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Fry's customer service is ranked #227 out of the 705 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.26 out of a possible 200 based upon 59 ratings. This score rates Fry's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


52 Negative Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 88.14%.


7 Positive Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 11.86%.

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  • to whom this may concern

    i received an email from fry's stated their sale items so i called the local store in las vegas nv and spoke with an associate,i explain i would like to purchase one of the sale items which was an Lenovo computer that was on sale product number .price was 288.00.i ask him if they could hold this item and the representative stated yes we can hold it for twenty hours, he stated to me just come in and pay at the cashier i did that the next day when i got off work which was with in the twenty four hour.i waited in line and when i got to the registered they told me they sold out so i ask to speak to the manager i spoke with john briefly he did take the time to listen at all he distracted with other thing it seemed.your leadership is very poor at this store,i then spoke with mr bocellari who then offer me a rain check.the point is if you are telling your customers you will hold item for twenty four hours you should make good on your promise,they did have two still left in inventory that was put on hold but i was told,i then replied what makes them different then my situation, so i made a wasted trip and was told the item would be on hold.i work in the hotel industry and know how important customer service is! apparently some of your staff and management need to look into active listening and show a sense of urgency when dealing with the public complaints.over all i like fry's and when our guests inquire where to go to buy electronics i always refer you guys down the street.i may have to refer them somewhere else.

    thank you for your time

    unhappy customer

    Andy Matthieu

    Anonymous 4/5/14 5:54PM
  • I went for audio system and sub.ampilfier all that was from frys over$600 I paid just to get nice sound but it was the worse services and high price pluse they messed up my car dash board and I'm not even getting what I want that's after 5times took my car there. Finaly I went get only half my money back .never go back again

    Anonymous 2/15/14 4:46PM
  • I've just left Frys (San Marcos) for the last time!!!!!

    I used to buy at Frys at least 2 times a week, usually much more, for my business and hobby. Lately Frys is like a gamble every time I go in the store. I first used the Frys website to avoid a waisted trip... with no luck!!! Try searching for "binding posts" without getting hundreds of movies in the result. ....and then try to contact the Web-master to comment on the website!

    In any case, I went to the store... looking for wire, binding posts (test jacks), and fuse holders, and a few other parts... and what did I find?

    Black stranded #18 wire but no red or green... Red binding posts (2) but no other colors. And ten minutes to find help to tell me "sorry we seem to be out".

    This store was so poorly stocked that even if I could find what I needed, I would be much better off shopping completely on line with better prices and a fuller selection. Frys has turned into what was once a very good location to pick up what I needed for hobby and my security business to a waste of time.

    The store shelves resemble, for the most part, a higher priced swap meet with less technical items than cheap Chinese imports.

    Anonymous 1/16/14 12:44PM
  • I ordered the meal Prim rib for my Christmas diner and it was the worst meal I have ever had. I will never order one again. The potatoes I had to throw them out and the apple dish was thrown away also. Its a good thing that I had prepared other food to go with it or we would not have anything to eat.

    Mary 12/26/13 8:36AM
  • coke product has been advertised on t.v. 4 - 12 pks for $2.22 per pk. However, when we went to purchase it we were charged $4.99 pk. Is this false advertisement & shouldn't you sell it for the advertised price? I have tried to contact mgr. Rich Licon at your E. Broadway location with no response back. I have also emailed a complaint & have rec'd no response. WHY??

    Anonymous 12/19/13 9:33PM
  • awful customer service especially in this day and age. Sold software with invalid product keys and won't exchange for valid product keys. They are basically selling counterfeit software and expecting the orignal vendor to pick up the tab.

    frys sucks the big one 11/13/13 9:55PM
  • I went to the Sun City store today 8/3/13 to pick up prescriptions and grocery shop. I went to the pharmacy to get my husband's medication. From the time we (my daughter was with me) walked up to the customer counter at the pharmacy we were treated to the clerk's conversation with the other employee in the pharmacy regarding her problems with the new landlord and the desire to evict her. As she looked for my husbands pills she never slowed the tirade against the new landlord except to ask how much metformin he (my husband) got. My daughter responded, "once a month," and I said, "30." Right back to tirade as she continued looking - probably a total of 3-4 minutes. When she brought them to us and rang them up it was $8.00 for the Lisinopril HCTZ 20- 12.5 MG. tablet. My daughter asked why and her response was "I don't know," to which my daughter said, "I don't know either but your website says...," at which point the clerk said, "well I'd be happy to tell you." My daughter " please do." Clerk, "not for the combination drug." Daughter, " yes for the combination too on your web site." Clerk,"it must have changed we don't get those lists anymore," then she said, " it's 60 pills that's why." (Side note , yes it is 60 pills but a 30 day presription so not sure it was charged properly). This was fairly snide and I did say your problems with your landlord are not our fault and would appreciate you not being snippy. Clerk, "I'm not having problems with my landlord... if you hadn't been eavesdropping you wouldn't know my business." I responded that if she "hadn't been xxxxxxxx clear across the room I could not have heard" but I would call corporate. She went off telling me to quit swearing at her and to get away from her counter she was done , she had gotten our perscription to us and she wanted us to get away from her counter as she was on the clock. I responded I would let corporate know and she called for the store manager. I did wait for the store manager and spoke to her briefly. We then picked up dog food and soda instead of grocery shopping. At this point I will tell you I have been a Fry's/Kroger customer for 41 years. I have spent on average $100 to $150 per week with you over the years. I will not be back. If I am going to be treated like a piece of garbage I will go where I expect that behavior and pay lower prices in the bargain. I work in CS and know that the behavior displayed by your clerk today was not good customer service. The only reason I am writing this is because my brother and brother-in-law both work in the grocery industy. Both have told me "we can't fix it if you don't let us know there is a problem." So I am letting you know there is a problem.

    Angry in Sun City 8/3/13 4:59PM
  • I was shopping at the fry's on 43 Ave and McDowell new to the area and didn't know where their eggs was so thee Assistant Manger Shantel was standing there letting people know which isle was open to pay for your food in that great but in a nice way I ask here where your eggs she said in the back okay I was at the register and I said could you do me a big favor and grab one for me since the cashier was ringing up my groceries she said sure so I stood there and watch her she did nothing of the sort so I ask again she had a attitude and said I will so I said you are very unprofessional and if this how you treat your customers I will never shop here again and I will tell a few of my friends about this store and the she said im going to call the police I told here I don't care call the police . So now the manager run himself over where I was at talking stuff and I said screw you too, and with the poor service I received you should give us the groceries for free. The store so bad that the carry the bags like other store do for you to put your wine in I guess that what happens when you shop at a Mexican Grocery store. No I take that back I get better service at Rancho Market what I mean to say is at the Mexican Grocery store.

    unhappycustomer 6/25/13 5:38AM
  • I went to the Dallas Store to pick up an order that I had placed on line. I used the pick up service so that I don't have to go and waste gas if an item was sold out. I got confirmation that 2 of the 4 items was available for pick up. It used this service because I am handicapped and can't walk such a huge store to get what I need. When I got to the store, the item was no where to be found. The employee physically walked to the item and pulled the item off the shelf. I waited about 30 minutes and he did not return. I figured it would be quicker if I went to get it myself. I met his half way as he was returning. Out of the 45 checker registers only two people were working. This defeats the purpose of the online ordering. What if the item was already sold out if the item was never pulled in the first place. I will never use this service again.

    dsabedra 6/11/13 12:05AM
  • I Drove To Frys To Get A Raincheck, The Ladies Bathroom Door Was Broken, I Hurt My Hand Trying To Get A Lady Not To Come In Complained To The Manager, He Says I Can;t Go In There, Prices Aren't On Half The Items, I Was Very Dissapoined Today

    Anonymous 6/5/13 7:06PM
  • Purchased a new model of a Sony notebook computer at Fry's. Box was "factory sealed" with both Sony and Fry's stickers on the box. Got the box home, cut through the stickers, opened the box, and took the notebook out. First thing I noticed was that the unit was incredibly light in weight. Second thing I noticed is that it was not a Sony product, but instead was an HP product. Third thing I noticed was why it was so light in weight, no battery pack. Obviously this was not a factory fresh Sony product but was some return item that the Fry's staff stuffed into the wrong box. Did a little more detective work, the HP notebook in the box was in fact a product that was released on September 25,2011 (this is May/2013). The product was selling on eBay and Amazon for around $160, where we paid $899 (plus tax) for the Sony unit. Powered up the unit and it immediately went to the "Windows incorrect shut down screen", so this unit had been used by someone. Interesting enough, after boot, it went to the start up screens to configure the unit as if it were new. So Fry's was selling a old computer that should not have even been in the store as new with the correct factory fresh stickers. As first glance, this is incredibly sloppy work by Fry's. Thinking about it further, if this computer had a battery pack (again, it was missing), some unsuspecting customer may just have ignored the differences and started using this out of date product. At best, Fry's is terribly sloppy. At worst, they are committing fraud. Be extra careful when you shop at Fry's. So careful in fact that you should go to Best Buy or order off of Amazon.

    John 5/24/13 3:27PM
  • the customer service on Anaheim Store
    Needs lots of improvement the technicians don"t Have courtesy,and they keep your computer to long and they always charge to much my last time they ask me to pay first
    3 Days Later I Have to Call to see if my computer was ready to My surprise it was not fixed after 3 Days I just paid them for Nothing The Manager Didn't Put Attention I have expend more than $250.00 Dollars for the same problem How ill get My Money Back I also I have pay for extended Warranty For Nothing

    Anonymous 4/29/13 9:35AM
  • Bought a 70 inch including wall mount and 2 year extended warrenty. Tv failed after six months. Sharp covered the service trip and fixing the tv...............However Maintainence personell cannot remove or reinstall wall mounted TV's................Cost 450.00 to have this done............ !!! WOW !!!

    Anonymous 4/17/13 12:03PM
  • they took my money after I returned the item with the receipt

    porlagracia 4/12/13 11:41PM
  • Avoid the SW Freeway location in Houston at all costs. I've placed 3 In-Store pickup orders since December and in each instance the items were not pulled from the shelves or the back and placed on hold for the cashier to retrieve for me. This despite receiving e-mails every time telling me they were ready for pickup. To make matters worse, the cashier ends up having to walk to the back of the store and look for the items and half the time they come back emptyhanded.

    Back in December, I was stuck at the register for nearly 2 hours(no, I'm not exaggerating) waiting for an order to be fulfilled. BTW, on that same day, another customer was stuck at the next register for 45 minutes due to a similar screwup. Yesterday I wasted 30 minutes and ended up leaving with nothing since no one could find the items anywhere in the store. Today I spoke over the phone with a manager who said he tracked down the items from the back and would hold them for me, but was at a loss to explain A)why I'm being sent e-mails telling me the items are ready for pickup when they're not, B)why none of his employees could find the items despite having a half hour to look for them, and C)why this keeps happening.

    The manager, Charles, claimed he was going to work on this problem, but I wouldn't hold my breath. And BTW, he made no attempt to accommodate me for the inconvenience of wasting 30 minutes yesterday due to his staff's incompetence. No offer to ship the items to my home. No gift card. Even getting him to hold the items beyond the normal 3-day window of an In-Store pickup order required my asking for it. It apparently never occurred to Charles that just maybe I wasn't going to have time to make it back to their store today or tomorrow.

    Adam_ME 4/9/13 8:30AM
  • I came in on Friday Apr 5 and was given an appointment for Sunday April 7. I drove 30 minutes from my house to find and that the manger didn't know how to work the appointment computer. They was rude and unprofessional. The man at the front door even laugh. Was at the duluth ga worse service . The manger Bailey was no help and the car installer santiargo did even look at computer or nothing and just came to me and said no you don't have a opp. Wasted my time and money.

    Anonymous 4/7/13 9:20AM
  • Trying to refill perscription most of the team was helpful except the hispanic gentleman at the front counter who seemed disinterested in anything to do with his job or assisting me! Upon learning I was a veteran he shrugged and said I wouldn't do that sh@&. This frys has lost my buisness and any other veteran that I can communicate this too! Be warned of this pharmacy and employee!

    Anonymous 4/5/13 1:10PM
  • Fry's Electrronics promised to fix my HP Pavillion laptop in 2 weeks. First it took them 2 weeks to order the part, 2 weeks to receive it and to find out that it was the wrong hinge. Then we played the same game again with the excuse that their HQ hs to get approval and that takes time. This time they supposedly got the right part. Installing it, they broke the screen. Now they had to order a new screen. Finally, after 8 weeks, they told me the laptop was ready. But it is still not completely fixed. The hinge is so stiff that the screen bends when I attempt to open it and adjust the angle. The hinge does not allow for the screen to adjust in a flat position as the original.

    Ken Parks 3/25/13 3:33PM
  • Will not purchase another item at Frys again. This is the result of an add posted in the San Jose Mercury News for a 2-TB WD MyPassport drive. It was advertised for $69.00 but were selling it for $99.00. They would not honor the add price because the manager said they made a mistake and the price was for a 1-TB drive instead of the 2-TB drive. This happened at the Fremont Frys. They have lost a customer!

    Anonymous 2/23/13 7:44PM
  • Frys's customer service is the worst i have ever had. They keep my money for 1.5 months. I called them to ask when would i receive the refund. They asked me wait and wait. I called and complained about the long time. They hung up the phone. What service was that?

    Frys' Customer 2/21/13 8:42AM
  • They deceptively sell used electronics for full price and advertised as new. Don't return phone calls.

    Rick 12/21/12 1:03PM
  • Called to find out why my online order was taking so long to fill and come to find out they had canceled it and never let me know about it.They also did the same thing to my sister and a friend. I will never never buy anything there again.

    Big O 11/26/12 5:45PM
  • Trying to get a receipt, for some reason no can do,, really just a big waste of time..please send me or direct me to someone that knows what to do..28-store need receipt... Please !!!!

    phillip 11/20/12 11:18PM
  • Good prices... that's where the good rating ends. there is one store in our city of over 2 million... happens to be far away from me, but they don't care they make it very hard to deal with them in every aspect, and if unfortunate enough to have to bring something back, & you have planned to do something else within the next few hours... forget about it... you're gonna be parked there for a while. and when it comes to dealing with the inside salespeople... wow! why bother? Approximately 10% of their sales force knows a little bit about what they're doing, the rest appear to be absolute morons. So I tried something different. let's try (again good prices) but... mistake! The item they sent me was defective, & the return process takes HOURS, THEN DAYS. Then when I get the exchanged item, it's worse than the first one... Everything about every transaction makes me pause and say "REALLY?" I'm obviously a little more hardheaded than most since I went back for seconds, but never again. I would seriously recommend this store to no one other than my worst enemies.

    buckinaydano 10/25/12 8:25PM
  • been here twice n had the wost experience ever I bought a stereo & speakers n i made the mistake of thinking that I could return after 6 mo n get full store credit at least,,but I was wrong so i went n return n they keept $90 dollars from the refund & gave me the rest in a form of credit towards the store,,,,who in their right mind would want to spend again in there store after that,,,r u riding me ,,,I really have to put up w/that...

    frys 10/2/12 6:47PM
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  • in Your Fry's food store on Tatum Rd and Shea in Phoenix, As.. I would like to pass on information to you..

    You Produce Manager Jerry has been doing a great job in setting displays and making sure all who work for him are personable and excellent assistance.. He has been doing an excellent job for you in that store.. All displays are well done and stay filled.. Any questions his staff is there to answer.. 2/8/14 4:55PM
  • Exchanged Franklin Spanish/English translator for a new one. Original purchase
    would not activate( Model DBE-15). Reception at exchange desk was cordial and I was encouraged to get a new one from the rack.

    ?? 7/21/13 12:06PM
  • Twice I have been to Fry's in Palo Alto with serious emergencies. Each time they helped me in the best way possible, applying highly technical expertise, as well as human concern for my plight.
    I can only say THANKS!

    Linda 1/28/13 2:27PM
  • Great quality products! Employees are friendly. Terry Niggs, an employee in the produce dept is A+. He keeps the produce dept looking great!

    TeriH 11/5/12 12:44PM
  • i'm usually as critical as the next guy but my experience on early Sunday morning Feb. 27th was very good. i was laptop shopping. the sales people couldn't have been more helpful and everyone in the store was friendly. of course it was early on a sunday so maybe that's the key

    jeff 2/27/11 9:51AM
  • I've bought several things from fry's and have always found their staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are always nice and low and the employees seem to even enjoy helping you out. They really go the extra mile for their customers.

    TheK 11/10/10 9:03PM
  • I have bought many things from Fry's over the years, and have returned a number of those. Say what you want about Fry's, but their return process is painless and what it should be. They have even been able to get me a receipt for an item that I purchased years earlier (which I needed for a warranty issue).

    Taed 8/5/09 7:34PM

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