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Kohl's customer service is ranked #58 out of the 729 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 75.07 out of a possible 200 based upon 60 ratings. This score rates Kohl's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


44 Negative Comments out of 60 Total Comments is 73.33%.


16 Positive Comments out of 60 Total Comments is 26.67%.

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  • Has anyone else stopped receiving coupons and their rewards for being a preferred customer after having an issue and dealing with the so called "customer service " department and/or what they call a "supervisor"
    I beleive they have what they think is a means of "punishment" for complaining or calling them out on their mistake. Only punishment here is that I have renewed an online friendship with Macy's, Penny's and Herbergers!
    Took their survey and givin 15% off coupon...
    won't even waste my time with it!

    no faux pas here 5/24/14 8:12AM
  • customer service is the WORST. I spent over 3 hours trying to get shipping charges of $6.95 refunded. I previously spoke with a supervisor who notified me that he could send out a check because I did not want my kohls charge card credited (I don't want to have to make a purchase at Kohls to get the refund). Over a month later and still no check. I called to follow up and see if the check was sent out. I had to start over with entire situation to an associate who couldn't resolve the issue the way that was promised. After 15 min. with the associate, I waited over another 15 minutes to speak to a supervisor, Richard who did apologize but kept beating around the bush & repeating himself. He mentioned if I wanted to cancel my card then after the account had closed, Kohl's would send a check for remaining credits. Which indicates to me that the only way to receive the shipping credit via check, like I preferred & was promised, I would have to close my Kohl's charge account. We were not getting anywhere or resolving the issue. I was on hold while he was talking to another department. Then transferred me to the credit department who is NOT able to send refund checks for shipping. I tried explaining that to the supervisor, but he was too happy to just transfer me and my problem over to Kohls credit customer service. It appears associates need training on the charge dept. functions. Both times I spoke to the charge department, the associate assisted me and took care of the issue with in a few minutes. I am VERY frustrated and ready to cancel my Kohls charge card! Kohls credit customer service is superior to customer service.

    Richard did keep me udpated on what steps he was taking and why he was putting me on hold, unlike the first associate I spoke with when I had called. It's nice to know what exactly they're doing and looking for while you're on hold.

    Anonymous 5/1/14 3:24PM
  • Dear Kohls, I was at your Chicago Ridge store in Illinois.I had a purchase of approx.31 .00 dollars.I had a 30 percent coupon and a 10.oo and a 20.00 bonus coupon.The girl told me at the end that she had to take off the two bonus coupons first,so instead of getting almost 9.00 off for the 30 percent coupon,I got a measly .38.That is terribly wrong.My coupon should be used toward my purchase and the bonus coupons should be a plus.If this is how Kohls is going to do business,I will never shop there again.My bonus coupons should not take away from your weekly coupon offers.Please respond to my complaint!Carol Holleman at

    Anonymous 3/16/14 2:47PM
  • I had a bad experience with your Hamden, Connecticut Kohl's Store on February 22,2014. I made a purchase that was clearly marked with the price and a sign with the discount of 30%. When I went to the register the cashier scanned the item and it did not scan the price on the packaging, it scanned a higher price. I told the cashier that the price that was scanned with wrong, according to the sale sign on the merchandise it should have scanned for $2 less. She asked me if this was the correct packaging,She was questioning me like I had changed the package. Instead of her calling a manager to verify pricing she called no one just said she could not give it to me for that price,my take on that was buy it for this price or don't buy it at all, I think that the cashier was in a hurry to leave because her shift was ending. I left the store and decided to come back in to talk to someone els. I went to another cashier and wanted to tell her about the issue. She was not too nice about it. She really did not want to hear what I had to say, her comment to me very rudely was mame I'am giving it to you for the sale price. I have worked in retail for 12 years and I would never be that rude to my customers. I think both cashiers need more customer service training to deal effectively with customers. I left the store not knowing if I would ever come back to shop there again.I have never had that type of experience before while shopping. Are these the type of people that you want representing Kohl's.

    Anonymous 2/22/14 6:19PM
  • I am an ex employee from Kohls in Bethel Park, which has been mistreated from the get go ... 1)assigned to a department then got balled out for not moving around to other departments. 2) had items stolen from me, eye glasses, credit card charged clothing, 3) was smart mouthed by customer service, 4)was screamed at by manger Kathy Gray, 5) and terminated (rescinded job offer) without a reason. Margaret the head manager wouldn't even listen to what I had to say and I did send her a letter but it was disregarded.
    I have been a Kohls customer since the store opening and do not appreciate not just the mistreatment of my employment but the non-stop phone calls.
    This was after "employee appreciation day" and accrued a bill which I tried to return it less than a month later but was told by Diana (customer service)I couldn't because it was end of season goods.
    I have been called non stop for payment, last payment I made was last month ... I bought a pair of tennis shoes and did pay $10 out of $20 and will pay the rest March 2.
    The calls are several times a day, customer service reps that call won't even listen to me telling them to stop calling. Isn't there a law against that?

    Purple Mary 2/19/14 10:08AM
  • I made a payment the Tuesday after Christmas. I made the payment in customer service in the back of the store. Last Tuesday I received a bill for $55 and a late charge of $25 dollars.
    I gave the customer service person in the store cash for the payment, she told me that all she needed was my last 4 numbers of my social security. She never applied, she stole my $60 and lied to me.
    I told the rep last Tuesday and she made me pay the $55 and she would drop the late charge WOW thanks so much. I nor my wife will ever shop in your store again. I will tell as many people as I can about what happen.

    Anonymous 2/11/14 4:03PM
  • On January 11 2014 I shopped at your Huber Heights store and Flo checked me out. She is a very grumpy person. I told her I had a 15% coupon at home and she said I had to have the coupon to get a discount so I asked her if I could get 15% off by using my Kohl's card and said not today. I shop at Kohl's often and have never had a cashier as grumpy as her!

    Anonymous 1/12/14 5:49PM
  • Being the holiday, yes I did forget the dec. 20th payment. Upon realizing this on January 3rd I tried to pay online. It kept denying me, so I called. I was now in collections with a $35 late fee. I couldn't believe I was in collections! I even received a statement showing my next due date was January 20th! I still needed to make a payment only then am I informed that over the phone payment is a $10 charge. So all together $45 added. I can understand NOT PAYING AT ALL and WAY PAST DUE...but this I was not! I do not believe anybody from corporate or any people from Kohls will actually read this or any other comments made. But hey..someone who is considering a charge account with Kohls may reconsider knowing that they do their best to rip people off.

    Bridgett 1/3/14 8:34PM
  • I had e-mailed Kohls customer service about a week before Christmas regarding a bad experience I had with a hostile, unprofessional associate working behind the jewelry counter (seems to be a repetitive problem regardless whether it's a holiday or not).

    Ten days later, Kohls e-mailed me this "form letter":

    "We know you have a lot of options and we truly appreciate your business.

    Unexpected volumes in recent weeks have prevented us from addressing the customer service inquiry, referenced here, within our normal response timeframes. We strive to provide exceptional customer service on a regular basis, and sincerely apologize that you experienced this delay.

    In anticipation that your issue may have already been resolved, we will be closing your inquiry as we do not wish to complicate your experience with a separate reply. However, if you do still need assistance with this concern, please respond to this email. Those responses will then be prioritized for an expedited review and response.

    Thank you again for being a valued Kohl's customer."

    I can certainly see how much they value and appreciate my business. I don't know why they bother with the Kohls surveys either. Whether you e-mail directly to Kohls customer service or fill out the online surveys, their customer service remains insulting.

    Anonymous 12/31/13 9:44AM
  • How can we order anything on your site when it wont work i have been trying for hrs

    txblondeeee 12/4/13 8:28PM
  • I have tried for almost 3 years to get Kohl's to send my periodically mailed discount coupons to the correct address and have called Kohl's Customer Service to complain on numerous occasions and try to get my discount coupons mailed to the correct address and so far I am still not receiving them and they have my correct address which they have verified each time I have called. I thought that when I received my new card at the correct address that I would finally start receiving my coupons but I know that there were some mailed out not long ago that are in effect right now because I have many friends who have received theirs and I AM STILL NOT receiving mine. It's funny that they have my address to send me new cards but not my discount coupons and I am tired of dealing with them over this issue. Kohl's USE TO BE my favorite store to shop and now I would rather shop at Wal Mart, at least they take care of the problems in their customer service and I am seriously thinking about cancelling my Kohl's card and never going into another Kohl's store because it has become very apparent to me that they DON'T CARE. They don't take care of their customers or care about their customers and the frustration of dealing with this issue has become more than I want to or care to deal with anymore.

    GRANDMA 11/13/13 7:10PM
  • I just went around and around with three "customer service people" this week alone about my charge account with Kohls. Apparently nobody in their charge account department has the same information as the next one. I was told one thing by one person, a different thing by a completely nasty person the second time.. and when I called back I got a third person that defended the first two. I like being able to shop at their store and their coupons are great.. but it is totally not worth it to deal with such ignorant representatives. As much as I like to shop there.. I'm done with them.

    [email protected] 11/13/13 8:13AM
  • I was insulted by poor and inconsistent customer service on Nov. 6, 2013 at 9:15 p.m, Vancouver, WA Mill Plain Kohls store. Specifically, I was denied credit when I tried to use a $20 cash card for a $10 purchase. The cashier and store manager told me I would have to forfeit the remaining $10 left on my card. In other words, I had to spend $20 all at one time or else lose any balance left from my single $10 purchase.

    The thing that bothers me most is that another store manager at the same store told me there were "no problems" in using the KOHLS Cash after the due date. Well, I guess the policy depends on what store manager you ask! Instead, the policy should be consistent and clear to the customer at all times.

    If the KOHLS Cash is really "just like getting paid to shop" then $20 should be $20 and the value should be the same, no matter WHEN you make your purchase! It would be ridiculous to give someone a $20 bill for an item that costs $10 and not receive any change or credit!!! Why should I be expected to forfeit the $10 balance on my KOHLS cash anyway?.

    Anonymous 11/6/13 11:01PM
  • I am trying to pay my Kohls Credit Card payment and you have made it almost impossible. I had asked for notice of when payment is due, then going on tonight I can't figure out where to pay because you are involved with so many other credit types. so you customer is not special to you.
    Just one more thing in visiting your stores. It is so hard to run in and find clothing. It is totaly overwhelming. You could possibly put the big discounts in the secondary areas and allow people who just want to buy the current clothing and their sales. I have never been able to go through those racks and find you store in the front is just packed with no order.

    Ruth 10/12/13 4:29PM
  • I Doubt If You Read This Information But Anyway I Want To Vent. I Went To Kohl's Yesterday. I Am A Very Loyal Charge Card Customer. I Was Treated Like A Dog By The Check-out Clerk, Marsha, And She Was Also Beyond Rude To Those In Front Of Me And Behind... She Needs To Be Put In The Stock Room Where She Isn't Bothered By Customers. She Was Obnoxious, Argumentative, Short With People And The Rudest Clerk I've Ever Encountered And I'm Not Young! I've Been Shopping For Years But Never Seen Anything Like Her...williamsburg, Virginia..september 29, 2013...mid-morning...marsha!!!! Registers By Women's Wear... Everyone Was Talking About It Out In The Parking Lot!!!!

    Anonymous 9/30/13 10:20AM
  • I used a Kohls $10.00 coupon on the weekend and purchased two items with an out of pocket amount of $3.07. The items didn't fit well so today I returned them wanting to purchase a full price skirt for $24.99. They proceeded to charge me full price minus the $3.07 only (not allowed the $10.00 coupon from Kohls.) I think this is such an unfair business practice. As a result of their manipulative treatment, I went elsewhere. Don't believe the customer service hype...they are not fair!

    Dee 7/23/13 11:26AM
  • On June 7th I went to the Yorkville Kohl's to purchase the sling chaise lounge chair and the 5 tier black book case. I had a 30% off From the add I recieved in the mail and I wouls get $10.00 kohl's cash for every $50.00 spent..Great Deal right? WRONG!!!!They said they only had ONE lounge chair to start the ad so they are out of stock now. The book case the young lady went to look for came back and said "we don't have those"!! Why are they in the ad and we can't get them!! They offered to call other stores and did find a chair at fox valley which is 45 50 minutes away but did not have the book case. I said forget asked for a corporate number and purchased 2 other items and left. Called the number to complain the lady tells me I can order online and have it shipped to my home....Great....WRONG AGAIN!!!Item is not on line so I call back another associate looks for it and tells me sorry I can't find it have other items in that catagory. I don't want other items I want the lounge chair!!!!!He then tells me we are out of stock so you cant get it. I ask to speak to someone higher up he connects me I tell my story to yet another person. He told me No stores have the chair in stock but when they are available I can still get it for the sale price plus 30% off but NO KOLH'S CASH SORRY!!!But I still have to check the internet every so often to see if it's in stock...I told him forget it I want nothing more to do with this company...By the way I spend quite a bit in Kohl's as you can very well check my charge account!! Also shop without the credit card..I hope I never have to shop Kohl's again! Worst shopping experience I have ever had!!! Here is a good idea...If you put seasonal items on sale keep them in the stock room for the ad and maybe you just might have more than ONE to sell for the sale price!! Target and K-Mart will get my money from now on..
    Thank You
    Linda Preto

    Anonymous 6/7/13 12:37PM
  • On April 20th I went into my Ammon, Idaho Kohl's store around 9 p.m. to purchase some rugs. I had close to $200 worth of merchandise. The woman ahead of me bought something, but then wanted to pay her Kohls bill at the check out counter. She had none of the information she needed to pay the bill and I could see it would take awhile. My husband and I switched to the only other open line. The man there was paying, so I thought we'd be pretty quick to have our turn. WRONG! This is Kohl's customer service. The store associate finished her transaction with the man, then turned to us and told us we would have to go BACK to the line we had just left because she was closed! The lady in the other line was STILL paying her Kohl's bill! We set all the merchandise down on the counter and walked out. Customer service is not a priority here. I'm paying off my the last of my Kohl's bill and that's enough for me.

    anonymous 5/7/13 9:47PM
  • I had account problem which I tried to resolve for 3 months. I was told a different solution each month I called by different customer service reps. I did what I was told and the problem with my account continued. I was treated very poorly by many customer service reps and my issue was never solved to my satisfaction. One customer service rep did admit that I had been misinformed on account info and sorry but I was to be the one to pay extra fees for the employees mistakes. Unbelievable!!! I closed my account and will not walk into another Kohl's store again.

    Anonymous 4/8/13 2:29PM
  • I paid my account in full the amount of $81.89.I did not receive a paperless statement for one month. On the following moth when I received my statement I was being charged late fees totaling $99.88 When I called customer service I was told the amount would be dropped but it was not. I wrote a letter to customer service but did not receive a reply. After checking the internet regarding Kohl's business practices and saw all the negative complaints I quickly paid the unfair amount and cancelled my account. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Kohl's should be shut down because of unfair business practices.

    koko50 3/28/13 7:57PM
  • Terriblible customer service in the Spartanburg SC store on WO Ezell Blvd.I am going to cancel my Kohls card ASAP.Beware if you go in happy you will leave very unhappy!

    Anonymous 3/20/13 10:59AM
  • I had a horrible shopping experience at Kohls on Wed March 19,2013.I had been in the store 15 min and no associate ask if they could be of assistance.While in the mens department in the clearence section which they have on the far side of the store near a corner,I someone announce a bunch of codes over the intercom.i looked up and there were 3-4 associates close to me pretending to fold clothes in an area that did not need attention.I cont. to look at the ties but I did not feel comfortable at this point and ask the guy for a Manager.He stated he was a floor Manager.I ask why were these people peering at me as I tried to shop for ties.He stated they were recovering the dept.I think to myself that if I wanted to steal I would have worn my name tag and 3 inch heels.I took out my cell phone and began to video the incident at hand.i plan on sharing this with my boss and I walked out of the store I noticed there was no one else "recovering" in other departments...hum

    Anonymous 3/20/13 10:55AM
  • I am about to close my kohl's account due to excessive and bothersome calls from some number that is left on my phone everyday even though i have told them to quit calling. I have been a kohls customer since 2002 and spent thousands of dollars at this store and don't enjoy being aggravated @ all hours of the day from these telemarketers. When I call back they say it is a survey and the person answering the phone will not know that! What the heck!!! Then they ask for account number and SS#. I am not late on my bill and today when I called back again they said I must be getting called in error because I was not in colletions. What in the heck is wrong with your customer service training? if this is your people calling customers in error, I am assured many others will close their account to. Stop the calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 3/9/13 1:33PM
  • I will never shop Kohl's again! I paid my balance on my account on the 02/09/13 and today I got a call from the collections dept saying my pymt was "reversed", (not returned), but reversed. They said it was something to do with my bank account number. The pymt did not show in my bank account at all, so I told them ok that I would make a pymt right then over the phone but I didn't think it was fair that I have to pay a late fee because I did pay it on the web and even had to call and have a customer service rep help me and they could not tell me what happened with my pymt from the 9th. So they told me they would do a "one time courtesy" waive of the late fee but I still had to pay the interest and a $10 charge for making the pymt over the phone!!!!! I had them transfer me to the cancellation dept as soon as we were done and I canceled that card! This was the first time I used the Kohl's website to pay the bill and thank goodness I will never have to do it again!! I hate Kohl's now and will tell all that will listen!

    Deb 2/19/13 8:29PM
  • I found this website while looking for a contact number for AT&T. At any rate, when I saw a listing for Kohl's I felt compelled to leave this review.
    In May of 2010 my father was killed in an accident. During the 24 hours he was on life support and the day we planned his funeral arrangements Kohl's contacted my other about her bill with them. Logically, I tried to assist for obvious reasons on my mother's behalf and asked them to wait a few days as well as pointed out that they were in error of what she owed entirely. I was surprised when I received a rude response, was redirected to another person and was told that only my mother could deal with the situation and that it essentially had to be dealt with right then.
    Let me add a few points at this juncture.
    First, my mother owed them nothing. The entire thing was a complete screwup.
    Secondly, my mother pays cash for most things including the last vehicle she purchased as well as the house she just purchased.
    Clearly, rather than take an understanding viewpoint and check their records someone at Kohl's was having a bad if my mother wasn't when her husband of 40 plus years was killed.
    Since then my mother, myself, and most of my family refuses to shop at Kohl's. It's the Wal~Mart of department stores and the customer service we received (let alone their own fact checking about their erroneous situation) wasn't bad. It was reprehensible and showed a lack of emotional intelligence that baffles me to this day.

    cmphillips 2/19/13 4:26AM
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  • I would like to compliment Janice M. at the Auburn Hills, Michigan, store. She was fantastic. Very pleasant, very helpful. She made the whole shopping experience very pleasant. Great associate!!

    Vicki 6/29/14 11:41AM
  • I Was Complety Satisfied,the Manger Took Care Of My Exchange Very Professingal.

    Anonymous 3/12/14 8:33AM
  • I seem to be in the minority. I have always received fast courteous service from Kohl's. I have placed numerous items on-line and in the store. Customer service and support lines have always been very helpful.

    Valerie 2/10/14 10:42AM
  • while in the store I over heard the manager welcoming an employee back and said that she had been missed. I thought that was quite nice of him...where I work the managers don't even bother to say good morning. My cashier needed assistance and he came up to the register.. I told him how cool I thought that was of him.

    dhaver3425 2/9/14 3:20PM
  • I had a very good experience with a salesperson named Joyce in the Newport news, Virginia store today. She went out of her way to support and help me and my sister today in selecting a vacuum cleaner and bedding supplies. She was kind and courteous and spent a lot of time helping us. She certainly deserves to be recognized as an excellent addition to the staff at the Kohls store in Newport News Virginia.

    Joyce 8/4/13 3:40PM
  • The Kohl's in Branson, Mo., has always exceeded my expectations. If there are lots of people in line the person at the jewelry counter always calls people to come to her. I'd gone in intending to get one thing, didn't get a cart, and ended up with items spilling off me, a cart appeared without my asking by a smiling sales clerk. I've never had the slightest problem returning anything and I've had employees go way out of their way to help me find what I wanted. They may not be so great other places but they're well trained in Branson. It's sad that good customer service is so rare when it used to be the norm.

    Ozark Lady 7/29/13 8:31PM
  • I would like to comment on the manager that works there at your stor , she always has a smile on her face and a wonderful caring personality.

    Today I asked her , for her name it is Stephanie.

    Stephanie is a pleasure to know, and I would think that she would be a pleasure to work for

    Dolly Liesse,,,,

    Renolil39 7/9/13 3:23PM
  • we would like to let you know how much we appreciated BOB from you Home bedding dept. He went the extra nine yards for us and was so corteous and helpful. Outstanding employee. Thank you Bob Oviedo, Florida Kohl's.

    Anonymous 3/7/13 3:26PM
  • k0hls is my number one store for my shopping, the children and grandchildren and any gifts i must buy, my husband says i live there he is just about right all the clerks know me and are so fvriendly,

    Anonymous 1/15/13 2:37PM
  • I was on a mission to shop for our 4 granddaughters and shopped at the Kohl's #678 in Cottage Grove MN.
    I want to say three cheers to Dan, and Jolynn for all your help you had given me. You understood my needs and really made my shopping experience wonderful.
    Thanks to Dan & Jolynn for all your awesome help and making me one happy customer. I rate Dan & Jolynn a 10. Thanks again!

    Happy Cottage Grove, MN Customer

    Happy CG 12/1/12 4:38PM
  • Khols is one of the best places to shop. Customer service is great. Prices are resonable and they provide many discount offers, coupons that are not limited to specific items like Macys. You get a discount card or $10.00 Khols cash & you can use it towards any purchase. Purchases in store or online. If you have to return any items they will refund/ credit your acct for purchase no questions asked. Great place to shop!!

    sunshine 11/19/12 7:00AM
  • I was just at your Brookfield store (124th & North) and wanted to let you know that it was a great shopping trip. Especially with the wonderful customer service I experienced from Peter S., Kathy B., and Debra J. I do or do not frequent a store based approximately 75% on how I am treated by the store employees. You are getting better and better at servicing your customers.
    Congratulations !

    With that said, corporate was touring the store. They obviously had no concern for customers as they were clogging a good portion of the aisles and didn't move for any customers. Especially Group #3. Maybe they should have a refreshed course in customer service.

    Anonymous 9/13/12 11:33AM
  • I really love my Plainfield, Indiana Kohl's. I hear that the store manager there is leaving to go to another company. That makes me very sad. She was a very nice lady.

    Eloise 8/2/12 1:03PM
  • Shopped at your Clifton, NJ store #0541 today and again it was a great experience. Returned an item and dealt with Georgette and Melinda. Shopped and was helped by Johanny and of course was greeted by Bhavesh and Geovanny. What a great bunch of employees, always there to help you with a smile. I shop here quite often. It's my favorite store.

    jackie 3/9/12 11:58AM
  • I took their survey in which all of my opinions were favorable, except I intended to make a comment as to why I had one complaint, but the survey ended before they allowed a place to make a comment.
    My complaint was that 4 out of 5 times that I ask for a "gift receipt" I realize after I get home that they did not provide one. The last case was the purchase of a very expensive men's cross necklace.

    Anonymous 12/4/11 12:47PM
  • While at the Lynwood WA store there was some confusion about the sale price of an item we were buying. We were helped very competantly and left very satisfied with the help we received from the salesperson "Gigi"

    Anonymous 7/24/11 6:29PM
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  • ok I went to Kohls in san valley today, the service and the prices were great but theres one problem it was very hot in there, they didn't have air conditioning. That was just redicilous I left my stuff and left because I was sweating I couldn't take it no more. I think that's just redicilous that a company like Kohls doesn't have air conditioning because even Target ,Walmart...... have it!

    Anonymous 7/21/12 5:02PM

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