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Jiffy Lube customer service is ranked #154 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 51.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 40 ratings. This score rates Jiffy Lube customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


34 Negative Comments out of 40 Total Comments is 85.00%.


6 Positive Comments out of 40 Total Comments is 15.00%.

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  • Shocked to say the least after getting off the phone with a representative I wanted to cry.

    Anonymous 5/29/14 4:22PM
  • This fool paid over $100 for an oil change THREE TIMES because the first two times other services and products were purchased thereby "hiding" the cost of requesting synthetic oil. The third time was only an oil change. I was told I paid for an "overall service" which sounds like song & dance to me.
    Jiffy Lube owes me for 15 quarts of "regular" oil. Anyone want to lay odds as to whether I will be able to collect?

    Howard 5/8/14 1:20PM
  • The performance at the Jiffy Lube is at best, incompetent, and at worst, criminal. They have mishandled an oil change on our 2006 Honda Odyssey twice in the last year. The first time, the damaged the oil drain plug and replaced it with a temporary one without informing me. When the vehicle began leaking oil all over my driveway, I had to bring it in to an auto service center to retap a new drain plug. Most recently, they replaced the drain plug without using the malleable washer, and once again, it leaked oil all over my driveway and I had to have it serviced elsewhere. I suggest someone from your company contact me and offer to compensate me before this gets ugly. The internet is a powerful tool.

    James 4/24/14 7:54AM
  • I Danny Williams is waiting for Jiffy Lube claim department to contact me concerning the damage done to my oil pan on my 1991 chevy camaro at the Ashley Phosphate Road, North Charleston location Manager Randolp Johnson and District Manager Ron Dickey number Damages were to my oil pain and to my drain plug threads that was cross threaded out. My number is This has been since 04/02/2014. Thank you and have a good day.

    Anonymous 4/18/14 11:27AM
  • I am pissed, I went to the lincoln ne location on69th n O st. They changed my oil and I asked them to avoid over filling it because it's tough on the gaskets . They put in a statement that voids the warranty. They said it was a half quart low. I tryed to call customer service but they would not pick up. Avoid jiffy lube, it's a scam.

    Shane54ne 3/26/14 3:02PM
  • I had an awful experience at scotch plains nj jiffy lube in february 2014. First off the service advisor smelled of marijuana and tried to convince me to make various repairs to my vehicle that i did not need and the wait was more than an hour for oil change. Never again!

    Anonymous 3/21/14 3:16PM
  • WARNING! If you are going to do business with jiffy lube in tehachapi, ca., be very careful how you pay them. On December 31, 2013, I paid them $69.01 with a check. They not only cashed the check, they also ran an ACH (electronic transfer) of my check, In other words, they double billed me, I called them and they assured me they would send a refund check. Long story short, they never did. I had to go to my bank to get the ACH debit reversed. Adding insult to injury, today I found out that Jiffy lube filed a claim with TeleCheck for supposedly my having put a stop payment on the check, which they cashed! They not only charged me twice, now they want to charge me a 3rd time. I'm 73 and angry at the thought that such people are operating in our community.

    greymattr 3/19/14 10:07AM
  • They will mess up your brakes and rotors, promise you a refund.. and it will NEVER HAPPEN. They do terrible work and are liars. Never go cheap with Jiffy Lube!

    Anonymous 2/12/14 12:47PM
  • After calling your customer service # and being on hold for 20+ minutes, I tried to call an HR department directly and again was put on hold, then told I would have to leave a message - I would like to speak to the person that does the paperwork/hiring for the Sierra Vista, Arizona store. My son, who is 16, put an application in and was told he would need a parental consent form since he is not 18. After doing all the paperwork for being hired and getting a HIRED status on it, he went to speak to the manager of the Sierra Vista, AZ location and the manager informed him they could not hire him because of his age. I WOULD APPRECIATE A PHONE CALL WITH AN EXPLANATION AS TO WHY THIS WAS HANDLED IN THIS MANNER. MY SON DID NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL OR ANYTHING FROM HR AND, AT THE VERY LEASE HE DESERVES AN APOLOGY AND AN EXPLANATION AS TO WHY HE DID NOT GET THE JOB.

    Gloria 1/27/14 11:22AM
  • Took my daughter's 2000 BMW 323i in to the Jiffy Lube on Adams, Huntington Beach. Needed the oil service and asked them to check for any oil leaks, and pressure in the tires. They tried to "up-size" me every chance they could. Tried to show me some "sludge" on the dip stick from the oil. Then said I should have the injection system "flushed" to get all the "sludge" out. This is a BMW, used or not and even I know the difference between "sludge" and clean oil and that the fuel injection should never be "flushed" out. IDIOT! This was the service manager, Isaac. The other worker guys were all okay. Then the charge before the 10.00 coupon was almost $93.00. HIGHWAY ROBBERY... JUST AS BAD AS THE THIEVES DOWN THE STREET AT PEP BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again, Jiffy Screw.

    Don't Mess with Nikki's Mom! 1/7/14 6:04PM
  • Last time my husband had his oil changed they didn't put the filter in correctly, which eventually led to all the oil leaking out. The engine is ruined. Had to have it towed to our mechanic, who took one look and told him exactly what happened....oil filter improperly installed. The store manager referred him to the district manager who has not returned a call in almost 3 weeks!!!! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! Now waiting to see if anyone from corporate office will return a call.
    We have taken cars to this same Jiffy Lube for years...NEVER AGAIN!

    MMD 12/28/13 9:07AM
  • Groupon Deal I Had The Manager Of The Royal Palm Beach Florida Store Ripped Me Off With Some Additive To Make More Money. I Told Them 3 Times I Do Not Want It. They Supposedly Put It In And Charged Me 22.00 More Dollars.

    I Have Left Several Messages On The 1-800-number For A Call Bacj 3 Days Ago Still Waiting.

    Terrible Customer Service

    CHRIS 12/27/13 12:45PM
  • Jiffy Lube on 5600 Harrison blv in South Ogden Utah has had 4 break In robberies. And even though none of the employees have been criminally charged.. the CEO walked in and told ALL employees that THEY would be paying for the theft. Now the robberies included the money in the Safe! And who knows the combination? NOT the 17 yr old that works part time after school... but they will be taking $188 for 2 paychecks.. something is so screwed up that they take the money of people who are NOT GUILTY!! BOYCOTT JIFFY LUBE!!

    Anonymous 12/4/13 1:15AM
  • I brought my Honda into the Atlantic Ave, Raleigh, NC Jiffy Lube location to have transmission fluid service. The employees were friendly and quick. I have done many oil changes there. But my transmission fluid experience was very bad. My car came into the shop with slight slipping when I start out and was recommended that I have the fluid replaced. They did a flush vs. just a fluid replacement. After pulling out of the Jiffy Lube station I only got 1/2 block down the road and my car would no longer move. After getting my car towed and to a mechanic he said that Honda's are recommended to be drained NOT flushed because it damages the transmission. I filed a complaint with Jiffy Lube who uses a Customer Service group called Team Lucor Inc to handle their claims. After faxing the mechanics report to a Scott G. with Team Lucore Inc. which stated the filter on in my transmission was still clogged. It also stated that for Honda's transmission fluid should have been "drained" NOT "flushed". I have sent emails and left messages for Scott but am getting ignored.

    They wrecked my car 11/21/13 6:40AM
  • I carried my truck to jiffy lube in North Myrtle Beach,SC The truck has 90,000 miles I was told it basically needed to be junked by the mechanic who was not one,however for 239.00 it would be like new.The service was a joke.Customers were walking around in there work area telling them how to do thier jobs.There
    was apparently no management on site.I will never go back

    anny 11/12/13 4:05PM
  • On 09/23/12013 I had my car serviced at Jiffy Lub. I purchased the Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change and explained to the manager that I would soon be driving the car to Florida, a 1055 mile trip and wanted to make sure everything was good with the car. The car is a Classic 1967 Pontiac LeMans that has been completely restored. When I was told that the service to my car was completed I asked the manager if the differential fluid had been checked. He said that he would check and went into the service area. When he came back he told me that the fluid had been checked and it was fine.

    I left on my trip to Florida on 10/09/2013. The vehicle broke down in Columbia SC. 536 miles into my trip. The vehicle was taken to Goodyear for repair. At Goodyear it was discovered that the right rear wheel bearing had froze then fell apart. I told them at that I had the vehicle serviced. They showed me under the car and it was obvious that the differential fluid check/fill plug was never opened it still had dirt around it and in the hole where the tool to remove the plug would have been placed. I took pictures and video of this. They also found that the differential fluid was thick and needed to be changed. I would have had this serviced if your employees would have done their jobs.

    It was further discovered that the vehicle had not been lubed. Goodyear performed this service for me at no charge. However the repairs to my car cost me $308.62 and 18 hours of my time. This caused me to miss the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for my daughter's wedding. I believe that if the services that I paid for in Pittsburgh would have been performed this situation would have been avoided. I strongly feel that Jiffy Lube should reimburse the cost of the repairs to my car. I DO expect to hear from someone about this.

    By the way I sent this above complaint to customer service on Oct 17 and never heard back from ANYONE!! Thanks alot. I guess the next step is a law suit. Never again will I use Jiffylube

    Paul T 11/6/13 8:48AM
  • Jiffy Lube #2714 on Mukilteo speedway was suppose to change my oil, I paid for one of the top service $244 and they did not tighten up the oil filter so all my oil leaked out. My airbag light and oil light were just flickering so i thought i had a shot took it to Kia and they found this problem out so they gave me 3 quarts to get by, went back to Jiffy Lube and this girl took copies and she she would go over this with her manager and he would cal me the next day, still waiting for the call. They screwed up and should give me my money back or give me the service I paid for again but at no charge. I already filed a complaint with the Attorney General. This is so they're fault and should fix it. I'm going to let everyone no what they did and then they can figure out if they want to go. And my boyfriend sighed the paperwork at Jiffy Lube John Erickson.

    gina 11/1/13 12:27PM
  • this is store 1830 on conroy and vineland rd in orlando fl this is the genral manger and this company did not inform the employees about him when he was put at our shop to work.this man molested a child under the age of 12 yrs old and I don't know how he is working at a place where children come in with parents I was trying to contact the corprate office but I have not got a call beck.if u read this don't bring ur kids in to this shop.plz thank u

    Anonymous 9/16/13 12:26PM
  • Wallmart Jiffylube, Chesterfield mo., Aug21, 2013 @approx. 11am. Shop manager at the time - Phil.
    Phil's (shop Mgr.) poor customer service and interest in arguing will keep me from returning to this Wallmart-Jiffy lube.
    Went in to have tires balanced and rotated. I marked the front tires so that I knew if in fact the tires were rotated. As it turned out they were not. Manager Phil wanted to argue

    Terry 8/21/13 12:48PM
  • My name is Carla West I am writing to inform the right party of an incident I experiece with jiffy lube around 7/8/2013 I went in to have a radiator flush and in the process I had my driver side head light changed, a couple of days later on 7/13/2013 while driving on the expressway I lost my whole entire light and didn't notice the light had flew off until I got off the expressway I imediately drove to jiffy lube located on Harlem and Jackson I beleive the adress is 7200. I went in with my light attached to my car with nothing hanging and nothing broke only a cracked class that go over the light I was told after the light was replaced that they could not warrantee the bolb due to the crack in the glass and I should put a peace of tape over it to keep it from going out again I was ok with that. My light was removed by an jiffy lube staff member but it was not properly put back and snapped back into place this is the second time someone from jiffy lube has inproperly put my light back as they found it the first time was at jiffy lube on Fullerton and Austin 2401 Austin shortly after leaving jiffy lube, every time I drove on the expressway I would have to pull over and put it back in but thank God an hispanic man helped me to put it back in properly before it fell off so I let it go that time and didn't contact jiffy lub (but do have witnesses of both incidents even the hispanic guy that put it back the first time) I have been in contact with jiffy lube for two days trying to get some kind of compensation for my light and was told that by looking at cameras that my light was already hanging well that is not true I drove in with my light just fine other than the crack in the glass when they removed my light they had to snap it out of place but after replacing it they felled to snap it back in place and theres no way they can detemine if it was properly snapped back in place by looking at a video. It is a difficult task to snap that light back in place and due to this happening twice with jiffy lube lets me know that they are experience in taking it off but not to experience in putting it back correctly. So can someone please contact me about this issue because I am getting no where with the local location I would also like to add that I have been coming in for car treatment with jiffy lube for a while now and I am a loyal customer and I'm only asking for jiffy lube to correct the mistake they have made on my vehicle. Thanks!

    Carla 7/15/13 8:23AM
  • Here I Have Been Going To Jiffy Lube For A Long Time. But I Take My Car For A Top Off And They Tell Me My Car Has Oil. I Said The Oil Light Is On. They Said It Is My Sensor. To Find Out Yes There Was Nothing Wrong With Sensor There Was No Oil In My Car And The Engine Locked. I Lost My Car, Missed Class, Paid For Tow, Have To Borrow My Moms Car Because Now I Have To Save Up For A Car. I Have Made Complaints With Bb But They Cant Force Them To Talk To Me. Cause Someone Told Me They Were Checking On The Situation Now No Reply. They Wont Answer Or Return My Calls. They Want Customers But They Have No Loyalty To Us So Why Should We Even Go To Them Ever Again. Why Should We Not Worn Our Friends!!!

    LOYALTY 5/1/13 10:47AM
  • I cannot believe your company would hire people that lie. I cannot believe that knowing that my car already had an oil leak, that the salesman would tell my wife that the car should be running full synthetic. HELLO!!!! if it has an oil leak it should not be running full synthetic!! you charged my wife for a service that your MECHANIC should have been aware of, and probably was. Keep my ride alive and my wallet EMPTY. this company is pathetic!! I just can't believe you had the history from the last time you changed my oil. why did you not just use the same??? worst customer service ever. you basically took advantage of a woman.

    jjwesto 3/22/13 9:16PM
  • The employee Alyssa was very rough when told her that don't wanted a service when notced that couldn't afford t. She yelled to the guys to remove the Air flter because I didn't Like the prices

    G 2/16/13 2:22PM
  • I have been going to Jiffy Lube only for the last 10 years and recently I had a severe problem where the technician put oil in the radiator instead of anti-freeze. This caused contamination throughout the radiator, heater core, pump and engine to the point that after spending
    a great deal of money replacing these items and trying to flush everything even after the replacements the problem still persists because the engine still has some corrision running thru it. So now because of the technician's neglegence and carelessness I have to purchase a new vehical. I have all my receipts because that is the only place I ever went and I thought of filing a claims against Jiffy. What I can say for sure is that I will never go there again and for everyone else to watch the technicians as it appears they cannot read and do not know what they are doing.

    UpsetJiffy 2/1/13 7:40AM
  • Worst experience ever , Jimmy lube put 3 quarts over of oil just to make me pay more,when i started my car it started rumbling and shaking,the manager denied any wrong doing on there part,funny thing is i have it all on video,that same day i took it to a reputable mechanic and they said i was overfilled by 3 qts now i will take them to court and i have all my document s

    Delaney 11/7/12 9:48AM
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  • Monica at the Helena jiffylube was very helpful. Good service!!!

    Anonymous 11/8/13 10:22AM
  • I am terribly sorry for everything that these people went through. I know that companies hire people that really have no clue what they are doing and are only given a brief training period. But I also know that there are very dedicated employees out there as well. These people NEED to be recognized for their outstanding performance. They truly care about giving the customer a satisfactory service. One such employee is Russell from your Port Townsend store. This guy knows his stuff! He found a few things on my vehicle that needed immediate attention. My car runs great thanks to Russell! I will always bring my vehicle to Jiffy Lube! (but only to Russell) Kudos to you Russell! Your dedication has NOT gone unnoticed! I wish you success!

    Donald 10/25/13 6:32AM
  • Hi,i Am A Regular Customer At The Jiffy Lube In Fresno,ca 5317 W Spruce, There Is A Young Man Named Micheal,he Makes Every Visit Enjoyable,he Is Very Polite,and If I Have Any Questions Or Concerns This Young Make Will Explain,and Put Me At Ease,i Appreciate Him As Your Employee. I Feel Like A Queen When I Go There,thank You Jiffy Lube,and Micheal,have Great Day

    Anonymous 8/30/13 2:56PM
  • Went to jiffy lube in Puyallup WA. The peron
    Who greeted me was young ladid named Cal I told what I wanted and nothing
    More, and she came 15 min later the problem causes by Sears was fixed and I left telling i would be back!
    It was grear experiance and Cal was really great she is a very good employee hou are lucky to have her
    Thank You Ron Brazeau

    Anonymous 2/4/13 3:24PM
  • we want to compliment a technician named Jeremy at the shop in Sparks Nevada on Los Altos. He replaced a gasket at no charge and was very efficent and courteous. We had just had the car serviced at your Jiffy Lube in Redmond Oregon and they too gave us good wservice

    Anonymous 9/17/12 11:15AM
  • i love my jiffy lube i have been going there every since i bought my truck in 2009 an i wouldnt take my car any were else even when i move to hawaii i had my car shipped an i soon as it got off the boat i took it straight to jiffy lube i love the people an the services. i go now to the jiffy lube in tacoma wa on sprague were Jerry helps me an gives me exceptional services. thank you jiffylube

    shababy 9/6/12 1:14PM

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