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Country Living customer service is ranked #12 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 117.27 out of a possible 200 based upon 24 ratings. This score rates Country Living customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


14 Negative Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 58.33%.


10 Positive Comments out of 24 Total Comments is 41.67%.

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  • I choose not to renew my Country Living subscription....therefore I do not owe you any $ please stop sending me delinquent bills! If this does not stop...I will have to notify the Better Business Bureau.

    Anonymous 6/27/14 8:53AM
  • I am tired of receiving correspondence from your credit and collections department. I did not ask for my subscription to be renewed so take my name off your list and do not contact or bother me again.

    Anonymous 5/31/14 1:53PM
  • I have just cancelled my subscription to Country Living Magazine. I would rather go to the store to purchase the magazine at full price than experience harassment and threats from your so called customer service department. First of all my subscription began in the July/August issue 2013 and so I am not "delinquent". I am not paying for a magazine five months before my subscription expires! I have excellent credit and don't need your collection agency to scold me! Your company needs to learn what customer service is and how to treat people. It seems in these times when many people are not buying magazines and reading everything on line or on some other electronic device that the number one priority of your company would be customer service.

    Anonymous 5/31/14 12:05PM
  • ok. I received an invoice for 8.76 gir Country Living and order that PAYMENT IS NOW DUE. I have not even gotten one?! And the instuctions to pay online? Not even. When I try, it asks for 12.00. After reading the comments here, I no longer WANT it. I will go to the library.

    Anonymous 5/30/14 1:58PM
  • I"m paying for this script, but don't send me any more renewals as I am NOT INTERESTED. You have high pressure tactics and retired people can't afford to buy magazines when we need medications and IMPORTANT things.TAKE MY NAME OFF YOUR MAILING LIST ! ! ! !

    Jean 5/16/14 9:36PM
  • Every once in a while I receive a statement saying I am over due in paying for a Country Living Magazine. I did not renew this magazing nor do I want to. You people just keep sending this to me thinking you can make me pay. Guess what I am not paying for something I did not renew. I have written you at least two letters by mail stating stateing just what I have already stated to you again. You are wasting your postage because it will not do any good, Stop the magazine and stop bothering me with all of this. I don't want it. How much clearer can I put it? As far as this goes I do not want ANY MAGAZINE that you people handle. I feel it is a scam. So erace me from your books I am done with you.

    Anonymous 3/27/14 1:09PM
  • Welcome to the biggest scam going on in Country Living. We received a notice to buy there magazine. Well we did. Paid by check. Later got a letter from there credit and collections dept. telling me we never paid. Said according to there records they had notified us many times. Well where it says sincerely yours there's no Signature or phone number which tells me this is nothing but a BIG SCAM to rip off the elderly people. I wrote them telling them here's there money for there scam and cancel my subcription. There mail goes to a Hearst Corporation from Harlan,IA.Is Country Living that ashamed of what there doing they can't even sign there letters or keep there books straight? So public beware of this scam. Karl Ormsby

    Anonymous 3/22/14 5:35PM
  • No phone Number on renewal notices. Receive multiple notices to renew, when current subscription expires 11-2014. Also, received a fake 'CREDIT AND COLLECTIONS" NOTICE. How desparate are you? Someone should be fired for this idea to get people to renew subscriptions. I work in a credit and collection agency. This is not appealing rapport.

    Old Farmer 11/19/13 7:24PM
  • I do believe that Country Living doesn't want to hear from its customers as it takes an act of GOD to find a phone number to call. Well, I have found it and I will call but first I must vent! I have subscribed to this magazine for over 20 years and have given it as a gift for as many. My problem is that I have been renewing when the subscription doesn't expire till 2015. I recieve invoices to pay for something that doesn't expire for 2 years. What folks going broke and your customers are supposed to keep your head above water. I sent a renewal check but it will be the last. I have notified my friend that her subscription will end in 2016. Take heed, do not send me a bill next year. If you do, I will burn it.

    Anonymous 9/29/13 10:10AM
  • Very helpful!!Thank you so much!!

    Anonymous 11/19/12 4:38PM
  • I too was very suprised to have received a bill/invoice from the magazine in the amount of $8. I had not subscribed or requested a magazine. I search the internet for the number1-800-888-0128 option #0.

    The CSR representative was very pleasant and helpful in explaining how this happend. I had gone on a website to enter in a sweepstakes and accidentally marked the box for the magazine. I advised her that I had not received any magazines and she sent one complimentary to me.


    Diva 8/28/12 10:20AM
  • I got a bill in the mail saying I owe $31.97. I got a bill with my new magazine that said I could renew and add a friend for $18.00. There was a card in the magazine that said I could renew for $15.00. What's up with this? Do I owe $31.97, $18.00, or $15.00? By the way, the code on my address says my subscription is good until Oct.-13. Am I being scammed?

    Judy in Selma,Tx.

    Anonymous 8/11/12 11:18AM
  • called to complain about a rude "gentleman" who called 3 times in 3 minutes about renewing subscription. Was told that would have been a third party and they could do nothing about it. Isn't that great. What useless assistance.

    don rehner 7/27/12 1:22PM
  • your customer service is awful. I have tried almost every day on line to report that I have only received 1 issue and the respond is I already have extra issues. I am now trying your phone number if that works. I have nothing nice to say about your customer service. All you want is money

    [email protected] 6/10/11 1:30PM
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  • I have tried to cancel the subscription as I was receiving nasty notes to pay. I had already tried via email and then just ignoring the letters but they just kept coming. I finally found this phone number and it was very helpful. When I did reach them they were pleasant and took care of the matter.

    LadyL 11/7/13 10:01AM
  • Pauline D. From NH

    I just got off the phone with a customer service rep who took care of my problem less than 2 mins. I was receiving the subscription instead of it going to my friend as a Christmas gift. Thank you Country Living sales rep!!

    Anonymous 12/14/12 1:44PM
  • just talked with a customer service person at county living and she was most helpful. Thank you

    Anonymous 4/26/12 9:52AM
  • Very Helpful!! The magazine itself only gives the website or mailing address. With the information you provided, I was able to speak to a real person and get my problem solved immediately. Thanks

    Anonymous 3/13/12 3:33PM
  • great customer service!! polite and helpful!

    Anonymous 3/5/12 11:00AM
  • A very pleasant and quick outcome to my dilemma.

    Karen Kath 2/24/12 11:39AM
  • I just talked to a young man named TJ who took care of my issue immediately and did it with grace and a lovely sense of humor! As a long time subscriber and an advocate of quality customer service, County Living is and continues to be my favorite magazine. Great job TJ! Thank you!!!

    Anonymous 1/13/12 3:11PM
  • I just called because I was getting 2 mag.
    each month. The lady that answered my call
    knew my problem as soon as I gave her my last
    name. In seconds she fixed it and I was done.
    Thank you, great service.

    Retired Mom 1/3/12 12:03PM
  • Dec 8, 2011

    Great customer service at Country Living. I am a long-time subscriber, and today a young man named Toby in Cust Serv answered the phone, promptly & recognised my "problem" within my first few words of explanation. Toby must be a great employee, and yr records must be first class! Thank you for a pleasant DECEMBER day! Lea Duffin

    LjD 12/8/11 2:04PM
  • I wanted to change magazines and the service representive was very helpful and gave me a list of magazines I could change to instead of the one I was currently receiving. Very helpful and pleasant.

    shopper 11/3/11 1:38PM

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