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Malaysia Airlines customer service is ranked #560 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 25.32 out of a possible 200 based upon 142 ratings. This score rates Malaysia Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


137 Negative Comments out of 142 Total Comments is 96.48%.


5 Positive Comments out of 142 Total Comments is 3.52%.

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  • 1st incident: I, TEH SENG SIM to take the MAS flight from Penang-Kuching for business. The flight was scheduled to be on 20 Mar 2014 at 6.40 am (MH 1145) but has been delayed to 11.45 am wihout informing me in advance; thus making it impossible for me to met my customer on time. There has been many incidents recently after the plane been missing like engine failure and all sorts. Please have a thorough check on your plane engine as well as PILOTS and Passengers before taking off the plane.

    2nd incident: I wish to complaint my luggage was not delivered to Kuching When i reached on 20 Mar 2014 at 13.00 pm (MH 2536). after waiting for 30 mins, I went to Kuching International Airport Sarawak Malaysia baggage service (Lost & Found Office) They told me that my luggage are still at KL & will reached at second plane(File Reference : KCHMH66806/20MAR2014/0845GMT). After waiting around 11 hours only I just received my luggage, so late.

    3rd incident: I'm so disappointment. MAS Airline staff said my enrich card blue colour is not standard and can not do anything. So, MAS Airline can check your record about me. I always flight by MAS Airline how many year and how many times why don't upgrade the enrich card for me.

    Anonymous 4/17/14 1:14AM
  • My husband flew to Johor Baru on 10.4.2014 on the 7.10am flight.
    At the security check he put his phone into a tray and proceeded through the security scan. He was asked to remove his belt. While replacing his belt after the security check he forgot to pick up his phone from the tray.
    He only realised his phone was missing upon arriving in JB. Upon his return to Subang on the scheduled 4.45pm flight (which was delayed) he checked for his phone. He was told that no one returned the phone.
    Obviously, those at the security that morning felt it was their lucky day, free phone. This is totally unacceptable. Of course the staff found the phone and they should have kept it aside for the passenger to collect when they realised their mistake.
    Is there a CCTV camera that can be checked for what happened to the phone?
    My husband is a lawyer and needs the information he has stored on his phone.
    Looking for to your prompt reply.

    Samantha Munn.
    Sent from my iPhone

    Anonymous 4/10/14 7:34AM
  • Impolite, arrogant and made me & my family feel insulted. Careless on sapphire class members. Spoilt our holiday. Very poor & professional. Malaysian airlines will loose many people with such poor service. Very dissatisfied. Please contact.

    harryvfrancis 4/8/14 10:03AM
  • I recently together with my wife flew from Heath Row to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne. Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur to Bali. Bali to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur to heath Row. Six flights. Over five weeks. Despite arranging flights against My Iberia Plus One World accounts. Sending E.Mails to your company Iberia and Avios. NO POINTS have been credited.

    I feel I have been cheated out of the value of the points I am entitled to.

    To say I'm am very disappointed dose not cover it. I am very upset with Malasia Airlines.

    I feel I will NOT fly with you again.

    John Skelson

    Anonymous 4/4/14 1:19PM
  • Flight 433 that suppose to depart at 830pm on 30/3, was delayed an hour, then 2 hours, then cancelled, then rescheduled for next morning 845am. Called hk airport, they can't check anything, no mas hk direct line, asked me to call mas kl instead. Called mas kl, even they don't know mh433 was delayed and rescheduled. System still shows on time departure. When I asked deeper why and how they are resolving this, 1st call they hang up, 2nd n 3rd time they left me on hold. Mas airline, you record your calls I supposed, why is Mas so inefficient? You can tell me is departed on time when the passenger is still in hk after 3 hrs???!! Who can we depend on next? You should have known earlier the flight did not land in hk but in sabah. You should have taken responsibility as one even hk or kl! How can you say I don't know why they change the flight, is hk mas member that changed it???!! How can you give me wrong information that it has departed on time but in reality is not??!!! My calls are at 1130pm 30/3. You can check it is exactly what I heard from mas cs.

    rc 3/30/14 11:33AM
  • I traveled from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur on flight MH 2529 on 10th of February 2014, time 1805 with my husband and his brother. On board, Liyana was the stewardess who attended to us. I would not expect a stewardess working for a 5-star airline to show the level of professionalism as Liyana had during our flight that day.

    We had requested for a blanket during the flight as it was chilly. Liyana turned down our request saying there was no more blankets available. The flight has just took off and there was no available blankets anymore?? We later found out that the passengers in the row in front of us was provided with a blanket despite them being attended after us.

    The second incident that happened was when meals was served. I had asked for tea. Liyana not only had placed the packet of sugar on my table hastily but turned a blind eye on the spilled sugar as a result of damaged packaging. It had not bothered me at that time as I tried to be understanding that meals have to be served to all passengers quickly.

    However the third incident was truly a show of unprofessional-ism from Liyana. As she came around again and this time to pick up trash, my husband had asked for second round of juice for all three of us. Instead of being attentive to us, Liyana was distracted with the front row passengers, apologizing and smiling as she could not meet their needs. She made my husband repeat his request. As she was preparing the juice for us, she again turned to the front row passengers apologising again. I had asked her nicely at the same time to wipe the sugars that was spilled on my table. With just an "Okay" to reply me, she then got a dry serviette and placed it on the table. A DRY serviette to pick up sugars? Is there any common sense? I could have just swipe the sugars off the table onto the floor but I didn't want to do that. Not wanting to create a scene, I didn't pursue the matter. What made thing worse was Liyana proceeded to serve us two drinks instead of three as requested.

    At that point, both my husband and I was just too upset with the kind of service that Liyana had provided knowing that she probably think nothing of us as we are not well dressed or well versed. However, this should not be expected from a 5-star airline. We paid for our seats as well and why isn't the same level of service provided for us? This is a double standard practice as well as rudeness to the passengers.

    Denise 2/17/14 12:04AM
  • On the 24/12/13 Flight # MH142 - Fly from SYD to KUL. The TV screen on the 1st. half the plane, all TV screen were not working through out the whole trip. Also,on Flight # 806 - Fly from KUL TO Manila was a smaller plane and the flight was very full, due to plane was small, one of our bag was not loaded on, so we were miss one bag of our personal belongs and medication in it. While in the Philippines,we kept calling Airports baggage claim for our bag, they finally deliver our bag on the 7/1/14. It took 15 DAYS to get our bag, just 2 days before we depart Philippines. This is the worse trip and service we ever had. Malaysian Airline should have known this from the beginning that the flight will be full and should have provided a bigger plane.

    Kwan 1/20/14 5:02AM
  • very bad customer service at the check in counter. felt like i owe her a debt of gratitude for her to do the job she is paid to do. Ruined my wonderful holiday!

    SW 1/16/14 4:02PM
  • I wish to complaint my luggage was not delivered to china When i reached Xiamen on 24 dec 2013. after waiting for 30mins, I went to china Xiamen airport customer service & They told me that my luggage are still at Malaysia & will reached at 11pm. Mas airline did not sent my luggage to china. (This MSG I still could accept cos just waiting for few hours) After waiting for 2 days 2 nights (26 dec 2013, 2.30am) only I received my luggage. just imagine with the cool weather (7-8C) who could bear the cool? My coat & clothes are all in the luggage. I did complaint at Mas office at Xiament Aiport, they said their manager had went back to Malaysia for holiday. so they ask me to complaint at Malaysia Airport. when i back to Malaysia on 28 dec 2013, 7.40pm, i did the complaint again? The customer service said "this is an International problem." She ask me to go back to China & complaint. ??? How could this happen in such big airline company. Terrible service & very poor Management of Mas Airline. I seems was cheated & being treated like a 'BALL' throwing here & there. This is the way MAS airline treated their customer?

    Handy Lim... Malaysia

    Handy Lim 1/2/14 8:29AM
  • To the airlines manager ,

    Customer care



    Sub â?? not allowing to board flight from KL to Myanmar â?? in spite of having invitation VISA

    Myself Ashwin Gurjar - I am extremely annoyed to report you the rude behavious of your staff at KL EXPRESS COUNTER were they allowing to board flight from KL to Myanmar â?? in spite of having invitation.

    My flight no â?? MH 0740- 19TH Dec 1005 am.

    Your staff Ms Dizalma Mohd Kassim at KL express counter were we take airport link - didnâ??t allow me to board flight and I was forced to go to airport to chk for other airlines.

    There I re checked your counter for next flight and when I explained them what happended they allowed me to board Myanmar next flight at MH 742 0150 pm. I showed them my past visit dtamps return tkts and they allowed me and I did comfortable immigration in myanamr .

    How can 2 staff of airlines behave so differently ?

    Ms Dizalma was rude ,arrogance non c-operative and this cost me no flight show of approx 550 RM. Also I reached late in evening â?? leaving me no chance for meeting .

    Only good part was co-operation shown by airport staff who issued me boarding but only after taking new ticket.

    I suffered mental trauma and loss of 550 RM and loss of valuable day which cannot be compensated.

    I want strict action against staff and compensation for the rude behaviour of KL express staff awho was ill informed â?? but had no courtesy to talk .

    I have left a very bad impression of Malysian airlines for which I had high regards in past. FYI â?? I am a frq traveler and do once a month travel to all destinations.

    I need your action and feedback on the same asap


    Ashwin Gurjar

    acks 12/26/13 7:35AM
  • This Is My First Time To Travel With Your Airline But I Was Very Disappointed About My Experience.i Was Board From Melbourne To Kuala Lumpur & Kuala Lumpur To Manila.during Boarding In Kuala Lumpur I One Hand Lagguage With Me And And The Flight Attendant Took My Lagguage And Bring Out To The Aircraft And Told Me That He Will Off Load It Because Theres No Space In All Compartment.suddenly Its Ok But The Problem Is When I Arrived In Manila Airport My Lagguage Was Lost.i Went To Your Office In Manila Twice To Fllow Up But Until Now They Told Me Still Searching.those Lagguage Was Not On My Name Because The Flight Attendant Just Gave Me Claim The Problem Is I Had My Importamt Documents That I Need Urgently.i Had My Cloths,documents,digital Camera,laptop Charger.thats Your Responsibility To Take Care Of It To Return It To Me Immediately Soon As Posible.

    Reynan 12/19/13 11:45PM
  • I wish to complaint my lyggage has not deliver to china till today. Call to china guangzhao airpory. They told they cant trace my luggage and mas airline not sent my luggage to china. Why tjiscan be hapoen in such big airline company. Is very poir management.
    Mh376 dept on 16 dec 2913.

    Anonymous 12/17/13 6:13AM
  • I have been trying for 3 months to get some compensation for 4 hours delayed departure from LHR, flying business class, then missed connection in KUL, 9 hours late arrival at final destination CGK and finally, as if to add insult to injury, lost baggage for 2 days. Customer service rep Norlienda Aziz either does not reply or takes literally several weeks to do so. So far I have been asked to join Malaysia's frequent flyer programme and offered 10,000 air miles. Who are they kidding????? Is this the way to treat premium passengers?

    Mark 12/11/13 9:11PM
  • the toll free no. 1300 88 3000 and 03 7843 3000, is a waste of time trying to call. its never attended except for recorded voice instructing you to press this button and next button which lead you to a complete cut off. MAS should seriously consider a better process than this as this is super frustrating.
    similarly, trying to do a online check in. its near to impossible too. sigh...

    Sarah 12/10/13 7:04PM
  • i using mas wing to fly to sabah by 2nd of dec,but my luggage delivery to kch...finally they send it to my hotel n the nxt date frm miri to limbang by 3.50pm,i request ticketing counter change to early flight wif 11.50am,officer ticketing ask me to mas counter 4 located at miri ,Sarawak,the officer still process for me will original flight...once i into the boarding gate is been reject...i believe the counter office was not paid attention to me whn i spoken to her....finally,i going to see the Officer name. mr niggo at miri Sarawak airport,his told me was my fulse...i cannot this all happen to my two day business trip...and i cannot and disappointed to mas airline services....only one word from mas airline staff said ur own fulse

    tingchuching 12/3/13 9:43PM
  • i booked a flight to australia. Leaving KL at 2210
    They sent me an email changing my leaving flight from KL to leave at 23.45 saying "if you accept this please ring". I of course didn't ring because i didn't want to change it. Who wants to add another hour and 35mins waiting at KL, when you are already waiting 4hr 30mins at the airport. They changed my flight anyway and when i rang to complain they said even if your email may of said "ring to accept the changes" you should of rang anyway! I've written to customer complaints but no reply of yet. Has anyone else had this problem?

    tik 12/2/13 8:13AM
  • My wife and I have flown with many carriers over many years. Our experience with Malaysian Airlines is one, however, that we hope to forget.

    Our problem was not with the air staff who were great. Our problem arose when the airline decided to change the day and time of flight as well as the stopover. When we complained well ahead of our return trip the public relations officer planned politics with us and did everything other than the options we gave him: to return the flight to what we had booked or to refund the return trip portion of the fare and let us rebook with another carrier.

    The fob offs and denials went on until the day of the flight and we were compelled to accept the ordeal. To add insult to injury the airline then also changed our pre booked seating to the worst seats in the plane...the last 2 seats adjacent to the toilets - when there were plenty of free seats all over the plane.

    When we got back to Australia I demanded a refund but was met with the same used car salesman rhetoric. So we listed the matter with Fair Trading and let it be known to the company representative that we were prepared to return to the commission as many times as required realising that this would cost the company heaps. They relented and we settled on most of the return fare. After the hearing the representatives were on their way to the next hearing and it appeared that the conduct of the company resulted in multiple actions.

    In my opinion, for what it is worth, AVOID THIS AIRLINE as the problems we had indicated to me that the carrier, whilst having a good reputation in the market place, is only going to be good UNTIL A PROBLEM ARISES. Personally I do not book flights to go through what we endured and I am sure that I am not alone in this.

    mick 11/30/13 7:02PM
  • Very sad to comment that MAS being our national airline have yet to progress and win back it's customers confidence with it lackadaisical attitude and this experience with your Call Care Centre 1300-88-3000 is really a nightmare.

    No return calls was ever made as being promised by your recorded message despite my attempted calls for several days - what a shame. This contradicts your MAS Attitude Motto: Couldn't Care Less or was it being interpreted as couldn't care much about customers complaints, emails or feed backs?

    Kindly refer to my email on 25.11.2013 (Monday) pertaining to the References:

    alen 11/26/13 8:51PM
  • Below is an email I will be sending for the rest of the week until i receive a reply. Malaysia Airlines are the worst company I have ever dealt with for customer service. They actually don't have customer service, you just get ignored. Seriously consider booking with somebody else, regardless of cheap flights, they are completely taking advantage of customers!!

    I contacted you weeks ago and have still not received any form of resolution, offer of compensation or closure regarding my future flights. I am seeking legal advice and will likely be contacting my media consultant friends depending on the response I receive from this email. I first contacted Malaysia 3 weeks ago. All I have received are badly worded attempts at palming me off with hollow apologies and delays.

    Please note that this email will also be forwarded to legal advisers as I feel Malaysia Airlines have had ample time to deal with this matter and have failed at every stage. Therefore I want a third party to witness the lack of care and consideration Malaysia Airlines holds for it's mistreated passengers.

    Below is my original message, again!

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    After purposely arriving at Heathrow airport at 7am on Thursday 31st of October, whilst queuing for check in I was handed a piece of paper stating that the flight to Kuala Lumpar (MH0003) was going to be delayed until 17:40pm due to "Operational reasons". As I'm sure you can imagine this was a huge inconvenience to everyone. Personally, I had especially made sure to have only a small amount of sleep so that I could attempt to sleep on the flight and counteract jet lag. So with just 3 hours sleep under my belt I had to wait until 18:30 to depart, not 17:40 as stated on the memo. To add to this, there were no offers of a private or quiet waiting lounge, that was only available to select customers. I would have thought after delaying a journey for very nearly 8 hours, the class of the customers would be secondary to making up for the inconvenience the airline had caused "ALL" of it's passengers. I found this behaviour both disregarding and discriminatory to be completely honest.

    The delay of the MH0003 flight meant that my connect/onward flight from Kuala Lumpar to Brisbane was going to have to be rebooked. Meaning that my initial booking to depart from KL on 1/11/13 at 09:45 was now rescheduled to 09:45 on 2/11/13. For the record, that is a 24 hour delay. I purposely booked my original flight times so that I would be able to meet with a business associate in Brisbane on the afternoon of the 2/11/13 before he left the country that evening. As you can see, even more inconvenience and disappointment.

    After landing in Kuala Lumpar, exhausted, I was told that a hotel was going to be provided for the night and transfers etc were included as a gesture of goodwill by the airline. I would have preferred to have been halfway to Brisbane but a hotel close by where I could crash out was the next best and only other option. I'm not sure why we were then driven nearly an hour away from the airport to a hotel that was, in my opinion, an attempt at making us forget about the inconvenience. Personally I find it more of a risk to have been driven all of that way rather than just being taken to the nearest decent hotel so that people can rest sooner and for longer. Not taking anything away from the service of the hotel and how impressive it was, but the fact that we were there for around 12 hours, and most of those hours were spent sleeping, seemed absolutely pointless to me and an unnecessary risk, not to mention added stress.

    And finally... Luggage.

    When I landed in KL I made sure to go over to the baggage reclaim area where the bags were being offloaded to make sure that my case was going to be forwarded on to Brisbane. I got there and noticed my suitcase was sat in the middle of a busy area unattended. I asked a nearby Malaysia airlines representative what was going to happen to the cases and he ensured me that they would be loaded onto the flights tomorrow morning and that we had nothing to worry about. After having my luggage lost by another airline back in July I was rightly skeptical. Unfortunately, not to my suprise, I arrived in Brisbane 24 hours later than expected to find that my luggage was still in Kuala Lumpar.

    The people at the baggage reclaim desk at Brisbane airport were very helpful and requested the luggage to be sent from KL and it arrived the next evening but couldn't be delivered until the day after because it was so late. So my baggage arrived eventually at my address 40 hours later than me and 64 hours later than originally expected, and to top the whole experience off, my case arrived with a complete crack through the top part of the shell where the upper handle is located.

    I would appreciate it if somebody from Malaysia airlines could respond as soon as possible concerning this, I would very much like to get on with my trip and not have to be reminded of the calamity of this whole situation, not to mention that due to the prolonged journey time, I am having to deal with the worst case of jet lag I have ever had.
    In nearly every aspect of customer service Malaysia airlines have managed to cause me either stress, anxiety or disappointment. I feel that the service provided to me was repeatedly, completely unacceptable, therefore I am requesting full compensation and feel well within my rights to do so.


    RJP2013 11/26/13 8:21PM
  • My wife and I took a flight from Medan, Indonesia back to Kuala Lumpur. We did not lock our check-in luggage
    When we got home my wife found that her bottle of perfume which she had put among her clothes was missing from her luggage. Only the empty cardboard carton was found on top of her clothes. It was an opened bottle, three quarters full.

    Then I discovered that my bottle of cologne was also missing from my luggage.

    My flight details are as follows:

    Medan Kuala Namu (KNO)
    Fri, 15 Nov 2013, 15:50 Kuala Lumpur International Apt (KUL)
    MH 865
    Malaysia Airline System Berhad
    Seats: 16F,16E
    Equipment type: Boeing 737-800

    I hope MAS will act on this. I am sure there will be others who may have similar experiences but have not bothered to provide the feedback

    JoePaul 11/25/13 3:42AM
  • Greeting To Whom It May Concern.

    My name is Mdm. Chung Shuk Shee I'll here writing in is to bring an attention to your company how unsatisfied my experienced with your ground staff in KLIA.

    I was travelling back to my home town on 13 Nov 2013 (Seat on 10A ) which. Upon my journey reached KLIA. Halfway, I received your airline message at 07.29am via my mobile saying that flight retimed I helped myself to check in via 1 of your hall KIOSK machine. ¡°PRINTING IS OFFLINE " when it came to part of printed out boarding pass. Leaving me no choice but to have seeks for the ground staff, I managed to reach out 1 of your ground staff in blue uniform and she is wearing a blue colour of¡¯ and blue colour T shirt and black pant. Her name is Emma. Thank you to her assistance I went through again another KIOSK machine to log in again. Still the same message it came out. So I was wondering how am I going to walk around with 2 luggages and a box in the arrival hall while waiting the retimed time to open for the check in process. The time checked then was only 09:00AM. Luckily when Emma returned she said that now may do the check in luggage via all channel B counter. I thanked her again for her kind effort. She was such a sweet and a good helping hand¡¯s girl.

    Then I made my way to line up and waiting for my called to check in my stuff. There was this Malay Lady wearing ¡®tudung¡¯ at Counter B4 called for me. As I walked heading to her counter. She was starring from the tip of my hair to the end of my toe. 2 times. I explained to her that I have checked in 2 times in the KIOSK machine and it was operating offline when come to the printing part. In my hands I held 2 piece of paper of my travelling document: 1 is Travel Itinerary Receipt from my computer and 1 is my Boarding Pass which I had checked in ex Sandakan port. As I handed over my Travel Itinerary Receipt to her. This Lady just simply grabbed my right hand paper and she said " Ini kan itu kertas BOARDING PASS? " oh yes did I mentioned that her face what so all over it. Thought as she so knew every single thing and just to find out it was already being used - BOARDING PASS IN EX SANDAKAN AIRPORT. ?" I could tell you all that how shocking her face was when she saw the paper she grabbed and the words came from me. At the same time, there was another ground staff in the same Kebaya like her sitting right next to her counter B5. Another guy in white shirt and black pant stood behind her table and somewhere between the belts for transporting those luggages. Plus a very very long line of passengers which all nicely standing behind of me and enjoyed the show.

    And please bear in mind ladies and gentleman I was communicated with her in International Language. How could she just simply do like that?? Please do tells me? Fine maybe this Lady doesn¡¯t really speak English words very well I told myself in my heart. Later I communicated again with her in Bahasa Malaysia. " Kan tadi saya cuba nak jelaskan bahawa mesin kamu OFFLINE. Saya cuba check in 2 kali, tapi tidak dapat print. Itulah sebab saya tengah bagi kertas Travel Itinerary saya kepada awak. Yang kamu pergi tarik kertas lain saya buat apa? ¡°

    This Lady hasn¡¯t a choice but to return my paper to me. And I saw her mouth was mumbling on some words and she gave me a very harsh eyes contact while collected another paper from my left hand to further the process. Then, this Lady asked whether I have any checked in bag. So I lifted up 1 box of full of dried food stuff and 1 of my Purple check in bag to the measurement belt area which was the area next to her counter. Again this Lady asked me to put my last trolley bag to the belt for measurement and ready to tag in. I told her that my black cabin bag is going to cabin as inside I have this fragile stuff it will definitely break. But she refused on my words even I have made myself clear again over and over again that my items is very priceless that why I have to carry it with me to the cabin and not checked in to the cargo as I'm afraid it. This Lady still insisted to weight my cabin luggage and she reminded me about it only may carried 7 kg in the cabin aircraft. However, this time she replied to me and speaking in English. So now you know how to speak in International Languages? Emmh¡­

    Finally, I put my cabin luggage to the belt. She gave me an annoyed smile and face expression while saying that my all luggage had excess the limit of single passenger. So now this Lady wanted to charge me for RM90.00 for my luggage. I was so confused because at the first place when I placed my box and a purple luggage to the measurement. The weight is still in the average of my allowance. Later, with my cabin luggage now she said she needed to charge me. Again I confronted her that how many KG did I really excess? This Lady said all in was 42KG. You must be joking for 42KG that how this Lady calculated every extra 5KG is RM30.00 ( 42KG ¨C 30KG = 12 KG. So every additional 5kg is charge RM30.00. So now 3 times excess 5KG is equivalent to RM90.00 ) I assumed that how she counted.

    Strange I¡¯ve been reading over and over again regarding this MH passenger luggage allowances at your online web site. Checks with a lot of other friends who was travelling with check in bag and cabin bag. They all also did like what I did for my flight. ¡°I¡¯ll read your company guideline for passenger check in luggage to the cargo was entitled for 32KG for Economy Class. If you said I¡¯m excess my allowance of carry. Wouldn¡¯t it only excess 10KG? How you do the calculation?¡± I said to her. While the next counter staff also present her face sitting nicely in her seat in Counter B5. ¡°How many KG exactly when I put my box and Purple check in luggage? And now with this black cabin luggage itself is how many KG? ¡°I asked again.

    The Lady refused to look at me and bend her head low on something she tried to work over on her counter. As I lifted my head and I saw that she was writing on a small blank white paper with pencil. The first word is 42 then 30 something and later 32 and so on. I¡¯ll been looking at her for than 2 minutes. She still remained her post and calculation. Better still now she was counting with her 10 fingers. Oh my god how she actually perform her working task daily? If you not very good in dealing with number get yourself a calculator and do not embarrassing me when I have asked you twice and yet you could still act like you don¡¯t hear anything me. So I¡¯ll give her a helping hand here. ¡° Cik, kalau 42KG tolak 32KG. Yang tinggal hanya 10KG sahaja. ¡°This Lady looked up and seem like she got a shock in her life. Then, she said she needed to charge me only RM60.00. WHAT?? If here you mentioned only may hand carry 7KG into the cabin per person. So I was left or rather excess 3KG only. How on earth you do yours math calculation?? And how you passed your on ground training? So simply and yet you made it such a big huh ha thing?

    Okay cool. I asked her how to settle my issues now. The Lady looked over my cabin luggage and she said ¡°You take out something and put it into the big check in bag.¡± Pointing from my black cabin luggage to the purple check in luggage with her finger. Fair enough as she given me a solution. So I opened my cabin luggage and scanned all over how to separate the item? Because I have 1 half size of the cabin luggage was my toiletries bag. 2 big mug which I had in conjunction with festival of the Oktoberfest 2013 which I carried all the way from Kuantan, 1 Canada Leaf handmade porcelain with 2 little bird mounded on it. 1 body towel. And last but not least a few pieces of clothes I putted in to support my fragile stuff. I tried to take out the 3 fragile items. And placed it into my recyclable bag and placed it on the weight belt to find out whether it was acceptable.

    The Lady said not enough and encouraged to put some more in. After some time of packing in and out just to adjust the measurement again and again and again. I gave up. I don¡¯t want to debate this weight thing issues anymore. Do you know how much of tiredness and frustrated I¡¯m. I was while awake at 2 in the morning because I was excited to flight back home to see my hubby and present him the gift. My cab was arriving at 7am. So I¡¯ll took my time nice and steady to dress up and finalize my packing to ensure that everything in secure and won¡¯t break by the time I reached home. And yet faith came to test my patience.

    I asked the Lady about how safe and secure it was? And would you assure that my stuff won¡¯t break since you insisted to check in all mine luggages? She replied with confidence ¡°Don¡¯t you worry about it. Because I put a big FRAGILE tag on your bag. So you have nothing to worry about. ¡°Great since the Lady said like that. My thought was perhaps now the airlines have amended their new policy. The Lady tagged 2 luggage and 1 box plus giving me a paper to do my paid at Counter G9 or H9 ( I can¡¯t recall that well ) And of cause the extra allowance I did paid for RM30.00. Plus collecting my ticket over there. But certainly I¡¯m sure about the ground staff who dealing with my payment was a Chinese guy. Settled my payment. He handed me my boarding pass.

    After that, went through the scanning area. At last, walking to the designated Gate A3. Again I received your airline message at 10.25am. ( REGRET YR FLT MH2710/13NOV IS FURTHER DELAYED, DEP KUL/02:15PM ARR SDK/05:00PM ). Again with disappointed heart, I walked myself to the transfer counter which along the way to all of Gate A area. To further inquired about my flight time again. Here, there was another Malay Lady who double checked over her computer and acknowledge about the delayed. She handed me a Lunch Voucher and told me that this voucher only may redeemed at Burger King, Deli France and McDonald. However, this restaurant was allocated in the Arrival Hall. You must be kidding. Just completed a hustle of morning and now may considerate getting easy. And yet you still want me to walk all over there again? All I ever wanted was sitting nicely on my seat and have my beauty sleep. I couldn¡¯t be bother that what sort of meal you serving in my flight. Now flight delayed second time and still needed to go all the way out again to have my lunch. And what again finished and walked all the way again here to reach Gate A3.

    I¡¯ll took my time to rest at those nearby seat while waiting they opened the gate for boarding. I prayed that all my stuff shall be in good hand of your company. At 13:40PM I could see a lot of passenger marching to Gate A3. But to my surprised there was not 1, not 3, not 10 but a lot of passenger was holding their belonging like 1 cabin luggage and it seem like even bigger and heavier than mine? 1 backpack. 1 handbag. 1 laptop bag. Some may even came with countless shopping bag with them and etc. How come they may carries a lot of hand carried allowances and passed through the ground staff? While I only have 1 cabin luggage also needed to force to check in and paid for my extra allowance? Could you please explain nicely to me that what was really happening here?

    Board the plane. And with my tiredness journey back home. I have so called finally reached my destination. Upon collected my luggage. I heard the broken pieces of glasses in my cabin luggage as I lifted it up from the carousel. I opened my luggage and guess what I saw? 2 out of 3 pieces of my fragile item is now broken into pieces. Please give me any reason that I shouldn¡¯t be angry about it!!

    I reached to the Security Officer, Mr. Ani his name to appoint my problem. He smiled and directed me to the MH Handling Officer, Mr. Jaini.

    Mr. Jaini was busy engaged with another passenger who suffer the same faith as I¡¯m. He came to me right after he have settled the first issues. Mr. Jaini immediate extended his truly sorry for me as seeing my item broke into pieces. He explained to me that FRAGILE item was ¡°NOT TO BE CHECK IN ¡°to the cargo and the ground staff ex station should be well aware and alert of it and the consequences. And now MH carried a policy whereby ¡± BROKEN ON FRAGILE ITEM IS NOT COMPESATE AT ANY COST. ¡° As well as showing me and my hubby a placard of The Mishandling Policy by MAS. Of cause I did the entire necessary thing to log in for a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) to just back up my incident and losses.

    Now I have an issue to voice out:~

    1. If you know your airline procedures and guidelines well. How could you insisting me to check in my FRAGILE item?

    * If the fragile item I carry by myself. And if there is anything happen by accidentally. At very least it was held my hand. I¡¯ll the one who fully take responsibility of it neither you nor the airline to call in count.

    2. Promise me that my item is safe and securely take care with your RED big FRAGILE tag?

    * End up comes in broken pieces. Promise leaves empty promises.

    3. Dare to charge me for overweight and do not allow me to bring in my cabin luggage?

    * If fact my purple check in luggage and dried food stuff isn¡¯t overweight. I noticed around, even bigger and heavier luggage also found in my flight cabin. Now my stuff is broken into pieces! Could you bring back my broken Oktoberfest 2013 mug and Canada Leaf handmade porcelain deco to me?? ¨C You can¡¯t.

    4. If you ask me do you have a good experience flying with MH?

    * I would like to express my expectation with fully disappointment, sad and deeply angry. This will be definitely my worse flying experience with MH. First of all encounter with your unprofessional ground staff. Don¡¯t know why love to stare from head to toe and from toe to head. Without even smile and do greeting to me as a passenger and this is basic ethics? Especially serve as frontlines. Do you know that starring at people is very rude body¡¯s gesture? And I hope The Lady finally knows. I¡¯m so regret that I didn¡¯t snap a photo of the ground staff together with her name tag on it. That why, it leaving me no choice but have to address her as The Lady and This Lady. I deeply apologize for that. I believe my experience is well to know because I¡¯ll have been taken for granted.

    I sincerely hope that you may look into my issues seriously and I¡¯ll expecting your favorable reply. If you looking forward to minimize the incoming of compliant regarding the Mishandling Issues. Definitely helps your airline to save the unnecessary cost.

    P.S : I will publish the article you reading now to public including your MH Facebook Page. Customer Service Line and some other source. To bring out the awareness to the public. They deserve a good lesson to learn and especially for those whose travelling with MH. At least their privilege¡¯s is not been taken for granted.

    Chung 11/23/13 1:34AM
  • 1 Nov 2013
    Flight from KL 7.45 pm to JB and it was delay at 8.10 pm. I were there early for check in and were waiting at B2,but i was wrong because B2 was meant for flight to penang There was no announcement of changing the gate!. I have to ask around and the staff seating at the gate were not friendly....and unprofessional. They supposed to be good in PR and helpful. Later i was informed that it was at gate B3 flight to JB.

    Not even that,steward name ABD LATIF was very rude when treating the passengers as to their hand carry luggage. He were mumbling all over when looking at bags carried by passengers. Shame on MAS to have steward crew like this!

    5 Nov 2013
    Flight from JB to KL SUPPOSED to be at 9.05 pm and it was delay to 10.40 pm and AGAIN there was no announcement about the delay!! I was rushing to check in and when i queue at gate 2,i realized that everybody was holding an air asia ticket and not MAS. Then i asked the staff bout my flight,then only i knew that it has been delayed to 10.40 pm! I am so frustrated bout MAS because i always believe that MAS is an international flight and good but when all these happen, i can say that air asia,malindo and fire fly is much more better.even the crew are friendly and please take action on my humble comments coz the service is really really 'sucks'.....

    Anonymous 11/5/13 7:09AM
  • Dear Sir,
    My wife (Jayasunderakhemarmrs)and I traveled to Australia by your Airline and booked to travel back to Colombo in Sri Lanka on 01.01.2014 and 21.01.2014.Our ticket no.s are 2323930533625 and 2323930544914.
    We both want to travel back on 14.03.2014
    Can we change these two tickets and what is the procedure?
    Your early reply is very much apprrciated.

    GB 10/17/13 9:40PM
  • Flight from Paris to Kuala Lumpur on 9/10/13.We went to check in very early.My wife and I were seated separately in the cockpit despite telling the staff that my wife gets travel sickness.The others from my group who checked in 45 mins later were given seats in front. Hindu meal was horrible. The food wasn't cooked properly.We were given green apple for snacks.We were on a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland.The Hindu meal was again horrible.They cooked the whole egg plant instead of being chopped. The food quality was shown to the attendant. Instead of giving another replacement meal the attendant asked us to go on website.

    Kam 10/11/13 1:02AM
  • What a freaking crap airline! Twice now I have had to sat at kl airport due to delays ! The issue no notices over the PA or inform passengers of flight delays one was for over 5 hours to paris and now sitting here the kl syd flight over two hours. Go to malaysian airlines counter to ask what's going on and they tell me all flights to australia delayed until a flight from Phuket arrives so in all there are three flights delayed.and to those customer service reps that find it amusing lets see what happens when I email ur boss with ur pics and let them know, so great flight service and the worst service I've ever encountered by an airline in there own airport and country wake up malaysian airlines and take a good long hard look at ur competitors

    Dave 10/7/13 6:33AM
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  • I would like to comment on the honesty and integrity of the cleaners or cleaning contractor at KLIA. The found valuable lost item and make effort to return it back to us as passenger of MAS. Incident happened at KLIA 13/12 between 8pm to 9pm. Impressed with such Malaysian citizen which can hardly be found nowadays. Thumbs up!

    AIMW 12/16/13 12:57AM
  • Anyway i did try booking a flight like this in feb that was quoted in Malaysian currency. But my card declined because i was trading in AUD.

    I traveled on malaysian airlines flight from KL to Heathrow 21st july. I booked my ticket on the day as i had screwed up some iran transit plans with visa usages.

    It was a good service at the start with drinks all around especialy the usage of guava juice and the entertainment was working well

    food service was good and i got no complaints at all

    There was one male Cabin Members who decided to be a bit of a jackass. I accidently pressed a call button and he just came near me and turned off my light.

    Because Planes fly into LHR are carrying allot of bed bugs and insects the cabin must be sprayed. They always make an announcement that the cabin will be sprayed and please cover your mouth if you having breathing problems.

    Ive lived with Asthma all my life but the same jackass bloke cabin crew had to be such a big douchebag by coming to me and point a can of bug spray right near my face. This was while i was covering my mouth

    At first i thought it was a joke but then i realise man this guy is making fun of my mild asthma. It took me 5 minutes to press the call button while flying over scandernavia

    I told the hostess that a male cabin dude insulted me and threaten to spray me with buy spray

    She went to the gallery and brought him to my seat and i just ripped into him

    I told him that i was flying the national airlines of Malaysia to my dad homelands and he should give me some courtney by not pointing a can of bug spray in my face.

    The young xp flight attened applogies for being a jackass and he wasnt going to spray my face

    I told him that the King of Malaysia wouldnt be inpressed to hear a Malaysian insulting a british citizen after what we did for malaysia in the colony year

    I am a budget travel so this is really my only cheap options between sth east asia and UK. I can take 2 weeks to get home from London on a long journey

    metalsolotravels 4/23/13 7:33AM
  • Salam to ALL,

    Despite the negative comments about MAS level of service, it is different story for me as i'm very pleased so far with MAS service especially with your air crew and not to forget the ground crew (despite their morale is down due to the re-structuring program).

    Today i have to make last minute re-arrangement on my confirmed flight from LBU-KUL departing at 0745hrs. Since there's only 2 flights to/from KUL-LBU, i didn't expect to get the 2nd flight departing at 1740hrs since the MAS office at the airport already closed when i get to know that i have to take the 2nd flight.

    What i did was I call customer service at 1300 number and patiently waited for about 10 minutes. A polite and helpful girl name Siti Rahmaniah answer my call and immediately assist me to change my flight F.O.C...

    I would like to thank Siti Rahmaniah from Customer Service Dept who answer my call approximately around 2000hrs 15 sept 2012 and i would like to tell her to keep up your good attitude despite the trouble surrounding MAS due to their so called turn around plan i.e, lay-off, low wages, no transport allowance, secondment issue, budget cutting etc...etc.

    Most of us who are frequent flyer with MAS notice and know if not all the issues surrounding MAS nowadays. BUT, for the sake of Malaysian, we urge you all try to let go and bear with the current issue for a little longer until we can get rid the hidden hand and politician from the scene.

    I really hope MAS can fly up further so that you all will get what you guys deserve which has been denied from you guys for may years now.

    If the CEO AJ read this...know one thing, your staff is what we as MAS loyal customer need the most and NOT the politicos...SO, do not fear or hear what ever they want to doesn't bring any good to matter how big they it dude???

    FF 301160521

    FF301160521 9/15/12 5:45AM
  • I wish to commend on the dedicated service of Mahzan bin Mat Salleh who is serving in the Ticketing Office in Kota Kinabalu International Airport for his patience, commitment and determination in helping me sort out my travel to Kuala Lumpur on 5 September 2012 by the 6.50pm flight. He worked very closely together with two other MAS staff, Llyod and Susie at the counter to ensure I got to fly to KL . I truly appreciate these three MAS staff and I hope that MAS Management will given due recognition to Mahzan , Llyod and Susie for their commitment in serving passengers travelling MAS duiring challenging situations. Thimbs up to ahzan, Llyod and Susie!!!

    Anonymous 9/11/12 1:42AM
  • I rate them as the best I have experienced in customer service. I am used to the western-style service which is playing music for hours while thanking you for being patient.
    Malaysian Airlines treated me with a smile.
    Asian service at it best.

    Indian 9/17/11 1:19PM

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