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LA Fitness customer service is ranked #530 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.01 out of a possible 200 based upon 451 ratings. This score rates LA Fitness customer service and customer support as Terrible.


432 Negative Comments out of 451 Total Comments is 95.79%.


19 Positive Comments out of 451 Total Comments is 4.21%.

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  • I am a member at the Garden City, New York location. Wonderfully look...I guess the company spent all the money on "Branding" (nice high ceilings) because once the equipment wears down...the staff start running. Spa...weeks unusable...Pool...a month to get a new motor...Why?...Not sure...Pool is no bigger than most...should be a simple fix..and there should be spare parts!!! Whos getting the money as I am paying a lot. Who's hiring the maintenance staff as they,,,or at least the "Manager is always busy chatting on his cell phone, not a corporate "Brand" sitting at the front desk" His very small crew can't keep up....Wonder why they don't have a bigger budget for cleaning staff...I think if the Board of Health gets a call they will hire more hard working laborers. I hope the head of the company reads this as it is terrible.

    Anonymous 8/18/14 3:51PM
  • I was visiting the LA Fitness Club at 55 E Randloph, for nearly three(3) weeks the sauna has been broken in the women's locker room, the hallway leading to locker room a bucket filled with water was sitting in the center of the hall with water dripping constantly.., carpent around the entire gym filled with BIG spots...'not a good look for a signature club.'

    Not a place for me .......

    Anonymous 8/18/14 3:28PM
  • I am a member of LA Fitness, barcode F#######. I had previously joined this club in 2005 and when I moved out of state, I began going to 24 Hour Fitness. I recently returned in January of 2014 and my brother suggested that I return back to LA Fitness so we could work out together. I initially began going to the newer location in Playa Vista, which I must say is wonderful. It is clean every time I am there. The machines are state of the art, and above all, the pool and pool area are very nicely kept up. The pool is what I primarily go to the gym for as my main form of exercise. With that being said, because the pool at Playa Vista is so nice, when it is nice outside, it becomes very crowded. This prompted me to go to the La Cienega club location as it typically does not get as crowded and I'm able to get in a decent work out.

    The last 4 times I have visited this club, the women's locker/bathroom has been absolutely FILTHY! I'm not just talk about not cleaning the sinks or the floors. I'm talking about trash overflowing on to the floor, and used paper towels all over the floors, and sanitary product papers on the floor, disgusting showers, dirty seats in front of the lockers. I've been in train station bathrooms which were much, much cleaner and tidier than this gym. As a result, my last visit (08/10/14) will most likely be my last.

    Aside from that, yesterday, the pool not only smelled of rotten chlorine, it was also salty for some reason, where it actually made my mouth feel weird. If this were a public gym run by the government or the state, I could probably understand why it isn't cleaned. But, a private gym should not ever reach the point of the disgusting state this gym is in. Even on the work out floor, the machines area always wet, and appear to never be cleaned.

    For now, I will continue to go to the Playa Vista location, but I shouldn't have to as a paying member that has a membership which allows me to go to multiple locations. La Cienega should be shut down until it has been cleaned and updated. I have photos that I plan on adding to Yelp. This is not acceptable.

    Anonymous 8/11/14 8:09AM
  • No spin teacher showed up on 7/31 or 8/4 at 5:30 AM class. I don't like to get up so early if the teacher is not going to show up. Downingtown, PA Facility of LA Fitness.

    Anonymous 8/4/14 5:17AM
  • Its true in business in regards to the cliche "the fish rots from the head down." My family of four have been members of LA Fitness since 2004. A decade ago we joined the WPB location and never had a problem while we were there for the few years other than the locker rooms being dirty. Upon moving to Arizona in 07, LA Fitness has just been going downhill in terms of customer service and cleanliness in their gyms. We have a national membership and we have been to several locations across the country and it has been the same everywhere. Poor customer service, and filthy facilities. Recently we moved to Ahwatukee in Phoenix and the LA Fitness on Chandler Ave has made no exception to sway my opinion on LA Fitness. In fact they have made it worse. Their General Manager never resolved any issues as to the discrepancies that his staff has told me. No staff memember at that location has ever been on the same page in regards to their policies. Their inconsistencies an lack of resolution and execution are poorly handled. The GM seems to hide and shy away from any real recovery of customer complaints. The spin instructors and aerobic instructors are inconsistent as well. After many many conversations of dissatisfaction with no resolution I finally called the corporate office. Which I would add is an absolute pain and is just shy of hiring a private investigator to get a number. Finally when I reached someone the only resolution I got was a "I'm sorry and I hope we see you again in the future." Quite certainly a generic response read from a standard customer service card for resolving guest complaints. After spending 10k over the past decade I would recommend anyone thinking about joining this fitness club to stere CLEAR, AND excercize your options in this highly competivtive customer service based industry.

    Anonymous 7/31/14 10:59AM
  • It Is Sad That Everytime I Walk Into An La Fitness It Smells Like A Pigs Farm And Papers All Over The Place. I Have Been A Member Since You Guys Opened Up Here In Miami And I Guess Bcause Of Budget Or Whatever The Reason Is. It Seems Like You Have A Problem With Your Claening And Maitnance Crew. L.a Was A Clean Inviroment. I Thought You Would Have Inspections Done In Your Facilities But I Was Wrong. My Wife Even Spotted The Cleaning Lady Cleaning The Toilet Bowl With The Same Mop She Cleaned The Handwasher Without Rinsing Or Cleaning It. It Happens At Your Membership Is Not The Cheapest And Thats Why I Joined. La Fitnes Had A Good Reputation And Members Are Different. I Guess Like Every Other Company There's No Such Thing As Costumer Service/costumer Satisfaction Anymore. Thanks Anyways.

    Anonymous 7/19/14 8:21AM
  • Be Very Careful With Lafitness. They Are Very Untrustworthy Other Than Just Being Rude And Dirty. The Staff Is Made Of Bunch Of Kids Who Want To Show They Have Power To Be Rude. Do Not Sign Any Contract With Them, Speacially Training. Be Very Careful That They Change The Contract Without Your Knowledge Before Printing It. They Got You, And They Say You Have Signed The Contract. Trust Me They Are Lie To You, And Don't Give care. Awful Place

    MINE 7/6/14 10:37PM
  • At 33. T01 SW 22 ST Club in Miami most of the machines don't have the pins to fix the weights. There are about 12 machines useless and maintenance needed. The customer service answer was "we already Know" more than a month ago

    Martha 7/5/14 6:52PM
  • Last week I called corporate to file several complaints regarding the Patchogue New York location: when first entering the gym it smells like body odor. The carpet is torn by most machines presenting a safety hazard, the water fountains- where the water comes out, there is pink slime- major health hazard. Equipment is broken, some with posted signs others are not, you find out when attempting to use them. Then there are the lock boxes that you can no longer use because the locks don't work right. The woman's showers have too much hair clogging the drains for 7am... when I spoke with a woman in customer service at corporate she took my phone number and promised to get back to me in 24 hours. I never heard from her. I will be cancelling my families membership due to a hazardous gym environment and zero customer service.

    Anonymous 6/29/14 9:21PM
  • Locker break ins have become a every day occurance at Farmington LA fitness, and staff does not seem to give a dam about it as if they are assisting the thieves to conduct their operation. LA fitness should install security cameras in the locker rooms ASAP.

    mohammad 6/17/14 5:25AM
  • LA Fitness in Philadelphia on Grant Avenue is pretty new but in two years that they have been opened, it already became very dirty. Soap is always missing, sinks in bathrooom are dirty and classes are very laim.

    Anonymous 6/13/14 7:57AM
  • Jun 12 at 11:07 AM


    My name is Inna Goldshteyn and before today i was a member of LA Fitness for last 3 years. My customer number . I received a phone call from Michelle from LA fitness on Grant Avenue, Philadelphia. She told me since I have been distributing flyers for nutritional cleansing in women's' locker room, she believes i am a treat to the company and we should part our ways.

    First, I was not aware of no solicitation rule since i constantly see advisement of various products and events in women's locker room. Also, there are advertisements for various local business openly displayed in the lobby. I was told by Michelle that these business do not compete with their product which i assume fitness. I didn't think that healthy and clean eating. I have been doing both for a while.

    The issue i have with this occurrence is the way it was handled. I was not given a warning or a choice to apologize for my innocent actions. My membership was automatically canceled even though it was pre paid for 3 years. I believe this incident was not professionally addressed and i am very upset. Since I joined the LA Fitness, i have brought many friends and family to join LA Fitness. I will make sure that all my friends would find out how i was treated by LA Fitness. By canceling my membership without giving me a choice, LA Fitness pushing me in direction of their direct competitor, other local fitness centers.

    I hope to hear from someone in LA Fitness Headquarters.

    Anonymous 6/13/14 7:56AM
  • Same horrible management like Urban Active no doubt, my mistake giving this place a second chance!!

    Upset Customer 6/9/14 8:57AM
  • The LA Fitness at MCCORMICK RANCH 7365 N Via Paseo Del Sur in Scottsdale AZ 85258 has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! Brittany B of member service is the worst! not helpful has a attitude as if she is being put out by your asking her a question, and pretty much treats you like your a piece of #@*^ I have canceled my membership and look forward to my membership at Lifetime. If you want to just go there work out, (make sure you wipe down the equipment, blood was on the handle one time when I went to use it) and leave its fine, but don't have a customer service issue because you will be made to feel like dirt!!! Obvious they care nothing about retention or referrals!

    Anonymous 6/5/14 3:23PM
  • LETTER TO LA FITNESS: As preface please note that I am ready to file a complaint at the small claims court and recover the monies that are still withdrawing from my bank account, without authorization, if my problem below is not corrected immediately.

    I have had the account and for about 1 year had not attended. There are 2 members associated with this account and at this time you continue to withdraw $29.95 x2 from my account after numerous attempts to terminate my membership, which has been ongoing since December 2013.

    I emailed their offices once, and was advised that I had to appear in person to terminate my account...this is itself absurd...I had given my written notice of termination but they imposed another hoop for my to jump into. My schedule was hectic. However, several weeks later, I visited my local LA Fitness and appeared as LA Fitness corporate office has directed me to do.
    The person behind the desk advised that "the person who can terminate accounts was not in". I gave him my membership number and he advised that he would take care of it. Another runaround ignoring act as it now appears (monies are still being taken from my account despite my efforts to terminate)

    I was not happy hearing this. I did as I was asked but no one told me I had to make an appointment with a 'termination specialist'???
    Are you seeing the absolute absurdity of this process? you are making a customer who had paid your for over a year (in the event we returned to working out) and then deciding not to has led me to believe that you frustrate the customer with an absurd process and then continue to grab my money even though an email has stated my intention to terminate and an actual visit to your location to do as I was told and advised that front office that my 2 accounts were to terminate immediately...He said he would do so, but monies are still being deducted from my bank account monthly...


    The only action on your part that will detract me from filing a claim at small claims court is the following:

    1. Stop withdrawing money from my bank account, immediately, without haste.
    2. Cancel my accounts concurrent with above but retroactively to December 1, 2013.
    3. Credit my bank account via refund or send a check in the amount of $359.88 (6 months of fees since LA fitness was advised of my decision to terminate)

    Thank you and I await the confirmation of my termination of membership to LA Fitness, and refund.

    boogieboy 6/1/14 4:08PM
  • LA Fitness in Timley Park, IL is awful! Pool's been closed for a week as they have no clue how to balance chemicals. Locker rooms are filthy disgusting. Manager and staff are rude as hell! Time to find a new club!

    Anonymous 5/13/14 7:30PM
  • TO:

    LA Fitness
    Corporate Offices


    Gresham, OR
    May 2, 2014

    1. Gresham LA Fitness segregated a pre-existing area to one now designated for trainers only. So do the trainers use this designed area all the time, sometimes or not at all? This order was modified so trainers have top priority at any time for the use of this area, and order people away from using the equipment.

    2. This area has been for years, popular with the fee paying members and used on a daily basis sometimes with up to 8 to 10 people at one time.

    3. David, the membership manager stated that the loss of that area was a corporate decision, that he and the club had nothing to do with that decision, so live with it. His message was loud and clear, if you don't like the changes I don't need you and I don't need your business.

    4. He stated that the area in the back of the room (East end of the building) is now the area for the general membership to use for mats, stretching and exercising. This area "foot print" of available space, is less than 1/2 the area that was used prior, May 2nd. So why the change? What is the driving reason to kick out members from a very popular location?

    5. This principle follows the concept that separate is the same as being equal, just different. Huh? It was not equal, and in fact the conditions are worse for the members.

    6. This area is less than 1/2 the space as the area used by the membership and about 1/2 of that area has equipment that takes up most of the usable area. It's crowed, congested, limited mobility, and the lighting is not a good. Most of the mirrors are not effective because of the equipment crowded into this space. Not all the walls have mirrors, which is what the people were using.
    7. David stated that members here in the Gresham LA Fitness Club pay anywhere from $.50 cents a day, up to $3.00 a day. OK, so what. That's not his concern how or why they got into the Club. Why this was thrown in I have no idea. He further went on to say that this is the best health club in the area and that if I do not like the new corporate policy, to leave. He was saying I don't need you, and if you don't like it just leave. He was not polite about his comments and tone of voice. I don't need you and I don't need your business isn't a good business model. The truth is there were several options available other than LA Fitness, at clubs that are as good. I did not discuss this point with him. I do know that LA Fitness isn't alone and needs customers. There are tell tale signs, such as lot of promotions, deals, passes handed out, etc. that tell me that there is a need for more members and dues. A rock solid business does not operate with that type of reliance. They work on customer relations, checking to see if there are any problems, checking to see what can be improved. I have never been asked if I am a happy client, or for suggestions on how to make improvements. I did however, after this blow up, go on-line to see what complaints LA Fitness has had and how LA Fitness responded to those complaints. That exercise was an "eye opening." LA Fitness has some serious problems and customer relations stands out as a major issue.

    8. David stated that members come and go, and most come back. I have no idea if this was a true statement or not. I do know that people come, go and come back, but it's usually not due to extended circumstances not mentioned here.

    9. EVERYTIME that I was asking a question or a point of clarification David would interrupt me. Stop me cold, tried to shut me up. I never got to finish one (1) question or make one point. This was just outright rude and not the person who I would want handling the public or my services. I had to tell David that I have not been able to make a statement or ask a question before he would interrupt me and I didn't appreciate that. I had some questions, my demeanor was always calm, cool, while he was in an aggressive raised voice I don't care what you have to say mode.

    10. I was told that the area in question was being designed for trainers only. That's the area that has the equipment for the trainers. The other area does not have same floor space, equipment for people to use, and has limited mat space that the fee paying customers being placed into this isolation booth. Today there were 10 people using the "designated" area that were run off. There is no way for 10 people can safely use the exercise and stretching area that they are now are being forced to use.

    10. Prior to 8 am on May 2nd there were no trainers on the floor, yet customers were being told to leave this area. Why? Nasty signs were now being posted telling people not to trespass. Restricted areas, such as group classes have a group leader. There were no leaders on May 2nd. Just a "cop" (David) running members off the floor.

    11. David was in this area at 8:15 am and several members approached him expressing their discontent and concern with this arrangement. Nobody was rude or obnoxious, except for David. He tried to say that there has been nobody taking issues or making any complaints about this new arrangement. That was a flat out lie. There was no prior notification announcement, etc., just get out of here. I walked over to ask a question. He again was rude and still being obnoxious. There were only two "special" customers in this area at that moment, none of them with trainers. Four people came over with questions. Everyone was talking in a civil manner. David stated very clearly that you must leave this area or there will be consequences. Why are members being threatened? What are the consequences? Are you going to be arrested for trespassing in a health club that your already a member?

    12. David is putting the entire responsibility on "corporate" for making this decision. This may or may not be true, as evidenced by what happened. After he ran off members from this newly designated area, there were a number of members that stayed, and were working out. Still there was no trainer in sight. I was told that this space was to be reserved for the six trainers that will be using it all at once. So what about those "special folks using the area?" I knew that his comments were not true, because there has NEVER been six trainers on the floor with clients for ever. Now this raises a concern, will the "trainers" use this area? History says NO, since they have not in the past. Are they using it since May 2nd or are they using something different? Did anyone think this through? Currently the trainers are doing what they have done in the past, and it's working.

    13. So what is behind driving these decisions being made that are not in the best interests of the clientele . It's not the trainers, because they mostly use the equipment on the main floor, and the actual floor since there is more space for what they need to do. I can't believe "corporate" would be so naive to believe that with so few employed trainers that this space is critical to the operational needs of this health club. Then it struck me. This has nothing to do with trainers, it was the creation of an elite EXCUTIVE CLUB for those "high rollers" members. A space reserved for those paying higher fees with readily accessible equipment, even if there is no trainer on, in, or near this location. LA Fitness business model is flawed. Without the "ordinary" members, there would be no club. The fact that LA Fitness bought out other clubs for their memberships, has absolutely nothing to do with creating an area for trainers. They already had an area, it worked, was not congested, until the remodel was completed, then problems arose.

    14. Nice going, this is about as bad as the politics of the 50's and 60's, except now it's in LA Fitness taking a politically incorrect attitude toward people. The "chosen" ones and those people. Your drinking fountain, and there drinking fountain. You have segregated the LA Fitness population into groups. In the 50's and 60's it was the race wars of the blacks and whites. Pure and simple you have singled out people for unequal and differential treatment, and if you don't like it, go somewhere else, we don't need your business. This resonation was a loud and clear message that was not and is not consumer friendly, and "corporate" should be ashamed of this model.

    15. So why are your trainers underemployed? That's the real issue for you to address. Be honest about this. One of the largest deterrents is the hefty rates charged. It equates to about $80 an hour for the services of a personal trainer. That's just flat out expensive, causes a shortage of clients, trainers that not all are fully accredited without work. I can recall only three fitness instructors that have lasted longer than 2 years. For a business where people come and go all the time, that don't have a masters degree in the art of "fitness instruction" that is a problem. That also tells me that a huge chunk of that money goes to corporate, not to the trainers, the trainers are underemployed, and they turn over at a very fast rate. On the good side you have some excellent trainers who give group classes, that are well liked, highly skilled in the classes that they teach, and have a good response by having full classes. These folks have "credentials" and know the business. Not all you floor private trainers fit into this mold.

    16. Excuse me for one minute, while I adjust the window in the back of the bus. It's a little stuffy in here, the view isn't as good, some of the equipment is no longer available, since the "rich" people get the reserved seats in the front, where the "money" people ride.

    17. So my read on this is and the way it went down, "I don't need you and I don't need your business." That gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Makes me want to speak highly of LA Fitness and invite friend and family to join a nice friendly club where everyone knows my name and likes me as a client.

    dve 5/11/14 9:11PM
  • On May 4,2014, my locker was broken into at LA Fitness, 8888 Lantana Road, Lake Worth, Fl.
    A Galaxy phone & wallet was stolen. I was dismayed when the manager told me no security
    cameras were installed anywhere. This is an invite to all thieves to come in and steal anything
    they want, knowing no cameras will capture them. Until LA gyms install security video cameras, I
    am telling everyone to stay away and writing as many negative reviews as possible.

    Anonymous 5/6/14 9:52AM
  • The ladies locker room at the L.A. Fitness gym in North Hollywood off Victory is absolutely disgraceful. filthy, fungus ridden, damaged, dirt ridden tiles, a steam room that is no longer

    functioning and is used as a storage area.. Such filth on the floor, the door was open and the

    cleaning bucket and mop laying on the floor outside of the room. The gym boasts a rise in membership, and therefore they are hiring people. Why then is money not being spent on re-furbishing that locker room. It ½s a health hazard. I will not use it and Im appalled that women

    are actually permitted to use it. IÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½m furious that we spend money on this facility and that the company would keep it in this condition. Everything was filthy in that locker room. Unbelievable.

    I complained to the very young manager who in a very patronizing way told me that nobody else had

    complained and that the health department had been there last week. If indeed they had, either they

    are idiots, not doing their job, or being paid off. Surely our standards havenÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½t sunk so low. I wouldnÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½t let my cat go into that locker area. I encouraged the manager to go in and check when he is able. I suspect the kid is, without realizing it, a bit of a corporate flunky and rather afraid to make waves or heÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½s someoneÃ?Æ?Ã?¢Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½s relative. Any highly trained, responsible individual would have the integrity and the tenacity to tell corporate headquarters that the conditions in that locker room are unacceptable and quite frankly, reprehensible. I think my next step, after calling corporate headquarters ( and I suspect that will do little good) is to call the health department.

    Lee 5/5/14 2:53PM
  • 5-1-14 I have been a member for over 5 years and I am considering leaving my membership for one reason the management for my gym where I go for my favorite classes and instructors is the worst I have ever seen it's basically non existing the gym is in Pico Rivera California I would love for am undercover real manager not a regional but someone that really cares to walk in for a few days at peak time ask questions look around

    Anonymous 5/2/14 11:47AM
  • I've been a member of LA fitness Indianapolis, In for 3 years now. I'm making a complaint. The management at Southport area should not change a class when they know that class is full every week. And everybody love the instructor. They should not make any changes on the Wednesday class 5:45 pm with instructor Kelly. She is really good with her job. You're going to put a new one in there that's not worth a darn, then people would stop coming just like the one in Greenwood, 5:45 pm zumba. I quit going there because the instructor sucks with her job.

    Anonymous 5/2/14 6:49AM
  • I left 24 hr fitness to join La fitness! Big mistake! They are rude and not personable! I used to get greated every time I walked into 24hr fitness. They had the BEST customer service at the upland Ca location. LA fitness in Upland has horrible customer service!

    Anonymous 5/1/14 10:15PM
  • Today after being a member for over two years was the first time i was treated rudely and without any regard to my complaint. The GM Brandon at LA Fitness south inn Plano Texas was very rude and displayed a attitude when trying to explain a situation to him. In the middle of the discussion he took a phone call white i was still talking and then he walked away without saying anything. He showed no concern at all to the complaint we were trying to make. I have never been treated so rude by a member of tht staff.

    Anonymous 4/30/14 6:25PM
  • i am a member of the LA fitness in College Park Georgia. The water in the pool they say is 82 degrees. the water is so cold that my toes and finger tips have become numb. I have lupus and several of the people in the class have other medical conditions that require the water to be at least 83 Management refuses to increase the temp several of us have stopped going to water aerobic. This is the only class I can take and I am unable to attend due to the water temperature. Can you help in this situation

    Anonymous 4/24/14 7:53PM
  • Horrible experience at Boynton L.A Fitness kids club. There is a lady called Tiffany that is in charge of the kids club, she is no kids friendly at all and I don't feel safe to leave my kid there when she is there. If they have a rule of no parents allowed to stay around or to watch they should at least hired people that are kids friendly and that provide safety to the younger kids that are left there. This lady was rude and spend the whole time texting while older kids were abusing the younger kids. When a company decides to open a place that provides any type of daycare they should hire people that are at least kids friendly. The other ladies didn't do anything extraordinary with the kids, but at least prevented the older kids from hurting the young ones. Also, if a baby cries she puts the stroller on the other side of the room and keeps texting, that cant be safe.

    Anonymous 4/22/14 1:51PM
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  • We found one of your members keys in a parking lot which had a la fitness key tag with bar code. I called spoke with Maria. She went the extra mile, contacted youur member, gave your member my phone number. we were able to reunite him with his keys. Thank you Maria for your assistance. may you always be blessed.

    Anonymous 8/15/14 7:04PM
  • What a great team you have at the bradenton centre. James as manager and his team have made us very welcome on our vacation from the uk. They couldn't do enough for us. The equipment is great and there's plenty of it. The centre is clean. I would recommend this gym to anyone. Thank you james and team.

    Anonymous 8/15/14 4:30PM
  • Matt Costello, a member of your staff based in HQ , solved a problem that I had with a professional and understanding mannerism. What a great asset Matt is to LA FITNESS. If possible please thank Matt again for me , Tom Salerno,

    Anonymous 3/24/14 10:29AM
  • Just called corporate . Number above. Chris helped me. He was very helpful. Thank you Chris ;)

    sher 4/15/13 5:24PM
  • I had a special request and asked the Assistant General Manager Joe Gonzalez at the Coconut Creek Florida location. He was absolutely wonderful. He went over and beyond for me, and I just want LA Fitness to know. Managing hundreds of people myself, I know that we often get complaints when the smallest thing goes wrong. I also know how grateful I am when someone takes the time to say THANK YOU when things go right, so here you go! I am always looking for talent and would hire Joe in a minute. Thank you.

    Anonymous 3/24/13 12:08PM
  • I am a 365 day member at the Bradenton florida on state road 70 I just wanted to let you know your club Manager Jameel Smith has been professional and has helped me with all my membership needs and billing changes

    Anonymous 11/1/12 10:54AM
  • Talked to two different reps on this line today. Both of them were VERY helpful and courteous. When I hung up the phone we had come to a decision that was mutually agreed upon and I was happy.

    Definitely didn't get that level of service from the front line folks at my local club.

    hman 6/18/12 4:00PM
  • I recently joined LA Fitness and had an unfortunate accident and fractures a rib. I went back and forth with several people until I finally reached Kristen Athanas at membership support services. She was tremendously helpful to me and I wanted to let her supervisors know what a great person they have working for the.

    A satisfied customer,

    Betsy Kromidas

    Betsy Kromidas 6/6/12 11:23AM
  • We always complain about customer service and L.A. Fitness but it is important to mention when something good happens like today .....
    I just called the customer service number found on this site, and I was greately help by Amanda, who resolved our problem in a madder of minutes.
    My husband offered me a 1 year with a personal trainer for $800, paid in full. Unfortunately, i had to have a knee surgery and couldn't continue. So we were told at the time no problem, we will transfer the remaining sessions to your husband account. Well, it was never done. Now we are two years later and so 3 weeks ago we both walked in the L.A gym and talked with the assistant manager who explained that the manager would look into it. We contacted them the following week and still nothing. So today, my husband walked in and was given the run around. So I called this number 949-255-7200 and this young lady Amanda took care of us.
    So thank you Amanda for your prompt response and customer service.
    We really appreciate it.
    The gym n question is in Deerfield Beach, FL.
    My husband Is going to use the remaininng seesion at the different location since this one doesn't care for his memebers.

    Lulu41 5/29/12 3:05PM
  • Today, I visited your Boynton Beach, FL facility to make changes to my membership. I wanted the Corporate Office to know that "Susan", the Operations Manager is a very capable and kind person. She seems to be doing the work of two people, and she does is very well. She is a pleasant person, and I feel you are extremely lucky to have her on your staff.

    Anonymous 4/23/12 1:09PM
  • LESSON: Send your cancelation by certified mail with return-receipt requested.

    This company almost made me pay a $1,050 penalty (50% of the value of the agreement) for trying to cancel my contract.

    I didn't end up liking the trainers or the gym, so I wanted to cancel the cotract after 10 days. The club insisted that I couldn't cancel my contract, despite the document clearly stating in the first line that "You have the right to cancel this contract during the first fifteen days after the contract is made" (pg. 1). After speaking with the gym manager the first time, I decided to document my intent to cancel by sending a certified letter to the gym.

    After arguing with the manager (on an off) for nearly a week, I decided to call the corporate office(949) 255-7200 and complained about how I was being treated. After reading my contract and asking me to fax them a copy of the certified mail receipt (which had the manager's signature), the corporate office processed a full refund. The corporate office apologized for the location manager's behavior and even had him call me to apologize.

    The manager should be ashamed, but I was ultimately pleased with how the corporate office resolved the matter. In the end, I think the certified mail receipt won the day.

    Rojo522 4/13/12 11:58AM
  • Regional Director from the Southeast Phoenix, AZ area - Rhonda fired Kimberly a Zumba instructor today. Kimberly had emailed her friends regarding a festival at a dance studio. Yet other LA Fitness instuctors have pasted out flyers advertising outside studios classes before and after our LA Fitness zumba class. I don't feel that Kimberly did anything wrong. Yet if it's wrong and she got fired - then the others should NOT be employed at LA Fitness. Kimberly is a well liked and a terrific Zumba instuctor. I have a 3 year membership because of instuctors like Kimberly. I would hope that she could be reinstated!

    Anonymous 3/2/12 8:35PM
  • I'm a member of La Fitness in Orlando Fl.I'm pleased to say the staff at the East Colonial Center are excellent.When you open then door your welcomed with a smile and the manager Steve Anderson is very friendly.He is a great manager and keeps the facility clean.I look forward to my workouts cause I know I will be greeted froma nice manager or a friendly staff.

    caligrl 2/22/12 3:27AM
  • Hi my name is Rebecca from OrlandoFl. Steve Anderson The Manager at your Colonial Club is a great asset to your company.He is a hard worker,and Has a great personality. He's definitely a keeper.

    caligrl 2/21/12 8:53AM
  • I couldnt believe my eyes when i firstwalked in, this health club is immaculate! All i can really say is go see for yourself as for the hateful comments below mine theyre probably representatives at a different gym because the staff is professional gave me a phenomenal price, in all reality te club should go for 70+ a month to keep the trash out

    Anonymous 1/30/12 8:27AM
  • Maybe Dallas/Fort Worth clubs are just different. I have never had a problem the clubs are always clean and in good working order. I have only seen professional behavior from the staff and I can visit any club I like.

    Yoli 8/15/11 6:37AM
  • I use several of the clubs in the Dallas area and have been a member since 2004. Recently I upgraded to a 3 year membership which costs about 50% less then the month-to-month membership I was paying. I wanted to keep my same account but the club manager said they couldn't do that, and my history will still be in their system. I received an email saying they closed the month-to-month and billed me for two months. This is probably SOP for them, and some members may not catch the double billing. I called the MEMBER SERVICES MANAGEMENT TEAM at 949-255-7200 (Press 5) and spoke to Shawn. He looked up my accounts (both are linked by phone number)and immediately saw the double billing. He said a credit will appear on my credit card within 14-21 days. He was polite and cordial.

    No other problems with the clubs I frequent. They're mostly new and mostly clean. Front desk is polite and helpful.

    bobkattkg 7/7/11 11:52AM
  • To whom it may concern,
    I am in the United States Marine Corps, and I had spent just about all my money to come visit my family over 2,500mi away from my base in Cali to Florida the week before I deploy to Afghan. I was looking to keep in shape since I had been training for so long, I needed a gym to use for just a week and was broke! After searching around town- hitting at least 5 major local gyms, I came into a LA Fitness located at


    I met a gentleman by the name of Mike. After he heard I was in the military and was about to deploy he gave me a week pass! I am so truely grateful for receiving this! I just wanted you to know that this location has had nothing but OUTSTANDING guest interactions. Because of Mike, I will have nothing but GREAT things to say about your facilities and your gyms WILL BE my first choice when selecting a membership when I am out of the military. Thanks for supporting your troops!

    -LCpl Sam Trausneck

    Anonymous 4/18/11 7:10PM
  • Luis Escalara is the manager at LAFitness in Kendall 124 ave and 88 st , unprofessional person, rude and disrespectful.
    This is a "REAL MANAGER" ? I can't believe it!

    Pat ferreyra 12/7/10 9:33AM
  • Submit your comment >>
  • I workout in Goodyear Arizona at an LA Fitness. I not only agree with all the complaints on this website, most of the same thing happens at this gym! I am so annoyed by machines being broken and it takes 3+ weeks to fix it!!!!! How is that showing that the customer is important???? They have 2, yes 2!!!!!!, stair masters and I is ALWAYS broken...for weeks at a time!!! How do you only have 2 stairmasters?????? there is always a wait for them, you'd think they would figure that out and put more in to satisfy the customers. I have been a member for years and only because I got a huge discount from my employer, but I might just have to go somewhere else if this continues. To top it off...this is a fairly new club. Customer service is ALWAYS horrible. My kids hate going because of the lack of entertainment in the kids care. I honestly don't know why I'm still's just so close to my house!!

    Annoyed by LA Fitness 4/30/13 7:37PM

  • I am a Former LA Fitness employees, I don't know which one is more to blame, the company or the employees. LA Fitness puts a lot of pressure on the employees on hit there membership goals (by the way seem ridiculously higher every year). Coming from the upper management VPs down tow the Sales Persons, district Manager will put on a front with raw raw speeches about doing the right thing to get a membership, but when a Manager is doing well in "NEW MEMBERSHIPS" they will look the other way even if it "illegal" or unethical membership that are get pass through, Until it is brought to their attention. The company is full of double standards and that is the reason I personally decided to leave the organization. I believe that there is good money and bad money (blood diamond) and I will not bend my ethics for another mans gain. LA Fitness thrives on finding and hiring sales people that will do anything for a quick dollar.

    Anonymous 2/27/13 9:45AM

  • I was an employee at LA fitness and they were very unprofessional.My interview day I waited two hours after the scheduled time for the manager to interview me.. ridiculous! Once i was hired, they didnt train me on anything, they kept saying sorry but we are so busy just re-rack weights and talk to people. I was hired as a personal training counselor, which basically mean i make people feel like they are fat, worthless and are going to die..pressure them into buying training and dont let them leave their seat until they buy it. I quit because i started to realize that the people that the only people that are made for that are A$$HOLES!! I quit and they tried to convince me to come back lol! I rather work some where else where i can treat people nicely.

    Anonymous 10/1/12 12:11PM

  • I was a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness in Farmingdale, NY location from Dec-May of 2012. I was let go by the V.P. of the area who's name is Al only because one of my clients asked to have his sessions frozen. Another client who I saw once a month asked to switch trainers that same week. I train around 20 people a week and all of my clients are very happy with me. When I notified them I was fired I got nothing but support and kind words from everyone (ages 17-62 both Male and Female). Al did not bother to check to see if any other client had a complaint, which is not the case. I have text messages, phone numbers of my clients, and their names to prove it. Al took the word of one client who was upset to have to pay $15 to have his account frozen, that I was a bad trainer. Which again is not the case because this client told me how much he liked me, told his friends about me, and I believe only said what he said in the heat of the moment.

    LA Fitness is a poor choice to seek employment because you are severely underpaid, bad treatment, and let go for circumstantial reasons. The company lies to it's members, staff, and does not care about anyone but themselves. They do not want to hear your complaints. They will not look to rectify a situation. This company just does not care. LA Fitness is not a good place to join. I would seek out other gyms in your areas. I think the reviews on this site and other sites supports that. I hope what i'm saying as a former employee convinces you.

    Seek another Gym 5/3/12 2:17PM

  • My name is Kevin Byrne and I am a former member of the Traditions La Fitness. I have been complaining to the Management of the club that the pool was not correct and in fact cloudy with a slimy coating on the pools bottom.

    After many complaints I took a sample of the water and tested it to find NONE of the test were in acceptable limits according to the industry standards. I brought this information to the club manager Michelle. She was so busy defending the club and gave no notice to the test results that was in January. In face they were discarded.

    I and several of the people taking the aqua fitness classes complained on a daily basis. I cancelled my membership due to the lack of action take by the club in fact I was almost hospitalized after getting a vey severe lung infection that my doctor said was from the pool.

    After much discussion with my friends they assured me the conditions had improved in fact the pool seemed cleaner and the slim which was prevalent before is gone.
    I decided to attend a class on Monday and by the following morning I had some cough or infection. I thought it must be in my head, I went on Wednesday and took the class it got worse. I went on Friday with a simple pool test strip and tested the pool to find a similar condition to those in January.

    I again brought it again to the manager and received the same treatment as previously stated. The strip was destroyed before even looking at it. I was told that maybe I should cancelled my membership that I was the only one complaining.

    My feeling is that a lot of elderly and those that have physical limitation use the pool as a low impact for of exercise and those that are extremely sensitive to the poor conditions of the water. The club in mention services the community of many elderly people.

    The pool is serviced by an outside vendor and I don't understand why they would not use the information as a way to check the vendor instead they dismissed me. This is a dangerous business practice when the same industry that is there to promote health is in fact creating conditions for the opposite.

    Kevin Byrne 6/11/11 11:34AM

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