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Kenwood customer service is ranked #698 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 15.60 out of a possible 200 based upon 10 ratings. This score rates Kenwood customer service and customer support as Terrible.


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  • My name is javed ahmed and i purchased a kenwood ac 1.5 ton after 1month from purchasing date it blust by over voltage of electricity and i complain to ac enterprise show mister ahmed shahzad and he complaint to kenwood service centre and then a techanican visit my house and serve to ac and get flault in a circuit and sinice six days that techanican didnt come back and even he took gurunetee card of ac plz take action against them if u didnt take they i final will do fir in policce force... for elgal misbehave..

    javed ahmed 7/23/14 11:22PM
  • I have, at length, received two very unhelpful emails about my dissatisfaction with a breadmaker that failed to live up to its advertised specifications. The 'assistant manager' was dismissive, showing very limited knowledge of the product and even less interest.

    AnnieBramble 7/4/14 11:25AM
  • Kenwood TTM100 toaster - lasted just over a year of only occasional use. Explanation for its demise by Kenwood - a crumb got stuck! Heavens - who would have thought to find a crumb in a toaster? Laughable customer service. Absolutely no recognition that there is an issue with a toaster bought in 2013 and which is for the scrap heap in 2014. Fatuous reasoning on the part of the customer services employee. I am absolutely furious that I have paid for the return of the toaster to Kenwood, only to be told, "It has been noted that the lever fails to lock into place as there is a large currant/crumb which has burnt onto the element... as this failure has not been caused by a manufacturing fault, we are not in a position to replace the toaster on a free of charge basis for you I am afraid." THIS IS A TOASTER - IT IS MEANT FOR BREAD! I also had to chase up a response - receipt of the toaster was not acknowledged.

    Browned off 5/29/14 9:58AM
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT , I repeat DO NOT buy a Kmix kettle. The handle just seperated from the kettle whuilst I was carrying it. Fortunately the water was not boiling hot when it broke or I could have been seriously burned.

    Design is shocking. Held together by two self tappers into plastic !!!!

    Noel 4/22/13 2:46AM
  • The Kenwood FP250 has a design fault. I strongly recommend that you don't buy it. Often when full of food, the bottom dislodges so that all the contents spill out the bottom, all over the machine and the bench. It is incredibly frustrating and it is impossible to recover the food and you have to start again. When I complained, Kenwood referred me to their service agents, but it isn't a fixable fault, it is a design fault.

    Ben 4/6/13 2:07PM
  • Wow Kenwood whats up with your customer service. Did you guys hire 10 year old kids, customer service cant answer one simple Q.
    your going down hill

    Anonymous 2/15/12 5:29PM
  • I bought afoot processor FP220 and a toaster from METRO Islamabad on 25 dec,2011. after about 07 days of use the food processor got u/s. As i was busy I could manage to take the item to the kenwood service centre Islamabad on 22 Jan,2012. I found the attitude of the people present there very very casual.Mr Jamil, a technician found that the motor was u/s and needed repair.He told me that he would get it repaired from the market and within a week time i can collect it.It was not acceptable to me . I asked him to replace the motor as the rewinding of motor that too from a local market is not a good solution. but he very casually told me that this is what he could do for me and nothing more. I then insisted that he can give me the contact for some concern person. Ultimately i could talk to Mss Saima in Karachi on 021111764111.She nicely listened to me and told that she will try to help by replacing the faulty part. As i did not have confidence on the people sitting there at service centre Islamabad I asked her if Icould return the item for replacement at Metro .I then returned the item to the Customer service of Metro and informed Mr Faisal . a Kenwood representative there also. Metro voucher no is 11 13608750. They promised me to provide the feedback within a week.
    This is the first time I bought a Kenwood product with a confidence that its a English company and must be good.But to my surprise it failed with very little use and then the customer service was to my horror a real source of demotivation. I request the management to kindly look into the matter and provide me the replacement of the item and kindly build my confidence in Kenwood products which I am sure must be very good. sorry for any blunt comment if it is but I really consider it to be a good company but the response of service centre Islamabad was really very very poor and needs great improvements thanks .
    Air Cdre Zafir PAF islamabad Mobile 03239401451
    zhk_5 @

    Anonymous 1/21/12 6:35AM
  • I bought a product in NZ. However, when I tried to register it online for warranty purposes, I was unable to as one of the mandatory fields was to select and Australian state. Being in NZ, I simply couldn't do this so was unable to complete the registration. I then contacted customer services via their online form, but have heard absolutely nothing back. The option to phone Kenwood is also not available to NZ residents as the only number listed ANYWHERE on their website or documentation is a 1-800 number, which will not work from NZ. I really wonder why this company sells to NZ at all. They clearly don't value our business.

    Anonymous 1/11/12 1:32PM
  • I have bought a Titanium Major Kenwood mixer in August and was promised a Kenwood cookbook which I ordered via the web for free but never received. This is already 10 weeks ago. I used the link about 5 times already to complaint about my book with no luck

    Rika Uys 10/8/11 12:08PM
  • Dear Team, pls. note I purchased Kenwood Lotus AC through Bank Alfalah scheme one month back from Kenwood Gujranwala outlet at 216-E, St. Town. Gujranwala Pakistan.
    This was my first experience to buy any Kenwood product and I was really very touchy about it. Anyways, the AC cooling was not up to the standard, first I thought that may be this was the final cooling of Kenwood, but each day I found cooling down and down then previous day, upon calling at UAN help line number ((+92 21) 111-764-111) the company’s representative visit and check the AC and found the leakage of gas from the unit and guide me to reinstall the outer and indoor unit and all related pipes etc. and drop it at Kenwood office from where I purchased it (Kenwood Gujranwala outlet. 216-E, St. Town. Gujranwala. Pakistan). I obeyed the same last day and there company’s representative guide me that faulty parts should be replaced or repaired within couple of days.

    Team, I just want to know about my offense to purchase Kenwood product, that;

    First, I ordered “Epic”, instead of “Lotus”, but Kenwood company gave me “Lotus” as they said that “Epic” is out of order and will be available in next season???
    Second, banks informed me about free door step drop facility will be provided by Kenwood, but I have come to know by Kenwood to pick the unit myself from Gujranwala office (Kenwood Gujranwala outlet. 216-E, St. Town. Gujranwala. Pakistan) and I did it via hired a loader on Rs. 1000.
    Third, now its faulty, I again hired a loader on Rs. 1000 to drop it again at Kenwood outlet at Gujranwala (Kenwood Gujranwala outlet. 216-E, St. Town. Gujranwala. Pakistan).
    Fourth, I paid Rs. 2500 as installation charges and now Rs. 1500 to reinstall and again I have to pay Rs. 2500 to install it again???
    Fifth, again I have to pay Rs. 1000 of transportation charges from Kenwood outlet to home.

    Team, your cooperation and support is required on below mentioned points pls.

    First, pls. replace the unit with “Epic” as I ordered “Epic” and Kenwood provided me faulty “Lotus” unit!!!
    Second, free door step facility is required as at first time I didn’t entertained with this.
    Third, free installation is required by company’s officials as I already paid installation charges???
    Fourth, all additional unnecessary cost of Rs. 7500 have to return by Kenwood.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Samee ul-Haq
    6/ CB, Bilal St., Sharif Farm,
    Rahwali Cantt. Gujranwala.
    +92 55-3864389/ +92 333-8100031

    Samee 7/24/11 2:12AM

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