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Malaysia Airlines customer service is ranked #588 out of the 729 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 162 ratings. This score rates Malaysia Airlines customer service and customer support as Terrible.


157 Negative Comments out of 162 Total Comments is 96.91%.


5 Positive Comments out of 162 Total Comments is 3.09%.

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  • Branded new bag was damaged. MAS Admit on the said incident and offering 'like-to-like' replacement. However, instead they sending me a clone different brand, not as per promised. Thus I rejected and is told to call the customer service. Now, they offering cash compensation of 50% of the bag value. But with the term to send the purchased receipt! Off course I don't keep receipt as I don't plan to damaged my bag! But I'm telling them that they can Google the price. Buy still, 50% for any damaged bags is so stupid lame rule. I'm Malaysian, but I'm saying, you are going dowwn!!

    Khalid 8/21/14 4:05AM
  • Very bad performance! I thought after all the bad incidents happened and MA will try to make things better but not at all! Severe delay for 11 hours happened with no one taking any responsibilites! Such a bad airlines which i will never ever fly with it again! Will tell others not to also

    chawee 8/1/14 1:46AM
  • Bad customer service!
    Unhelpful, not friendly and just ask you to pay more although you encountered website error!

    Simon 7/31/14 7:25AM
  • Flying with Malaysia Airlines for the first time was a huge mistake. Always being one to sympathise when things go wrong, I had wrongly assumed that after the devastating disappearance of the MH flight, that the airline would be doing everything in its power to restore faith, bookings and its reputation. I was really disappointed when 3 out of 4 of our MH flights were either cancelled or severally delayed.
    The costs, time and repercussions of these cancellations and delays will ensure I never fly MH again. A real disappointment.

    Bernita 7/29/14 3:39AM
  • Hi

    I have a baggage damage claim that has not been unsettled till date. It was logged by a Malaysian airlines official at

    Johur Bahru airport. I was told to contact the office in UAE to settle my claim since I was on quick transition/holiday

    with my family at that time and could not spend time to settle it there .

    A ground staff/official of Malaysian Airlines from Dubai called me a couple of times. However instead of getting an

    assurance call on the claim amount , I got into a needless cross-questioning session with him. I do trust that the report

    prepared by one of your own officers in Johur Bahru has credibility.

    I then took this up with the Sales Manager UAE and Gulf ( mr. Sudhip Valiyar) since there was no postive reponse from the

    airlines. However after repeated exchanges of emails with him/ his office , i still have a response from his side. It seems

    that there a careless attitude from their end.

    I want to bring this with any consumer rights protection cell/forum wherein i can expect that some one listens to my

    complaint and helps me with some guidance on how to reslove this issue.

    BTW: This incident happened in Dec 2013 and since then waiting for a resolution

    trevor 7/28/14 4:00AM
  • Trying to contact Malaysian Airways is virtually impossible all the links are down and the only contact is thru enrich Very Poor.
    I have been trying to lodge a complaint about the service from the call centre who tried to cancel my flight from Langkawi to KL as I did not have a Visae

    Anonymous 7/26/14 3:34PM
  • I am Wimal M Manage, holding Srilankan Passport N2077964. I took MH178 from Colombo and traveled Perth all the way by Malaysian airline. I am a seventy years old senior passenger and I faced very embarrassing situation at the Malaysian checking counter at the Katunayaka international Airport.

    My baggage tag numbers are .I went to the check-in counter with 4 bags with combined weight under 40kg as my travel agent HTS travel, Colombo, had informed me that 40kg has been approved till Perth.

    Malaysia Airlines check-in officer checked and informed me that 40kg had not been approved and only 30kg was allowed. Then I said that the Travel Agent had assured me that 40kg had been approved. The check-in officer discussed with a colleague and also called in a supervisor who ruled that only 30kg was allowed and there were no notes about 40kg having been approved.

    They also said that only 2 bags were allowed. This is contrary to what is in the e-ticket which says "30kg" and makes no reference to limitation of pieces. Neither Malaysia Airlines nor the travel agent had informed me that only "2 pieces" were allowed, for check-in luggage. The officer who ruled "2 pieces" at the airport is Mr.Sohan Perera.

    Travel agent informed that "piece concept" was for European sectors and domestic sectors inside Australia. At no time informed us that there was a "2 piece" restriction for CMB-PERTH sector.

    If there was such a restriction, the travel agent and the airline must have informed me earlier and the ticket should have reflected that, so that could have arranged my baggage accordingly.

    â?¢ If there was no such "2 pieces" restriction, Malaysian Airlines was wrong for refusing to carry my baggage arranged by the travel agent. Why was Malaysian Airlines not able to find the 40kg approval which was assured by the travel agent?

    â?¢ If there was such a "2 pieces" restriction, both the Travel Agent and the Airline are at fault for not stating that in the ticket and not informing the passenger beforehand when extensive discussions were carried out on getting 40kg. It was negligence on the Travel Agency and Malaysian Airline's part for failing to inform the passenger of piece restrictions. Furthermore, it was irresponsible on Malaysian Airlines part to refuse to carry the baggage of a 70 year old passenger at the last minute without prior notification, who was travelling alone and migrating to a foreign country for the first time and the passenger followed the instructions in the ticket and was not at fault.

    â?¢ The ticket must make it clear weather it is "weight concept" or "piece concept" applied for the check-in luggage. The ticket that was issued to me had check-in luggage allowance for CMB-KUL-PERTH sectors listed similar to "weight concept" with weight limit and without any piece restrictions. To inform that that there was a piece restriction while at the airport trying to check-in is unacceptable.

    â?¢ Did Malaysia Airlines recently change their check-in luggage policy with introducing piece concept but failed to issue tickets accordingly and failed to inform passengers of the change?

    Therefore, I believe that the travel agent and Malaysian Airlines must investigate the reasons for this confusion and make amends for their failure by transporting my father's remaining luggage from Colombo to Australia. If it is done soon, they can be transported to Perth as I stay there at Perth until June 23rd.

    I am waiting your reply.

    wimal 7/14/14 12:44PM
  • My family flew from Sydney to KL to Lankawi 25/6/14 for a family holiday and by all accounts found the trip over to be quite good except for on female flight attendant who was quite rude.

    we returned on the same route on the 9/7/2014 and found the cabin staff to be absolutely rude and inattentive to any requests. We finally arrived at Sydney 10/7/2014 to find that some of our luggage had not been checked through from KL as requested. After filing a missing baggage report and promised contact within 24 hours we are still waiting to be contacted despite multiple phone calls and emails to both Malaysian Airlines and TOLLdnata. We will never ever consider Malaysian Airlines on the future.

    Wazza 7/12/14 2:07AM
  • My flight MH148 was on 11 May 2014 (Melbourne to KL), upon arrival at KLIA i've realised that my checked in luggage came out torn. I subsequently filed a report at your Baggage Services and was told that someone will collect the bag from me to send for repair. The repair agent (Long March Trading Co.) came and collected the bag from my house on 14 May 2014 but eventually returned my bag to me and I was told that my luggage could NOT be repaired. The repair agent then informed that MAS will contact me in regards to reimbursement for the damage to my luggage but until today I did not receive any call from MAS. Please get someone to call me back in regards to this matter.

    Anonymous 7/9/14 8:48AM
  • I came 45 mins prior to departure, checked in online but I don't have hard copy of my boarding pass. I wasn't able to drop off my baggage, fine. The ground staff at check in desk (Sorry, not meaning to be racist, she was an indian lady) rudely said to me "You checked in online how come u didn't have the boarding pass?! I'm telling you its late already. Am I not speaking nicely with you? Do you not hear me?"
    While my fried's last flight to London they were late 30 mins prior to departure n they still can drop their baggage. The rude lady said to me "Last time is last time. You can't do that every time. The baggage are on the plane already."

    When I go to the Malaysian lady next to her, she printed my boarding pass (while that rude lady still trying to said to her not to print my boarding pass) and tell me to run to boarding gate.

    WTH with the "Malaysian Hospitality"?

    astriakarina 7/8/14 12:57AM
  • Hi,We were boarding MA flight no 191 dated 03.07.2014 from IGI international airport New Delhi to Melbourne,Australia with my wife.As per baggage rules,we were allowed to carry 30 kg each.As we were carrying three baggage in total with 60 kg,your CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER (Name not known) told us that we can not carry more than one bag as airlines allow only one tag to each passenger.As per his version,we can carry only ONE BAG EACH of 30 kg.We Argued him lot that we are travelling last 20 years,always preferring Malaysian airlines and never heard such rules before.Even we ask him to show us the rulings on record in this regards but so called CSO was such a rude,he refused to cooperate us and ask us to go to airlines web site and find it out your self.We called our friend,who is a manager in jet airways, luckily working on airport on that day.My friend also try to convince your cso but no use.Accordingly we send back our third small bag out of airport with the help of an security officer,deployed on gate no 6,just in front of check-in counter.We have contact details of that security officer as well of jet airways officer who had confronted with your CSO, as a witness of this whole episode.Finally we ques up for check in with other passengers,we surprise to see a lot of co-passengers were lined up with more than one baggage.The girl in chair at check-in counter told us very clearly that,we can carry 30 kg each,does not matter in one or two bags.She clarified that,version of customer service officer is wrong but she was not a capacity to confront his boss.

    It was a very embracing position for me and my wife,as we were forced to left our kids gifts and other value-able stuff behind because of your so called customer care officer.We asked him his name and designation but he refused to revealed his name and designation,it was his some colleague who told us that he is customer care officer He does not deserve to called customer care officer, rather enemy of Malaysian airlines.At one stage he asked me to clear all three bags if we pay him 200$ but we refuse to grease his palm.

    Being a valuable customer of Malaysian airlines,it is our humble request to you,to take stern action against this rude and corrupt officer,who is not friendly with customer with poor knowledge of baggage's rules.His integrity is doubtful and he is a bad asset for Malaysian air lines.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me for further assist you in weeding-out such a unfriendly, rude and corrupt employee.

    kUNDU 7/6/14 2:42AM
  • I was flew last 25th of june by mh177 from manila philippines bound to maldives.and i was surprise when i arrived at the maldives that my luggage was naked.which is i was purchased my new luggage with luggage cover the day of my departure from manila. And i was so furious when i was waiting at the luggage area i when i saw my luggage was naked and theres a lot of scratches..i was complain right aftrr to the ground staff of malaysia airline in the maldives. And i was surprise when they says that it might be feltdown somewhere and malysia airline can't do anything. What the hell!it just a very simple things they can't do anything to satisfied thier much i paid for the ticket its about 550$ bucks and they can't do anything.?am always flying malaysia airlines everyyear and this my first time was happened which is this is not acceptable..the fact is how can u sure that your passenger was satisfied which is even small things,or just a simple complaint your staff can't do anything..its very easy for us to say SORY but the dammage has been gone.DO SOMETHING!.

    furious 6/26/14 1:09AM
  • Bad experience on MH 001 from LHR to KLIA recently. Firstly, 4 toilets onboard were blocked / out of service which made the flight experience exremely inconvenient.

    Crew were then rude / unhelpful. I had not had a blanket at my seat and when I asked for one, I was told there were none left. Hence was left to freeze under the A/C all 13 hours. Also missed out giving me a snack box / took ages to get my glass of water / unfriendly.

    Connecting flight MH 2530 to Kch was worst. Flight attendant flashed me an evidently distasteful face and slammed my cabin baggage into the top compartment when I asked for it to be moved because it was too far away from where I was sat. Not an unreasonable request, in my opinion.

    Worse and worse service on MAS.

    ally2 6/23/14 12:03AM
  • My dad booked a air ticket for my sister(priyanka) from new zealand to malaysia and malaysia to delhi (Return Ticket), but by mistake my dad wrote her name on ticket Priyanka Rana actually her name is just Priyanka on her passport. when we arrive in airport in malaysia counter they said its different name from passport and we agreed that mistake and then they gave us malaysian airline service phone number and tell us that give the call to them. but when my sister call malaysian airline service center they said sorry you have to book a new ticket........I mean thats completely disappointing to the customers

    Either give a new ticket to us or refund

    Malaysia airline 6/18/14 5:13PM
  • On the 28th September 2013 I booked a flight on Malaysia Airlines website from Hong Kong to Penang. The flight was for four adults and was flying at 15:00 on Friday 18th April 2014. A confirmation email was sent from Malaysian Airlines thanking us for our booking and confirming our four ticket numbers. The confirmation gave a flight number of MH9693 and also stated that the flight was operated by Cathay Pacific Airways.

    However, on reaching Hong Kong International Airport (Terminal 1), we proceeded to the Malaysian Airlines check-in desk to be told that this was not a Malaysian Airlines flight, but a Cathay Pacific flight. Therefore, we proceeded to the Cathay Pacific check-in desk where we were informed that they did not have a flight to Penang and that as we had booked with Malaysian Airlines we needed to return to their desks. On arrival at the desk, the assistant looked into our issue and claimed that while we had booked through Malaysian Airlines website, we were Cathay Pacific customers. At this point we argued our case and insisted that Malaysian Airways dealt with our issue.The assistant proceeded to investigate and discovered that Cathay Pacific no long fly the Penang route and had passed it to DragonAir. The assistant then took us to the DragonAir desk were we again discovered we were not booked on the flight.

    After much discussion with the assistant they said they could only put us on standby for the flight. But with four adults and only one flight in 24 hours, what chance did we have? At this point the situation had now become very distressing and we were becoming concerned about how we were going to get to our next destination. We were also becoming concerned about the lack of responsibility that either airline was taking as the Cathay Pacific managed refused to come and speak to us claiming it was Malaysian Airways were at fault, while Malaysian Airlines claimed we were Cathay Pacific customers.

    After much discussion we then suggested if it was possible for Malaysian Airways to fly us from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur and then onto Penang. This was due to the little time to the flight and only two seats being available, we were now becoming desperate as still no airline would admit responsibility. Therefore after several phone calls, the assistant agreed and returned us to the Malaysian Airlines check-in. At the check-in desk a Malaysian Airlines manager was there to meet us and claimed that they were been courteous giving us these flights. However, I don't understand how they were! As to my mind we booked through Malaysian Airlines, so they are responsible.

    Therefore, I am writing to you to not only explain the events and issues that we had using your airline, but also the disappointment at the lack of understanding, stress, anxiety and upset this caused. On top of the inconvenience and time delay this incident caused to our vacation.

    In conclusion, I would appreciate this failing been fully investigated, as to whom is responsible for my family not been booked on any flight, even after having received flight confirmation. Furthermore in this instance, I also feel that compensation is necessary as we paid for flights, which you were unable to provide us with.

    I look forward to hearing from you promptly, in order to rectify my grievance.

    Anonymous 6/8/14 3:10AM
  • I purchased for my travel from Delhi to Singapore /Singapore to Cochin on Malaysian Airlines.

    I had purchased these tickets online using my friend’s credit card. The tickets were purchased on an offer price in early December 2013, well before the date of journey. Meantime the credit card I used to purchase the tickets (which belongs to my friend) got damaged due to which he was issued a new credit card by the bank. However, the last two digits of the credit card were replaced with new digits. All other information/data on the card remained the same. I was very concerned this might cause a problem for me while flying and I had in fact enquired with Malaysian Airlines in UAE and also the bank . I was informed that there was nothing to worry, as they said it would be understood from the system that the card holder is still the same.

    I would like to emphasize here that I was told by the Airlines office in UAE that only a credit card authorization letter is required and as a further precautionary measure I had even carried the original card itself with me which I presented at the airport to the duty officer along with the signed authorization letter on the copy of the card.

    During my first leg of the journey (Delhi to Singapore via KL) at Delhi Airport, I was asked to produce the original card. They then took a copy of the 3 digit PIN (rear side of the card) and after verifying that the card holder is the same, they then allowed me and my family to board without any issue. I was instructed to do the same at Singapore Airport for my return flight to Cochin.

    However, on my return journey, I was completely taken aback in the manner in which we were treated at the airport in Singapore. We are a family of five, and with very aged person. I want to particularly mention here the attitude of the Duty officer Mr Mun Cheonog Lin. We were told on our face that our ticket was shown on their system as a fraud ticket and when we tried to explain our case several times he refused leaving us stranded there and even declined to allow us to speak to the Manager. I strongly condemn use of such words in front of the family, even without understanding the situation.

    I gave them the authorization letter from my friend, even showed them the original card and explained to them what happened at Delhi Airport. But they simply kept insisting that they won’t allow me to travel unless I purchase new tickets for all 5 passengers and the fare they quoted is almost double than what I had initially purchased. I asked them for an alternative and enquired as to why I was not informed earlier about this problem as then I would have had ample time to resolve the issue and get the necessary supporting documents. I told them what i was informed by the airlines staff at Delhi Airport and that I even received flight reminders/notifications via e-mail from Malaysian Airlines.

    Finally after much discussion and mental agony we all went through around an hour before they closed the counter they agreed that if I produce some sort of a supporting document from the bank they would open my ticket and allow us to board. I called my friend back in U.A.E and asked if he could help in any way. He personally ran to his bank and managed to get a document from the bank supporting our claims.
    On receiving this the airport staff then asked if we could produce my friend’s passport copy. Again he scanned his passport and e-mailed it to them within couple of minutes directly from his email. Once both these were submitted the duty officer informs us that now they are convinced and that they would allow us to fly using the old ticket but only for the next day's flight and that we were told to purchase new tickets at that very moment if we were to fly the same day due to time constraint.

    Please make note here of the mental stress and effort it took us to get the bank letter at the last minute and when they could clearly see the situation was genuine. Why even make us produce these documents if they had already made up their minds not to let us travel. Were they just trying to buy time so that we would succumb to the pressure and purchase the tickets without no other option left?

    Had I been alone I would have considered missing my flight and fighting it out but since my whole family was with me including my father (aged 69) and made to witness all this, I was forced to but the new tickets for all passengers. I then had to arrange for sufficient Singapore currency at the last minute to purchase 5 tickets.

    The staff simply kept saying statements such as “we don’t know why Delhi team allowed you to travel” and “we are informed this is a fraud ticket”. I have travelled before whilst I was in KL and the airline staff have always been very approachable until this experience which has completely left a bitter taste with us about the airline.

    It is about 5 months now. I believe I’am entitled to receive a complete refund of the new ticket purchased at the new fare as the whole case is completely genuine and I can submit any document as proof to authenticate my claims. I also want to place a complaint against the Duty Officer Mr Mr Mun Cheonog Lin as I fully believe he could have in his capacity dealt with this situation in a more professional manner and seeing his attitude twice we asked him if we could speak to the manager and he refused us.

    I have send about 20 emails and tried calling about 50 times but in vain. they simply put me on hold and make listen to music and gets disconnected.


    Nabeel Ifthikkaruddin

    Nabeel 6/2/14 10:00PM
  • I am very disappointed with MAS.

    My flight to Istanbul had been delayed almost 8 hours without any notification. Mid night flight at 12.30pm had been delayed to the next day 7.15am.

    The staff in the check-in counter claimed that they had sent sms and e-mail to notify me about the delay which I didn't received up till the day this e-mail is written. Even my friend who already check-in and been waiting in the departure hall from afternoon also didn't get any notification about the delay.

    We being informed that MAS will compensate hotel stay, bus transfer and meal voucher to us, but we have a connecting flight to Athens after we arrive in Istanbul. Initially, we have 8 hours transit time, but now, it only left 30 minutes for us to claim our baggage and catch the transit flight to Athens. That is IMPOSSIBLE! The staff in the check-in counter told us that AEGEAN Airline is not the companied airline with MAS under ONEWORLD, thus MAS won't responsible to the missed connecting flight. However, the staff in the MAS ticketing office said that arrangement will be done in the hotel. WE ARE CONFUSED!

    Again, lying!

    No MAS staff to entertain us in the hotel. We just check in the hotel and being sent to the airport early morning.

    After boarding, we waited in the airplane for nearly 1 hour before take off. We were given snack that should be served between the two main meals. The airplane is not clean, old, tv is not functioning, spoiled earphone and the air crew members are not friendly.

    Really had a bad experience flying

    Christine 6/1/14 9:37PM
  • Malaysia Airlines was the best in the world but is now the best of the worst.

    On 31/5/2014, flight MH1432 from KL to Langkawi 955 am was cancelled at the last minute. These were the issues noted:

    At check in counter, no announcement nor update made by counter staff that flight was cancelled.
    When arriving at gate A9 for boarding, there was no staff at gate to inform passengers that flight was cancelled. There was no announcement made at airport that flight was cancelled.
    MAS plane crew on the plane had already boarded the plane and noted they got off the plane. They informed persons at the gate that they themselves were just notified that flight was cancelled. As the crew themselves disembarked, this means no staff remained to notify passengers the next step to take i.e. to go to transfer counters.

    At transfer counter, only 1 person (a lady) was handling complaints and transfers with inadequate support. A male colleague only joined her when the queue started to have more than 10 persons. All other personnel at the counters or who walked past the area did not assist in the process. All avoided the crowd waiting in the queue, the counters and did not assist their colleagues. There were more than 10 airport personnel but none provided further assistance.
    Queue lengthened to more than 50 persons, at least, and yet there was no management personnel, no additional personnel, no additional counters to handle stranded passengers.
    Stranded passengers were still not told reason for cancellation at this stage.

    Passengers were told that arrangements were made to board later flights which meant that the later flights would be affected. Passengers were not given the option of boarding the earlier flight at 11am as it was fully booked. Hence, only option was to board MH1436 at 1310, which meant delay of more than 3 hours. If a whole plane was cancelled, this meant that not all stranded passengers would be able to arrive in Langkawi earlier.
    Stranded passengers were given lunch vouchers for limited no of shops as compensation. Stranded passengers were also still not allowed to into the Golden Lounge as compensation. Lunch voucher was limited to only RM20 per voucher and food and drink prices are at least RM10 each at minimum. This is not sufficient compensation for a 3 hour delay.
    There were only 2 shops at the same level of the gate, stranded passengers were told the only other options was to go back out of the gates for additional 2 shops only that provided lunch.
    Stranded passengers were not compensated adequately as hotels and tours have been booked for families, delays in other commitments or appointments for those on business or leisure.

    To summarise:
    • Lack of personnel and lack of communication provided to passengers on flight cancellation and on next course of action. There was no explanation provided on reason for flight cancellation.
    • There was inadequate guidance and inadequate compensation to stranded passengers for waiting longer at the airport and for disrupted plans and appointments.
    • Stranded passengers had faced delays of at least 3 hours.
    • Lack of training and lack of empathy from staff
    • Lack of planning and lack of back up procedures for emergency such as flight cancellation.
    • Malaysia Airlines was the best in the world but is now the best of the worst.

    Jerome 5/30/14 9:23PM
  • My flight is 9.10 a.m. I started lining up 7.20a.m. When i reach the counter 8.30a.m they told me the gate close. I'm so freak out. I miss my flight for no reason. Izit my fault. If u knoe ur staff do things slowly pls add on staff in the counter. I need to pay extra n my work is delay.Is this how MARS earn extra from costumer?

    nico 5/27/14 9:40PM
  • Dear sir/madam

    I wrote a complaint to MAS handed personally to yr office at Sentral Kl on 8th April 2014 but still have not receive any reply. I'm Dr Lim Chai Leng and my complaint was with regard to the delay of MH 0020 on 28march 2014 Kl to Paris for 3hrs 45 mins which cause me and my husband Dr ho Shu Nam to miss our connecting flight AF652 Paris to Lyon.pls reply asap

    Anonymous 5/5/14 7:02AM
  • 1st incident: I, TEH SENG SIM to take the MAS flight from Penang-Kuching for business. The flight was scheduled to be on 20 Mar 2014 at 6.40 am (MH 1145) but has been delayed to 11.45 am wihout informing me in advance; thus making it impossible for me to met my customer on time. There has been many incidents recently after the plane been missing like engine failure and all sorts. Please have a thorough check on your plane engine as well as PILOTS and Passengers before taking off the plane.

    2nd incident: I wish to complaint my luggage was not delivered to Kuching When i reached on 20 Mar 2014 at 13.00 pm (MH 2536). after waiting for 30 mins, I went to Kuching International Airport Sarawak Malaysia baggage service (Lost & Found Office) They told me that my luggage are still at KL & will reached at second plane(File Reference : KCHMH66806/20MAR2014/0845GMT). After waiting around 11 hours only I just received my luggage, so late.

    3rd incident: I'm so disappointment. MAS Airline staff said my enrich card blue colour is not standard and can not do anything. So, MAS Airline can check your record about me. I always flight by MAS Airline how many year and how many times why don't upgrade the enrich card for me.

    Anonymous 4/17/14 1:14AM
  • My husband flew to Johor Baru on 10.4.2014 on the 7.10am flight.
    At the security check he put his phone into a tray and proceeded through the security scan. He was asked to remove his belt. While replacing his belt after the security check he forgot to pick up his phone from the tray.
    He only realised his phone was missing upon arriving in JB. Upon his return to Subang on the scheduled 4.45pm flight (which was delayed) he checked for his phone. He was told that no one returned the phone.
    Obviously, those at the security that morning felt it was their lucky day, free phone. This is totally unacceptable. Of course the staff found the phone and they should have kept it aside for the passenger to collect when they realised their mistake.
    Is there a CCTV camera that can be checked for what happened to the phone?
    My husband is a lawyer and needs the information he has stored on his phone.
    Looking for to your prompt reply.

    Samantha Munn.
    Sent from my iPhone

    Anonymous 4/10/14 7:34AM
  • Impolite, arrogant and made me & my family feel insulted. Careless on sapphire class members. Spoilt our holiday. Very poor & professional. Malaysian airlines will loose many people with such poor service. Very dissatisfied. Please contact.

    harryvfrancis 4/8/14 10:03AM
  • I recently together with my wife flew from Heath Row to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne. Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur to Bali. Bali to Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur to heath Row. Six flights. Over five weeks. Despite arranging flights against My Iberia Plus One World accounts. Sending E.Mails to your company Iberia and Avios. NO POINTS have been credited.

    I feel I have been cheated out of the value of the points I am entitled to.

    To say I'm am very disappointed dose not cover it. I am very upset with Malasia Airlines.

    I feel I will NOT fly with you again.

    John Skelson

    Anonymous 4/4/14 1:19PM
  • Flight 433 that suppose to depart at 830pm on 30/3, was delayed an hour, then 2 hours, then cancelled, then rescheduled for next morning 845am. Called hk airport, they can't check anything, no mas hk direct line, asked me to call mas kl instead. Called mas kl, even they don't know mh433 was delayed and rescheduled. System still shows on time departure. When I asked deeper why and how they are resolving this, 1st call they hang up, 2nd n 3rd time they left me on hold. Mas airline, you record your calls I supposed, why is Mas so inefficient? You can tell me is departed on time when the passenger is still in hk after 3 hrs???!! Who can we depend on next? You should have known earlier the flight did not land in hk but in sabah. You should have taken responsibility as one even hk or kl! How can you say I don't know why they change the flight, is hk mas member that changed it???!! How can you give me wrong information that it has departed on time but in reality is not??!!! My calls are at 1130pm 30/3. You can check it is exactly what I heard from mas cs.

    rc 3/30/14 11:33AM
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  • I would like to comment on the honesty and integrity of the cleaners or cleaning contractor at KLIA. The found valuable lost item and make effort to return it back to us as passenger of MAS. Incident happened at KLIA 13/12 between 8pm to 9pm. Impressed with such Malaysian citizen which can hardly be found nowadays. Thumbs up!

    AIMW 12/16/13 12:57AM
  • Anyway i did try booking a flight like this in feb that was quoted in Malaysian currency. But my card declined because i was trading in AUD.

    I traveled on malaysian airlines flight from KL to Heathrow 21st july. I booked my ticket on the day as i had screwed up some iran transit plans with visa usages.

    It was a good service at the start with drinks all around especialy the usage of guava juice and the entertainment was working well

    food service was good and i got no complaints at all

    There was one male Cabin Members who decided to be a bit of a jackass. I accidently pressed a call button and he just came near me and turned off my light.

    Because Planes fly into LHR are carrying allot of bed bugs and insects the cabin must be sprayed. They always make an announcement that the cabin will be sprayed and please cover your mouth if you having breathing problems.

    Ive lived with Asthma all my life but the same jackass bloke cabin crew had to be such a big douchebag by coming to me and point a can of bug spray right near my face. This was while i was covering my mouth

    At first i thought it was a joke but then i realise man this guy is making fun of my mild asthma. It took me 5 minutes to press the call button while flying over scandernavia

    I told the hostess that a male cabin dude insulted me and threaten to spray me with buy spray

    She went to the gallery and brought him to my seat and i just ripped into him

    I told him that i was flying the national airlines of Malaysia to my dad homelands and he should give me some courtney by not pointing a can of bug spray in my face.

    The young xp flight attened applogies for being a jackass and he wasnt going to spray my face

    I told him that the King of Malaysia wouldnt be inpressed to hear a Malaysian insulting a british citizen after what we did for malaysia in the colony year

    I am a budget travel so this is really my only cheap options between sth east asia and UK. I can take 2 weeks to get home from London on a long journey

    metalsolotravels 4/23/13 7:33AM
  • Salam to ALL,

    Despite the negative comments about MAS level of service, it is different story for me as i'm very pleased so far with MAS service especially with your air crew and not to forget the ground crew (despite their morale is down due to the re-structuring program).

    Today i have to make last minute re-arrangement on my confirmed flight from LBU-KUL departing at 0745hrs. Since there's only 2 flights to/from KUL-LBU, i didn't expect to get the 2nd flight departing at 1740hrs since the MAS office at the airport already closed when i get to know that i have to take the 2nd flight.

    What i did was I call customer service at 1300 number and patiently waited for about 10 minutes. A polite and helpful girl name Siti Rahmaniah answer my call and immediately assist me to change my flight F.O.C...

    I would like to thank Siti Rahmaniah from Customer Service Dept who answer my call approximately around 2000hrs 15 sept 2012 and i would like to tell her to keep up your good attitude despite the trouble surrounding MAS due to their so called turn around plan i.e, lay-off, low wages, no transport allowance, secondment issue, budget cutting etc...etc.

    Most of us who are frequent flyer with MAS notice and know if not all the issues surrounding MAS nowadays. BUT, for the sake of Malaysian, we urge you all try to let go and bear with the current issue for a little longer until we can get rid the hidden hand and politician from the scene.

    I really hope MAS can fly up further so that you all will get what you guys deserve which has been denied from you guys for may years now.

    If the CEO AJ read this...know one thing, your staff is what we as MAS loyal customer need the most and NOT the politicos...SO, do not fear or hear what ever they want to doesn't bring any good to matter how big they it dude???

    FF 301160521

    FF301160521 9/15/12 5:45AM
  • I wish to commend on the dedicated service of Mahzan bin Mat Salleh who is serving in the Ticketing Office in Kota Kinabalu International Airport for his patience, commitment and determination in helping me sort out my travel to Kuala Lumpur on 5 September 2012 by the 6.50pm flight. He worked very closely together with two other MAS staff, Llyod and Susie at the counter to ensure I got to fly to KL . I truly appreciate these three MAS staff and I hope that MAS Management will given due recognition to Mahzan , Llyod and Susie for their commitment in serving passengers travelling MAS duiring challenging situations. Thimbs up to ahzan, Llyod and Susie!!!

    Anonymous 9/11/12 1:42AM
  • I rate them as the best I have experienced in customer service. I am used to the western-style service which is playing music for hours while thanking you for being patient.
    Malaysian Airlines treated me with a smile.
    Asian service at it best.

    Indian 9/17/11 1:19PM

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