office credit card was credited back for ONE months charges and sent 3 REWARD DAY coupons.
    in scheduling a reservation to use coupons in Sept 2013 was informed couldn't use them until after Sept 2013 OK!
    Made reservations on 12/27/13 to 12/29/13, picking up car was informed that the coupons couldn't be used blackout. Called customer service was told "WE WILL HONOR COUPONS" just call on the 29th to complete process.
    turned in car called was it was good.
    I called back on that following Tuesday and was told to email a copy of
    all coupons front and back did as instructed and these butt faced people have charged my credit card.

    sabrina scott-easter 1/7/14 2:09PM
  • Hello,

    I pre-paid for a mini van in san jose and was told by the representative when I got there that there were no mini vans available. She said that I could either get a full size van with a gas credit and $25 discount on my next rental or an SUV at a discount of $10 per day. None of the options looked good to me but I ended up settling for the SUV. The representative told me to sign and explained it was for the $10 credit per day. I asked about the final amount but she said she couldn't pull it up (not sure if its because I booked it on Priceline). Anyhow, after my husband returned the car on the 31st of December I noticed I was CHARGED an extra $10 per day for the SUV that I didn't even want in the first place! I called and spoke with a lady who said she would email me when the charges were taken care of. So, apparently they took off the $10 per day "upgrade fee" but they never took off the $10 per day I was supposed to receive for them not having the mini van I paid for. I was really upset and called to talk with a customer service rep and a manager. They said that they could not do anything for me and told me to call San Jose directly. I tried calling MANY MANY times and there was no call keeps getting bumped back to the main line for Budget rentals. So, now I need someone to contact me to take off for the $10 per day.

    Thank you,

    san jose... 1/4/14 11:39PM
  • I hope that no one ever rents a Budget Rental Car again from the location at 89 SE 2nd Street, Miami,Florida. I had prepaid a rental car to be picked up at 9:00am and returned at the West Palm Beach Airport at 2pm on December 29, 2013. We needed the car after we left our cruise ship to see some people and then get to our flight at the airport in West Palm Beach. To start off, the location does not have a pick up at the cruise terminal in Miami, so you have to pay for a taxi ride to their location, another $15.00. I called the location from the ship in the morning to confirm my reservation and told them about what time I would be arriving. No problem was what I was told. Quite another story when we arrived at their location. The line to rent a car was out of the front door and on the sidewalk. Ok, I am reasonable. I figured that many people are renting. The time marched on and then after about an hour of waiting, I speak to a man behind the counter, one of whom does the returns of cars coming in and the other guy who is renting out cars. He tells me that they have no cars available at all. He did not care that I or anyone else had prepaid the rental. He continues to state that I expect 25 cars in. How that was going to happen since this site closes at 1pm was quite unlikely. To make this long story shorter. I waited three hours, and when I told the man behind the counter that I need a letter for my travel insurance company form Budget so that I could submit proof that I was not able to get a car just in case we missed our flight in West Palm Beach, he suddenly said he had a mini van that he would graciously give me. ( I had reserved an SUV to accommodate the entire family with luggage). I suspect that the minivan was there all the time and did not want to give out the minivan.
    As a result of this disaster with this rental agency, I had to cancel all plans in Miami and simply drive to West Palm Beach and barely made the flight. I had the car for a total of 1 hour and 47 minutes and paid $157.71.I have rented cars in many states in the US, Puerto Rico and in Europe and have never experienced anything like this. Budget does not have any regard for their customers. They are disorganized, rude, and unprofessional. Bottom line, the car should have been there for me to get at the time I needed it. That is what prepaying is all about. Rent from any other company.

    Dr. Alan Goodman 12/31/13 7:22AM
  • Stuck in Hotel in San Juan 1 mile from Budget location. When I arrived yesterday to pick up car, was told they were out and would have a car later in the evening or today in the mroning. Was dropped at hotel and was told we would get a phone call. Call this morning at 9 and was told we were 2d on the list and a car would be coming in at 10:30. Have called and left messages at the number provedied at least 12 times and have gotten no answer. Calling the 1-800 number once, was told a fleet was due in in 2 hours, and the person Daryl in OK sent an e-mail asking the San Juan office to call us to come pick us up. He told me to call back in 30 minutes if the call did not come through. IT DID NOT, called again and spoke with LEE who said he would transfer me and he did - so San Jose, CA location. I am STRANDED PLEASE HELP. Made my reservaton on 8-3-13.

    Anonymous 12/26/13 10:06AM
  • Kept getting passed around. Promised service and wasn't delivered. Customer Service Supervisor is unaware of what is printed on website in FAQs. Absolutely no understanding of issue and only offered $25 off next rental which will never happen. I've used them for 20 years, but now someone else will get my business.

    jmk 12/24/13 8:28AM
  • after reserving a car on 12 21 2013 I was put through a rigorous amounts of questions and even a credit check after I was publicly embarrassed buy your staff whom stated we dont know if your going to still are vehical of not and laughed I was turned away I guess its a bad day to be a 6 foot black man.

    Its not right budget needs to find a better screening process.

    Budget Used to be my hommies 12/21/13 5:31PM
  • Reserve a suv to pick up at a location when I arrived I was told they did not have it as I was told as you can see there's no suv on the lot,I reply why didn't I receive a phone call so it wasn't a waste of time comming hear then I was told sorry hears a 1800 number call it,I then talked w customer service an was told sorry and to go to another location that's was way out of my way ,I show up there to only same thing happen. There respons to me was they had vans an no one had called to confrem the pick up when indeed I was told it was,then to top it all off got charged twice ,wow and they act like I'm a inconvenience to them. It's ok after contacting the state attorneyS office we will see what's funny

    D 12/16/13 12:34PM
  • Budget has nice selection of cars but the way they take the money off your credit card is terrible. Rather than take the money out after giving you the price they wait until you return the car the wait until almost 2 weeks before they take it this was Visa Debit Card. 11/5/13. Dec 4 they take another 19.75. I they gave me price of !,252.45 did not take payment until almost 1-2 weeks later now almost a month later another $19.75 I will not rent from them again. I will go back to Enterprise. Orland Park,Ill

    Violet 12/7/13 1:19AM
  • My husband and I reserved a rental car from Budget at the airport in Portland Maine. When we picked up the car we decided to upgrade to a Ford Mustang. After driving the car for 2 days the rear tire blew out. My husband changed the tire while I called to find out where to take the car to have the tire fixed. We were told not to worry about it; they would send us a new car and pick up the old car. The only thing we were told was "if it is determined the damage was your fault, you will be charged". Since we were driving down the road when the tire blew we knew it wasn't our fault. We were originally driving a Mustang and the car they brought us was a Buick SUV. We got our flat tire around 10 or 11 in the morning. We had to wait until 4:30 in the afternoon for our car to arrive. We still had 6 more days of our vacation left and didn't have a choice so we kept the Buick. While driving on the interstate we got stuck in a lane at a toll booth that didn't take cash or debit cards. The lady at the booth said to call the state of Maine and pay the toll by phone. When I called I was informed that since I was in a rental car the rental company would pay the toll and probably pass the charge on to me. I asked them if there was any additional fee associated with missing the toll and they stated the state doesn't charge any additional fee but the rental car company may. When I turned in the car I was told I couldn't pay the toll to them, the company would bill me. I returned the car on a Sunday morning. I called the rental car company Monday morning regarding the car. I stated that I didn't believe I should be charged the upgrade fee for the Mustang since I was only able to drive it for 2 days. She said she agreed and said that they would not charge me for the full upgrade fee. She would get back to me within 48 hours and let me know what I would be charged. On Tuesday morning when I checked my bank account they had charged me $360.79. I called Budget back and asked them what was going on. They apologized and said they would refund the over charge. Three days later I received $278.40 back in my account. On October 17 there was a charge by budget for $16.50. This I was informed was for the $1.00 toll I missed. On November 14 there was a charge on my account for $433.65. I did not become aware of this charge until November 16 when I received a letter in the mail dated November 6. The letter stated that I required the services of their Emergency Roadside Assistance program and this was the cost of the emergency service I requested. The letter also stated "the expense listed above will be applied to the credit or debit card that you presented at the time of the rental approximately one week after the date of this letter". I didn't even receive the letter until 10 days after the date of the letter and after they had already taken the money from my bank account. When I called to explain I didn't request the car be towed or replaced, I was told yes I did and also that I was informed of what the charge was going to be. My response was "seriously, I could have replaced the tire myself for less that half that and not lost a whole day of my vacation". They informed me no one else was authorized to work on the car. When I asked why they didn't just bring me a new tire I was told no tire was available. I was also told I couldn't drive the car to Budget because the closest place to take the car was 75 miles away and the spare was only rated for 50 miles. As of today, November 26, I have been informed I will receive $216.83 back for no other reason but because I complained about the way they conduct business. I was also informed there may still be additional expenses associated with any damage discovered as well as the cost to repair the vehicle back to a rentable condition. The only way to stop them from taking any more money from my bank account is to close that account and open a new one. Since all these charges are associated with the original rental dated September 21, they continue to use that authorization even though the card it was authorized with has been cancelled because it was lost.
    All of these problems because, as they informed me, it wasn't their fault the tire blew.

    sls284ever 11/26/13 12:02PM
  • I called to rent a truck on 11-08-13 at an Oak Lawn, IL location on 89th and Cicero. They quoted the price and told me they only had a 16' available, but they would rent it to me at the 10' price because I was asking for a 10' truck. The guy takes my credit card info and says they have to run it for a dollar to validate it. Did not know I should be getting a confirmation number at this time so didn't think anything was wrong. I show up on 11-10-13, the day of the rental and there are no available trucks and they didn't even have my name in the system, but they took my credit card info over the phone 2 days prior. They did not do anything to accommodate me. Didn't try calling other locations, offer me a discount for the mix up, nope they just let me leave fumming mad and telling them I WILL NEVER USE THEIR COMPANY AGAIN. Yo can try your luck with them, but don't expect things to run smoothly for you.

    vince 11/11/13 8:16AM
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  • Recently I rented a car at Orlando Fl. for a week. The agent did not explain the Sun-pass feature to me. I saw the Sun-pass module once I got in the car and turned it on. If I would have read the fine print taped to the module I wouldn't have turned it on. I had to get right up to the module to read(since I'm very Far-sighted) that a $2.95 convienence fee would be charged for each day of the rental, plus the tolls. That means even on the days I didn't use the overpriced tollways in Orlando. If the agent would have explained the Sun-Pass feature I would have just kept a bunch of singles in the car. I can see a one time charge for the use of the Sun-pass per rental, not for every day. But I guerss you have to gouge the customer anyway you can. Next time I will know better. I used the tollway on only 3 days.

    devilsashpit 6/16/13 10:02AM
  • I have a compliment specifically for Heather. On a recent trip, I left my coat in the Budget rental car returned on September 29, 2012. Heather was most helpful in finding it, and holding it for my pick-up when I returned to Phoenix October 8, 2012. I greatly appreciate her outstanding customer service

    Anonymous 10/22/12 3:23PM
  • FYI, I rented a vehicle on April 8, 2012 at DCA. A few months later I received a letter from Budget stating that I had a traffic violation for speeding and that my card would be charged a $30 fee. Now in September/October 2012, I received another letter stating the fine is $125 for speeding. I checked the website to see the violation but it's just a photo not viable proof that I was moving. Generally you are able to see the actual tape of the vehicle moving.

    Ruthboaznyc 10/16/12 11:37AM
  • I have rented from Budget at the Ottawa airport location on numerous occasions. Their staff is very friendly and knowledgable and the cars are clean and well serviced.

    Anonymous 10/17/10 10:44AM
  • I'm a Fast Break customer and had called to prearrange for a specific vehicle for a two week rental on the island of Maui. Upon arrival at the Kahului airport the Budget representative had my paperwork all completed and the vehicle ready to drive off the lot. I spent less than 5 minutes at the counter.
    5 days into the rental period there was a mechanical malfunction with the ignition system in the vehicle and it wouldn't start. Fortunatly,it was in the parking lot where we were staying.
    Through a series of phone calls to the Budget roadside assistance person back on the mainland ( a very friendly and professional lady, Nefsteria), and the local Budget rep at Kahului, Gabriel, they arranged to have a new rental delivered and the disabled one picked up by a towing service.
    This whole process was completed in less than 2 hours
    I have always used Budget and will continue to do so.
    Thank you, Budget, for a job well done.

    RM March 17 2010 Maui,HI

    rnmerrihew 3/17/10 11:28AM
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  • I work for Budget Rent a Car. I often see people complain about there charges but NEVER READ what there signing. Yelling at a rental/return agent will do no good IF its a charge YOU signed for. I see this happen all the time and then we see they signed for it like for example: an upgrade charge, coverage charge, gas charge or damage charges.For this is why its posted in a rental agreement for you to read and know. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS READ WHAT YOU SIGN.

    rf 7/12/11 11:48AM

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