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Limewire customer service is ranked #702 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 15.20 out of a possible 200 based upon 46 ratings. This score rates Limewire customer service and customer support as Terrible.


46 Negative Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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  • Dear LimeWire I had to have my computer reprogramed and lost my LimeWire that I paid a 3yr. subscription to. how do I get it reinstalled.

    Thank You

    Donald L Gordon

    Don Gordon 2/9/14 3:18PM
  • I purchased LimeWire in 7/15/2011, I lost my mother board and am trying to obtain the LimeWire program again, I should not have to pay anything because in 2011 it was suppose to be good for 3 years. Please advise best way to reload the program

    don't know 8/21/13 5:46PM
  • I'm one of those victims too cause I payed for the 3 years and I can't sign in cause its asking me a code and I can't get a hold of anybody to help me with it I WANT A REFUND!!! :(

    Patijmac 2/27/13 7:16AM
  • Limewire, you took my money and now you have abandon me. I can't find your phone number nor your E-mail. Please let me know how to get a refund. My computer crashed and after having it fixed, I can not download anymore. WTF over ?

    Anonymous 1/12/13 9:36PM
  • samething here paid for 3 years had to get comp cant find anyone to talk to to get the link to download and add my lic key to

    cherokee51 9/26/12 2:40PM
  • I was to pay 2.49 for one month. I was charged oer fort dollars on my account. On top of that the customer service number does not work. WTF. I wish i knew about ths coments befoe i signed up.If anybody knows a number for me to contact to get my money please let me know. Has anybody reportd this to the bbb? I want my damn money back!!!!!!

    Anonymous 8/30/12 1:05PM
  • I was thinking i might buy limewire for my grandson , i looked at my three options , limewire charged my Visa three times three different amounts I desided not to purchase because his mother has this service I would like to be refund, Please respond, I am on disability and I am now broke , I was trying to find the least expensive limewire payments but i found out that his mother has this service so She told me not to purchase it, I didnt want any and I was charged three time..How can this happen I never finished any transaction and you still charged me. That is so wrong.Pretty sorry I cant talk to someone on the phone.

    dont have one 3/6/12 8:22AM
  • I just got a new monitor and I am unable to redownload the Limewire on it. I do not want to have to pay a second time. When I have already paid for the 3 year plan. I wish to use it again but cant seem to download without paying. I tried calling the number it has given to get help on how to do so. No one picks up and I do not want to have to pay each year if I am unable to use it on my new monitor.

    Anonymous 2/15/12 12:43PM
  • you stole fifty dollars from me with bullCRAP limewire....i want my money back. i also tried to get some wat to contact you so i put the one mont at a time and you stole another fifty dollars from me and i want it all back on the card that i paid with. i have spoken to my lawyer and he said that with all the trouble limewire is in that he should be able to get it with out suing you. but i thougt i would write to you first to see if we could deal with this with out the lawyers getting involved. now how soon can i get my 200 dollars back..... it has been very diffictul getting to anyone in limewire and i think you are still frauds as everyone said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lmbroner 1/25/12 10:43AM
  • I have been trying to redownload limewire pro and can't seem to do so.. (I paid for the 3 year plan and used it for 6 months.) I've been trying to get a hold of tech support for 3 days and no luck very dissapointed. The way they do business sucks! How can you run a business without a phone number or tech support you can get a hold of?

    Anonymous 1/13/12 7:40AM
  • I have been trying for the last three weeks to get in contact with customer service personnel but have not been successful. I paid for membership but later on decided not to continue. I was told to uninstall the software before I am refunded. I did but can not get hold of anyone by phone or e-mail to get my refund.

    Anonymous 1/5/12 2:11PM
  • I paid for this B.S. and was only able to download one time. This bull can't get in contact with anyone. Everytime I get on it says download and asking for a payment again.
    There needs to be live support at least until 10:00 p.m. and week-ends. I have a job and can only get on the computer at home after 5:00 p.m.

    j.williams 1/2/12 7:21PM
  • i payed 30.00 i want my money back no number to contact this is bull.... i tried getting music then it said i had to download to something else that costs. i wantr my money back [email protected]

    Anonymous 12/26/11 7:17AM
  • Signed up for Limewire Pro.... Stated it was $2.49 a month .... But they took out of. My account...$41.03..... W.T.F.....!!!! On top of that.... I can't click & drag to my itunes ... Library....AGAIN........W.T.F.......!!!!!! CAN'T EVEN GET WHOLE OF THEM FOR MY REFUND..... It's only been......1 day ...!!!!! VERY UPSET......!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 12/21/11 7:01AM
  • Don't expect to get any refunds for this product. Limewire as we know it was discontinued in 2010. Since then, scammers have been charging people to download it. Once you give them money, it's gone.

    The internet is a treacherous place. You will always want to research companies before forking over any money.

    Shassa 12/2/11 4:15PM
  • Cannot understand you took my money for the service, but I cannot even get hold of anyone to ask help how to download, everytime i click download it prompted me to buying the service again and you guys just took my money of $37.95 already pls e mail me to [email protected] or call 626-667-7147

    emelia 12/2/11 2:37PM
  • i saw the special of 12.95 and when the transaction was complete they charged me $50. IM SO MAD

    Anonymous 11/30/11 8:58AM
  • I already paid for the program. But is very difficult to download the program and I believe that I paid twice I used my debit MasterCard. Can you please send an email as to how to download it. I have Windows Vista. I have tried to call you, but you say that have technical support 24/7. But you don't answer the phone.

    Thank You

    jmechanic5 11/28/11 9:21PM

    rose jones 11/15/11 5:38PM
  • I requested a refund within your 7 day money back gaurantee period and wish to be contacted by a company representative to confirm that my authorisation has been processed. Please contact me at [email protected] IMMEDIATELY. Judging by the other comments on this link, you may end up with class action if you do not do as people request.

    Where's my REFUND! 11/13/11 3:40PM
  • i purchased limewire pro november 8, 2011 with a credit card and i feel like you all is takeing people money. contact me at.

    laddy jay 11/9/11 7:37AM
  • this company is b.s. I downloaded lime Pro for 12.95 and on my debit card they charged me 48.95 and I can't get anyone on the phone. Im going to have the charge deleted thru my bank if I can

    sueadal 10/31/11 10:05AM
  • I have payed for lime wire and it has been billed to my debit card but it is not accessing. I want a refund i cant call anyone and no one will email back I want a response now please. my email is [email protected] I feel like u have stole my money. i will get a respresentive if need be.

    Anonymous 10/28/11 9:25AM
  • It told me it was 12.96 and took out 80 dollars off my card. I want my money back NOW!! And not only that, its telling me that its been closed and i cant download any music now. Im seriously really pissed off!!!

    Kala 10/27/11 2:51PM
  • these people are such scammers it said it was going to cost 19.95 for two years and ended up charging my moms card 80.00$ i am so pissed and cant get a real person on the phone!! cant stand theifs

    lime wire sucks 10/25/11 7:33PM

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