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Compaq customer service is ranked #275 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 38.89 out of a possible 200 based upon 22 ratings. This score rates Compaq customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


20 Negative Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 90.91%.


2 Positive Comments out of 22 Total Comments is 9.09%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • my step-son got a compaq persario nootbook for christmas a couple of yrs ago it just all of a sudden went out one do i tried to roubleshoot it with all the options they give u on computer no luck so i call customer serice and could not understand person on phone and they had trouble understanding me and im american then she says warrenty been out for awhile thatif i wanted them to fix it was going to cost $200-250 to fix she said that hard drive went out and if i wanted just hard drive fixed it was $150 - 200 to fix and i had to send it o them so i said bs on that i will just buy a new computer for that and it will not be a compaq or hp so i just asked one simple question( what caused hard drive to just go out - out of the clear blue) well when i finally got her to understand question she said life span of the hard drive is 1 year so i said so you all just put poor componants in computer and of cause life span only year right after warrenty runs out so they can get more money out of you i said yep money gimmac go figure sam

    skinmannc 11/2/13 2:51AM
  • this whole experience was a total joke. first of all i bought a Compaq laptop notebook for my 14 yr old grandson for his birthday. when he told me his screen had cracked i told him it was under warranty and we would get it fixed. i contacted customer service for compaq.firstof all he was rude.then he might as well have called me a liar about how the screen got cracked.this conversation took forever because u cant understand what he was saying for his accent, so he tells me he will switch me to the department where they will tell me how much it is gonna cost to replace the screen,well u cant understand his accent either, so he finally gets around to telln me it will cost248.00 to fix it and he needs my credit card number to start the process. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. i will go pay someone who can write the model and product numbers correctly so i dont have to repeat it forty times. i will never buy another thing from Compaq/ HP. THEY ARE A TOTAL JOKE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RIDICULOUS. SO UNHAPPY WITH THIS WHOLE SITUATION.

    BHUNTER512 12/9/12 11:29AM
  • Tech told me how i have only two weeks left of my warranty then i will have to pay for tech support...what a joke!!!! I wouldn't pay one cent for their so called support. Nothing accomplished. He didn't even try to troubleshoot the problem!!!

    Anonymous 11/11/12 3:15PM
  • Attempted to get information from Customer Support, regarding how I may secure a disk to reinstall my Windows 7 Operating System. Might as well have sent up smoke signals for all the good I did. I have 1 Compaq desktop and 1 HP Laptop. It is not likely that my next purchase will be another Compaq or HP because of customer service. John Johnson

    Anonymous 10/4/12 2:20PM
  • I will NEVER buy a compaq again! Very Bad Experience!
    My girlfriend's compaq presario that I bought her completely went out. She's too non-technical to call. I work 90 hours/wk and couldn't call for a few months to find out that the warranty had just passed. They wouldn't take my word about when the laptop went out and thus honor the warranty which had recently elapsed but was still active when it went out. My girlfriend uses her laptop to look at emails and basic news maybe once every 1-2 weeks. Why would a hard drive fail to work within a year with such little use? Bad product obviously.
    I will NEVER buy a compaq again! Very Bad Experience!

    Anonymous 7/10/12 7:27PM
  • i have recently phoned compack for support were i found it difficult to co operate with the support team as there were from a diffrnt country. as we finaly wer getting somewer he told me to call repairs and then put the phone down on me i am not happy

    Anonymous 2/29/12 8:02AM
  • My 15 year old son was given a Compaq Presario Notebook for his birthday less than 2 months ago. It is not working now and I have called all the customer service/tech support #'s 7 times. One time I was asked for my social security # (I did not give this info out). Another time I was asked for my credit card # so they could send me a box for $15.00 to send the pc in for repairs. I told them I do not have a credit card. In the same call Tech support had me try esc, then f 10 then f 2 and f 8 still computer did not work they gave me a case #. I have called more since then trying to get an address to send in for reapirs again getting nowhere. I DO NOT recommend HP to anyone.

    Anonymous 12/7/11 12:01PM
  • COMPAQ Computers and Customer Service

    The computer was purchased through Tiger Direct on 08/05/11. The computer purchased was a Compaq Presarion C056 219WM. The product number is XY871UAR #ABA. After about a month of usage, I opened the laptop one day and the screen was completely black and then it looked as if the screen had cracks. The laptop has never been dropped. I have contacted the company three times at their customer service number. The representatives are extremely rude. Request for managerial assistance are denied. I spoke with April, She refused to answer very clear direct questions. The next represenattive was named ISNAL. He pretended like he did not speak English and kept repeating the questuion I asked him. The call occured at approxiamately 2:31 on October 1st.

    Fee 10/1/11 11:56AM
  • Worthless, worthless, worthless. All support was from India and extremely hard to understand. I asked to speak to an English speaking person and he said they all talk the way he does. After about an hour of his gibberish,and not fixing my problem,he tried to sell me services and when I said no, he was very rude. . . said I wasted his time and mine. COMPAq, WAKE UP. I will not buy your product again!!!

    Anonymous 9/22/11 8:53AM
  • Very short and simple my laptop is the most bad quality and to make things worse the company customer services doesn't exist at all
    No accurate telephone number e.t.c.

    I will never recommend their products to nobody.

    Alain 8/5/11 6:36AM
  • This was the WORST customer service experience I have every experienced in my life. I called with 1 concern a msg that said GuardedID is now turned off. My question was how do I turn it on. After being on the phone for about an hour I was told I needed to purchase a warranty 49.00/99.00. Was told unless I purchase the warranty I can get no HELP. After being on the phone for an hour with a rep I could hardly understand and then being told to visit there website to get support I AM VERY ANGRY. And on top of the bad service I received I requested to speak with a supervisor I wasn't even allow to speak with one. WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS......

    Anonymous 7/12/11 10:10AM
  • In March 2010, I bought a Compaq Mini 110c-1100CA for my daughter. 7 months later I had to send it away for service because the screen went black.
    Again in January 2011, an error came on the screen. Sent it back for service they changed the hard drive. Didn't have it a month and once again it's not working.
    I called customer service spoke to 4 different people and didn't get any satisfaction. When I started having problems with it, they should have replaced it the second time it broke down because during the the year of the warranty it was always getting repaired for something or other. They said that because the warranty is over that nothing can be done with it. I was very patient, I told them that their service sucked and I wouldn't buy another Hp/Compaq again and the guy just laughed at me. What service, very disrespectful...

    Unhappy with service 3/24/11 1:52PM
  • I bought a Compaq Presario January 5, 2011 and it failed to boot up March 21, 2011. I took it into the retail place I purchased it from and they stated that the mother board (and who knows what else) was not working. Power to the motherboard but no fans working (except power supply fan), no drives spinning and nothing happening.

    After 1 hour and 30 minutes I was transferred to the third person (supposedly a case manager who was the top of the pile) only to be told that my options were to pay them more money to get it fixed onsite or send it to them and they would try to have it fixed within a couple weeks (at no cost to me).

    I asked for them to have someone come out and repair the defective equipment on their dime and they said that was not an option. I asked for a full refund - same reply. I asked for them to send me a replacement and I'll send the unit back for repair and return the replacement when I get my repaired one back - not an option.

    They kept telling me of my "options" which in my opinion were only one that did not cost me anything.

    Very poor customer service policy. The folks on the phone were pleasant enough but the policy is horrible. I cannot believe I wasted over 100 minutes of my life trying to get a Company to do the right thing and stand behind their product.

    The computer was only 75 days into usage when the motherboard crapped out.

    Compaq and HP have seen the last of my business! Good Riddance!

    Boady 3/21/11 11:26AM
  • worthless worthless worthless! After paying 50 dollars and speaking to 3 different people about my computer problem (which i didn't cause myself) the problem still isn't fixed!I called back and spoke to a supervisor but surprise surprise, my problem never got fixed and he still refused to give me back my money! On top of that, he constantly kept making excuses for his incompetent employees! My problem is so severe that i know need to buy a whole new computer!thanks hp i will never buy from you again!

    Anonymous 1/10/11 3:38PM
  • Just wanted to know if my SR5610f can be retrofitted with a TPM. Wanted to "setup an account." I explained that I don't have and don't need an account unless there we can establish the part exists and can be purchased. When asked to transfer to supervisor, she put me on hold for 15 min.

    Computer buyer 7/22/10 4:21PM
  • I had some keys fall off my 7 month old Compaq laptop keyboard. Went through the warranty reporting India merry-go-round, paid $19.95 to ship my laptop in for warranty service. About a week later I got a call from a rude Compaq employee to tell me that the damage was caused by abuse and not covered under warranty and that I needed to pay over $335 to have them repair the keyboard. Laptop only cost about $400. What a great deal, what a joke.

    I buy a lot of laptops for my business every year and Compaq/HP has just convinced me to buy Dell from now on. They will never get another nickel from me or my company and I will tell this story to all my friends and acquaintances. No more Compaq/HP laptops, printers, printer refills, no more anything. There is plenty of competition to pick from where you are not treated like a criminal for trying to get warranty service.

    hector 5/25/10 9:19AM
  • After constant issues with one Compaq and then an HP which I had had for 3 weeks before it started going out, there were both junked, I exchanged it for a Toshiba and love it. I had an issue with my Compaq Presario desktop and a rep screwed me over, I chatted with one who was mispelling words and did not understand what I meant by "computer freezes up" so I disconnected with him and signed back in to received another rep who instructed me to take a step and what do you know, it was over an hour before it came back up and when it did I couldn't print and my icons in my toolbar were gone as well. I called them this time and of course they tried to get me to pay, bullcrap if their rep screwed me around. I will never by another HP/Compaq product again. The printers are just as crappy and then if they can't resolve the issue they tell you to take it to a shop. I see them laying off more people, and their stock dropping as well and major retailers carrying more reliable products from more reputable companies such as Toshiba, Sony, Cannon and Kodak.

    cebrina 2/28/10 11:34PM
  • I have called like three times and when I finally asked for a supervisor, I pointed out the flaws in his instructions and he told me to listen to him even though he had interrupted me several times. Finally, after saying that I wanted the issue to be escalated, he made it seem like it wouldn't really matter because I was going to get the craptastic service from them as I did from his team of "experts" . All I wanted was a new video card or computer but conveniently, its a software issue...something that isn't covered under my warranty.

    Jessbabe56 1/19/10 4:10PM
  • i just got off the phone with compaq customer sevice via india. all i needed was a new prod key# so i could re-activate windows xp. aftger getting all my info she stated that she couldn't help me because my computer was out of warranty unless i pay $49 for onetime help or $99 for one year customer service. after telling her i don't need them to fix anything just some #'s. she still maintained i need to pay. i then asked to talk to her supervisor and she told me that i could only talk to her supervisor if i payed for sevice. i asked for a phone # in the us and she gave me an 800# supposedly to speak to someone here. haven't tried it yet but i'll have to think twice about buying another hp or compaq computer again.

    john foro 8/31/09 8:05PM
  • Compact/HP technical support is not support, it is destructive. I spent an hour getting a 3 pg. conversation with someone probably in India who took forever to respond and gave horrible and incorrect directions to fix my problem. I would like a customer relations person who cares, if there is one, to mail the transcript to if I had an address. Its obviously horrible!
    I couldn't follow his directions as they didn't work, at least not the way he explained them so poorly. I have no idea if they would have worked if explained correctly. I had already called for tech support and been told it was $49 or $59, not sure, on phone or free on line. Since I beleive it should be provided indefinitely free anyway and in a misguided attempt to save, I went online. (They should add $10 or something to every computer price and provide competent help forever. Buyers aren't computer experts and the hardware and software company should not use this as a way to make money.) The first person on phone sounded american and said she could help. I should have paid her. Instead I called back after wasting over an hour and getting very frustrated. Then I got a phillipine woman I couldn't understand. Then I asked for someone else or called back and got a phillipine woman I could usually understand and who tried her best but I still ended up losing all my personal files and programs and just restoring factory settings and my ability to get online. I still have a question and don't know where to go now as I spent about 5 hr. for all this "service". I had to agree for them to charge my credit card. I did call back 2 wk. later and got a supervisor, finally, I couldn't that night though asked repeatedly. He agreed to credit my card but said he can't restore my files. Microsoft said compact changes their software and they "cannot" provide tech support. I guess they have all sold me an Apple, tho I don't imagine their computer and software is worth the price. This is all so disgusting. If someone would put out a really quality product and software at a reasonable price they could knock all these mentioned companies out of business. I hope I hear of it early if anyone does so I can buy stock and a computer!

    disgusted 6/3/09 9:05AM
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  • 800-474-6836 Helped me out greatly! I had updates installed and the problem was fixed over the phone within 20 minutes! FREE service unlike many other #'s given out for technical assistance! =0) Good Luck with the other #'s!

    Rossgirl 12/5/11 11:54AM
  • I Love Compaq Lapotp. The only Reason Is The Type OPf Support I Have Got In The Past. Nop Matter How Long Back You Purchase Compaq Laptop, Still You Can Get Chat Support For Free. I Had To Take Chat Support A Couple Of Times For Getting Some Drivers.
    Even I Had Some Other Issues With Compaq Laptops In Past But I Got 100% Resolution.I Only Buy Compaq Laptops & Accesories. For Compaq I Will Say "BELIEVE IN THE BEST".

    Sarang Rajwade 1/17/10 4:42PM

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