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LA Fitness customer service is ranked #546 out of the 710 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 425 ratings. This score rates LA Fitness customer service and customer support as Terrible.


408 Negative Comments out of 425 Total Comments is 96.00%.


17 Positive Comments out of 425 Total Comments is 4.00%.

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  • Horrible experience at Boynton L.A Fitness kids club. There is a lady called Tiffany that is in charge of the kids club, she is no kids friendly at all and I don't feel safe to leave my kid there when she is there. If they have a rule of no parents allowed to stay around or to watch they should at least hired people that are kids friendly and that provide safety to the younger kids that are left there. This lady was rude and spend the whole time texting while older kids were abusing the younger kids. When a company decides to open a place that provides any type of daycare they should hire people that are at least kids friendly. The other ladies didn't do anything extraordinary with the kids, but at least prevented the older kids from hurting the young ones. Also, if a baby cries she puts the stroller on the other side of the room and keeps texting, that cant be safe.

    Anonymous 4/22/14 1:51PM
  • This is my fourth year at LA fitness and very disappointed. I am seasonal here in Florida I stop my membership cause I'm going back home and I got charged another month so I called back Agan to tell him about the membership cancellation and they said it was canceled and I got charged another month I called again and they said they would give me one month back but only one month and I don't think that is fair

    Anonymous 4/15/14 8:38AM
  • To General Manager- LA FITNESS

    I dont think is ethical and professional for Sharon- aquafit instructor to gossip , make insulting remarks about members in the change room !!!

    I have witness this incident in April 4 and I was shocked to see such a shameless staff member !!!

    Besides the fact that she has no aptitude for sport fitness instructor or image, has the guts and attitude. Those are not classes are just pointless screaming classes for 45 minutes.

    Her classes have no more than 4-5 people and she is occupying the entire pool at her discretion, kicking out members who doesn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t enjoy her classes and pays her salary as a matter of fact.

    Please correct ASAP the rules regarding number of people and staff attitude.

    I want to keep my anonymity because during the conversation she mentioned that she manage to cancel 2 other memberships.

    Thank you for consideration.

    CC General Manager- mailed

    CC Head Office LA Fitness- mailed & email

    Anonymous 4/10/14 12:41PM
  • I've had to worst experience at LA Fitness along with their corporate headquarters.
    They weren't apologetic for their rude behavior and they questioned everything I said regarding my complaint as if I was lying. Instead of listening to my concerns and apologizing for my experience the customer support associate responding to my complaint escalated the issue. I haven't cancelled my membership but I hope to hear back regarding my complaint and concerns.

    Anonymous 4/2/14 11:18AM
  • The LA Fitness Center in Land O Lakes, FL is very nice. Their biggest problem are the problems within the sauna. I am a sauna user and have been for many years. I have complained many, many times about the misuse of the sauna at the LOL facility and have been told repeatedly that the rules for it's use, or the lack thereof, is a corporate decision. Here's the problem they are having. No one there has ever been is a real, nicely run sauna. At the LOL facility, very few take showers before using the sauna, most are dressed in full sweats and gym clothes with sneakers. Users take their IPODs, radios, video games into the sauna, as well as food, water, newspapers and magazines. Many use the sauna as a place to exercise, to stretch, and then lay out on the benches, taking up a lot of room. Most do not sit on a towel or even have a towel with them. They simply sweat and drip their sweat on the redwood benches, then leave, and the next person in, must try to find a dry spot or sit in the other person's sweat! Many have applied salves and ointments in the sauna causing a tremendous odor. That doesn't go well with the body odor that comes from not showering before using. Sometimes there is a lot of garbage talking in the sauna. There are some who bring in wet rags and drape over the thermostats in an attempt to cause the heater(s) to come on to make the sauna hotter. Again, all of this is happening because of no rules! LA Fitness has created this monster!
    The bottom line for this old man is I've had enough and have submitted by club resignation which I hate to do but, the sauna is out of control and the club manager says that he can do nothing! He runs the sauna by corporate rules, which if I might add, is no rules! I actually took the time to write out a set of sauna rules for the club manager, rules that I've gleaned over my years of visiting many other saunas, all over the world I might add.
    I know LA Fitness can do better if they wanted to do better, but it has to come from up top! I have gone has far as to tell the manager I would sit in the locker room, by the sauna, and instruct others on the rules and proper use of a sauna, and I'm serious, I would do that. Thanks for reading. Dan Biser

    biserdan 4/1/14 1:05PM
  • I want to let LA Fitness know that thet Norwalk, CA. facility has put chains on the emergency exit door upstairs during business hours. This is an unsafe act and against the fire code but they continue to ignore any warnings from members. If a fire or another emergency were to break out everybody upstairs would be in serious trouble.CHJV

    Anonymous 3/25/14 7:59AM
  • I was contacted by customer service after signing what I thought was a 1 month contract. She called 8 days after I signed the contract and told me it was 1 year and that I had 2 days to canceled but I had to write a letter and send it to California. I put it in the mail first thing the next morning. It is now a month later and instead of being refunded, like I said I would be, I have been charged another $160. There is no number to call to dispute it. I reached out to the email address on their website 3 weeks after I sent the letter and they said they had not processed my letter yet but as soon as they did, they would let me know and refund the money. I am panicking right now as I see this turning into a huge nightmare

    worked up 3/13/14 2:08PM
  • I am a member of the Garden City, New York LA fitness gym, I only used the gym 4 times since joining the gym, I have been harassed by the operation manager William Berjou at the gym constantly through my workout. He has a problem with women and apparently I became a victim of his arrogant behavior. From the moment a walk in to use the gym, he follows me around and tries to distract me. Today he went a step further since I ignored him. He walked over to me and in a rude loud voice demanded I clean the floor around the area that I was working out, just like that, so I told him to get out of my face at which point he said that he could get me thrown out of the gym at any point if I don't do as he says. I tell you that this guy is a psychopath. I decided to complain to the corporate office. They were cold and unapologetic. My suggestion is that if any one is deciding to join LA fitness, they should think twice. Any company that hires a mentally ill person and does nothing to correct the situation is bad news. Further more, the company is refusing to refund my membership after a ghastly incident like this and I am seriously considering suing this company.

    annonymus 3/12/14 6:29PM
  • LA Fitness has really disappointed me -- I have had the Same Personal Trainer for 5 years --- at the end of February/first of March - my Master Trainer gave notice that he was leaving the Club -- This is a Master Trainer --- I personally checked the status of my Master Trainer Sessions and noted that I was OK until he left at the end of March -- which he gave notice to the Club for that date -- then last week - they called him and told him not to come back in -- therefore I have Six (6) Master Traiing Sessions remaining -- the club that I belong to is LA Fitness in Fairfield, OH and there is NOT a MASTER TRAINER THERE NOW! I called Corrporate office (949-255-7200) and was told I could not be refunded for Master Trainer Sessions -- that my Club would be getting a Master Trainer in there -- that is NOT TRUE ---and I work out religiously so what am I supposed to stop training until they get a Master Trainer - come on -- LA Fitness - do the right thing. They have a very new person -- I don't have any background on any of two trainers they have .... I would like credintials -- there's is nothing offered and I demanded to have a refund as I paid for Master Training Sessions -- it really stinks -- I belong to the Club for reasons of going to Spinning Classes, etc. ---- but I am so upset that you can't get any answers and there should be a REFUND if you have paid for Master Training sessions and there is no more a Master Trainer at the Club -- I can't get any help --- I belong to the LA Fitness in Fairfield,

    Anonymous 3/11/14 12:57PM
    I'm usually pleased on the punctuality of L.A.
    Fitness employees, however lately I believe
    I have a legitimate grievance,
    As of late February early March there has
    been times I've just left because employees
    at DOWNEY CA, L.A. FTNESS are not
    showing up on time with the exception
    of Monday & Friday.
    I'm a nurse in Downey Kaiser so my time
    is of the essence on workdays.
    Thank You


    Carla 3/9/14 7:23AM
  • I just saw a complaint about the same LA Fitness I want to complain about. This is not the first time I have made a complaint about the Downey LA Fitness located in the Downey Landing on Stewart & Gray and Lakewood Blvd. Yesterday, I got there at 5am, and an employee driving a silver BMW was 10 minutes LATE. This is not the first time that employees from that facility opens late. Obviously, this LA Fitness has poor management because I have made complaints about this before, and still employees are not opening on time. I also made complaints about how there are no paper towels in the restroom and how the facility is not clean. LA Fitness needs to make changes with their management and their employees. The employees need to realize that people are on a tight schedule and that is why it is vital for LA Fitness to open ON TIME.

    Anonymous 3/7/14 8:57AM
  • I work out at the LA fitness in Downey California at the downy landing on Lakewood Boulevard,
    I arrived every day at five in the morning except Saturday and Sunday, monday morning is the only time this facility is open on time!
    Every other day they open at least 2 to 10 minutes late
    this is due to incompetence workers who cannot show up on time,
    This morning was no exception,
    The young lady driving the BMW silver in color showed up 10 minutes late,
    Only to walk behind the counter and begin texting on her phone, unbelievable!
    I have a schedule to keep and if employees they cannot show up on time continue to be assigned to open at five in the morning, i'll take my business to 24-hour fitness!
    We have a company account that allows 25 of my employees to also come here to LA fitness in Downey!

    WillAceves 3/6/14 7:53AM
  • I've been a member of LA Fitness for three years and I have paid training. I feel the training manager at the Roseville, MN location is very friendly and respectfully and I've never had issues with the staff.

    My issues revolve around poor maintenance of equipment, crowed locker rooms, a parking lot that is dangerous and too full in the winter, outdated equipment and very poor cleaniness.

    I pay 1000's of dollars for training a year. Lockers are too small and the locker room is too crowed. The company seems to have an "I don't care" attitude about the image of the clubs.

    cooltfp 2/25/14 10:27AM
  • Yesterday at 11:50 am at LA Fitness in St. Louis Park, MN following our workout my husband went towards the windows facing the parking lot to remote start our car before leaving the facility. He was asked to immediately leave the area by "Brad". He told him that he was remote starting our car so that it is warmed up for our infant. The outside temp was is in the single digits with subzero windchills. Brad said there were sales business "confidential" conversations taking place in the area and suddenly threatened my husband that if he doesn't leave the area he will cancel my husband's membership! My husband pointed out to him that there weren't any signs prohibiting him from entering the very public open sales floor area and further that after taking the 2 seconds necessary to remote start the car that he planned to leave. Brad then stood up and came towards my husband stating that he needs his member bar code for not leaving the area. My husband told him that he would leave the area but there are no signs or controls around the area that make it clear it is a confidential area barring a paying member from entering that open space. In fact numerous members walk in and out and through that space. NONE of those members were being asked to leave. Brad then followed my husband and threatened to cancel our membership if we did not leave without any regard for me and our infant girl in the day care center. When my husband requested that he would like to talk to his supervisor he said, I am the manager and there is no one to talk to above me. This was unreal and unbelievable that a member of the gym management would speak to us in such a manner let alone threaten us. We felt discriminated and embarrassed by his actions and were really taken off guard that he would communicate in such a manner. We are paying members. My husband hold corporate membership as an executive with his employer. Never did we imagine such a negative treatment. The other sales staff reps just sat there watching and when my husband asked for his name he again threatened that he would cancel the membership. Then my husband went to discuss it with Isaiah, the personal training manager and he pretended that he didn't see anything happen as did the rest of the staff. This morning's incident was just too much and we absolutely demand that this matter be taken seriously and appropriate action be taken. We will not tolerate being treated in this manner. A simple google search of LA Fitness opened up numerous blogs and websites where other members voiced similar if not worse dissatisfaction with LA Fitness Sales staff treating them negatively. We are left very disheartened by this experience. We are contacting corporate and Better Business Bureau about this unacceptable treatment.

    FGM 2/23/14 12:04PM
  • OK..LA Fitness , Somerdale NJ...all the prior reviews are RIGHT ON TARGET. I had the unprivileged opportunity to spend the last 2 weeks at this club during our remodel. The staff is unprofessional and RUDE. You can't even tell if they are working or just attempting to have sex with clients. Talk about RACISTS, several people have overheard the staff saying disparaging remarks about whites and Asians. The one trainer tries to sleep with every white girl/woman he can get his hands on and constantly is trying to intimidate other gym members with his steroid physique. I am so surprised at the lackadaisical attitude of all the staff. THIS IS YOUR JOB , act like it. Bring respect to LA fitness and clean up your act. Oh, and yes, it's more like a bad mtv rap video at the front desk than a gym I can't forget to mention the deformed/disproportionate white girl who as far as I can tell also works at the gym. She dresses inappropriately, goes around the gym during the strangest routines then goes into the kid zone bathroom and has sex with the 2 other trainers at the gym. I witnessed first hand the girl coming out of the CHILD's bathroom with the steroid trainer in tow and his pants still partially down. THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is the children's bathroom. Will NOT return................... sorry LA time to clean house

    Chris K 2/21/14 1:39PM
  • As a member under the Holiday franchise, then the Bally's and now the LA Fitness franchise, I must say it was disheartening to discover that the contract now offered by LA Fitness has an EXCULPATORY CLAUSE to protect them from liability... BE AWARE that if you get injured for any reason, any cause, any failure on LA Fitness' behalf they will NOT be liable! You exercise at LA FITNESS totally AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!
    I suffered a slip & fall in the women's locker room/shower area because the facility did not use no skid mats on the floor. The water soaked mats on the floor skidded right out from under me and I suffered a concussion, contusions, and other muscular injuries... court ruled that the EXCULPATORY CLAUSE was enforceable! That's right I got nothing for my pain & suffering, loss wages, and medical. BE AWARE!!!

    Van 2/20/14 10:53AM
  • The King of Prussia LA Fitness is such a dump and they had the nerve to triple my renewal for this year. I tried to talk to the manager for the second time tonight and he chose to tell his help to tell me he had paperwork to do and I would have to wait. Words cannot describe how angry I am. Apparently they are making money hand over fist and retention of members isn't very important. They forget they are not the only game in town and there are much nicer more modern gyms around for the same price.

    carrie3268 2/17/14 6:27PM
  • Hi I have been a gym member at la fitness for over 7years I was so disrespected at la fitness on city line ave by the so called manger!! His name is Bryant I can't not wait until my lawyer and local news station get a hold of this!!

    Kima 2/7/14 4:26PM
  • They don't stand behind there product just change membership at will. L street location closed and I was told I could use the location that open down the street. I want to discontinue my member ship since it was no longer convenience. I was not give my money back or allowed to use the new location down the street.

    hardjab 1/27/14 4:08PM
  • I just called the LA fitness location on Beltline
    and Plano Road in Richardson TX, and requested
    their Corp. Office number in reference to my earlier
    Online complaint. I was told no one has the number
    to corp. phone number.

    Anonymous 1/26/14 3:59PM
  • Today Jan 26th, around 3:00pm I decided to stop by you
    Fitness center in Richardson Texas off Beltline and
    Road. I just left Church with my Family and with excitement
    told them I wanted to join LA fitness today. Two of my
    Cousins agreed that they wanted to join also. We walked in
    and stood at the front for a little while, a mature man walked
    up to us dressed like a consumer. This person did not greet
    asked if we needed something, I wasn't sure if we were speaking
    with a staff member. I replied, we want to join and he said have
    you been here before? The person had a mad look on his face, so
    I replied, no but I saw your sign and we want to join. He started
    walking to the desk area. I said Sir I don't feel welcome here
    and he immediately turned around an said ok if that's how you
    feel that's fine. He escorts us to the door, so I ask him if this how
    they normally treat consumers and he said, I'm the General Manager.
    He informed me that his location has the best numbers in the company.
    This experience left me and my Family feeling hurt, confused, unwanted,
    and for the first time in a very long time discriminated against.

    Anonymous 1/26/14 3:33PM
  • Today Jan 26th, around 3:00pm I decided to stop by your
    Fitness center in Richardson Texas off Beltline and
    Road. I just left Church with my Family and with excitement
    told them I wanted to join LA fitness today. Two of my
    Cousins agreed that they wanted to join also. We walked in
    and stood at the front for a little while, a mature man walked
    up to us dressed like a consumer. This person did not greet us, but
    asked if we needed something, I wasn't sure if we were speaking
    with a staff member. I replied, we want to join and he said have
    you been here before? The person had a mad look on his face, so
    I replied, no but I saw your sign and we want to join. He started
    walking to the desk area. I said Sir I don't feel welcome here
    and he immediately turned around an said ok if that's how you
    feel that's fine. He escorts us to the door, so I ask him if this how
    they normally treat consumers and he said, I'm the General Manager.
    He informed me that his location has the best numbers in the company.
    This experience left me and my Family feeling hurt, confused, unwanted,
    and for the first time in a very long time discriminated against.

    Anonymous 1/26/14 3:31PM
  • I when to la fitness in they have the worse customer service in i have ever experienced in my live.I had a free pass for a week and I spoke to a sale person at the desk but after he got my information he told me i had print another pass that he was going to send to my email, in order to used gym. I got upset, I told him that I did not wanted to come home and print another pass to start trying the gym. them he told me i will let you used the gym. he said you can go. he did not show me the gym at all. the locker was not visible I asked the member where the bathroom and locker was.

    Delmi 1/18/14 10:52PM
  • I was treated extremely rude by "manager" Erin or Aron/ (female),,when trying to resolve an issue that was handled by the corporate office in no less than a minute. The location is

    Anonymous 1/17/14 4:47PM
  • I was a member (less six months) in LA fitness gym in Sterling, Virginia and watch out this place. There is a thief working or working out there. On 1/8/2014, he broke at least five lockers and stole people's wallets and clothes even with a pad LOCK on. My lock was pried open and wallet was stolen. The police officer told me this happened ever 3-4 months in this gym and the staff there refused to cooperate with the police. How can they run a business like this?

    I confronted with the staff and he just shrugged and said "what you wanted me to do? Put a camera in the locker room?" Their inaction encourages this thief to come back again and again. Don't bring anything to the gym if you work out there. Horrible attitude of the staff. Tell everyone and demand a safer work-out environment!!

    On 1/13/14, when I made a phone call and talked to their manager about this issue. I asked to refund for my initiation fee. She said it was my choice to sign up the gym even it is not a safe place and refuse to do anything other than terminated my membership immediately. This corporation is very very bad!!

    Ryan 1/13/14 3:52PM
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  • Matt Costello, a member of your staff based in HQ , solved a problem that I had with a professional and understanding mannerism. What a great asset Matt is to LA FITNESS. If possible please thank Matt again for me , Tom Salerno,

    Anonymous 3/24/14 10:29AM
  • Just called corporate . Number above. Chris helped me. He was very helpful. Thank you Chris ;)

    sher 4/15/13 5:24PM
  • I had a special request and asked the Assistant General Manager Joe Gonzalez at the Coconut Creek Florida location. He was absolutely wonderful. He went over and beyond for me, and I just want LA Fitness to know. Managing hundreds of people myself, I know that we often get complaints when the smallest thing goes wrong. I also know how grateful I am when someone takes the time to say THANK YOU when things go right, so here you go! I am always looking for talent and would hire Joe in a minute. Thank you.

    Anonymous 3/24/13 12:08PM
  • I am a 365 day member at the Bradenton florida on state road 70 I just wanted to let you know your club Manager Jameel Smith has been professional and has helped me with all my membership needs and billing changes

    Anonymous 11/1/12 10:54AM
  • Talked to two different reps on this line today. Both of them were VERY helpful and courteous. When I hung up the phone we had come to a decision that was mutually agreed upon and I was happy.

    Definitely didn't get that level of service from the front line folks at my local club.

    hman 6/18/12 4:00PM
  • I recently joined LA Fitness and had an unfortunate accident and fractures a rib. I went back and forth with several people until I finally reached Kristen Athanas at membership support services. She was tremendously helpful to me and I wanted to let her supervisors know what a great person they have working for the.

    A satisfied customer,

    Betsy Kromidas

    Betsy Kromidas 6/6/12 11:23AM
  • We always complain about customer service and L.A. Fitness but it is important to mention when something good happens like today .....
    I just called the customer service number found on this site, and I was greately help by Amanda, who resolved our problem in a madder of minutes.
    My husband offered me a 1 year with a personal trainer for $800, paid in full. Unfortunately, i had to have a knee surgery and couldn't continue. So we were told at the time no problem, we will transfer the remaining sessions to your husband account. Well, it was never done. Now we are two years later and so 3 weeks ago we both walked in the L.A gym and talked with the assistant manager who explained that the manager would look into it. We contacted them the following week and still nothing. So today, my husband walked in and was given the run around. So I called this number 949-255-7200 and this young lady Amanda took care of us.
    So thank you Amanda for your prompt response and customer service.
    We really appreciate it.
    The gym n question is in Deerfield Beach, FL.
    My husband Is going to use the remaininng seesion at the different location since this one doesn't care for his memebers.

    Lulu41 5/29/12 3:05PM
  • Today, I visited your Boynton Beach, FL facility to make changes to my membership. I wanted the Corporate Office to know that "Susan", the Operations Manager is a very capable and kind person. She seems to be doing the work of two people, and she does is very well. She is a pleasant person, and I feel you are extremely lucky to have her on your staff.

    Anonymous 4/23/12 1:09PM
  • LESSON: Send your cancelation by certified mail with return-receipt requested.

    This company almost made me pay a $1,050 penalty (50% of the value of the agreement) for trying to cancel my contract.

    I didn't end up liking the trainers or the gym, so I wanted to cancel the cotract after 10 days. The club insisted that I couldn't cancel my contract, despite the document clearly stating in the first line that "You have the right to cancel this contract during the first fifteen days after the contract is made" (pg. 1). After speaking with the gym manager the first time, I decided to document my intent to cancel by sending a certified letter to the gym.

    After arguing with the manager (on an off) for nearly a week, I decided to call the corporate office(949) 255-7200 and complained about how I was being treated. After reading my contract and asking me to fax them a copy of the certified mail receipt (which had the manager's signature), the corporate office processed a full refund. The corporate office apologized for the location manager's behavior and even had him call me to apologize.

    The manager should be ashamed, but I was ultimately pleased with how the corporate office resolved the matter. In the end, I think the certified mail receipt won the day.

    Rojo522 4/13/12 11:58AM
  • Regional Director from the Southeast Phoenix, AZ area - Rhonda fired Kimberly a Zumba instructor today. Kimberly had emailed her friends regarding a festival at a dance studio. Yet other LA Fitness instuctors have pasted out flyers advertising outside studios classes before and after our LA Fitness zumba class. I don't feel that Kimberly did anything wrong. Yet if it's wrong and she got fired - then the others should NOT be employed at LA Fitness. Kimberly is a well liked and a terrific Zumba instuctor. I have a 3 year membership because of instuctors like Kimberly. I would hope that she could be reinstated!

    Anonymous 3/2/12 8:35PM
  • I'm a member of La Fitness in Orlando Fl.I'm pleased to say the staff at the East Colonial Center are excellent.When you open then door your welcomed with a smile and the manager Steve Anderson is very friendly.He is a great manager and keeps the facility clean.I look forward to my workouts cause I know I will be greeted froma nice manager or a friendly staff.

    caligrl 2/22/12 3:27AM
  • Hi my name is Rebecca from OrlandoFl. Steve Anderson The Manager at your Colonial Club is a great asset to your company.He is a hard worker,and Has a great personality. He's definitely a keeper.

    caligrl 2/21/12 8:53AM
  • I couldnt believe my eyes when i firstwalked in, this health club is immaculate! All i can really say is go see for yourself as for the hateful comments below mine theyre probably representatives at a different gym because the staff is professional gave me a phenomenal price, in all reality te club should go for 70+ a month to keep the trash out

    Anonymous 1/30/12 8:27AM
  • Maybe Dallas/Fort Worth clubs are just different. I have never had a problem the clubs are always clean and in good working order. I have only seen professional behavior from the staff and I can visit any club I like.

    Yoli 8/15/11 6:37AM
  • I use several of the clubs in the Dallas area and have been a member since 2004. Recently I upgraded to a 3 year membership which costs about 50% less then the month-to-month membership I was paying. I wanted to keep my same account but the club manager said they couldn't do that, and my history will still be in their system. I received an email saying they closed the month-to-month and billed me for two months. This is probably SOP for them, and some members may not catch the double billing. I called the MEMBER SERVICES MANAGEMENT TEAM at 949-255-7200 (Press 5) and spoke to Shawn. He looked up my accounts (both are linked by phone number)and immediately saw the double billing. He said a credit will appear on my credit card within 14-21 days. He was polite and cordial.

    No other problems with the clubs I frequent. They're mostly new and mostly clean. Front desk is polite and helpful.

    bobkattkg 7/7/11 11:52AM
  • To whom it may concern,
    I am in the United States Marine Corps, and I had spent just about all my money to come visit my family over 2,500mi away from my base in Cali to Florida the week before I deploy to Afghan. I was looking to keep in shape since I had been training for so long, I needed a gym to use for just a week and was broke! After searching around town- hitting at least 5 major local gyms, I came into a LA Fitness located at


    I met a gentleman by the name of Mike. After he heard I was in the military and was about to deploy he gave me a week pass! I am so truely grateful for receiving this! I just wanted you to know that this location has had nothing but OUTSTANDING guest interactions. Because of Mike, I will have nothing but GREAT things to say about your facilities and your gyms WILL BE my first choice when selecting a membership when I am out of the military. Thanks for supporting your troops!

    -LCpl Sam Trausneck

    Anonymous 4/18/11 7:10PM
  • Luis Escalara is the manager at LAFitness in Kendall 124 ave and 88 st , unprofessional person, rude and disrespectful.
    This is a "REAL MANAGER" ? I can't believe it!

    Pat ferreyra 12/7/10 9:33AM
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  • I workout in Goodyear Arizona at an LA Fitness. I not only agree with all the complaints on this website, most of the same thing happens at this gym! I am so annoyed by machines being broken and it takes 3+ weeks to fix it!!!!! How is that showing that the customer is important???? They have 2, yes 2!!!!!!, stair masters and I is ALWAYS broken...for weeks at a time!!! How do you only have 2 stairmasters?????? there is always a wait for them, you'd think they would figure that out and put more in to satisfy the customers. I have been a member for years and only because I got a huge discount from my employer, but I might just have to go somewhere else if this continues. To top it off...this is a fairly new club. Customer service is ALWAYS horrible. My kids hate going because of the lack of entertainment in the kids care. I honestly don't know why I'm still's just so close to my house!!

    Annoyed by LA Fitness 4/30/13 7:37PM

  • I am a Former LA Fitness employees, I don't know which one is more to blame, the company or the employees. LA Fitness puts a lot of pressure on the employees on hit there membership goals (by the way seem ridiculously higher every year). Coming from the upper management VPs down tow the Sales Persons, district Manager will put on a front with raw raw speeches about doing the right thing to get a membership, but when a Manager is doing well in "NEW MEMBERSHIPS" they will look the other way even if it "illegal" or unethical membership that are get pass through, Until it is brought to their attention. The company is full of double standards and that is the reason I personally decided to leave the organization. I believe that there is good money and bad money (blood diamond) and I will not bend my ethics for another mans gain. LA Fitness thrives on finding and hiring sales people that will do anything for a quick dollar.

    Anonymous 2/27/13 9:45AM

  • I was an employee at LA fitness and they were very unprofessional.My interview day I waited two hours after the scheduled time for the manager to interview me.. ridiculous! Once i was hired, they didnt train me on anything, they kept saying sorry but we are so busy just re-rack weights and talk to people. I was hired as a personal training counselor, which basically mean i make people feel like they are fat, worthless and are going to die..pressure them into buying training and dont let them leave their seat until they buy it. I quit because i started to realize that the people that the only people that are made for that are A$$HOLES!! I quit and they tried to convince me to come back lol! I rather work some where else where i can treat people nicely.

    Anonymous 10/1/12 12:11PM

  • I was a Personal Trainer at LA Fitness in Farmingdale, NY location from Dec-May of 2012. I was let go by the V.P. of the area who's name is Al only because one of my clients asked to have his sessions frozen. Another client who I saw once a month asked to switch trainers that same week. I train around 20 people a week and all of my clients are very happy with me. When I notified them I was fired I got nothing but support and kind words from everyone (ages 17-62 both Male and Female). Al did not bother to check to see if any other client had a complaint, which is not the case. I have text messages, phone numbers of my clients, and their names to prove it. Al took the word of one client who was upset to have to pay $15 to have his account frozen, that I was a bad trainer. Which again is not the case because this client told me how much he liked me, told his friends about me, and I believe only said what he said in the heat of the moment.

    LA Fitness is a poor choice to seek employment because you are severely underpaid, bad treatment, and let go for circumstantial reasons. The company lies to it's members, staff, and does not care about anyone but themselves. They do not want to hear your complaints. They will not look to rectify a situation. This company just does not care. LA Fitness is not a good place to join. I would seek out other gyms in your areas. I think the reviews on this site and other sites supports that. I hope what i'm saying as a former employee convinces you.

    Seek another Gym 5/3/12 2:17PM

  • My name is Kevin Byrne and I am a former member of the Traditions La Fitness. I have been complaining to the Management of the club that the pool was not correct and in fact cloudy with a slimy coating on the pools bottom.

    After many complaints I took a sample of the water and tested it to find NONE of the test were in acceptable limits according to the industry standards. I brought this information to the club manager Michelle. She was so busy defending the club and gave no notice to the test results that was in January. In face they were discarded.

    I and several of the people taking the aqua fitness classes complained on a daily basis. I cancelled my membership due to the lack of action take by the club in fact I was almost hospitalized after getting a vey severe lung infection that my doctor said was from the pool.

    After much discussion with my friends they assured me the conditions had improved in fact the pool seemed cleaner and the slim which was prevalent before is gone.
    I decided to attend a class on Monday and by the following morning I had some cough or infection. I thought it must be in my head, I went on Wednesday and took the class it got worse. I went on Friday with a simple pool test strip and tested the pool to find a similar condition to those in January.

    I again brought it again to the manager and received the same treatment as previously stated. The strip was destroyed before even looking at it. I was told that maybe I should cancelled my membership that I was the only one complaining.

    My feeling is that a lot of elderly and those that have physical limitation use the pool as a low impact for of exercise and those that are extremely sensitive to the poor conditions of the water. The club in mention services the community of many elderly people.

    The pool is serviced by an outside vendor and I don't understand why they would not use the information as a way to check the vendor instead they dismissed me. This is a dangerous business practice when the same industry that is there to promote health is in fact creating conditions for the opposite.

    Kevin Byrne 6/11/11 11:34AM

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