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Los Angeles Times customer service is ranked #369 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.02 out of a possible 200 based upon 218 ratings. This score rates Los Angeles Times customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


204 Negative Comments out of 218 Total Comments is 93.58%.


14 Positive Comments out of 218 Total Comments is 6.42%.

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  • I have had delivery of the Sunday paper for approximately 1 1/2 years. I have only encountered one delay in receiving my paper until now. For the past 3 weeks in a row, I have not received my Sunday paper. I call Customer Service and they have offered to redeliver or give me credit for 1 week. I don't feel that I should have to have this issue so often. I live on a private street so there is no way it would be stolen. The representatives are kind but do not seem genuinely sympathetic. I've explained my situation and I feel someone should at the very least call to follow up if I received my paper after all the issues I've encountered.

    Carmen 8/11/14 10:17AM
  • Very upset that they raised my account $7.20 and charged to my credit card without my authorization. I asked for a refund and they refused to refund the 27.20

    Anonymous 6/7/14 11:02AM
  • I am really frustrated! I was sold an 8 week Sunday only subscription, by a young college student at the grocery store. I was quoted a $10 price and shortly after was checking my bank account. LA Times debited my account $15.92, two consecutive times. I called them and was told to fax them proof. I did this and called a few days later to inquire. They said someone would be calling me. I never received a call and then again I was checking my account and AGAIN LA Times has debited my account without my authorization. This time for the amount of $23.88! So I called again and got the same crap….fax us proof, and oh, we never received your prior fax (although I have in my hand the fax confirmation). So now I am $49.12 into this 8 week Sunday only subscription that was ONLY supposed to be $10. DON'T EVER give LA TIMES access to your account! You will be sorry. I am now having to file a grievance with the bank for the disputed amounts. This is just the worse business practices I have ever seen!

    Anonymous 5/27/14 1:03PM
  • Someone in your organization uses an inferior plastic for the Sunday Times.
    Every week my paper is wet wrapped in low grade plastic.
    Does anyone bother to equate the cost of having to replace my paper every Sunday with a
    "Special Delivery" with a higher grade plastic?

    Anonymous 5/18/14 8:28AM
  • I have been receiving the Sunday home delivery and the e addition. On May 6, I called and changed my subscription to every day home delivery and the e addition. Now 7 days later and I have yet to get my home delivery. I have called customer service, which to my surprise, is located in the Philippines. I get the same old script, "We are so sorry for the inconvenience". While news print continues to decline, one would think that customer service would be your number one priority but apparently you just don't get it. By doing customer service on the cheap you are hasting the decline of your newspaper. The next call I make will be to cancel. There are many other good news sources available.

    socalgulfer 5/13/14 3:06PM
  • I canceled my home delivery thru their customer service email site. I did this after my mother passed away as she was the one reading it daily. I provided all necessary account information. I guess the LA TImes wanted me to call them and since they had my Credit Card information kept on billing it. I didn't know this for two months. They admitted they received my email but wouldn't refund my money. I told my credit card company who did refund my money but now LA Times sent it to collections. Bad Bad Bad customer service policy.

    pebblesbuddy 3/5/14 7:34PM
  • We have been loyal customers for over 40 plus yrs. In that time we have seen many changes with the LA Times. For the most part of the 40 years I have no complaints about the service or the newspaper. Lately, however, I find it irritating to discover a section of the newspaper was left out. More irritating to call about it, was asked what section was missing, had a second delivery, and still missing the Sports section. This has happened before. Another time a page had a ink problem where articles was blacken and was unreadable. Where is the Quality Control?

    Loyal Reader 2/7/14 11:01AM
  • our delivery has been late for the last 4 Sundays, on Saturday and today at 8:00 am not delivered.Very disappointed with this delivery person. Would like some someone to contact me. J. White

    Anonymous 1/20/14 9:16AM
    Official company reply

    Hi J.,

    Unfortunately, there is no contact information in your comment here so I'm not able to access any account or contact you directly. If you contact us at 1800-252-9141 then we can resolve the late deliveries with your carrier. The paper is guaranteed to be delivered by 6am Monday-Friday, by 7am on Saturday and by 8am on Sunday. Anything after those times is considered late and we need to get that fixed.

    Amber@LA Times 1/22/14 11:30AM

  • We subscribe to the Tursday to Sunday delivery;several weeks ago we got a phone call offering us a daily delivery at no extra charge since we are such loyal subscribers (over 40 years).We called to confirm this and were told the delivery would start next Monday. Monday no paper. We called, we emailed; were told "next Monday".
    Again no paper.Calls, emails,promoses. This has been going on for weeks now.My family is taking bets for when or if we will ever get the daily paper.
    William Shackleford

    drwls 12/9/13 10:21AM
    Official company reply

    Mr. Shackleford,

    Thank you for notifying us of the issue with your account. I was able to locate your account and resolve the issue with your service. You'll be getting a phone call this morning to confirm that we have fully resolved this for you.

    Amber@LA Times 12/11/13 10:21AM

  • Last month I did a vacation transfer (as you no longer get credit for holds). It never resumed to my home address. (The permanent address was the vacation address.) Times instructs me to next time do vacation transfer (I had done this, but gave them benefit of the doubt). Same thing happened today. I went through the TRANSFER system, never changed my address, but somehow, yet again, my permanent address defaulted to the vacation address. Just yesterday, when it was to resume and did not, I checked my account online, and it was my correct home address. I gave the a "pass" and figured it was just a slip up from the delivery. However, I emailed anyway, just to be sure today's paper was delivered and gave them the home address. This AM, NO PAPER. Go online, my address was the VACATION ADDRESS (Just yesterday it was my correct home address). I call and they said "a mistake was made" (implying mine, I'm sure) and they can send me a complimentary paper, but it is not guaranteed. Really? One paper to satisfy a longtime customer who is considering cancellation? Something is seriously wrong with this system, both customer service and the online software. So my home address is being "changed" as of tomorrow when delivery will resume. At least the tenants at my vacation address will get a free paper. After 20 years of subscription, I am considering cancelling.

    Anonymous 11/24/13 9:26AM
  • I subscribed to the L.A. Times/Sunday delivery only on October 3, 2013: I received my first and only delivery on Sunday morning 10-7-2013 and none to follow...
    I did pay for the subscription and have proof in my checking account statement...I receive one phone call from Daily Press (the delivery system for Sunday L.A. Times) without any success or resolve to my missing Sunday L.A. Times delivery...
    I dont' understand...please assit ASAP...

    Anonymous 10/27/13 1:21PM
    Official company reply

    Hi LS,

    If you can give us a call at 1800-252-9141 we can credit you for the missed papers and work with your local distributor to ensure you receive all future deliveries.

    Amber@LA Times 10/28/13 3:11AM

  • Today August 27, I Was Surprised To Get Yesterdays Newspaper !the Newspaper Boy Is Still Delivering Mondays Paper !well I Went To The Corner To Buy One From The Machine....its $1.50 Put The Money In And Guess What....the Door Would Not Stole My Money !thank You La Times....i Started My Day In A Negative Manner...thanks To You !

    ALTELLEZ 8/27/13 8:28AM
    Official company reply

    If you can give us a call at 1800-252-9141 we can always deliver you a replacement, or credit you for the wrong paper you received.
    You can also call our Single Copy hotline at 213-237/6680 with any complaints or questions about a single copy sold paper or rack. They'll assist you with any issues associated with a single copy rack, purchase, fixing a rack or refunds.

    Amber@LA Times 9/3/13 11:54AM

  • The person who delivers my newspaper throws it next to my neighbor's lawn almost everyday, and the paper gets wet every time the lawn gets watered. I call for another paper every time. I think you should stop having another delivery person (because that person knows where to place it on my driveway) and have the first delivery person see where he should deliver the paper. It will save sending two people several times each month. I live in Hacienda Heights and may only be one deliverer. TELL HIM.

    Anonymous 8/24/13 8:21AM
    Official company reply

    If you can email me your information at [email protected] then I'll be happy to get this taken care of for you.

    Amber@LA Times 9/3/13 11:56AM

  • A lady came up to me at campus and asked if I wanted to sign up for a free 2 month trial. She said if I did, I would be helping her to obtain a scholarship. There was no mention for automatic renewals or a number to cancel the trial. Then out of the blue, I received a phone call from a representative who stated that I owe $19.95 for the newspapers. I told him the situation and he replied that he will take care of it and said thank you. Then yesterday, I received another phone call from another rep. that said I still owe the money, saying it was a debt. I'm upset because there was no mention of any automatic renewals or warnings. May I mention that I am a second year college student that does not have any money. Is there any to deal with this?

    plarios815 8/22/13 3:52PM
    Official company reply

    I'm sorry that you didn't see this on your receipt. The terms of the subscription are listed on the receipts when you place an order with an outside sales rep. It would have stated that the order would continue unless you called to cancel. If you can email me your information at [email protected] then I will be happy to get this stopped for you.

    Amber@LA Times 9/3/13 11:57AM

  • I would like to file a formal complaint. I have been receiving robo calls (3 times this morning) when my account is NOT past due. I just refuse to pay 8 weeks in advance.

    I tried to log on to view account info online and it demands that I log on via Facebook. That is inappropriate and your procedure requesting a personal/private social site password is inappropriate. Please discontinue this inappropriate procedure.

    Anonymous 8/17/13 12:54PM
    Official company reply

    Our billing cycle bills customers for 8 weeks in advance. This is standard procedure with most newspapers. If you choose to ignore our billing cycle and pay a different amount, then you will be considered past due. The best way to get on track is to pay the amount due on your bill and then the call would stop as your account would be current.

    In regards to logging in, you will be prompted to sign in using the same manner you initially registered in. If it prompts you to login via Facebook, that means you originally chose to register through Facebook. Feel free to email me your information at [email protected] and I can remove your registration.

    Amber@LA Times 9/3/13 11:59AM

  • I am a disabled person and have my paper porched and have for many years now, I've had issues with this in the past which had to go all the way to customer relations to get resolved, hopefully this time that won't be required. The area in front of my porch is clear and always is and that's where the paper is normally left, there is a chair on my porch that we leave our cats food under so the sun doesn't get to it, I opened my door to get the paper and it was put under that chair and covering the cat dishes completely, this had to be intentional as you would have to crouch down to get it up under there and cover those dishes ! Why ? I was very upset when I saw this, I would like this complaint forwarded to upper management and my local route manager and want to talk to the route manager in person or by phone to ensure this doesn't happen again, I may not be a big money customer but have been a customer for many years, everything the Sunday Times offers can now a days be obtained on an ipad/iphone including the coupons, I will not hesitate to cancel if this happens again !

    Anonymous 8/4/13 2:49PM
    Official company reply

    Please call customer service at 1800-252-9141. We'll then be able to access your account and get in touch with your local distribution manager to inform them of where your paper should be delivered.

    Amber@LA Times 8/5/13 9:57AM

  • I am having trouble with my paper boy using the stair-well right near the head of my bed. There is no need for there is an elevator.

    I am under drs. care for my heart and there is no reason to use this exit and it wakes me up a 4 am with my heart palpitating. Very stressful, so,, I am up for another couple of hours. I am a widow and live alone and it sounds like elephants when he goes down the cement stairs. NO ONE takes the paper on the next floor and only 2 papers are delivered on my floor. I am worried that my health is declining because of the stress that does not need to be.

    Please help me out here for the carrier will not answer the phone. I don't think you would like to be responsible for my heart attack.

    Thank you, Carol Lee Gates

    Anonymous 7/30/13 5:28PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Carol,

    I'm sorry to hear you're being woken as the carrier is delivering. If you can please call us at 1800-252-9141 then we can get your information and reach out to your local distribution manager to remedy this.

    Amber@LA Times 8/1/13 1:03PM

  • We signed up w/ LA Times under advertisement that we received in the LA Times Paper. It was an ANUAL rate. The add CLEARLY states that the rate advertised is PER YEAR. We have been paying this rate for 3 years. We just received bill that more than doubled rate. When I called to have them correct rate, they (Candice z42407) stated "yes it is per year, but we cant honor that anymore!" WHAT! I still have the advertisement. It CLEARLY states, rate & subscription will continue UNLESS I call to cancel service or we move. Neither of which we have done. That is complete false advertisement. It clearly states its an ongoing basis, with taxes included. Now I am trying to get a hold of legal department. ALL customer service departments claim they have no contact numbers to LA Times Legal Department!! This is soooo frustrating.

    Anonymous 7/24/13 12:44PM
    Official company reply

    Our rates are always subject to change. We do have to evaluate rates due to rising costs in production. All of our marketing material states that your subscription continues until you call to cancel but not that the rate is the same. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to discuss further.

    Amber@LA Times 7/26/13 7:16AM

  • I have an annual LA Times subscription for which I paid in advance valid till 2014.

    I keep getting 3 month charges on my credit cards. Its happened two times already and when I call, those are reverted back. I spoke with the same Service agent again and she promised it will never again !

    Vola, its again on my Credit Card statement two days after my last refund.

    This is like I have to keep looking in my credit card statements and hope that I have not been charged by LA TIMES.

    Never go for an annual subscription or pay in advance.

    Yogi 7/15/13 9:21PM
    Official company reply

    If you can email me your account information then I can take a look. This is not normal behavior and I'd like to do some digging to figure this out and ultimately resolve this for you. Please send me an email at [email protected], subject AMBER.

    Amber@LA Times 7/18/13 3:04PM

  • The L.A. Times has one of the worst customer service departments around. I ordered a print subscription so that I could get the Sunday ads and coupons. My paper continuously showed up with neither. When I called to get the issue resolved, I was told it was because I lived in the outskirts of town and they didn't put those things in the paper (so I don't go 15 miles into town to shop???). They said they'd resolve it, but the paper continued to show up without these inserts. When I would call and ask for a re-delivery WITH my inserts, my Sunday paper would shop up on Wednesday - much too late for me to both planning my shopping. Several calls to their supposed customer service line solved nothing. When I called to cancel, they didn't care about the issue then either. Clearly they don't need customers.

    Anonymous 7/14/13 12:02PM
    Official company reply

    That is definitely not the experience we want our readers to have. You should have gotten the inserts each Sunday and this should have been something that customer service could have assisted you with. I'm sorry that you weren't given the level of service we expect our readers to receive daily. If you change your mind and would like to come back, please email us at [email protected]

    Amber@LA Times 7/15/13 8:31AM

  • my paper has not been delivered for almost two weeks now.

    naomi bracey 7/9/13 12:37PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Naomi,

    Please contact customer service at 1800-252-9141 or [email protected] We'll get this taken care of right away.

    Amber@LA Times 7/15/13 8:29AM

  • i did not receive any papers, but they keep asking me money :( what should i do? i canceled two times still asking me money suck

    Anonymous 7/3/13 4:17PM
    Official company reply

    Please send us an email at [email protected] with your account information. We'll be happy to clear this up for you.

    Amber@LA Times 7/7/13 11:26AM

  • The Los Angeles Times has outsourced jobs to India. This is TREASON. Additionally, anyone who doesn't want to PAY IN ADVANCE (and who would, with the way the papers are delivered) you will start getting collections calls from India - all for refusing to PAY for papers NOT YET RECEIVED!!! We've been taking home delivery of the "Shady Times" for 20 years. We are canceling our subscription. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. SHAME ON THE "SHADY TIMES" FOR TAKING AWAY JOBS FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS...FOR THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR !!!

    Lori Ann 7/2/13 9:28AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Lori Ann-

    Most all newspapers and magazines bill in advance. If you ever cancelled your account, you'd be refunded the balance. If you ever missed a paper, then you'd be credited for that days delivery. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] if you need any clarification on how our billing process works. We're happy to help.

    Amber@LA Times 7/7/13 11:27AM

  • Paper missing more time and I will no longer want paper

    Anonymous 6/6/13 7:19AM
    Official company reply

    Please give us a call anytime you are missing a paper and we can get a replacement out right away. You can reach us at 800-252-9141.

    Amber@LA Times 6/17/13 4:06PM

  • Considering placing an ad with the LA Times, don't do an insert flyer.

    I contracted with the LA Times to deliver 60,000 flyers with their residential delivery service. The cost was 2100 and the flyer was designed by the Times.

    Would you believe we did not get one phone call.

    When I complained to the LA Times I was advised that the ad went out, but they provide no proof.

    With a flyer you would expect 1-3% contact depending on the offer. One tenth of that percentage would 600, one one hundredth would be 6. I would have settled for one one hundredth of the distribution.

    Either the LA Times is a horrible paper to advertise with or my flyer did not go out. Since they advised me that the flyer went out and provided no offer to try again or refund I can only assume that the flyer went out, and that the customers of the LA Times do not respond to the advertisers. Since this is the case I recommend that you do not advertise with the LA Times.

    RunToTheInternet 6/4/13 9:34PM
    Official company reply

    We value your feedback and want to help, but we cannot locate your advertising account unless we have more information. The Times has an Advertising Standards Dept. that can assist you directly and you are free to call 213-237-6148 so we can research your advertising.

    Amber@LA Times 6/17/13 4:10PM

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  • I started sending the delivery person a gift card each Christmas and have had no problems with delivery since. Hey only a $25.00 Target card...amounts to 50 cents per week. Try it.

    carol6483 11/28/13 11:06AM
  • I didn't.receive my Sunday paper so I called at 9:am. I called again at 11:45 am. It.s now after 2 pm., still no paper. I heard the time is cutting back. Is this the way it is going 2 b now?

    claraxyz 11/24/13 3:13PM
  • Sandy with the LA Times Membership Services responded to my email regarding a couple of issues including non-delivery and auto-payments. Sandy was very positive, professional and resolved all the issues within 2-3 business days.

    K2crew 5/21/13 10:48AM
  • This paper is superb, as is my deliveryperson. Couldn't be happier and hope emergence from bankruptcy doesn't negatively affect the quality.

    equipoise 1/7/13 1:05PM
  • I was approached at a Starbucks on my way to school by a girl, she gave me some story about helping her with a program and that she was offering a special trial for the Times newspaper.. Im a college student so i dont have much money but this chick was "cute" so I was sold. I gave her the last of my money and she signed me up. I had no delivery issues and most days i would walk past the paper on my way out. My dad seemed to like it. I also received a notice that looked like a bill.. I called the number and i had to double check it, since it sounded like I called another country. I told them that i wanted to stop my special trial and that i only signed up because the girl was "cute" and i wanted to help her out.. I repeated that a few more times and it was done! Its been a few weeks since i stopped it and i havent received any other papers.. But if i run into that girl again i will be happy to give her whatever money i have and live off of Top Ramen!

    AsiansensationET 11/27/12 1:11PM
  • I purchased an LA Times subscription a few weeks ago on campus from a student. The student told me that it is basically free because all I have to do is pay $20 for the delivery. The only issue is that the student was trying to sell me on the Sunday Coupons when all I needed the paper for was for my Poli Sci class. Overall I am happy with the service and loved how all I had to do is pay for shipping and get the paper for free!

    The only thing I am scared of is that a lot of my classmates are telling me that when they try to cancel the LA Times cancels their order but keeps sending them the paper and then sends them a bill a few months later. I hope that doesn't happen to me since I don't want to pay for it.

    csungirl25 11/22/12 8:26PM
  • Customer service representatives of latimes are very friendly and patience however, the website and the service of delivery sucks...

    Gage 7/1/12 10:51AM
  • After reading these reviews I didn't have much hope. I decided not to wait for a live operator and go w/ the automated "missing paper" prompt. I entered my info and, voila... less than 1 hour later my paper was sitting in my driveway. it worked for me, good luck!

    holly o

    HollyO 12/11/11 9:51AM
    Official company reply

    Hi Holly-

    I'm happy to hear that you had a great experience. Please let me know if you ever need anything.

    Amber@LA Times 12/13/11 11:55AM

  • The automated customer service generally works very well. Our paper always arrives by early morning.Occasionally our paper is wet by the time we go out to pick it up, but if we call the automated phone system in time a new paper is dispatched within a couple of hours. We have used the online vacation hold request effectively. I think people who have complaints are more likely to post them that people who are satisfied with the service.

    Anonymous 9/7/11 8:42PM
  • We have been loyal Los Angeles Times readers for years. I receive my paper before 5 am every morning. The service is great. Love the Spots page, editorials and Steve Lopez.
    Keep up the good work. I read the paper before work and can discuss news events with confidence.

    Anonymous 8/25/11 5:41PM
  • In short, it's quite a surprise that their customer services are very good.

    It seems that in general, calls from them haven't left positive impressions on me. I had a similar situation to some of the complaints listed at this site. I put on vacation hold for quite a while and recently got billed for those papers. I called a couple of days ago and was surprised and happy that it went very smoothly. The wait is less than a minute. Jane (I think that is her name) explained to me that they changed their policy to not credit those papers while my vacation hold was in effect, and credited back those charges and now I have some credit in my account. And I went along to cancel my subscription without hassle. She thanked me politely in the end. That's quite a nice experience.

    In conclusion, it appears that those that call us weren't so great, but those we call have been very nice.

    Fair Paul 8/21/11 2:16PM
  • Thank you to Amber who posted an employee comment here with an email address to address complaints to.

    They were so quick in resolving my issue and explaining my bill to me. I got a response right away. Really fantastic customer service!

    Betty 11/23/10 2:42PM
  • Just a moment ago, I called customer service of the Times, people overseas, they are so considerate that they would really help you out.

    FU 8/23/10 5:52PM
  • I just called to withhold home delivery while out of town...the services was great : prompt response..& job done painless and easy..

    Thank you so much, we greatly appreciate your kind care.


    FF 7/23/10 11:42AM
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  • I would like to apologize to all of our valued readers who have had a negative experience. We strive to provide excellent customer service at all times and it is unacceptable that you were not provided with that level of customer service.

    I have read through all of the comments on this site and all of these are incidents that are easily resolved. If you would like to give us a chance to solve any issues you are experiencing, I invite you to please send us an email at [email protected]

    I hope you will give us a chance to address your issue or concern and demonstrate the level of customer service we strive for every day. After all, there is no "us" without you.

    Amber 11/12/10 9:37AM

  • Actually, I once worked as a Customer Rep in the LATIMES and I agree that the system is very poor. You know what we do in the Center? We process your complaints using the computer and supposedly, the message will be forwarded to your carriers. But it seems that the system we use is not working because the messages were not being forwarded to you carriers. No wonder why there are no redeliveries. I agree with you americans that the LA TIMES has a real big problem. That's why I already resigned in the Call Center because I get irate and frustrated callers who keeps on cursing me but in fact we're just trying to help you out. San Diego delivery sucks because of new Distributor. Vacation Hold but not being held. Goodness! I came from the Philippines and I'm telling you that the Customer Service is being outsourced here. But don't worry guys, I already resigned because the system of the Los Angeles Times is poor!

    Wahii 10/24/10 2:54AM

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