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  • I'm sorry but it's not worth the slight savings. I've never received the text book I ordered weeks ago, and my class starts Mon. However they definitely charged my Visa!! When I called the 800 number to see where my order is, it says 'we're an online company, write to us', etc....are you kidding? What kind of customer service is this to not even offer a few hours of chat time or something to answer questions. If I don't receive my book by Mon, I'll contest the charge on my credit card.

    kathleen345 6/10/14 2:14PM
  • the Commerce Bank account has been closed and paypal will not let me remove it because it said I have a book that has been charged to this account.......I need it to go on the Chase or Regions account that I now have PLEASE
    thank you Jennifer Ristich

    Anonymous 4/13/14 6:30AM
  • This is seriously a joke. I've been having a hard time setting up my personal info and it keeps telling me that it is invalid. The customer service is just a recording and should have someone online to help out. You guys are serious joke. And should get actual customer service and not a pre recording

    Anonymous 3/15/14 4:20PM
  • Customer service is a joke.... I ordered a book for a class which started in jan. said i would get it by feb8... Here it is march 11 No book.... WILL NEVER USE THIS SITE EVER AGAIN!!!!!

    Anonymous 3/11/14 10:20AM
  • I paid $35 for the book plus media mail shipping charges. I got a notification that it was shipped with no tracking number. This purchase was made in Dec 2013. It is now March 8 2014 and I still haven't received my book or my money. No one is helping me I've tried to contact seller which I no longer can. I tried to contact but the automated service hangs up on you.

    Hannah 3/8/14 2:22PM
  • On January 29th I purchased 10 Keys to Drawing textbooks, The shipping and tracking information on my account is blank. My credit card was charged $113.76 but I have not received the textbooks. I needed these books two weeks ago, when will they be delivered?

    wnovak 2/27/14 11:23AM
  • Customer Service is Terrible!!! As a Seller I sold a book in NEW condition to a Company named Lilly Books which is also associated with Woodys Books (Based out of California) Lillys had me mail the book to Baylor University in Waco Tx, only to have it returned to me 60 days later with USED Stickers on my new book.'s customer service sided with the Buyer who returned the item to me stating it was not in the condition sold. It was new when sent and the Director of Baylor's bookstore indicated unless the book has the Publishers Tag on it they cannot sell it as new, therefore they are required to mark it used. So as a individual, trying to sell on you are still taken advantage of by Corporate Bookstores. offered no resolution that was fair to the seller and why would they since they will make more money from these vendors who are selling to Universities. Again CUSTOMER SERVICE AT HALF IS WORTHLESS, ANNNND DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LILLY OR WOODYS BOOKS.

    Mustang70 2/21/14 2:16PM
  • Someone left me negative feedback for a $40 item tha i sold for $2 for no reason and theres no way to take it off. Ebay was very helpful but can't change anything that goes on at; even though it effects my business relations with ebay. I am not sure why ebay would put their name on the line for such a terrible business.I am officially filing a report with the BBB(better business bureau). They need to get their stuff together or i won't be doing business with ebay either. HALF.COM is IRRESPONSIBLE!! NON EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I am never doing business on that site again. Ebay should step it's game up also or it's going to be amazon all day!

    keynes-market-theory 2/16/14 1:21PM
  • I have been trying to rent a textbook for several weeks now. When i get to check out it says " I have exceeded the amount of textbooks aloud". I checked my account and it says I have a textbook still out on rental, but then it has a returned date of Aug.6th, I did return on Aug 6th. Why will it not let me rent. I REALLY REALLY wish there was a person to talk to. this is my second request.

    Anonymous 2/3/14 11:45AM
  • Agreed! customer service is a JOKE! There is NO way to contact them and they DO NOT reply to emails! I rented a book and returned it on time and was billed for not returning the book! The proof is on there website under my account, they clearly posted that the book was returned! I have purchased several books through over the past 2 years, but I will find somewhere else to rent/buy textbooks from now on!

    Lorie Matlock 1/21/14 1:03PM
  • THis is a joke. THere's no way to get a hold of a customer service rep via telephone. All one gets is a recording.

    Anonymous 1/20/14 8:51AM
  • The suspended my seller account just because they could not figure out my tax ID. I contacted them many times trying to get them out of their stupidity but could not find a way to connect to them. What a horrible company!!!

    a seller 1/16/14 7:16PM
  • Still have not received my money it has now been 6 months. Looking into filing a complaint with the BBB and possibly legal action.

    I have copies and documents of all letters from and was told December 20, 2013 that my information was sent to the department that would finally process me a check for the $227.83 for my money owed to me. It has now been 24 days and I have still not received my check. This has been going on for 6 months. 6 months of letter writing and the run around. I hope that was not just another run around from this company.

    charmingcharlie 1/13/14 6:29AM
  • never buying from these people again. I returned a book almost a month ago and now they are charging me for not having returned the book. I'm trying to call them and explain the problem but it's an answering machine. You can't even talk to a live person. very frustrating

    Anonymous 12/24/13 10:56AM
  • we're trying to purchase a used textbook.. there's no way to check out..!!! what's up with that?

    we need to purchase several books we've found on and no way to buy it..

    please let me know how to do it..

    we need these:

    Young, Hugh, Lewis Ford and Roger Freedman. University Physics.


    Bekki Shanklin

    bekkis1949 12/16/13 7:20PM
  • Sold 2 books in August, my bank change the account numbers in a buy out so was unable to put the money in my account and we were unable to change it in their system. After waiting days for a response from the email because they have no customer service phone number I was told I would have to wait until Nov. 19 for them to process me a check and I would then have to contact them back then for that to be processed. I contacted them back, an immediate return email told me it may take up to 72 hours it has now been 384 hours and I have sent another email and still no response.They owe me $228.00 that is my money for merchandise I sold on their site. HELP!! I do have a reference number attached to the original emails.

    charmingcharlie 12/4/13 1:08PM
  • I have been selling for years, there was a misunderstanding on our account & ebay/ decided to close my account. They would not listen to me & have kept the money that is owed to me for months. Our payments are pending.

    956cashsolutions 11/25/13 6:20PM
  • My bank was bought out and in the turnover changed all our account numbers. I could not get my account numbers changed due to's system so I have asked for a hard check, you would think I was asking for them to do something very difficult because they are telling me I have to wait 90 days and then reapply for my money. Upset does not even begin to describe what I have been through with this company. Now I must wait till November 19 to reapply for my money to be mailed to me. I am actually going to see legal advice.

    Bad Company 10/3/13 12:34PM
  • I brought two books on and rent one. I received two of them and I am not receive the other one. the name of the book that I not receive is macroeconomic by Hubbard and O'Brien. My transaction # is 90504369101. I get charge for the book, but still not receive it. can we do the best we can to help me receive it because I have test and I cannot study.

    Anonymous 9/19/13 8:34PM
  • My husband and I both have accounts with I noticed a charge on my bank statement for $250. We have not ordered anything. The only option was to email them but I only received a automatic email giving excuses why I haven't received anything yet, which wasn't even my question. Avoid!!!!

    Anonymous 9/13/13 11:06AM
  • unauthorized charges from in July and again today. no option to speak to customer service. they ask you to fax full credit card number and copy of goverment issued ID...who in their right mind would do this.

    THis company is a SCAM

    bka8156 9/11/13 8:34AM
  • Your hangs up on you and doesn't allow you to talk to them. Your corporate number does the same thing. It's automated. I have a lost package that is over 2 weeks late and I can't talk to anyone about it. This is unacceptable and poor customer service. I'm going to unrecommend you guys to other people.

    Anonymous 9/6/13 11:59AM
  • Hi ! I had filed a claim on my account. And I got an email from saying that when I returned the item to seller, I have to reply the email . And I did . Today I got an email from saying my case is denied. What should I do. Here is the tracking number that I returned the item to the seller. And my case numer is . Please help me with it. Thanks

    Nikki orathai 9/5/13 10:32AM
  • This website is unbelievably unprofessional! I wanted to put an order in for Juvenile Delinquency and it kept rejecting my credit card! But then I look on my bank account online, and they still manage to have a $1 charge, THREE TIMES. I want my money back now, it needs to be refunded immediately!!!

    alexa09 9/4/13 2:09PM
  • I have been systematically skimmed from my payments of shipping. For every payment of $3.49 for Media mail shipping has $0.85 removed for absolutely no service.

    I wish to be refunded for this theft of my money,
    The receipt shows the $3.49 was paid by the customer but I am only reimbursed $2.64. The shipping cost me $3.00 and the padded envelope is $0.50 to $0.75.
    I do not contest the 15% commision but that is all I should pay. And all I do pay on

    mr-north 8/28/13 10:44AM
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  • I Had Excellent Service And Packaging. Thank You Half The Cost Of Amazon With The Shipping. Will Use Again. I Will Post On Facebook. Marge L

    marge 3/2/13 6:39AM
  • I am amazed to see on here with low ratings. I have used them for years, with hundreds of purchases from dozens of users. I have had 2 or 3 small problems and they were resolved quickly.

    It seems that many of the negative comments come from one time users; people who never gave the shot it deserves.

    It is by far the best place to buy books, movies, Music, CDs, DVDs.

    Just be aware of the sellers rating and don't try to get something for next to nothing.

    [email protected] 6/10/12 6:00AM
  • never had a problem with this company

    Anonymous 3/6/11 4:31PM

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