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Honeywell customer service is ranked #204 out of the 705 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.36 out of a possible 200 based upon 76 ratings. This score rates Honeywell customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


66 Negative Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 86.84%.


10 Positive Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 13.16%.

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  • My new Honeywell thermostat seemed flaky and the instructions were vague, so I contacted support. The treatment was insulting, my questions were ignored, response was slow and then failed to address my questions, instead telling me I didn't know how to use the thermostat and that I should hire a contractor. When I requested escalation to someone technical the support rep was angered and stopped responding at all. Stunningly poor support!

    Bil6666 4/1/14 6:24AM
  • DO NOT purchase an air cleaner. So loud you can't sleep and people on phone want to know what the noise is. I called company because I wanted know about high/low settings seeing as there was not paperwork. On the third time of telling the woman there was no paperwork, I said that I was a intelligent person and could not only read but could see paperwork missing she gave me attitude. This is what you purchased. I told her I was returning it and she hung up. So much for company good will. Seeing as I work with ill people all day and muster up a great amount of patience when I think I don't have an ounce left in me, maybe she should think twice before she hangs up next time. You just never know what that person on the line has been through before they spoke to you.

    Anonymous 3/31/14 3:03PM
  • My Honeywell carbon monoxide detector started "chirruping" and the British Gas engineer said I should ring and arrange replacement as the detector clearly stated that it was guaranteed until September 2017.I rang the advice line, spoke to Caroline who told me that the warranty did not apply as they replaced a faulty detector on a previous occasion and the original date had expired-How ridiculous the warranty must relate to me rather than the product-I have had to pay for a new one and guess what it's not from Honeywell.

    Pam 3/7/14 2:48AM
  • Bought heater from Honeywell almost 100$ it was working for couple hours before it automatically shut itself off. I can turn it off and on and use it for about 3-5 mins before it keep doing that. that being said. worst company ever. Try something else. :}

    Anonymous 2/17/14 8:43AM
  • I called customer service to get help on changing the temperature setting on my thermostat so my propane would kick on at 34. The people I talked to could hardly speak English and know one could help me. They said I had to get a contractor and I was not aloud to do that myself. Honeywell is ran by incompetent people and they do not tell me what I can and can not do with my thermostat. How stupid can a company get.

    Anonymous 1/31/14 7:17PM
  • This Website States Calls Take At 7am Central Time, But Your Recording (when Calling At 7:05), States You Answer At 8 Am Central!!

    PatientOne 1/24/14 6:15AM
  • I have found that printing the manual helps. I have to play with it a lot to get it to work. There are a lot of complicated settings for each day. I wish that I could skip all of that and just have it ON. My advice is to find a temperature that you want by using the buttons to the top right and then hit run program. That usually helps. It usually takes about five minutes to get it going, but seriously, download the manual!

    Kendall 1/6/14 4:13PM
  • Your company sucks! I will NEVER BUY A THING THAT SAYS HONEYWELL ON IT. Your recording asked for three digits 1/1/9 after which it says you are experiencing high volume at this time so "please call again later". My problem is NOW-NOT LATER with that thermostat not working correctly.

    snoopy5669 1/6/14 3:53PM
  • have one of your programmable thermostats and have problem with it. called your customer service number and got some one who could not speak good English. only thing that I really understand was see my company installer. piss poor communications.

    Anonymous 11/29/13 1:11PM
  • Recently my 6 month old Wi-Fi thermostat (RTH6580 WF)began losing wireless connection and then randomly reconnecting, many times during the day. I called customer service and was directed to Paul Arntzen
    Honeywell Customer Care Lead
    who apparently arranged to send a replacement. After 30 days I cannot contact anyone who knows anything about it.
    This Paul will not respond to email and will not reply to phone messages (It's always "leave a message")
    I think I will just have to write off this Honeywell thing and NEVER buy anything with the Honeywell name on it.
    I can't believe that there is ONLY ONE person handling (or mishandling as it is) all warranty claims.

    Bob T. 11/11/13 11:02AM
  • Attention Paul Arneden

    Recently tried to install one of your WiFi thermostats and discovered after the installation that it only works on hard wired routers. You don't advertize that on the box or materials inside the box; BAD MISADVERTISING. I spent a whole morning installing and trying to make the thing work,wasted time. I don't know if the retailer will allow a return and then I will be really mad(pissed). 9/9/13 11:35AM
  • Having problems with a Honeywell Elrctronic whole house air cleaner. Spoke to someone in India who didn't even know what it was and had no idea what to do. Called Honeywell Corp headquarters in Minnesota and they promised they would have a qualified technician call me. It is now 1 week later and no call,I arranged this weekend to have this Honeywell piece of crap removed from my HVAC system and replaced with a quality product from a reliable manufacturer. 8/11/13 5:38PM
  • Have honeywell wifi thermostat that controlled everything, but would not turn on blower when AC compressor went on. Obvious wiring issue. Waiting 30 minutes on hold on a Saturday morning. Then guy cant even figure it out and suggests I call a professional...good advice. Not friendly or helpful. Get the nest thermostat next time!!

    Timmy 6/29/13 12:42PM
  • I have been on hold for over an hour, after calling two contractors the company gave me previously and neither one of them installed my thermostat. Shouldn't this information be on file so we don't have to call every contractor within a 5 mile radius? The ones I called wanted to charge me 85.00 to come look at it and it is under warranty. The installed that put it in in the first place did one heck of a job. It is now falling off the wall. I am dissatisfied with your work.

    Anonymous 6/15/13 7:09AM
  • Nightmare for replacement of thermostat under warranty. This is the second replacement.

    Anonymous 6/3/13 7:13AM
  • of the situation we are continously following up with the Honeywell automation team. However so far the problem had not been sorted outby them.The communication of the team also needs to be improved as at times we felt that it was rude which does not align with service standards of company having such a huge reputation.

    Gagan Deep Devgan 5/29/13 4:00AM
  • It's a wonder that Honeywell is still in business. Tried to find a particular home thermostat and no one at Honeywell could direct me to a retailer or supply house. I suppose no one in India has any concept of customer service, knowledge of what Honeywell sells or care if someone is interested in buying their products.

    Albee 4/18/13 12:47PM
  • I too have issues with Honeywell. I prefer to speak with someone from the U.S. and not a foreigner, hard to understand them when asking complex questions.
    My electronic air cleaner (F300E) now 4 years old has begun to MELT. I called Anish from India and he emphasizes to me, turn the unit off, it is a fire hazard. OK
    Honeywell has not responded yet. That was several days ago. My son is a severe asthmatic and has not stopped sneezing since it was turned off. So, this unit does its job when functioning. But, so far poor customer service on Honeywells part.

    Mike4872 2/26/13 8:04AM
  • Honeywell 360a worked for 10 minutes. Customer service called back but said they would not do anything to contact where I bought it. 31 day old unit. I will not buy a product again from a company that doesn't stand behind product

    ww 12/31/12 9:24AM
  • Dear Honeywell,

    I do not appreciate people in India accusing me of being a liar when I tell them my thermostate is not functioning correctly.

    When can I call and get an American person on the phone?

    mkmiraglia 11/4/12 4:01PM
  • I purchased (2) Honeywell TH8320U VisionPro thermostats in summer 2008. One of them went bonkers last winter; the screen showed jibberish. I called Honeywell Customer Service - got the India center and explained the problem. The first response was "You must call your installation Contractor to remedy the problem". I have run across this scam before; with a water softener, so I read the person the Warranty from the box and said I would sue if they refused to honor it. They got a Supervisor on the phone and agreed to replace the unit.
    Well, the second VisionPro has just failed.
    It started making loud clicking noise when calling for heat and would blow the fuse on the Air Handler control board.
    I called India today and explained the problem. The initial response must be a canned Honeywell Program; you must call your Contractor. I continued to try to get them to diagnose the problem...5 times put on hold.
    They tried to convince me there was a wiring problem...I explained that this unit worked fine for years. No progress. They refuse to honor the warranty.

    HVAC_INSTALLER 10/19/12 7:36PM
  • Its a shame that the honeywell customer service cant help me get heat to my house knowing the fact that I have a one year old child in my home the BBB will be informed and I ask that no one buy honeywell products

    Anonymous 10/6/12 4:23PM
  • When I contacted Honeywell regarding a 6 year old gas valve and circut board the the first two or three people were helpful and then at the technical support level I was connected to someone who was useless and un-helpful. Avoid this company as one bad apple will spoil the bunch.

    Dan 9/28/12 6:37AM
  • Might as well write my review while I'm angry and frustrated. Was on a call with Honeywell for 40 minutes I read the warranty to the service rep. no less then 4X. They pretty much told me that only licensed A/C contractors can return their product under warranty. I explained to the gentleman in India that it doesn't state that on the warranty anywhere and I purchased this myself from Home depot. He said it wasn't possible to purchase through home depot and I asked him to go to their website and look for himself. At the end of the day their warranty doesn't mean anything and they wont cover their product. No way this can be legal. Thankfully I found a local place that called them on my behalf and will replace my unit at no charge.

    Albo 8/24/12 8:31AM
  • After 4 calls to Honeywell we still haven't been able to get the thermostat working. I am very unimpressed with the so called customer service. I, too, will never buy anything with the Honeywell name.

    Anonymous 3/9/12 4:25PM
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  • I received courteous and prompt service. I do however represent a manufacturing facility. Don't know it that makes a difference.
    I also had contact with a man who might have been Indian. He was polite and helpful as well but hard to understand.

    Carbo21 10/9/12 1:55PM
  • Just spoke with Katie about my Honeywell 5000 series digital Thermostat. professional and knowledgeable and answered my questions quickly.

    Anonymous 1/9/11 1:12PM
  • Great customer service rep! Solved my thermostat problem in less than 2 minutes!

    I did spend some time previously trying to find the correct Honeywell phone number. The service manual was of NO help, but once I called the number in contact help, problem solved.

    Anonymous 1/6/11 7:56AM
  • On the Aerospace side, the Customer Service from Honeywell is among the best in the industry. I work with lots of different companies and think Honeywell is the most consistent in delivering great service and support

    Bigiron 12/7/10 8:56AM
  • spoke w a lovely lady who answered all my ?'s regarding washing my air cleaner cells. she read the complete instructions from her info that i don't have, and was very thorough and courteous. good service! 9/16/10 10:20AM
  • My thermostat batteries were rapidly overheating and could have caused a fire. The customer support technician answered in under 60 seconds and correctly diagnosed my problem. (Overheating is caused by battery corrosion-solution is a new thermostat.

    Good customer service!

    Sharkmartin 9/7/10 2:29PM
  • At site startup activities was going on. There was issue in system startup. I had made contact with Honeywell engineer, he had understood the root cause of problem qucikly responded so early. The issue was resolved.

    ABC 5/24/10 8:22AM
  • customer service was very fast and they fixed my programming issue. I was on and off the phone in under 5 minutes. Five Stars

    Anonymous 5/17/10 2:18PM
  • They are really good
    They replaced my stat
    There support is in india but there english is good

    Victor 4/8/10 11:51AM
  • You will get a Honeywell Rep. from India; what a surprise. Once you get over the language issues (speak slowly), they are quite helpful.

    Anonymous 2/18/09 1:20PM

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