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Bushnell customer service is ranked #313 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 36.53 out of a possible 200 based upon 12 ratings. This score rates Bushnell customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


11 Negative Comments out of 12 Total Comments is 91.67%.


1 Positive Comment out of 12 Total Comments is 8.33%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • To Those Reading This Comment Do Not Expect A Reasonable Response From Bushenll. Their Website Is Falwed And They Do Not Respond To Phone Messages. I Have In The Past Been A Loyal Customer Of Bushnell, Owning Several Bushnell Rifle Scopes. About Three Months Ago I Purchased Two Trail Cameras And Used Them Sparingly. Recently I Placed One Of The Cameras To Moitor Deer Feeding Habits. The Images Recorded Where In Vivid Pink Color And Of No Us. Phone Meesages Were Put On Hold And/or Totally Ignored. Now It Will Cost Another $12.30 To Send It And An Additonal $10. For Return Shipping And Handling. I Can Kick Myself For Swithing From Moultrie Cameras To Bushnell.

    JOE 2/10/14 10:32AM
  • I have been a Bushnell customer for 40 yrs I have 3 scopes,rangefinder and trail cams.My son gave me a 119435c trophy trail cam for Christmas i believe in 2010 and used it for 2 seasons and went to use it in 2013 and would not work.I sent it to your repair center and the trail cam was not repairable.If I knew now that this trail cam was only good for 2 seasons 6to8 weeks per season I would not asked for it for Christmas.I do not have a receipt for it for my son trusted Bushnell to have a great product. So your customer service sent me an offer to buy a new trail cam for $143.26.I am retired disable living on a fixed income and do not have the money to buy this camera and if this new trail cam only lasted me 2 seasons why would i buy another one not less it was improved. I wrote back to your customer service told them to keep the camera because it was no good to me and use it for parts,just send me my $10.00 SHIPPING back it cost me $20.00 to find out it was beyond repair so live with it.I real thought you people were more concerned for your customers I was wrong.My boys and friends own a lot of Bushnell items maybe we should start looking for a new company. Thank You For Your Time

    lashman3472 11/26/13 1:33PM
  • I returned a trail camera for repair. They log the return into their system 5 working days after it was received. I received mail from Bushnell 11 days later indicating that the camera could not be repaired and recommended purchasing a rebuilt replacement at additional cost. I did so and was told that I would receive it in 7-10 days. 12 days later no camera. After another 25 minutes on wait I was told that because the order was placed on their last day of the month (Oct 25th) it did not ship. Today they said it would ship today or tomorrow. To get tracking number I would have to call in again (back on hold). Finally a supervisor agreed to email it to me.

    Billy 11/6/13 4:50PM
  • Don't ever buy anything from Bushnell if there is a problem with their product the will force you to send it back to them...even though their own custmer service department admitted the was a defect in this particular item...the store said most of the companies they deal with would just tell them to replace the item and send the defective one back to now it's going to take at least a month for them to investigate

    Anonymous 10/17/13 12:21PM
  • Bought a range finder that was used for less than a month bow hunting. The LCD on the inside kept fading out every time I would press the button. Bushnell says send it back and now because I cant produce a receipt from 2 years ago they want me to pay $146.00 to fix a $300 rangefinder. My first Bushnell Range finder had a problem with the battery cover staying on. They only wanted $200 to fix that one.
    The last product I will ever buy from Bushnell.
    My new range finder that I paid $379.00 is a Vortex. Go look them up on line and watch their video on their warranty. If more businesses cared about their customer like this the world would be a better place.

    shack480 8/20/13 4:03PM
  • I recieved two trail cameras as a gift. I experimented with them for a year, and decided to send them back for crappy pictures and resolution, and because I THOUGHT they had a two year warranty. No reciept, and the bass turds tell me for $300 I can purchase two new pieces of crap. I will work my tail off to tell folks not to buy bushnell products.

    hunter 10/9/12 7:26PM
  • Don't purchase Bushnell Binoculars. We bought binoculars to use for our casual use to look at the wildlife in our yard. We are middle age adults and don't miss use our things. We've had the binoculars for less then 6 months and have used them a handful of times. The focus knob came off, now unusable. Customer service told me to send them back to be fixed. I asked for pre-paid enveloupe since the post office would charge us approximately $10.00 to send back and insure the item. I was told no. So we should pay for their defective product to be fixed. THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY!!

    Anonymous 8/7/12 5:27PM
  • Wanted to buy a new Scope for a project rifle I was building. Looked at the Yardage Pro but had a few questions regarding what caliber it was rated for, options for accessory mounting and parallax adjustments. So far it's been two weeks with three e-mails and a phone call into customer support. E-mails went un-responded, phone call was about 45 minutes on hold and a person finally picking up to say they don't handle specifics, leave name and number and someone in the proper department would get back to me.

    I've since decided to move on to another optics company and don't plan on getting any products from Bushnell

    Jay 2/8/12 6:55AM
  • positivley the worst company I have ever dealt with. 20-30 min hold times . I wanted my rangefinder returned to me after the ripoff price they gave me to fix it. I could buy it new on ebay cheaper. It has now been 3 months and 3 differnet people telling me they will ship it back and so far nothing. If they were giving their stuff away free, I would go spend money and buy from a real company with customer service

    never buy bushnell 1/10/12 2:57PM
  • I returned my non working 18 month old $300 rangefinder to the factory for repair. It was only used a handful of times and never dropped or mistreated. After 3 weeks of waiting I get a card in the mail that they had received it. It had a number on the card to access online report. They want $221 to repair the unit. Not going to happen! I will never buy any of their products and recommend everybody else do the same.

    dlmlynch 11/9/11 10:48PM
  • I purchased a pair of Serengeti sunglasses, I discarded the invoice and went on a trip. Within 90 minutes of wearing them one lens screw became loose, both at the nose piece and the temple piece. One of the temple screws was missing. I bought a screw driver and tightened the remaining screws and did so every couple of hours of wear,eventually I cracked the lens. I sent the glasses to Bushnell who said that they would fix them for $75 as the crack was users fault, tightening was not done by factory trained person, no warranty and not a part or workmanship problem. When is was clearly a workmanship problem, only one side was loose, what product requires adjustment by a qualified tech every 90 minutes?

    allcladrad 8/30/11 11:41AM
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  • This is one of the worst companies I have worked for. You are expected to work 18-20 hours on the last Saturday of the month and leading up to that Saturday you are working 10, 12, 14, 16 hour days. They of course do not mention this in the interview. You have to sign in and out to go to the bathroom. They treat their office people fine, but if you work in the warehouse you are treated like a replaceable mule. If you have any pride do yourself a favor and do not work at Bushnell.

    Anonymous 4/7/12 8:20AM

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