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Delta Airlines customer service is ranked #149 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 52.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 1183 ratings. This score rates Delta Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


953 Negative Comments out of 1,183 Total Comments is 80.56%.


230 Positive Comments out of 1,183 Total Comments is 19.44%.

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  • Delta has horrible customer service. Not to mention on a compleaint George Andrews supervisor told me that I was the highest person he could speak. I did not know he was the president of the company. They also do not view third party tickets as customers.....On the flight many said they will never fly Delta again... I am with them!

    JoJo 7/9/14 4:57AM
  • My flight to Pittsburgh was on 8pm (Delayed to 9pm) Now after I had landed in Pittsburgh on 4th May 2014 at around 11pm (due to delay) , I find that one out of my two baggage went missing . My missing baggage contains many important documents , my hard-disk with all personal and educational data , my medicines , my spectacles , my warm clothes etc. So missing the baggage is a huge loss for me.

    Its delta responsiblity to transfer and take care of my baggages. but my luggage was lost rather it was stolen

    DELTA Airlines are a dissappointment in terms of customer service ....
    today I am saying all these cos I had lost all my business , perosnal , banking ,educational data stored in a harddrive in my bag.

    aks 5/28/14 9:53AM
  • Delta is the worst!!! I bought a business elite class ticket from Schinipol to Detroit, when I was on board, the seat I had was broken, I had to sit for the entire 8.5 hours flight! And when I try to call the customer care line for a complaint, I was put on hold for more than 30 minutes and then they told me I should call another line.

    Anonymous 5/21/14 1:56PM
  • This company takes no responsibility for what they do. I had connecting flight from Dallas to San Francisco. First flight they gave my seat away without even asking me. My new seat was next to the engine and the recliner would not work. Second flight is delayed and employee at the country keep giving ad time and changing take off time every 5min. Too much confusion. If I can avoid it I will not take Delta again.

    Anonymous 5/13/14 4:20PM
  • Delta Is The Absolute Worst Airline ever! Today is the second time I have been robbed by delta security baggage handlers. This is completely horrible!

    Anonymous 5/2/14 5:10PM
  • On T Apl 8 my husband and I toolk flight DL1604 from Fl to MI with wheelchairs. I was very upset when our 2 wheelchair workers, Ricardo and Zahara, took us to the wrong place, in Det., to catch the bus to Enterprise car rental. I tried telling Ricardo it was not correct, but he kept repeatiing all transportation leaves from this stop, where he was leaving us, he was sure it was correct. Of course, it was not, and we had to walk the block, dragging our luggage, to the correct stop, hurrying because the Enterprise bus was already there. This is the first time, in using a wheelchair, we ever had a problem. I am contacting Delta because I dont know how to reach the Metro Airport wheelchair service.Please pass this on to whomever needs to know. Thanks.

    faye menczer 4/23/14 5:24AM
  • I have a Delta sky miles number and my husband and I both have the Delta American Express card. I purchased new luggage and used it on an international United flight (booked by a corporation so I had no control of which airline) and at the end of my trip it still looked good as new. I loaned it to my daughter, who is also a Delta sky miles user, to use on a domestic Delta flight and when she retrieved it at the end of her trip the zipper to the top pocket was completely ripped off making it almost impossible to open now, and there were two rips on the bottom pocket that will need to be fixed. She had to pay extra for her luggage because she doesn't own an American Express card. I am very disappointed that my luggage was so roughly treated since I am a supporter of Delta. Thank you for listening to my concern.

    Anonymous 4/8/14 4:50PM
  • On 3/17/14 my mother had to fly home from TPA with my sister because of health issues, I'm an employee's but we had to pay to fly both of them because it was an emergency. My Mother was treated excellent by the wheelchair person (Antonio Jackson) and we just want to make sure that he is recognized for his wonderful service. Antonio stay with her until my sister arrived with the car and it was after midnight. Prospect has treated my mother excellent in the past because she flies DL a lot and we want this gentleman to be recognized for it.
    Thanks-Dominie Wojtowicz

    Anonymous 3/31/14 5:47AM
  • I keep asking God for forgiveness for what I've done.My husband and I had a great experience while flying delta airlines, we've clearly miss our flight on our own and was help by a kind smiling agent.she explain the policy and was kind enough to not charge us I was very thankful my husband tip the agent but when I get to the other end he told me the amount he tip her and I was very upset wrote delta demanding my money back. I'm very ashamed my husband say to me I should call and explain that it was a misunderstanding. Delta forgive me

    juanita 3/30/14 9:13PM
  • How to lose 250+ GB Pounds just by booking a flight through Delta Air Lines.
    In November, 2013, I telephoned a Delta office in Salt Lake City. The agent accepted my booking on a KLM flight from Amsterdam, Holland to Panama City, Panama, and my debit card payment - all confirmed by email.
    Then. Delta first deposited the full amount for the ticket into my bank account! Later they took the money out, but took out more than they had put in!
    Delta had my email address, but did not warn me of any of this, so they messed-up my travel plans and I never did get an explanation for their actions!
    Obviously, I wrote to Delta, believing that any reputable company would refund my money without any fuss. How wrong I was. Delta blamed the bank and denied any if the bank had somehow deposited money in my account and then taken it out! To say that I am disgusted by their attitude is an understatement!

    oncebitten 2/24/14 1:09AM
  • Please call me concerning flight 684 from Haiti to Atlanta on Feb 15. Our flight was delayed from Haiti for 1 hour. When we arrived in Atlanta we were connecting to Chattanooga on flight 5232. We had approximately 35 mins. To get to our next flight. We sat on the runway for 10 mins. When we arrived to our gate we cleared customers and determined that we had missed our flight. After we stood in line 30 mins. Only to be told we could re-book tomorrow. The hotels were full. We called a friend from Knoxville to come to Atlanta (3 hrs away) I spoke w a mgr. & received food vouchers. We had to recheck our bags to domestic after the attendant wrote ATL on them with a sharpie. She told us that the bags would be in the international baggage area. They never left the check in area. We spent 30 mins looking for our luggage. The luggage claims area was not very helpful, but finally found our bags except for one bag. The bag should be delivered to our home. This experience has left me determined to choose a different carrier next time. My issue was not so much the missed flight, but the negative attitude of the delta representatives.

    aggravated in atlanta 2/15/14 9:33PM
  • Never use Delta, flight into Atlanta cancelled, re-scheduled 24 hours later ... no prior warning until at airport. Then when arrived at Atlanta they could get us off plane for 2.30 hours, no apologies no vouchers no nothing. No connecting flights had to sleep on airport floor, re-scheduled flight on to Savannah cancelled, at time Delta staff knew it was cancelled but still booked passengers on, with a smile of course .......... why do they need to b liars, suppose its company policy. Delta you full of staff n that's being polite !!!!

    Fraser 2/14/14 2:10PM
  • I'll never use Delta again! Kept me on hold for unacceptable time playing ads. All I had was a simple question about baggage rules.

    Never again!!!

    Anonymous 2/11/14 5:45PM
  • Many of the complaints----including mine--is that customer care is a farce. My recent telephone experience ending up with "Joyce" who wouldn't give me her last name, her supervisors name, the name of the person in charge of customer care.

    What is going on? Delta has had a wonderful reputation in my opinion, but when a customer has a complaing, the airline is DEAF!!!

    I intend to fly a lawsuit against them.
    I mean it

    Anonymous 2/4/14 3:32PM
  • My baggage got lost on January 12, 2014. I filed all the papers I was advised to file, obtained all the file numbers I had to.
    Till now (3 weeks already) I have no information about my baggage and nobody from Delta bothered to contact me. I called their baggage telephone couple of times; they were kind but could not help much.
    I am wondering how to proceed now? Whom should I call or write? How can I get either my baggage back or a compensation that I am entitled for???

    emil 2/3/14 11:58AM
  • Why are Delta people so rude? Old fat female flight attendants have no sense of politeness/service. I had luggage lost twice with Delta and they never tried to help. Everybody at Delta is not responsible for customers. I have travelled with dozens of airlines worldwide, I am sure Delta is the WORST ever!

    Anonymous 1/30/14 11:32AM
  • I am very disappointed in deltas response to our situation. Last year we purchased tickets for my son, daughter-in-law, and myself to go on vacation to visit my daughter in Texas. When it came time for us to leave my daughter-in-law ended up in the hospital with pregnancy complications and was not allowed to fly. I used one of the tickets and the other two were extended until April 7th 2014. My son and his wife ended up having twins 6 weeks early and babies were in the hospital 3 weeks. Due to all the time they missed from work they will not be able to utilize those tickets within the April 7th 2014 deadline. I however am flying to Texas in March and was going to buy one of their tickets off of them. I was told I could not use them because they are not under my name. So not only did they not get to go to Texas last year they are out 712.00. I think this is ridiculous that at least one of those tickets could not be utilized by me and then they would only be out 356.00. Where is that money going? I don't know about anyone else but my kids work hard for their money and it is now down the drain because of circumstances beyond their control. Unbelievable

    Anonymous 1/23/14 4:03PM
  • they are the WORST!! my son flew on 1/2 and they lost one of his two bags. There is NO ONE who can tell me what is being done to look for the bag. The online status says nothing since the claim was created on 1/3. The automated information says the bag is found and is in route (but this is wrong - - and a rep told me there is a problem with the automated system). The call center is a JOKE. One rep just hung up on me. All of his clothes for school and NO ONE TO TALK TO ABOUT WHAT IS BEING DONE TO LOCATE THE BAG. AWFUL. will never fly them again.

    Anonymous 1/16/14 9:03AM
  • I understand Delta has responsibility for customer service (in the USA) for KLM Airlines. My wife recently completed a flight-from-hell from Amsterdam with Delta, after being 'dumped' from her Schipol/LAX KLM flight. She paid extra for upgraded seats, both ways, but they were re-assigned without warning. KLM treated my wife like a leper, and sold her seat to a standby passenger and re-routed her with Delta through Chicago. She suffered a breakdown after arriving home and spent two days in intensive care undergoing heart tests. Delta's "customer care" folks wrote a nice note and magnamimously offered a $50 gift certificate (to be used to buy Delta items) to compensate my wife!!! No refunds for the upgraded seat costs, and zero recourse for the shabby treatment she received in Schipol! If this is an example of Delta's "customer service", I can only wonder how long they'll remain in business!

    Anonymous 1/7/14 4:30PM
  • Cant reach anyone to help with change of

    Anonymous 1/6/14 5:04PM
  • The Absolute Worst!i Am Trying To Speak To A Human Being About My Lost Bag On Christmas Eve!!! My Family Had No Presents For Christmas, I Had No Clothes For My Entire 7 Day Trip, And I Had A Representative Hang Up The Phone On My When I Was In Tears!!!!!

    aklimkm 1/2/14 3:55PM
  • Dec. 30 Monday morning approximately 8:30 am. Upon arrival, when needing assistance to get from Concourse A to C, the woman behind the counter at my arrival gate was openly sarcastic and rude. And was not concerned that I may miss my flight. A young gentleman was very kind and took control of the situation. As luck wood have it, my next flight was waiting for a stewardess so I made my connection.

    I guess Monday mornings was not her best time

    Anonymous 1/1/14 5:54AM
  • Delays due to necessary repairs on delta aircraft are becoming frequent. In the past month I have encountered two four hour delays . One was in Detroit where we were reimbursed 50 credit for the long delay which got us to Vegas at midnight rather than the 7 pm estimate.. A friend who flew Southwest had a direct flight and arrived 12 hours earlier . On 12/17/13 we were told that our airplane was unavailable...pilots and attendants news from 2 pm boarding to 5 when it was announced the plane was in hangar for unspecified repair. Every Half hour our departure time was changed...finally to 7 when we were advised to switch to another plane if we wanted to be sure to get out...but we had to forego assurance that our luggage would get there. This time no compensation ...rather than landing at 3 pm to shovel out our vehicle,,,,we had to do so at 11 pm....the stress of the long delays and consequences to all involved should be compensated

    Grammajan 12/19/13 8:20PM
  • To Whom it May Concern :My bag was sent on a different flight than the 1 that I went on after my flight was canceled .I received my bag many hours after I was in need of the bag therefore costing me not only $50 round trip to bring it but I spent an additional $120 Renting replacement items for my trip . I feel that I should be credited for my inconvenience . Who do I need to contact or speak with about this matter ? Your Prompt response would be appreciated . Thank you John Gomes

    facelifts 12/18/13 3:22PM
  • Really, a 6 HOUR DELAY! NO CREW TO FLY! Is there any sort of management employed there?

    Anonymous 12/16/13 10:32AM
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  • On March 05, 2014, at 2:12 PM, Love2travel wrote:

    Congratulation to the Delta team!

    I did some travelling during the bad weather days, Jan & Feb 2014 - My observation is, that the Delta GATE AGENTS did a terrific and tireless job to reroute passengers.

    Keep up the good work!

    NB: I used to fly with United out of Chicago during their good old days.

    DealtaCares 3/21/14 7:57AM
  • I just received an email from a friend of mine forwarding a film clip of Delta Honor Guard that pays respect to our deceased veterans. I am a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and was moved to tears which this film. On behalf of my brothers and sister veterans THANK YOU.

    Air Force Veterans 1/7/14 5:20PM
  • Delta Airlines representative Harold in Atlanta went above and beyond to get my traveling group of four reassigned to a more accommodating (time wise) flight. The rep and his supervisor Jade in Salt Lake handled our request quickly and courteously, and are a true asset to Delta.
    They made us feel that they really cared about our problem, and fixed it quickly. Great work Delta!!!

    Anonymous 12/23/13 8:36PM
  • Our travel experience with Delta was wonderful. We can't say enough good things about the wheelchair service and the fellow, Nicholas, who took care of my dad. Thanks!

    Jlen 12/3/13 3:58PM
  • I had a good flight but what I wanted to comment on was the extra assistance I received. I needed assistance because I am unable to walk from one gate to the next. The gentleman who helped me was Naeem. He was so very helpful kind and pleasant, not just to me but everyone around us. He could not have been more helpful. I just wanted to say thank you Naeem.

    Anonymous 12/1/13 7:17PM
  • What a wonderful experience flying on Delta! I flew round trip to Seoul, South Korea, from Tampa, via Detroit. I needed special assistance...wheelchair, and assistance between flights as I was traveling alone. I could not have received better service! The attendants, the check-in personnel, the flight attendants and crew were fabulous, even the food on board was good, considering the amount of people needing to be served. I would certainly fly Delta again, and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially a senior citizen like myself who needs some assistance while flying. Thank you, Delta!

    jh4aces 11/19/13 6:56PM
  • Susan Carroll from Indianapolis airport was helpful kind and courteous in assigning James Reda and my reservation to travel home in inclement weather.

    Deborah Reda

    Anonymous 11/18/13 1:07PM
  • Hello my name is Hirut (Ruthie) Tsegaye-I flew from LAX to SFO on 10/22/2013.Mrs Rocio aka Ro Dep.125
    provided excellent service, she is great.Please tell her
    supervisor Victor Ortiz.We need people like her at every
    customer service.Just want to say thank you!

    Anonymous 10/22/13 10:25PM
  • I write to commend the services of Ms. Lisa Brisard; Customer Services Representative at your Atlanta Office.
    Ms. Brisard was not only most courteous, assistive and professional, but she also averted what could have been a disastrous episode by the advice and counsel she gave when en route to Minneapolis on Delta Flight 4898 at 6:05am on 21 August,2013.
    Her advice was noteworthy because we were unaware of Delta's policy about luggage costs for flights with a 24 hour layover and would have been in dire straits financially due to other unforeseen circumstances. Please convey our gratitude/commendation for her exemplary service.
    Antoinette L. Thompson

    Antoinette L. Thompson 9/20/13 11:23AM
  • On two occasions recently I had to use wheelchair transfer at Detroit. The two young gentlemen were Talal Bazzi and Kassem. Both of them were Wonderful - kind, efficient, and caring. Thank you. I was very impressed with their service.

    MJR 9/12/13 3:03PM
  • I want to write this "goodletter" for the flight attendants working the front cabin on flight 130 ATL to MUC on 8/28/13. One of the best services' for a long time. The crews' names are as follows. Pam Wall..Brigitte Thompson..Audrey Barow..Phyllis Foster..and Linda Hindner..These ladies worked their butts off and deserve all the accolades you can give them. Please pass this on to the proper department. Fly Delta

    Anonymous 9/7/13 8:36AM
  • I wish to provide a positive comment on the excellent service given to me and my daughter by Delta Cargo in New Orleans. In Particular to Mr Tommy Rowan. We found ourselves in a desperate situation regarding the shipping of a dog to Oregon. Mr Rowan while staying within the rules and regulations provided above and beyond support that allowed this situation to be resolved happily. Please see that him and the staff of the New Orleans Air Cargo receive our appreciation. They are a credit to your company and an example of goo customer support.

    Eflynn 8/29/13 4:07PM
  • Delta Airlines is unique in that it has an honor guard to honor our fallen heroes. I will make a point of flying Delta! Bravo.

    Anonymous 8/13/13 6:25PM
  • I would like to comment on the great service Renee provided when my flight to Minneapolis was delayed for two hours. Renee works for Delta in Boise and was very helpful with a plane load of not happy passengers. I had two flights that week. Delta 869 on Jun 24 from MSP to BOI and Delta 5688 on Jun 26 from BOI to MSP. Both flights were delayed about 3 hours due to mechanical issues. It was a tough week until Renee came to our rescue, answering our questions and giving clear direction. Please tell her thanks.

    Mike 8/12/13 1:33PM
  • I want to thank delta airlines for going beyond the call of duty in flying my brother and his daughter from boi to grr and back.jon had a medical emergency on route st gave service at the hospital for his 11 year old daughter.I thought I was going on a 20 hour round trip to get his daughter but you took care of the situation getting a minor child to the airport to final destination.Im so greatful of you service and you have a customer for life in my travels.
    thank you,

    JON PETERS 8/4/13 6:50AM
  • Beshtar provided my wife with wheel-chair assistance in the Detroit airport on Sunday, July 14. Our plane was one hour late in arriving so that left us only 20 minutes to get from a gate-A to gate-C 34. The gate had to be at least 3/4 mile away through a tunnel and up two elevators.
    Beshtar rushed us there assuring us all the way he would get us there in time. We are 80 years old and so appreciated his wonderful attitude and assistance. We made the plane. Thank you Delta.

    mumma 7/16/13 5:27PM
  • I want to Thank you for helping my son. I will be making post on all Military Sites and groups I am in about how wonderful you where to help after my son's morning started out on the wrong foot. He is in Fairbanks Alaska and flying home to Raleigh NC, on leave. He went to check in not knowing he wasn't suppose to check in at Delta. Your employee got him on the next flight out and also now he will be getting home sooner. She even got my number so she could call back in case we got disconnected because my son and I had been call for 45 minutes trying to find out where he needed to go. I got hung up on 3 times. No help until I got on the phone with her I wish I had her name. Thank You so much we will be using Delta for his flights.

    Anonymous 6/14/13 4:27AM
  • I was really impressed at the wheelchair service provided by the people at Detroit airport. He went all the way to help my dad through the check point with such easy-going and cheerful attitude which made all of us feel so comfortable. I can not say the same for the people at the Atlanta airport. Keep up the good work.I am not sure wheelchair service is provided by the airport or airline, But we always fly Delta.

    Anonymous 6/11/13 8:12AM
  • My brother and I recently travled from Nashville and changed planes in Detriot in order to fly to our destination.

    My brother is disabled and required a wheelchair.

    The care we had at the Detroit was amazing. We couldn't have asked for better service.

    Thank you so much.

    Gail Allen
    Nashville, TN

    Anonymous 6/8/13 3:29AM
  • My Nme Is Richard Dufresne Flew On Tuesday June 4th, From Portland Maine To Tuscon,on Flight 1249 & 1240 I Was In A Wheel Chair And The Sevice Was Great I Want To Thank You Guys,nrsa Is Make Sure Both Crews Are Notified Of My Coments.

    Anonymous 6/7/13 1:32PM
  • I'm writing in regard to our experience on our trip from Flint, MI to Newark, NJ airport. It would have been a horrible experience if we had not had the assistance of Sotir, Amir, Sara and Lamar who aided R. LaPan and myself M. Dillon with wheelchairs thru the airports. What a great experience we had!! They were most cheerful and extremely helpful. R. is blind so any assistance was tremendous. They made our trip the best ever as we were attending a wedding in NY for R's son. Please give them all the Kudoo's you can from us and we'll look for them again if we need. Please let them know we love them all. M Dillon

    Anonymous 5/29/13 6:34AM
  • Due to my daughter's hospitalization from a car accident on the way to pick me up from Hou.Bush Intercont. on May 15, I needed to change my return flight until she is released from the hospital here in Houston.

    Sheri handled my situation and my request with professionalism and COMPASSION. I've been a nervous wreck for days, so I probably vented a little, but Sheri was not only patient and helpful, she showed great concern and was comforting.
    I hope that she knows what a blessing she is.

    L.K. Humphrey

    Anonymous 5/19/13 10:32AM
  • May 5, 2013 I was flying out of Ft. Wayne, Ind. my flight was delayed and had to be rerouted .......your agents were "nicer than the had to be" their names were Chris Homco and Brian Fenstermaber. These young men should commended for their diligence, kindness and profecency of their job. They were kind to all that needed their assistance and were patient and kind to all. I look forward to another layover in Ft Wayne.


    Sylvia B. Statenl

    Anonymous 5/5/13 3:15PM
  • In July 2012 we missed our flight from Miami to New York where we were to meet our 17 year old granddaughter. The Delta employees rebooked us on a flight to New York that afternoon but not in time to catch our connection to Sweden aboard Delta. Employees also booked our flight to Sweden for the following day and also got us the same seats as we would have had on the flight the day before. We also had wonderful help in booking a room for the night in New York and assured us that all of our luggage would be on the plane the following day.We cannot thank Delta employees enough for making the outcome of our trip to Sweden a pleasure for our granddaughter and us. It was a graduation gift for our granddaughter. This service has made Delta our favorite airline.

    Anonymous 5/2/13 5:37PM
  • I recently flew from Detroit to Tulsa accompanied by my 90 year old home health client. We have begun to fly from Detroit, although we life closer to Cleveland, because of the wonderful service we receive. I can't tell you how much easier my job becomes when there is someone to help me juggle my lil lady, a walker, 4 suitcases, a medical bag, 2 carry on bags, and 2 purses. Everyone is so kind a efficient. We will continue to fly Delta from Detroit for all our future trips. Thanks for making our trips a wonderful experience!

    Anonymous 4/30/13 7:15PM
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  • Okay first of all, its DELTA AIR LINES. Three words. Not Delta Airlines... You have it spelled wrong on this website.

    And Delta is the best airline out there. We are making serious strives to improve customer service and the experience for the passenger. We have won several awards for our technology offered on board and to passengers such as our electronic smartphone boarding passes, our iPhone app, on-board wifi, and live tv.

    In an industry where the other big carriers are dealing with a huge merger (United/Continental) and bankruptcy (American) we are an airline that is committed to changing for the better and becoming the best choice for everyone.

    carvanroberts 6/18/12 11:46PM

  • I work for delta airlines at JFK, i gotta tell u people Delta is really sucks. Manangers, corpus security, supervisors abusing people everyday and they don't care who works and who doesnt work. All u have to do is dont be late. Supervisors stealing over time hours and gettting a lot of delta rewards. Also, Human Resource and Equal Oportunity never help nobody, they just help they friends and they never investigate nobody. On September and October of  2011 delta fired a lot of people for buddy passes. Only one person sold buddy passes when he was not suppost to sell it but Delta fired like 80 people. None of them came back to work eventhough some of them were innocent. I have couple of friends very hard workers but got fired and delta never gave them the chance to come back. So, Delta really sucks and they really need a UNION.

    Hector 11/23/11 1:16AM

  • I am a Travel Agent.. yes you better fly another carrier, we see A LOT of complaints and rude attitude by Delta.. it seems there is no service quality supervisor enforced by the company.. it´s the same for us.. when a client has an issue we contact them and they ask us to let the customer deal with airport staff and bye.. We can see that´s not happening with other carriers.. it is so strange that Air France is doing business so close with Delta and they do have a very different quality.. I think Air France is much better carrier and doing business with Delta will affect their image instead of hellp them.. Delta and KLM are both "very" bad carriers.. unfortunately..

    Travel Agent 10/9/11 11:47AM

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