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Days Inn customer service is ranked #491 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.53 out of a possible 200 based upon 568 ratings. This score rates Days Inn customer service and customer support as Terrible.


540 Negative Comments out of 568 Total Comments is 95.07%.


28 Positive Comments out of 568 Total Comments is 4.93%.

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  • Dear Days Inn,

    I am writing in regards to a stay we had at your Days Inn in 114 Blythewood Rd., Blythewood, SC 29016 on Wed., April 16, 2014.

    I called when we were traveling and ask the price which was quoted at $55 plus tax with my military discount. When we checked in I was given a choice of a room with a king size bed or a room with two queens. I chose the 2 queens, nothing else was said. When I got the bill there was a $10.00 charge for the second bed. (Never heard of that before.) Price was $65.00 instead of $55 plus $7.80, totally $72.80.

    Second, the place was deplorable. I had a hole and tears in my blanket and the bedspread had burn marks on it. We do not smoke.
    There was also a mark on the carpet where a hot iron melted the carpet.
    No bags in the room dirty laundry.
    One very small bottle of shampoo, but no conditioner, two very small bars of soap.

    Breakfast was the most disappointing. There was nobody tending the breakfast nook. One thermos of coffee, no choice for decaf or hot water for tea. Cereal all over the counter, I mean all over and not cleaned up. Stale bread on a tray with a piece of plastic over it. Two apples and someone grabbed them before I could get one. I checked out before 8AM so it wasnât like I was a late riser and just getting what was left. Yes, there are restaurants nearby, but I like to stay where they have breakfast so we can eat and then get back on the road. You advertised free breakfast and I paid for it, but didnât get it. We have stayed at Days Inn in the past and I must say the quality is not what it was at one time. This place is a disgrace to the name of the Hotel business. I regret to say I will not be staying at your Days Inn in the future.

    Upon checking out the desk clerk could not speak very good English and I could not understand what he was trying to ask me and finally he waved a paper in the air and I then understood he wanted to know if I wanted a receipt.

    Sincerely Disappointed,

    Karen 4/19/14 6:18AM
  • I would like to notify someone that the there is a couple problems at Days Inn on FernValley Rd louisville ky.the manager and her boyfriend stays on property.One set of house keepers live there in room 150.and the manager let's the other indian couple wash there clothes there and it happens on the clock when laundry llady is trying to work..and the head housekeeper is sleeping with 2 of the guys that bring the sheets in.Something needs to be done about that mess.The manager has her picks there and treats everyone different and everyone makes different pay.and the place has 3 rooms down right now for bed bugs.

    steph 4/18/14 11:02AM
  • My husband and I stopped at a Days Inn in New Haven Ct on April 1st 1914. I accedently left and espensive gold ear rings there on the night stand. I imediatly called and reported the incident. I was told that if I sent my credit card number to them and a registered letter they would send the ear rings to me and charge the card $ 10.00 to send them which I agreed to. Since then I have called several times and was told to be patient. I received a pair of ear rings in the mail today the 16th of April and received a pair which were not mine and very broken. I understand that they are not responsible to return anything, but I called and decribed the ear rings and told them exactly where they were and in which room.. I feel that the cleaning lady tookd them and replaced a pair of broken ones in the place where i left them...

    Anonymous 4/16/14 3:39PM
  • I just stayed at a days in for first and last time.I don't think they ever cleaned the shower there was mold, hair and dirt in the tub and shower and floor. There were dirty tissues in the tissue box, nothing had been dusted and was afraid to sleep in the bed. Plus it was over run with stray cats. Never again!

    moodyblue 4/15/14 3:13PM
  • I had stayed at Days Inn for one evening. The room was very filthy. I gave a 100 dollar deposit for non-smoking in a room as well as any pet destruction of the room. At check-out, a housekeep claimed that she had found a cigarette ash on the floor behind the toilet and therefore 50 dollars will not be refunded...thinking that I had smoked in the room with my grandmother. Additionally, my dog had scratched at the inside of the room door and an employees heard that and that money too was not refunded. The staff was very rude and arumentive . At this point, further action will take place until I get the 100 dollars returned for alleged wrongdoing. I would never stay at another Days Inn again. Policies are in place at hotels for those that break the rules and abuse the room. However, I did not break the rules and at their discretion kept the deposit....

    Anonymous 4/7/14 11:03AM
  • To Whom It May Concern: Customer Relations: President:

    I have been staying at Days Inn, Harrisburg North, Front Street and I have paid up to 5,000.00 on time, everytime. I have asked tor maintenance problems since Christmas and nothing gets fixed. I had a meeting with manager Mr. Worley about this and about how your head maid asked ME if she could borrow 500.00 dollars. Our room key has not worked for over 60 times. I kid you not. Over 60 times!

    The maintenance man, Manny-glares at me in a menacing way. I gave the front desk, the manager, and Manny an entire paper of things not working in our room. Nothing happens!

    We are quiet and friendly and do not use drugs or bring escorts to the hotel, as does other guests, in which local police have asked me to look out for.

    Our bill has been done wrong. Peoples watches and wallets full of money have been stolen. I know because I was there and overheard.

    I have kept written and email record. The manager refuses to email me back.

    I want compensation.


    Nathan Phillips

    eatmyaura 3/27/14 1:35AM
  • My Husband and had a horrifying experience on February 27,2014 at the Days Inn in Memphis TN, at Graceland,3839 Elvis Presley Blvd. I was bitten by bed-bugs on my face and arm. We took pictures of the bites and the bugs crawling on the bed. We captured the bugs in a plastic cup and gave them to management. The only thing was done is they gave us a different room. the Manager never came to talk too us although we waited for hour to talk to her.
    The management service was lousy

    unhappy 3/17/14 8:52PM
  • Me and my family stayed at the Days Inn on 400 Buff Blvd, Summerton, S.C. 29148 on March 4th through March 8th 2014

    As we was checking out, one of the housekeeper (Gloria) said to me "What no tip" I told her to talk to my wife. She repeated it to my wife. My wife said to her "When did yall start asking for a tip". Gloria responded "We are allow to ask for a tip" All of this was being said in front of two other housekeepers who was cleaning the rooms on the first level. They responded by saying "We are not allow to ask for a tip".

    My wife told Gloria "I feel that is very inappropriate for you to be asking me for a tip". Gloria said "If I knew you was checking out today I would not have given you any clean towels or wash cloth". My wife told Gloria "If you do not like your job then you need to get another one". We proceeded to the front office and my wife reported the incident to the manager on staff at the time of our check out.

    The manager said that they make enough money and are not allow to ask for a tip. The other two housekeepers who heard the exchange came into the lobby while my wife was speaking to the manager and apologize on Gloria behalf and said that was wrong.

    Anonymous 3/13/14 9:01AM
  • Feb. 28, 2014 I took my great grand-daughters to the Days Inn in Lansing, Mi. I have always been a satisfied customer in the past. This location was disgraceful. The room was so hot we couldn't sleep even after I turned the heater off. The pool area was so cold we couldn't stay in there. No glasses in the room. No pool towels at 6:30 p.m. because the laundry still wasn't in. At breakfast there was no milk for the cereal, no juice or napkins. I have never stayed at a DAys Inn like this. It was disgusting. I would be embarased to have my name on such an establishment

    Roberta Burmeister

    Anonymous 3/7/14 7:36PM
  • Recently stayed at the Ames, Iowa location - Staff can not intelligently communicate with guests to make reservations and refused to send email confirmations. Furniture in room is stained along with insects present in bathroom. Staff was too lazy to clear snow from in front of entrances after overnight snowfall while a snow shovel sat unused inside the main entrance. After contacting corporate office, corporate ignored complaint and "passed the buck" to the motel manager who blamed me for email confirmation issue. Spend a little more money and avoid this dump.

    ISU Parent 3/7/14 4:46PM
  • I am appalled that a well known name like the Day's Inn has so many horrifying comments and this one is no better. My daughter was on her way to TN, coming from PA, when she hit a terrible snow storm in VA. Her phone service was sketchy so I got on the internet and start looking for a safe place for her to stay. I made reservations at the Day's Inn in New Market, VA. She arrived and was so upset to find burn holes in furinture, shower dirty and bedsheets that were obvisiouly used. (won't go into detail with that one) There was a couple upstairs from her and they showed her their room and things were no better there. They had no choice to stay overnight due to an ice storm. They were checking out to another hotel they found due to blood on the sheets and the flithy conditions. I must say that Mike was very nice on the phone and our credit card reinburst, but again a well known name hotel to have all this problem is disgusting. I will make sure that this hotel and any other hotel associated to this corporation I will STAY AWAY from!!!!!! Thanks for nothing Day's Inn, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Laurie 3/3/14 11:59AM
  • I made reservations through Hotwire for the 21st and 22nd,I was given two rooms at the Days Inn located in College Park, GA, on 4560 Best Rd.When we got to the hotel there was either an employee or guest sitting in the lobby using very vulgar language on the phone, the clerk didn't ask him to leave or to tone his conversation down. When we received our keys for the rooms one of the keys would'nt work mind you I had hip surgery and is on a walker so I'm standing out in the cool waiting to get into the room. My husband went back to the front desk and the clerk gave him another key which didn't work either, in mean time we were given another room. In the mean time I went into the second room which was filty,the room smelled moldy and the bathroom wasn't very clean either, the towels that was hanging up was dirty. The 1st room had a dirty smell to it and the sheets had stains on them. I couldn't let my family sleep in these conditions, and my husband went to the clerk to complain and he told him he would check the rooms out but didn't believe they were in these conditions. There was a hair show in Atlanta so most of the hotels was booked and thank God we were able to get two rooms at another hotel. This cost me double and I was very disgusted and tired, also had a three week old baby with us. I know Hotwire offers hotels at very low prices but I would have rather slept in my vehicle before I stayed in those conditions. I can fax you where I had to get two rooms at another hotel as proof, I would appreciate a refund for my troubles. Also I had travel 300 miles so there was no way to turn around and go home.

    Jackie 2/25/14 8:38AM
  • the days in in fort pierce florida

    racegirl88 2/24/14 4:40PM
  • The service was terrible there were no plug ins we got there the room smelled like mold the plug in for the hair dryer does not work the workers did not come when they said they would

    Anonymous 2/24/14 4:24PM
  • Your corporation needs to investigate the customer service provided by the owner/manger of the Days Inn in Rice Lake Wisconsin. As a Chamber of Commerce member, I am very appalled at the way he treats most of his customers (see Trip Advisor)or contact the Rice Lake Chamber of Commerce for verification. Your franchise (and our city) should be embarrassed with is lack of customer service and management. Good luck.

    Bert 2/23/14 6:23PM
  • On Feb 12th & 13th, 2014, I booked two days/nights with the Days Inn Motel I paid my reservation with my debit card. Upon arrival I was presented with an additional charge of 10.83 per day x2 for a total of 21.66 to park my vehicle in front of my unit across the street. The hidden charge was unethical. The only way to avoid this hidden charge would have been to walk in. At 63 yrs of age I do not believe this reasonable.

    Sharon Ghent 2/14/14 6:50PM
  • On Jan.31,2014 I had the unfortunate experience of staying @your Inn @ . The room, shabby, linens old & tired, bathroom right out of a slum. Having two pets, sign in office said 10.00 each, she charged me 15.00 ea. Next morning wanted my receipt, ringing

    the bell, no one there, a man finally comes out only in a towel wrapped around him, nothing more. I asked for my receipt, which didn't have total

    charges, I told him this place was a disgrace, he told me to shut up, & to

    go F--- myself. Apparently these people are from a slum. I will make sure

    on my future travels, I will NOT be staying at Days Inn. It is quite apparent

    you people are not concerned with the type people you hire to take care of your properties. This was totally unacceptable!!

    Anonymous 2/14/14 11:25AM
  • I stayed at this Days Inn on February 8,2014. The room was not clean, there was a slice of lemon on the floor. The floor and the tub wasn't clean. There was hair on the sheets and the bed post just fell off.

    Anonymous 2/13/14 12:45PM
  • I wanna say that I stayed at the Days Inn in Chester PA, from 2/7/2014-2/10/2014. It was by far the worst stay in a hotel that I have been, the staff that I encountered were racist, loud, rude, and extremely unprofessional. I have never been so treated so bad never in all of times in any hotel in my life. I myself my family and all of my friends will never stay at another Days Inn ever. First of all I was charged a different price each stay I was there. I was never given a chance to know what the real price was. Second I was rudely awakened by your staff, the next day I arrived. my fight came in at 1:00 am in the morning there was a billing error not on my part but I was told it was there was some angry words exchanged at the front desk by your staff. I felt like I was treated like a criminal in which I am a retired Law enforcement officer and retiered mialitary. So I felt like your staff had no formal training on customer service. Third, the next day at checkout time noon I was severly harrassed to checkout, by your staff knocking at my door, calling me on the phone, I called eariler that morning to find out what time checkout was then all of sudden the harrasment started. I so embarrased and upset by being be treated like a criminal. I will also file a complaint with the local BBB. this hotel is very unpleasant to stay in and as a customer I would never give my business to the Days Inn again. 2/12/14 4:20PM
  • Had to take a trip to Pittsburgh from Ohio to attend my uncle's funeral. Had something to eat with my sisters who traveled from Michigan and then went looking for a place to stay. My sister spoke who a very rude desk clerk who stated that they had a room. Didn't like the "attitude", so we continued looking for some place close to the funeral home - but no luck. We were tired and it was getting late, so we drove to the Days Inn on Banksville Rd and checked in. The room was disgusting! There were bugs on the ceiling/walls/curtains and the room was just generally dirty. I went to the desk to share my concerns. I was told they were just stink bugs and there was nothing they could do about it. If we did choose to stay, we should not hit them, just catch them and flush them down the toilet. I was shown another room, which was a smoking room, but I did not want to smell like an ashtray at the funeral the next day, so we ended up staying with the bugs. The clerk told us that she would have the manager, Joe Davison, contact us and an "adjustment" would be made to the charges . . . well, I am still waiting to hear from Joe! My sister and I spent over 1 hours catching stink bugs that night and flushing them down the toilet - great bonding moment!
    Our stay was back in October. I am currently planning two different trips this spring and was reminded to NEVER stay @ a Days Inn again!

    Kathy 2/12/14 1:23PM
  • I recently stayed at a Days Inn on Clark Rd in Sarasota Fl. It was well priced, clean, and we had a good experience. Next we found a Days Inn at 18051 S Tamiami Trail in Ft. Myers Fl. It was a old motel painted garish colors, but near where we wanted to go. The room was old and unattractive and there were many different tripping hazards like when stepping out of your room you had to step down. They did the cheapest things to save money on the breakfast. At 8:00 there was not any waffle mix. THe juice was in pitchers and looked watered down. The muffins and donuts were miniatures. THe breakfast space was as big as a closet and there was a sign that the motel guests were to sit only in a special place as it was a restaurant also serving the public. THe restaurant is not open for supper and the only place we found in walking distance was MacDonalds. THe price of a room was $139.00 which we felt was way too much. We had just spent $124.00 at a Bayview which was very nice and new. We did stay there a second night because we were getting tired of trying to find our way around in the heavy traffic. After sightseeing all day, we came back to find our room keys did not work and the room had not been cleaned. They did fix our room keys, but the woman at the desk said that the maid was prone to put down that she had cleaned a room when she hadn't. She asked if I wanted the room cleaned then and I said I did not as it was late and we were tired and wanted to relax. She did not offer any discount on the rate and I asked for one. She said she could only offer me $10.00. After staying at the first DAys Inn, I was pleasantly surprised and decided to try your chain again, but after staying at this one, I will probably not consider DAys Inn again. 2/12/14 11:23AM
  • Daughter and I stayed at the Days Inn in Southern Pines, North Carolina. We had a horrible time. The first room we got had bugs in it and it also had a lot of dust in the room. My daughter is allergic to dust so we had to move. We told the front desk and they switched our rooms. I was thinking great now we can finally enjoy our stay, but I was wrong. The heat did not work in the room, mind you its 30 degrees outside. I had to take my daughter to my mothers hotel room(Hampton Inn)because she was shaking so bad because she was cold. We called the front desk and made a complaint. The woman that answered the phone was so rude and had an attitude. She said there was nothing she could do about it but tell the manager. So we slept in a cold room. Not only was the room cold the heater must have been broke because it made noise all night. I couldn't even sleep. I also called back to inform her that I left my charger in the other room she said with an attitude "Well you can't go get it now, there is nothing we can do." You could tell by her voice she was sleep and didn't want to be bothered. The next morning we checked out and the customer service was horrible. We told the another person at the front desk and she asked "well what do you want me to do about?" One thing I can say is I WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO THAT PARTICULAR DAYS INN. It makes me not want to go to any Days Inn. I was so disappointed. If you live in Southern Pines, North Carolina and decide you want to get a room at Days Inn run for you life. I don't recommend anyone stay here.

    Upset Customer 2/10/14 8:58AM
  • My husband and I stayed at the Days Inn on the River in Gatlinburg TN my birthday weekend of Jan 24-26th. The room was to be expected for an older hotel. Except the heat was completely turned off ( below 30' outside), and the over head heater switch in the bathroom didn't work.
    The bed sheets were crisp and clean, and overall the room was clean.
    On Saturday night we decided to stay an extra day, he called the front desk and told the clerk we would be checking out on Monday Jan 27th.
    On SUNDAY Jan 26th (my birthday) we decided to sleep in awhile. We awoke to banging, hammering, sounded like the hotel was coming down. I called the front desk and it was transferred to the sister hotel across the street. I told the manager of the noise, she stated she could actually hear the banging in my phone! She said she would keep trying to contact our hotel manager. For 2/1/2 hours I endured this banging, I kept trying to call the hotel manager and it kept going to the sister hotel. Finally after acquiring a migraine, I told my husband we had to leave and would return later. We never received a return phone call from the manager (April) of our hotel. However we did receive a phone call from the sister hotel stating that she had got in contact with April and yes they were doing remodeling and SHE apologized.
    Honestly, being the Bible Belt, I was infuriated they were doing 'remodeling' on Sunday. Of all the days of the week!

    I called today and spoke with 'April'. She was rude. I told her of last Sundays events and she stated "I know, I was here".
    Really? Why didn't SHE answer the phone or call us. Then when trying to talk to her about our room rate, to say the very least we should have not had to pay at all, she keep interrupting me saying they were trying to get remodeling done before Feb 14th-the noise wasn't above my head- the owner (Bobby Patel) wasn't there today, then the owner out of the country, I could not contact the owner, he didn't have a number to give out, she was the only one to talk too-remodeling started at eight in the morning, the latest remodeling could be started was ten am, and so on.
    Then she made a smart comment to me " well, I can't help it if someone wants to sleep in till twelve in the afternoon". That's when I ended the conversation and told her I was contacting corporate. I feel we shouldn't have paid a dime for that Sunday. I am respectfully requesting a full refund for Jan 26th. The other manager did give us $10 off our stay and told us she wished she could do better.

    Anonymous 2/2/14 12:17PM
  • I wanted to share a very horrible experience my husband and I had last weekend at a Days Inn 5858 International Drive, Orlando Florida. I went on their website and made a reservation for Friday and Saturday night at a rate of $35.99 per night. I printed my reservation notice and took it with us. Upon check in, I presented paperwork to the young lady at the front desk. She checked us in and we went to our room. When we got to our room, I started to unpack and found no towels or washcloths in the room. My husband turned on the TV and found 2 channels that worked. I picked up the phone to call the front desk to report the problems only to find the phone didn't work either. We walked back down to the front desk and were given towels and washcloths. The guy we talked with called someone to fix the TV and telephone. We went out to dinner and returned finding neither had been repaired. The next morning, I got up showered and washed my waist length hair. When I came out of the bathroom to dry my hair, there was not a hairdryer to be found. It was 38 degrees outside. Again this was reported. We left and went to Universal Studios. We returned to the hotel to find our keys not working. We again went down to the front desk and the same guy told us that our reservations was for Friday night only, he tried to charge our credit card double and was charging us $89.00 per night. I tried to explain that my paperwork (in our locked out room) would clear up all of his problems but he was not very cooperative at first. Once he understood I made the reservations on their website he finally changed the reservation and the charges were a little closer to the online charges. I have never had problems with a motel like this in my life and I hope to never experience this again. I know I would experience it again here because this was my one and only stay!!

    danwin 1/28/14 8:10PM
  • Days Inn - Dover DE Rm 312 checked in after 3pm 1/18/2014....upon entering room, first thing you notice is that floor not only creaks loudly but is no where near flat but a series of ups and downs. Having driven several hours, we just wanted to take a shower and relax. No bath towels in room. No answer when called front desk, so walked 2 buildings over to front desk. Told situation to young man at desk. He checked to see if there were any behind desk. None being there, he said he would have "housekeeping" bring some over. 2 hours later and still no towels, walked back over to main desk, this time with a woman behind the desk, who said they were "folding towels as we spoke" and "housekeeping" would bring some over soon. Shortly, two bath "towels" were delivered to our room. One was so old and thin, it was practically transparent. The other had 3 holes you could pass a quarter thru. We wound up having to go to a nearby K-mart and buy bath towels. The next day,as apparent punishment for complaining about the towel situation, our room was not cleaned, neither trash can was emptied despite both being full and the beds were not made. However, we did have fresh towels. Cute. Since we had been out of the room all day and did not return until after 11pm, we just wanted to sleep and leave asap. I couldn't help but laugh as I read the Days Inn mission statement at the front desk upon checking out. No,"How was your stay?",or "Was everything OK with your room?", Just a perfunctory "You're good to go."

    Dazed In Dover 1/21/14 9:40AM
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  • 80/90 holly head road coventry i never felt so embarresed for someone else poor young polish girl trying to be helpfull gets a roasting of some asian guy who was just rude to me and horrible to her felt like punching his head in and turns out she was in the right as well meant to be staying there again in a couple of weeks got lots of work in cov so might just go somwere else.

    ell 4/2/14 6:58AM
  • Days inn was wonderful my friend had a baby while here and the company did all they could to help with the fact we weren't here for two days and i paid for them and they world very hard at covering the expensive nature of the problem. since it was none of there problem that we had a baby on the trip. thanks very much days inn. tiffany

    tipped 2/19/14 11:54AM
  • I just returned to California after staying four days at the Days Inn in Port Jervis, New York. Although the place looks a little worn-down and shabby--both inside and out--the microwaves and fridges; the a/c is powerful, and there's a small bar located within the premises. Also, there's a small strip mall literally right behind the hotel, with an excellent liquor store, inexpensive supermarket, TJ Maxx, and nail salon, among others. It's the staff at this hotel which is so great, however--very friendly, helpful, and accommodating, from the housekeepers to the desk staff. I have stayed at luxury resorts and received similar--but not superior--service. It's rather run-down, but the price, the location, and the staff make it a terrific deal if one doesn't mind orange, 1970's bedspreads that look as though they might be used for DNA evidence on any given day.

    blakesusan02 8/8/13 2:14AM
  • I couldnt find a site to let me post how wonderful my visit was to the Days Inn Bridgeview this past week.We met a wonderful employee Anthony Powell who is exceptional.Folks from the south know a thing or two about hospitality but this hotel and staff put it in capital letters.I so enjoyed evryone I even invited friends to come and stay and the got a room there also.Great Hotel.

  • Had to go to Scripps hospital in La Jolla , Ca. I called Days Inn Encinitas 3 times to confirm there was a hot breakfast...3 times! I was told yes yes yes. This was important due to the early times we needed to be at the hospital.
    We got there, there was no hot breakfast. Just cold pastry.
    The ac did not blow. I reported it several times during the week we were there. No repair was made.
    However, the staff were very pleasant.

    Anonymous 7/24/13 1:00PM
  • My wife and I recently stayed at Days Inn Fargo, ND. Accommodations were top quality in all categories. We especially wish to thank manager Levi for his over-and-beyond assistance in rearranging our travel plans into Canada at the time of checkout. His help was friendly, caring, and much appreciated. AS from PA

    Anonymous 7/11/13 10:37AM
  • Friday June 7 I arrived in Gresham, Oregon to stay at the Days Inn there. Arriving via a back road I became lost so I called the Days Inn for directions. I have become aware that many employees have NO-ZERO clue where they are, how to give directions and haven't the faintest clue to life in general.
    Savannah was a savior. She answered the phone professionally, asked a few questions about where I was and knew by discription where I was and how to get me to the motel. WOW!!! Big points right off the bat!!
    Her directions were spot on and I arrived to the Days Inn in mere minutes. But there was a problem. I could tell by the look on her face that she didn't have good news. The room I had reserved ONLINE was actually at an other Days Inn. She said this happens all the time with ONLINE reservations because there is a Days Inn that is in Gresham, Oregon and another in Portland/Gresham. Go figure. She was on the phone immediately, confirmed the reservation at the other motel and knew that she could not transfer the reservation to her Days Inn. She know what to do, how to do it and still handled herself professionally the entire time.

    Needless to say I was very impressed.

    Anonymous 6/8/13 6:36AM
  • Stayed two nights in Thomaston,Ga. Room was very clean and the hotel manager was very helpful. Will stay again when in the area.Very enjoyable stay at Days Inn..dw

    Anonymous 5/28/13 8:44AM
  • The Days Inn in Bridgewater (1260 US Highway 22 East, Bridgewater NJ) is consistent in one regard. Failure. The housekeeping is sub-par with complaints ranging between housekeepers failing to leave towels all the way up to failing to clean whole rooms. The housekeeping manager is rude and antisocial (Oksana is her name) and berates not only guests but front desk and housekeepers alike. In one wing of the hotel, the 700 numbers, rooms are loaded with mold, smell like they've never been cleaned. Furniture throughout the hotel is old and stained. The Front desk personnel are lackluster with the exception of Ashley and Michele. The breakfast is average featuring nothing hot except the coffee or tea. One would hope it is scheduled for a renovation and some major repairs to it's leaky roofs, moldy rooms, and wet carpets.

    Anonymous 12/30/12 12:51AM
  • The few times i needed the support i helped a lot. Great service.


    Richard 12/1/12 9:54AM
  • I went to Days Inn in Fulton, Mississippi. The girl al the front desk was very polite and nice. She was smiling. I looked at her name tag and it said Chelsea. Thank you for your friendly service. I will come back soon.

    Todd 11/30/12 9:58PM
  • This is for the person in charge of the Camp Springs, MD Days INN. I had a very good experience with the staff. I don't think you could have found better employees. 106 has rust covering the shower curtian rod. The grout and door stop in the bthroom are covered with black mold. Please provide you maid with a good vaccum. She tries and vaccums but it doesn't pick up very good. I would have given you an excellent rating on Trip advisor if I had not found these things wrong with my room.
    Thank you for alowing me to share my concerns.

    Traveln Granny 11/14/12 10:14AM
  • Huntington WV

    I am glad to report that after threatening the facility with a better business claim, I got a rebate check for the amount I was over-billed. This just goes to show you that places like the Days Inn in Huntington WV are hurting for business so badly, that they are trying anything to make money. I was charged for an entire week, when I stayed only three nights. Thanks Customer Service for the prompt attention. And, of course, sorry D.I of Huntington WV. I told you I would take it as far I needed.

    Sad American 5/14/12 10:44AM
  • On March 31, 2012 I checked in to Days Inn at 5701 Chamberlayne Rd, Richmond Va for a rewards points stay.
    I had just had a very upsetting fall in the city & was cut, brused , glasses bent & bleeding.
    We were checked in by Sam Travedi who arrived at our room a few minutes later with a fresh towel, peroxide & ice pack. He also advised where to seek medical help & get glasses fixed.
    This service was exceptionally kind & above the call of duty.
    Please send this note on to appropriate person.
    Sam deserves a commendation.
    Please let me know that my thanks have been forwaarded.
    Ellen Baldwin

    Anonymous 4/14/12 3:10PM
  • I gave my adult son my credit card number to reserve a room in Miami. I received a confirmation e-mail with a confirmation number. We traveled all day from the mid-west and arrived at 8pm. I gave the receptionist a copy of my e-mail with the confirmation and she told me that the reservation had been canceled because my credit card had been denied. I immidiately called my credit card company and they stated they never received a request from Days Inn. The receptionist was rude and wouldn't help out. She pointed to a backdoor and told us we could walk to the comfort inn (2 miles away). Through many phone calls, we got a hold of Holiday Inn. They were very helpful and assisted us. We will now stay at Holiday Inns.

    sox 2/22/12 11:35AM
  • Just fyi......The Days Inn Lebanon/Ft. Indiantown Gap, PA ... is in a category of its own. Kindest..friendliest..most helpful staff of any hotel I"ve ever stayed with. THE BEST.
    Thanks for another great stay :) Kristy Bleistein Delaware

    kristyjo 11/8/11 1:29AM
  • From the first time I tried to inquire regarding monthly room rates, I was very frustrated. I was given different "policies" and Rates! Embarassing because I had to borrow the exact amount that it would cost me for my temporary housing.
    Plus Mary, the day clerk, acts like she thinks she is the manager or want to be mgr! All questions, she acts like are impositions and you are bothering her day! Plus rather than dealing with your issue or concern, all she does is want you to describe the employee that misinformed you, so she can rat to the manager and make Mary look good. This is customer service? As I explained to Mary, that is an inside issue and the Customer should not have to be invovled with management issues. She isn't even management.!!

    Normally I do not like to complain since jobs are not easy to come by these days. However after being the giver of service usually, I expect the same in return.

    Also 3rd floor housekeepers are kind, respectful and caring. Thank you girls.

    Jo-Nette resolved my smoking dilemma last weekend in a kind, understanding and efficient manner! Thank you kindly, Jo-Nette!

    Anonymous 10/26/11 4:33PM
  • I stayed at the Days Inn Syracuse and first I have to say the gentleman that was there when my husband and I checked in was absolutley horrid! He acted like we were iterrupting his TV time and was extremely RUDE!! Upon coming down for breakfast the next morning I was almost dreading who they had working the front desk as I thought they would have the same manner as the gentleman the night before. BOY WAS I WRONG! The ladies name was Kathy, and as soon as she saw us she came right out checked to make sure there was enough coffee and breakfast and promted us with "Good Morning" in the sweetest possible manner, she was also extremely knowledgable about the inns and outs of the hotel and places in syracuse that we could visit... along with knowing the directions without looking them up. She talked with us for almost a half hour and she was so extremely plesant that it completely made our morning. Upon checking out we were 3rd in line, and to our surprise she was as helpful and sweet to every customer... even the one in front of us complaining about EVERYTHING. She kept her cool in a way i definatley could not, and just kept on smiling like it had no effect on her. If this lady is not the front office manager, you should make sure she is... She has the BEST customer service skills i have really ever seen. She is an asset to your company and we can only hope you realize that.

    Anonymous 10/8/11 9:28AM
  • I was part of a group of 7 motorcyle riders that got caught in an unrelenting rain on July 8, 2011. We stopped at the Days Inn in Morehead, KY. We were welcomed, given coffee and towels to dry off while we checked in, and the manager assisted us in getting our wet packed clothes dried out and checked back to see that we were doing ok. The rooms were clean and well-maintained, and we could not have had more pleasant accomodations.

    Jim 8/7/11 2:19PM
  • Days Inn, Grandville Michigan, no faucet in the bathroom,no tissue, 1/3 roll of toilet paper, No waste basket in the room, mold on the ceiling, the bathroom ceiling dripped when someone was taking a shower to the point that the room looked like it had just rained. Missing carpet under the counter, 2 tv's one remote. I will say that the hotel was pretty clean and the staff was very friendly.

    Anonymous 7/24/11 4:58PM
  • My husband and I just stayed at Days Inn in Grreat Falls Mt from May 7 until May 10th and had a great stay. My husband is in a wheelchair and getting around in lots of motels it difficult. This Days Inn is great and fairly wheelchair friendly. I would like advice the head office of a great empolyee you have there. His name is Paul and he is the Desk Manager there. We have stayed a few times at this Days Inn and every time we are there ;Paul is working. He is so friendly and goes out of his way to help the customers have a enjoyable stay. Pleas pass on this email.

    Beeevers 5/13/11 12:06PM
  • Just a few comments on the Days Inn in Vincennes, IN. I like the build and everything was very nice. I love the pool along with my family. We will half to go again soon. Evryone was very helpful and friendly. They have come a long way.

    Anonymous 1/17/11 9:27AM
  • Yes I would like to say that the Days Inn is coming along very nicely. I enjoyed my stay and the Hotel. Evryone there is very nice. The Hotel looks really nice. I really like the rooms. I slept like a baby. A few more thing to take care of, but I would go back. It was just like home.

    Anonymous 1/17/11 9:19AM
  • I stay at Days Inn in Vincennes, IN and I had a very nice stay at this Hotel. The front desk was very helpful, and the housekeeper were very friendly. I love what they did to the lobby and the rooms was very nice and spaceious. I would very much like to stay there angin on my next trip to Indiana.

    Anonymous 1/17/11 9:12AM
  • Days Inn in Welland ontario Canada is the best...the girls that work there have gone way beyond and above the duties looking after an elderly disabled family member that had to stay there for a few months long story but the staff there were just unbelievable.....l would recommend this place anytime to anyone..not the fanciest of places but the service is above and beyond....

    carol 1/7/11 12:42PM
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  • I have worked a four different hotel in my life , I recently worked at days inn in portage mi , it's the grosses place ever .. It's never any cleaning supplies , the change the sheets in the room every THREE days , the reuse towels if they don't "LOOK" dirty .. They have an upstairs but the elevator had been broken since I before I started working there .. Guest have to carry all their belongings up the stairs.. He made his HK staff work all three major holidays with out the proper pay , which is clearly posted on a wall in the office .. I don't understand how place like that is allowed to stay open .. So one really should do a surprise expect ion on that place .. And if your going to be staying in kalamazoo or portage mi please do yourself a favor and DONT stay there ..

    Chocolate chip 3/26/14 9:51AM

  • If you like excitement then the Days Inn in Kent WA is the place for you. Drug deals, prostitution, drunken brawls, parties, mayhem and foolishness at all hours of the night.
    Hotel staff who could care less and an executive housekeeper who had her nose in everyones business. The housekeepers look unkempt in their torn, faded, dirty smocks and barely could speak any English so getting things for your room was nearly impossible. Breakfast if you could call it that was awful. Beverages in dirty containers, muffins were gross. Rooms had dirty carpets, dirty walls, burn marks in the carpet.
    With as many times we have seen the police here I'm shocked that this place hasnt been shut down.

    Clampet4 4/23/13 11:44AM

  • The days inn i work at in pa sucks.The owner bhupinder singh takes cash that people pay and puts it right in his pocket, doesnt put it in computer so that days inn corporate or the irs never knows about it.He pockets thousands of dollars a week.He is not fair with his employees treats them like dirt. His wife gets a pay check every two weeks and she dont even work there at all, thats not right or fair we get paid 8 dollars a hour,and thats why we will never get a raise because she gets a pay check.I hope so bad that some one will read this from corporate and do something about it please it is not fair, Days inn is suppose to be a great and fun place to work. You want your employees to be proud that they work at a days inn but we are not its time to make a change.

    555american 4/15/13 2:28PM

  • I work for a Days Inn, I'm not a happy employee. I am treated unfairly and rudely by the manager and the owner never is around. This hotel is a joke and feel that going from 30 hours a week to 8 hours a week is a little unnecessary! I am a single mother, 8 hours a week at $8 an hour will not feed my child nor put a roof over their head! Every guest i check in or check out seems to have a problem with our manager, as well as most of the employees have a problem too. our hot tub is boarded over because they dont want to have a lift put in and are eliminating it altogether, which i get to hear people complain about to. there is nothing i can do and i get the customer attitude for it. not fair. you should really take some initiative to inspect all of your hotels and make sure the employees are treated fairly. we are not slaves, we are your co-workers.

    Anonymous 3/8/13 3:01PM

  • I worked for a Days Inn in Bridgewater New Jersey and I can tell you this is no gem. The furniture is old and stained. The beds old and need replacing. Bedbugs, roof leaks, wet carpets, doors with hinges that do not work properly, electrical hazards (in several rooms, the leaks from the roof drop into lamps), and the houskeeping is average. Many times towels are forgotten leaving the guest no towels. Sometimes rooms are skipped, left unclean. The front desk staff is unremarkable except for Ashley and Michele who do their jobs above and beyond. The whole hotel needs renovation and repairs. The Wi-Fi is horrible and the bandwidth is not good enough. The cable television selections are limited. The Sports Bar that's there is only open three nights a week, none of them being sunday. Raises for the staff are unheard of. Days Inn would do well to drop this one at the first opportunity. It is apparent the owners do not care about this property, only about the money it brings in.

    Realistic 12/30/12 1:05AM

  • I am a Days Inn employee have been for 6 years now. Anyways went to take a trip called made reservations and all that good stuff in Port Huron, Michigan. The guy at the desk tried to tell me cause i was an employyee i get charged by guest, and he was changing the rate. He countined to argue with me I said just give me my room (yes, a couple swear words). He told me that I am a days inn employee and that i am not to act like that, well guy If you dont broadcast it nobody would know. I will not stay at this hotel again. Oh, i was told by the manager I didnt have to Pay deposit and the guy at the front said i did and then argued about it.

    Anonymous 4/14/12 4:51PM

  • I work at a Days Inn and I am here to tell everyone a secret. If they arent American owned dont stay. The one I work at sucks real bad. These freaks dont give a POO about nobody but their selfs. I am astouded by what satys in these dumps. By the way we have had alot of problems with bed bugs. Please people stay where Americans are working and own. We dont enough jobs for the Americans and so we need help to get this going. Dont stay where dot people run it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    Unknown 12/3/11 7:31PM

  • Well I work for a Days Inn and working here has really opened my eyes to see how disgusting it is. Biggest concern.... Well i would have to say the mattresses that my boss has not replaced since he took over this establishment years ago. I would say it's at least 4 years. I'm not really up to date on how often mattresses should be changed but when I get one out of ten guest complaining about bed bugs I think it's time to get some new mattresses. Rooms should be closed down or out of order when a problem like this arises. They should also be put off market when there is mold growing in the bathrooms floor cracks from the over spill of clogged toilets or a dripping pipe. Another rule that I am also aware of is that guest should have some sort of cups in the rooms, well aren't they supposed to be sealed? Yes the answer is yes, yet they don't really seem to care all that much here for christ sake we don't even have a manager. So if you have a problem at this hotel you can put your name on the list to get to talk to the boss. I figure it'll be a couple weeks before he gets to you. We never are stocked up fully on breakfast items, so I advise people that are wanting a breakfast at a Days Inn to really only stay on the weekends thats really the only time they have everything in stock. I would know this because I work as the person that has to restock these items and until recently i was only working on the weekends. Little did I know that once I started the night shift on the weekdays that I would have little food items to work with. so with all that being said I post this up for the people that want to stay at one. I advise you not to do so. I know that Days Inn is a franchise and most of them are independently owned so there's not much that one can do. I ask you all... Do you really want to stay at a place that has a reputation of cutting corners sometimes even fail health inspections? Chose a different one because most likely you will not get what you paid for. If you want the same quality that you would get at a Days Inn but for a fraction of the price I suggest getting the roach motel down the road from Days Inn. Most likely they will have one or two around. This name brand establishment will just let you down.

    Anonymous 6/21/11 11:07AM

  • Days Inn Pigeon Forge Tennessee, I was an employee until today 10-11-2010. This Days Inn has mold in the rooms, leaking roof, leaking plumping, rooms that smell like cat pee, cracked walls, stained walls, floors , stained carpets beds with blood on the blankets and sheets down to the pad. Rollways tied up with plastic bags, insects in the rooms, stained bath towels and washcloths, stained sheets and pillowcases. Guest adult stuff left in the beds, under the beds and in rooms. They have Mexican families cleaning the rooms. If you can call it that. The owners are from India. All complaints go directly to how these people live theirs life. The manager is white but not any better than the owners. If we had a real health inspector in Pigeon Forge this Days Inn would be shut down if nothing else for the mold that is growing. Days Inn Corporate knows of the condition of this Days Inn. Americans cant complain because they support these people with their money. But who cares right?

    deskclerk 10/11/10 1:52PM

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