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CVS customer service is ranked #59 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 74.35 out of a possible 200 based upon 152 ratings. This score rates CVS customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


108 Negative Comments out of 152 Total Comments is 71.05%.


44 Positive Comments out of 152 Total Comments is 28.95%.

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  • I am complaining about your pharmacy on longbeach rd. Southport, NC. Woman pharmacist very rude. Wait time is ridiculous. Need to revamp that pharmacy. Changing to CVS in Leland, NC very nice and helpful people in this location.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 8:51AM
  • My husband and I were just in your cvs in Naples Florida and when we went to check out the clerk, James, was on his cell phone talking. Proceeded to check us out still talking on his phone. My husband finally asked him if he was going to get our rewards number. Is this what you call customer service? Cell phones should not be allowed on the job! The store was on tamiami Trail. I shop at cvs a lot and I don't appreciate this type of service.

    Anonymous 4/10/14 6:12PM
  • In a time when customer service appears to be diminishing , employees have no answers or suggestions, its the customers who are left short changed and somewhat irritated & promise themselves not to return. What a breath of fresh air when I entered your store on McMullen Booth, Northwood Plaza, in Clearwater !!!! Ms Cheryl Kuhles (3804 ) went out of her way to be as pleasant and helpful as humanly possible. You have won me as a lifetime customer and I look forward to visiting CVS and I can only hope Ms Kuhles is there to make it an even more pleasurable experience. I would make her the employee of the year if I had the opportunity. Much thanks, William Cheatham

    Anonymous 4/4/14 6:45AM
  • The CVS Pharmacy Manager at 38th and Main Street in Anderson,IN was extremely rude. Definitely not management material and poor customer service. Instead of assessing the situation, fixing, and apologizing she just snapped at me and denied that my ins was billed wrong and it was my fault. That I never gave them the right ins card...I told them when I first presented to the pharmacy that they had the wrong ins on file. They had my contraceptive ins on file and not my regular prescription insurance. I gave the girl at the register my ins card. she took it from me, n the other girl even stated that it was different n that my ins should pay. I left..leaving my ins card with the tech bc I had to run home real quick, I live 2 mins from the pharmacy, came back to pay for my prescription. She rang me up and it was still the same amount. The girl at the cash register stated that it didn't go thru and the ins denied it. I pd bc there was a long line behind me and went to my vehicle to call my ins. After telling them my prescription name they stated that they do cover I went back inside to notify the pharmacy that they had billed my ins wrong. I walked up to the consultation spot where the manager of the pharmacy was standing. I told her I had my prescription health ins company on the phone to help them bill it correctly, bc this has happened before, n told her that I had them on the phone to help. the manager snapped at me and said that she did not need to talk to anyone on how to do her job. Well...your pharmacy ended up reimbursing me 50 dollars. I never received an apology from the ride manager. I took my business from walmart to cvs bc of poor customer service. Looks like good customer service does not exists!! On the other hand the girl working the cash register at the pharmacy was very pleasant.

    Smh@poorcustomerservice 4/3/14 5:08PM
  • CSHR# ; Loyal customer but have a problem everytime with same cashier. Very rude and bad for business. I please ask that she gets some training in C/S.

    Anonymous 3/29/14 7:03PM
  • I was at the store today 03/29/2014. to get my passport size picture taken. Store clerk (GLADYS) was extremely rude and unprofessional. I was first to arrive at the store but last to leave. It took over 30 minutes just to get 8 picture done. On top of it she did not even give my receipt and when I asked for it, she had already crumbled it which she just threw it on the counter.

    Anonymous 3/29/14 3:05PM
  • To whom it may concern.

    I am protesting your weekly Ad in Daily News Paper because this add is send to all boroughs of New York City. Manhattan makes up the 5 borough of New York and we are not allow to use
    The discount and extra bucks rewards offer. I would like to know why we cannot receive discount when you have 1000’s of CVS stores in NYC. If is good for Bklyn, Bxs, Queens, Staten Is, and
    Everywhere else in the US why are you leaving Manhattan out. This is a concern shopper of CVS for years. You should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for discrimination of New York living in New York City.

    Anonymous 3/28/14 9:46AM
  • before leaving for an extended Bahamian cruise on our boat I had prescription for AccuChek test strips filled at CVS store#3704 in Miami Beach FL on 2/21/14. Opened box today and kept getting error message on meter stating Lot# expired???how could this be when I just purchased recently? Pharmacy sold me test strips that expired 12/31/13 after extended conversation with pharmacist about our travel plans. So, here I sit in Staniel Cay Exumas where there is NO pharmacy on the island with no diabetic testing supplies. I consider this SERIOUS business.
    I have filled out complaint form and read that it may take up to FIVE business days for CVS to contact is Tuesday, march 18, 2014 five business was days will be next Monday! Decided to call customer service international call and spent $30 phone card ON HOLDand gave up. Emailed daughter in states with explanation and pictures of box showing lot#, date and RX information giving her authorization tocontact local CVS for any help in getting new supplies sent to me via Watermaker Flight Service out of FT Lauderdale to Staniel Cay Yacht Club in Exuma, Bahama....she was told sorry, can arrange refund and have Rx transferred to your store so you can pick up and send to Bahamas to your mom but no record of authorization on file to mail meds.....wouldn't matter I'd I was in USA or abroad. I feel this is POOR customer service on part of CVS..this error occurred thru no part of my fault and CVS should do whatever has to be done to correct this issue...I have diabetes....this is MY life and health at stake. I left for cruise thinking I had done everything possible to cover myself but pharmacist in Miami Beach surely dropped ball by not checking inventory lot numbers and pulling expired supplies OFF the shelf in December...And still not in FEBRUARY!!!..I need my test strips and feel CVS has jeopardized my health and surely my well being by being neglectful and non caring. I am very upset with customer service at CVS and will arrange to change my prescriptions to other pharmacy when I get back to USA and will be sure to be very vocal to friends, family and contacts thru Facebook regarding this issue. I can be reached thru email at the address below or you can contact my daughter Amy Bryant in NC 704-877-8908 for info regarding RX and how to send supplies to me. I hope CVS does the right thing.

    Phylpardee 3/18/14 5:13PM
  • I was getting out of my car right in front of the store about 2 .weeks ago. The entire parking lot including the individual spaces was a sheet of ice. I fell and severely bruised my wrist, had contusions on my back and a lump on my forehead the size of a golf ball. The manager called an ambulance for me. I was treated at my local ER and released.My problem was, the store had no forms to fill out an incident report. Most importantly, I called corporate the next day to report the accident and file a claim. I never received a call back. I called the local CVS where it happened and told them my situation. I asked that the manager call me back. He never did. I told the employee who answered the phone how upset I was that the manager never followed up with me to see if I was ok. I was told they gave him the message but still no return call! How can you guys say you care about your customers when I was treated with such blatent disrespect. I absolutely am filing a lawsuit at this point.

    Anonymous 3/2/14 6:51PM
  • I am a frequent shopper at a CVS near my house because it is the closest shopping place. One day after eating out with the family, I went to a different CVS nearby around 11pm to buy some stuff. There were not many customers around. The employee working there that night asked if I needed any help. I said I did not need any help because I was just browsing for stuff to buy. I had a very uncomfortable experience shopping at that CVS because the employee kept following me wherever I went. I felt like the employee kept following me thinking I was going to steal stuff. I have never stolen anything and would never even think about stealing. It was so uncomfortable for me to shop, that I just bought one thing and left the store. Are all CVS stores like that, where they follow customers around like the customers are thieves? There are cameras for a reason, to actually catch people stealing. There is no need to follow customers around and act like you are stocking or putting a product in place, to see if a customer is going to steal.

    Anonymous 2/16/14 12:05AM
  • my local cvs seems to have a tight budget when it comes to snow removal. the store is in a location that receive a good tax break to get the location, yet , when it comes to snow removal for customer access, the funds are very very limited. Over the years here in the northeast, access to the store is only somewhat safe to those who drive into the parking lot, those who walk, fend for themselves. the sidewalk to the store, which is on a corner, is not accessible to walkers. the parking lot is cleared but the sidewalks are NOT! I have photos for a few years when this evident. why is that? cvs Eastern & brandywine ave, schenectady, ny. if you like to see the pics I'd be glad to email them to you.

    cecil224 2/15/14 5:48PM
  • My Mother used her checking at CVS in Xenia Ohio, they said they could'nt use her check and could'nt return it to her, they gave her a refund receipt. She went back to get another perscrpition and tried to use her receipt to pay for it. They would'nt- And it was takin out of her Checking,$44.00. What does she do now? Very rude employees at Pharmacy! This is the only store her insurance will pay! I wish she could go somewhere else!

    Pamela Jenkins 2/14/14 10:06AM
  • The CVS store in Ceres, CA is waaay to slow. My husband and I have to wait a very long time to get a prescription that was called in that morning. A man in line ahead of us had his prescription called in the day before and he still had to wait a long time. He complained to the pharmacy clerk and she said they were backlogged. What does that have to do with us having to wait such a long time? They're supposed to get the order for prescriptions and process it!!! Put them in a bag and process the next order.The loud speaker is rather at a low volume when calling for prescription pickup or they're NOT speaking CLEARLY and at a good audible tone. My husband is hard of hearing and cannot make out what they're saying. I just hate going there. CVS is not caring for customer satisfaction

    Anonymous 2/13/14 2:56PM
  • 2/7/ 2014 drive thru window dropped off script. Returned inside 2/3 hrs later .after waiting in line 20 minutes, I was told 1. I didn't have one 2. Then I had one from the day before but was on hold. I rebutted both. Finally found it from today. On hold not filled .3. Ask why . No one could answer that. So I waited again for her to get the med and have the pharmacist fill and check it, I didn't have to wait long for her. 4. This was not the checkers fault. But no one up the chain will ever ck to see why this happened. My time is weary walkable also. When I go through the correct steps then I expect my participating pharmacy to do the same. Why not change. Because it is near for my needs. This should be my choice , not dependent on problems in the system.......

    Anonymous 2/7/14 8:51PM
  • Will Shop Only Cvs Since Reading Your Announcement Regarding
    Not Selling Cigs !!! Congrats

    Anonymous 2/5/14 3:21PM
  • I can not believe in the midst of a snow storm CVS in Topeka,ks is still open.. The city has closed down for the night and CVS is still open. Let those employees go home, there's 9" of snow on the ground.. Don't forget to value your staff as you would value your customers. This is how people get hurt...

    Anonymous 2/4/14 5:56PM
  • Every time I go to get my inhalers that I have been getting for 5 yrs through this cvs in Machesney park il I get a hassel. They know how many I get but just can not ever get it correct. The lady filling the script cant even add. Had to add the dosage with her to prove her wrong. Now she dose everything in her power to give me a hard time. I am a asthmatic with heart problems and they cant even be nice enough to help make sure I get the correct dosage of meds. CVS concerned.

    Anonymous 1/21/14 6:33PM
  • January 12, 2014

    After having such a terrible experience from meds purchased at CVS Pharmacy .. I took to researching this Teva manufacturer and was confronted with so much negative reports as "Teva's generics are poorly produced in third-world countries and are not the same as their brand-name equivalents. While the main chemical components of their drugs are technically the same, or bio-equivalent (according to the FDA), as the main chemical compound of the name-brand, it is the low-quality precursor chemicals, inferior manufacturing facilities and lack of production oversight that is causing adverse and harmful reactions in consumers that have begun taking generics produced under the Teva Umbrella."

    I really want to believe that CVS is unaware of these such revealing reports ... rather than believe that these cheaper brand, lower quality and life threatening meds are prejudicially reserved for the Medicaid recipient, the poor and the elderly ... I don't want to believe that the hearts of CVS could be so cruel to humanity ...

    In good management, I often monitor my blood pressure ... and as usual before taking a new refill prescription I also take my blood pressure just before and within an hour after taking my first dose ..

    And after taking my first dose of "lot 1308T06 RX # 606246 .. within the hour my blood pressure shot up to 220/120 ... and remained dangerously elevated until I took a previous Diltiazem 180mg of another manufacturer ... which then dropped down to 201/101 .. and further dropped to a safe level through the night ..

    It was on 1-10-14, as written by prescription ... I received two bottles of a 90 count TEVA brand Diltiazem ER 180 mg ... my insurance paid for 60 and I paid for the remainder 120 ...

    Nevertheless ... more importantly now is rectifying this life threatening health situation ... I can't afford such a financial lost and I don't want to continue to suffer due to a bad batch of medicines ...

    And I'm asking that my bad medicine be replaced with a quality manufacturer like Actavis

    Judgment is at the door, "as ye have done it unto one of the least, ye have done it unto me" says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

    Faye 1/12/14 7:35AM
  • I have always had good service at CVS and still do even though it is under different management at the Paris store. The new manager there seems very nice to all of the customers but seems to think she needs to be put on a pedestal because of her degree. This is causing me to be pushed to walmart. If I was working for her, I would be done in a heart beat. I have been there before when she has belittled her technician over something little. Also I have heard that the techs aren't very happy with how they get treated from her. The other new pharmacist there seems very sweet and considerate. Something needs to happen or lots of customers are going to be gone! I am not the only one that feels this way.

    01234 1/4/14 9:12PM
  • Had an extremely bad experience with Edward @ the CVS on Eastwood Road(#3822) located in Wilm NC. Made an almost $100 purchase and once Edward finished bagging my items...his response was "ALL SET"!!!!! No "Thank You"would've sufficed for that I've been employed in customer service with the largest wireless carrier....for the last 8 years.Totally disgusted with Edward's attitude. What did this entire situation in was, I asked Ed if they're supposed to Thank their customers. His exact verbatim(and I quote)" We're SUPPOSED to!!! I was the only African American in the entire store(as it is located in an upper echelon area.SO THIS BRINGS ME TO NOT HELP BUT THINKTHINK THAT I WAS DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. MY FRIEND'S BROTHER IS A LAWYER HERE AND I'LL BE CONSULTING WITH HIM ON NEXT WEEK. MY EXPERIENCE WAS HORRIFIC...AND THAT'S PUTTING IT MILDLY. Had a man that walked twice in front of me AND DID NOT SAY EXCUSE ME! THAT was first encounter. I will be considering legalities.

    kim 1/3/14 10:39PM
  • Your nothing but a bunch of crooks today i changed my son medications to wallmart why cause Plavix was 44.32 CVS was 162.77 Liptor was 74.08 at wallmart CVS was 115.32 coreg 12.5 at wallmart was 4.00 CVS price 40.59 he has no job no money total disabaled the less money you have this company kickes you down I asked for a discount they told me that was their discounted prices.I my self spend 8000,00 to 12000,00 a year with you I did no more screwing me I am contacting a lawer and I have made a call to the atoreny generals office in Texas see if I can sue you for poking my eyes out their are laws out their to help you when big dog companys do this stuff to you this is only a few medications their are many more Im contacting Bill Oriley CBS ,ABC 20/20 and my local tv stations and lulack cause im mexican I now you wont submit

    none 1/3/14 6:13PM
  • For more than a year now, I have used the CVS Pharmacy on Foothills Mall Drive in Maryville, TN. Over time I have experienced incompetence from the pharmacy, rudeness, embarrassment, and misinformation on more occasions than I can count. I have left and gone to Blount Discount Pharmacy several times but the truth is that the convenience of being able to get 90 day prescriptions as opposed to 30 day always brought me back. However, this time, I have left for the last time! I have NEVER been as embarrassed and humiliated by an employee of a company in all of my life, as I was a few days ago. First of all let me specify who was involved. "Stacie" was the tech who was running the cash register and doing most of the interaction with me. "Greg" (I think that is his name) was the pharmacy tech helping to fill prescriptions who laughed at me and made the comment to the Pharmacist, "Here we go again!" Everyone heard him and it only fueled Stacie's already rude attitude. I had brought in a prescription for Latuda (prescribed for depression NOT schitzophrenia as I'm sure Greg thought was so funny) Since the drug was so expensive, my physician had given me a card from the pharmaceutical company for a $75 discount. I activated it the day before I went to pick up the med. When Stacie was given the card, she acted as if she didn't know what to do with it and she informed me that I had to activate it. I explained to her that I had already done so. She went on to say that it was NOT activated and that I could use the phone at the front of the store to call and activate it. I did so. Took it back and she again told me it wasn't activated. I told her that the information with the card said that if I needed help the Pharmacist could call and assist with the card. She said "I don't see that written anywhere on the card and YOU are the one responsible for activating this card. I told her to give it back to me and I would go somewhere else. That is when Greg spurted out, "Here we go again!" followed by a loud and boisterous laugh, drawing everyone in the waiting rooms attention. When I took the card to Blount Discount Pharmacy, I received my medication, and my discount. No problem with the card at all! This is only one of so many things that I have experienced at CVS. Several months ago, I received Metformin prescription for a Mr. Brabson....after having to call for a single dose of a med while on vacation due to running out, I was blessed with having CVS in Maryville refill my prescription the next time with one pill!!!!!!! physicians office has called in or faxed numerous prescriptions and I have ALWAYS been told, "We haven't received anything for you" The last time I called my Dr. while looking at the tech in the pharmacy and she assured me she had faxed it 2 days ago....they went to the back and came back several minutes later and said, "we found will be about 45 minutes if you want to come back.." Why do I have to wait 45 minutes when it has been there for 2 days???? That is always the case at this pharmacy. They call and say my prescription is ready and I go to pick it up and they say it will be 20 - 45 minutes. Blount Discount Pharmacy gets their customers in and out in less than 15 minutes and I have NEVER been told to come back later they are too busy. They smile (no one at CVS knows that this is customer service), they greet you when you come in (you are lucky if you even get recognized after 5 minutes of waiting at the counter at CVA), they say "Thank You" and "Please come back", their prices are less, and I have never gotten anyone elses prescription by mistake! This store is poorly managed and I base this solely on the customer service skills that have NEVER been in place AND the overall operation of filling prescriptions. When people are sick they need to be assured fast and courteous service. Why are you filling prescriptions for people who aren't in the store BEFORE you fill those of clients in the waiting area???? POOR MANAGEMENT! I have reported all of these issues to management and have never gotten anything more than " Well, when you are as busy as we are, you occasionally do make mistakes." I was even told once that maybe I should just find another pharmacy that I would be happy with. I KNOW I am not alone. I hear others complaining at every trip I make about the wait and the attitudes of these people. Please something about this store. They think they are untouchable and can say or do as they please. My only regret is not knowing the names of 2 other ladies who have also been very rude and disrespectful.

    Thank you for your time,

    Jackie Brisson

    Jackie Brisson 12/28/13 6:22AM
  • I received in the mail a pharmacy gift

    card that I could use for a new or

    transferred prescription but so much has

    been going on in my household that I have

    misplaced it. My husband has been in ICU and

    since coming home he has been diagnosed with

    a bad case of the flu. Is there any way that I could get a replacement for this? MY

    Thanks so much for your help! I could really

    use this card now with so much medical


    merchandise 12/11/13 9:26AM
  • My family has uses c v s for years . Till next year we are all taking our business elsewhere the store in pascagoula treat their customers like its a bother to answer a question forget it if you have two. They say your medication is ready you get there and it is not sometimes they don'at even have it in stock. The pharmicist his self is a joke thinking he is a ladies man flirting with the cashiers very professional glad this relationship is over.

    Anonymous 12/4/13 11:56AM
  • The past few weeks CVS has advertised a Hallmark product-Happy Tappers. I can't find it in any stores close to me. I have called some CVS store also and they claim only certain CVS store carry it. Bottom line I can't find them at any store. Why advertise if you don't even carry the product. A Hallmark store told me they haven't carried it for 5 years and that CVS bought them from Hallmark. Where can I find one? Patti Kostya

    Anonymous 12/2/13 7:52PM
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  • I had the most rewarding experience at the cvs store #8266. The Pharmacy staff is unbelievable they are so kind and consecrate I was compelled to post this comment. Mr Norbert in Pharmacy went beyond the call of duty to see that I got a refill on my medication., he made numerous call to the clinic and finally got through on his day OFF! Now that's what I call service... can't bet that. Hats off to you guys and may GOD bless. RobertTrufant

    Bobby Trufant 4/16/14 3:55PM
  • Cvs Pharmacist, Mark. A tall thin man with dark hair this morning at 10:30 am in Paoli, Pa store.The customer was an older women with a list of things she wanted both in the pharmacy & in the store. She was very difficult & the young lady assisting was having trouble meeting her needs & got Mark. Mark & the young lady ran around the store getting her everything on her list with a smile inspite of her unpleasant personality. They should be recognized and rewarded!

    Anonymous 4/8/14 5:07PM
  • I would like to complement CVS store #1013 employees listed below for their outstanding support.
    First, the pharmacy staff including pharmacists Lindsey and Sally, lead technician Jessica, and pharmacy employees Devon, Crystal, Kim and Taylor and Kathleene. My husband and I take care of his mother who is 89 and she takes close to 30 items...pills, vitamins, shots, patches, creams/ointments which we have transferred and filled at 3 CVS stores...Maryland, Indiana, and Florida. These employees are polite, prompt and efficient and make our lives easier. They also were able to print out the yearly medications for tax purposes. The pharmacy seems to be extremely busy yet the staff maintains a level of excellence and professional courtesy. It is why we use CVS as our primary store. I also had a clerk at the front register who caught a coupon that saved me money. Complement also to CVS as a whole for establishing procedures and systems that allow its customers to order and track meds in different states. Many thanks and we hope that these employees get personal recognition. My apologies to any staff members in the pharmacy whom I did not mention. The whole staff works to make the store successful. Sincerely, Elizabeth Nova

    ? 3/28/14 10:06AM
  • Hi, I would like to give a shout out to one of your exceptional employees. Her name is Joanne. I first met her 2-1/2 yrs. ago and I look for her everytime I'm in the store. She is one of the most helpful, courteous, knowledgeable & friendly associate at CVS. Customer Service is so important. I feel like Norm walking into "Cheers" when I walk into the store. Joanne keep up the good work and I hope you are rewarded.

    Sincerely, Diane Bak

    Anonymous 3/18/14 7:09PM
  • Store number 6247, Nassau Bay (across from NASA- the Lyndon Johnson NASA and the space center), has always provided the very best in customer care each and every time for me when picking up a prescription or when purchaseing an item. The employees from the pharmacy department and the employees at the front counter, have ALWAYS provided outstanding service, and always have a wonderful way of speaking and listening to each customer in line. The employees go out of their way to look or find a needed item it I cannot locate it. They provide timely service upon reaching the counter (either pharmacy and front counter), and it is always been a pleasure to shop at this store. Please also Thank the manager for hireing and keeping such a wonderful staff. Please Thank each employee there.

    Anonymous 2/22/14 8:47PM
  • Although I Have Had Problems With Cvs In The Past-pharmicists Eating And Then Filling Scripts And One Even Told Me To Go To A Competitor' I Am Very Pleased With The Professionalism Of One Particular Pharmicist-jasmine S. At A New Store#1193, In Jenkintown,pa. On Numerous Occassions She Has Been Extremely Helpful And Yesterday Was No Exception. She Went Over And Above To Help Me With One Of My Scripts!; A Much Needed Medication! Always Helpful And Attentive To Your Needs At The Store. Thanks.

    NONE 2/19/14 9:12AM
  • Congratulations CVS. I have not been a customer but I will be now. Taking tobacco out of your stores is to be applauded and I will drive out of my way to use your stores. Well done folks!

    R Guthrie
    Oro Valley AZ

    Anonymous 2/5/14 6:05PM
  • I have never shopped at a CVS but after the new information out on the tobacco issue I want to say, "Finally someone in health care really cares about people!" I, for one, will find a CVS in my town and start shopping there. Hopefully others will follow suit and do the same to help make your deficit worries eventually go away. GOOD JOB GUYS!!
    Julie in Minnesota

    jblady 2/5/14 5:05PM
  • Cvs at hwy 326 & 441 Ocala,fl. Had bad service when I first went there aproxx 3years ago but after that all the staff in the pharmacy changed and I have had perfect,very friendly,spot on service every time.Thanks to all the present CVS pharmacy staff.

    wombat 1/21/14 5:32PM
  • Kudos to Baltazar Collazo at your CVS in Immokalee, Fl. He has excellent customer service and is very patience with the customers. The store was really busy and he took the time to answer questions people had and even when there was a really long line. I work in retail over 15 years and have never seen such exceptional customer service! Way to go Baltazar. I would love for him to come work with me at Publix!!

    Lissy 12/25/13 8:16AM
  • I go to the Temecula CVS all the time. I got helped out by Brian and he is the nicest person who works there, he always says hi, and asks how I'm doing...and he always has a smile on his face. He is very sweet and generous with all the customers. I think more people should be like him!

    Nicole 11/11/13 5:03PM
  • I have never done this before but I hope it gets to the right people.My mother always raves about store 4455 and one person in particular, her name is Karen. How she is always helpful and kind. Today I saw this first hand and I have to agree. An elderly man came in and it was clear he needed help even to walk. She stopped everything and went to his side. She stayed with him all the while guiding him and lending her arm for support. I watched after I got in my car she didn't leave his side until he got in his car. We need more people like that. She is one of the angels that walk among us.

    itsathinline 11/6/13 5:14PM
  • Store9643 is the best store ever.they always smile and are verry friendly.there is one employee in particular she is great n fast at check out.i believe her name is Veronica . She's always picking up and helping customers verry sweet girl.she accepts every coupons even if they are expired for a day or so.

    Anonymous 10/11/13 11:37PM
  • I Just Wanted To Let You Know How Nice And Helpful Melissa At The Store In Orange, Tx #6374 Is. I Couldnt Find A Product I Was Over Looking And She Helped Me Find It. She Also Knows When I Come In And If I'm Feeling Down. I Got Bad News And She Took It Upon Herself To Come Give Md A Hug. And I Sure Needed It. Thank You For Having Such A Wonderful Caring Employee

    Anonymous 8/20/13 8:05AM
  • I been reading all this people complaining about CVS everyone has there own opinion I will like to say I been shopping at CVS for years and I love their staff the cashiers are so HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY they always greet me with a beautiful smile and they make me feel welcome! I live in antelope valley I been to all CVS STORES out here and I have to say Quartz hill Cvs is the best!!!!

    Anonymous 8/16/13 9:08AM
  • On july 20 i went to the CVS at 3535 S Jefferson ST. Baileys crossroad, VA. One of the cashiers helped me a lot and showed me how to use a coupon. This the second time to get excellent customer service from Mr. Woldekidan. He showed be the exact location of the item i was locating. I was a right aid customer but now i signed up online for the extra care that CVS provides because of Mr. Woldekidan.

    Kidist 7/29/13 1:15PM
  • I wanted to give some much earned praise to a CVS employee I had the opportunity to work with on 7/18/13. This was at the CVS store at 11000 N Military Trail
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Her name was Soroyal and she helped me in the photo area of the store. She was approachable, pleasant, and kind - qualities that seem all too rare in customer service these days. She was more than helpful at providing me, other employees, and additional customers with assistance. I hope you recognize employees that show exemplary customer service and provide a great face for your company.

    Anonymous 7/21/13 6:23PM
  • I shop at the cvs in Portsmouth,ohio on st rt.23(old Scioto trail)and always receive outstanding service.the staff there is friendly and the store manager is often on the floor asking customers if they need daughter recently graduated from high school and it was an emotional time for me because she is my only child.i went to cvs to use the Kodak kiosk to make a picture dvd and all the cashiers and the store managers showed me how to use the kiosk and talked to me and shared experiences while waiting on this process(it took about 2 hours).I returned the following weekend which was graduation day because I noticed they had a helium tank and I needed to blow up balloons for the grad party and they blew them up for me and for free!!this is what I call excellent service!!!the staff talk to me and treat me like they really care and therefore I have an excellent experience every time I come there!!

    trudi collins 6/3/13 10:36AM
  • Went to CVS 8378 today and received great customer service from Maureen on register 1. She was very polite and helpful.

    Anonymous 5/14/13 5:02PM
  • I visited the CVS Pharmacy on Miller Road, Columbus, GA today, 5/13/13. I will be changing pharmacies because for the last 2-3 months, everytime I call in a prescription to be refilled and give a time, when I arrive, I am told that the prescription is not ready. Example: on Sunday, 5/12/13, I placed a call to the above pharmacy to refill (1) prescription and said that I would be there today, 5/13, at 12 noon to pick it up. It was not ready. No reason for it not being ready was given. The only satisfying part of the trip was the Cashier, Wanda Sanders. She was very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Anonymous 5/13/13 9:59AM
  • I visited the CVS pharmacy on Miller Road, Columbus, GA at noon today. I would like to issue a very deserving compliment to the Cashier in the Pharmacy, Wanda Sanders. She is the most pleasant person and always helpful. I hope CVS recognizes her value to the customer.

    Anonymous 5/13/13 9:54AM
  • I stopped going to CVS because the pharmacy kept making mistakes, but I went in today to try and find some makeup and I met Kaelie Ann Nicoll and she blew me away with her customer service skills and attitude. I was a supervisor and ran 11 departments and if I could of had Kaeli on my team I would be grateful. She took care of 3 customers at one time , is very knowledgeable about products and extremely helpful with a smile on her face. I would make her management to train all of your new employees.....BECAUSE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EVERYTHING!!!! She is a gem...Kim Jones

    Kaeli Ann Nicoll 5/7/13 1:38PM
  • CVS is my choice since the local mom and pop pharmacy went out of business years ago and some of the folks from there wednt to work at CVS. They are responsive to all of my questions and sensitive to my individual needs. If there are any communication issues with doctors or refill availability they always extend themselves to ensure that I'm always taken good care of.

    Dave_Connecticut_Republican 4/10/13 4:54AM
  • The manager Sherry at the Ironton, Ohio store is wonderful. She intervened when my elderly father was attempting to be scammed in a money laundering type situation. She was ever so kind, and helpful. She was looking out for my fathers best interest and protected him from being robbed. She always greets us with a smile and extends a helping hand. We enjoy shopping at Cvs. She's a true asset to the company.

    RiggsJackJr 3/21/13 8:53PM
  • I have tried to call and thought everything was taken car of but it seems that there is still an issue with coupons being transferred to my CVS card. The persons that helped me were very kind but when I tried to use the coupons the card still did not reflect them. card number please make sure all coupons are on the card as I would prefer to use the coupons this way instead of having to present a paper coupon Thank you

    Susan Orloff 3/17/13 2:34PM

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