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  • I am very disappointed with Intel customer service support on warranty section.

    Firstly, Intel replace me with different stepping processor without notice and they claim is the same. Later on their so called engineer clarified there is a different.

    Secondly, they have been lying to me that will update me next week again and again. Each time I do not receive any feedback either from email or thru cellphone as I'd given my email and cellphone no. for more than 3 times. It has passed 8 weeks until today. As they promised me will either update me again or called me on Dec30 but until now, I'd not receive anything yet.

    Besides that they did not record the interaction on my request during the conversation. So end up every time I called up I have to repeat the whole damn story again and again.

    Whenever I ask to speak to their higher level, they will tell me that they are supervisor the top level in the shift. So who am I suppose to talk to about my problem?

    Ken 12/30/09 6:36AM
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  • In the late 1970s to 1980s Intel had a very successful operation in Barbados. I was employed with the company during this time. The various concepts and principles that were taught at Intel have remained with me to this day. I think that when I look back it was indeed a delighted opportunity to be employed by such a company. I was a continuous Top-Performer and was always being awarded for my contribution to the company's operations. I still have my various awards. THANK YOU INTEL - I will continue to salute and sing your praises.

    PastTopPerformer 10/3/13 3:42PM
  • Is fantastic they solve all my pC issues

    Wolf_hack 8/19/09 1:48PM

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The only reason to settle for another board is because you don't like asus tech support. I for one have never had an issue there as they were able to RMA my Rive in about a week. Black. Asus tech support is awesome in my experiance. Венцислав Кунински.