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Kaiser Permanente customer service is ranked #245 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 41.52 out of a possible 200 based upon 131 ratings. This score rates Kaiser Permanente customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


118 Negative Comments out of 131 Total Comments is 90.08%.


13 Positive Comments out of 131 Total Comments is 9.92%.

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  • I am a former cancer patient who has been turned away from being able to see my ENT after two visits to the ER. I was told my insurance was cancelled but never received any correspondence from Kaiser. I'm in my second year of remission but I still need scans, constant checkups and blood work. I have called several...several times to pay whatever premium is required but they will not take the payments. I only way I can see my doctor who diagnosed me with stage 4 cancer is to pay out of irritated, frustrated and beyond belief.....Thanks did it again!!!

    nicee28 7/29/14 5:24AM
  • I and my companies have been members of KP for many years. In the last year something has gone very wrong and unprofessional with the system. I have had numerous contacts and been able to get providers appointments with a good and in some cases a great deal of delay. I am sorry but I am prepared to share this information with the press and coming from inside the industry it will prepared with the details needed for review. The single biggest group of issues appears to be with the speciality group providers. The scheduling of appointments or the lack there of or in some cases the almost VA non-accountability is not the history of the company. The providers appear more than willing to discuss the issues. Sorry, you most know or suspect these issues they could not be this bad and someone not know. Thanks, let see all this works out. Customer

    Anonymous 7/21/14 5:26PM
  • Largo
    Please send Undercovet boss to this location now fire arlarm went off to leave the building we ask no we don't need to leave then we hear to return to the building ????? Urgent care is not room very dirty blood on stand floor dusty with lent balls glove dropped on floor not picked up wow what's going on with Kaiser

    Anonymous 4/28/14 7:58AM
  • Don;t really know where to start. I had PK since I was little, for almost 20 plus year. Evening after College, I when to work for a Tech company and I still have KP. but thing go down hill form there. I left and when to another Health Care provider. No I'm back at KP and thing still have problems. It's really funny how a multi million dollar a billion dollar company run is behind other Care provider. I have doubts their service provide to me. I can get this or I don't have that, the info. is not show, etc.,
    that really funny. I think their are joking with me or something. I set that I can not change to different Health Care provider until next year. I should have listened to all my friends bad experiences at KP

    johnnyxtran 4/8/14 2:51PM
  • The instructions for the telephone contact are wrong - which does not matter since, after a while, one receives a message that there is a high call volume & disconnects.

    Email seems unavailable.

    Very frustrating.

    Anonymous 3/10/14 1:31PM
  • Kaiser has been nothing but a disaster for me since my husbands company signed on with them. They keep telling me I can go to Walgreens, Walmart or just about any other pharmacy I want but I've tried numerous times and they can't get the prescriptions to go through the system. I even called Kaiser and had them walk the pharmacist through the process and it still didn't work. They don't know why and I get the run around when I go to the center and Administrative Services. Its been 2 years and I still can't get my medications unless I go to a Kaiser center. Isn't there something illegal about that??

    jmdllc 2/26/14 1:54PM
  • to whom it may concern,I am very disappointed with the service that was provided to me. I hope there is a way that you can make life less differcult. I'm leaving the country in 3 week, recently I reach out to my doctor ( who is outside of Kaiser facility but is a doctor whom is recognize by Kaiser as their provider. I was referred to your facility for vaccination before making our trip oversea.
    Last Friday after registering my wife and I register at the ground floor to get our Hepatitis A and B and Typhoid vaccination for our trip. We were referred to room 418 for our shot. After waiting there for 45 minute we were place into a room. A nurse came in. We explain the reason for our visit. Immediate she didn't appear too helpful with what we need. She try to discourage us from getting the shot. Than she mention that it would take 3 shot to be full inoculated and the shot would be drawn over 6 month period. Hepatitis B was the only one I know that was true. Hep A and Typhoid should be effective after 2 week. That plenty enough time for us to be protect. She than notice I haven't been seen at the facility for a little while. I explain I just had my test done by my Kaiser Physician about 2 week ago. My wife does see her doctor at the facility, ask if it's anyway possible to receive our shots since we are both here now. She left the room, supposedly to converse with the doctor. After 40 plus minute she came back to inform us they will not be able to do anything for us. It's ridiculous to have 2 seniors like who paying Kaiser every month for this kind of service. Both of us have serious medical issue. Even though CDC only state recommendation of these shot, folk with medical history would be safer to get it as an precautionary. I hope you can resolve this for me asap.

    Anonymous 2/10/14 8:33AM
  • I have tried to contact the southern California Phone number on different days and times and everytime I get the same recorded message_ "WE ARE HAVING HIGHER THAN NORMAL CALL VOLUME, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER" hang up!
    Such a large institution as Kaiser has allowe their customer relations go to crap!

    We have been having the same issue with Kaiser. They do actually just HANG UP ON YOU!
    One agent I finally got a hold of started yelling at me on the phone. Saying my ins. is not her problem.

    unaceptable 1/29/14 12:57PM
  • I have been trying for months to get a refund due my husband and I of over $500.00 but Kaiser refuse to give it to us. They have came up with all types of reasons as to why we can't get it back. Even to go as far as to say they will apply it to a bill that was already paid for back in June of 2013. He got hurt on his job and needed an MRI after which they made him pay for it even though his company was paying the bill. Telling him he wouldn't be seen if he didn't pay the bill and now they wont return them money like we were told back in Nov 2013.

    Disappointed member 1/21/14 4:19PM
  • I was admitted on Dec 23rd to Kraemer KP Anaheim I requested FULL and Complete hospital records from admission 0600 on 12/23/13 thru discharge on 12/24/2013. I filled out 2 requests . The packet I was given on Dec24 th was IMCOMPLETE . There were no DR. orders or list on routine VS for time there. I was told I would HAVE to PAY for these records when Kaiser has LOST records in the past.

    Anonymous 1/20/14 5:55PM
  • I work for Denver Health Medical Plan in the Provider Relations Deparment and have questions on claims that are coming through under Colorado Permanent 4 however claims have started coming through as Kaiser Foundation Health Plan has there been any changes in the billing name for 1500 form in box 33. May i request a currect W-9 form fax to attention Renee Trujillo Denver Health Medical Plan Provider Relations. I can also be reach at Claims will be place on hold and RTP letter will be sent.

    Thank You

    Renee M. Trujillo

    Anonymous 1/13/14 6:16PM
  • I placed an order for my contacts over a week ago through Vision Essentials Kaiser Permanente. Usually i'll receive it within a few days. I NEVER got an email updating me on any problems with my order. But I did see that they were QUICK to pull the money out of my account. I spent my day off trying to get a hold of someone to try and help me locate my package. I've been placed on HOLD EVERYTIME that I've called. Only once I've been lucky to get a human on the phone who promised he would call me back but never did. ive waited on hold for over 30 minutes at least 3 times in one day. Is there only 1 person manning the phones???? I'm sure between the 6 hours I've been trying to get assistance, all employees have taken their breaks and lunches!!! I'm also sure there isn't a surge of people trying to fill their contact prescription. I can send you proof of my wait times! Can someone just pick up the damn PHONE!!!

    Anonymous 1/7/14 5:31PM
  • I have tried to contact the southern California Phone number on different days and times and everytime I get the same recorded message_ "WE ARE HAVING HIGHER THAN NORMAL CALL VOLUME, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER" hang up!
    Such a large institution as Kaiser has allowe their customer relations go to crap!

    Anonymous 1/4/14 2:51PM
  • Does anyone really work at the Corporate office? There seems to never be a live operator. No returned phone calls.

    curious and unsatisfied 12/4/13 1:24PM
  • One of the worse medical office is Escondido California. Make another choice. Sharp Health Care is a good choice! They will cut you off their website while waiting to renew so all your personal info is no longer available to you! You medical record, prescriptions,tests! Kaiser did this!

    angelflis 11/15/13 4:49PM
  • I was in a serious care accident, short story after 31 visits and a diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome,I was finaly given a mri which found 2 bad herniated disc in my neck, ilost thousands in the accident settlement. It took 1 year and 6 months to get the mri when the shock trauma report from the accident noted 3 times lumps in neck area. Tired of hearing I only have 15 minutes from doctors. Kaiser is a insurance company disguised as a health care provider. Forget calling to complain it is a huge runaround.

    Ziggytheman 10/30/13 10:59AM
  • What is there to ssy about Kaiser. When you call, you get a run around. The operaters are clueless about other nearby clincs and what they offer. When you go to see a dermatologist, you never get to see an actual dermatologist, only a nurse. I didn't make an appointment to not see a doctor. I guess Kaiser is cutting back on doctors to save money. The nurse I saw was so rude and disrespectful of my condition. I'll never go back.

    Savannah 7/19/13 6:39PM
  • made previous comment about how I could not get call returned on retirement program for form needed completed. called another number told was cust ctr for retirement program but could not help me with address or another phone number boy that answered call was polite and did all he could to help only resolution now to consider contacting insurance comm office can assist in getting info'

    jas 7/17/13 8:45AM
  • need address to send medicare proof of employment form to kp. was told only one person could give this to me in colo region I indicated, as has happened before, this person does not return my calls was told there was nothing else they could do but lv vm get vm and get info in meetings all day. if I don't get individual in person on 1st call I never hear back last time I left msg with sup and she made it very clear she didn't appreciate my calling supv very rude to me now all I can do is hope she calls since no one else can help

    jas 7/17/13 8:23AM
  • Instructions for reaching a live person are not correct.

    Jessie, the customer service person was helpful except for giving me the wrong contact information. The person that I reached at Workers Comp department was apparently the wrong department and she was very put off by the fact that she had to talk to me. She didn't want to help me reach the right department.

    Anonymous 7/15/13 4:21PM
  • I would like to know how we can pay our health plan online I forgot the E-mail address this is Rosie Hanson phone please help and want to pay my husband Larry Hanson thanks

    Anonymous 7/6/13 11:59AM
  • To Whom It May Concern: I am a CSU employee of 15 years, A retired allied health employee of UCI Nedical Center who today had staff block my 90 year old mother's account from my email correspondence with her primary doctor and assistant during her vacation. I had just written member services to please assign another doctor to my mom because I felt her primary doc wasnt experienced enough in the Gerontology field I will not discuss the reasons until I receive your phone call or correspondence.of reasons. You know I brought Kaiser business for 30 years. First ,myself, spouse and 2 children from 1982-1999.2000-present my ex husband continues with Mcare/Kaiser Senior advantage... ,the one difference I am no longer a Kaiser member and I have Anthem BX. I am an only child who has moved in to my moms home now to care for her. Since mom has dementia and is bedridden, she does not read or write, I handle her appts, correspondence and do all caregiving, etc. Today your staff said that only KAISER MEMBERS can use profile and correspond with docs,or mom. I set up her account and enrolled her! I believe this is an ADA violation,it doesnt support HPPA, I believe this is Kaisers way of reducing their responsibility to their patients and help their providers have less work to do. How do you care for bilingual or illiterate patients. How do you deal with MH issues or patients who are rambling because they havent taken their medication. My concerns were legitimate ,and backed up by the home health agency. I luckily printed the emails and lab results. So, is this how Kaiser helps families thrive? I needed the Doctor to get back to me via email so I could go pick up revised itching cream from Pharmacy since there were contraindications. I also needed doc to talk to me about bed ulcer creams and a urine analysis via home health agency that Kaiser contracts. Without warning KAISER locked me out of her acct under . I am the authorized rep, I sign and pay her bills. After this, I guarantee you ,MOther will be disenrolled from your shady operation . I look forward to December 2013!! Thanks for your time.

    MARTHAZIILLA 6/26/13 7:50PM
  • Stay away from Kaiser Permanente! My husband and I used it last year. We never got a bill from them, but at the end of the year we suddenly get a statement from the California Collection Agency with the amount of $1,241.00!!! We always paid our co-pays up front. Even for our physical exams, that should have been covered 100%, we were charged. When contacting Kaiser, we never got a call back from them. The only calls we get are those automated ones asking us to go back with them again. Lame! Also, the collection agent does not have any details she could provide us to show us all the charges. There is a lump sum of $789 at the bottom of the statement saying "Other Creditors Kaiser". How should we know what those charges are? Right now, we are making monthly payments, but are still getting charged with interest fees?

    Anonymous 6/12/13 10:52AM
  • The telephone service makes no sense. Why does a person have to go through so many steps to make an appointment or to get to the advice nurse. To make a complaint is impossible. The web site is not easy to navigate. I would never advise anyone to sign with for Kaiser until they drastically improve.

    Anonymous 6/10/13 8:39AM
  • We have had Kaiser for 10 years. Treatment has always been bad. Last year my oldest daughter became ill, but her pediatrician kept saying it was "all in her head". Finally I was able to get her seen be a different doctor and labs run. She was diagnosed with Lupus, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Sjrodens, Raynauds syndrome and Scleroderma...All in her head? I don't think so! She was referred to a pediatric rheumatologist in los angeles (we are in bakersfield) who seemed ok, but a little hesitant to discuss specifics. She put my daughter on some pretty heavy meds and sent us on our way. My girl takes her biggest meds once a week and each time the side effects get we are up to her being in bed and sick for 3 days after each dose. The specialist wont listen. My daughter has lost 35lbs. The specialist wont listen. We are moving to Sacramento and have changed coverage from So Cal Kaiser to Northern Cal Kaiser. I asked the Specialist to review my daughters most recent labs with me and for a referral to a new specialist in norther California...She flat out refused! She stated I could not have the labs or xrays and I was on my own for the new doctor. I contacted our normal pediatrician and she refused as well. I contacted member services and they are stating we must sign a med records release for the labs. I just want somebody to review the latest labs...wth?! Don't doctors review labs anymore? Why do we need to sign a release? They are telling us also that since northern Cal kaiser is separate and they cant access her records we will have to start the diagnosis process over, with a new pediatrician who will have to run all new labs then diagnoss my daughters illness's again then refer her again to a new specialist and by the time she gets seen and back on meds it will be the end of summer...Do they have any idea how detrimental to her health this will be? She has Lupus for God sake! I filed a complaint with the State Department of Managed Care yesterday, she recommended calling the State Medical Board to start complaints against the doctors involved.

    bansheeonfire 5/16/13 8:33AM
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  • To whom this may Concern;

    My husband had emergency Surgery on Jan.15,2014 at the Kaiser Hospital in Fresno ,Ca. And due to our Physician,finding that my husband needed his appendix out,and surgery, right way. Well thank God he knew it had to be done, because after that he recovery well. But what i would like to say was the staff that took care of him that day in the hospital was very, very, good. They took care of him so well. I have to Thank the girls on the staff which was on the fourth floor in room #415 East,which was Beth H. & Eva H.. And the assistance of Coretti for helping me find the names to these young Ladies, that assist my Husband. Thank you for everything. I'm very Happy with Kaiser Hospital And services.

    Thank you,
    Maria l.Rosas

    Anonymous 2/8/14 4:03PM
  • I am not a client of Kaiser Permanente but I had a wonderful experience at a Kaiser clinic last week. I went with my sister to her appointment to find out if she has cancer. The procedure was painful and the results of the test were not in our favor. To get to the clinic that morning, I drove my husband's 31-year-old BMW (in order to leave the newer, safer car home with my husband and sons). When we left the appointment, the ancient car wouldn't start! I noticed a security guard (I think his name was Jeffrey) across the lot and asked him for help. He immediately came to help, bringing along his jumper cables. He helped me figure out how to open the hood (tricky!) and then noticed the clamps weren't tightened on the battery. He tightened the clamps and the car started right up without having to use the jumper cables. Jeffrey made a chaotic morning go a little more smoothly and I thank him for that!

    Anonymous 8/24/13 1:21PM
  • Just spoke to Loise in claims. She was very helpful, and polite. I did not have all the information needed to check on authorization of a claim, instead if having me call and call her back, she opted to call for me and get the information. Wow. That is what I call going the extra mile. The kind of service I am used to in Jamaica where i come from.

    Billiing Coord.
    Bethesda Physical Therapy.

    NONE 6/25/13 10:32AM
  • Thank you Kaiser, and especially the nurses that helped me through my recent surgery. One nurse in particular, Xia Chan, at the Irvine Hospital went above and beyond for me and made a trying experience for me much more livable. She went out of her way to find a breakfast, or two, and much more. Thank you Xia.

    Lee Terry
    Huntington Beach

    Lee Terry 3/21/13 10:55AM
  • For the past year my mother has been seeing her cartiologest Dr. Keenen Lee. Dr. Lee was great with her and the family, spending as much time as needed during visits to let us know what was going with her. He would make last minute appointments for her to come in if she needed.He would e-mail us with her test results and get back to us with any questions we had. He was very nice and caring to us when we lost mom last month. Before mom past away on the 4th floor of Kaiser Santa Clara, after his day was over he came by a couple of times to see us before he went home. Also the 4th floor Dr. Hyojik Lee was also fantastic. He took care of mom to and supported us like we were long time friends. I thank both Dr. Lees for their help and caring nature, and would highly recommend them both

    Anonymous 2/27/13 6:49PM
  • I would not be alive today if it were not for Doctors and staff at the Kaiser Hospital in Fresno. I needed a liver transplant 2 years ago and Kaiser stepped up and arranged to have UCSF Medical center do it. They went above and beyond what I expected and took care everything that was needed to be done. signed Lloyd Pulliam, a very satisfied Kaiser member.

    Lloyd Pulliam 7/13/12 3:09PM
  • It's really too bad to hear about all the bad experiences everyone is having. As a Kaiser patient myself for the last 20 years, the care I have received has been excellent. The major key is to find a doctor that is concerned about your health. I have had many issues over the last 5 years and they have never spared any expense in doing tests and referring me to specialist. If you are not happy with your care...change your primary doctor.

    Anonymous 7/10/12 11:34PM
  • My name is Audrey Tomovich and I just got off the phone around 3:30 with a very helpful appointment center representative named Sean. I called the 1-888 -988-2800
    number and was very impressed with how helpful he was.
    Thank you.

    Anonymous 7/9/12 3:41PM
  • We have had KP for 20 years in Oregon
    The care has always been great and the doctors have been good .
    If a doctor retired and we chose another and did not have a good re pore with that one you may always choose another .
    The fact that you do not have to wait for the approval of an insurance company to get a CAT scan nor an MRI is superior .
    I have heard that CA is not as good .

    ellsta 6/20/12 8:03PM
  • The "Farmers Market" at the Kaiser Hospital on 700 Lawernce Expresway, Santa Clara,CA.,.. is very impressive, and should be continued! Had my wife and I had more time to shop, the both of us would have done so! "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK"!

    Anonymous 3/9/12 12:55PM
  • Excellent customer Service during my Oct. 4, 2011 Surgery with Doctoe Sean T. Johnson MD and surgery team, as well as recovery nurse. Paul Miller [email protected]

    pmiller15 10/4/11 2:01PM
  • Friday April 8th I went to the Kaiser Rockwood facility due to a dog bite. It was just late enough that they weren't taking on any more patients for the day. That is why I decided to write this note; to say that the receptionest and especially the nurse who attended to me went out of there way to try and squeeze me in so I wouldn't have to drive clear out to Kaiser on Interstate. I did end up going to the branch on Interstate however I wanted to convey that their kindness and efforts were and are very much appreciated. I don't recall their names but the receptionest was at the window to the far left; the nurse had long hair and her name started with a J. If you know who they are from my brief discription I hope you recognize and value them as true assets to Kaiser Permanente. Sincerely, Otto Myers

    Anonymous 4/13/11 11:04PM
  • I had an aapendix surgery recently. This was the most professional experience with a hospital/Doctor yet in my 42 years. From the gebtleman that checked me in at the emergency room to the Lady that wheeled me out to my car when I was discharged the following day. I have friends that have had this surgery, with a bad experience. I can not say nothing bad about the Employees at the Moreno Valley, Ca vacility. Kaiser has had a bad following from years ago. I would want no other healthcare provider. Hope they keep up the personnal touch, making a patient as comfortable as possible.

    Scott Burrell

    Scott B 3/4/11 9:22AM
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  • I am a retired employee of kaiser Permanente .I want to express my words to those that want to come work for Kaiser It is truly a wonderful place because of the members we get to interact with , not with the company itself Sure we have great benefits however Kaiser management has so many......................changes and difficulties with employees who are not loyal and take advantage of the union rights, so that their co workers end up suffering . While mgmt has so many meetings and differences . I miss the members however not some of their employees including physicians.THANK YOU FOR HAVING A SITE LIKE THIS.

    without merit 8/5/12 4:33PM

  • Help- I am an employee at Kaiser Hawaii and we have a terrible witch running our company- Janet Liang. If kaiser is such an outstanding company in our hawaii- then why haven't they fired Janet yet! God help us all

    Anonymous 12/12/11 10:33PM

  • KP employee being overworked and abused by violent manager who violates KP policies and Union contract. The HR and Administration at KP Panorama City are insane and evil, they hate their workers and allow Jacho violations to injure workers. They allow overwork some employees and give no work to others, the end result leads to errors that hurt the members.

    KaiserSlave 3/30/10 9:25PM

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