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Google customer service is ranked #646 out of the 709 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.72 out of a possible 200 based upon 583 ratings. This score rates Google customer service and customer support as Terrible.


573 Negative Comments out of 583 Total Comments is 98.28%.


10 Positive Comments out of 583 Total Comments is 1.72%.

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  • I want to change my gmail password. I went online with my current password and accessed gmail.

    I followed the procedure, and al went well until the screen asked me to write my present password,

    then a new one. The screen insis that the current password I give is incorrect. Yet it works in accessing gmail.

    I found no way to contact a person to resolve this. So I continue to use my current password--the one the screen says won't work.

    Jack Frymire

    Anonymous 4/22/14 5:59PM
  • I have just spent a very frustrating 45 min. trying to sign in to my account so I could get an up-grade on a game I was playing. I went through the same thing in June of 2013. It is very frustrating that you do not allow these types of payments to be made through a paypal account, I resent having to put my personel information out on so many sites. None of the questions asked were relevant to my situation and I'm not very pleased with the google play store installed on my device, I'm looking for alternatives.

    judewhale 4/21/14 9:47AM
  • I was charged for something I did not order to my phone please call john howard I want to get this fixed

    john howard 4/17/14 2:49PM
  • I could B----Y scream no phone number nothing coming to believe i am on this planet alone been trying for a week to get my gmail recovered, its costing me. Where are you?

    Anonymous 4/17/14 5:06AM
  • Been on hold for customer service for over 40 minutes. Great customer service!!

    Anonymous 4/16/14 11:06AM
  • I desire to speak with a support tech on issues with my google account/ gmail accounts. I tried recovery options of previous accounts, 4/15/2014, p.m. I also tried to recover these original accounts, after 12 p.m.., several times to reset password on my Mac computer and my Nook tablet from Barnes & Nobles. I also have the same issues now with my new IPhone 3.
    My main computer is the Mac Computer.It will no longer accept my previous gmail account with google either. Password was changed on Mac which I feel created these problem and from other sources of contacts associated with my IPhone acct.
    Please call for this is urgent,

    Virginia McNeal 4/16/14 8:55AM
  • I am back for more! call me and me put on hold for 30 or 40 minutes I am not anonymous I am a frickn customer.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 3:12PM
  • as of the writing this I have been on hold now 36 minutes. This is bad business. Answer the darn phone.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 2:19PM
  • I have been trying to get help from google about recovering my sons gmail address and i have been on hold for over two and a half hours at three different times twice this morning and again the afternoon. I tried going to google recovery email and i tried four phone numbers two numbers are my sons and the other two was mine and three different email addresses to no avail. If this is how you do customer service you need to learn better customer service and easier accessibility on retrieving email resets on your web site.

    mclwn6 4/14/14 4:14PM
  • I am having serious problems from my Google account I cannot log in I have problems from my Google account I have problems from my gmail I am not sure I think I have a third party without permission of any kind !! Please fix it! Thanks Anthony Cash

    Anonymous 4/13/14 8:53AM
  • i have been trying to get a new password . and the code doesnot work i am getting very agetated the code does not work

    rabbit14 4/13/14 8:10AM
  • The person with the email address is stealing money out of my bank account. Who is he and how do I stop him? He has created a way to fraudulent pay himself out of my checking account. I can't close the account until all pending transactions are completed!!!! This is bull!!!!!

    FatherRocket 4/11/14 9:50AM
  • When I attempted to access gmail on my computer I was forced to give a password & coordinate all of my google info. WHY??!! You don't need that information to serve me well. I do NOT like being forced to give you information I don't feel you need & resent the forced intrusion upon my privacy. I do not need or want my google info coordinated. I do not believe you keep any information confidential.

    Anonymous 4/9/14 10:03PM
  • I called this customer service number and waited for over 3 hours on hold for someone to answer. ..while it gave me the BS..."all customer service representatives are currently helping other customers...please wait and the next available representative will be with you....your call is important to us...thank you for your patience. WTF after over 3 hours of listening to that stupid recording and calling in with my daughters phone to have two phones that could possibly be answered for over over an hour of those 3 one ever answered!!!! This is Google for crying out loud. leader and they can't get a program to let customers know where they are in a que....better yet how about a legit phone number where a real person will eventually answer!!! This was a complete waste of 3+hours of ny time. I'm pissed off and thoroughly disenchanted.

    desiq72 4/7/14 7:34PM
  • I have been on the phone for 1 1/2 hours. I need help by phone. I do not have a computer and I am computer illiterate. No one answers customer service before I am eliminated from google. Where it says click here to update doesnt work. This sucks.

    nauticalgirl61@gmail. 4/7/14 2:50PM
  • I restarted my whole tablet then I pressed google play store it said make a google account so I pressed new I made a diffrent and new google accou.t and its says username not available so I go search google but on the top right corner is says I'm loged in HELP IF POSSIBLE IT WONT LET ME IN GOOGLE PLAY SO I ASK MY MOM TO PUT HER EMAIL IT SAYS THAT WE CANT CONNECT TO THIS SERVER.HELP

    AB 4/5/14 2:05PM
  • Hi All,

    I have forget my Gmail a/c passward which i am using from last 5 years..

    When i am going to forget passward it is asking questions which are of 5 years when i have created this a/c with date and month..

    I have link all other sites ...FB,Twitter,Skype etc with this ID.

    Apart of this in my all financial transaction bank etc.. same ID is mentioned..

    Request any one to help me..

    Or please make simple question so that password can be retrieve !!\

    My contact No is

    Anonymous 4/1/14 11:26PM
  • I have spent 5 hours trying to find out why my cannot get on her Gmail account. we have been required to change the password 4 times and it works for a couple days then gives he a required password message which will not work.
    I went on line with my lap top and ended up getting my Gmail acct password changed because only recognized my computer and not her Gmail address.
    I need help and getting this corrected. When I try getting a reset for her on her I pad it sends is to her Gmail account which requires a password to open it.
    Please respond with suggestions.

    Anonymous 4/1/14 7:38PM
  • I called Google Customer Service 3 different times and I don`t believe I EVER heard a ruder employee in my life! ,He shouted at me, would not let me speak, laughed out loud, until I just gave up and hung up the phone! There are many complaints written online and nobody EVER gets the help they need
    I think Google is "The Little Shop of Horrors!"!

    Sonrisa Designs & Handmade Anima 3/31/14 4:44AM
  • Google. How do I talk to alive person if I had to rate u it certainly would. Not be a good rating for those of is technically challenged do you really care about giving a phone number to help or u really don't give a d....

    Anonymous 3/28/14 10:48AM
  • About 2 weeks ago I was contacted from a person with Google Tech. Services and was told this division was closing and I was being issued a credit for $150.00, which I paid for their services. I spent over an hour on the phone while this person was setting up an account with Wells Fargo to send this credit to my account. I was told my bank would not accept this and I would receive a check within 2 - 5 days at my home address. Needless to say, I HAVE NOT received this check!! I am so sick of being scammed!!!

    Sherrie 3/26/14 10:42AM
  • This company's customer service is a joke is there anybody there that cares about service they have been stealing money from my wife's bank account but when you call them they act stupid I'll never buy any thing from google if they have anyting to do with the game or app the customer service is terrible

    Anonymous 3/25/14 5:03PM
  • Long story short. Had a nexus 7 tablet still under warranty that defected. Called google. November 28,2013 Ended up putting me with Asus the manufacturer to fix or replace. Got a UPS label from them. Shipped it off in original packaging. Tracked package to Asus service center. several phone calls and 2 months later of not seeing my tablet was told by supervisor it was sent back to google on December 9, 2013 gave me a RMA number for it and to contact google. Google was going to send me a replacement tablet. No one seems to know where or what happened to my tablet I sent out. Now almost 4 months later of trying to place an order through a replacement link given to me. always sorry a technical issue, a UPS issue, sorry try again, its in escalations, its a priority, we are investigating.. I have placed 3 replacement orders with no tablet still. So disgusted I sent my tablet out and never got anything back just a lot of talking and no tablet. I have faxed a letter to headquarters and might send the same letter to all the headquarters so someone can just take the time and really help me to get my son back his tablet.

    Anonymous 3/25/14 8:51AM
  • i am currently playing a kabam game called battle for the north where apple itunes and google play users can both play this game.there was a massive glitch resulting in players asking for refunds via google play and apple itunes.itunes customers got there refunds fairly easy with little play on the other hand claims no responsibility and says its akabam issue....funny how itunes didn't have this problem.i would suggest people choose apple itunes instead of google play due to the better cucstomer care.i will be switching soon.goodbye google play

    Anonymous 3/25/14 4:35AM
  • When Gmail was for invitation only, I was so excited to try that service which that was almost 10 years ago. Now, I find this company to be extremely intrusive. I appreciate Gmail. I appreciate Android phones. I appreciate Google Chrome. I appreciate Google Search. But each and every one of these things are just intrusive and want all your information. Why must someone sign up for G+ to use something so simple? Why do you guys nag about everything when I sign into Gmail?

    Why does Chrome constantly have to update my extensions automatically? This company is such an important aspect of my life (yes, it is), but they are far too intrusive at the same time and forum contributors add nothing but troll and rudeness to any topic that requires help.

    Everything by Google is either disposable or expendable. They constantly assume everyone is on Mobile and not on actual computers anyway so they discontinue many of their desktop products when people actually still use them. I am not interested on Google Drive, thank you anyway. It is nearly impossible to talk to anyone in this company that cares for people, not money.

    Anonymous 3/23/14 6:22PM
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  • I had the best customer service from a lady named Courtney near Sacramento.
    I called your phone return system and promptly had a call from her. She was patient,
    knowledgable and very helpful. I was very impressed with her, she never gave up on
    me and helped me with my new phone apps and wi-fi issues. I really appreciate all she
    did for me(especially after terrible service from Tracfone). You should be very proud to
    have an employee like her. Please let her know I emailed you,

    Than you,
    Renee Hilton

    Anonymous 3/31/14 8:04PM
  • I have purchased three (3) Nexus 10 tablets and three (3) Nexus 4 phones for myself and family and I can say ALL where in EXCELLENT working order. I thought I had an issue with one of my Nexus 4 phones, there was a rattling near the top of the phone. Not a bad rattle but noticable when I placed it on a hard surface. So initially I freaked out thinking there was something loose or broken in my phone. What I found out later that day was, in most phones with that type of camera in it, they do not use magnets for the focus mechanism. It just rests in the phone. So there is a "rattle" of minor magnitude, actually insignificant. The iPhone 5, Lumina 920 and other high end phones do the same thing. Also all three of my N4's do it. So I am satisfied with build quality. However in haste I called Google Customer Services to get an RMA before doing that research. While telling them of my problem the agent was attentive and helpful. The agents resolution was to send me a new phone and return the "broken" one. They were very courtious and willing to resolve my issue. I couldn't have been more relieved. All being said, I immediately received by e-mail the instructions for my return. I could have requested the new phone to be sent and it would have arrived in 3-5 business days, very acceptable. I couldn't have asked for any more of Google to help resolve my situation. Professional, courtious, willing. Thank you Google.

    mjpado 12/23/12 12:44PM
  • I recently shopped at Best Buy, store 459. Google has an employee located there and his name is Mike. He was extremely helpful and I did buy a chromebook with his help. Mike was an added benefit to my shopping experience and I wanted to give him an A+ for outstanding service!

    becka 12/5/12 4:32PM
  • Had a problem with my order. My fault. Had good email communication with the order support dept. Was able to converse with the same person throughout the resolution of my problem. Was kept informed on what was happening.
    Couldn't have wished for better.
    Thanks Google.

    Siegeengine 11/23/12 11:34AM
  • I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a way of telling Google how cool their doodles and games on them are. I've always enjoyed them and sometimes they are the only thing that makes me smile that day. When I saw the very cool Star Trek one today, I decided that I should at least make an effort to let google's staff know that their hard work is appreciated and from the ratings board here may be some times neglected?

    Anonymous 9/7/12 4:05PM
  • I see there are many bad reviews. However most of these comments consist of the same issue, through 1 of our support teams. There are many more teams than just the 1. I'm Google Wallet and Offers support. I must say, we NEVER have calls waiting for either team. We provide amazing service on my verticals. Also I know our other verticals are awesome as well. Yes there was a large call volume for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus devices, but that has slowed down a lot. You can't base the overall customer service based on 1 team. That would be like me hating the NFL because the 49ers aren't that good. There is more to customer service than one team..

    James 7/30/12 6:53PM
  • My wallet had an old address registered - I realised as soon as I had ordered and corrected it. Google didn't action correction and tried to deliver to old address. I managed to speak to Google and was told it would be sorted - no update on my order yet

    Anonymous 7/23/12 1:48PM
  • I called the 650 number and got a live person ans she was helpful!

    Anonymous 8/11/11 8:50AM
  • google is great They keep the spam out of my inbox

    Anonymous 3/1/11 5:53AM
  • I personaly think goggle rocks and i rate them on a all around scale ,you see we want what we want when we want it, but as soon as rhey say okay at a fee@?! Yea now goggle cives more 4 free so be freely patient before they become accuratley costy. dont run your well dry

    1cash 2/20/11 9:58PM

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