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Hertz customer service is ranked #390 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 32.82 out of a possible 200 based upon 831 ratings. This score rates Hertz customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


776 Negative Comments out of 831 Total Comments is 93.38%.


55 Positive Comments out of 831 Total Comments is 6.62%.

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  • I rented a car on August 13 from Hertz in Atlanta, GA. When I checked in I was told that they were over booked and I could not get a car for at least 1 hour. I was not the only one waiting there for car there was apprx 12 other customers waiting for a car. I prepaid/reserved my car 3 weeks prior to my arrival. I returned the car to Hertz on 8/18 at 4:16 pm the young lady that checked us scanned our license plate number & called our name out welcoming us back Hertz. I realized 10 minutes later that I left my camera in the car & immediately ran back to Hertz to get it. I went to the customer service counter they said they would go locate the car after an 1 1/2 hr wait they told me they couldn't find the car, but that it had not been rented out and the vehicle had a hold on it put stickers on the license plates. The manager came out and told me that they could no longer look for the car and that I needed to go online to file missing item report. He was not very professional at all. This Hertz in Atlanta is ran very poorly. I would never rent a car from Hertz again.

    Anonymous 8/19/14 8:44AM
  • Billing practices and policy disclosure at time of reservation and pick-up is deceptive at best.

    Customer service reps are rude and uninterested.

    Rental previous to this one car was filthy - smelled badly of cigarette smoke and even a lot of cigarette ashes in backseat.

    Will never rent from Hertz again and will surely not recommend the company to friends or business associates.

    Anonymous 8/18/14 1:09PM
  • Almost impossible to reach a real person. The one I did reach punched a button to pass the buck and then stuck me on hold. Car is a complete POS rolling safety hazard.

    Anonymous 8/16/14 9:50AM
  • The agent was very rude when returning the car!!

    Anonymous 8/15/14 3:27PM
  • BE ADVISED....STILL WAITING 3 MONTHS LATER FOR WRONGFULLY CHARGED GAS FEES TO BE RETURNED.... CALLED over 30X WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!! I was hit by someone in April so my insurance quickly set me up with a rental from Hertz, Fayetteville NC. It has been nothing but a headache ever sense. The first car I received had tire problems and when I called the local Hertz they had me take it to Jiffy Lube to get it looked at. Jiffy lube filled all the tires and I was on my way; a day later the tire light came on again so I called Hertz and they let me know they did not have any vehicles and I could go to the Hertz at the airport .. boy that was a mistake! The woman who worked there was incredibly rude to me because I got sent there and didn't want to give me a rental car. I waited for someone to return one and then she rudely handed me the keys and said, here you will have to get your paperwork from the Cliffdale Rd. site. When I first rented the car I chose to put the gas option on it because it was much cheaper a gallon then regular gas prices but you had to bring it back empty and if you only needed to add some fuel to do that and they would not charge you the gas fee and take it off your account. I was so happy when my car was finally done so I could return the rental. The place that worked on the body work said I could come pick up the car and then return my rental. The car was only 1/2 empty at the time so I filled it. Sadly the body work was not done properly so I had to keep the rental and a week later found myself in the same situation I only needed to add a little fuel so I could return it on full. When I returned the rental I asked several times if the gas charge was taken off since I brought it back on full and they said yes. I checked my credit card statement that week to make sure and I was NOT charged so I got rid of my gas receipts. Another week later when I looked at my statement I noticed there was a gas charge.I immediately called the Hertz on Cliffdale and they let me know they did charge me and weren't suppose to so they would credit it back to my account. It has been 3 months, many visits, and phone calls (locally and corporate) and I still don't have my money. Corporate office claims they need a gas receipt and do not see the return being processed in the computers, local office claims that it shows up in the computer and is being proceed and have even expedited the return. My husband has even had a 3 way call with the local office and corporate office... APPARENTLY they don't work together to resolve issues because I am still calling and have not been refunded my money. I am sure they will delete this soon but I wanted to warn anyone who is planning on renting a car from Hertz especially the Cliffdale rd, Fayetteville NC site to be careful!

    Anonymous 8/15/14 2:29PM
  • I bought a car from Hertz car sales, leesburg, VA on last Saturday, August 1st 2014 . It was rent to buy. They told there will be no charge if I buy withing first 2 hour. I did that, still they charged on my card $440. Now they are telling me they will only refund just the deposit portion. Not all. Beside these, yesterday Hertz charged $490 twice ($490+$490) yesterday (Monday, August 04, 2014), Withing 10 min difference. So all together $1420. I tried to contact Hertz Rent to Buy, Hertz Car sales, Hertz Car Rent, the leesburg, VA Sales office, their manager, everyone forwarding my call to others but no one have any clue.

    Every time I call Oklahoma head office, they says it will be refunded after paper processed. and it was computer problem. but no one have accurate data of actual amount was charged.

    Yesterday I received Ally Bank payment letter for car payment. Which means the paper procession was completed. But no refund.

    My $1420 has no clue!!

    This morning I called again and the help desk women disconnect my call.

    Hertz rent to buy 8/14/14 9:09AM
  • Horrible experience renting from Hertz in Vegas.

    They didn't have the car I reserved, when they issued me another car when I went to get the car, it was not in the spot. I had to get back in line, and they then didn't have the replacement car they promised me and put me in a smelly crappy old Maxima.

    hatehertz 8/11/14 8:57AM
  • Landed at San Fran airport me arruved at hertz desk at 11am. There must have been 100 customers waiting in line in front of us. Twelve plus computers available to check in people but only four workers manning them. It took 2 as a half hours to get a car. Called customer service who said they would try to send out more employees. Never seen such a disaster. The worst experience ever. Will never rent from hertz again. Amazing that they run a business this way

    Anonymous 8/6/14 12:02PM
  • WATCH-OUT - This company has terrible financial accounting practices. Rented a high end car and left a credit card for the deposit but upon return paid in cash. 5 months later they said I did not pay - credit card had a bank return. They had no record of the cash payment. Sad part was neither did I. After the new year I cleaned out my receipts and did not keep this one knowing it had been over 4 months ago. Well I got the notice in late February; tried to call but would just get put on hold. Wrote twice but only response was another bill with interest then a letter that it was going to collections - Oh yea - they pulled my Gold Club too - ouch ...! sic.

    In the end I paid almost twice what I should have all because of the credit risk. I consider this legal extortion by Hertz. Stay away from these thieves - plenty of other rental companies with a lot better customer service.

    Dissatisfied in San Diego 8/5/14 8:45PM
  • Dangerous cars.

    i'm Hertz gold member and i'm frequently renting cars in SFO international airport.
    every time I'm renting a car I'm getting a dangerous car which is seriously unmaintained.
    once it was broken engine old which was open during the ride, second was almost free wheel which almost fall out from the car, the latest is Nissan Altime with the right front wheel shakes violently.

    im loosing money each time i need to go and replace these cars, i would defeinetly not going to continue using hertz anymore and going to find an alternative

    udis 8/4/14 1:58PM
  • I booked a mid size car to be picked up in Kona,Hawaii . I rented it for 11 days. After filling out paper work I had to wait sometime for them to bring me a car. The presented me with a very small Nissan not sure of model but comparable to a Chevy Volt. Which by the way I had rented recently for a two day trip to Virginia. And it was ranked as a compact? When I asked them if they were kidding they just gave me a strange look. My booking said it would be a Camry or comparable. I research the ranking of this car by the automobile industry it is rated as a small car.. I payed 31.00 a day don't feel it was a fair price. They may have seen me by myself but I was responsible for a 5 year old and a 3 year old they require seats. In the back seat it was barely achievable.
    Further more I am a member of USET, and USDF. We have a very large membership and we travel a lot that requires a great number of rental cars I will be notifying them of my unsatisfactory experience..

    Anonymous 8/4/14 11:52AM
  • Hertz Customer service is appalling. I have contacted two weeks ago for the below issue and have still not heard back from them. I have tried a second and third time, but to no avail.

    I just returned from a trip to Italy Venise and my rental experience has been totally unsatisfactory, not to say appalling.

    Our flight landed quite late on Saturday 07/12. I went straight to the rental counter and as a gold member retrieved my keys. I asked the lady if my rental conditions were the same as in my reservation (see here below) as I noticed prices were different. In somewhat broken English the lady at the counter explained that the document I was to sign indicated different prices as they were estimates but at the end of my rental she assured me that they would be the same as on my reservation here below. As it was late, raining and we were all tired and it was very difficult to communicate with this person, I signed the document.

    At the return of my vehicle, I saw charges totally out of line with my reservation. The gentleman at the returns explained that the charges I was looking at were estimates and that the final bill will be exactly what I signed-up for at pick-up. I explained that the charges at pick-up differed from my reservation and he then proceeded to explain that my final bill would be perfectly inline with my reservation quote. As I had a flight to catch and the difficulties the gentleman had in communicating with me in English, I had no other choice than to proceed to my flight.

    To my great consternation, I checked my credit card this AM and noticed a charge for 534 EUROS versus my reservation quote of 270EUROS. This difference in pricing is not due to a fuel charge or upgrade so I please ask you to rectify this unfortunate experience as I feel totally cheated.

    irenvans 8/4/14 12:44AM
  • Avoid Hertz - go with a company that cares about customer service. Reserved a car at Panama City Beach Florida on June 7 for pickup at 1:30. Arrived and told it would be up to a two hour delay. Everyone else arriving on flights are going to Avis, Enterprise and other companies getting their cars and on the road. Hertz has worst service I have encountered in any industry.

    Beard 8/2/14 1:05PM
  • Your company is slow unfriendly and has lost mine and my companies' business. Get your act together. I predict you'll be the next company to go bankrupt.

    Anonymous 7/28/14 3:56PM
  • Renting a car seemed very easy at first and although I did not get the car that I had reserved they were very helpful and offered to change the price to reflect the smaller car that I had to take. In the end they changed my entire reservation and I ended up paying MORE for a SMALLER car. I was very disatisfied and they have repeated lied to me and told me that the charges would be changed to reflect what they had told me. I won't be renting through them again. I will find a car rental company that does not lie so at least I will know what I am paying for next time.

    NewTex 7/27/14 9:33AM
  • I will never rent from hertz again my husband rented a car for two months for military reasons having to leave outta state for school. It was from January 13 to March 17 when he returned the car they said he was good to go everything was paid for case was closed. Now July 23,2014 they have taken out $280.14 outta my bank account cause they said they messed up an didn't charge us from March 14-17 So they went into my account with no authorization an helped themselves they never sent us a bill,e-mail,phone call nothing. I Have been on the phone with them literally all day long getting the run around. i even had one lady on the phone laugh an think it was funny as to what they did. an i understand they need to be paid in full but what gets me is its four months later an there now taking the money out is a bunch of crap. long story short stay away from hertz we got screwed over big time NEVER AGAIN!!!

    Anonymous 7/23/14 6:46PM
  • We rented a car in Mobile, Alabama so we could drive to a conference in Mississippi. When arriving at the drop off we asked if we needed to obtain any paperwork showing we had dropped the car off and they said no. 14 days later Hertz is calling us asking us where the car is and charging us 2140.00. Upon calling Hertz to clear this up all we got was the run around. We will never use Hertz again!! The most poorly managed company I have ever seen.

    Angela 7/22/14 6:29AM
  • I continue to experience and receive high mileage cars raging from 45000 to 55000 miles on them at the Woodlands TX Hertz. As a 5 Star member I receive o upgrades ever and have called Hertz on numerous occasions to complain. Never do I receive a call back from a manager or any resolution. I am sick of this terrible customer service!

    khiggins 7/21/14 10:52AM
  • Hetrz at the Denver airport-- I have never had a more miserable experience renting a car. We waited 2 hours to get our rental from the airport be cause the rude CS rep said they did not have any cars ready. When we finally received the car is was dirty and smelled like urine.

    It was worse bringing it back. I filled the tank and the car porter CHRIS after sitting in the car for 10 sec told me it was 1.5 gallons short and it would be $22.50 @ $9.78 per gallon. YES, The math does not add up!!! How he knew it was 1.5 gallons short I'll never know because he told me it is all calculated by his little computer and then ignored me when I tried to ask questions.

    I had rented 2 cars that week for my parents also and they were charged $77 for a tank of gas and were told they could bring it back without filling it. They brought it back with 1/4 tank and were not prorated for the gas they gave back.

    This is my first complaint comment because I'm usually pretty tolerant, but the experience was so bad that I thought I would let everyone know how rude Hertz in Denver is!!!!!

    Denver,CO 7/15/14 8:27AM
  • I left an object in my Hertz rental car. It was extremely difficult and frustrating to get it back. Their phone voice mail system would not let me talk to the people at the office where the car with my GPS in it was left. I had to get a representative to dial it for me. Finally I got to talk to the Lost and Found person. She was helpful, but to get it back I had to fill out a form on the website, and the website did not work well at all. In the end she had to fill out the form for me manually. Very poor for a big company.

    elizabethbarry 7/8/14 11:11AM
  • I was treated very rudely borderline racially discriminating by a Hertz employee at hertz in glendake az by the name of Aya Sanipe. When I got there I explained that my bank had made a mistake and cancelled my debit card so I had my old one, cash and a temporary card she said thats fine after doing all the paperwork she said she needed to verify with my bank that I was telling the truht. Well she not only talked to the bank and they verified my account & story she said she had to think about it after witnessing the way she mistreated every spanish speaking person one asked to speake to a hertz employee that spoke spanish she said that hertz did not have no spanish speaking employees in the area , and then she started treating them like retards saying that they had to call such and such number then se remembers that the area manager spoke spanish and that he would be the only one to talk to them when he called back. I was still waiting for her to finish my rental I was speaking in spanish to a couple that had been in a car accidente and that they wher gettig screwed by the insurance company. Well after about more than an hour she says she has to ask her mgr and this after all of the last customers where sent off by her with out the courtesy she was giving the english speaking people, I asked for her mgr name and hers she asked why and I said that she was not right trating people that way she said she had to lock the door company policy I was not even all the way out when she pushed the door closed on me. I could understand if I was the only one that felt and was treared unfairly by her but she did not try to helo us and didnt have time I am a repeate customer and I have been renting from firefly, thrifty and hertz and I have not complained but this is awful and she ruined my familys holiday by her actiones I am complaining to see if its your companys policy to treat people by their language and being hispanic I still canot belive that in this day and age a big corporation like hertzs allows their employees to be racist

    Roger 6/30/14 9:16PM
  • Hello,
    I am a Hertz Gold rewards member. I recently reserved a large SUV on the Hertz web-site on June 7, 2014. I received my confirmation number via email and on the web site. I was scheduled to pick up the vehicle at 10:AM on Saturday June 14, 2014. I arrived at 9:45 AM at the Hertz location inside Champion Toyota at 1546 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19111. We I approached the counter there were two Hertz representatives present, so I greeted the first gentleman and mention that I was there to pick up the large SUV. He said in a very low voice that " We are all out off vehicles" . Stunned, I then mentioned that I had a printed confirmation number in hand from a week ago and that this was confirmed online. The same representative then said " I can put you in a Kia Rio " I then asked where is the Chevrolet Tahoe that I reserved last week. He then motioned and pointed to the other Hertz employee and told me that I would have to talk to this gentleman to clarify the problem with my rental confirmation. So I call my Spouse and tell her to circle back to the Hertz location as it seems we do not have a vehicle. We reserved a large SUV due to the fact that we had numerous amounts of luggage and therefor needed this type of vehicle. We could not have just settled for a smaller vehicle as we needed to take our luggage with us on the vacation trip.We waited several minutes before the other agent hung up the phone and said that our vehicle was in a small accident and was in the shop all week. He said he could not get an answer from the shop as to when the vehicle was going to be ready. But he did mention it was suppose to be ready on the Wednesday a few days before we were expected to arrive. So he then said that he thought for sure it was going to be there on Saturday morning. My wife and I just stared in disbelief. I asked him if it was standard protocol to at least get a replacement vehicle from another location, make and model was not an issue. He said " there is nothing available today" I then said "that maybe he should have gotten a replacement the day that the vehicle was down, then we would not be having this conversation". He just hung his head low and apologized. So now I have my wife and children packed and waiting to leave on vacation, but no vehicle large enough to hold all the luggage. I said to my wife joking " Traveling at the speed of Hertz " .. That is a farce! This is the worst rental experience I have ever encountered. I can not tell you how disappointed we are in the Hertz Corporation. The representative in charge at the location said he would call us when the vehicle gets back from the repair shop. Since Saturday 06/14/2014 We have never received another phone call from anyone from Hertz Corporation. I can not tell you the amount of stress that was caused by the mishandling of our account rental by Hertz Corporation. The stress caused by us having to scramble around to several other rental locations was so unfair,We finally found a large SUV at around 2 PM at a Ford Dealer in the area. I would recommend an more intense focus on customer satisfaction. I do not think that Mark P. Frissora the Chairman and CEO of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc had this type of service in place when Hertz was named Forbes’ Global 100 Most Reputable Companies. I would think that there has to be a back up plan when a vehicle becomes inoperable. I asked the representative why another vehicle was not acquired and why we were not contacted in any way. We were not made aware of any situation until we arrived to pick up the rental vehicle. He just apologized and agreed with us. Again we just looked at each other in total disbelief. Laziness and inexperience tend to be like a cancer .This disease can spread through a thriving corporation once you lower the standards you profess to hold so high. I will communicate to my friends ,family and business associates as to how we were treated at Hertz Corporation. I will recommend them "not" to go to Hertz but to go to the other company who finally saved us with the SUV necessary for our trip.

    bbstoboss 6/24/14 1:09PM
  • I will never rent from a Hertz as long as I live, the customer service is horrible and not to mention I was charge for a car 2 months after returning by mistake. BAD BUSINESS

    Anonymous 6/21/14 3:43PM
  • If I could give a -5 stars I would. I've been a member of yelp since 2008, this is the first review I write! This experience does not match any other rental car experience I've ever had. I had rented the cheapest possible car, that I could rent out for one week, for a rate of $200 per week on my receipt in indicated a $28.64 for each extra day. I

    return the car 2 days late. The guy who scans the car, says my close out account is $802! (it should have been $200 + 2 days @$28.64)

    First I thought he said $82! I told him he's got to be making a mistake since on my actual receipt it indicates extra charge for a day, He says go inside to talk to the manager (I'm about to catch a flight in an hour) I walk inside, there are at least 25 parties in line to get a car, with literally one cashier!

    I realize there is no way to make it to my flight.
    So I take the shuttle from to the airport, and call while in the shuttle, the woman tells me I have to go back to the management office. (which I couldn't do) Get to LA, go to hertz in LAX, they also tell me the system does not indicate the car was returned. I have to call that very office. I try calling, the line is constantly busy! I call customer service again, they tell me it is not possible for them to transfer me! I asked for the manager she said they are closed! even though she was on the phone with me, I asked for the complaint department, she said they don't HAVE one!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen HERTZ does not have a complaints department because I guess everyone is super satisfied! She suggests I call back on Monday from 7am-7pm. even though I was told the office I rented from is open 24 hours. Note this is Friday night, so that would be 2 more days of rental if they don't get a chance to record the vehicle sitting in their parking lot! At this point I'm charged $430! and perhaps more till I get a hold of someone in the entire hertz company that can recognize the hyundai parked in their parking lot and perhaps close the account! This Story is to be continued…

    STAY AWAY, you're better off leasing a car or literally taking cabs everywhere…

    peg 6/21/14 9:11AM
  • I rated my overall experience a negative below because of the following reason. I was in an accident, which wasn't my fault. I received a rental from Hertz in Richmond, IN. I went through the phone questions with Amanda at Hertz. She informed me the car will have only 1/2 tank of gas in it, so if I wanted them to fill it up, they could for $3.39/gal. I was frusterated at this, thinking the car should be full in the first place, but I went ahead and complied. I was told my card would be charged about $30.00. I picked up the car at the bodyshop and one of the mechanics informed me the car had been sitting there for days. When I got in the car, it smelled like gross food, it was very filthy inside & out and only had 1/8 of a tank of gas! I immediately called Amanda back and informed her of this. She apologized and did credit my account. However, at this point I'm confused. If Hertz is going to charge my card to fill up the car with gas, shouldn't Hertz have the car to fill up? I feel like they were clueless because apparently they didn't even have the car. It had already been sitting at the bodyshop for days. Anyway, I used the rental for 2 weeks until my car was finished being worked on. I returned the car with 1/8 tank of gas, which is what it had when I got it. A few days later I see a $96.40 charge from Hertz on my bank account! When I called, I spoke with Jessica. She informed me that $66.60 of it was because State Farm (the other drivers insurance company) only approved $18.24/day for a rental and Hertz gave me a car that was $22.24/per. I informed her it wasn't my fault Hertz provided me with the wrong car. She then told me previously the contract they got from State Farm was an allotment of $25/day and State Farm must have changed it after Hertz gave me the rental. I now have to go through State Farm to get a credit on my account for the overcharge of $66.60, which I feel Hertz should have had to credit me and then dealt with State Farm to get their money back. This is a HUGE inconvienience to me! The remaining $29.80 I was charged was a charge for gas. I was FUMING when I was told that! I reinformed Hertz about how the car wasn't full of gas when I got it, but only had 1/8 of a tank. They tried to offer me a $50 voucher toward another car to rent for my inconvienience. Really?! What an even bigger inconvienience it would be for me to have to rent a vehicle from them just for a few days. I asked that my account just be credited back the $29.80 and I was informed it could take weeks for it to be credited because she has to submit a request for credit. I feel this is very poor customer service and I am very annoyed by the whole situation. 4 years ago a different vehicle of mine was hit and I had to go through Enterprise for a rental. I had zero issues with their whole process. Other than Hertz bringing the car to you (which Enterprise does as well), Hertz makes you do a lot of work, which is very frusterating.

    LGrody 6/20/14 1:13PM
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  • Hertz has called back promptly, after receiving my feedback on a St. Louis rental that felt like a bait and switch. Problem resolved. Faith in humanity restored.

    Anonymous 7/17/14 5:42PM
  • I originally rented a standard size car from the St. Louis Hertz. The counter person asked me, a very weary traveler if a Camry would do, to which I said yes. She did not explain it was an upgrade, and I foolishly did not examine the receipt carefully. Bait and switch. I will not do business with Hertz again; this is the second time I have been let down, and the last.

    Anonymous 7/17/14 5:27PM
  • To whom it my concern:
    I would like to offer my praise for one of your employees I encountered At Orlando International airport. When I returned my rental (7-1-14) to Hertz, Mr. Crawford Murray was very courteous and accommodating to us. He has such a pleasant and helpful attitude. He makes me want to come back to Hertz then next time I rent a car.
    Sincerely yours,
    Kevin Casey

    Anonymous 7/1/14 5:43PM
  • I am trying to leave a note of commendation for a customer service representative who was particularly helpful to me - and should be recognized for her service representing Hertz. I am a Platinum Hertz member (through AMEX Black card) - my Hertz number is 28189904. The customer service representative who was particularly helpful to me is Christina R from Oklahoma City. Although through a chat session, her demeanor, the attitude she displayed through her responses and her knowledge of Hertz programs was certainly commendable. I hope the fact that I spent 30 minutes navigating through the web site to find a way to leave a commendation for Christina R tells you how pleased I was with her responsiveness and her great representation of Hertz. Please make sure that she knows how much I appreciated her help! Thanks, Ronald Cornelison.

    Anonymous 6/13/14 3:38PM
  • Another big Thank You to Hector at Hertz at the Ft. Myers airport (RSW) location. When returning our car, my wife forgot she'd left a sweater in the back seat of the car. She remembered it just as we were ready to head through security. Hector contacted the cleaning area to determine if the car was still there, then went to retrieve the sweater and ran back to us. No problems making our flight and my wife was happy to have her sweater for the flight home.

    Thank you, Hector!!!

    CB 5/25/14 11:34AM
  • I rented a car from a Local Addition Hertz on Bell Road in Phoenix. I received great service from Chuck and Jamie.

    My rental number

    Anonymous 5/13/14 1:01PM
  • I visted Hertz Rental Car at Memphis Airport on 2/19/13 It was the worst!!! First thing they charge my credit card and told me that it was decline and come to find out the credit card company had an approved authorization crazy!!! I waited for two hours to even get that straighten out. They refused to take my Debit card finally after getting they straighten out they had no cars.. it was crazy no member of management would even come out to address the line of customers waiting on cars.. Customer service was wack!!!through it all the Customer Service Rep **Chris** who worked by himself to tackle all the angry customer was Oustanding Kudos!!to Chris..

    Very Agitated 2/20/14 2:38PM
  • All too often customers are quick to lodge a complaint or write a nasty review of a business if they have a negative experience or issue…. They often don’t take the time to offer praise or give positive feedback for great experiences when it is rightly due. Well after the past 24 hours and a not so pleasant experience with Enterprise, I’m happy to report that within a matter of a few minutes, Hertz was able to provide me with the car rental services that I was in need of. They even went above and beyond what I would have expected of them.

    My insurance company set me up a reservation with Enterprise for a particular class of vehicle. When I got to the branch, I was told they didn’t have it and they charged me more for a higher class. I spent the next morning and afternoon calling multiple branches trying to locate a sedan so that I could get in the vehicle that State Farm had approved. The branch I rented from never called me as they were supposed to when another vehicle came in. When I called them later in the day to check in and repeat what State Farm had said - suddenly, they had a sedan available for me, but couldn’t hold it so I would need to come right then. I was aggravated that they didn’t let me know about the vehicle and had every intention of returning it in another city the next day when I was near another car rental place that I could give my business to. I was searching for a Hertz to go ahead and get it arranged and was surprised that they now had one in my city. It was about 4:50pm when I called and asked about a 4 door sedan. I was told they had one available to rent that day. I was so excited and then I asked what time they closed and was told 5pm. I explained the situation with Enterprise and was going to reserve it for a pickup tomorrow when Brandon told me to go ahead and call State Farm to get it switched over, he would stay late and wait on me to come and get the car. When I got to his office, he was extremely polite and helpful. He worked everything out with State Farm for me, and even went as far as to follow me to the Enterprise office, to return their car. I made it a point to let them know that I had rented from Hertz when I was asked about needing a ride home. I took satisfaction in being able to say no, that they were in the parking lot waiting on me as they also “pick you up”. By the time we got back to the Hertz office so Brandon could get his car and head home it was 6pm. It was freezing cold and I’m sure he had already had a long day. He was so nice and made it such an easy, pleasant experience. I will never rent from Enterprise again and I’m happy knowing that Hertz now has an office in my town. They will always get my business, hands down.

    asheATL26 1/23/14 6:51PM
  • I am a stand up comic and travel to LAX at least twice a year to perform. I must mention your employee at LAX Mr. Fernando Torres. He has been such a great help to me when traveling to Ca. He is a true professional as well as a company man. Your company should acknowledge his performance for your better interest. He is a true asset to your company Hertz based at LAX. Last Trip from Newark N.J. on December 22, 2013 thru January 5th 2014.

    Johnniejohn 1/14/14 12:20PM
  • Excellent Customer Service from Mrs. Paula Robinson in the Denver Intl Airport Lost and Found. Recently I left a hat in the backseat of my rental car. I noticed it upon entering Security. Having time I returned to the Hertz rental car return. Mrs. Robinson was very helpful, trying to find my car which unknown to us was immediately moved to another location in Denver. She called Hertz Operations and Maintenance and even took a car to search the rental call lots. She assured me Hertz would find it and put a management hold on the vehicle so it could be searched. Sure enough my hat was returned in perfect condition. Mrs. Robinson is a model of customer service.

    Gregg 1/13/14 11:38AM
  • Relax it's OK hertz is a great company call the billing department the number is available online all funds will be released in 4days

    Anonymous 1/6/14 4:20PM
  • Major problem with Hertz rental in Charlotte.
    I rented a car from Hertz, Charlotte airport from Dec. 22nd 2013 through to Dec 28th 2013. I returned the car at 4.15pm on the 28th to Hertz at the same location. I parked in the rental return lane. At the return there were no Hertz people on the lot so I recorded the time, mileage and gas level and left the key in the ignition. The gas tank was empty as per the rental agreement. I went to the rental counter but there was also no one on the counter and a long line up of people also waiting for an agent. I could not find an express return box so after waiting for some time I left to catch my plane. I tried to call the location to tell them I had returned the car but I could not get through the system. On Jan 03 I got a call from the Vehicle Recovery Center saying the car had not been returned and to call them back .Tried several times on Jan 03. Finally after waiting for 45 minutes I got through to a person called Chris, explained what had happened he said he would attend to the problem. I also called customer service and they said they sent an E-mail to close out the rental. I also sent an E mail myself to the customer service.
    On January 05 I noticed pending payments accruing to Hertz on my Amex. which appeared to be for days after the 28th. I blocked the payments and called the customer service again. They said there was a hold on my account since the car had not been returned. They said to call the location direct and tell them to close the account out. I explained the number I had did not get me through to the rental car at Charlotte. The customer service agent gave me two numbers to reach them and connected me to one of them. This number went to someone in HR of an unknown company. I called the second number and this went to a private mail box. Finally, I called the number I had tried previously and this returned me to the customer service who said they would send an Email to the Charlotte location to close out the account and I should get a receipt by E mail. Meanwhile she said Hertz has put a lock on my account and was taking steps tor recover the car. Well I have not received a receipt or a response to any Email other than an automatic response that the E-mail was received. Hertz is still trying to bill my Amex every day.
    I have no idea how to get out of this loop. Does anyone have any suggestion? This is the worst experience I have ever had in almost 40 years of business and personal travel. I normally do not rent from Hertz and obviously will never do so again but need to find a solution to this problem

    Jim 1/6/14 9:12AM
  • Had a great service in Portugal, staff very friendly and amazing.

    Markus 12/15/13 4:49AM
  • i rent 31/8/13 and returned on 2/9/13 from d.d.o. st-jean. The staff over there is supportive and helpful. The personnel Mr. Robin specially helpful to find right vehicle.
    Thanks Hertz..

    hafeez 9/5/13 4:51AM
  • Hi.

    My apologies for contacting you in this manner. It is not a complaint but initially I must express my appreciation to your staff at the Sydney Intl. Airport - they are superb.

    My reason for contacting you regards an item that I left in our rental when we checked it in to the airport on Saturday 27th of July. I inadvertantly left my NZ Disability pass on the windscreen and then walked away. It would be appreciated if it has been located if it could be posted to me at
    Our vehicle number was - a Toyota Corolla.

    Thank you for your assistance.


    George Singleton

    Anonymous 8/1/13 9:53PM
  • Hertz has helped me in many ways and I cannot thank them enough because I lost my EZPASS and they contacted me and informed me that I lost it. I truly do appreciate their service very much and I will aways trust Hertz!

    HKKH 2/27/13 12:46PM
  • We rented a car from Hertz in Irving from
    December 24-December 31, 2012. We were very pleased with the personnel there and the service they provided.

    mayork2 12/31/12 2:50PM
  • This Hertz Gold Member has a smoke intolerance. On Thursday, October 25 late AM, I was priviledged to work with Ms.Debra & Ms. Sheila at Hertz Savannah Airport. The first car I was given had been cleaned and sprayed. After turning on the AC, the smoke was strong. I returned the keys requesting another. The second car had smoke. Sheila offered to hold onto my luggage until I found and accepted a more smoke free car. After 4-5 cars total, I accepted a Volkswagen Passat with low mileage. Both Debra & Sheila searched for low mileage vechicles until I found an acceptable one. Thank you Debra & Sheila!Outstanding Customer Service!

    William J. Key 10/26/12 8:27PM
  • The conclusion to the other post in the negative we have a positve post for balance.....
    10.12.12 3pm the car became available and I picked up the car at ft lauderdale downtown.

    Supervisor Sally made some calls and got a quick response in locating the car that was to have been picked up this past monday and then delayed to today originally at 9am but they found it and changed the time to 3pm.

    1. Sally/Sandra corp. sales were both nice & provided an incentive to purchase the car.

    2. Steve was nice & had the car detailed at pickup.
    (unfortunately only 1 keyfob was available but that was as described) (cost over $200 at dealer for replacement)

    3. I'm happy to be home in my nice toyota car and will probably purchase unless something like a leak is discovered.

    Thankyou all for making this happen today 10.12.12

    alpha1 10/13/12 5:31AM
  • Rented twice in Reno,rep. customer service at 3 different times, 5star, gave me discounts when I screwed up & put in to much gas, didn't clarify when I'd return the car, gave me benefit of doubt, w/o me even asking. Cars excellent, 3 people involved, all well trained & will require that I use Hertz next time. Tks G

    Wheels 9/28/12 1:09PM
  • I rented a vehicle in Atlanta Georgia airport on Friday morning after a horrible red eye Delta flight. The representatives were awesome! They helped my daughter & I in dire need. We were late getting to an Army base and had a long drive. They made sure we had a full tank and lined us right up. They even were personable & hugged my crying daughter who was going to be late for a special graduation.

    I highly commend these people, this company & will always be grateful, as well as recommend to others and always rent from you all. God Bless you. Cynthia Tabita

    cynthia tabita 9/19/12 1:08PM
  • When someone does something extraordinary and considered well above the normal role of responsiblility, it certainly is worth taking the time to drop a comment off to the organization that person represents.

    This is a commendation to a young man, Alex, who was on duty at the Charlotte, NC return center. On Wednesday, Sept 5, 2012, I was running a bit late to catch a flight. I'd turned the car in, and was quickly handed my receipt. What happened next - I made it to the location to catch the shuttle back to the airport. While walking to that area, a shuttle bus just left. I stood there for a couple of minute - maybe 3 or 4 - and a young man with a Hertz cap on drove up in a car and asked me if I wanted to wait for the shuttle or go with him. Very unusual, but there was another young traveling lady in the passenger's side that put me at ease, so I said "sure". There was no shuttle bus in sight, but that's not the point. This young man had apparently seen the need to transport the young lady to the airport for the same reasons as I. She was late and was probably going to miss her flight. So it goes that he put us both at the terminal in literal seconds, far quicker than riding the shuttle. He was an excellent driver and knew where and how to go, and maintained a reassuring attitude the whole way. Bottom line - Hertz can be proud of this young man Alex. Again, it's highly unusual, and those that may read this could claim that it was taking a chance, but with the lady in the front seat, and him in a Hertz car with a Hertz cap on put me at ease. He was very friendly - and helped with the bags. I made my flight - not sure about the young lady. Good Job Hertz - that young man is going places - either in Hertz or somewhere else in customer service.

    JSM 9/6/12 1:40PM
  • We were three travelers at Ord airport in Chicago with a cancelled flight. No one at the airline or any other car rental company would help us. Your driver, Jose Castro came to the rescue. He spent several minutes radioing to the car lot to ensure we could rent a car without a reservation. The trip was uphill from there. Everyone at the Hertz lot at Ord were professional and helpful, and we arrived at our destination only one hour after our cancelled flight. We will use Hertz next time we need to rend a vehicle. I was not the person the car was rented to, just a happy passenger.

    John Reff 8/29/12 8:01AM
  • I would like to say that I had a wonderful experience at your Warner Robins, GA location Ms. Ariel Lopez represented Hertz with the upmost manners and was such a delight to work with. I had attempted to rent from another car rental but met with all types of obstacles and had such an unpleasant experience that I had considered taking a cab. I did not know that Hertz had a rental location until I spoke with my insurance company. I would just like to reinter ate Ms. Lopez made my day a very pleasant one. Please let her know that she is appreciated. Thank you so very much.

    Wendy J. Floyd

    Anonymous 8/10/12 1:44PM
  • I want to compliment Jerry at the Las Vegas Mc Carran airport location. I left my sport coat in my rental and Jerry immediately jumped into action and had me get in the car with him to drive to find where they had parked my rental and in the end found my sport coat. After this I was running late and he drove me to the airport so I could catch my flight. Fantastic customer service. Hertz should be proud to have Jerry ( from New Jersey) on the team.

    Tony 7/24/12 8:48AM
  • Submit your comment >>
  • I used to work for Hertz. The reason customer service is so bad across the board is that most of their employees are unhappy with their jobs. Hertz treats its employees very bad and that reflects back on the customer. They are a greedy company that changes the rules to make their profit margins increase at the expense of their employees. They set unrealistic sales goals so that they get to keep their employee's bonus revenue. At that point there is very little motivation for the employee to strive for exceptional customer service.

    A 11/20/11 5:35PM

  • Hertz suspends praying Muslim shuttle drivers
    Thirty-four Somali Muslims who drive airport shuttle buses for Hertz were suspended Friday over a dispute over praying on the job.

    By Lornet Turnbull

    Seattle Times staff reporter

    Zainab Aweis, 20, is one of the Somali Muslim shuttle drivers Hertz suspended for not clocking out during prayer

    In the three years she's worked as a shuttle driver for Hertz at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Zainab Aweis, had always taken time out of her shift each day to pray.

    An observant Muslim, she prays five times a day — with one, sometimes two of those prayer times falling during her shift.

    "That was the one benefit of the job," the 20-year-old said.

    On Friday, she and 33 other drivers — all of them Somali Muslims — were suspended indefinitely from their jobs after they took religious breaks to pray while at work without first clocking out.

    A spokesman for Teamsters Local 117, which represents the workers, said it is trying to get the workers back on the job.

    Both the company and the union late Thursday said they were waiting to hear back from the other.

    While the drivers were allowed two, 10-minute breaks during their work shifts during which they could pray, Teamsters officials said managers had agreed in negotiations that workers would not have to clock out and in, though the contact itself does not address the matter.

    And the workers and their union said Hertz had previously not required that workers clock out for prayer. The union said it has filed an unfair-labor-practices complaint with the National Labor Relations Board against Hertz for failing to notify the union in advance of what it called a policy change.

    But Hertz said the rules aren't new; that it had been trying for some time to enforce the terms of an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settlement it reached with the workers two years ago that required them to clock out.

    A Hertz spokesman said the workers had been repeatedly told they needed to clock out and that the 34 suspended workers had not complied.

    "We felt it was reasonable for our Muslim employees who need to pray a couple times during the workday to clock in and clock out," said Rich Broome, spokesman for Hertz.

    Broome said it's not about pay — break time is paid time — but to ensure that workers were staying within the 10-minute time slots, which has been a problem.

    He pointed out that Muslim workers who clocked out were not suspended.

    On Wednesday, a few dozen people from area labor and faith organizations protested on behalf of the workers outside the Hertz counter at the airport, waving signs saying, "Respect me, Respect my religion."

    The Teamsters represents about 79 drivers at Hertz — about 70 percent of whom are Muslim — earning between $9.15 and $9.95 an hour. They receive no health benefits, vacation or sick leave.

    Aweis said she was not aware the rules had changed until she arrived at work on Friday and managers told her and six other women who were about to pray that several other workers had been sent home that day for praying.

    "He said, 'If you guys pray, you go home,' " Aweis recalled.

    "I said, 'Is that a new rule?' And he said, 'yes.' "

    They prayed anyway, she said, contending that managers stood over them taunting and disrupting them.

    "I like the job," Aweis said. "But if I can't pray, I don't see the benefit."

    Mohamed Hassan, of the Somali Community Services Coalition, said the workers cannot afford to be away from their jobs. "They need to pay rent and buy food for their children."

    MasterMind22x 10/6/11 10:19PM

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