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Lowe's customer service is ranked #105 out of the 710 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 59.69 out of a possible 200 based upon 876 ratings. This score rates Lowe's customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


686 Negative Comments out of 876 Total Comments is 78.31%.


190 Positive Comments out of 876 Total Comments is 21.69%.

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  • The faucet I ordered arrived with manufacturer marks where there were bubbles in the finish...obviously not to go out to customers. No one checked this. I contacted Lowes to return it and they told me 1) they couldn't find my order...after I had called the day before because my tracking information was wrong (as in another customers) and the rep had no problem finding my order 2) the rep said to take the faucet to the store for a refund (the closest store is about an hour away 3) once we requested they schedule Fed Ex to pick it up and a return shipping label, the rep said she would have to check with her manager. Once she came back with more info, she said it would be 4 or 5 days before we receive an email stating whether they could to could not do's 6 days later and no word yet.

    Annie W 4/16/14 12:26PM
  • My husband and I visited the new Lowe's in Commack NY yesterday 4-13-14. It was very unorganized and it was extremely difficult to get assistance. We found the customer service to be EXTREMELY poor. After trying to find help, we spoke with two employees who were talking to each other and we asked for assistance with BBQ's. They barely responded. Then said just give us a minute. They walked off never to be seen again. We ended up dealing with the store manager. The attitude was that they were doing us a favor letting us shop at Lowe's. The store manager could have cared less. Very poor attitude. We will NEVER set foot in a Lowe's again . We are sticking with Home Depo. At Home Depo when you speak with a store manager about an issue they care about your business.

    jgold 4/14/14 5:53AM
  • Lowe's claims to be a supporter of the military but has refused to respond to my inquiry about the status of my entry door and installation which I paid 5k for in September of 2014 and have yet to receive or get a status on my door and install which I believe amounts to theft.

    RetiredUSN 4/3/14 3:30PM
  • I have had nothing but problems when trying to make my monthly payment. I have tried to do it online which would have been the easiest you would think. First of all, they listed a wrong ss# for me which made it impossible to do it online. Had to make a special trip to the store to finally straighten it out. Trip is 30 min. away. Second time with necessary info given by me I could not access my acct. Finaly, and I mean finally, reached a live person who helped us pay the bill. When calling this month after much much waiting for a live person, I was told it would cost me to do it this way. When replying that there was no cost last month I was told it was a courtesy last month. For elderly people doing their best to pay their bills on time Lowe's is not a friendly place you want to do business with. I will make the drive to pay my bill but it is the very last time I will do busness with Lowe's. Please help to make your site user friendly especially to the elderly who are doing their best to keep up to date with technology.

    Anonymous 4/3/14 6:48AM
  • Finally received our material at 12:00 PM on March 30. The two drivers were excellent and helpful. Am waiting for Lowes to do as Walt said he would and compensate us for the inconvenience.
    Went to store on March 31 @ 9:00 am and he said he would look into it?

    Disgruntled in North East 3/31/14 10:21AM
  • More of the continuing saga of Disgruntled in North East .Now 11:00 am and truck is not here with flooring delivery as promised called Walt who said truck is nit back and he does not know when it will be here?
    Promised to call us again?

    Disgruntled in north east , md 3/30/14 8:13AM
  • Bought Bruce flooring from Jorge at north east, md store he was excellent . He got us connected to the installer Joe Dixon and everyone was timely and pleasant in responding. We paid for the material and install on March 8,2014 and agreed for delivery on March 29 first delivery in the AM. We received a call on March 28 that they wanted to change delivery to March 28, we said we could not as we live out of town. We were called in thePM of March 28 that because of the rain they had to switch trucks(seemed reasonable) so delivery would be between 3-5 on March 29. We received a call at approximately 5 PM from the driver who stated he was running late and could only out material on our porch. I called Scott at the local store who the decided to have material brought back to store and they would deliver first AM on March 30. I went the store at 8:00 AM and was told by Walt that we were not first and it would probably be 10:30. So we again changed our schedule to accommodate the screw ups by Lowes and maybe our material will be here for our installer on March 31. A significant purchase such as this should not cause this type of stress to anyone and frankly this will affect our purchasing decisions in the future.

    Disgruntled in North East 3/30/14 6:00AM
  • Not a great place to do business. I was going to use Lowes carpet to install in my house. I set up an appointment and the salesmen told me I'd hear from the contractor in two days ended up being four days. After he came to look at my area I wanted to get carpet he took measurements and said I'd hear back in by Monday it is now Wednesday. I called Lowes the location in Huntsville Alabama, South Huntsville and ask for the salesman in carpet and he said he'd call me right back he was busy doing something I never got a call back. This is not the place to do business or get anything installed.

    Anonymous 3/26/14 12:38PM
  • I just talked to Eric who is an Executive of Lowes and he made me feel like they just want the customer to feed into their lies about what really goes on at Lowes complaint department. I'm African-American woman who experienced the cold shoulder at the Downingtown Pa office. Rich from the downingtown office said the person that I complained about acknowledges what happened and Rich apologies for what happened to me.
    The Executve Eric calls and says Rich was trying to locate the people. This made me think maybe he just said this to appease me just to keep me as a customer. So when I confronted Eric he said he was sorry for misleading me. Well by now I'm mad because I feel you don't take these complaints serious. So as fas as Lowes is concerned your done and I will pass the word on to other customers.

    mememe 2/24/14 5:54PM
  • We have a warranty on our frigadaire refrigerator that we bought in 2012. We have the same problem with it before -does not keep anything cold - something you might like with your frig. We called them and we have been TWO WEEKS WITH NO SERVICE ON OUR FRIG!!!! Our food is being kept in coolers. All that was in the frig spoiled, this is the second time this happened. No one has gotten back to me except the repair man who said we needed a new compressor that would have to be ordered. Just got a message from the repairman saying lowes was going to hire someone else to come out. HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD FROM LOWES. EVERYTIME I CALL, I AM ON HOLD FOREVER!!! D not buy ANY APPLIANCES FROM LOWES. THEIR SERVICE IS DESPICABLE!!!!!!

    SLS 2/23/14 5:13PM
  • I walked into the store to price an entire kitchen make-over. We waited patiently for 45 minutes for the only "specialist" to return from lunch. My wife and I were greeted by an annoyed representative returning from lunch. We explained to her that we needed prices on counter tops and her only reply was "I have to look it up," but she starred at us and didn't look it up. It was a strange interchange. Then the woman stood up and implored that she only worked with appointments, but we were the only customers there with her. We stood up and gathered the pictures and measurements of our kitchens that we had furnished her with and walked away. We were upset and explained the situation to the floor manager who apparently knew of the disgruntled "specialist."

    I am taking my money to Home Depot down the street.

    This Lowes is located in Miami, FL. off of Kendall Drive and 137th ave.

    Anonymous 2/23/14 3:31PM
  • visited Lowes yesterday to purchase a replacement ceiling fan - total cost $90.23. My husband wrote a check for the exact amount (our check number 22,410 - we write a lot of checks!) there were other customers in line waiting to make their purchases when to cashier announces that the check was declined! Needless to say we were alarmed and embarrassed. I used a credit card (which as a rule we try to limit) so that the rest of the customers were not waiting. Had my husband been there alone he would have had to leave the item as he does not use a credit card. I immediately called our bank and was assured that our account had in excess of 40 times the amount of the check. I called the number on the receipt and was additionally assured that there was no negative information relative to our check or any transactions we have ever had with Lowes. When pressed to find out why we had been embarrassed by the lowes system I was repeatedly told that our check was declined for "preventatve measures" to protect me (in case someone had stolen our checks) and the store but they could not give me any definative reason as that might jeopardise their secret system for future fraudulent activities. For the record we have never had any problems with our checking account - period. They put us on a 21 day VIP status and wanted to send us paperwork to make that status permanent. I don't even know (or care) what their VIP status is - I do know that I am (was) a regular Lowes customer and now I do not feel confident in making a purchase at Lowes unless I have cash without risking being embarrassed by a cashier who is powerless to give me any information or even to re-enter the check for approval. I called the store to let them know that there was in fact not a problem with my check and to reiterate the information contained above but apparently the store manager is not interested or concerned. So, other than relate an official complaint we can either risk future embarrassment (through no fault of our own) or simply shop at Home Depot.

    Diane 2/19/14 12:45PM
  • Do not try to call them on their 800 customer service line...unless you are well fed, well rested and won't need to eat or drink or sleep for a while. The on-hold time is ridiculous. In other words, the effort it takes to get through the robot lady's enormous list of unfolding questions will drive you over the edge long before you FINALLY hear a human voice.

    Dee 2/18/14 9:53PM
  • I can' beleve we have two months of winter left and a big outfit like you are out of wood pellets. What are people who heat there home wiht them supose to do?

    sebe01 2/18/14 11:41AM
  • HORRIBLE phone service. Tried calling to speak with someone in appliances, was bounced around all over the store. Then tried to speak to management, was left on hold for several minutes, bounced back and forth to several different departments then after waiting several more minutes, listening to the crappy elevator music, they hung up. Fianlly, I got "John" on the phone who apologized for the appliance rep who was late to work. But, how does that even make sense? Why apologize for someone who wasn't even there to bounce my call around and hang up on me???? I don't get it. They're even worse in person. I'm giving up on you Lowe's and sticking with Home Depot.

    Annie 2/18/14 8:15AM
  • We bought a washer and dryer from Lowe's in 2009 and added an extended warranty that is due to expire in October 2014. We were told at the time of purchase that the warranty covered everything, including standard maintenance. We have not had to use the warranty so far, and decided to call and have some standard maintenance done on our machines before the warranty ran out. Upon contacting the representative we were told that there is no standard warranty. We feel that we were deceived and spent a lot of money for something that we are not going to get. We are VERY unhappy with this situation and will NOT shop at Lowe's any more.

    Angry 2/6/14 7:24PM
  • commercial sale lady REGENCY LOWES JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA AT ,very rude and not patience , she cut the call when I was asking for product , very bad service,

    gdc 1/25/14 10:25AM
  • I'm currently remodeling the bathroom,down to the studs,new everything.I've spent thousands at home depot and less than $150 at lowes. why ?? their employee's have the worst attitudes I've ever seen. I would rather walk around looking for something than to ask for their help, their friendly hello when you enter is such a fa栤e !!I do a lot of projects around my home,but I try to keep lowes to a minimum.

    slypri 1/25/14 8:32AM
  • I just recently bought a washer dryer combo and wanted it delivered. I told the sales person that I lived on a dirt road and it would be difficult to access and they should not have a truck that was larger than a ups truck about (height no taller then 14ft and no longer then 25ft). He said it would not be a problem and wrote it on the order. The day they were set to deliver I spoke with a person at dispatch and the driver and told him the same thing. When they got out to deliver my machines they said that there truck was too big to and they would be unable to deliver. They told me they would call me back in a half an hour and let me know what they were going to do. I was able to borrow a pickup truck from my neighbor to go get the washer and dryer. This took about an hour and they had not called me back. I called them back to let them know that I had a truck and would be able to get the washer from the top of my street. They said they would look into and call me back within the hour. I waited 2 hours and called them back when dispatch told me that all trucks were on their way back and she could not help me, when I asked to speak with the manager I was told that he had already gone home for the day. I waited until 10am the next day to see if anyone would call me back no one has. After all this I decided to return the machine, I called Lowes to let them know that I wanted to return the machine and they said it was out for delivery and they could not return the machine. I called the shipping company and they told me it was not out for delivery and that they only do Lowes delivery on Tuesday and Thursday. I called the manager of the Lowes store back and told them what the shipping company told me and they said that I will have to wait until the unit comes back to them before I can return it. Now I am out $1300 and have no machine and no way to get my money back and no one has any idea what is going on Do yourself a favor and shop at Home Depot

    Anonymous 1/24/14 12:49PM
  • Appliance service is virtually non-existant.
    Whenever you call Customer Care, you are put on hold with a recording saying they are experiencing longer than normal hold times (happens every single time you call). When you do get a representative, you are informed they will charge you to have someone come out to look at your appliance, even though it is under warranty. No one representing Lowe's ever seems to take your situation seriously. I have worked at Lowe's and have been told employees are just doing according to Corporate instructions. - what should this tell you when you are considering an appliance purchase from Low's?

    jim 1/19/14 9:50AM
  • Terrible service and despicable business ethics. Ordered a lithium-ion screw-driver online to be picked up at the local store. They claimed that the store will contact me when the item is ready to be picked up. My credit card was immediately charged. 3 weeks passed. Nothing happened. Called the store, and they said that the item had long sold out. Spent 15 minutes on the phone and finally got a store manager to do the refund, claiming that it would be done in 4 hours and will call me back when it is done. 3 days passed. Nothing. Called again. "Oh sorry they did not complete the process...". It is hard to believe that a big store like Lowe's can be so unprofessional.

    Davinci 1/17/14 10:22PM
  • Starting the intsall process in Aug 2013, now on my 3rd install (french door), this has turned into a nightmare. Today is Jan 9th, 2014.Lowe's has major issue's with accountability. Holding contractor's accountable, and there so call "specialist". Since they got rid of the spiff(commission), the quality has gone down, as well as the quality for their 3rd party contractor's. First, they rip out my door's, before inspecting the new one going in, which had damage's, and the vendor admitted, should not have gone out. The 2nd door was installed improperly, the frame is worp, and had large 1/4-1/2" gap's on the bottom, the 3rd, well let's just say, we schedule, and I get no show's...

    Sarge 1/9/14 6:09AM
  • Not very happy with customer support. First, I had to wait on hold for 45 mins and then all the person I got on the phone tried to do was get me off the phone as quickly as possible. I order one part that was missing and then asked another question about another part (tool included in item). She put me on hold to ask someone something and I was put back in queue again as if I was a brand new caller. I got someone else and we worked through the additional questions. I received the parts discussed with the second person but have not even yet today received the one little part from the first customer rep who took the first order. Now I have to call AGAIN, wait in queue AGAIN, order the one little part AGAIN, and hope I receive it. Their customer service hours are not convenient for anyone who works because there are no evening or weekend hours of support. Additionally, there does not appear to be any online customer support capability such as sending an email to order a simple little part.

    Jan 1/8/14 4:15PM
  • I went to Lowe's during our record cold weather to get some supplies to fix and prevent frozen water pipes. I needed help choosing the right things. The guy who waited on me was incredibly rude and condescending. It was clear he did not want to be bothered that day. The lady at the customer service desk was equally rude. Yes I know it was cold. I had to go out in it and go to work too but I was not rude about it. If you hate helping people that much please quit your job. By the way I left there and bought supplies at another store where they know what they are doing. I have spent a lot of money on appliances, building materials, paint etc at Lowes but never again

    Anonymous 1/7/14 5:59PM
  • LOWES HAS THE WORST RETURN & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED POLICY OF ALL HARDWARE & HOME IMPROVEMENT MATERIAL STORES I'VE EVER PATRONIZED. Unfortunately my experience with Lowe's is at a all time LOW. When I patronize Lowe's I have to plan my day on the day I visit because I live 45 min. from the store. Recently I made a visit to Lowes in Rancho Cordova, CA to return some items that I had purchased but as it turned out they weren't what they claimed to be. Upon returning the 2 items that I was returning the clerk stated that they no longer carried the item & it had discontinued leaving me stuck with the items. I asked for the store manager and he came forth & said his handheld device indicated they no longer had it in their system leaving me no choice but to take the items back.

    UNHAPPY 1/2/14 4:08PM
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  • I never take the time to write comments...good or not good, but had to express my thanks to the tremendous customer service I just received from Casey at Lowe's in Billings Montana. Casey helped me with a replacement for a Moen soap dispenser unit that I had inadvertently broken while working in a client's home. That particular unit was only available with the faucet just as my client had purchased it, not sold individually. Casey told me that Moen covered customer purchases 100%, he then expeditiously and joyfully picked out the original faucet package, cut the box open, handed me the entire soap dispenser unit - free of charge - and told me to have a nice day! Thanks to Casey, Lowe's and Moen I certainly am!

    Anonymous 4/9/14 7:25PM
  • Re: Pensacola, FL, Airport Blvd Lowes:
    I was in search of pine lumber and the size I had in mind wasn't available. An associate suggested another type, in which I purchased & cut all boards. After all were cut, I realized it was not suitable for my intended use. The manager, Chuck, approved refund and a discount on boards I needed for my troubles. This turned out to be a much better plan than I originally had in mind. Mr.Chuck was calm, knowledgeable & concerned with my issue. A friend who accompanied me was totally impressed with outstanding customer service, will not shop anywhere other than this particular Lowes store & said friends and family will hear about the wonderful customer service experience. Thank you Lowes for all of your help with my building, tools & household needs!

    Melissa 4/7/14 7:48AM
  • On April 2 and April 5th I was at your store in Palm Desert I had the good fortune both days to be helped by a young man in the Garden Center by the name of Rudy. I am not an experience gardener so Rudy took the time and with his knowledge help me select what I needed. He didn't rush me and explain about the flowers I purchased.

    Rudy is indeed a credit to your organization. Thank You Jean Schultz

    Anonymous 4/6/14 2:12PM
  • Excellent customer service from Frank Burkey as well as Ryan who delivered my mower to my house on his way home from work...Ryan also assembled the mower in my garage...great customer service !

    Frank 3/20/14 8:00AM
  • I would like to compliment you for the excellent employees in your Hickory Stores. I would especially like to brag on Robin Geouge.

    I was completely frustrated with a home project. I was in way over my head with no idea of what to do to fix what was broken. Robin evidently saw the frustration on my face and rather than just avoid me she walked up and asked if I needed help. Her knowledge of what tools were available and the tools necessary to complete the job I started at home were VERY helpful. Following her advice allowed me to get the job done on my first try.

    Thanks again

    Wayne DeLoriea

    PS Please forward this to the appropriate people...too many times only the criticisms get voiced

    Anonymous 3/5/14 9:28AM
  • My name is Patricia Miller I had a dryer delivered on 3/1/2014 by Augusta Best and Harold Brooks. Just wanted to say how very polite and fast they were at installing my dryer did a fanstatic job. Thank you both so very much

    Patricia Miller

    Anonymous 3/1/14 10:29AM
  • In dealing with John Beattie a sales specialist in your flooring dept. at your Avondale, Pa. store I have found him to be pleasant, professional and knowledgeable of his product line. In purchasing carpeting from him for my home he guided me to what would be best for my home by asking all the right questions in order to provide me with what I needed . I have recommended him to others as he is to be trusted with giving them assistance they can trust. He always follows up after to be sure that everything was done and if I was satisfied. In todays world there are not many like him who take an active interest in the customer.

    Ron 2/26/14 10:11AM
  • I shop often at Lowes in east Bremerton Wa.on state highway 303. The employees that help customers there are wonderful.I especially want to comment on an employee by the name of Benjamin Parker;that has been helping me on my latest remodel project.Very neat well spoken young man that is eager to help and is very knowlegable of what the store has to offer.Wonderful pleasant, personality and never to buisy to help.It's because of employees like him;I shop at this store.

    Anonymous 2/18/14 1:31AM
  • Ms.Mary Smukler at store #1685 was awesome her knowledge of hardware was in matched! I had a screw that I needed to finish a project. She asked to see it and took me to the area and found the screws as well as some larger ones to finish the job all the time she made me glad I was shopping at that Lowes her customer service should be a model for your stores nation wide she greeted me asked to help and not directed me to the isle but showed me the way as she asked what the screws were for and what they were used to fasten together and genuinely thanking me for shopimg at lowrd and to "please come again" just wanted you to know that I think she is one of your company's greatest assets. Sincerely Raleigh Sorenson

    Anonymous 2/8/14 6:37PM
  • The folks at the local Lowe's store treat us like Family. Most helpful. We have purchased many household items from them.
    The manager, IMHO, sets the Tone for the Store. Mgr. Tim H. at our store does a very good job.

    WTDH 1/31/14 4:07AM
  • I had a great experience at Lowes in Kyle TX Stephanie Rico and Brandon Romero help me to pick out carpet, finance the carpet, explain how it would be installed they were the most helpful employees that I have worked with at Lowes

    L. Hawkins 12/28/13 9:07PM
  • The best Installed sales Manager In Texas, and maybe everywhere. Larry Petersen of Wichita Falls Lowe's cares about his clients.. Having had a few problems in the past, Larry came through and ran rings around anyone else. if you need anything done the right way on the first try. We were very happy.

    Anonymous 12/26/13 9:01AM
  • LOWES in Tomball, Tx
    Patricia is the best!!!!I ordered a fan online and on sale. I found out it was out of stock. Patricia went above and beyond to get me a substituted ceiling fan for the sale price that I just love!!!I haven't received such great customer service in a long time from anybody! Thank you Patricia!!Merry just made my Christmas a little bit better.12/24/2013

    Ms. York

    Anonymous 12/24/13 2:53PM
  • I would like to compliment a employee from Willoughby OH Dawn Hinton she went way above any treatment we ever rec'd from a Lowes employee very helpful and spent time trying to help us, also a couple of months ago we bought a toilet and Dawn helped us & we rec'd the same treatment from her-- cannot even begin to tell what all she did for us--definitely made us feel like family the first time ever from Lowes!!!

    Anonymous 12/8/13 1:09PM
  • Donald Warther is an employee of Lowe's.

    He has been extremely helpful and courteous to our employees at the City of Middletown DPW, Water and Sewer Departments. Don always returns phone calls and is ready and willing to accommodate us. We appreciate all that he does for us.

    city of middletown 12/2/13 10:43AM
  • On Friday, November 29, 2013, we dealt with Corin Halliday at your Lowes Store in Jefferson City, Tennessee. The store had sold out of a Black Friday Sale of a Loftin Bench that was advertised. She cheerfully and graciously volunteered to check with four nearby locations to find an in-stock bench for us. We want to commend her for her kindness and helpfulness to us. You need more dedicated employees like Corin.

    Thank you.

    Allen and Ruth Anderson

    The Andersons 11/30/13 4:57PM
  • Sean Grous

    Sean was extremely Helpful, Polite, Knowledgeable, Went an extra mile to PLEASE me as I had a long list items to locate & find. Sean directed me to the Lumber, Electrical, Plumbing, Millwork, & Tools. Sean stayed with Me Helping with my

    large order right to the cashier & loading my truck as I'm handicapped and was alone. Sean was very personable, friendly professional & made me happy with shopping with Lowes. You have good worker here. Good work Sean!!! Keep it up your a valuable employee.

    Anonymous 11/10/13 8:49AM
  • I recently purchased a washer/dryer from our local lowe's store in Rosenberg, Texas. The appliances were delivered at the appointed time and were received in excellent condition. However, the dryer was missing the lint filter. I called the store and spoke to the assistant store manager, Vivica and she was able to locate one for me within a day. Hooray for Vivica......she definately saved the day!!! Thanks again for the EXTRA effort that was given. It was appreciated.....

    mark 10/24/13 2:28PM
  • My lowe's in Madison, Tn , 10 Campbell Road, is the greatest in the United States. Thanks to the painting department and People like Mr. Rod Mcln in building/lum. The store is so clean and the workers are always asking "May I help you please? or What can I do for you today? They make you feel so special. (Love my Lowes)

    Black Pearl 10/8/13 6:39AM
  • We had appliances delivered yesterday. Anthony and Ronny were extremely polite and professional. They installed the appliances with much care. They deserve to be recognized for all their efforts.The drivers were from Loews located at Columbia SC

    Anonymous 9/29/13 4:23AM
  • called rebate center for info and talked to "Jeff" on the phone.he was very polite and helpful with our application.he deserves a pat on the back and is helping your business thank you, Jeff.

    Anonymous 9/19/13 5:07PM
  • My daughter has been doing business with lowe's and has had good service within the store and return phone calls. I went through several rooms of hardwood flooring being installed in her home. Robert, a very outstanding, professional installer of Lowe's did a fantastic job of making boards have a pattern design, along with extra quality workmanship. Robert makes sure there is minimal waste and he cleans up the minimal mess of sawing. Robert will give good suggestions and will do whatever a persons choice is to complete the project he is hired for. Robert is an intelegent, fun, serious man about his expertise pertaining to his work abilities. Robert is the person you want to install hardwood floors. Hang on to him Lowe's. He will bring you lots and lots of business as the quality of his work spreads. 9/12/13 6:38AM
  • I would to thank the the men that delivered my refridgator for the wonderful job they did and there polite manners and plesant attitude. They wer very helpful by explanning the basic on how to set tempatures. You are lucky to have Stan Henderson and Clint Hargrove as your delivery men because they really do greatwork and are good at what they do.
    thanks for great service from them.
    The Brady Household

    bsbsuebrady 9/1/13 5:13PM
  • I had carpet installed in familyroom and had lovely hard wood linoliem put in my second bath,laundryroom,hall,and putting my house up on the market in a week so I did not want to invest in the wood linoliem ..but I love it...the carpet I had removed is a kitchen carpet which means it is glued down to the floor..the workers who came out had no experience with they poured bleach water in gallon buckets to loosen the mat from the carpet..this carpet had been in since 1968..I was really suffering from fumes and went to Lowes to tell them what was happening and ask if the workers could come back the next day-not in 2 more days like there boss had insturcted-and at least take up the carpet for im suffering my now and I have pets....and I was concerned about my sub floor being ruined...someone did come out the next day and insured me the sub floor was ok..the glue from the carpet made it like a barrier but he didint say that..they came out and took out the carpet...which made my suffering 63 and this is not what should have been done with someone in the home...but the carpet got it..its lovely and 3 people at my Lowe's plus the workers made it happen...Id not want to repeat it..but when my house sells...someone is getting darn nice floors...B.W.

    bichonmom 8/29/13 8:19AM
  • We had excellent delivery service of our washer and dryer. The delivery team of John and Bones arrived when they stated they would, removed the old set of appliances, installed the new set, very efficiently. John and Bones were knowledgable of the product, could answer our questions, and overall provided great customer service.
    I hope Lowes values and recognizes such good employees.
    Tim Hulen
    The Villages, Florida

    Anonymous 8/24/13 6:18AM
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  • Lowe's is a rotten place to work. The wages are low, medical insurance is sky high, and management makes you feel like a piece of crap because the voice of the customer scores are low. They are low due to management/corporate​ constantly cutting hours. If you don't have enough employees to run the store and check people out, customers tend to get angry about that.

    Anonymous 7/30/13 6:41AM

  • This is now what is called (LOF) Lowes of the future. Bring in the young with NO experience and we can train them. Lowes is slowly weeding out the salespeople with the experience one way or another. The management in lots of there stores just don't care and most of them really do not know the departments and really how to sell. They like setting in the back office out of the way and talk about how to get someone to quit. You can walk into Lowes and ready to work and hoping you still have a job. Upper management is creating a hostile work environment there. Yes I did work foe them till they force me out. The CEO of Lowes is just as bad they stop paying all commission to the sales associate and they took a big pay cut some up to 250.00-350.00 a paycheck try to live off of that kind of pay cut but the CEO still gets his million dollars of bonuses. They even took our 25.00 Christmas bonuses away, so I ask you thing next time you all go into a Lowes store and wonder why the salesperson really don't care or don't know what there are selling. They just take take take there pride there soul and there pay and what's left not a damn thing. That's why I don't shop there. Remember this this is the Lowes OF The Future (LOF) WHAT A JOKE

    Anonymous 7/23/13 5:24AM

  • This is what is called (LOF) Lowes of the future. Bring in the young with NO experience and we can train them. Lowes is slowly weeding out the salespeople with the experience one way or another. The management in lots of there stores just don't care and most of them really do not know the departments and really how to sell. They like setting in the back office out of the way and talk about how to get someone to quit. You can walk into Lowes and ready to work and hoping you still have a job. Upper management is creating a hostile work environment there. Yes I did work foe them till they force me out. The CEO of Lowes is just as bad they stop paying all commission to the sales associate and they took a big pay cut some up to 250.00-350.00 a paycheck try to live off of that kind of pay cut but the CEO still gets his million dollars of bonuses. They even took our 25.00 Christmas bonuses away, so I ask you thing next time you all go into a Lowes store and wonder why the salesperson really don't care or don't know what there are selling. They just take take take there pride there soul and there pay and what's left not a damn thing. That's why I don't shop there. Remember this this is the Lowes OF The Future (LOF) WHAT A JOKE

    Anonymous 6/16/13 6:26AM

  • I started working at store 1761 in Alamogordo NM. a few weeks ago.The abuse I have seen is horrible! My co- worker who is a women has been treated like dirt, even hearing our departtment manager telling her to just go away when she asked him for help. She is a hard worker and has alot of knowledge on products and services. He offen talks to her in a belittling tone and acts like she is a waste of anyone's time. She has received many compliments from other co-workers and customers on her customer service skills and willingness to help other's..Did some research and found out he only got the manager's job because he is best friends with the area manager. Several complaints have been filed with our HR dept with no results.

    Not Happy! 5/12/13 2:48AM

  • I worked for Lowes and it seemed like it was going to be a fun job. Instead they would put you in different departments you had no previous knowledge about and when a customer would ask you a question about the department you would feel like an idiot. Human Resources was not very professional either. They never followed through on any benefit questions. They would blow you off making you feel you didn't matter.

    Anonymous 8/31/12 8:49PM

  • Ive worked at Lowes for over 8 years and since I moved from one store in Florida to a store closer to corporate.. I am almost ashamed to be associated with Lowes.

    I love the company it's the management in my store I abhore. I just can't understand why, why, why this store keeps employing lazy good for-things that will walk in circles all day long take 1/2 hour 15 minute breaks up to 4 times a day. Ignore customers and MANAGEMENT allowes this.

    I believe with all my heart that to help Lowes I need to provide excellent customer service, keep shelves stocked and "zone recovered shelves" at all times. I'm at my wits end..

    When I walk thru the doors at Lowes I begin customer service.. zone recovery, and making my day a pleasant one. I'm furious that I have an ASM that is so lazy, I'm a famale and taking care of a department that demands a lot of attention. YET.. when I was placing 7 air compressors onto their shelves.. MY so called ASM asked if I was helping a customer I told him No.. I was putting product on the shelf.. His "grrr" answer was "Oh, ok" turned away and left me with NO help at all. What a slap in the face.. as a result of moving 9 air compressors by hand, 5 miter saws, 8 4 4-tool Porter Cable tool kits, and 4 Dewalt 4-tool kits.. with no help.. I now have a pulled muscle in my back.. I called in to let him know and his response was.. "Well call in tomorrow if you can't show up." All it would have taken was for him to show one minute bit of concern for an employee and give a helping hand.

    I'm appalled at my ASM's lack of help. We have other ASM's that work with their people under them.. I pray that some day, I will too.

    I'm ashamed at the stupidity that Lowe's allows it's so called ASM's to become. There are a few that warrant respect but the others are trash and should be thrown out with the garbage.

    LowesBoPeep 7/16/12 4:02PM

  • I have worked for Lowe's now for over 5 years. Let me just start by saying that it has changed a whole lot since I started. First on the employee end. It used to be that hard work = recognition, raises, and chances to move up in the company. However, now, Lowe's has a new theory on how to get work done. First, they assign a particular job to the person actually responsible for the area the job is located in. Then, when that person screws up the job, instead of going back and making said person or people do the job right, they go and find the hardest working 3 or 4 people in the store to do the job correctly. It is always the same 3 or 4 people. These people, of course, are expected to also be able to perform their daily assigned tasks in a timely manner as well. They have also cut hours bigtime. On any given day, I may have to cover 5 areas of the store or more. One time, my co-worker was covering 6 departments at once while a staff meeting was going on.

    That's another great example. They have call buttons in various areas. Each time a customer pushes that button, we are timed on how long it takes us to respond and turn it off. One would think that this would be in place to ensure a customer is actually taken care of in a certain amount of time, however, with badly understaffed departments by design, this is not the case. They preach that we don't have to know what we are talking about, just that we simply must go to the customer, turn off the button, and tell them that we are finding someone for them. Customers are not looking for someone to tell them that help is on the way in who knows how long, they are looking for help now. The reason we have to run to turn off the buttons in a certain amount of time, eventhough we don't know how to help, is that the button times are used to show how well a store is staffed. If the times are lengthy, then the store management is expected to find more staffing for the said departments. If the times are low, they don't have to find more help. This is how they manage to keep staffing low, and at the same time, present the appearance that they are staffed well enough to provide good customer service. If they don't have to provide the extra payroll, they have a better chance of opening the door to bonus land.

    Finally, this year, they cut commissions to all employees. We used to make something extra for selling certain products. Now, we make nothing. Sure, they took half of what we made last year, and split it up over our 26 pays to compensate us for our losses, but, if you are like me, and spent copious amounts of time away from your department covering other areas, then your commission totals last year weren't that much. So, now, like me, you are making about 7k less than you were a few years ago, even with several raises. Some people are making well over ten thousand dollars less now and being expected to do more work.

    Also, if they want you gone, you are gone. With the amount of policies they drum up in corporate, stating that you may be terminated for almost any of them, the store manager has an open book to throw at virtually anyone. Especially since they make you break the rules themselves by going to customer's houses etc. With the amount of rules one may be fired for, you are always just a boot push away from heading off the cliff. I've seen several people that either turned store managers or pets in for doing something very wrong get terminated themselves in a short amount of time for stupid reasons. They are only a page turn in the rule book away from being able to fire anyone they want. I've had senior managers lie to me about someone saying something bad about me in order to try to get me to spill some beans on said person. I had another senior manager ask me once if I thought that same person was "getting too old for the job". Funny that in both instances, though a few years apart, it was the same store manager over both of the senior managers trying to play games with me. That certainly rubbed me the wrong way. I also saw that same person get written up for something that no-one can ever remember anyone else being written up for. Petty S**t that you don't write people up for. That person has a target on their head for sure, however, they are a completely capable and knowledgable manager. I've never had a better manager anywhere at any job in my life. It just so happens that this person is nearing retirement age and makes a pretty good salary. They want him gone to be replaced with a new, fresh, yes man at a much lower salary.

    Now to the customer end. Think, if you were treated this way at your job, would you perform well? Would you be able to talk to customers trying to sell them something, answer 2,3,4 requests for service at call buttons, and answer telephones, in three different departments, all at the same time? This is why you can't find service. It's not our fault. We cannot help that departments are understaffed or not staffed at all for hours at a time by design of our management. We try our best to service you, but it gets tiresome, and we frequently burn out from all of the BS. We hardly even know what is going on from day to day in our own departments. We don't know why so many things are so frequently out of stock. We wish we could do a better job, we wish we could be more helpful, we wish we would be able to help all of you, but we can't. It's out of our hands, it is corporate and management. My suggestion would be to find what you want somewhere else. Go back to mom and pop stores. Support your local hardware, green house/nursery, or flooring store. Chances are you will find better products faster, and they may not be made in China. Plus, you will find that customer service will be much better there and you will be helping out a neighbor, not a corporation that doesn't give a crap about you.

    XRS5 6/24/12 1:33AM

  • As an employee of Lowes this is what happened to customer service.When the economy took a downturn the payrolls were cut.This is really the only controllable expense the store has.When you are asked to cover two and sometimes three depts. by yourself you get mad.They do not pay you to do the work of three(14.00 an hour)but you are expected to take one for the team.You are on the frontline while upper management is playing on I-phones.The customer is not mad at them ,they hate you.So day after day you get grief,you get tired of the grief.So you get your resume updated and start interviewing and hope you can work somewhere better.Lowes at one time took very good care of emplyees,those days are gone.By the way ,I worked for Home Depot also-same thing different store.

    anon 5/21/12 7:11AM

  • Dealing with the public is always rough.Add on to that Lowes hires cheap labor,many p/t and seasonal workers and you have a mixture for constant foul ups.Also the management is trying to cut payroll as much as they can to improve the numbers and qualify for a bonus so Lowes is putting tremendous pressure on its employees to do the job of 2-3 people.Most of the customers I have dealt with are fine decent people and our a pleasure.Then there is that nasty lazy American entitled cancer that just spreads misery where ever it wanders.The ignorance and arrogance is why I leftthe company and the company will cater to this vermin because it does not want anything bad said about it.Lowes has no balls,contractors would buy a generator and return it when the job was done. Shoplifting is rampant and you will be fired if you stop anyone.This encourages thieves to come to the store time after time as they know nothing will happen to them. They stopped all employee incentives and the healthcare costs are insane.I could go on but I will close in saying you are asked to do work that any non retail company would pay you three times what Lowes pays and you take constant abuse by customers because you can not count on others in the store to do thier jobs.One thing though,the employees have your names and addresses so be careful how tough you are in the store,I know of two incidents where customers have been visited at home.

    jonmako 5/18/12 5:54PM

  • Worst company to ever work for. They don't care about employees, they don't care about anything but numbers. Disrespectful, arrogance, horrible management, and its not just my store, its the whole company. Everyone is rude. I've worked a lot of customer service in my life and Lowes by far has the worst.

    I should probably find a new job.

    Anonymous 4/26/12 5:41PM

  • As a Customer Service Rep for Lowes Consumer Credit Cards, I just want to say the majority of you are idiots. You call us because you don't know how to add or subtract. Your statements confuse you, even though they are easy to read.

    You cry because you got a late fee when your payment posted A WEEK LATE. What did you expect to happen?

    Your 18 month promotion was accidentally put on as a 6 month promotion, and it expired 6 MONTHS AGO, and NOW you wanna complain about it? READ you statement. If you find any errors, call us THEN. Not far after the fact. We can't help you if you're too lazy to read your statements.

    And, you... the wife, the husband, daughter, son, whatever. I don't care if you are the one who handles all the bills. If you are NOT the Primary Card Holder, we CAN NOT work with you. Even if you are an Authorized User. All that means is you are authorized to USE the card. You cannot make changes to the account. If it's not in YOUR NAME, it's not YOUR CARD. Accept it. It's the LAW. Not Lowes, the LAW.

    The majority of our callers waste their time and ours with stupid questions that they could answer themselves if they took 5 minutes to read their statements.

    Lowesguy 4/17/12 9:27AM

  • Good Day Everyone,
    I was a manager at a Lowes in Florida for several years before I was wrongfully terminated because I caught the store manager performing a transaction that constituted embezzlement. I thought about it for a while then brought it to the attention of the HR Manager in the store. Another brought it to the attention of the District HR Manager also.
    They briefly investigated and when he found out I went to HR I was fired six weeks later under a false and pretextual set of facts. Which brings me to how Lowes operates its stores. They have a flawed business model.
    The reason there are so many complaints about inept customer service is because there is no training at their stores. That would cost money. You see the problem with Lowes is the way they have structured the way senior level management in the stores earn their bonuses. Their bonuses are based on their ability to control costs and earn profit based on total sales dollars. Not profit dollars just total store sales. Lowes as a corporation does not absorbed training costs that are effective at the store level. They only provide computer based training modules that employees forget moments after walking onto the floor.
    The only thing store management can control at the store level are costs directly associated with labor costs. By keeping labor costs down it helps ensure their bonus. So when there are very few employees on the floor it is because it is close to bonus time and they are striving to keep costs down, or they have evaluated a targeted goal and ate striving to meet it. I assure you senior management does not give a damn about the level of customer service you receive, or how much of your time they waste. They only care about their bonuses period. With fewer people on the floor it means lower operating costs. In addition, when smart, hardworking employees start making too much money hourly they look for a reason to get rid of them also to keep costs down. I know because they bragged about their methods in meetings and on the sales floor with other managers.
    So when you walk into a Lowes store and can't find a competent employee to help you it is likely because of good old greed by your local store management team trying to obtain their bonuses.
    More specific instances to come as I am tired of being quiet about this. Just simply shop somewhere else if you want good customer service, because I assure you they don't care about your complaints. They only care about their bonuses.

    Froggy 3/23/12 11:16AM

  • Where do I start,Canadian Lowe's:Lets go back to the day of hire,We all had hopes dreams and they fed into that.Some no most left H.D. to come here I am not one of them.It,s funny how after a few months you realize every one knows each other,And if H.R.does not like you well you stay where you are no matter your knowledge,Postings for jobs are done external and internal,Hire with in first before you take someone off the street or before you hire that friend of yours look whith in ,Also having to ask to apply for a job where u have worked for years and submitt a resume is crazy really people You have seen what we can do .Or no sorry you are to worried about yourself I have been thier a few years,I bet you they no nothing about me.I have tried applying for diff areas of the store and been told no ,no reason just no.My big regret is leaving the job I was at for nothing but empty promises.We need a Undercover boss to come in Hint hint ,easy to do store transfer they start the next day.Cmon in and see what really goes on.High School is great ,but I left there many moons ago.Fed Up

    FedUP 3/17/12 6:10AM

  • Up until recently I was a Lowes flooring installer for the past six years. The flooring products sold are the worst in the industry. Your told to install it but if it is defective you will have to eat the job. The laughable lack of management and inter-department communication within is a joke. They recently cut all flooring sales commissions and fired most of its professional installers to consolidate. Bottom line, if you forget those who made you successful and get too greedy, you will eventually loose your customers. Maybe its already started. How many store closures was that last year? 50 and counting!

    Anonymous 3/4/12 11:12AM

  • Funny...

    Most of the negative comments look to be coming from ex-employees (most likely fired) or bottom-tier employees (soon to be fired). "Bottom-tier" is my own definition. It is an employee that generally sucks...not dependable, poor attitude, low IQ, openly complains about wages ($8.10/hr...seriously? Cashiers are starting at my store a minimum of $2 higher) and finally they might be really ugly. These are the employees that are 1/2 warning from being fired. They were probably hired during the seasonal push and are considered vest fillers until someone more qualified comes along.

    Myself...? this is my second tour as a part-time CSA and I could not be happier. The first time was about 5 yrs ago while I was unemployed. It was a descent wage (well higher than $10/hr) and the only reason I quit was I relocated. This time around I needed to supplement my income for something and they rehired me @ $1 over my last wage...5 years later. I certainly was not expecting that.

    I will admit that I do not know everything about every store can cross train for that. But I do know where most things are and I know how to get my hands on most information. For the folks I cannot help, I call the dept. specialist, mgr or CSA who can usually help. Of the four depts. I worked in, I worked diligently to learn all I could so the I could provide accurate information.

    I will admit that a management team can make or break a store. I might feel differently if I were working in a store that was running in the red and did not bonus on a regular basis.

    Just say'in

    firebush 1/16/12 10:49AM

  • The employees for the most part try and focus on the customers as much as they can but when there are so many tasks to be done Lowes make cycle counts seem more important then sales. Managment needs to be restructured!

    none 12/11/11 3:29PM

  • Ok, so I work part time at Lowes, and I hate them. Every thing I have ever order has been late. Don't bother with ordering SOS lights as the 2 weeks is really when it shows up. My last purchase was a stove and who knows when that will show up as I can't get a straight answer. Problem is, the people in the position to verify where you item is, are lazy and would rather chat with each other about they terrible decisions they have made that got them to where they are in life currently. you need to remember Lowes is like a High School for morons, everyone is dating everyone else and they don't care about the customer. They work on commission as well so they always push the higher priced item. go to Home Deopt, they cross train departments and don't sell on commission.

    Just... A guy... 12/6/11 8:13AM

  • Being a former Lowe's employee I can attest to the fact that most every day was issues dealing with customer complaints. Legitimate complaints too. The workforce is so small at any given Lowe's store that there is no way all the tasks can be accomplished during your shift. Everyone is being written up for not accomplishing their tasks and even fired.
    Management is the biggest problem. No concern for anyone except themselves. It goes all the way back to lack of experience at the corporate level. We all know what runs downhill and I can tell you there is a huge pile at the bottom of this one.
    I was told by management to lie to customers and hide the truth whenever possible. When management was confronted by it by district management the managers would lie so the employee had to take the wrap.
    If people knew and understood what goes on behind the scenes at Lowe's they would not shop there.
    Managers also do not talk to customers. We were always told to take care of the customer, but when something went wrong or the customer reported it to corporate the employee would be written up.
    All managers go through extensive training for months. This is a learned thing. They are told to act this way.
    Lowe's is wrong in so many ways! I could tell you hundreds of stories that you wouldn't believe. The most unethical place I have ever worked!

    redvest 9/21/11 5:54AM

  • As an employee of Lowe's, I could tell you stories that would make you cringe. The training sucks. We sit in front of computers and take lots of courses and quizzes depending on where we will be working. However, the computer training doesn't really make a dent in all the stuff we should/need to know. Paint people don't get specialized paint training right off the bat--it's offered maybe twice a year. I had to unlock the floor sander once, and had to guess at the combo because dept. manager was off and I was the ONLY one in the department. I also had to cover for another department, as someone called off. Customers need to know the reason why we can't get to everyone at once is sometimes we are covering two/three departments at once, and several of us probably closed the night before, then had to open. This makes you very tired when you get off at 10:30 p.m. (or later) then have to be back in at 6 a.m. or so. It's a little hard to smile when you are dead-tired and you have some condescending customer ask you a barrage of questions, then, before you get a word in edgewise, they say, "it's okay if you don't know the answers--just say so." If you shut the f--- up, and let me think, I'll be able to answer your questions!

    Lowe's is just out to make money--they won't spend a cent on anything, especially training. We have rickety ladders, and just basic office supplies seem to be short on hand. The reason no one seems to know anything is because we DON'T. If you're lucky, you'll get an employee who used to be a former plumber, or electrician or really knows lumber, and knows their stuff. The majority of the rest of the employees (especially the ones who have been there maybe three years or less) won't have a clue if you ask them some really technical question.

    Some words of advice/warning:
    Do not order something over the Internet and expect to have it delivered. The system is messed up and every time there is an Internet order, it gets messed up.

    Weeknights are better to come in and shop. We are not as crowded.

    Lowe's drivers sometimes put in 12-15 hour days and they don't get to take a lunch or break. Why? Because management wants to schedule as many deliveries as possible in a day's time. So don't plan on having them drop by during your lunch hour at home and be able to get everything all hooked up. If the drivers run into a problem at the previous stop, it throws them off for the rest of the day.

    Don't grab paint off the shelf and bring it to us and say, "I want it this color." The computer will tell us which base we need--if you want a dark color, we'll need a base 4 or 5. There's enough room in these cans for us to add tint. We cannot add a bunch of tint to ultra whites or base ones. Let us do our job.

    Realize if you want the cheapest possible blinds/hoses/faucets/lawn furniture, that doesn't mean it's going to last forever. And if you really need to have $4 blinds to decorate your lake house, because that's all you can afford, perhaps you really can't afford that lake house.

    If you need a custom match, bring in a paint sample that is as flat as possible. We cannot match round or odd-shaped items.

    Realize YOU are NOT the only customer in the store. I wish we could have three people in each department, but blame it on Lowe's. The managers are desperate for their bonuses, and their job is to keep costs down. That means one person (or nobody) in a department. Unfortunately, you cannot get blood from a stone.

    I've worked there a few years, and I only took the job because I needed something full time with insurance. I am not cut out for retail, and in the past year and a half, I've been hit twice by customers. One I was helping, the other hit me as I came around a corner, and no, I didn't startle her. I've never been treated like this at any job in my entire life. And yes, I have a bachelor's degree. Sad state of affairs when your education won't get you anything except a retail job. Hopefully, I'll escape someday. However, realize if you the customer are unhappy, so are we, as employees.

    Employee 8/26/11 9:14PM

  • I work for Lowe's and LOVE IT. I am a cashier and think that I have one of the best jobs out there. I like the people I work with and the Head Cashiers and Department Managers are nice and easy going as long as I do my job. I have no complaints about my job.

    bobbyjoe 8/10/11 7:11PM

  • Employees of large corporations can only do as good as a job as the company will allow. Please remember most of these employees are overworked and underpaid. With hours being cut to save money and the general public wanting everything for free with excellent customer this is what you get. Who is to blame? The sales associate ? I don't think so.

    Corporate America 8/6/11 10:14AM

  • I work at the customer service desk at a very busy store. We have a lot of issues that always needs resolving. I liked the comment from the other person below that said they work at a store in Ohio, as do I. (Store 42).
    Like they pointed out, make sure you are asking the correct person your questions. For example, a cashier that you grab when they're heading to the front knows nothing about a pilot light. Every employee in the store has a different specialty.
    Things I wish people realized more about the customer service desk itself:
    1. I have a phone ringing off the hook. Please please please realize this, and don't get mad when I answer my phone, it was your choice to pass up the 3 open registers on my line and come to my busy desk.
    2. If you have an issue to resolve, most of the time a cashier is not where to start, come to the customer service desk.
    3. Asking for a manager right off the bat usually does not get the job done. 90% of the time I myself can resolve manager requests.
    4. If you don't want a merchandise card for your return, keep your receipt or make sure you can track it back. When you are making a big purchase, (my biggest issue is always outside power equipment like weed eaters) try to remember how you at least paid for it, because you not having your receipt directly correlates to the lack of service I can provide to you.
    5. The Extended Protection Plans and Replacement Plans are not a scam. I'm not saying this because I work for Lowes. They are a good idea on ANY purchase in ANY store on and item you are going to be using a lot. Another example would be a computer, always a good idea to be covered. For the extra money, just get the plan. So when you bring me back your weed eater in a year, I can do something about it.
    6. If you're calling to speak to a department, just say it. The person working the customer service desk (where the phone calls go), usually does not have time to listen to your issue, just say which department you need because you're going to be transferred anyways.
    7. I WISH I HAD A 12 ITEMS OR LESS SIGN. Bringing big orders through the customer service desk is just asking for it. Your order will get interrupted by something, even if it is just a phone call. Again, you can't get mad because I have to answer my 5 lit up phone lines.

    Just a few things that make YOUR experience worse, because of limitations that are placed on people on the front end. Most of this can go for cashiers as well, they are not the experts.

    Also, stay off the cell phones during check out :) It's rude!

    Jenny42 7/27/11 6:19PM

  • i work for lowes in n.c.after reviewing the negative comments.thought i would also comment for our delivery driversi know there are some drivers that do not care about how they respond to your comments or questions.but it is how you ask the question. that gets you the response you want.even when a salesperson makes you a promise. the delivery crew does not know this.i went to a call about a machine moving to the middle of the floor.when in use.he said the delivery team said it would not move.i was the delivery man.and neither said no such thing.this machine has been there for 6 months.this came from being used like it was built for. i,ll bet sears and home depot also has this fact i know they do because i worked for for the service at stores.most of this is controlled by the managers.they let this happen.i have seen some of the sorriest customer service.GO SEE THE STORE MANAGER AND LET THEM KNOW.AS for the mdse you buy lowes does not make it.they only try to sell it ,deliver it,and you will not find a store that will honor a one year warranty product as good as lowes.appliances are like cars if you buy enough of them. you will get a bad one.all stores sell the same wp,maytag,frigidaire,samsung, are subject to get a lemon.again if you have problem with lowes the store managers

    busted 7/27/11 12:23PM

  • I was hired as a cashier by Lowes on March 10, 2011. I was fired today. When I applied, I specified I could only work from 5:30 to close during the week, and after noon or 1:00 pm on the weekends. My first week was spent "training", which consisted of reading and listening to various scenarios on a computer. My first actual night on the job, I was told that the cashiers had to sweep the floors, empty the trash, and clean the breakroom and the bathrooms before leaving. This for $8.10/hr! My schedule was never been posted properly. The 2nd week had no schedule at all, the 3rd week had me scheduled for times I could not be there. Today I finally was able to speak to a manager and filled out another availability sheet (the 3rd one I had filled out since March 10!). Then I was called back to the training room, where I was told that they needed someone with open availability. When I pointed out to them that I had been hired with this availability, a 2nd manager told me that he wouldn't have hired me. (The person who hired me had worked for Lowes in HR for 14 years and was fired without notice during my first week.) He also claimed that there were no availability sheets in my employee folder. When I said I wanted to see my folder, he told me I wouldn't be seeing it! Then this manager said that based on comments I'd been heard to making to other employees, that I was out of there. I had not said anything disparaging of Lowes to any employee. When I asked him what comments and what employees, he said he didn't know! For people looking for work, only go here as a last resort. For people looking for products, Walmart is cheaper on things like paint and plants, and Home Depot or Sears can probably take care of other things you need.

    Anonymous 4/2/11 5:28PM

  • A lot of the employees may lack knowledge because of lack of training. Lowe's doesn't tend to want to really take time with us and teach us things. Employees may be rude because we are being treated like garbage by our superiors. I know, we should never take this out on a customer, but when you are failing school because they constantly schedule you during classes, when you are on the brink of losing another job because they are constantly scheduling you past your availability and making you late, and when you are sick or risking your marriage because they refuse you any time off on the days you request whether its a birthday, child birth, or wedding anniversary, its difficult to keep a cheery disposition. I would also recommend that no one ever apply here. The sooner Lowe's is out of business, the better. Try Menards instead.

    BooYou22 3/11/11 2:35PM

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