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Google customer service is ranked #659 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.22 out of a possible 200 based upon 634 ratings. This score rates Google customer service and customer support as Terrible.


625 Negative Comments out of 634 Total Comments is 98.58%.


9 Positive Comments out of 634 Total Comments is 1.42%.

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  • Since I had to get a gmsil account with my vetixon products I've haf nothing but trouble. I tried calling and had to wait till I gave up.
    I needed to find or change my password on my acvount and you have it so hard I couldn't do it. My samgung productd flip flop bsck snd forth I can't fo snything.

    Anonymous 7/28/14 4:50PM
  • Ruined my yard and fence installing their "fiber", which I don't even have. Several calls and complaints and all we get is "sorry"!?!?. The shady subcontractors have been out 2 more times with failed mental capacity to fix my property. If they can't fix this problem, they have forced on my family, then who would want their services.

    jaerod6 7/27/14 9:10AM
  • Can no longer access You Tube. this problem started about a week ago. Keep getting message I need to update Google Play services, but this does not help. Please help.

    Jay 7/26/14 10:27AM
  • Calling from Lancaster, PA. How been trying off and on all day long to reach as live person. I think that there is no live person that exists at this number. Service is a joke. Dennis Shaub

    Anonymous 7/25/14 12:04PM
  • Do any REAL People work for Google? I've been trying for hours to talk to a person with NO RESULTS. Makes me not want to deal with them! EVER

    Anonymous 7/24/14 9:31PM
  • I'v tried calling twice and waited 2 1/2 hours just so that you can turn on all my cookies so that my Google account will work correctly. Please turn on my cookies which I never turned them off on my iPhone. My google account is thank you for helping me, as I have a muscle Handycap and am unable to do much, I can not keep waiting for hours then no response from your team. My iPhone thank you very much for helping me. Humberto Reyna Jr. 7/24/14 2:06PM
  • I just called technical support. Waited over seven minutes and was told good bye, I'm trying to help a friend set up his gmail account and Facebook.

    Anonymous 7/24/14 9:23AM
  • Took me 15 minutes to FIND a phone number to call, another 10 to get routed to the right line...and another 10 to get a reason person to answer. THEN she was not able to explain correctly my issue/resolution because while I was WAITING I was able to resolve it myself.

    Anonymous 7/18/14 9:20AM
  • It's terrible that you can't speak with a "LIVE" person! You folks added a park listing that leads to my "PRIVATE" residence. Every summer I go through the same thing with people looking for the Robert Cushman Murphy park. You have the wrong directions in there and it would be greatly appreciate if you correct your directions' There has been a large amount of VERY inconciderate people who show up and have to be told to leave. I have even had to call the police a few times! Thank you Cheryl Smith

    Cars1957 7/15/14 8:59AM
  • There is NO restocking fee.

    tom 7/14/14 4:02PM
  • This articles has several errors in it. The return policy is within 15 days of receiving the order. Then the customer has 14 days of receiving an RMA to return it to Google. It is not 21 days. AND..Google issues a refund [new devices returned within 15 days] in your Google Wallet account for the amount paid for the device. Shipping and handling charges are not refunded. Over 15 days, the 1 year warranty kicks in and does not cover customer abuse.

    tom 7/14/14 3:58PM
  • Please help I am not a spammer

    I send emails re news articles to friends

    Google keeps stopping me from emailing

    Please help and call me at

    This is the 2nd time this has happened n it lasted so far for a few days

    Please correct n contact me directly


    JudgeRWink 7/13/14 6:24AM
  • Google Wallet is a horrible service. I was compelled to use it because the person I was sending the money to only accepts Google Wallet. I opened the account, used my debit card. Paid for the service, they took the money out of my checking account, then told me it would take THREE DAYS to process. I called five times to finally get them to process it immediately. In other words, they take your money, probably make overnight interest on your money just like the banks, and finally give you credit for it after three days. Their reps are impossible - don't understand the issue. Finally got someone to call a "supervisor" who was probably located in Waziristan. Couldn't speak English, connection horrible. Their rates are outrageous as well. They don't hire Americans, only low wage workers in other countries. The company is shameful.

    DrH 7/11/14 9:57AM
  • PS from Jenifer Bieth As my courier doesnt arrive could you please answer on my husband's email address: thanking you in advance

    Anonymous 7/9/14 8:43AM
  • This is robby i am trying to contact google to let them know that someone using a google mail is using it to fraud people for money and what can be done!i can be reached

    Robby 6/29/14 7:17PM
  • Dear Google,

    To whom it may concern: I am writing this to you from Memphis TN our business name is Golden Jewelers when I tried to search under Google about golden jewelers there was a little description that appeared on the right side of the screen which had our business info along with the hours of operation and it says CLOSING SOON!... We wrote while back to Google about someone writing wrong reviews against our company but now they are altering our business info as well. It is our humble request to please kindly look into this matter seriously because they are hearting our business significantly Google never believed when we wrote to them about the bad review was never removed from the site please we beg you to please kindly look into this my phone

    goldenjewelers memphis 6/28/14 8:24AM
  • I have been on hold for over an hour. I need help. Please call me at tHANKS.

    Judy Pascoe

    Anonymous 6/27/14 10:26AM
  • Dear Judges and Interpol:

    I'm submitting a copy to you Google:

    I around 2 or a little bit before that was working in a mail for you about my mathematical experiences, The mail disappear before my eyes, when I was trying to sent it. The image of Anne Stuart appears projected but I'm not sure who's behind.

    Please google do something about this people/employee., I believe is the person who's the owner, BUt please check the person who answer you is he owner and not other. Ask for ID.I heard a lot of things thru the mail:
    Thank you

    Veronica Lopez

    my drive, and e-mail 6/23/14 3:49PM
  • I signed for Google Business applications. I had an issue on not being able to receive emails that send from the domain name. I spent at least 40 hours with Google and they were not be able to fix the problem. They passed me from one customer service tech over to another for weeks. Horrible service. I am planning to service when the contract expires.

    NoHppy 6/23/14 6:26AM
  • is very frustrating trying to get hold of someone for some basic search questions - constantly being referred to look on the web for help and that is even more frustrating because I just end up wasting time and I still have no answers!!!? help

    Anonymous 6/21/14 11:14AM
  • I was on hold for over 2 HOURS and nobody picked up the phone from Google. Just the endless loop of crappy music and a recording saying that all reps are currently busy helping other customers and to please stay on the line for the next available rep. What a joke Google!!! Our company with over 100 employees is using gmail servers for a fee and we are dropping the service and all applicable accounts next week.

    Do yourself a favor and drop gmail!! We have not been given the respect and service that we deserve on an account that doesn't work as promised.

    Good bye google...

    Anonymous 6/20/14 4:00PM
  • Been on hold for over 45 minutes to speak with a representative about some crazy emails being sent from gmail server that I NEVER even drafted. I was asleep when the emails were just randomly sent. CRAZY! I hate gmail!

    Anonymous 6/20/14 2:23PM
  • Horrible having to wait nearly an hour on the phone, and now have to leave. Service please contact me by my cell #; 303-596-1415. My email has been hacked, and I can not even access it with valid password.

    Anonymous 6/19/14 11:27AM
  • I will NEVER use a google app again if at all possible. I was interested in google voice and had been reading the multiple pages of information and finally got to a point were I was burnt out and wanted simply to speak to a Customer Rep. Finding a number took over an hour, then only to discover the message referred you to the link. SUCH BS. I am truly saddened at the lack, not of written support, as there is books worth, but of common professionalism to the customers, that Google cannot provide a 1-800 or 1-888 number for their customers so we can actually speak to someone. I'm using another service for my work computer phone.
    Out of this experience - I just got screwed out of $30.25 and have a phone number I will never use.

    Anonymous 6/16/14 6:13AM
  • I have had my email for 3years you all of a sudden don't recognize my name James cook

    jmsck1962 6/15/14 7:43PM
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  • I had the best customer service from a lady named Courtney near Sacramento.
    I called your phone return system and promptly had a call from her. She was patient,
    knowledgable and very helpful. I was very impressed with her, she never gave up on
    me and helped me with my new phone apps and wi-fi issues. I really appreciate all she
    did for me(especially after terrible service from Tracfone). You should be very proud to
    have an employee like her. Please let her know I emailed you,

    Than you,
    Renee Hilton

    Anonymous 3/31/14 8:04PM
  • I have purchased three (3) Nexus 10 tablets and three (3) Nexus 4 phones for myself and family and I can say ALL where in EXCELLENT working order. I thought I had an issue with one of my Nexus 4 phones, there was a rattling near the top of the phone. Not a bad rattle but noticable when I placed it on a hard surface. So initially I freaked out thinking there was something loose or broken in my phone. What I found out later that day was, in most phones with that type of camera in it, they do not use magnets for the focus mechanism. It just rests in the phone. So there is a "rattle" of minor magnitude, actually insignificant. The iPhone 5, Lumina 920 and other high end phones do the same thing. Also all three of my N4's do it. So I am satisfied with build quality. However in haste I called Google Customer Services to get an RMA before doing that research. While telling them of my problem the agent was attentive and helpful. The agents resolution was to send me a new phone and return the "broken" one. They were very courtious and willing to resolve my issue. I couldn't have been more relieved. All being said, I immediately received by e-mail the instructions for my return. I could have requested the new phone to be sent and it would have arrived in 3-5 business days, very acceptable. I couldn't have asked for any more of Google to help resolve my situation. Professional, courtious, willing. Thank you Google.

    mjpado 12/23/12 12:44PM
  • I recently shopped at Best Buy, store 459. Google has an employee located there and his name is Mike. He was extremely helpful and I did buy a chromebook with his help. Mike was an added benefit to my shopping experience and I wanted to give him an A+ for outstanding service!

    becka 12/5/12 4:32PM
  • Had a problem with my order. My fault. Had good email communication with the order support dept. Was able to converse with the same person throughout the resolution of my problem. Was kept informed on what was happening.
    Couldn't have wished for better.
    Thanks Google.

    Siegeengine 11/23/12 11:34AM
  • I've spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a way of telling Google how cool their doodles and games on them are. I've always enjoyed them and sometimes they are the only thing that makes me smile that day. When I saw the very cool Star Trek one today, I decided that I should at least make an effort to let google's staff know that their hard work is appreciated and from the ratings board here may be some times neglected?

    Anonymous 9/7/12 4:05PM
  • My wallet had an old address registered - I realised as soon as I had ordered and corrected it. Google didn't action correction and tried to deliver to old address. I managed to speak to Google and was told it would be sorted - no update on my order yet

    Anonymous 7/23/12 1:48PM
  • I called the 650 number and got a live person ans she was helpful!

    Anonymous 8/11/11 8:50AM
  • google is great They keep the spam out of my inbox

    Anonymous 3/1/11 5:53AM
  • I personaly think goggle rocks and i rate them on a all around scale ,you see we want what we want when we want it, but as soon as rhey say okay at a fee@?! Yea now goggle cives more 4 free so be freely patient before they become accuratley costy. dont run your well dry

    1cash 2/20/11 9:58PM
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  • I see there are many bad reviews. However most of these comments consist of the same issue, through 1 of our support teams. There are many more teams than just the 1. I'm Google Wallet and Offers support. I must say, we NEVER have calls waiting for either team. We provide amazing service on my verticals. Also I know our other verticals are awesome as well. Yes there was a large call volume for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus devices, but that has slowed down a lot. You can't base the overall customer service based on 1 team. That would be like me hating the NFL because the 49ers aren't that good. There is more to customer service than one team..

    James 7/30/12 6:53PM

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