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Ford customer service is ranked #401 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.26 out of a possible 200 based upon 329 ratings. This score rates Ford customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


313 Negative Comments out of 329 Total Comments is 95.14%.


16 Positive Comments out of 329 Total Comments is 4.86%.

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  • Very Upset And Disappointed That Ford Can Not Supply My Dealer With A Drivers Side Seat Rail That It Is Back Ordered Nationly And The Do Not Know When One Will Be Available. Don Reid Ford Told Me The Waited Up To A Year With Certain Parts. This Is For A 2w012 Ford Focus. Hard To Believe This Story!

    WDL 7/21/14 2:02PM
  • I would strongly discourage bringing your car to the service department at Apple Ford in Columbia, Maryland. They are inefficient, poor communicators and do not always repair the problem. Unfortunately, Ford headquarters does not provide any better service. My car is okay, but based on my experience, I will not buy another Ford.

    customer 7/17/14 12:19PM
  • Customer Service is very poor.
    I am trying for the last 2 hours for my car service. It says operator is not available.
    What the hail it is?

    Rajib 6/23/14 12:14AM
  • Apple Ford in Colombia, MD and Bob Bell Ford in Glen Burnie, MD has the worst service department. I called Apple first since I bought my car from them. I have a 2013 Ford Edge, which I have had for 8 months now and less then 10k miles. My check engine light came on and I am unable to put fuel in my car. when I try it keeps stopping the pump and then fuel leaks out from underneath my car. Yet these two ford service centers can't see my car for at least 2 weeks! And if the car is running ok right now, no big deal! They were rude and argumentative. I would not recommend taking your car to either one of these places!

    jz520 6/15/14 3:42PM
  • Client took his 2012 F150 in concerning a whine coming from rear diff. 78,000km still under warranty, mechanic explains very common on these at this mileage and would not be an issue for warranty. Watch technician take diff cover plate off and drain out fluid. He commented that he can tell it has been serviced. Told him it had been serviced 25K km ago elsewhere. He leaves and comes back to tell me that it won't be covered under warranty because it wasn't serviced at Ford. Company that serviced it comes to take pictures as ford claims part of the rtv gasket(silicone) came off and ruined the diff. When that failed to pass muster they said the wrong fluid was used and the technician could tell just by looking at the fluid it was wrong...said it was runny...seriously! Didn't say a word about the fluid appearing to be wrong when client watched the technician drain it out! Never said a word about the small amount of silicone(which turns out to have nothing to do with the wear of the clutch pack by the way)not a word until they found out it was serviced elsewhere! so much for the Magnuson Moss act protecting consumers from stealerships! Client is now out $1000. Fluid manufacturer is taking over the case.According to Magnuson Moss Law a dealer ship can not must honor the warranty unles they can prove the aftermarket part(fluid) casued the issue. My question continues to be how did it go from normal wear and will be arraintied to looks like wrong fluid...

    Anonymous 6/14/14 4:18PM
  • Dear Ford I bought a 2013 fusion and if I know what I know now I would of kept my 2008 its rediculous the problems Im having with this new car. I bought it last year feb. I tell you I been to the dealership so many times I just sick and tired of going there. I never will buy another ford just my opinion on that I called a few months after having issues and told by ford that they couldn't buy my car back only a few months but thats how you loose business customers is what keep you all going as a company. Im a very unhappy customer and its sad that I would rather have a old model then a new. I take to sheehy nobody cant find the problem but I hear it everyday.

    UNHAPPY LADY 6/12/14 7:47PM
  • Dana Ford/Lincoln Mercury in Staten Island, NY. Purchased used 2005 Towncar from them a few years back. 2012 I needed a new compressor for my Air Conditioner. Had noth but problems ever since. Even so I had it hceked and was trold it was a faulty compressor it took Dana all the way until April 2014 to finally come to the same conclusion.
    So they installed another new compressor. Well, no surprise it does not work. They kept the car for a week and said it was fixed. Again once it got warm enough to use the air,it did not work. Yesterday I brought the car back again. Now a day later, they have not even looked at it yet.
    I am so sick and tired of their incompetence or attitude of not caring. I need my towncar for professional purposes and am losing money because of it.
    It causes me a tremendous amount of anxiety and anguish

    hbeer 5/6/14 8:22AM
  • Vehicle: F150 Larait 4x4, super-crew, 4x4 off road, 3.73, ecoboost, tailer and max tailer tow pkg

    Had a giant heat shield blow off my 2013 F-150 on the highway at 70mph, and hit a car behind me.
    My Ecoboost engine is only averaging 14.5mpg and I drive like an old lady. There is a published FORD TCO and TSB to address this issue which is supposed to reprogram the PCM and change the spark plug gaps.

    My turbo sputters at times under acceleration and sometimes the truck bogs down in high acceleration situations. There is a class action law suit filed in two states against Ford because of this issue. There is also a full NTHSB safety and engineering investigation related to this issue after over 100 similarly reported cases. Ford issued a TCO and a TSB for a PCM reprogram along with replacing the intercooler and the left CAT.

    I took it to the dealer I bought it from (Troy, OH) they told me I must have hit something and it's my fault, and they would call me when I can bring my truck in for service--it's been 3wks and they never called. I took it to another dealer (Beau Townsend) and they said they would not replace the heat shield under warranty. They said they would not implement the poor gas mileage TSB because 14mpg was still within acceptable limits. They said they would not perform the turbo repairs and install the recommend replacement parts because they couldn't find any stored engine codes in the diagnostic sweep.

    FORD IS THE WORST. I traded in my F250 diesel for this special order F150. The F250 was 5 yrs old and cost me $6K in repairs in 2012. I sold the F150 the day I picked it up from the dealer and bought a Ram 1500 Laramie

    Anonymous 3/5/14 11:35PM
  • -On Jan 30th 2014, my car was sent to your service centre in Petaling Jaya after it had a break down. I was attended to by Mr Safiril who thought it could be a diesel pump failure and would have been repaired within 2 days. The next day, I was informed that it wasn't the diesel pump failure but the starter problem and they would have to order the part and needed 2-3 days for delivery.

    -On Feb 5th 2014, I was advised by Mr Safiril that the car still couldn't start up after having the starter replaced and that there could be a major engine problem that they needed to look at the gear box to find the problem. And of course these diagnostics needed even more time.

    It has been one week now and I am very unhappy with the situation which has caused me to cancel my travel plans to my hometown this festive season, commute by taxi for work which has incurred additional costs and wasted my work leave to attend to this matter. I work as a salesperson therefore I rely heavily on my car to get around and this has caused much inconvenience to me.

    I purchased this car in Nov 2011 and it is still under a 3-year warranty for parts, so far I've had to repair 2 units of engine mounting, 1 unit of gear box mounting and starters which had cracked within 2 short years. I highly question the quality and shelf life of your parts now, they don't seem to last well and last long enough compared to local car makers Proton or Perodua's parts which could last up to 5 years and cost a lot cheaper too.

    Though I am being not charged now for the parts replacement due to the warranty, I am already worried and have lost faith in the quality of your product. I simply cannot afford to pay such a high cost of repair in future for frequent parts failure after the warranty period; for example to spend RM 37,000 (after discount) to repair the gear box failure problem, this is absolutely insane.

    To summarise, I just have to say that Ford has disappointed me and I have deep regrets having purchased this car from you; its expensive parts do not last long, thus not giving value and satisfaction to the customer. My previously owned cars Honda City and Toyota Vios, which cost less (RM 70k to RM 90k range) than what I paid for this Ford Focus never gave me major problems like Ford is giving me now. Another quality problem which I have with this car is its sound proofness. There is such loud noise heard coming from the outside passing cars when I am driving. Again, this shows the weakness in your product.

    Lastly, I would like to point out the service I received at your service centre, they have shown to be so incapable and clueless in diagnosing the real cause of problem of my car right at the beginning. I do not wish to have my time and resources further wasted and expect to receive an answer and compensation of sort from you on this matter.

    foong 2/12/14 10:15AM
  • Been here at the Viva Ford Dealership in El Paso waiting for my new car to be washed and filled with gas. Noticed employees at shop not doing anything this wed morning. Is this why Ford charges so much for repairs? They pay their employees for doing nothing.

    Anonymous 1/30/14 9:45AM
  • I Purchased a 2011 ford fusion with 27k miles on it. My first 3000 miles had to put new wheel berings,and new ac/heater fan. My 2nd 3000 miles my front side lights have to be replaced because they are corroded. My 3rd 3000 miles I have a clunk in my front end and was told by ford thats not my problem. Thats awesome customer service Ford! I will be sure to let everyone know that Ford cars are not the way to go. I'll buy foreign before I buy another Ford.

    pathetic 1/8/14 7:35PM
  • Purchased a $45K Ford Fusion Hybrid. check engine light came on a 80, 160 and 469 miles. Vehicle was sold to us with a known defect and with no known solution. Ford did not tell us about this. We have repeatedly told Ford that we never would have purchased this car if they would have reported that it was defective. Ford customer service says there is no one above them to discuss this with. Apparently the don't know about the executive directors. Recommendation - stay away from Ford.

    Frustrated Seniors 1/2/14 11:03AM
  • Sent an email to Ford on 12/9/13 complaining of service labor costs on my daughters '04 Explorer. Have had no reply. Her '04 has 80K miles, has recently had both front hubs replaced at $600+ each, all work done at our local Ford dealer. Now the heater control motor failed leaving her with no heat during our recent snow storm. Again took it to the dealer and after repairs the bill was $1127.22 and that was with a 10% discount from the dealer after my complaining of the ongoing costs. I have been purchasing or leasing Ford vehicles exclusively since my first 1970 Ford XL. My daughter is in her third Explorer. We currently own a 2014 Explorer which replaced an '08 Mountaineer with 50K miles and so many problems the dealer sent it to an auction. I am very concerned with the repair costs and dependability of our SUV's and am seriously thinking of switching brands after 43 years of choosing Ford vehicles.

    Bob Himes

    Anonymous 12/11/13 7:59AM
  • I have a 2010 Ford F150. Water started leaking into the cab when it rained. Took it to a Ford Dealer. They said it was probably the third brake light. They said it was a known problem. They said it was not covered by warranty because I have 49,000 miles on it. I asked if there was a recall if it was a known problem, they said recalls are for safety problems not for problems with quality control. That's fine I'm going back to Toyota.

    Paul Wilkinson 11/27/13 1:35PM
  • Hey guys Ford in Lacombe Alberta Canada is the worst Ford EVER for customer service!!!They are very incompetent and do not deal with the issues in regards to your vehicle. They simply brush you off and don't want to acknowledge your problems or take ownership at all. I find them very disrespectful towards their customer.

    Anonymous 11/15/13 3:44PM
  • I purchased a C-Max Energi in June, 2013. I received a manufacturer's recall to add padding to the headliner and took my car in to have this done. The service person had to cut the cable that lowers the back seat in order to complete the work and the replacement cable has not been available since then due to a supplier's problem. I have had numerous visits to my local dealer where the car was purchased to try to correct the problem and I have been without the complete use of my car since the 29th of AUGUST and am totally fed up with Ford's inability to fix this problem on my brand new car. I have had 3 contacts with the customer hotline and now cannot get the person to return my calls. I want a another car that is fixed!! I can't believe this is happening after 35 years of sticking with Ford products.

    Anonymous 11/13/13 2:14PM
  • Who Do I call? My 2010 Mercury Milan was bought brand new from a Ford dealership. I now have found out that my rear right taillight is out and my console light is out.
    I took it to the dealer that said my warranty is out 6 months ago and my extended warranty doesn't cover it. How can lights just blow and not wrok and the company not cover this. The car has 24k miles. Who can help me get this covered lights just don't stop working something wrong

    Robin 11/11/13 10:37AM
  • 2012 F150 Shudders on take off
    After changing driveshaft difference.
    Have been told by Ford that air bags in back will correct problem....however they will not pay for it.
    Horrible customer service to say the least.
    Guess I'm back to GM!

    Craig 11/6/13 1:36PM
  • 10 months ago, we received the recall notice for the torque converter to be replaced on our Mercury Monterey. We were torn as to whether we should have the recall performed, as we had never had a problem with it in 88,000 miles. But the recall notice made it sound like it was a safety issue and with my wife driving our 3 kids around we reluctantly decided to have the recall performed.

    Last week she went to back out of the driveway and CLANK CLANK - no power, forward or reverse. I had it towed to our dealership and they confirmed the problem was the torque converter - the same one they replaced under this recall 10 months ago. However the car had surpassed the 12,000 BY 889 MILES! Yes, 12,889 miles since this recall work was done. I spoke with the dealership and with Ford Motor Company, I escalated it to management at Ford and all are basically telling us that too bad, the repair cost is $1800. I will never buy Ford again and I will spend every opportunity telling anyone who cares about our story. Ford has, in my opinion, become a company that is anti-customer and for them not to make this right is just mind blowing.

    The only advise I can give to anyone else out there facing this recall is this: If you never have had a problem with this torque converter then DO NOT have it replaced under this recall. In my opinion they are simply swapping out a bad (or in our case a good) part for a bad one and you will regret your decision to have the recall done as well as regret the decision to deal with Ford Motor Company.

    Mike 11/6/13 1:06PM
  • I had bought a 2014 focus ,Aug 12 2013 put down half to finance half. I paid 21000 for it.

    I just retired and I'm living alone, drove fords my whole life. I never expected this.

    Thinking I should get a extended warranty ,I ask for one. I was alone and didn't have my glasses ,We had talked about how much the warranty was but didn't look at the figures close. When I got home they had charged me 4500 and only gave me 100,000. When I went back the next day they said ok we'll take 1000.00 off. I agreed because I was ignorant .When I got home I went to the web and found out they still were 1000.00 high and 25000 mi short of fords standards. Went back again and told them to cancel it. They said they would ,It was still within 3 days of original contract.

    Now when I ask them to refund me the principal because I wanted to pay it off, they told me the paper work was already sent to the bank in Louisville Ky. It has been almost 3 months and no change to the principal, I cannot pay off the car. Bill Schorman

    Anonymous 10/28/13 1:27PM
  • ford dealership lied & manipulated the deal on purchase of 2013 f350.when I called ford customer relations they informed me they could not intervene between customer & dealer. What are they for??

    sonny 10/26/13 12:10PM
  • I went to Holman ford in maple shade nj to turn in a 2010 ford escape lease ... And lease another ford escape 2014...I had small damage on the fender so the dealer Micheal C. incorporated that damage in the monthly payment of my new car..and that was fine ...2 weeks later not only my payment were higher but I received a bill in the mail for I was really taken advantage of. I very upset and the dealership is rude...all they were worried about was making a deal .
    Now they are done with you...

    Stacy 10/21/13 4:40PM
  • I have a 2013 Ford Explorer that I bought brand new in Feb 2013. august 2013 the computer control module under the hood caught fire. I went without a car or a loaner for 6 weeks. Still nothing from Ford other than, no we will not let you out of your lease even though your car almost burnt your house down and no we will not pay for the tow bill over the 35 miles. worst customer service ever. All they are worried about is a dollar instead of their customers.

    Karebear3 10/17/13 7:21AM
  • i have a 07 6.0 l super duty its been in the shop so many times if i can get it to start it will drive itself to the shop.i just invested 8000.66 dollars to have it given the full ford solution because noone would give me anything on trade in.been a ford man for 44 or chevy next

    bad luck for 52000.dollars 10/15/13 1:46PM
  • please if some one could help me in haveing the tsb 10-03-08 fixed on my 09 gt500 with only 1,680 miles i have called a couple times and no one wants to help, so many have taken their 07s 08s and 09s and ford has fixed the problem please help with my tsb problem this is a 50k dollar car with only 1,680 miles

    ricky and deanna

    Anonymous 9/25/13 10:50AM
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  • Had some problems with My Ford Touch updates, issue resolved very quickly by competent and very friendly customer support representatives.

    drake2k 8/14/13 12:04PM
  • This has some to do with customer service but more to do with Ford not doing the right thing. My family and I have owned fords all our lives, but that is seriously in jeopardy because I own a 2004 f150 that I paid a arm and a leg for, that is having some serious issues with the cam sensors and actulators. This issue started at 20,000 miles. When I took it in for a scheduled maintenance inspection, the dealership said the clicking noise was normal for that model,(no it wasn't normal), it should have been a recall. I am seriously disappointed in Ford, why don't you guys stand by your work, this isn't something I done, when a person that doesn't have a lot of money to start with pays what I did for the pickup, you expect a lot, now I am going to be stuck with a bill I SHOULDN'T INHERIT.

    reo 6/30/13 4:56PM
  • I have purchased two Escapes from Ford of Kirkland in Washington state. We recently received a recall notice on our 2003 Ford Escape. In the beginning when I first took the Escape in for the recall they did not have the replacement parts but disconnected the cruise control to avoid situations until the replacement parts came in. I will have to say I had to call back on numerous occassions to see if the replacement part was in and to schedule to bring the Escape in for the replacement. But I will definitely have to say without doubt the Service department at Ford of Kirkland is excellent. The service tech that helped me was Jim Cox. After I picked up the Escape I was having issues with lack of air to the engine and without hesitation he fixed the issue. I want to thank Jim Cox personally and Ford of Kirkland for making the service to my Escape exceptional

    Thank you very much

    Ron Rounds

    Ron Rounds 10/11/12 9:16AM
  • Purchased an Prem. Extended Warranty for 2006 Merc. Mariner to continue coverage to 100K miles. Livermore Ford Dealer wrote up the new warranty as 72 months & 60K miles.
    My wife agreed, signed and paid for the new warranty. The next day Livermore Ford had a clerk write a letter saying that Ford only has a 60 month & 60K miles Prem. Extended Warranty. Our signed contract is being changed! If the shoe was on the other foot and my wife and I wanted to change the contract could we just write a letter stating that these are the new terms? I don't think so. The really bad part of this is that Livermore Ford management including Customer Relations Mgr. has not contacted us directly. They leave a clerk and a maintenance service advisor to call and tell us that there is no 72 month & 60K miles warranty. Livermore Ford located in northern Calif. has NO professionalism or courtesy to their customers. Their is one exception; when they are taking your money!
    I have asked Ford Customer Relations to contact Livermore Ford to stand-up, have management work to offer a resolution and apologies for their taking ownership of this issue. Thank you to Ford Customer Relations for their sensitivity and contacting this high handed Livermore Ford Dealer ship.

    Tonya and Jim 9/6/12 6:09PM
  • Recently bought a F150 from Dutch's Ford in Mt. Sterling, KY. It was the best buying experience that I have ever had. I have owned two GMC trucks and 3 Hyundai's, purchasing them, I felt like I was doing them a favor. I was really impressed that even the owner, Dutch, was totally involved with my purchase. Randy Chapman took alot of time in explaining the new truck's awesome bluetooth and sound system. They all just seemed to want to make sure I was happy with my new vehicle.

    flashkash21 7/26/12 7:04AM
  • I purchased a Ford Kuga Titanimum in February this year from the Ford garage in Taunton. When my wife and i went in we were looking to purchase a used vehicle and to part exchange my Audi A5. We were dealt with by a Sales Executive Adam Bennett. He managed to source a Kuga from another Ford outlet and we had an extended test drive. As we wanted all of the gizmo's we asked Adam to shop around. He came back with such a good deal that we decided to go for a brand new one. The customer service was fantastic and the follow up has been brillant. I would advise anyone in the Taunton area to pay Adam a visit and get a great deal. Well done Ford, we will definately be purchasing from you in the future. Dave Pither.

    Dave Pither 4/2/12 3:57AM
  • I have driven a Ford for many years. I owned a 2002 Mustang, and LOVED it I only got rid of it because I had children, however I drove it for over 6 years, never having any problems. I then purched a 2008 Ford Fusion and again LOVE my car. The only problem is that I lived in FL and the heat warped my dash :( but very satisfied with both my cars.

    Nicole 2/9/12 5:55PM
  • Bought a 2012 Ford Focus in mid 2011. Took delivery and found that I was less than happy with the transmission shifting smoothness and the slight shudder during idling. Called the service department at Schultz Ford (Wexford, PA) and they took my car in immediately. I have since found out that these are inherent annoyances which smooth out over time. The service department checked my car over completely even though they knew this, just in case. Kudo's for extra effort instead of extra arguing. We (family) are very happy with the car at this time (Jan 12).

    Captain Bizarro 1/8/12 6:48AM
  • This is good as of november 2011. I was helped right away although i did have to go up one level because i did not think i should have to pay for owners manual for 2011that car bought from ford. I diid not have to get mad and was helped to my final goal. Kudos to ford

    stowler1 11/7/11 3:47PM
  • I recently brought my 2004 Mustang GT to the service center at All Star Ford in Prairieville, La, and Iím very excited to finally find someone I can trust to work on my vehicle. My past experiences with someone else working on my vehicles have not been pleasant. About a year ago, I had brought my vehicle in for service at another dealership, and as usual, the problem wasn't fixed and snowballed into additional problems that didn't exist when I brought the car in. After several attempts to resolve the issues with this dealership, I decided to look somewhere else. Upon a recommendation, I gave the All Star Ford group in Prairieville, Louisiana a try. They were very professional and tentative to my needs and concerns. They were able to diagnose the problem and do the repairs the same day. Most important, the repairs were done right the first time. Mr. David Dore and his staff were outstanding in resolving this issue. They actually found a shop towel left in the rear end!!! Since this initial repair, I have used them several times and have received the same consistent quality customer service and repairs. They have taken care of the warranty work and the rental vehicle when needed and have removed as much anxiety from me as possible. I even had them replace my tires. They did a fantastic job with this also and even beat the price from the Goodyear dealer Iíve been using since 1991!! I recently brought my Mustang in due to a leak that turned out to be a cracked intake. As usual, they provided outstanding service at a great price and had my vehicle ready when promised. Mr. David Dore and the staff at All Star Ford in Prairieville, Louisiana has earned my trust and loyalty!

    ChevyC3 8/18/11 10:07AM
  • On May 7, 2011 I purchased a NEW 2011 Escape from Gurnee Ford,Il. Upon returning home to Tennessee I noticed the right rear wheel coccked out when I made my first pit stop. I thought the caster/chamber was out as I did not observed this upon inspecting vehcile before purchase. I took the escape to Crossville Ford, TN. The tech told me that they found the ball joint had not been secured before leaving factory. As parts had to be ordered thay gave me a ride home as the "vehicle was unsafe to drive". I am a "Ford Guy" owning over twelve and currently owning a 2007 Mustng Gt. But how can something like this slip buy factory inspectors and the pep person at Gurnee Ford.
    The Crossville tech also added to thank the Lord I made it back as the ball joint could have come off at any time, certainly causing an accident.

    Rog 5/13/11 7:24AM
  • I purchased a used Ford Taurus with 12,000 miles on it with a Ford warranty up to 75,000 miles and sure enough after the warranty expired at 76,300 a spring broke in the engine. I took it to my independent mechanic and they gave me an estimate of $2,600 to repair it and advised me not to drive it. In desperation I called the closest Ford house which was Bob Tomes in McKinney, TX and they said they would have to look at it before giving me an estimate. I had to hire a wrecker to haul it there and they confirmed the problem and had a similar quote but offered to call Ford and see what they would do anything. They called me back and offered to fix it for $500 and Ford covered the remainder of the cost.

    Sheron 1/12/11 7:08PM
  • I leased a Ford Fusion through our credit union and took delivery last week. I would like to compliment the Griffin Dealership in Waukesha, Wisconsin. A special thanks to Brian Mauer Who delivered the car to the credit union and stayed to make sure I was familiar with the vehicle. This type of customer service is a delighful suprise. The Fusion SEL is beautiful and the ride is great. This type of service and great car will keep me from returning to the Camry. Mary Schaer

    mschaer 12/24/09 5:56AM
  • I have always received good service from the Ford folks. Last winter it got really cold here and my 2008 F150 would not start. I called their roadside assistance number and they sent out a towtruck, the service manager stayed late just so that they could get it in that evening and they called me the next morning to come get it. Cost - 00.00.

    Old_guy 8/7/09 9:10PM
  • Wilson Ford in Oregon is an A+ dealer IMHO. The staff was friendly and straightforward in spite of the fact the agreed upon price did not give them a large margin to work with. The customer service for the SYNC system took me one call and less than 2 minutes to get in touch with a live person who answered all of my questions. The 2010 Fusion SEL is an excellent vehicle - Keep it up Ford!!!

    HimeyHimron 7/1/09 4:16PM
  • Called to get a sales brochure on the 2010 Mustang. By far some of the ABOSLUTE best service I have ever received in my 62 years on this planet!

    Anonymous 3/25/09 1:59PM
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  • i have had problems with my freestyle cvt, i have had to have the throttle body replaced at 50,000 miles a new cvt trans one year later, they replaced it with a rebuild twice, 4 months later the awd malfunction light comes on and you can feel it slip out of awd. now they say its the awd pump and it's not covered under warrenty because its external. all of the above cost me over 8,000 dollars. this freestyle is junk and ford needs to test their products in the lab not on the customers wallet. i work for ford but will never buy another

    Anonymous 10/25/11 2:55PM

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