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Casio customer service is ranked #419 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.68 out of a possible 200 based upon 17 ratings. This score rates Casio customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


16 Negative Comments out of 17 Total Comments is 94.12%.


1 Positive Comment out of 17 Total Comments is 5.88%.

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  • I sent an e-mail to Tracey, at customer service at Casio on 05/13/2014. I requested a free watch band replacement. Her e-mail was Tracey said, that she would forward the pictures to her boss. The e-mail consisted of pictures of the watch band of a Casio Pathfinder The watch band was first changed in less than 1 year because it was defective. The buckle is to narrow for the band. I replaced the band which I bought thru Casio. Again, it has worn out in the same place. Waiting patiently for 1 month, I had no response and re sent a 2nd text on 06/12/2014. I, my family, or any friend will NEVER buy a Casio product again

    juanete44 6/19/14 6:02PM
  • Casio sucks....

    Two years ago I purchased a watched from Casio for £60. Recently, moisture entered the watch and although the watch still worked, the condensation makes reading the time difficult. The watch was still under warranty. Nevertheless, Casio want to charge me £53.60 to repair, blaming me for the leak. Bearing in mind that this cost together with the postage costs to return the watch to Casio more or less costs the same as the watch did in the first place, I think not. Needless to say, I will never buy any Casio products again.

    Anonymous 6/12/14 9:18AM
  • I bought a phone on a Mon. Military grade. By Wed. it was totally cracked. The phone dropped from my husband's pocket. 2 feet. The phone is rated for a 5 foot drop. I tried to contact someone on it. All I got was the run around. This is the worst company I've had to deal with in a long time. Customer care is very low on the priority list. DO NOT BUY from CASIO!!!

    Anonymous 7/26/13 1:13PM
  • I bought a Casio digital camera in Spain, in June last year and since I bought it, I have been having problems with trying to switch it on and this message "error in optics" showed up sometimes.

    I sent it back for repair 4 times. The first time, in Spain, the Casio services sent it back with no repairs and a letter explaining that the camera had no problems at all. The second time, here in the UK (repair ), your services sent it back explaining that the optical lens was replaced, but the lens got stuck when I switched it on, along with the same problems as before. So, when I sent it for repairs the third time (repair ), your services sent it back to me explaining that there are still no problems with the camera. Then, the camera stopped working at all, no message or anything. I sent it to you once again (repair n.º and I asked you to replace it with a new camera. You sent it back again with some replaces.

    However, the camera has still the same problem. It will be one year on the 1st of June since my purchase, and Iâ??ve never been able to use it properly.

    Iâ??m sending the camera back and I want my money back! I will start to make a formal complaint.


    Marina Travassos

    Mar 5/28/13 3:23AM
  • Despite sending proof that the watch was still under warranty, Casio quoted a repair price of $54 including return shipping with no way to appeal it and no way of getting the item back without at least paying for shipping. After paying their exorbitant quote almost immediately, it took a further 3 weeks to get the item back. Returned a bad rating on the card and will contact them, but I wanted the watch back, so it's my fault that I paid.

    Dave1959 12/30/12 6:31AM
  • I would never, ever buy another product from this company. They don't have any product support at all. I bought a Casio PX 730 piano two years ago and the peddle assembly broke. Guess what? Casio no longer makes the part. $800 down the drain. The only saving grace is the fact that Costco agreed to take it back with a full refund. Absolute garbage. If it says Casio don't buy it.

    Richard 12/5/12 2:34PM
  • I purchased a Casio G Shock watch from 9 mos ago. One of the function buttons cracked and I sent it in for repair assuming it would be covered under warranty. WRONG! They gave me an estimate of $45 plus $8 for s&h. (The watch cost $90) I called and tried to explain that I had not abused the watch and this had also happened to a previous G Shock. They would not budge. I went ahead with the repair under protest. I will not purchase another Casio Product.

    Anonymous 6/28/12 9:48AM
  • I should have NEVER turned from Yamaha, Korg and M-Audio to Casio for supplying my music program. I thought one of their digital pianos was nice and nicely priced. I would pay much more for a unit from anyone BUT Casio. One of three units came with broken key. No big deal unless you try to get a response from Casio. I have, in over 25 years, never witnessed such poor customer support. Horrible. Their marketing is horrible too. I will now steer over 400 music students a year AWAY from Casio. What were they thinking?

    Michael G Russo 6/9/12 2:23PM
  • I Bought a Casio DW 6900 online directly from Casio.The second day I had the watch it stopped working.I sent it in for repair and they sent me a quote for 68.50.They said it had a small crack in the bezel were water seeped in,which is not covered by casio.Dont buy a Casio

    Blitz 6/2/12 5:15AM
  • I bought a CASIO ctk-720 MIDI capable a few months ago expecting to use it with my Laptop (A WINDOWS 7). WRONG! I've been looking everywhere for a way to get it to work on this laptop! I have called CS several times. The first couple of times I was told there is a chance that new software would be available soon. So I kept this keyboard. I called in December and was told there would NEVER be a software compatible. Now I am stuck with a useless CASIO ctk-720. CS Reps are very rude. Asked to speak to a manager a few times was told a manager was not available but would return my call. That has not happened! I am reporting to BBB.

    Anonymous 2/1/12 9:21AM
  • Sent a Casio Exilim FH100 to the repair center because it appears to be "banding" and turning the sky into a gray blob. After nine days I had no response and called on a Saturday to find they tested it and found it to be normal. I had shared a video with them and they had made a printout for the repairman. No indication of when they might choose to send it back and the Saturday answering service said it could not notify them that I had called. I was advised to spend part of my work day Monday calling them to discuss why there is no communication. I told them I actually need to do my job at work.

    AKM 11/19/11 8:26AM
  • I recently purchased a watch from The reason I purchased from them was that they were the only ones that has the watch I wanted. The watch I wanted has a black face and black band. The same watch with a silver face was on many other websites selling for half the price. So I bought the more expensive watch directly from Casio to get the color that I wanted. So the watch took two weeks to arrive and they sent me the wrong watch. So I called them up and they said it would talk two days to e-mail a new shipping label to send it back to them. So I sent it back to them, but since they are super cheap they used the slowest shipping method that took two weeks. So the watch finally got back to them and they didn't send me the watch that I orginally ordered. So I called them and they said that they needed to process the watch that I didn't want into the system before they would send me a new one and they said it would take two days....however, they had received it four days prior. The customer service rep said it was my fault for ordering the wrong watch. No, I said, I ordered exactly what I wanted, you sent me the wrong watch. So they finally sent me the new watch and I checked the shipping number they sent me and it says that they choose the slowest possible shipping method and it is going to take a month to arrive. Two frigging months to get a watch when I could have got it from the store down the street the same day. I am never purchasing another Casio product the rest of my life. You suck Casio@

    CASIO SUCKS 8/2/11 11:22PM
  • My camera received a "Lens Error." The camera was still covered under warranty for another 6 months, so we mailed the product to casio and received a new camera about 2 weeks later. When I took the new camera out of the box, I turned it on, took a picture to test the quality, and immediately, the "Lens Error" popped up again. I called customer service, and was assured I would be emailed about a "Paid Postage" label to send the camera back to them. Two weeks later, I called about the postage label, and the woman said there was no postage request submitted, so she submitted a second one. Two more weeks later, I called, only to be told I could put in a third request for postage: I told them no, I'd pay for it myself. The camera was sent in, and 6 weeks passed before I called to check the status of the repair, still under the 1 year warranty.
    The woman I spoke with told me it would cost $90 to replace the camera, because it is neither my fault, nor casio's that the "Lens Error" continued to appear. She told me I could either pay the money or send the camera to the garbage. I sent it to the garbage because she offered no help, nor did the "Manager" for whom I left several unreturned phone calls and message inquiring about the status of my camera. Not to mention how rude the woman was to us.
    We've always purchased casio products when we could and we never will again because they are not customer-friendly. We refuse to jump through anymore hoops for them, as well as many other people we've encountered who've had the same issues with casio, thank goodness we're not the only ones.

    gelpkers 1/11/11 12:05PM
  • I was seriously considering purchasing the new Green slim projector with the case, that's about a $2,200 sale that would have been made had I not been pass around. Actually, I was given a number to call so they couldn't transfer. Each time I had to provide the same information only to be told, I had to call someone else (heck I was just inquiring about the service SLA as anyone who was purchasing a $2K item would). The final woman kept asking me to speak up. Even after I removed my headset and when to the receiver she kept asking me to repeat everything I was saying. Finally, I hung up and out went their sale. If I get this kind of service pre-sale can you image dealing with a repair department. And to think, I was going to advocate this projector with our procurement department. Not going to happen now.

    EFWard 6/16/10 6:30AM
  • Bought a EX-FH100 camera online and after a couple of days realised that the date and time were not being saved. Returned the unit to Casio - they said it would be returned within two weeks.
    Now it is five weeks later - the (useless) website just says awaiting parts - this is a brand new camera ! and each time I call I get a apology and no action only the same message it will be ready at the end of this week
    Totally unacceptable - they refuse to provide a replacement. This is the last Casio product I will ever buy

    Robs 6/1/10 10:58PM
  • I bought a Casio watch no. 2747 at Walmart with no user manuel and cannot set the time. The hands will not move to the correct time. They said get on line to find a user manuel and would not take the watch back and I cannot find a user manuel. What good is the watch if I can't change the time?

    Rich 4/1/10 8:34PM
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  • Casio's tech support line is very very friendly and helpful, but I've heard many bad things about them it is really the service/repair center that is the el craper of Casio but the tech support line is awesome and they are very friendly. Give them a call, John

    Go Casio Tech Support 3/23/09 7:34PM

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