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CompuServe customer service is ranked #327 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 35.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 10 ratings. This score rates CompuServe customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


9 Negative Comments out of 10 Total Comments is 90.00%.


1 Positive Comment out of 10 Total Comments is 10.00%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • I have not been able to access my email for 10 days. Have spoken to numerous tech support individuals in Ukraine, both level 1 and level 2. They say they call back, but no missed messages on cell phone. They say, no voice mail set up...wrong. Voice mail has only 1 saved message. I am very frustrated with the level of incompetance I have been subjected to and want to clear up the problem, otherwise I am going to close my account.

    chryl777 4/14/14 7:31AM
  • What is going on with Compuserve? I cannot get to talk to someone here in the USA. . . . I have been a customer for many, many years and lately I have been experiencing many problems and no one can solve them. All I get is someone out in some country and they take forever to respond, then they hang up on me and is really a big problem Should I close my account with you? Please, someone in USA call me please. My account number is [email protected], my phone number is

    Adly Campos

    [email protected] 8/23/13 12:37PM
  • I've had compuserve many years, but suddenly i couldn't get my service correctly, trying to contact customer service imposssible, no help from a live tech, can't get to contacts or replys as in past, I think I'm going to find another service after paying $8.39 for years worst service now $11.55 no way, I quit effective this month as soon I port all my info over. Don't get involved with Compuserve.

    mfenterprises 1/17/13 9:06AM
  • I been trying to get my old compuserve mail migrated and it wont let me in to do that. I been calling and emailing and they WILL NOT help me. Very bad customer service. I had some important emails and they cut me off. They are quick to take my money, but they dont want to help me one last time.

    [email protected] 7/18/12 12:24PM
  • Why has CompuServe refused to fix the software on its forum, Christian Fellowship Forum, at:

    This used to have the finest service for email reply to anyone who responded to a post I had made.

    Now that service has stopped for many months. I have contacted one of your leading advertisers to complain about this very poor service, and it advised to contact CompuServe.

    I urge you to fix this email response at Christian Fellowship Forum and please email a response to me when this Forum procedure is fixed.

    ozspen 2/27/12 2:39PM
  • Whomever took over my computer yesterday. did the worst job ever. Now getting mail is even slower and more difficult than ever. It's been several weeks since I first called and I'm still having the same problem only worse now. But you guys have no problem charging my credit card the money IOU every month. Thank you for your lack of help. I hope to resolve this before this time next year!

    [email protected] 9/22/11 6:37AM
  • Compuserve custumer service is the worst, there are so incompetent and don't care about your problem. I'm definetly cancelling my account.

    Anonymous 10/7/09 7:29AM
  • compuserve and their awful customer disservice.I have never seen more incompetent
    customer service people than at compuserve. Srrogance, ignorance, helplessness, and dis courtesy. On top of that, their online service is poor.Don't deal with them.

    longrobb 2/12/09 11:23PM
  • For two weeks I have been attempting to get my Compuserv internet back into service. I have spoken with "Customer Service" more than ten times with no resolution. I have been instructed to "deinstall and reinstall" which I completed twice, to no avail. I have been told that the problem will be corrected in 24 hours - that was 10 days ago. This is the service a customer receives when "Customer Service" is located in other than the United States.

    Anonymous 11/21/08 7:29AM
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  • Have had the service for many years, but not used in a long time. Called the number given above to cancel. Sounded like an India outsource. Courteous and helpful. Asked me if I wanted to switch to a different plan (which I didn't), but it's fine by me if they wanted to make the offer, and there was no hard sell. My account was in a few seconds while I was on the phone. Told me I would get a letter to confirm the cancellation. I have no complaints about this experience.

    Anonymous 12/1/09 3:04PM

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