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Chevrolet customer service is ranked #354 out of the 705 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.39 out of a possible 200 based upon 320 ratings. This score rates Chevrolet customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


297 Negative Comments out of 320 Total Comments is 92.81%.


23 Positive Comments out of 320 Total Comments is 7.19%.

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  • still waiting on hold

    chevy ss need tech support...

    Anonymous 4/2/14 8:11AM
  • To whom this may concern I toss your wallet purchase a 2005 Chevy Cobalt in 2006 I have been having nothing but problems with this car since is there any way that I can get a dealers discount on trading for another Chevy now sorry call and they have my car in the shop to get it fixed its been already called twice this year no twice last year and I've been putting nothing but money and money in it I have electrical problems the speakers blow that the signals don't work sometimes I've replaced almost everything in his car and it still gives me problems if you can help me please do thank you and you have a blessed day don't get me wrong I love Chevy is but this one is driving me Berzerk

    Anonymous 3/26/14 10:10AM
  • Dear Sirs, We purchased a 2014 Tahoe in December, we have enjoyed it. But most of all I'd Like to thank you for the safety of the vehicle. March 16, 2014 I was hit by a drunk driver. The Tahoe was totaled and I came out alive. It truly saved my life. Thank you. Pamala

    pamalacarney 3/25/14 12:52PM
  • I recently visited my local dealership here in vero beach Florida as i usually do because i perfer to do business where my car was purchased. To say the least todays visit was awful. When i pulled in to the service department i was not greeted by anyone and when an associate did come over he just asked me was there anyone that i would perfer to help me i said no,i just wanted an oil change,so he said ok give me a few minutes so i can finish with some customers, which i did not see him helping anyone at the time.Meanwhile i stood there and as i waited about four or five associates walked right by me as if i wasnt there. Neither one asked me if i needed help or was i being helped, and not one of them said hello. Poor customer service at its best. After sometime the young man came back and said give them a few minutes someone will be with me shortly. At that time i was aggravated and disgusted at the service that i left without getting my oil chnge and i went to firestone where i recieved excellent service and was greeted as soon as i ealked in the door. I wil no longer be spending my money at your chevy dealership in vero beach fl. Until there service improves. This reuined my day and you have lost a faithful customer. Sincerely disgusted customer lakesha R.

    Anonymous 3/24/14 8:33AM
  • I have cruze 2011 model and have given for service this week to bin hamoodah service cnetre . Every time i used to have more problems after the service. The same happened this timealso. they have charged 1800 AED from me for service . Pathetic service ...

    Dony 3/17/14 10:27PM
  • I have a 2007 Malibu which I drive back and forth to work everyday on the highway. On Wed. 2/26/14 I felt a pulsing vibration while driving on the highway. A short while later I lost the power steering completely which needless to say was very dangerous trying to get to the side of the highway in heavy traffic with no power steering. I had to have my car towed to my local mechanic who told me that the problem was in the electronic power steering system. The parts were ordered at a cost of $856.54 and the total cost with labor was $1272.07. I have since been on-line and read page after page of problems with the electronic power steering for this year Malibu. I, as well as many others are wondering why this very dangerous problem has not been handled with a recall. Please advise.

    Rick 3/6/14 9:13AM
  • Hi!! I have a chevy a cavalier! 2005!! Could ya please tell me how all.four window motors can burn up at the same time!! I am a widow and in bad health raising a grandchild! They cost to much to fix, so we have no windows!! I know ya have had problems with windows!! I how can this be please!! Thank you for your time!! My email!! If soneone gets this maybe then i can find out why they all went bad at once!! Than you

    Anonymous 3/2/14 10:41AM
  • Too CEO.Chevy.I have a 1989 chevy celebrity wagon 1989 that I bought in2002 with 54,000 miles on it and it had set under a tree for several years.It seems all the forieng co's want too brag about thier cars Well so do IIn 2012 I drove it from Florence,Oregon too reading,PA. when I left Florence It had exactly 200,000.1 miles on the OD.the gps got me lost abit so when I got here loaded down I hadmiles on it.everything works great and the Mechanic I took it too when I got here could not believe that this old Marine and the wagon got here nor in what great shape mechanically it is in His name is John Croft 114 Revere Blvd. Reading,PA. phone He is one honest Man.Anyway I am moving too AZ in April AND am driving my beloved chevy wagon Without any thought of it not taking me another 2,400 miles.After that and an oilchange she is going too get a new paint job.You build great cars and at age 73 I would never buy anything but a chevy a used one of course never will afford a new one no need too Thank your employee's for doing great work.John beffa

    Captjac 10 2/22/14 12:11PM
  • I bought a new Chevrolet Traverse 2014 and noticed problems with the chrome on the two lights. I informed GM service about it, took my car there and had it replaced on two occasions (right and left light), I had to spend time at the showroom even thou this was 2014 model and just few months old.

    Now the problem I have with GM is:-

    what guarantee this problem will not lead to another, since the new car was opened, can lead to something else? I noticed it is now as it was earlier.

    I have written to General Motors in UAE direct but they do not want to write back or even acknowledge there was a problem. The have not even taken time to look at the car or even ask. As a customer should I be running after them? They did not even read the mail properly said they tried calling me once??

    Also I had to follow up from my end as the person, as she seemed very busy to even write back after few emails? and says she tried getting in touch with me but i did not see that?

    I was all for Chevrolet brand, but with the service i received from me earlier two car, I will NEVER recommend Chevrolet or GM to anyone, especially in this region.

    UAE Chevi 2/20/14 9:10PM
  • with the chevy volt why not put a generater on the cars back wheels with water proof coated box that should solve the energy proplem right? email me if you think that it would work thank you

    Darrellabney196 2/19/14 10:45AM
  • AVOID HOMESTEAD CHEVROLET in South Florida---Horrible Service Department , OVERPRICED on Labor and Parts, and not to be trusted...I was a customer from the old Blake Days and was treated fairly in the past, absolutely NOT a CUSTOMER SERVICE PLACE anymore, DO NOT GO THERE TO GET YOUR GM VEHICLE SERVICED...This will be posted at other sites...I am thoroughly disgusted with them.

    Anonymous 2/17/14 7:47PM
  • Dear sir i want a plan purchase new Chevrolet tavera but Mumbai registration not aveleble says so what I do give me idia & give me qout 10seater tavera car plz

    Anonymous 2/6/14 11:31PM
  • My Matiz reg 08 with only 13500 miles now been told the alternator needs replacing. I'm very shocked as the car is very low mileage but cannot get any help with customer service.

    paulineburland@ymail.ccom 1/24/14 11:57AM
  • Why does GM supply such inadequate remote control starters with their car? I recently purchased a 2013 Camaro and paid good money for it too. The remote that came with it has poor range but worse than that it is not a two-way remote. I have to be within sight of my car to see if it has started using the remote. This totally defeats the purpose of having one. Why don't they supply a quality remote if they say they are the best in the business?

    Anonymous 1/23/14 10:44AM
  • sir, I can paid an amount of Rs.5000/- for booking advance for UVA sail in Nov.13. Later, I will cancelled my car booking. That onwards the sales executive by name surya rao (Surya) and others, Vizag didnt give my amount after cancellation amount Rs.1500/-. I am asking for cancellation amount and so many times visiting the Chevrolet office still there is no clearance for cheque. I am going to cour for further proceedings. Thanking you, Eswara Rao,

    Anonymous 1/21/14 10:22PM
  • I brought a 2013 Malibu and three weeks later the fuel pump was defected. I took it in for service and just so happened someone I know worked there. They told the mech. to fix it right and he responded by saying " this car has been in here for this before, I will be sure to fix it this time". He thought it was his co worker car. Three days later my car had loud noises coming from it. Of course the tires from a rotation. Never again. This dealership is located in Michigan. One thing I have noticed is they are liars from the upper managers to the salesperson. OVERPRICED ON EVERYTHING!

    Peaches 1/2/14 2:22PM
  • Chevrolet Corporations:
    I recently purchased a 2012 Chevy Malibu. I purchased this car because some of the awesome features that was shown to me, including the gas mileage. Because I travel thirty minutes to work and back from work I thought that this car would be a good investment and help me save money. For seventeen years all I've ever owned were Chevrolets. My first car was a Chevy Camero. This month marks 2 years that I have had the Malibu and already it has been in your corporation shop more than three times. I'm very displeased and don't have no other alternative but to write you and let you know that I cannot afford to get out of this car or I would be upside down, but I cannot rely on this car because it keeps stopping everywhere I go. This makes it very sad to say but this is my first time being in this situation. I've always held Chevrolet on a high pedal stall and now am displeased and angry. I have Warranty on this car but they cannot seem to find out what's wrong with this car, for me to have to continuously bring it back to your repair men. Please know that they are very nice and have tried to handle this situation to the best of their ability, but I don't think they know what else it could be. The first time I brought it I was out of pocket $250.00, and this is with a warranty. This is very upsetting and I hope that something can be done about this situation.

    RC 12/10/13 12:15PM
  • I went to Ed Bozarth in Las Vegas to sell them my 2007 Turbo Diesel 4 door lifted Silverado with 58,500 miles, where we have had it serviced. They offered to buy it for $26,500. I came back later and they reneged on their offer stating that they don't buy lifted trucks back, even though they had a used one on their car lot for sale. When I asked for further clarification they wouldn't tell me anything. Its pathetic that their word isn't good for a few hours, but other places like Car Max guarantee their word for 7 days. Poor customer service, no explanation, rude sales people. My wife and I both drive Chevys, buying Fords from now on.

    sahinde 11/29/13 5:37PM
  • Took my HHR to gill Chevrolet in Columbus Ohio for a transmission problem.they said about a week to three weeks later they tell me they haven't even started on it.what a load of crap.I'll be finding a different repair shop.

    Will 11/26/13 12:02PM
  • As I have never previously owned a Chevrolet nor experienced owning any other brand of car in Malaysia I wondered if you could be so kind as to advise on the following: Real Chevy Experience.

    Is it normal when you drop off your car for a service for the dealer to drive 650kms in your car without your permission?

    Is it normal to smoke in a customers car when you send it for a service?

    Is it normal for the recovery services you have as part of the warranty to be subject to you buying the insurance for your car through as certain dealer? if it is, is it normal to not tell your customer about this?

    Is it normal for you to be told that the car needs to be towed back to the dealer (1 week after its service) and because the car is over 12 months old you will have to pay for the recovery of the vehicle?

    Is it normal for a car to inform you that it has an error by displaying a code and you as the owner do not have a list of what those mean?

    Is it normal to have an error code in the driver information display the first time after you get the car back from its first service?

    Never Again! 11/22/13 9:51PM
  • My name is Jonathan Kiral. I own a 2012 Chevy silverado. I am from Pittsburgh and was on vacation. Got 2 flat tires in ocean city, maryland. Called roadside assistance. They towed truck to a Chevy dealership on fri at 330 pm. Not knowing that I wouldn't receive it until Monday. I was to go home sat morning. Chevy did not give me a rental veichael of any sorts even tho it's part of my warranty. I asked numerous times! Ihad to stay 2 extra nights and had to use a taxi to get to dealership which is Bennett in Berlin Maryland. When arriving lady said 101 for one flat tire. The others were fine. Rip off. Also was told by roadside assistance it would be free of charge. Spoke to gm customer care, and did absolutely nothing. I think it is horrible how I was treated. I was lied to from roadside assistance. In total from staying two extra nights I paid 345 for hotel. Also taxi ride to location 38. And still have to pay them 101 for a plug in one tire. I also have a 2011 Chevy camaro and a 2013 Chevy cruze. This will be the last time I ever purchase a veichael from you again!

    Jonathan Kiral

    Jonathan Kiral 11/18/13 3:29PM
  • If I were you I would not take my Chevy to Huntington beach Chevrolet for service. I have many times, very poor workmanship and they don't stand behind their work.when you have a problem with work they have done, they don't take responsibility for their poor work, stating either they went paid for out.example they replaced the controls on my steering wheel the buttons work but no longer light up.when asked they said they got paid to replace them and them not lighting up is something is have to pay for again. The upper transmission seal they replaced, is leaking again within six months and they want to charge me$75 dollars to rack it and check their work. Its leaking from the same spot. When I pick out up 9 times out of ten its my grey interior is soiled with grease. The service manager offered a free detail that I have not been able to get because there is always some excuse with the detail department, I've spent around 8 thousand dollars there this year and will not give them another penny. Its a scam, they take your money do poor work and don't even stand behind it, chances are when you leave you'll have other problems that you will have to take it back for, problems that never existed before they serviced it. Yours truly a very unhappy one pay customer and a ex customer who took his truck to Chevy and even paid more because its a dealership and you expect more.

    don't shop Huntington beach Chev 11/13/13 11:04PM
  • FYI, i had lodged my report to Chevrolet HQ in Malaysia but no reply till to-date. This is very poor services and bad experienced in my life. After i have received automated response confirming they have received my report, no one from Chevrolet customer service called me. I have been tried to call them and leave messages, but no one return my call or doing follow up. Please find below my complaints and really hope i you can find way to make settlement of my unsatisfaction on your services and as a royal customer, i hope you can consider my case.

    Thank you.

    Previous email received from your customer service in Malaysia

    Dear Maria Said, This is an automated response confirming that we have received your request and has been assigned as Service-related ticket. Our Support Specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.. Our Standard Average Response Time for all support request is 24 hours. Should you wish to contact us directly, we can be reached at

    Category: Service-related

    Name: Maria Said

    Message: I am very upset with chevrolet service centre called Bangi Car Sales Sdn. Bhd located at Lot 711, Jalan Bangi Batu 18, Sungai Tangkas, Kajang, Selangor. Today (30/9/2013 @ 9.30am), as regular customer, i went to Bangi Car Sales Sdn. Bhd for normal services (every 10,000km). At the same time, i had make complaint where sounds came from aircond part when i switch on the aircond. I realised this sounds happened since last saturday, 28/9/2013. I asked them to find out the problem. In the afternoon @ 12.30, Bangi Car called me (Ms Eerisha) told that my car is ready for pick up after normal services (changed engine oil, oil filter & brake fluid). I did asked her about the sounds problem either can be solved or not. I was suprised when she said the sounds caused by aircond compressor and can't be repaired. In other word, i need to replace a new compressor and the BIG ISSUE now, i had purchased a new compressor from Bangi Car and installed by their mechanic on 5/1/2012 with total amount RM1,400.00 including the following : 1 unit compressor - RM1,300.00 Refill A/C Gas - RM 80.00 Labour charge - RM 45.00 6% Service Tax - 2.70 Discount - 27.70 Total =RM1,400.00 Since i'm not happy with what they have told me, i asked them to check again and let me know the actual problem. But, no one called me to update the status until 4.00pm. I've tried call Bangi Car a few times, the line was engaged and when i call again, the person in charge was on line and i left a message to the operator to return my call, no one cares until i text thru' Ms Tanny's hp (owner/big boss) asked for my car status, she just replied her staff will assist me. Can you imagine how they treat me and waste my time? Since i need to go back at 5.15pm and really need my car, i called again Tanny's hp and no answered @ pick up my call. At 5.00pm, i went to Bangi Car to pick up my car and I make complaint to Ms Tanny (owner/big boss) and i can't accept they give a a reason that my aircond compressor had problem again and need to changed again less than 2 years after i bought/replace a new ones. This is very ridiculous thing and Ms Tanny said, Bangi Car is no more doing servicing in aircond since they faced a lot of problems. As a loyal customer to chevrolet service centre, since i bought this car in 2006, i never send to other service centre for doing servicing and maintenance. Although sometimes i feel upset with certain things, but i still preferred to get servicing from original part from authorised chevrolet service centre in Bangi which nearby with my office. For your information, i still kept the official receipt (no. CS806991) for purchased compressor thru' Bangi Car Sales Sdn. Bhd. And i did realised this receipt with no mechanic's name who are responsible to install/repair the compressor on that time. And the second copy of the receipt was not the original (photostat copy). Compared to other normal servicing receipt, each receipts stated mechanic's name and a second copy is original too. I wonder there must be something wrong somewhere since Ms Tanny do not want to cooperate with me and keep asking and looking for mechanic who in charge on that time. When i realise how ridiculous these scenarios are, i had told them that i am not dealed with the individual but i am dealing with your company. I really hope something that is unbelievable experienced which i went thru', can be take into your high attention and consideration and the most important thing, the justice to your loyal customer like me and for the sake of Chevrolet's image and reputation. Please take action accordingly and thanking you in advanced for your cooperation. Regards, Maria Said Bandar Baru Bangi Selangor Malaysia

    Anonymous 10/29/13 7:06PM
  • always get someone in the phillipines and they will not connect you to someone in the USA

    Anonymous 10/22/13 2:11PM
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT buy from David Mauss Chevy in Sanford. They took over a month and 4 visits to fix my tint. They said to compensate me I would get 2 years of oil changes. When I took it to get the oil change they said I do not have any service plan for me. I called the dealership and the MANAGER said it is not their fault they put it in in aug 30th. Then he gave me the number to roadside assistance and stopped taking my calls. SCAM!!!! DO NOT GO THERE!!

    No not go to David Mauss 10/19/13 10:16AM
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  • My name is Stephen B Helfrich, I have a cobalt 2007. the signal switch will not shut off when I turn. The part must be cheaply manufactured. Never have I seen such a issue. Plus its expensive to fix. What if I fix it an it breaks again, chevy makes out. What a rip off.

    stephen b helfrich 2/14/14 10:35AM
  • On travelling through Kentucky recently I had trouble with my 2007 2500HD Silverado Pickup. The fuel pump had gone bad and I was on a tight sales schedule. The parts for the truck were not available for a week and the repairs where going to take about the same. Herb Jones Auto Group in Elizabethown KY not only quickly diagnosed the problem, but where also most helpfull in negotiating a great deal on a new 2013 2500 Z71 diesel truck for us. Since we were travelling they could easily have taken advantage of us but they did not and in fact did everthing they could to be helpful and gave us a very reasonably deal on our 2007 truck. I wnat to say thank you to them through GM for their honesty and helpfulness. Honesty and integrity is still alive int he USA

    Anonymous 5/6/13 12:18PM
  • i own 3 gm products 2007 GMC Denali Cadillac CTS-V Corvette Z06 ALL VEHICLES ARE PERFECT NEVER 1 PROBLEM FROM ANY CANT WAIT TO GET NEW Camaro ZL1. jimmy asheboro NC. the only problem i have is i cant seem to get a dealer to trade for a camaro ZL1 WANT TO TRADE CORVETTE AND CADILLAC. Love gm products they are the best just wish i could get a little bit of help after i spent $200,000.00 on cars in last 5 years with them. I did my part helping a great get back to greatness.

    JAMES 4/6/13 3:24AM
  • I wanted to take the time to comment on the excellent service I received from your employees at Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza in Nevada, particularly Lee Sproul and Brent K. I was an out of state customer and had taken my parents into Vegas for Dr. appts. The next morning when I went out to my car I found that I had a flat tire. I have a 2011 Chevy Traverse and thought I had some kind of warranty on my tires. They did everything they could to help find the information to no avail. They told me I could take my car while they worked on the spare. I received the call that they were able to save my tire and to come to the shop so they could put the tire back on my car. They showed me where the glass had gouged the tire and how they fixed it. I was worried and told them I drive the back desert road to get back home in southern California. They assured me I would be fine. They also put my spare back where it was supposed to go and secured everything back to its proper place. The best thing was I was not charged! I figured being from out of state I could get "hosed"....need a new tire..labor...etc. The tire is still perfect.
    This happened a few weeks ago but in these busy times it's hard to sit down and write especially when it's not a complaint.
    These guys and the other employees there treated me great and if I ever have any problems with my car while visiting my parents again I will not hesitate to take my car to Pahrump Valley Auto Plaza.
    Thanks for the great service.

    Mrs. B. 2/15/13 9:28AM
  • January 10, 2013
    To: GM Chevrolet
    Re: Chevrolet Service
    As our economy struggles to recover I, as a consumer have the responsibility of spending what little disposable income I have on the things that matter to me the most. When searching for professional quality of service at a cost effective price. Often I have found the expense not worth the services or the products rendered. I have embraced the notion that profits matter more to the big companies than what they offer in return for my money. On a couple of previous occasions my experience with Chevrolet Vehicle repair service appeared not to be lacking in this regard.
    My previous letter of service complaint was intended to make others more conscious of the fact you don’t always get what you pay for and not to shame anyone into offering a refund. I felt a need to express my feelings of helplessness with regard to dealing with big companies for their services.
    On January 09, 2013, to my surprise I was contacted by Chevrolet Service Managers Tony from Bical Chevrolet in Long Island NY and Rick from Casey Chevrolet in Newport News VA. Both gentlemen expressed their sincere concern about my experiences at their respective Chevrolet service locations. They both made considerable efforts to try to resolve my issues with some satisfaction. I have been giving some measure of closure having my vehicle serviced properly at a fair expense at Bical Chevrolet and with incentive to consider Casey Chevrolet motors for my future automotive needs.
    I now feel the need to express my new feelings of thanks and appreciation to Rick and Tony for the time and efforts they took to make my current and future experiences at their businesses a more positive one.

    G Warren

    logman 1/10/13 3:16AM
  • Hello my name is Clayton(Chip) Goodwin and I bought a2012 Chevrolet Sonic from Heritage Automotive in Lawrenceburg, TN two months ago. I am very pleased with the vehicle, but the reason I am sending this email pertains to the customer relation of Heritage Automotive. Yesterday I took my new Sonic to the Heritage to have it checked out due to a short that cut all power to the car. I had to wiggle the attachment to the battery just to get the car to start. After scheduling an appointment for the next day to have it serviced I returned to my car to find that I was unable to get power to the car. Dan(car salesman) remembered me from two months prior buying the car, and came over to check on me. When discovering the problems I was having told me not to worry he would take care of me. He went to check on my appointment to make sure I was taken care of. Then got me a loaner car to get home and to work today. I have never been the person to buy new vehicles till now, I will continue to take my business to Heritage Automotive of Lawrenceburg TN. In a world where everything is about money it is refreshing to experience the care and commitment that this dealership has for its customers. They deserve a slap on the back!!

    Chip 8/7/12 6:22AM
  • Do not buy a new Z71 pickup with the expectations that it will be capable off road. You CANNOT turn the traction control off, even though there is a button to do so. When in mud and a tire tries to spin, the brakes activate and you go nowhere! It clearly states on page 4-8 of the owners manual that is how it is designed to work,and I confirmed with a super nice customer service rep. that my only choice is to trade it for a toyota.

    diesel 5/1/12 3:35PM
  • Was pleased to get a real human when I called. The young man was very polite and easily understood. I had a question about a repair part for my Malibu Max. He took the info I had and called my Chev. service man while I waited. He did follow up on my problem although I don't know the resolution at this time. Very pleased with the effort, however.

    Anonymous 4/17/12 11:57AM
  • On March 29 I was on a trip to visit a friend in Kansas. On the trip I developed serious problems with the motor in my 2010 Silverado. I was able to make it to Tripe Motors in Alma, Nebraska. The service I recieved was truly remarkable. I pulled into the dealership at 2:45 on Thurs. 3/29, they replaced 5 lifters,
    the cam, both head gaskets a belt and some bolts and I picked the truck up shortly after 1 pm on Monday 4/2. They also gave me a vehicle to use. I was 9 hrs from home and they didn't know me but they certainly helped me out. They were very friendly and the service was truly appreciated.Terry Krahn Pine Island ,Mn.

    Anonymous 4/10/12 8:05AM
  • Great job Hawkins Chevrolet! Recently while traveling through Minnesota my 2009 GMC Denali experienced a mechanical issue. I found my way to the nearest GM dealership (Hawkins Chevrolet),within 2 hours we were on our way back to Wyoming. This was outstanding service, Jerry Bulfer and all the employees at Hawkins have my thanks.

    Joe Benson
    Casper, WY

    Excal, Inc. 3/20/12 5:59AM
  • My 2011 Chevrolet Camaro was in a car accident. It was crashed by a truck. It cost over $15,000.00 to be repaired and the air bags did not deploy and the seat selt did not retract. The driver was injured. The customer service was nice and stated they would have someone to call me back.

    Anonymous 11/9/11 9:06AM
  • Had a somewhat disturbing experience with the Chevy dealer on the "miracle mile" in Independence Missouri yesterday. Needed a duplicate ignition key and asked two different staff member for a quote on a programmed key and was told $50 by one guy over the phone (Jimmy) and then quoted $55 by another at the shop (I believe he might be the actual owner or manager - poor guy). I stated several times that I wanted to know the price of a programmed key. Four hours later they sock me with a $100 bill (and I don't mean the kind I can spend). I said what is this and they all surround me like vultures the manager stating that the quote he gave me was the price to program the key (the key itself was another $50). These people are either very slick con artists (which I tend to believe thanks to the have a nice day comment as I left) or very stupid indeed. However, after having seen all the complaints on the site and the incredibly low ratings I guess I made off pretty good. The key did actually work without anything falling off my car (as of this minute). It could have just been a communication I suppose but as I explained when someone wants to know how much a duplicate programmable key cost its a given that they want the total price of key + programming since one is worthless without the other. Cute girl at the counter made the pain subside quickly with superficial distractions (good job). Will go back again but without the high expectations I had before.

    Gary Abosch 7/9/11 1:08PM
  • I am the owner of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado
    1500 4WD, VIN #2GCEK19V161110279.My comment pertains to the chronic failure of the heater/AC Blower Resistor Harness and Resistor. I had to replace those items @ a cost of $237.65. I was informed that this is a high failure item on the Silverado P/U. I think that GM is aware of the failure and should have recalled vehicles involved to upgrade this harness assy. It's a safety item because the electrical connector gets so hot when it malfunctions and create an electrical fire.I am of opinion that I should not have to pay for replacement of a critical component that don,t meet required specs. In conclusion, I think that I should be reimbursed for part and installation cost. Lastly, I think that these vehicles should be recalled for this harness serviceability.

    Anonymous 6/22/11 10:52AM
  • Thanks for the awesome info. I just got off the phone with Corporate office in...Detroit, MI USA. I had an A+ customer service experience. Way to go Chevy. God Bless America.

    arizonacowgirl 6/7/11 5:01PM

    STUANDBON 3/26/11 4:31AM
  • My name is Mike Denton and it was my extreme pleasure from buying my new Colorado from Mr. Jay Vaswani and your Fairfield Ca. dealership. I can't remember the ladie's name who helped us with all the financial papers but she was absolutely pleasent to deal with as well. I would recommend your Fairfield Chevy dealership to anyone. Very, Very impressive.

    Mike Denton

    Mike Denton 3/12/11 5:27PM
  • In Madison, WI we received cards this week giving us a year of free oil changes with a Chevrolet dealership in our area. This was necessitated by your closing of Thorstad Chevrolet which has been our dealership of choice for decades. There is no other dealership that is reasonably convenient for those of us living and working in the core of the city. Their integrity and customer care have been unequaled in this city. Yet, with no consideration for any of us, you closed them down as a Chevrolet dealer. This total lack of regard for your owners necessitates our decision to end our loyalty to GM products. No free oil change can compensate for your total lack of regard for our needs.

    Anonymous 2/4/11 9:04AM

    JEVAN 1/29/11 3:18AM
  • Well here I have to come back and give an apology because Jupiter Chev. did take care of the loaner car and they are repairing my truck.I've been doing buisness with Jupiter chev since 2001 and had not had any trouble and I guess I just jumped the gun. Well at least I'm man enough to admit I was wrong. Now if they try to charge me for repairs we'll lock horns !!!!

    pra 11/23/10 10:51PM
  • i have a chevy silverado 2500 hd diesel at 100840 miles the engine blew up head gasgets two cylinders no comp.warranty expired at 100.000 so i thought i was out of luck i was wrong they are replacing my engine under warranty thank u g/m for being there for me when i needed ur help i will always be a chevy owner and will buy another silverado when time permits general motors you are the best thank you. alex papaian

    alex papaian 8/6/10 2:02AM
  • I purchased a 1991 Chevy Lumina back in 1996. It had 70,000 miles on it when I bought it. I am the second owner. This car has given me such wonderful service over the last 14 yrs. It still has the original motor and transmission and radiator. the only thing I have replaced is a fuel pump, just recently,and normal maintainance. This car has been a one of a kind. I have always felt very safe in this car. It still doesnt use a drop of oil in between oil changes and will give you everything it says on the speedometer, lickity split, and have gas pedal left over.I have 262,560 miles on this car. the only thing it needs right now is a new paint job. Thank You GM for a such a good product.

    Anonymous 1/23/10 5:16PM
  • I had a service experience this week at my locsl dealership,(Jeff Gordon), I had a minor emergency that would not directly create profit for the dealership, but would cause some time and trouble. I was handled professionally, expediantly, and like I were the only customer that mattered. Sales,Service,and parts were involved and should be recognized for a job very well done at a time when everyone was ready to go home for the day. I would like to thank John Tilghman, Russ Miller,and Wayne Woody for their help. This kind of service is what makes me drive chevys. Thanks again

    Anonymous 11/18/09 8:28AM
  • Glad I found this number here. GM websites are sales oriented only. I still had to go through a few automated responses but at least I got my question answered. Service center seems to be in India.

    Maxx 11/24/08 10:43AM

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