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Incredimail customer service is ranked #648 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 21.11 out of a possible 200 based upon 153 ratings. This score rates Incredimail customer service and customer support as Terrible.


151 Negative Comments out of 153 Total Comments is 98.69%.


2 Positive Comments out of 153 Total Comments is 1.31%.

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  • I don't understand why incredimail makes it so hard to contact them. It's like they're hiding from me. I am a premium member with problems and can't get a hold of anyone for help!

    Anonymous 8/21/14 7:53AM
  • It Has Become Painfully Obvious To Me That Incxredimail Is Pushing Everyone To Their 'pay'system. I Have Spent Hours With Optus Trying To Get My Mail Working Again, After It Just Turned It's Toes Up Two Weeks Ago. We Have Got Incoming Going Ok, But Cannot Compose Or Send Mail. Trying To Resolve The Issues Without Having Some Sort Of Contact With A Tech Person Is Just Bloody Impossible. I Have Been With Incredi For Over 5 Years And Have Loved It....even Though I Have To Every Now And Then Resort To Having Optus Bail Me Out - And They Don't Support Incredi. Time To Go Elsewhere And I Just Want As Many People As Possible To Know How Hopeless They Are.

    NO TO INCREDIMAIL 8/13/14 8:15PM
  • IncrediMail Support is TERRIBLE!! I have been out with two of my email accounts for a while now and have contacted support NUMEROUS times with NO response! My is the email I get my bill alerts on and I need it NOW!!!!!

    TRUDY APPLEBY 7/14/14 9:30PM
  • I have had £24.99 taken out of my bank account by Incredimail,I have had no contact with incredimail for over a year,I have none of their stuff on my computer,and certainly not downloaded anything,how do they get away with it?...It is stealing,and,they must know they are doing it..Do I have to just put it down to experience,I think warnings should be put out by institutions about this company? is so blatant...On to the bank I go.A,Gregory

    Smlmum 7/13/14 12:30AM
  • Why Can't I Talk To A Person? A Person Who Speaks Understandable English? Pathetic. I Cannot Connect From Moment To Moment. One Day It's O.k., Later That Day, No Connection. Bad.

    Anonymous 7/6/14 7:10AM
  • My problem with support is that I sent an email with a problem after purchasing and downloading Protection Centre. The Protection Centre software downloaded and works OK but removed my IncrediMail Plus service and other purchases. I was left with just basic Incredimail and Protection centre. I emailed support on 11th, reminder on 17th and again on 31st May and to date no reply has been received. I cannot find an address/telephone number or facility on on your website to make contact.

    Anonymous 6/9/14 12:11PM
  • I need to request a refund for the products that I bought thinking I needed to upgrade my incredimaiL because I had not received any thing since 5/28/14.
    I have since found out that my comcast provider no longer carries incredimail and that is why I was having trouble with my e-mails .

    I purchased : IncrediBackup

    IncrediMail Plus

    Emoticon SuperPack

    Please refund that cost of the above programs to the card I used to purchase them.

    Thanl you, K.M.Wahlquist

    Anonymous 6/8/14 8:31PM
  • I've been using INCREDIMAIL since the late 1990's. The ORIGINAL version allowed a sender to look at the SENT mail and see who they sent it to ..To: Cc: and Bcc:. Starting with Version 2.5, when you look to see whom you sent it to, the only thing it shows is the To:, nothing of the Cc or Bcc is viewable. PLEASE put that capability back in the software coding like it was in the original Incredimail; Presently, there is no way to see whom you may have left out in the Cc or Bcc. Some of us are forgetful!! Let me know when you've done this. Thank you.

    sixpockets 5/6/14 5:41PM
  • No not get hooked up by Incredimail, itís a scam.
    I've had Incredimail ever since they first came out back in the 90s. I paid around $58 for the bundle package with IM-PREMIUM and LETTER CREATOR. I upgraded my computers to Windows 7 and now imail tells me my (Paid for) LIFETIME license is not valid!

    DaGa 5/6/14 7:38AM
  • I have a charge on my credit card for IncrediMail that I did NOT order.. I would like to speak to a customer support person; otherwise, I will have my credit card company take action to correct my credit card bill.

    I have already talked with two individuals at IncrediMail but all I was told is that it was not their department and they gave me a number that was not in service.

    This makes me very unhappy.

    Anonymous 4/29/14 1:25PM
  • I Cannot Send Or Receive Mail In ;my Incredimail Program. Please Advise. If I Cannot Get Help With This Please Cancel My Subscription And Refund The Balance To My Account.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 4:42PM
  • You are about to lose me as a customer. Your phone number isn't able to accept a message. So low quality. I am looking into leaving IncrediMail. So sad. I loved it for years, now it truly sucks.

    Anonymous 4/9/14 8:02PM
  • I bought Incredimail protectiom on March 27,14 for the amount of 29.95. by credit card. It has worked fine for me

    BUT you have taken a double amount when there was no reason for it. Not happy for this kind of treatment of your customers!!

    Anonymous 4/7/14 2:29PM
  • HELP! I bought Incredimail but when I downloaded it there was not place to put a registration number. I think I downloaded the free one and thus I have animation advertising going out on all my outgoing mail which I do NOT want. How do I download the one I bought. When I did what you said, I NEVER found a Help section or a place to enter the code,

    Anonymous 4/3/14 8:55AM
  • had a virus named money pack. it was removed by server las vegas cox comunications.

    computer is working fine but my incredimail is frozen. they can not restore my information i have in incredimail. it is very important i retreive the information i have stored in my email.

    Cox Service told us you would be able to do this for us. We do charity work and all my information is saved in my incredimail accounts. you can not contact me through my incredimail since it is frozen. i will check my cox email. you can call me i love incredimail and have used it for years. I don't want to loose it or my stored emails... in desperate need of help..hope you can help me.


    thank you... please contact either Jim or Ali Wolf

    Anonymous 4/2/14 9:11AM
  • I have questions about games I have from incredigames. I have asked for help three
    times and have not had a single email/answer. I have down loaded 3 new games that do not open for me to play. I have the message game is loading and it locks up my system until I force a shut down.
    Thank you for letting me know there is no way to contact Incredimail.

    Anonymous 3/24/14 1:24PM
  • Incredimale, with literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of complaints about people unable to open their email, including me, are you ignoring the problems or preparing a fix? How about posting somethign on the internet about how you are resolving thousands of problems, or don't you care?

    Anonymous 3/23/14 6:59PM
  • I have the same problems as the comment below from another person. We all need help and someone needs to fix Incredimail before they have NO customers left!! Yes, I have had Incredimail for years too, but lately it gives me nothing but trouble. I don't have the time to wait for my typing to show or wait for it to work again either!
    A person Comment: My same problems!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been with Incredimail for years. Have loved the 'fun' aspect as well as specific uses, folders, etc. About 2 weeks ago, the typing was 'delayed', then completely froze. Everything. Could not open anything, leave the site, go to any different area, ie: from send to delete, etc. I have done everything, starting with Bob, and everything else WHEN I could get the Help to even open. Deleting 'Runtime' folder, etc. I even bought the upgrade 18 bucks thinking maybe VIP would help. NOT. I have major information in my Folders that I can not loose. Have called the number for days and this bogus sounding answering machine says to leave a message then you are told that the Box is Full, Call back later. Help!!!! I have no idea what to do now, how to change all my info to another email address, all the folders, pictures, etc. I need to speak with a tech rep and I want my hard earned money back!!!!!!!!!! Have all my IM numbers, etc. This is a huge mess and major pain for me and apparently, a lot of other people.

    DeeDee 2/14/14 8:20AM
  • Bottom line-Incredimail has no customer service! They don't want to be bothered with your contact, could care less if the program works or not and probably have some broken down automaton sending the same stupid and useless messages for fixing issues. Their solutions are rote and do not fit everybody's needs. Real people do not exist at Incredimail. I wonder how soon before it bankrupts itself??

    Anonymous 1/25/14 8:34PM
  • This number, is not a customer service number. This is their technical department number. I've already posted the Sales Department number. If I am able to get the Purchasing/Customer Service Department, I will update.

    Anonymous 1/13/14 1:02PM
  • I have been a member of IM since it was a start-up company with Avi and, if I recall, 2 others. Miriam Goldshtein (sp??) was my tech support person.

    I loved it so much, I immediately purchased a LIFETIME GOLD MEMBERSHIP.

    I was unable to use IM for a few years because I had a serious accident and underwent > 5 surgeries, followed by long physical therapy.

    Whoever is running tech support, is doing a lousy job... I told IM I will be unavailable over the Christmas/New Year holidays, and got berated by Yechiel Racer
    Customer Support

    For many years now, one of my accounts is not displaying the following: Every time I have sent her a message and described the problem - THERE IS NO MENU ON MY BOPWITSEC SCREEN.





    ELENI 1/5/14 8:46AM
  • I have contacted Incredimail by e-mail 2 times for this matter and have not gotten a response. I have tried to find a telephone number to speak to a live person, with no luck.
    I had an unauthorized deduction from my bank account for something that I did not purchase. Plus I do not know what I am supposedly ordered. All I know is that I did not order ANYTHING or RENEW ANYTHING. It has been a week to 10 days and still nothing. I want reimbursed the money they took and would love to tell corporate about their extremely poor customer service.

    angelkiss405 12/18/13 4:58AM
  • I am disgusted. I have problems receiving, sending and opening programs on this computere and have purchased upgrades and backups to try and help. These didn't work and now they want to charge me more to solve a problem with their program.

    Anonymous 12/17/13 6:00AM
  • I have been trying to cancel my 30 day subscription for the last week nothing seems to work or get me through to anyone.I have paid for this and want to cancel do I have to contact my bank to cancel charges.
    Mike Pula

    Anonymous 11/11/13 12:07PM
  • I am not recieving my emails, this problem is costing me a lots of money.

    Kinwood H. DeVore

    Kinwood H. DeVore 10/31/13 10:18PM
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  • Well its bad that we cannot talk to incredimail
    But i have added incredimail as my facebook friend and i send them message and they call me back
    you can search on facebook .. incredimail helpdesk they are in boston Massachusets

    David 7/23/14 11:47AM
  • I have never had anything but good results each time I have had to get in touch with Incredimail support. They have sometimes taken a little long to get back to me but have always done so in the end. Any issue I have had has always been corrected. I purchased a lifetime subscription many many years ago and on purchasing a new laptop was unable to re register on the new one. Incredimail support got back to me immediately to say they had re set my registration for me. I have nothing but praise for them.

    Anonymous 1/2/13 2:34PM

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