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Federal Express customer service is ranked #302 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 37.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 249 ratings. This score rates Federal Express customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


229 Negative Comments out of 249 Total Comments is 91.97%.


20 Positive Comments out of 249 Total Comments is 8.03%.

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  • Did not deliver my item and yet they told me no one is in the office while we are all waiting the delivery man. Terrible service!

    Eric W 6/23/14 8:17AM
  • Hi,

    I do not think there is any point of you apologizing for it, as I don't see any action from your end to rectify this issue.

    I am shocked and at the same time disappointed to get such a poor response from an organization of your stature, who claim to be the best in the business.

    On the contrary I feel you are no where near any of your competitors who have managed to delivered my couriers the very next day in Surat through Economy class and I have already had more than 20 transactions in the last week or so.

    I am no longer interested in taking this further as I cannot waste my valuable time chasing you guys for results.Since, neither you nor your managers seem interested or want to take ownership of this issue, I would rather invest my time and energy on other shipping companies who are willing to help small business like me grow.

    Though I do not wish to stay with you any more, but would definitely want to take this further through other social networking platforms where I am at-least able to educate others like me, so that they do not face such harassment and are able to run their business smoothly through other channels.

    Anonymous 5/30/14 10:52AM
  • Fed ex phone customer service is have to wait at least 10 minutes before a "person" answers and they really dont care what you want ,they just want to complete the call.I asked to have a package held for pickup (I spoke to a person)of course the next day it was on a truck for delivery and when I called back the next day to see why it wasn't held,i received no apology,just we have no record of you calling to have it held.

    me 5/30/14 9:10AM
  • A FedEx driver drove through my neighborhood(20 mph speed limit) at 83 mph (there was a radar thing that tells your speed right outside the neighborhood) and almost ran over me and my friend when we were on skateboards (broke my skateboard btw) and I would like to report it. It happened at 2:09 eastern time (-5:00 gmt) and the license plate was C345034. I don't care if you reimburse me for the loss of a skateboard, but I just want this problem to be fixed.

    Jessie10798 5/10/14 11:26AM
  • Hello,

    I called Fed after I saw a notice that My parcel had the wrong address , excuse me "INCORRECT ADDRESS" and that the parcel was being returned . It is an A/C unit for my automobile that was desperately needed . I saw from the shipping information "TRACKING NUMBER the parcel would arrive early in the morning. I had contacted a friend of mine to install it for me . Something was wrong , I began to feel . my friend waiting patiently with his tools at my house with no A/C replacement arriving.

    I called FEDEX CUSTOMER SERVICE which I'll now refer to it as "LYING EDGAR", from this point on. Lying Edgar informed me that the email was an incorrect description on why my parcel was being returned . (lie #1) He said that the SENDER had told FEDEX to stop shipment of the parcel immediately and wanted it returned (LIE#2). I told him that I wanted the parcel and to tell the driver that the address was correct and that I needed it now. Lying Edgar said that the parcel was being shipped back , it was already on its way back.(lie #3).

    I told him I had retired frm the industry and that I knew that although the computer said it was on it's way back to the sender , that in fact was on the delivery truck and to bring it to my house as the address was correct.. He kept me on hold for an extremely long length of time , coming back on the phone to tell me that it was not on the delivery truck , but it was now on a truck going back to sender.. I said I will call them.

    They (the sender) did not ask for it to be returned . they called fedex and fedex told them to basically F off they were getting their package back . It gets worse , There is a reason Fedex starts with a f.

    EDGAR is the Customer service te 5/3/14 4:36PM
  • I cannot find a way to file a complaint about a Fed Ex driver. I am an OTR driver myself and was traveling down interstate 80 in Nebraska this morning, April 11, 2014 when I passed a Fed Ex driver who had pulled his privacy curtain completely across his side window. He was not even able to see his driver side mirror. This is absolutely outrages. He cannot see if someone is passing him, he would not be able to see an emergency vehicle coming up on his driver side. He could see NOTHING. Flat out ignorant and dangerous. If you can put me in tough with the proper folks at Fed Ex .. I do have pictures of the truck with curtain pulled and I have the truck number.

    Anonymous 4/11/14 8:18PM
  • Your customer service is awful and very unprofessional!!! You have a recording it takes your information then you retransferred to a live operator, who then makes you repeat everything over again. This is crazy you need to fix your service!!

    Anonymous 3/26/14 3:42PM
  • sent a smallpackage(less than 5lbs) to Argentina. Paid almost $200. In Argentina, customs said they needed a certificate of origin. Fedex said they would get it for us for an extra $40.00. Then customs in Argentina wanted more money for brokerage fees and storage, including weekends. I realize that customs in Argentina is holding my package hostage, but Fedex has surely shipped to Argentina before and knows the risks. I have spent many hours on the phone with Fedex to see if they can get my package back and if not, then I would like to have a refund-- I paid Fedex for a service they did not deliver. I have been told at least 3 times by Fedex employees that someone will return my call- never happened. Now I am out the Fedex fees and the value of the contents. Will never use them again--highest prices -worst service!

    leoban 2/19/14 8:44AM
  • I ordered something from New York to be delivered by FraudEx. It was shipped on January 23 but will not arrive until February 13. How is it even possible that it should take 21 days for "FedEx" (I used to assume that the â??Exâ?? meant â??Expressâ??) to ship a small package from New York to Hawaii? The Pony Express and a slow freighter could get it here quicker. FraudEx is pathetic. FraudEx needs to get it together.

    Honolulu Dave 2/5/14 9:57AM
  • Fed X is just like other monopolies. Lot of talk and no service. Charged me 2 day service 4 days later no package. It still in the service center and no action. Run around from all employees. Never use this company again.

    Nice 1/30/14 8:25PM
  • The FedEx Ground Home Delivery is the worst business outfit ever. insensitive, wrong phone number listed on line, failure to meet commitment. This unit made me think not to ever use FedEx again

    Ojo 12/21/13 11:22AM
  • Boycott FED-EX with their subcons here in the Phillippines. Usatifactory, unreliable service & unproffessional delivery staff. So disappointing on my experience. One thing i guess there are extra hidden charges by its subcons. Very very poor sevice. Missing any dox or attachment on my package left in my address for my inquiry and follow on the same day. ( happened im not around on tym of delivery)

    trisha 11/23/13 7:11PM
  • Went to the city building - Hermitage, Pa. - to pay taxes today (11-19-2013) and there was a fed ex truck parked blocking the only 2 handi-cap parking places in the lot. So I parked right next to them - no problem. As I was walking into the building out comes the ed ex guy. I said thanks for blocking the handi-cap parking and he replied "I park there every day" NOT a good thing to say to me when I was having a bad with my feet. The time was after 1:00 p.m.

    Don't know who it was, but I hope you can take care of this in the future. I will also be notifying the city building of the situation.

    Your fed ex guy did say something else as I got closer to the door but I didn't hear him,

    wouldn't have helped the situation at that point.


    tax payer that day 11/19/13 8:25PM
  • I would like to submit a complaint against the driving habit of one of your employees. As I drove through a busy residential area this am about nine, I noticed a fed ex truck , driving faster than the posted limit of 25. I sped up to 35 and still could not keep up, until we reached a stop sign. He was going so fast that he could not maneuver our traffic circles, so he just drove up on the sidewalks! Why was he passing through our subdivision, where he could have used the main roads, into the city of Crozet, Virginia? This is a time in our neighborhood when our children are waiting for their buses. Really bad representation for FED EX.

    jdgeer 11/4/13 7:22AM
  • es I am also totally upset about fedex and the customer service playing dummy and give any answer when I call !

    I am very upset about your service and at least you charge for cutomer clearance to much !!!! like to explain why I have to pay on one package with a value of 140 USD inport tax 717.000RP Invoice OR and on my second package I have to pay for a value of 130 USD - invoice about 840.000 RP Both package are car dvd-player !


    And at least this charge is almost 50 % of the value of the package. Fedex make here extra money and no one do anything against this scam company in indonesia.

    Alex 10/29/13 4:56AM
  • Yes I am also totally upset about fedex and the customer service playing dummy and don´t give any answer when I call !

    I am very upset about your service and at least you charge for cutomer clearance to much !!!! They don´t like to explain why I have to pay on one package with a value of 140 USD inport tax 717.000RP Invoice OR and on my second package I have to pay for a value of 130 USD - invoice OR No .01975629 21.Okt.2013 about 840.000 RP Both package are car dvd-player !


    And at least this charge is almost 50 % of the value of the package. Fedex make here extra money and no one do anything against this scam company in indonesia.

    Alex 10/23/13 11:11PM
  • I can't believe I spent $250 to shipped goods thru FedEx,and they provided such a bad services!!!! They missed me ALL THE TIME even tho I was waiting at home. They just stick a doortag on FRONT GATE and don't even buzz my doorbell.
    Just now, I ask the driver to wait for me to come down open em doors, and he just went away!!!! I called him 20 times ask him to come back he YELLED at me to NEVER CALL HIM AGAIN! So shady.

    Monsta 10/23/13 4:43PM
  • Fed ex is the worst. Waited all day for a delivery. Online it said on the truck for delivery. Next thing I knew status had changed to attempted delivery. I know for certain that the driver never came and did not leave a door tag as proof. Called customer service and they had the nerve to give me the address to come and pick up the package myself. For anything important I will be sure to use UPS
    Disgusted customer

    Lisa 10/16/13 2:49PM
  • I have been disappointed in Fed Ex in the past. But it is extremely insulting when they allow your credit to be billed while the wait on numerous customers. I paid on line for printing and had to wait 20 mins while they got paper restalked in the machine. The woman beind the counter kept smiling saying when I am done here I will credit you for the time. The point is TIME. I am a business woman who works alot in the field. It is crazy that I need to drive to the convoy office to get any services. I am sitting in Hillcrest on a Saturday morning trying to get a copy of a legal document copied from my e-mail. I understand that you are not concerned with my personal time but if I pulled all of my business away it will just be a drop in a bucket. But if I made sure that others knew about it would my time be more valuable to your employees or your company?

    Anonymous 10/12/13 12:01PM
  • Bad very bad experience. Called two times and promised for delivery date. Item arrived in a different day and left for anyone to pick up from street. Tryed calling got rude responses from two service people. They refused to give their names. No responsibility, no good suppore just very high ignorance.

    Anonymous 10/10/13 2:40PM
  • Fed Ex is the worst - how can they send a package to the wrong city? HORRIBLE SERVICE...THIS IS THE LAST TIME I USE THEIR SERVICES...please let others know about their horrible service

    Anonymous 10/7/13 8:12AM
  • My! I wish I had read these before I attempted to fedex 3 boxes last week. Unbelievable that the driver for 2 days classified my delivery as "delivery exception" since we could not be reached. In fact my son watched the tracking change from "in transit" to "delivery exception." Yesterday we verified address and phone info. This is my first and LAST time to go Fedex.
    Fed_up with Fedex.

    Fed_up_FedEx 10/5/13 9:31PM
  • What a bad experience I had with FED EX twice delivering my package. They have no ideas what they are doing instead helping creating more problems with the customers. My first package was left under the porch as they said and was never received by me . Once I reported they checked their office called and confirmed and could not find the lost package and advised me to file a claim of lost. The second package was requested to deliver on my business address and FED ex refused to deliver on my business whereas there office confirmed my email accepting this change. When I did not received the delivery again . I called their customer service and the lady on the customer service refused to leave the package on my nearest location or leave the package on their head office. What a mistake of using this poor service and ask the others not using FED EX ever. This is very poor customer service and this is the reason their company hopefully will be belly up soon and the blame will be those peoples who are not taking an action on this customer service peoples and taking corrective action to built business.

    Bash45 9/24/13 1:17PM
  • I personally do not understand why my vendor uses FedEX because they are the WORST carrier ever! When they first came onto the scene, they were great! But UPS suddenly blew by them with their "LOGISTICS." I had the pleasure of working for UPS during the holidays and understand WHY they are such a top-notch carrier and customer relations company! Never have I had a problem with my deliveries. NEVER!! But FedEX... only once did I receive a package without incident; maybe because it wasn't business related. Otherwise, I've been LIED TO over and over again on various occasions about a delivery of my packages that WAS NEVER delivered. And my colleague had the same problems with them and warned me not to use them! If I was to rate them 1 being the worst and 10 being the best... they wouldn't even make the scale. Now I have to rethink my relationship with my supplier as to whether I would continue ordering from them because FEDEX is their carrier of choice!!

    imicksdrinks 8/30/13 1:29PM
  • I was called a fraud today because they called to verify my telephone? I have used the service two times three years ago. Verify what?I have not used it since but others have sent me stuff. Another rude girl on the phone who said I told them Fed Ex didn't know what it was doing(oh what a big surprise that is) and so she was making my account number fraudulent. I asked for a letter detailing the fraud. Off to a lawyer I will go. She hung up on me. Now they will play their recordings after she insulted me and decide who is right. We all know how that is going to turn out. Im done with this crummy, too big company who thinks customers don't matter.

    unhappy 8/26/13 4:21PM
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  • I want to compliment my Federal Express Drivers Gary bitter, Fed Grond Driver Wauconda, and Kevin Thimios, Federal Express Air Wauconda. These two gentlemen are courteouse, knowledgeable and get the job done. Recently a UPS Driver refused to carry a package beyond the front door.

    Good customer service is expected but great customer service deserves recognition.

    Please than Gary and Kevin for the excelletn customer service they provide.

    A very, very, very satisfied Fed Exp Customer.

    Faith 1/25/13 3:11PM
  • Shelly is the best customer service rep with whom to speak. She is great help. You can get great help from federal exp. I will use their again.

    mike 12/23/12 3:48PM
  • Just called the 8004653339 # qand s/w Rob right away and he answered all my questions. Very Happy with service.

    z1 girl 12/16/12 2:33PM





    S H Tan
    hp 96890437
    a/c 17952728-6
    JUNE 26th, 2012

    same as below 6/26/12 12:45AM
  • I just spoke to a representative about a pickup. She was courteous and very helpful, took a while to find her, but the results were very satisfactory. I did have help from an online comments regarding reaching a rep. Thanks to all

    Anonymous 6/4/12 11:05AM
  • The ECU School of Dental Medicine was attending the ADEA Conference in Orlando. A booth display was shipped/received at the convention ctr. but then was sent back prior to the scheduled time. Fed Ex. Mgr, Don Williams was just great in tracking down the pkg. and getting if off a truck before it left FL. and arranging for retrieval. Because of his excellent customer service and taking time to help solve the problem, ECU was able to fully participate in the conference. We appreciate his thoroughness and follow-up. Great JOB!!

    Anonymous 3/19/12 12:27PM
  • I would like to thank you for having driver who cares about the customer like Terri Minchew from the Woodway, TX area. I placed 2 orders with a company who sent both orders to the wrong address. The address was a vacant house that was about to be moved. The first delivery was obtained by a neighbor, and when Terri Minchew went to deliver the second order, she realized there was a problem. She recovered the first order, contacted the local post office and had them put her in touch with me, and then she delivered the orders to my home in the course of her regular route through Blooming Grove and Frost, Texas. The orders werer time-sensitive for a fundraiser at the school where I teach, and your driver saved the day! Thank you so much!

    Kimi Muldner 2/8/12 1:03PM
  • Just talked to one of your representatives, Brenda, she
    was most helpful! I am expecting a package from
    California, and saw that the delivery date was removed, she let me know that it would be coming tomorrow, 1/17, and that if I am not at home, leave a
    note with the tracking#, and my signature. I am most
    happy, that she put my mind at ease!
    Thank You,
    Marilyn Imbur

    Marilyn Imbur 1/16/12 10:01AM
  • My name is Michael Phillips. I just want to thank you for getting a package mailed to me in Bremerton, Washington. My wife put the wrong street on the mailing label. Some how, your company was able to track me down to find the right street address. Merry Christmas.

    Anonymous 12/15/11 1:32PM
  • your customer service line is excellent..I got transferred three times and each time I was treated fantastic....well done

    Anonymous 10/25/11 12:35PM

    HIGH POINT, NC 27260

    Your employee, Clark Boyd, was the most polite and accommodating agent that I have had contact. He came back to the Showroom
    and picked up five packages that had the wrong label. The packages had been in the showroom for two days and other packages needed to be picked up and the packages were to go Ground and not Express. He was so pleasant and his appearance was impeccable and with a ready smile. He needs to be recognized for being an outstanding employee. Successful companies need successful mindful employees and that is CLARK BOYD!

    Thank you for allowing comments regarding your employees.

    Carol Dennis
    Showroom Employee

    Anonymous 10/22/11 10:34AM
  • Re: tracking number 797363594322

    Monday I placed an order and it was to ship overnight.

    Some around the lab started to mumble "that means second day."

    I was taken by surprise. Why would next day mean second day?

    I found out that the comments stem from our being on an island.

    Where have you heard, "That's not the way it has been before?"

    Tuesday morning I called customer service or maybe it was tracking. Don't remember.

    The young lady said that it was enroute and that she would send a message to the local terminal.

    Around 930-1000 I received a message to call Sandy at the local terminal. She told me that the truck was unloading and that I could pick it up at the terminal.

    Somehow "the was it always is" turned second day delivery into 1015 next morning.

    Whatever you all did had me on cloud 9 all day Tuesday.

    Thanks tonnes!!!!!! You are great!!!!

    John Grant

    shepherdmaxx 8/3/11 2:56PM
  • I am a recent customer, who had to receive a package urgently on Saturday, April 30th. Mark, and Tanya of the Florida Mining branch in Tampa, FL went out of their way to really make sure I received my packages. They were friendly, courteous, and kind. They showed that there are employees that actually care about the customers, and their needs. They are an asset to Federal Express.

    Anonymous 5/1/11 8:53PM

    Anonymous 11/18/10 9:57AM
  • I just had to deal with UPS and realized how much I love FEDEX. 99.9 times out of 100 they have the package where it is supposed to be on time. Their drivers are friendly and accurate. Their people at the FEDEX facility are helpful and friendly, I use the Temecula, CA office.

    I am going to start a business and FEDEX you are my choice for all my shipping business.

    Thank you for a great company.

    LARickley 11/13/10 7:00AM
  • I would like to take this time to say ''Thank you'' to Fed Ex for taking pride in the people that you have wearing not only your uniforms ,but also your reputation....I am very pleased with the service that I received from one of your 'Delivery/Drivers ,it seems to me as if they went over and beyond to give me Satisfaction in my delivery ...but they simply stated ,this is my job.

    I make a habit of learning the names of any one tha I come in contact with in the event I may need to reach them for any reason.

    The name that goes with the person that I received excellent customer service from is Charlene Hollis.

    As she said 'she is just doing her job....what I will say about that is she is doing her job and taking pride in the job that she does.

    Thanking you again ,for taking pride in the service that you perform.

    Olivia A. N.

    OlvNola 10/28/10 7:52PM
  • A FedEx employee caused a big problem at one of their locations. However by phone a rep worked hard on correcting the mistake. She arranged to have the shipment sent from California to Pennsylvania and delivered to my home in less than 12 hours! She actually called me 3 times on the progress. Companies make mistakes but how well they correct them is the mark of a great company...outstanding customer service.

    Anonymous 9/23/10 5:39PM
  • Dear Federal Express, I am extremely satisfied with the customer service that Mr. Tennant and Mr. Gilkey rendered to me in delivering my 1968 Ford Mustang Hood(HBG-961615)to me. They were both very professional and they are excellent repesentatives for your company. They are to be commended and highly recommended! The hood was very professionally packaged also. Again, thank you very much. Truly,

    Richard A. Roberts

    1968 STANG 3/5/10 2:32PM
  • I used the info above to reach a real person regarding delivery of a Fed X home delivery package schedules to be delivered on a Saturday to a business. The Saturday delivery was necessary but I don't know why it was sent home delivery. The tracking on line said the package was "out for delivery".
    Anyway I was nervous that the package might not be delivered due to the home delivery thing to a business address.
    When I called the automated system I said "representative" about 4 times and was immediately switched to a real person who was very helpful and was trying to contact the driver when he walked through the door.
    I found FedX very helpful trying to resolve the situation.

    Anonymous 10/24/09 9:19AM
  • I had a wonderful experience with Fed. Ex. I was attempting to mail birthday gifts to one of my grandchildren in VA. last July. I was too late for the post office, and feeling disappointed returning to my daughter's during my visit in Greencastle, PA. from CA. I spotted a Fed. EX. van backed up to a small commercial building. The driver was in the van ready to drive away. My last hope for having the gifts arrive on time was about to drive away. The driver, Donnie, I believe his name was, got out of his van and waited while the two people in the office, Brian Zook and Kathy Barnhard, were more than eager to help. All three were patient and very helpful while we boxed and addressed the package. I left feeling appreciated and was grateful that I had received such wonderful service. Thanks Donnie, Brian, Kathy, and FEDERAL EXPRESS. I also loved Tom Hank's movie "Cast Away." Now there's service for you. :)
    #4118 1026 2038

    donhealy 9/13/09 11:13AM
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  • For the defense this forum does not seem to differentiate between the different FedEx Services. FedEx as a large corperation and is actually broken down by subsidiary companies that are run independent of each other. Express-Ground-Home-Freight-Custom Critical-Same Day-and I am sure there are more specific to other markets that I am not aware of. I would like to see complaints more specific to the service you rendered.

    I would also like to explain that when you order something on line and you are paying for shipping charges for any kind of shipping method you are not the shipper of the package the company that you ordered from is. You are paying the company you ordered from and they pay the shipper be it Fedex, UPS or USPS via a company account number. The online company you order from is our customer and you are their customer therefore they must file any claims for any loss or damages because they pay the shipping company and have a contract agreements with us regarding loss or damages to shipments they send to their customers. Most companies will reship a new order to you at no charge, they file a claim with us.

    I am distressed by all of the negative feedback. I have worked for FedEx Express for more than 15 years. I love my job and go above and beyond to help resolve customer complaints and service failures.

    justanemp 9/22/11 2:17PM

  • hey guess what fedex employees are human too! we make mistakes just like other humans we have company rules we have to follow if you live in obscure areas we are not going to be there by 1030 by the way there is no 1000 commitment it is 1030 to some area 1200 in others 430 in yet others and some are no commitment at all... please read the fine print before you start complaining about htings you know nothing about get your facts straight before you start complaining about something you know nothing about we dont claim to know anything about your jobe but you sure assuming to know everything about ours.... have a great day!!!!!

    fedex 5/17/11 11:39AM

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