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MSI customer service is ranked #411 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 31.98 out of a possible 200 based upon 86 ratings. This score rates MSI customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


80 Negative Comments out of 86 Total Comments is 93.02%.


6 Positive Comments out of 86 Total Comments is 6.98%.

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  • Just bought an MSI z87-g45 gaming motherboard from Amazon never been used, opened the box and found that most of the components were missing except the cpu socket and ram slots. Unless Amazon secretly steals Motherboard components for the technology black market I would say that MSI have stripped it for other repairs then boxed it up and sold it to Amazon. I tried to contact MSI for a possible fix as it had just started it's warranty, but they are completely unreachable left a message in their support center with nothing for a month now. Called them atleast a dozen times with no response tried to reach their forum page for some possible help and it's a dead Link! for a company that designs computer hardware the "support" team knows complete F all about using them. Biggest joke of a company I have ever encountered.

    Serioiusly... 7/28/14 8:47PM
  • i bought a motherboard from a re seller that sold this MSI 970-g46a motherboard and i contacted them and told them something is wrong with the board because it freeze, its still under warranty and they must refund me but they dont reply

    dean900 7/23/14 9:54PM
  • Rebate center refuses to process rebate because I bought a $700 graphics card 1 day early and didn't know.
    Couldn't get to a MSI representative when calling them on their business hours.

    Al 7/22/14 3:45AM
  • one of the worst service ever seen.
    Given to service twice and service center people returned saying repaired. But still the same problem exists. These service center people are making money and cheating people. This happened with SmartLint Netowrk Systems Bangalore.

    Prasad 7/19/14 2:44PM
  • This Chinese Company Sucks, I Should Have Just Bought Asus. Never Reached The Support..... I Regret So Much. The Spec Was Really Nice But The Lot Of Parts Are Defected

    peter 7/13/14 8:48PM
  • Total lack of respect, only speak pigeon english and all UK repairs have to be sent to Poland! took nearly 6 weeks in total

    Cost me a fortune to repair as MSI said not covered by warranty, yet less than 3mths later I'm now having graphics card problems - never buying another MSI product as long as I live

    Shultz 7/5/14 2:59AM
  • I had an error in my video card, which I told them.
    They replaced the Battery saying that was the problem. Which was a complete lie.
    After 2 months of back and forth repairs, it is still not fixed.

    I also had a broken charger. But they didn't replace it, saying that it was the OS problem(saying it was a pirated copy).
    I tried my friend's charger, which worked fine, so again, completely random talk from MSI.
    Also I got the Windows CD from MSI which had a verified CD Key. Which means according to them, they sold me an illegal copy or they don't know anything they are talking about.

    This is one of the worst Customer Service I've ever received.

    Bob 6/22/14 6:12PM
  • I bought a brand-new msi b75a-g43 gaming motherboard coupled with an r9 270x hawk from msi too. so i went home excited to setup my new gaming rig. since i have a new system ineed to install a new o.s so I tried to access the uefi bios. thats when the problem started. it wont let me go to the uefi bios when my 270x hawk is inserted. but when im using the built in gpu i was able to go into the bios and manage my settings. so i was disapointed, this is a bnew system what kills me is i dont even know if its the board or the card that is causing the problem.

    so i tried doing some search on google. i also tried to contact msis's customer support. yeah i was able to get a chat support rep after an hour. and mind you. it took them 1 hour for each and every chat that i send for them to reply. you know what's worst. they came up with no answer at all for my problem. in the end the person who im chatting with finally came to his senses that he is not the right rep to talk to so he'll be transferring my query to the "VGA DEPT"
    from may 21 until this day i havent received any response or reply from them.
    so the lesson of my story.. "make sure that the brand that yoo choose to stick with have excelent after sales support" too bad i choose MSI i houldve choosen ASUS.

    btw: i was able to figure out my problem.
    the native resolution of my led tv is @ 60hz. but the problem is my videocards vbios during start up its default refresh rate is @50hz. i guess my led tv doest support automatic frequency adjustment.
    so what i did was i have an hdmi and vga plugged at the same time. if i need to make changes to the bios i just switch my led tv to vga mode . and voila iwas able to access my bios with the msi radeon 270x hawk.

    -David Gilinsky

    David Gilinsky 5/28/14 7:58PM
  • I bought a GS70 and needed to contact MSI about it, after 3 tries calling into support I get someone on the phone. He tells me he dose not know anything about my issue and that I should just look online. When I ask for his manager he tells me he is at lunch. I call back 2 hrs later, get told the SAME THING when I ask for his manager and then he hangs up on me...I have a 2.4k laptop sitting here and I can't get them to even talk to me. What a joke. Taking this laptop back...

    MADMISOWNER1 1/8/14 1:52PM
  • MSI in Australia are by far the worst company I have delft with, I have a fault motherboard, a so called top of the line (MPOWER Z77) the simple fact that I needed to get the ACCC involved says a lot, for over a month they didnít reply to emails, and when I called they would simply say, call back in a week to see what we can do.
    They have admitted the board is fault and a new one needs to be provided, but that could take up to 3 months.
    The support and warranty phone number was unmanned for days, so it was just luck that you would be able to speak to someone.
    I would strongly recommend staying well clear of any MSI products, as the more I look into this issue, the more I come across people with the same problems, the service and respect that you would expect just isnít something MSI pride themselves on.
    Out and out deplorable Ö

    tribe81 12/4/13 3:56PM
  • I bought a MSI computer knowing they are not a high quality product. However, I did not realize how bad they actually are. I just gave it to my 6 year old son and bought an Apple. Talk about going from the bottom of the industry to the top.

    tazdvl 11/9/13 8:37PM
  • Their support is absolutely unreachable

    JL 11/6/13 12:12AM
  • just got my new gs70 laptop few days the hinges broke and the keyboard was mushy and overall i felt unsatisfied.

    calling MSI is painful, they don't speak english properly and don't care beyond the point of purchasing their product.

    TRUST ME ON THIS. There is no good review about their support. Any good review about their customer service is done by them. AVOID them at all cost.

    Jack 9/24/13 3:35AM
  • Bought 2 of their video cards with 10$ off rebates. Rebate form clearly stated limit 4 per household. MSI only approved one of them and denied the other for reason of missing documents. Both rebates were sent together at the same time. Reprinted and sent missing documents but never heard from them again. E-mail response times were slow (>1week).

    roudrani 9/20/13 7:50PM
  • I bought a laptop from them the had a defective battery. I made a comment or their forums and got a response that basically said they shouldn't have to support the batteries that ship with their laptops.

    After I pointed out their bs from a MSI forum moderator poster, they closed the thread. Of course, the next day a post appeared on the thread on my situation. It pissed me off that MSI manipulated their forum posts in this way.

    Anonymous 9/20/13 6:21PM
  • My 18 month old MSI GT683DX laptop's touch pad stopped functioning within eight months of purchasing it. Attempted to RMA the issue but gave up after I realized it would be less of a headache to simply disable it and by a wireless mouse. Recently, it started emitting a burning odor from the DC jack area. After shutting it off and turning it back on, the battery no longer charged from the DC jack. I dissembled the laptop and replaced the DC jack but found out that further motherboard damage had been caused when the DC jack contact initially failed. I was unable to find a replacement motherboard(the warranty obviously being voided after I had repaired the DC jack) so I contacted MSI directly and was able to find someone that could get me replacement parts. After paying $290 and waiting two weeks, I was then informed that they didn't have the part in stock, nor would it be in stock again! So, due to them not even having the parts TO THEIR OWN PRODUCTS, I am now the proud owner of a $1500 paper weight! Thanks MSI!

    kungfoodude 7/9/13 5:47PM
  • Same here. According to MSI Customer Service, they can not accept 2 Year Worldwide Warranty, because the item is purchased overseas. They say I quote:"Cannot be covered by warranty as must have been informed earlier.". I bought this two weeks ago. They must be kidding.

    Anonymous 6/18/13 12:46AM
  • I will never buy an MSI laptop again as it has been the worst I have ever owned after all the money I paid for it. First I had to send it back before I had it for a year and paid for the shipping and was not reimbursed. They fixed it and it worked fine. Then a month after the warranty, the battery no longer worked and we hardly even used it. Then the hinge seized up and cracked the housing. The computer was under 3 years old and the one I had previous to this is still working with no issues.

    colleenl 6/16/13 6:29PM
  • Bought the 3870x2 back in 2010 went bad in Dec. 2010 and have been in conflict with RMA department since to get a Equal or Better upgrade for it being a dual GPU and the only one they have made since the 3870x2 is the 6990 and they are telling me no matter what warranty says that i can not get that card. wish i could get some help against these guys. I don't care if they give me my original 580 dollar purchase price back so i can go get a video card else where. Never again will MSI parts be sold or offered from my business.

    SholocktheKing 4/14/13 6:09AM
  • I included the invoice with my claim, these guys say they did not receive it.

    I clicked on the link they provided to re-submitt and the link does not work.

    Just putting roadblocks to not give me the rebate.

    Got screwed out of 20.00

    alf25487 4/12/13 12:37PM
  • Seriously, the worst customer service you can imagine. As if it wasn't bad enough it takes 5 minutes just to get past the main menu, I was greeted to a representative who not only seemed genuinely upset he was on the phone with me, but also didn't know anything about what I was calling for (A VGA Support Question), it took him 10 minutes to answer my simple question, because he couldn't find it surfing the web, so a deep sigh lead to a stay on hold for me while he went to ask someone else if they knew the answer.

    When I finally did get the answer from him, he had only it and nothing else to offer, just a clueless rep working in technical support, but has no knowledge of the hardware for which he is offering said support.


    fourletterfame 4/10/13 1:47PM
  • i informe every people msi sale computer and not have part for change warranty or not you cannot buy for sample motherboard for windtop AE2220 ,
    i contact every service for MSI for buy montherboard for me wind top; him not have is parts;

    i suggere every customer want buy all in one when you computer have problem MSI cannot take care you ; you computer cannot repaire or buy some part

    better boycotte msi all in one NOT BUY

    khy 4/2/13 1:00AM
  • This company should be subject to a class-action lawsuit. Seriously, their complete lack of quality and their flagrant disregard for their warranties should land them in court. I will NEVER buy anything associated with MSI again. Utterly disgusted.

    Never buy MSI 3/27/13 11:32PM
  • My laptop broke. It was out of warranty. Thought MSI would fix it for a reasonable price. They want to charge me $935 to fix a laptop I bought for $600 3 years ago!!!

    Half the things they want to replace aren't even broken, but even if the antire laptop was broken $935 is a joke

    Anonymous 3/27/13 10:14PM
  • I can tell you that I will not ever buy another MSI product like I did when buying the GT 780R, the laptop started to have problems like BSOD and then found out that the shop I purchased it from went into liquidation, anyhow contacted MSI Australia and they said to fill out RMA and guess what they came back at me and said that with it not being Australian stock that I would have to return it to place of purchase when I explained to them that the store went into liquidation they said to contact USA where it came from, well I did and there reply was that Australia would repair laptop, again I contacted MSI Australia and there reply again was that they would not repair as it was not Australian stock and to contact USA MSI and again I did just that, never received a reply with the numerous times I contacted MSI USA, just seems to me that they were just passing the buck between each other, MSI Australia did suggest that I purchase there install disk and in which I did and reinstalled operating system but without any success still coming up with BSOD, MSI Australia said they would look at it for me if I was prepared to pay all costs including repairs, so for me MSI will never have me as a customer, Biggest Purchase Mistake I have Ever Made.

    namoran 3/15/13 5:54AM
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  • Hi
    Bought a new high end PC. Everything worked fine for 3 weeks till one morning it wouldn't fire up. Took it back to Cheltenham MSI. Sales person identified the problem and installed a new Graphics card ( GTX 750, I think) All without fuss. It is a 'cheap' shop, but the gentleman in Cheltenham is always trying his hardest to please all his customers.

    mikro 6/4/14 12:20AM
  • I was intending to join in the chorus of complaints here, but MSI came good. My hardworking and abused CX640 has been undoubtedly the best laptop I've owned in 15 years but the battery conked after only 18 months, and I spent a fruitless five months trying to find a replacement - at MSI shops, distributors and after-market suppliers. I actually ordered one on three occasions, once here in Thailand and twice in Hong Kong, only to be later told that it was "unobtainable".

    I then sent an email to MSI Thailand HQ extolling the virtues of their kit, but politely suggesting that they must surely be able to supply batteries for their own computers and asking where I could get one anywhere in the region. MSI got on the plot straight away and had one ready for me to pick up in Bangkok within a week. They have since done similar with a replacement keyboard.

    As the Scoreboard clearly shows, all computer companies perform abysmally, but in my experience, MSI are streets ahead of Toshiba, Compaq, HP in terms of quality of kit and service.

    Aunty Edna 6/9/13 7:13AM
  • I needed to replace the touchpad on my MSI U100 netbook, after 5 years of heavy use, but I couldn't find a supplier here in Bangkok who stocked the spare part as it had become fairly old. I had almost given up, then I decided to call MSI and ask them.

    They were so kind in fact, that two of their staff members and two technicians arranged to meet me during a demonstration event in Pantip Plaza and they replaced the touchpad with another one from a demo model they had. They did that free of charge and even treated me to a nice cup of ice coffee. WOW, where can you get such service and customer care (emphasis on the word "care") these days ?.
    Thanks MSI, and it would be my pleasure to continue to support your wonderful products.

    kootraveller 3/30/13 7:45AM
  • Called 2 times today after my MSI A6400 had problems with booting. Both times I only waited less than a minute and spoke to John. This was the by far the fastest response I have ever had with any computer company. I have had 15 or so computers over the years (my wife and I have 4 now). I would definately buy MSI products again.

    (and NO i am not an MSI employee or in any way affiliated with the company)

    Babington 2/9/12 11:10AM
  • We have 4 MSI laptops. My mother's had a problem and needed to be sent to them. When it was repaired and on it's way back to her, I was tracking the progress through the tracking number. The day it said it was on the truck for delivery, I told her to watch for it. The next thing I knew It said the item was returned to the shipper. I immediately called MSI to find out what happened. They said someone in shipping accidentally sent her the wrong laptop. I was not happy, but was reassured that they would do what they could to rectify the mix up. The laptop showed up the next day. They sent it overnight. Very happy with MSI!

    papatuzz 6/20/11 11:08AM
  • very good and easy to understand.

    marie72 12/8/10 3:05PM

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