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JP Morgan Chase customer service is ranked #529 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.03 out of a possible 200 based upon 290 ratings. This score rates JP Morgan Chase customer service and customer support as Terrible.


276 Negative Comments out of 290 Total Comments is 95.17%.


14 Positive Comments out of 290 Total Comments is 4.83%.

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  • Services seem not to exist, never try to call them, you will get zero support, except a friendly US voice...which might not necessarily help.

    European 8/3/14 4:40AM
  • Chase bank is really going down in customer service. Now you can't make a deposit unless you show an ID. How stupid is that. They said for my protection. Bull, its a deposit, I am not cashing a check. I can"t send anyone to the banks anymore for me. If someone wants to give me money, let it be - none of your business. cashing my ck is totally different, I can understand ID for that.
    Capital one took 3 different deposits the same day without a ID. Good customer relations when I can deposit for my family.

    Anonymous 2/25/14 5:34PM
  • There is a structural problem from bank which
    needs a great improvement. The police won't visit
    our houses unless there is a problem.In other words
    Federal government would not have ability to
    collect money of $13billion
    People are in revolutionary mod against
    Shenanigan government as well as corporate
    Cruelty and carelessness.No accountability

    Frustrated Broker 12/3/13 5:25AM
  • We have a mortgage that was bought by Chase. When the economy went down & my husband and I both lost our jobs we tried to do the restructure of our mortgage. I have them that all we wanted was the interest rate lowered because that would have lowered our payment. They raised our payment by $40.00 instead of $527 they raised to $547 & refused to lower our interest rate. I hate them & can't wait to get out from under Chase & will never do business with Chase again. Worst place to do business with. 2 more years.

    Anonymous 10/3/13 5:28PM
  • Paid off a $133,000 home equity loan (10 year term) and after two months, STILL cannot get proper paperwork showing we have paid it off. The balance shows $0.00 and we deactivated the auto payments immediately because we didn't trust Chase to not continue to take the money (as read in various blogs and complaints against this bank).

    Have requested paper verification, still nothing, only a runaround that we should have had a letter within 10 biz days + mailing time and the process to record the release of lien with our county. We did receive a letter telling us the "servicer on the loan" has changed, dated two days after the loan was paid off. NOTHING else. No wonder people don't trust these big banks.

    If I could give minus ratings here I would do so in a heartbeat. :-(

    Disgusted in Colorado 9/19/13 4:37AM
  • Chase is just unreal. Tried to sell half my duplex but their requirements are unreal. Have a buyer. Went to one of their banks and could not even get the right info. Can't even give them money. No they dictate how it is to be used. Totally unpersonal service and they just don't care. Now I understand why people walk away from mortgages. Sic you have to pay to give them money.

    BW 9/5/13 7:00AM
  • I'm going to call the office of the president on Monday to return everyone that I have spoken with needs to take a class on customer services. the staff talk to you like you are a dog. employee name nikeba carroll, john wells donna she is a supervisor latonya supervisor Richard supervisor denise Yolanda mrs smith the only one had some since was Christopher.

    terry 8/31/13 8:21PM

    Their inability of doing anything at all is driving me mad!

    I want to close down the accounts. I was on the phone with the manager for 45 mins discussing the closing options. When I intructed them to go ahead with one of the option I was offered I got back saying they are not able to proceed!


    Anonymous 8/27/13 11:25AM
  • Over the last two years I can't count the number of OVERNIGHT UPS mailers I have received...most recently from Lisa M. Foradori, Snior Vice President. These overnight packages are soliciting me, as their customer, to do a no-cost re-finance.
    There is not enough room here to tell you what I have been through with their customer "service." The interminable delays, the rudeness, times I have been transferred from one person to the next....honestly, you wouldn't believe it!
    I have three mortgage loans at Chase (unfortuntaely!). One of them is on a rental property which is a duplex. They don't EVEN do refi's on rental income, "attached" properties.
    All I want them to do is QUIT sending these overnights. I travel extensively for long periods. I can stop my newspapers, I can stop my US mail, but I can not stop these people from leaving overnights mailers on my front porch.
    These days they now tell me I have to call their marketing company (which I have done three times!!!)...another phone call...wait and wait and wait in the queue... and then THEY tell me (rudely!) that it will takle 3-6 months to get these mailers stopped. Not so. They keep coming.
    So today...besides this post...I am going to reserach Lisa Foradori's office address and send HER an overnight at my expense to TRY to get this stopped. These people are just beyond believable.

    pb 8/19/13 11:03AM
  • No matter what number you call after 8 pm it will still be automated. Super pissed, I just ordered something online and I'm pretty sure it's a scam. Switching to Usaa. Chase,

    ksmarie333 8/8/13 6:45PM
  • I am on hold for 11 minutes after two minutes where you will not release my 401k. I was r=transferred from Vanessa to Britt. Britt said he cannot help. I feel this letter is bogus. I have secured good advice from a reputable planner. When we asked for the dollars transferred JP said call this number. It is 15 minutes and am holding. This fraud letter requiring to speak to an advisor who needs to be licensed is not right. How many people are treated like this every hour of every day. We will be considering moving our accounts and safety deposit box out of Chase. Still on Hold 16.40

    Jim 8/5/13 4:12PM
  • We are so angry with this company, went to get new credit card only to be lied to at the bank (chase) by them just updating wife name and issuing old card again. Telling us that it was an interest free card for 18 months. We have closed the card now and will NEVER believe anything anyone from chase has to say.

    davzang 7/26/13 7:05PM
  • I just refinance with Chase and it has been the worsted experience of my life. I would not suggest Chase to anyone nor will I ever go through them again.

    amy butler 7/26/13 6:28AM
  • I called for tech support, because my account had tip be tr verified three times and still i can't receive funds when i called for help the rep was named nokum. She lied and said her name was rain. She put me on a block list and now i can't recieve any money.she was so rude and i will let everyone know how inconsiderate this company is...

    Anonymous 7/24/13 9:37AM
  • Chase Loan Modification offer and process is fraudulent. They violate federal laws and foreclose on property when a loan modification is in process. By law, lenders must stop foreclosure procedures when they are reviewing a borrower's loan modification application. even after the lawsuit by attorney generals from 49 states, they are still conducting business as before.

    ihatejpmorganchase 6/19/13 6:03PM
  • they do not follow up but they are always trying to get my investment business. the web site and on line banking are okay, when you are a little person what do they care.

    ed 6/16/13 4:29PM
  • I opened an account in your Aliso Viejo Branch, California......I was "urged" to transfer my funds by Randi who called herself a banker....That was 10 days ago-I was promised that Chase would do a wire transfer from Bank of the West and also that my social security check would be transferred in a week. To do NO money has been transferred from Bank of the West and and there is NO record of the request. In addition
    I am now told by Chase that my social security check could take up to 4 months or more.......Who is watching this MISMANAGEMENT and MISINFORMATION?....Am I writing this complaint for naught or will somebody call me back?

    Anonymous 6/12/13 3:33PM
  • I called Chase with a fraud prevention issue; I was put on hold for close to an hour without anyone coming to the phone. This is by far the worst customer service I ever received, and I have been a large account holder with them for the past 7 years. I will be cancelling my account and taking my business elsewhere.

    Anonymous 5/29/13 7:25AM
  • NEVER MAKE AN EARLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT to Chase. If my auto pay sends my payment in at the end of the month such as 4/30 instead of 5/1 they apply the early payment to the Principal. Then they call you telling you that they will ruin your credit and that you now owe a $50.00 late fee. After the Rep looked it up she said that she had several calls that day that were from the same thing - early payments!!! This did not happen to me once but on several occasions. I will NEVER do business with CHASE bank again.

    lori 5/25/13 9:30AM
  • The integrity is important for your employee at
    work for JP Morgan's reputation. Your financial advisor shall not only just take the number of client (money) in not also take care your cliens' needs . My friend had bad experience with his financial advisor, May Miao. She doesn't seem capable to work professionally. She acted nice to my friend so thar he let her managing his account. But She did not do anything on his investment even though she said she would do when my friend requested to relocate his existing investment differently.
    And he asked her to invest a large amount of cash to one os JPMorgan Fund. The cash still sit his saving account for couple months so far. And He asked her to invest his money, she told him that he doesn't know anything but just let her handle it.

    Mt 5/19/13 7:09AM
  • I paid $470 non-refundable retainer to re-finance my home. After MONTHS of screwed up dealings, after I gave up and went somewhere else, they came back "denied" my request, based a "home equity loan" status, IE, they will NOT re-finance your home for anything but the original amount. Something they SHOULD have told me before taking my money!!! I am warning everyone against this borderline shady mis-representation.

    DakotaBLB 5/16/13 2:24PM
  • JP Morgan illegally gave my personal and business banking records to my ex husband's ex wife. This is against Federal and State law. Investigation result: "not our problem" "we did everything according to policy." Their "policy" regarding court processes are against the Financial Right to Privacy Act, Economic Espionage Act, and multiple Colorado State Laws. Next stop... lawsuit.

    rshipman 4/23/13 11:54AM
  • Very frustrated! The communications with Bank seem to be
    1) By phone, but only speak to staff with no clue and get passed on from one to the other without the next person being properly briefed about the matter. In the past week, I spent 3 hours total speaking to some 10 pepeole without the matter moving any closer to resolution;
    2) By fax, any important documents have to be faxed but with no receipts or acknoledgement whatsoever being sent back. I am told that it takes 5 business days to physically retrieve the fax and another at least 10 days to deal with the matter.

    Disgruntled Customer 4/13/13 8:38AM
  • 30 minutes wait time to speak to an advanced specialist after requesting to speak to thier manager or supervisor

    bucky 4/9/13 7:53AM
  • I called to confirm funds in a account, that my son recived and large amount of funds. The man told he could not confirm the account, unless my name was on the account or go t a locate bank of thiers to negoicate or cash for cash or cashiers check----WTF Told man I was giving customer service a bad comment. The man was rude as well. How can these people be n bussiness. Going to call the BBB.!

    Jan Dudeit 4/5/13 3:10PM
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  • I've never had a problem with their customer service. If I have an issue they will fix it. I have a student account.

    May 5/17/14 11:41AM
  • My husband and I only recently learned that someone in Ohio area was writing hot checks on our checking account. We still don't know how this happened, but I want to tell his employers at Chase what a wonderful employee they have in Manuel Berrios who is the relationship banker in the Temple, TX Chase Bank. I have been at the bank almost daily receiving more upsetting information about the hot checks, and Manuel has helped us through this long ordeal. I am 71 and my husband is almost 80, and I have never written a hot check -- so this has been upsetting to us both. I hope this accolade will be passed along to his bosses, and that Manuel will be also notified of our appreciation. Thank you,
    Sandy and Doyle Lee, Chase customers in Temple, TX

    sandy lee 12/17/13 3:43PM
  • I do paper billing by mail,not on line.My April bill was late due to the mail system.So says Chase they waited until June 1st to call me.I belive they purposely did not mail me a statement to charge me a $51 late fee and to negate paying be my April cash points for the quarter.I received my May bill the 31st and mailed it same day.Although they are not responsible for a mail carrier or a Chase tech bill foul up...they could have contacted me before late payment period.Yes I believe they purposely screw the consumer to make $$$.

    bigred 6/1/13 9:59AM
  • I relly like how the agents take care of the customer especiali, gloria fraijo now when I go to chase i just call and see if she is at the bank before I get there.

    Anonymous 4/22/13 11:52PM
  • I live in Texas and someone in New York made a copy of my ATM debit card and withdrew almost 600 dollars from my account. I contact the customer service and they figured out someone had copied my card, reassured me it wasn't my fault and that they would send me a new card. The customer service rep was very nice in understanding. She told me it would take a day or 2 for the funds to be returned to me. I told her I was concerned about overdraft fees because my rent and car insurance where due. She put me on hold so she could contact the claim service and explain my situation. I probably on hold for no more than a minute. She transferred me to claims and I spoke with women there. She said it would take up to 4 hours for the funds to be returned. I check my account 20 minutes later and the funds were there. I I am highly impressed and thankful.

    mdfmoss 11/1/12 7:42PM

    Anonymous 10/11/12 8:57PM
  • I had an incredibly positive experience with a supervisor named Claudia today, I think she was somwhere in the Midwest . My card got hacked and it was a very frustrating experience but she made me feel very at ease and handled the situation quite professionally.

    Lisa 9/5/12 10:59AM
  • My name is stephen J McGeady and I would like to thank Jorge E Vargas 80 rt 6 baldwin ny. He is very professional and has helped me numerous times. Always friendly and He is a definite asset to your Company. Thank You

    Stephen 6/2/12 7:10PM
  • Dear Sirs.
    I just wanted to write in regard to one of the members of your customer service. Her name is Agnes Sereega? She was very helpful and professional,and very friendly. I just thought that as a Chase cardholder I do thank the people who do a great job

    Stephen 2/21/12 12:02PM
  • Chase and Daniell were the greatest thing that happen to myself and my family. Had to do a modification when I became disabled temporially in Oct of 2011, I submitted modification docs on Nov of 2011 and got approved Jan 5 2012. I missed Oct,Nov and was able to make a normal payment at the end of Dec 2011, they put the rears in the loan, made my first payment due in Feb and are even giving me a $5000 credit at the end of 5 year if the payments are made on time. Got me approved through the HAMP program and my Rep Daniell was very helpfull and kept me update throughout the 57 days from when I submitted to the approval. I cannot say enough good things about Chase and their Rep Daniell. Got a 2% loan on a $500,000 Mortg with a LTV of 97%.

    My buisness is with Chase and if they wanted me to wear a sandwhich board in front of one of their branches to bring people in I would do it happily

    Doug Miller

    Anonymous 1/9/12 4:17PM
  • I must admit, dealing with JPMorgan Chase customer service has been quite challenging since I started my checking account two years ago. Dealing with some of the branch personnel has been even more challenging. I was beginning to think JPMorgan Chase was hiring banking industry rejects -- UNTIL -- I spoke to BOBBI JOHNSON! She is a supervisor in Claims (Phone Number: 866-564-2262). I have never had anyone from Chase (or any other banks for that matter) understand Problems Resolution like she did. She diagnosed my problem like an executive level professional and was able to make a complete and accurate assessment while I was on the phone. I have been a business owner all my life (I am 54 yers old) and I wish I had had BOBBI JOHNSON as my Customer Service Manager and Quality Assurance Manager not to mention Chief Operations Officer -- and mostly my Call Center Director. I must say that if any JPMorgan Chase executives read this you better take note -- BOBBI JOHNSON SHOULD BE PROMOTED TO AN EXECUTIVE LEVEL (WITH UNLIMITED DECISION-MAKING ABILITY) IMMEDIATELY!!!

    bickelmik 12/28/11 6:47PM
  • I do not care for banks and was dis-heartened when I read the customer service comments. upon calling your 1-800 number , I just had a great experience and was provided the three pieces of information I was seeking in a matter of minutes...Thank you

    tbaz 9/16/11 2:13PM
  • I love the convenience of the banking products offered and I have always had great service at my local branch in Brownsburg, Indiana.

    CHIKAGIRL 9/13/10 10:20PM
  • I live in Queens, NY. After I called costumer support regarding some issues with my checking account and had the chance to talk with one of your employees who was extremely polite and helpful. His told his name is Raymond Bering.
    He was the easiest person to talk to and solved the problem right away and I just wanted to thank him and give you my compliments to your costumer service.
    Best regards,
    Shpend Xani
    New York

    Shpend 9/11/09 10:52AM
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  • I am a personal banker for Chase. All of our customers are important. You know every business opens up to make a profit so that it can grow and give more.
    Chase has so meny diffrent services and tools to help keep our customers out of the red and we still will refund some fees. We try our best to be open, honest and up front with our customers. We want to put our customrs in the right account. Yes all of our accounts hold a monthly service fee but their are ways to waive the fees. If one did not meet the requirements and had to pay the fee, the fee would be less then what they would have to pay when they cash their check at the currency exchange and pay their bills. The time, gas and money saved on that alone would be more then the $12.

    trying-r-best 10/8/12 10:27PM

  • I used to work at a Chase call center as a bilingual consumer csr. Let's just say, the English calls were a lot easier than the Spanish calls--we had to have a LOT of patience! We were trained as "Online Light" reps, meaning we could reset your password, give you basic navigation, etc. Anything else we had to transfer to the Online department. This was an alright idea...except when you couldn't help the customer and had to transfer them to a second person, it was frustrating not only the customer, but also to us! Sometimes the other person blatantly would refuse to take the call so we would have to call someone else, and the wait times for supervisors are ridiculous, especially for spanish supervisors! So, please keep in mind that when you're on hold foreverrrr, the rep is sometimes on hold with you, and that affects our Average Handle Time (AHT) which in turn affects our monthly incentives. Around the time I left Chase, they were finally getting the hint about CUSTOMER service, and told us that we shouldn't worry about how long a call is taking rather then actually resolving our customer's issue(s). In the end, I left because I felt that they were too worried about "offering" (not selling) "solutions" (not products) instead of actually helping the customers. We receive a huge number of calls from customers that have received either erroneous information from the branch or no information at all just a "call the 1-800 number". Attention branch reps: help your customers!! You're the face of the company, so when you mess up, we take the brunt of it! A word of advice to current Chase customers, READ everything that is given to you when opening an account, especially when you open it with a promotion coupon; you usually have to have a direct deposit come in within a certain period or make a certain number of transactions before they actually give you the $50 or $100--and then if you decide to close the account before 3 months they will charge you $25 and can charge the promotion amount as well. A check register is actually a GREAT tool to avoid nsf fees and overdrawn accounts, because as some of you have mentioned, they items post in different order then actually made and the biggest items usually come through first. Hope this helps!

    anon 8/31/12 8:47AM

  • The worst place to work for and the worst place for managers to allow power to get to their head. Bankers are pressured daily with goals that are attainable but even more pressured when a customer does not bring all their money over and the internal hostility makes this one of the worst places to bank and/or ever work for. They do not know how to retain top talent and when employees leave so do the customers.

    Anonymous 2/19/12 3:11PM

  • I am a Settlement processor. One of our normal activities is to update and obtain payoffs. We order payoffs from countless lenders. None is more difficult than JPMorgan Chase. I do understand privacy issues, but 48 hours after the authorization is sent, one party says it's there and the next time you call, it's not there and you have to resend and wait another 48 hours. Then there are the times the computers are down and they can't help you at all. And their computers are down A LOT. This happens numerous times per month. This lender is a nightmare and I think a large part of it is their network system. Unless shooting yourself in the foot is a form of entertainment stay away from this lender!

    RE Closer 3/30/11 10:26AM

  • I am an employee and I can tell you all that the problems that you have all had so far are only the start. If you thought the current fees campaign was it wait for the rest of 2011. If you were a former WAMU customer then I am sure you have already seen the decline of service and the rise of lies. The current company is arrogant (Should be, the stole the largest S&L in history and didn't even blink), elitist (The really only want the people with money or those willing to pay through the nose, bottom line oriented (Trust me, the care about both you and the employees the same... not at all) and about as unfocused on service as you could imagine. Every person has the god given gift of judgement and common sense so I leave the decision to leave to each person as an individual, but it is important for the clients especially the old WAMU ones whats going on inside. We wish we could have continued to given you all the bank that you loved and that we loved working for. I'm sure that as each of you have your own experiences you will come to only one conclusion, and I am so sure of it I know that I dont even have to say it.

    lookingouutforyou 1/27/11 1:03PM

  • I am an employee of chase, and I cant help but come here to alert people on what this bank is doing to their customers...I am in the process of looking for another job, and as soon as I find one, I will be gone! chase bank does not post transactions according to how customers make them....they purposely pay the largest amounts first in order to overdraw the customers' account and charge all those ridiculous fees...they tell us to lie to the customers and tell them that we pay the largest amounts first to ensure that the most important items are paid for them...the bank makes it look like we are doing customers a favor by paying the largest ones...dont ever make large deposits into a chase account because it will be held for days, and if u have a huge payments coming out of your acct, you will be charged a fee if its returned or paid insufficient...I have accounts at other banks, but i can honestly tell you that chase is the WORST of all. I am sorry to say that, but I have to be brutally honest. I have seen many customers calling in crying because they have been charged hundreds of dollars in FEES and we are forced to refund only $70 a year! Please look elsewhere for your banking is out of the question...I am an employee and I am speaking from knowledge.

    anonymous 10/24/10 8:57PM

  • i work for a chase call center... GET OUT NOW!

    shame 7/20/10 12:16PM

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