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Hallmark customer service is ranked #44 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 82.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 21 ratings. This score rates Hallmark customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


15 Negative Comments out of 21 Total Comments is 71.43%.


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  • I heard U have lesbian cards. For 20 yrs. I have bought from hallmark. I've spent thousands of dollars. If U support this lifestyle, I will not buy from hallmark. I will buy cards from the 99 Cent Store & other items at target

    Anonymous 5/9/14 5:13PM
  • I was wondering what does hallmark have over its retailers. They always charge full price for the cards at walgreens, walmart, costco and many others why no discount. What is up with this action.

    Anonymous 4/27/14 9:03AM
  • VERY DISAPPOINTED with my purchase of a 2yr planner. It went from February 2014 then skipped 6 months and went to September 2014. When I contacted Hallmark they did NOTHING for me and told me to return it to the store which I bought it and see if I can get a new one. This is my time and gas I now have to waste in order to try and get what I origanaly thought I was buying!!! SHAME ON YOU HALLMARK!!!

    Anonymous 2/24/14 7:31AM
  • J's Hallmark, I can't remember the last time I used the word "hate" in a sentence but I absolutely "hate" going in that store!! Linda is a "witch" and the other employees rarely smile! I was in there today, spent almost $200.00 and was treated very poorly, as usual! I simply asked the cost of something and Linda said,"It's on the box!" Well, guess what, if I had seen it I wouldn't have bothered her! I go there because it is convenient but I would NEVER recommend for anyone to shop there. It is the same atmosphere no matter what the season. What a shame. I worked at a Hallmark store in Ohio and I would have been fired in a heart beat if I treated customers like that!

    Anonymous 12/17/13 11:11AM
  • I have never been so disappointed. Considering all the promotion prior to the holiday season relating to Christmas movies, your efforts have fallen flat. I search daily for something new; something worth watching. However, it is the same movies over, over, over and over again ad nauseam.. The same inane, insipid junk (Christmas Engagement?) with a classic thrown in every now and then or if there is a repeat worth watching it is shown at 2:00am.. These movies do not do justice to the Hallmark name and definitely are an insult to those who have, in the past, associated the word Quality with Hallmark. In the past, I have considered it worth the extra expense to be able to watch the Hallmark Movie Channel, however, I am now cancelling the cable company's offering as I have reached the point where everything shown, all year long, is repeated over and over again. I have seen it all and for the most part, do not care to see it again.

    Anonymous 12/6/13 4:09PM
  • I have all versions of HM Dlx since 2011 and the same problems exist with all. In calendars I find it impossible to change the month from the current month. I have talked with HM and they say they are aware of the problem. I would have expected a fix by now after all these versions. Other than calendars I love the programs.

    johnride 11/24/13 10:27AM
  • I am 77 years young and have been a customer for long time, I am very disappointed in the ornament you changed the wording on , it should say Don We Now Our Gay Apparel, what in the world is the matter with you folks. I will not be buying any until this is taken care of and I will tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends etc....not to either. Enough of this......

    Anonymous 11/23/13 12:54PM
  • I have neever had as much with any other business as Hallmark, I have called five different number and got no where. Yesterday the girl, named Sierra promised to call me back with an answer and need less to say she never called back. The issue is about your Card Studio Deluxe 2014 . I am 90 years old and I have purchased at least 8 or 9 Card Studio Deluxe Boxes. Making cards for the family & friends is what keeps me going.

    A rely would be appreciated


    I am going to try again today and hope for the best.

    Margaret cardamone

    Anonymous 11/21/13 10:52AM
  • last night we went to exchange a precious moment at 2 different stores. at both stores we were told they couldn't do it because they are all independent owners. As far as we were conserned it is still "Hallmark" and they should be able to help us anyway and do the mathmatics between the stores afterwards. You have just lost a family of regular buyers. and we have spent thousands of dollars at your stores on precious moments. NEVER AGAIN!!! Very disappointed in your customer service - or lack there of

    sml9905 11/21/13 7:56AM
  • I go to Hallmark area for my cards because they are the best cards to mail to family members.

    I bought 7 Valentine cards at 3.00 each, I address them and lick them to close card, Well guess what your glue is worthless, have you changed glue factories? Dissapointment because I had to close them with scotch tape, so tacky..Please look into this matter. I purchased them at Wal Mart in Las Vegas, Nv. on Boulder Hwy..I know I will never hear from you and you will probably file me in trash basket.. Hope someone cares..Jennie Luna-cook

    Jennie luna-cook 2/11/13 4:51PM
  • Took a 2012 ornament back to store. I did not have receipt, but an in store credit would have been fine. Because the box had a spot on it, she wasn't and didn't give me a thing. If Hallmark is that picky about their Hallmark boxes you all might want to rethink your packaging. The reason I wanted to return the ornament is because we took a trip and I got a 2012 ornament as a gift for myself. I am not very happy with you return policy when it comes to ornaments

    ornament 11/29/12 7:58PM
  • To whom it may concern:
    I was sent a coupon stating "Buy 2 Hallmark cards and get 1 free" which I took to a Hallmark store on Mentor Avenue in Mentor, Ohio at approximately noon on Nov.6. I was told by the salesperson that I couldn't use it on my selected 3 cards because "the owners are interpreting it to mean holiday cards only." Nowhere on the card did it stipulate this. Because I was so angered at the irrational response I chose not to purchase any of the cards. Is this "interpretation" of the coupon up to the store owner or determined by the Hallmark Corporation? Regardless, the store lost my sale. And Hallmark, which has always been considered a top-notch brand and company in my book, has fallen several notches. Please clarify this situation for me. If necessary, I can send along more info along with the unused coupon.
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Jean Bonchak

    Jean 11/7/12 6:13PM
  • I had a terrible experience with the Hallmark rewards, platimun level after I was in the hospital off and on for several months and was unable to purchase a Hallmark Card.

    Husker Lady 7/17/12 8:49AM
  • My experience with the Hallmark store # 19 in Lima, Ohio, was not so good. The sales person would not take any returns unless it was bought in that store. The store smelled of strong cigarette smoke which was emanating from a storage area in the back of the store. (inside smoking is illegal in Ohio). I think Hallmark needs to check up on this store and the people in it. As for me; I will not go back!

    Itsanightmare 5/5/12 1:37PM
  • Hallmark Gift Books (record-a-book). Expensive product. Recording, even following all instructions, was tinny. Bad sound quality. Nothing like company's sample recording. (The customer/reader records over the sample.)

    The customer service person would refer me to no one in the company who knew how to solve this. The company's only remedy was "take it back" to store, an inconvenience to me.

    ServicePro 11/21/11 12:46PM
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  • I would like to commend the employees Sandi, Natalie, and Monica at the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas, NV. I purchased some cards, which came to $2.00. I gave the clerk a $20 bill, and she handed me $18 in change. At this same time, my cell phone rang....and I apparently laid the $18 on the counter while I answered the call, then forgot to pick up the change. I realized it when I got back to the car. I called the store and they did not see the $18 on the counter, but took my name and cell phone number in case they found it. The next day, I got a phone call telling me that they had found the money, and had it in the safe until I could pick it up. I was so very pleased in the honesty of these employees, and want to commend them on returning this money to me. J.Warner from Fort Wayne, IN

    J. Warner 5/31/14 12:13PM
  • This weekend hallmark channel ad Hallmark Movie Channel had the exact listings. And, there were errors o both. was there a reason for this? Or, did the TV listings wrong without your knowledge?

    I love the two channels and watch them daily.

    Is there a chance you might play "Crazy in the Heart" with Christine Lottie and Cheach Merion again soon? I really like that movie.

    Thank you so much

    Donna Shannon

    squattybody 1/13/14 2:58PM
  • I received great service at the last Hallmark store I visted, but they did not have the specific sympathy card which I had purchased at another Hallmark store before. Reasonable; maybe you no longer carry that sympathy-in-the-loss-of-your mother card. I didn't find it & had to select something else. I also would like to see a better selection of men's birthday cards - something with meaning written inside and something different on the fron pther than a sailboat, mountains, wildlife, golfing, etc. For that special uncle, nephew, male friend, cousin, I like a card with more imagination as to message & my relationship with that person - not just something funny or bland .
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    Anonymous 12/10/12 5:59PM
  • I tried to go on Hallmarkvisit to complete a survey but I am unable to find the website. I visited the Glastonbury, CT store the past two days looking for birthday gifts and the staff was wonderful. The store is huge and beautiful and it is a pleasure to shop there.
    Thank you, a Happy Customer!

    Anonymous 5/6/12 6:18AM
  • I had an exceptionally wonderful exprience, on 01/02/2012, at the Cumberland Mall Hallmark Store #74. I was running late on purchasing a rather unique gift and card for a close friend who was being honored for service at his church. Rather than waste time trying to find something myself I thought I would ask for assistance. Though very busy, one of the store employees saw me waiting and asked if they could help me. I explained what I needed and she led me to the gifts and cards that were the perfect fit. Actually, two ladies helped me. Their names were Geri and Donna. They were great & I know where to go when I need friendly, quick, and competent customer service. Thanks so much for making my shopping so easy. Chuck from Hopewell, N.J.

    Anonymous 1/7/12 2:24PM
  • this is a great store to shop in there is always a variety of cards to choose from

    Anonymous 10/15/11 7:41AM
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  • The tuesday before Valentines Day I took my girlfriend for a management interview to the store in Towson Town Center. She was a little nervous because she had over 30 yeaars in retail experiance all Hallmark and Carliton cards and yet they were putting her though a number of interviews,just like jumping though hoops. As she waited outside the store for the interview I went inside just to check things out.I walked around the store for approxamently five minutes and just what,even though their were four people in the store no one, I repeat, no one ever came over and asked if I needed help. I did I mention that this was the home store for the District Manger, the same D.M that had the first interview with my girlfriend. I also worked for Remembering You Hallmark in Columbia and had a great experience. I believe that minds were made up. I question whether age was an issue and whether they truly want people who can think on their feet or as it semms withl this D.M or younger folks who just go YES.

    BOSTON 3/17/13 5:27PM

  • great company to work for

    the cards are beautiful

    Anonymous 10/15/11 1:57AM

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