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Kindle customer service is ranked #28 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 91.45 out of a possible 200 based upon 202 ratings. This score rates Kindle customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


132 Negative Comments out of 202 Total Comments is 65.35%.


70 Positive Comments out of 202 Total Comments is 34.65%.

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  • I purchased a Kindle in May 2014 and because of a "glitch" as I was told, my Kindle was not able to be restored to the wireless network. As my router was installed several years ago, I do not remember the password. I am now unable to use my Kindle. This is very disappointing as I have trouble reading due to vision problems and now I am also unable to use Kindle as I spent four hours on the phone to get this resolved w/ absolutely no luck. Too bad the product wasn't as helpful and user friendly as the service people who spent so much time w/ me trying to help me. I'm so disappointed in how difficult the technical issues w/ Kindle are that I just threw my Kindle in the trash. What a waste of money! I'm going back to the large print books and will never buy another Kindle again! Thanks for nothing except taking my money!

    Anonymous 8/19/14 3:46PM
  • I need to return a defective Kindle, but cannot figure out how to get the return labels.

    revsara6 8/18/14 8:32AM
  • I purchased a kindle fire and used it very infrequently, when I did charge it, it never held the charge, I notified the company, they told me to reset it, etc etc. subsequently I found out this is a common hardware defect. They offered to sell me another one for 20$ off? Why would I buy a device that I know is defective and has terrible customer service?

    Kickenz 7/11/14 7:31AM
  • Here is an extract from my email to Amazon, they replied but did not offer to replace my kindle free or charge or refund for the books I purchased in last year which I did not even have a chance to read. Do not buy the Kindle, as it it over-priced and unreliable, you are better off with a cheaper e-reader.
    To Amazon Customer Service:

    I bought a kindle few years ago from Argos and paid more than £160 for it, after just a few days the screen froze, Argos refused to take it back and refused to repair it saying I damaged it myself by dropping it or something(which I didn't do). I called up Amazon and they agreed to take the defective kindle back and replace it.

    Fast Forward around 2 years later and the same thing happened to the second kindle, again I am careful with my kindle and this happened one day without warning.

    I googled around and apparently a lot of people have problems with frozen screens and a lot of them do get replacement screens from amazon, however some don't. This is my opinion about Kindle's problems and how Amazon deals with it.

    Amazon obviously knows that the Kindle is not a robust product and the screen is bound to have problems in a totally random fashion without any relation to how old it is or how it is treated , they want people to keep using them as it generates a lot in book sales and they don't want their product to get a bad name, so in order to quickly pacify customers they replace a faulty one. However in cases like mine when they think people have owned their Kindles 'long enough' and hence do not deserve a replacement they offer a refurbished Kindle at a discount prize.

    This is unfair to customers and unfair to retailers like Argos as we are not aware that the Kindle has a chance of malfunctioning anytime for no apparent reason. Amazon is not acknowledging the problems with Kindle. I am asking Amazon to acknowledge these problems with Kindle and give people and retailers adequate information about the problems the Kindle may encounter before they decide to purchase it.

    I paid a lot of money for my kindle and thought I was getting a superior product for the extra money as opposed to a cheaper e-reader like kobo. Unfortunately this was not the case.

    Niki 7/8/14 6:49AM
  • Purchased aKindel for my daughter. It stopped charging after 7 months. Called CS. They asked for a serial number thst is where? Not on the device but on the box and supposely inside the devise. But for some odd reason they have all these other rediculious numbers on the device that has no purpose or usfulness to the consumer. Can this be a class action.

    jake 6/16/14 8:10PM
  • Moving Books from One Kindle Device to Another
    My husband never really used the Kindle I bought for him, preferring a tablet, so I decided to donate mine to a friend and keep my husband's virtually brand new Kindle. But, when I registered on his Kindle, all my books downloaded into archive (where they can only be sorted by author or title) and Amazon says I have to move them one at a time. I have a huge library, and of course, I cannot tell which ones I have read or when I purchased them. I should, at least, be able to see how far I have read into a book on the computer, be able to group them into folders, and then only have to go through this tedious process with the books I have not yet read. They have had YEARS to fix this. I think they are too busy focusing on new products, and have left their loyal customers in the dust. All the more reason to switch over to a tablet or ultrabook. The functionality we are looking for is not rocket science. My kids could probably program it into their system. Kindle is in the dark ages...

    VoraciousReader 3/11/14 12:19PM
  • Finally I got an address. I have been trying for at least 5 weeks but couln't find anything close. I have two is a year and a half old and the other is much more advanced and that is 1 year old. I love the Kindle with the 5 way controller model....unfortunately this Kindle went completely blank and I cant even start it up. If I push the start button the green lite comes on but then fades right out. I live in The Gambia, West Africa in a small village. I grew very fond of my no frills kindle. I am a monk and have used the kindle for religious reading and also a novel or two. To send my Kindle back to the US would cost as much as the Kindle. Please help.
    brother dismas Mary
    Nazareth hermitage
    Salingding, Tanjeh, the Gambia

    brother dismas 2/14/14 11:08AM
  • i have had 2 kindle touch screens go bad, am presently using my daughters. I need to set up a new account and see if it is possible to save any of the books I never got to read. my name is frances livingood, am 70 years old, have ms and need some personal help. I no longer have a discover account with anyone. thank you and please help me.

    Anonymous 2/5/14 6:45PM
  • First...if you reading thinking of buying a kindle...stop here....DON'T BUY IT!!! I will never buy another and certainly not recommend it. Our first one had the battery overheat and burn a hole through the back cover. Only 10 months old and NO ONE would take responsibility for a poor product. We thought maybe that was a fluke. So we bought another 4 months ago. Now the stupid thing won't power up, turn on or charge. Worked fine last night...not today. So, try this website for help...they want $38. CRAPPY CRAPPY PRODUCT, CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE. NEVER AGAIN.

    DONE WITH IT! 2/1/14 10:34AM
  • Not having a number to call is just not right. I want to pass my kindle fire to my tech challenged husband but I have no direction on what to do first to make it ''new'' for him. May as well throw it out for all the support you get. Glad I got something better but will tell EVERYONE not to buy your product because it's not worth it due to lack of customer support.

    Anonymous 1/26/14 7:52PM
  • Purchased my Kindle Fire in 2011. Charging became an issue after the warranty expired. Amazon Customer Service responded by sending a new "rapid charger" and cord, at no charge. At the time they had offered to replace my Kindle Fire, however, in fairness, I opted to try the new charger and declined the offer. Now after only 3 months with the new rapid charger, my Kindle Fire is not holding a charge and cannot be used. Upon calling Amazon again they informed me that the original offer was no longer available and that they would not send me a "free" Kindle and claimed they never offered a "free" Kindle. I was tossed around on the sea of empty words only to end up with a rep that said my only recourse was to accept their offer for a refurbished Kindle at a lower than usual price,with another 1 year warranty. This device has not been received yet, and when it does, I am to send my original Kindle back to them. This is bothering me since they not only sell me a refurbished Kindle, they receive my original Kindle, which they will refurbish and re-sell again. From what I have read on the internet, the changes are very high that this new refurbished Kindle will also eventually demonstrate charging difficulties. The charging port has a manufacturing defect since the parts were not soldered properly. This is beginning to look like a widespread scam.

    Reflections3 1/18/14 7:23PM
  • Not having a phone number to call you is a huge mistake!

    Anonymous 1/16/14 1:46PM
  • I received my kindle fire hd for Christmas last year and loved it. I bought many books and some apps but just two weeks after my one year warranty has expired, it has stopped working completely. Won't charge, turn on, nothing. The screen is always black and the kindle fire logo will flash every now and then but that's it. When I called customer support, they couldn't help me since it was out of warranty. Said that it was malfunctioning. Only offer me a discounted price on a refurbished one. Yeah right! Total waste of money. I must have spent close to $100 in books and apps in a year only to be wasted. If you ask me, I think it is a total and utter scam put on by Amazon and people are clueless enough to buy these still because they do offer some pretty cool things. If only it worked, right? I wish I would have reviewed the product more before asking for one for Christmas. I hope people will be smarter than I was and research a little before making a purchase on a kindle. Buyers beware!

    Tvillarreal 1/11/14 1:45PM
  • My Kindle Wont Connect To My Wifi, It Says There Is A Problem With The Supplier. The Phone Number You Have Given Is Out Of Service. I Cant Put My Phone Number Into The Help Service, It Has Too Many Digits, I Cant Recommend This Product. Jan Bowen

    ? 1/3/14 7:30AM
  • TERRIBLE!! YOU HAVE NO human to go to..for help on access to lending library & free books..I own two kindles & none function correctly for the above..get your support dept./team together!!absolutely the worst run around I"ve been exposed to..

    Anonymous 12/30/13 12:45PM
  • I purchased a Kindle Fire HD 7" for my daughter. I bought it for her because disney junior app was available for the kindle fire. We had many issues with downloading the app. It wouldn't let me download it. So I wasn't able to give it to my daughter for Christmas. But, today I received a call back from the customer service, and they fixed the problem. They were so kind and helpful. Thank you so much!! My little girl loves her kindle fire. I was able to keep it and not return it. I'm a happy mama and she is a happy little girl.

    tngonzo05 12/27/13 6:40PM
  • I purchased a kindle for my husband and it did not last even 2 yrs. My husband purchased a kindle for me and it lasted less than 2 yrs. I purchased a replacement kindle for lasted less than 3 months. Prior to the demise of my new Kindle in Sept 2013...I purchased a new kindle for my husband....It doesn't work properly. What kind of junk is kindle scamming us with? When a person tries to contact kindle....the help is useless....Very poor company to do business with

    alice 12/26/13 9:49PM
  • No instruction manual and cannot access the home page despite several efforts.

    No phone number to ask for help.

    I would never buy something like this again!

    I don't know 12/26/13 9:08AM
  • INSULTING!!!! What is it with companies that apparently train their employees to be condescendingly rude to their customers?! I'm SO tired of that. "You sound upset. I can't help you if you are upset"

    What the? 12/20/13 2:30PM
  • I found the Kindle Fire tech to not listen to me, and to be absolutely no help! I ended the conversation with...we are aware of the problem with the Kindles shutting themselves off ... and no answer at all about it overheating as soon as its plugged in (even when turned off). As far as the shutting off problem, its not a NEW sisters first one did this when she bought it over a year ago.

    Cosmina 12/1/13 1:52PM
  • My first kindle fire froze up all the time. I finally took back to Radio shack and of course said I did something wrong. Well they tried everything and realized it was bad after only three weeks of having it. sent a new one April of 2012. Then after about 9 months it wouldn't charge they sent it in and gave me a new one in January of 2013. Now this one will not charge properly either and they say the warranty goes back to march of 2012 on the first one I got so they will not warranty it and want me to pay $130.00 plus shipping for a new one again. From what I hear the problems with the ports for charging and the charging are the main problem but they do not stand behind there product. People don't buy this product until they fix it.


    ANONYMOUS 11/18/13 8:09PM
  • After reading all the comments I see we're all having the problem, my sons kindle is about 2yrs old but he's had trouble charging it for over a year and now can't get it to charge at's not the charger it self it the port on the actual device where you plug it in ...broken probably from every time trying to get it to charge had to wiggle it to get orange light to light then god for bid if you moved it a smidgen ..then it would go out & no now what do you do with a device you can't charge.??? Not to happy for a costly device !!!

    Unhappy mom 11/8/13 9:31PM
  • Kindle Support is useless. They have a policy of not having the same person deal with a complain. Several answers are sent to one email by different people who contradict themselves.

    Blaster 10/23/13 6:04PM
  • I returned my kindle under warranted and was told I would be refunded for shipping costs and now am being told I will not get refunded because I have not purchased enough items on amazon! I am extremely upset!

    cockettfamily 10/23/13 1:01PM
  • Ridiculous that they cannot help you repair your out of warranty kindle. Only option is buy a new one...way to keep customers.

    Unsatisfied 10/13/13 1:34PM
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  • great help, I am so very glad I called, he was great and early in the morning also

    Anonymous 4/1/14 6:36AM
  • I just called and had a wonderful experience with them !! A customer service rep called me immediately and walked me thru the trouble shooting process and determined that it was the kindle that was defective....they are sending me a new one in 2 days !!!This is my daughter's 2nd defective kindle which has been a little annoying, but we purchased a 2 year warranty and it has been well worth the extra cost !! hopefully the 3rd one will be the charm and not defective as well!! As far as customer service goes, she was great !! I think her name was michelle!!

    Brandy Allred 1/30/14 9:10AM
  • I recently had to get my Kindle replaced due to the screen jumping, and lines running together.
    I was really happy with the service, as I received my new Kindle within 2 business days.

    When using my new Kindle though, I have noticed that when I go to a site, where I would need to type in my location, such as, or that there were already places I have never heard of typed into makes me wonder if my Kindle was indeed a refurbished Kindle.

    When I called Amazon to make sure my old Kindle had been received by them (so I did not get charged for it), the person I spoke with said my Kindle was a new one, and not refurbished, but, I do wonder considering that it had specific areas already on it.

    Other than that little blip, my service with Amazon has always been extremely good!!!

    Anonymous 1/16/14 12:42PM
  • My wife is now a former Kindle user due to the poor quality of the device, a Keyboard. While we applaud the fine support from the tech staff, the device is poorly made and doesn't perform. Her next contact will be to inquire how she can recover her purchased books and transfer them to a more reliable, non-Kindle device.

    Ex-kindle user 10/10/13 8:29PM
  • unbelievable. they could not do enough for me . would recommend amazon to kindle went wrong and could not be repaired so they replaced it right away no questions asked. the replacement was a newer and better version

    Anonymous 8/15/13 8:46AM
  • I Drew A Blank On My Kindel And Called Tech Surpport. I Want To Say The Individual I Talked To Was Extremely Supportive As Well As Patient, Conversive And Helpfull. I Can Not Say Enough About The Time And Very Long Patient Assistance She Offered. Thank You And She In West Virginia.

    Phil Brockelman

    I CANT REMEMBER 8/3/13 10:02AM
  • What a great site! Followed the directions and got a call from a Kindle Customer Service Rep and she was so helpful. Although my problem stumped them, we worked through 90% of the issue and they are going to continue to resolve this week and promised to call me back next Sunday at 1p! Thanks for the info on using this site.

    Anonymous 7/21/13 1:57PM
  • I could not be happier with the wonderful customer service provided to me for my Kindle! My questions were answered promptly and politely & my replacement Kindle arrived on schedule as promised. Thank you for being KINDLE!!!

    OMGflea 6/16/13 12:18PM
  • 'i have only had positive experiences with the kindle customer service department. So far, for me, Kindle has stood behind their product.

    Anonymous 3/22/13 7:33AM
  • I posted a negative comment this afternoon about replacing my replaced kindle - first one inside the i year warranty and second one just outside the 3 month replacement warranty. Both had the identical fault. I complained after speaking to the first person and having then asked for his manager was refused a free replacement - just offered a £40 reduction on a new one which I refused.

    BUT then I asked to speak to someone more senior - he is sending me a replacement kindle free of charge tomorrow after I explained my anger. He was polite and helpful and offered exactly what I thought was fair. Maybe only senior staff can do this - anyway it is obviously worth speaking to a member of the senior team.

    Anonymous 3/3/13 12:14PM
  • The last time I called customer Service I couldn't believe how helpful the Rep was. I said I'm glad you have a brain, most custom. Serv. Reps I talk to r outta country and very rude. The Rep instantly replied "yes, here at amazon were allowed to keep our brains ". My kindle stopped charging and I hope I'm so lucky with the next Rep n that everyones comments on here are true! Fingers crossed!

    fviolet22 1/8/13 9:17PM
  • I called Amazon because my 2nd gen Kindle's screen went black in the right hand corner for no reason (no drop, contact with water, etc.) After troubleshooting with no improvement the customer service rep immediately offered to replace it with a new Kindle at no charge and get it to me the next day. Great customer service and I love my Kindle!

    Jillspill 12/4/12 10:09AM
  • My Kindle Fire developed a software issue and was having problems turning on (not really a fault of the machine itself, it was due to some operator error). I went to the Amazon customer support site and gave them my number and they actually called me within a couple minutes which was nice since I didn't have to deal with a automated phone system or wait 30 min on hold, I was speaking to a representative within minutes of alerting them to a problem. My kindle was still under warranty, and after attempting a manual reset which didn't work the representative told me that Amazon would send me a replacement Kindle Fire immediately and all I would have to do is return the broken one in the shipping box that the new one came in, they even sent me an email with paid postage to affix to the box. I got my new kindle in about 5 days, it seemed to be unused with no scratches or damage, I am not sure if it was actually new but I suspect it was one that was returned to them within the first 30 day return period. Anyway, the process couldn't have been quicker or easier, and I was really relieved that they honored the warranty without any hassle or loopholes. Wonderful customer service and I am definitely going to stick with Amazon for a lot of my future purchases.

    Anonymous 11/13/12 10:21PM
  • I merely want to add my personal opinion to this comment section. I am 55 years old, disabled and by no means the world's brightest on any computerized device. I am not illiterate but definitely lacking advanced abilities so I want to give Amazon customer support kudos for being the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly support system I have ever had the necessity to use. There are many companies that could learn a lot from Amazon. I will use Amazon as a market source more readily because of their customer service. Thank you, Amazon.

    hereskeith 11/12/12 5:55PM
  • My Kindle wifi keyboard screen went when I was using it. Called Amazon yesterday and Customer Service was amazing. They said they would send me a new one and it arrived this morning, less than 24 hours after speaking to them! I have 30 days to send my broken one to them.
    The customer service is second to none, totally amazing. I wish all companies customer service was as good as this. Thank you Amazon.

    lanehouserocks 11/2/12 7:07AM
  • I have had the original Kindle since they came out and decided to upgrade to the Kindle Fire HD. I just want to say that I am just getting started but the Customer Service is absolutely AWESOME...Never had some prompt, friendly people in my life on any product I have ever owned. Please if you are thinking of Upgragding GO FOR IT. These people will guide you every step of the way.

    oookay 10/20/12 11:57AM
  • Received really good customer service from Amazon this morning following an issue with the ink on my Kindle Keyboard. Can't speak highly enough of them

    agd102771 10/20/12 2:07AM
  • I had kindle 6 months and it quit charging i was sent a new one 3 months later same problem can you say junk ipad is way better dont waste your money

    Carla1956 10/1/12 12:17PM
  • I contacted Customer Service because my Kindle was not working properly. Raj assisted me and I am very happy with the results. VERY GOOD customer service!

    Anonymous 9/20/12 3:15PM
  • WOW what a support system, after entering my phone number someone called me right way. Got my kindle fixed and I'm one happy customer. Thanks for the great help and it was easy and took less than 10 minutes, wished I had done this 3 weeks ago. Life is good again with my Kindle FIre

    Anonymous 9/7/12 8:55AM
  • I cannot believe how easy this was !!!!! Paula answered my call and was very professional. I had many questions, and she patiently answered them all. Amazon stands behind their products, unlike the store I purchased this from. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quick service and help.

    Thanks again Paula,
    Mrs. Parker

    Anonymous 9/1/12 4:29PM
  • I rarely leave customer service comments/reviews, but feel like I had to, after just getting off the phone with Amazon customer service. Best customer warranty services experience I've ever had. I waited less than 2 minutes on the phone, briefly explained my issue with the Kindle (which was a manufacturer defect), and they said they would have the warranty replacement delivered within two business days. Very impressed!

    saraskav 7/31/12 11:29AM
  • Kindle's a great idea and a fair product overall. However if you (or the publishers) continue raising the price for books, I for one will go back to paying a couple more bucks (in many cases) and return to the good old printed page, where things are more amenable to my research needs and where the text is more accessible and sources are more quotable ... and the final text is much less likely to contain sometimes serious editorial errors. Kindle is good for pleasure reading (popular novels etc.) but not for more serious stuff for which you are now starting to overcharge.

    Will 7/26/12 7:08AM
  • Customer service should always be this easy! I had absolutely no wait time. My issue was identified and a solution was reached within a matter of two minutes. The reps were not only helpful but also nice, that is always a PLUS!!!

    Anonymous 7/23/12 9:20PM
  • Customer service answered phone without delay-rang me back within 1 min.Had a problem with WiFi signal not received on Kindle.Spoke to total 3 advisers. 2 did not rectify problem but fortunately a Lisa O.entered the scene, was excellent, solved probs. On phone at K expense perap total of 2/3 hours.Cannot understand these negative feedbacks!Found customer service very acceptable, especially from Lisa.

    Julie 7/5/12 11:20PM

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