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MajicJack customer service is ranked #525 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.19 out of a possible 200 based upon 1619 ratings. This score rates MajicJack customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,535 Negative Comments out of 1,619 Total Comments is 94.81%.


84 Positive Comments out of 1,619 Total Comments is 5.19%.

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Terrible Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • Just got scammed out of $30.00 when I cancelled my serviced and ported my number back to Verizon. I guess you really have read their entire knowledgebase before making a commitment. In addition their senior reps used fowl language in the form of gibberish " and the apologized for a keyboard malfunction. The chat conversation mysteriously disappeared when the session was over.

    What a Company!

    Ray 8/20/14 9:08AM
  • we purchase this for 5 years, Bur after two tears it stop working.they r nonreachable. there is no site or link to solve my problem, nobody should buy long plans one year is better.

    Anonymous 8/18/14 9:38PM
  • This is insane!!!! Ordered. Magic Jack wasn't delivered and sent back. Called them 3 times and the woman kept asking me the same questions over and over as I explained to her over and over the same answers. I got so mad I hung up. So, yesterday I bought a Magic Jack at Radio Shack set it up and my phone keeps saying error 404. There is nothing on their site about error 404. I tried live tech support only to be notified due to me using an iPad I will be booted out.

    I googled call a live human and got the same overseas poorly spoken English woman. I explained the deal to her and she continually told me to use live support even after I told her I have an iPad. I asked what am I suppose to do. She repeated over and over the same thing. Then she hung up!!!!!!! I'm now without a phone and extremely disable. I have serious health issues and need a phone. Sunday I had to go to the ER and the only thing that saved me was a neighbor stopping by to look in on me.

    I also got a bill for 911 and was given a link. That link did not work.

    WTG Magic Jack for ripping people off and putting their lives in danger!!!!!

    Angelcloud26 8/14/14 11:43AM
  • I want to stop Magic Jack, I can't contact them, I will try to stop them from debiting my account at the bank

    Keys 8/12/14 5:35PM
  • you guys will not put a live person on the phone to resolve my issue so theirs no reason to renew my membership with you.

    Anonymous 8/4/14 3:16PM
  • I have connected the magicjack and it has been recognized. It will not let me register because web04 not found. So I can not register it or get a phone number for it or purchase a plan.

    Anonymous 7/26/14 8:00AM
  • I got on line and asked a question about my magic jack plus and was tolk to put in my credit no so I did and I still have not recieved a answer how long should I expected for a answer

    Anonymous 7/22/14 10:42AM
  • I am very unhappy about trying to renew my magic jack plus.I am now using my own pay as you go credit card and for some reason when I try to renew my magic jack plus on line.It is not accepting my credit card.My magic jack Please help me renew my magic jack plus for one year.Thank you.Rick Hartley.

    Anonymous 7/19/14 2:29PM
  • MagicJack has been harassing me on my cell phone. They call me 8 to 15 times a day, when I pick up they hang up. The number they are calling me from is 209 233 8864. I know that's a CA phone # but home office in Florida. I'm contacting the Attorney General next out of Florida. I have never heard of Magic Jack

    Anonymous 7/16/14 10:32AM
  • This morning I cahtted with a live agent Jethro was his name. My issue is that I have no dial tone on my phone. People tell me when they call my number 9194007445 that it goes directly to voicemail. So a connection is made but why no dial tone. Please help me with this it has been going on for over a month now. Thank you kindly.

    fancyjan21 7/15/14 7:18AM
  • My Magic Jack Plus is not working, no lights on and tried another power supply and tried using it on the computer and still nothing. I have the Five Year Platinum Preferred Plan with a free replacement.

    What do I have to do to get a replacement?

    Order Shipping Information

    Customer Name: GENE CRESCENZI

    Anonymous 7/14/14 11:50AM
  • When I register my magic jack on 1/28/13 I paid the fee for 5 years and now I have to paid again.

    Anonymous 7/11/14 9:02PM
  • hi, my magicjackplus got hit by a power surge. i tried the jack ,plugged in to the computer without the power plug already. nothing works.the 2 exterior lights on the jackk will light when the unit is plgged into the computer only. please let me know what i can do ?

    harald 6/13/14 12:42PM
  • I am a Canadian customer. I love America and Americans.
    What I hate is the scam artists that come out of America.
    MAGIC JACK seems to be yet another American scam artist company, with no phone nos., contact email info etc...
    They send emails out from a "NO REPLY" service to their customers announcing a 33% increase in yearly rates, for no apparent reason other than because they can.
    We in Canada need to stop buying American crap or is it Chinese crap, from America?
    Just another disappointment from south of the border.

    PISSED 6/11/14 6:46AM
  • Jacksonville, Florida 11 June 2014

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am on vacation in Florida for two weeks and would like to Re-new my plan for 5 years. I do
    not have my Majic Jack telephone number with me and I am unable to Re-new, I think. My name is Mr. Aubrey M. Norris and my MJ number starts with a 407 number. Can you please send me my MJ telephone number so that I can Re-New. My MJ telephone is back at my home in Thailand and I will
    return there on 22-23 June 2014.
    Thank You. EMAIL: [email protected] (I think the 5 year plan is $107.53 and I would like to sign up for it.)

    Anonymous 6/11/14 6:02AM
  • If you try to port out you will have a battle they will try to retain your number. The only answer is a complaint to the FCC.

    Anonymous 6/4/14 11:10AM
  • the chat service is very bad , i bought magic jack and saved money , but i will buy a lot of medecines with this money due to bad service and very bad customer service they really know how to make u angry and increase ur blood pressure , its really a bad idea to buy the magic jack

    Anonymous 6/1/14 12:42PM
  • the live chat option is not the best....waiting for a very long time....very frustrating

    Anonymous 5/31/14 3:42PM
  • Dear customer service rep, for the past week I have not had any service from my phone number, no out going, no in-coming calls. To the best of my knowledge my account has been upgraded and my phone number renewed. The number is. Is there a problem with magic jack at this time.? Awaiting your prompt and favourable response. Thanks.

    Anonymous 5/30/14 2:45PM
  • this is a phone company with no phone nummer???that should say it all

    oracle1960 5/26/14 1:05AM
  • I have paid for 5 years you have charge my credit card already but I am still getting answering machine to renew your majic jack contract. Please fix line .

    GARY 5/22/14 5:45AM
  • its been two weeks since i have renew my service and still i am unable to make calls.yes i have paid with my credit phone pls do something.

    Anonymous 5/19/14 4:40PM
  • Hi My order were placed on 5/18/14. TS4162039 were placed in error on old magic-jack account that is no longer in use. Whilst TS4162540 was place on magic plus account. In light of this i will like a full refund for order TS4162039 as that old magic jack has been destroyed. Thanks much and please notify me of cancellation

    Anonymous 5/18/14 9:02PM
  • As a owner of the MagicJack Plus, I paid for renewal as shown below.

    You processed the payment against an older model of Magic Jack that I had, silver(?). The silver modem was thrown away when I upgraded to plus.

    I upgraded to Plus, serial and would appreciate if you would put the credit in the proper account.

    After being on your support chat line, a person of supervision named Abraham told me he could not make the adjustment. He said he would credit me back the $32.29 and then I could charge again. He never gave me the credit.

    I have paid for a service and I am not receiving the service. Will you honor our contract?

    Please refund me or get the Magicjack plus service working.

    Anonymous 5/13/14 5:37AM
  • It has been a little over a year, and my magic Jack plus has stopped working. We tried it on another computer, but it still does not work. I have an account with magic Jack plus, and need to replace for another one. Is there warranty for this and can I get another one online like before to replace the faulty one? I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you soon.

    Pam 5/12/14 4:03PM
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  • I had excelant service your castumer service girls are very proffecianal, polite and they try to satisfy to given questions.
    Parounak Vartanian, for the 2 majic jack numbers we have

    Anonymous 7/11/14 9:58AM
  • Just want to say thank you .I have no problem getting help from your support group great bunch of people you have working for you.

    Anonymous 4/2/14 2:16PM
  • Excellent product. This is year 3 and have never had a problem. I need a internet provider like magic-jack. Just thinking out loud

    Anonymous 3/26/14 9:18AM
  • After weeks of not having my service, it was good to know it was the magic jack itself that was defective. Great person helped diagnose the problem and will replace it.

    Linda 1/18/14 12:39PM
  • Magic Jack is cheap or should I say very inexpensive. It is no frills with no serious support. To make MJ works for you you need to understand the basics of maintaining a working computer network with a high speed internet connection because the MJ Plus depends on that whether you plug it into your router or your computer. IF you have the skills to keep your own computer working fine with internet connectivity using a high speed connection then you will probably have acceptable experience using MJ plus. I have been basically satisfied so far (4 months)and my only complaint is that there is audio break up at times which is annoying. I attribute this to high traffic on the internet and my provider cannot keep up with my 4G wireless connection. There are no extras with MJ like 911 service (although I hear it is possible to add it for a fee) MJ themselves suggests that you do not use it for your only phone service somewhere in the fine print. My experience with the chat service is you can get help there. I even got an online firmware upgrade to my MJ Plus to try and deal with the audio breakup issue and miraculously it did seem to help.

    kdegru 10/26/13 5:07PM
  • I spoke with Sable, just moments ago, and I gotta tell you. "SHE IS AWESOME"
    I suggested she take the rest of the night off.
    Truly She was a pleasure to deal with.

    Can you say "RAISE?"

    Thanks folks magic Jack is the best.

    Sable 8/8/13 5:40PM
  • I had success by calling customer service. The person immediately identify my files and explained to me why I could not do my renewal. (was because I have registered my MJ with a USA address and I was over the sea trying to do it). Now that I am back in USA I try again and was successful. More important, they never cut me off,with my suscription expired I was able to continue using mye MJack.
    I am happy with the services.
    GMA from Miami

    GMA from Miami 5/3/13 10:49AM
  • I've used MagicJack for the past three years for my home phone service. I've had very minor issues, and those were taken care of by their support department. It's great to not pay AT&T each month, and to not have to deal with their horrendous support. We've saved about $1,800 during that time.

    Fletch 4/22/13 5:58PM
  • my magicjack works like a champ no prob. Jesse A.

    Jesse 3/23/13 1:31PM
  • Its not MajicJack , rather it is Magicjack.

    I read about Harrison's frustration with billing and no outgoing service and 1 yr laps of the annual Canadian Phone number area code.

    I think Harrison ought to be to have fixed his outgoing problem easily if he wanted to... I suggest setting up the Plus on USB to Phone connection and then plug into the Ethernet router port for perfect PC inidependant operation... The 2nd issue of a lapsed 1 yr area code service in Canada followed by a "renewal" is certainly going to cause an accounting contradiction . There are two payment issues. Service fee and Canadian Area Code registration fee. The 1st time setup fee is waved on renewal but after a 1 yr laps can cause confusion.. Harrison needs to understand he created this confusion and not blame MagicJack with rude sarcastic inquiries and clarify that he expects a renewal without a setup charge even after discontinuity of service fees for same.

    The only compatability issues I have had with MJ is using CICI card and VOIP call bridge calls. It does not work for those. Otherwise using cheaper ISP over Rogers cable for $35/mo with MJ give the best 5yr plan for phone rates.. LD costs are much higher than CICI 3rd party rates for some countries, is my only gripe. Service , voice quality and connection reliability has been excellent with only rare dropouts far less than Cell phone drop out rates.

    TONY STEWART EE since 1975 12/25/12 10:23AM
  • Had a great experience with Denise in Billing Customer Service. She found the problem and fixed it right away. I love MajicJack!

    flbmcnally 12/12/12 11:36AM
  • I have been using Magic Jack Plus (that can be used on your computer, or as I use it, pluged into an electrical outlet in the wall, for @ 6 months now. Before MJ Plus, I used the old Magic Jack, that could only be used in your computer, when it was turned on for 3 or more years. The old MJ was ok, but had a lot of static on the line and even worse if using a cordless phone. People I talked to complained they heard even more static than I did. heard.

    Since I've gotten MJ Plus, people say the line is crystal clear and cordless phones are not as clear of static as a regular phone. I love it now. With all the features (call forwarding, call waiting, etc.).

    It's WELL worth the money I paid for it. I'll keep it forever and save the $35. a month for a land line.

    Though I wish I could talk to them by phone sometimes about some of the specials they have, but there is no phone number to contact them, but if u know how to use the internet, u should have no problem.

    All their support is live online, but they have always been very supportive and I always received great directions and information, when I contacted them.

    rtaxes 12/6/12 9:38AM
  • I just got out of chat help with MagicJack and I have to say it was an excellent experience. I love my MagicJack Plus.

    Marisa 10/25/12 6:28AM
  • Just got off chat with MJ and so far my issue has been fixed. However, not sure if it was completely fixed. My device just randomly stops working and the only way I ever know is if I try to make a call, so we will see in a few hours what happens.
    Also, it seems to me that most of the major issues are with the magic jack plus.....just an observation.
    My chat was fine, polite and fast, and I even got a discount(waiting to see if it's actually true or not).

    I understand the frustration of others, as I myself spend hours a week trying to correct over charges, services not rendered, etc. on my own home bills!
    But my mother always told me that you catch more flies with honey.....
    Will update on the "discount"

    Anonymous 9/26/12 7:32AM
  • no the service isn't useless. just click on customer service/live agent at the very bottom of the magicjack page and when the next page comes up, click speak to a live person. you can chat with someone and they will walk you through whatever you need help with. Believe me I tried it and no one has as much of a problem as I did -not there fault. and they stayed with me and helped me through everything. satisfied customer.

    silver 9/11/12 6:41PM
  • Get the Magic Jack Plust and make sure that you have DECENT INTERNET speed. At $20-$40 per year vs $500-$1000 it is fantastic. For faxes, you require a filter on the cable line (not unusual to require it for any fax line). In Canada you can get ( mention Samson660@hotmail and I get a referral discount). It is $60 per year plus $50-$75 for the modem. It only includes CDN long distance. US is 2 cents per minutes. I have all my business lines on Talkit or MJ. ( I use a US number and Cnd # to call forward).

    People; Get real. Yes, customer service is poor but if you pay the proper costs, they will give you what you require. Toronto

    Samson660 9/10/12 12:39PM
  • First its magicJack, u dont spell "magic" with a "J" LMAO... and anyone reading the reviews here? LOL, reported it stolen and then the reps were rude to you??? Is this a joke? The people who even have to contact customer support dont deserve to use this product... I am hardly a "techie" but I got it, opened the box, plugged into the computer, activated/registered, then plugged into the router and power, and seconds later, dialtone. Then went to my online account and made some minor adjustments. If you need "support" you need hire an IT Specialist bec it is your computer or internet.

    JohnnyTheRockMan 9/6/12 11:33AM
  • I delt today with Sydney from the Customer Service departement, she was very helpfull and was able to solve my issue in a very professional way.

    Thank you for the good service you are offering to your clients.

    Customer Service/Cancellation 8/21/12 2:34AM
  • I've had Magic Jack for over 2 years now and just up graded to the Majic Jack Plus.
    Rather than plugging into my computer, it plugs into my router. It's really an improvement in voice quality and fast dialing. Plus, there's no need to leave my computer on 24 hours a day.

    I like that it will send me emails if I have a voice mail waiting. I can listen to it on my computer from any where. That's in addition to listening to it the traditional way.

    I have to admit, that the live chat customer service can be a little sketchy at times. But, I found for the most part it's pretty good. You just have to be patient.

    The Voice 8/13/12 12:43PM
  • i dealt earlier today with a tech aid on your live chat line his name was theodore he was well mannered patient and polite! so nice to deal with a cool human seems so old school these days thumbs up to Ted and Magic Jack!! thanx !

    Anonymous 8/7/12 4:47PM
  • I am more than pleased, yes I have had a couple of dropped calls but no more than I had with my regular phone service. The best part is the price, I will take the dropped calls to not paying $60 a month for what I get for $29 a yr with MJ. No complaints here.

    pattikake1 7/19/12 5:32PM
  • my opinion is that everyone expects customer support for $20 a year. Get real! There is no customer support. That's what you sacrifice for the savings, BUT IT'S WORTH IT! Come on! Stop beating up on mj because they really help with the low cost. If the freakin thing breaks or doesn't work throw it away and buy another one OR start paying $30 a month to a phone company with support! that simple!

    dawn 7/17/12 3:42PM
  • I got off a live chat with Chat Session: LTK554075213122X / Kiefer (today May 31, 2012)

    Basically I paid for renewal on Jan 18, 2012 and got my confirmation number TS16173168

    Today I go on trip and I use it, it say I didn't have service, need to purchase? i click okay -- boom -- original renew price 69.95 now inflated to 99.95

    Talk to this guy, he eventually hang me up, said he 'can do nothing about it'.


    my two cents-

    andrew 5/31/12 2:25AM
  • I'm new to Magic Jack and it is working very well for me; no technical problems. However, I tried to port my old phone number from Vonage, and was not successful. I used the live chat help and they put my account "under review". It has been under review for over a month now. While under review, I am not allowed to make any changes to my account; thus I cannot port my old number. The customer support is absolutely the worst I have experienced. I have made it a point to contact them at least once every day until my account is no longer being reviewed. I have now lost my old phone number, so this is just for fun to see how long it takes. Other than this, I am happy with the Magic Jack device; it works well for me.

    Anonymous 5/4/12 2:36PM
  • I recently purchased majicjack plus. The installation was a bit slow, it took me about an hour and I had to connect with majicjack support on 2 occasions during the installation, but the result was GREAT. My majicjack plus works like a dream. The sounds are clear and crisp, the voice mail was easy to set up and works well. I get a 30 day free trial, first year free and $29.95 a YEAR thereaftetr. I have disconnected my comcast phone and am now saving $540 a year. I totally recommend majicjack plus.

    Anonymous 2/26/12 6:56AM

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