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MySpace customer service is ranked #583 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 24.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 240 ratings. This score rates MySpace customer service and customer support as Terrible.


227 Negative Comments out of 240 Total Comments is 94.58%.


13 Positive Comments out of 240 Total Comments is 5.42%.

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  • I am trying to access my myspace account from years ago, but i don't know what email address i used.

    My name is Olivia Lee Nicholson. My old email used for this account could possibly be something like funky girl hotmail????


    Anonymous 8/4/14 8:55PM
  • Hi, my name is michael mcgolrick. I have changed my email since I open my myspace page I can no longer login what do I need to do. My username is Mikemcgolrick? my current email is plus I need to reset my password

    Anonymous 7/16/14 6:06PM
  • I just want to know what gave you the right, not legally because it is your website, but morally the right to delete all of people's old messages, comments, posts, etc.
    These are the only reason I ever did log in to myspace. To reminisce. Not to connect with people.
    If you wanted to make a more user friendly website, then you should have made a new one. Not deleted all the old things. You've made a lot of people angry. Including myself.

    justinwho08 5/29/14 10:24AM
  • Hi i haven't been on myspace for about 8yrs. I wanted to know if i can still access my old account. I don't remember my old info and i think my email was but im unsure. If you could please help that would be awesome. Thanks!

    Anonymous 5/23/14 10:30AM
  • Why can't I access my account with MySpace I've done everything right and it's done let me go to my page why is this ??????????????

    Anonymous 4/29/14 10:59PM
  • Why have a number for customer assistance ? If you don't assist any customers? Hmmmm????

    Houssemusique 4/24/14 11:08AM
  • I have been trying to regain access to my old MySpace acct. It has been the most difficult process I have ever been thru. I have filled out the form and got no response. I have tried everything possible. You would think I was trying to break into fort Knox. I appreciate the effort to maintain the integrity of my acct but the process will make you not use your MySpace acct

    mark ... kelley 4/19/14 8:40AM
  • I can not get into my profile on MySpace, I have sent several emails in the past. Now it seems that things have restarted and all my photos are now public. I have pictures of my underage child in many photos, and I never authorized these photos to be public, my name is Shauntel workman, I want want the photos taken down immediately, I also want my account deleted. I'm willing to answer any questions, I would do it myself but cannot login as I forgot username AND password.

    Anonymous 4/18/14 9:08PM
  • What ever happened to the old myspace where I could use HTML codes and edit the entire page? Where pictures were more organized into albums we created and friends were called friends and not connections? Things are unorganized or nowhere to be found. I feel as if I can't edit my profile or upload pics or edit them or ANYTHING! My pics take forever to view on my ipad because its MIXED in one album and no longer placed in different albums that i created a long time ago. MySpace is TOO LIMITED. It needs to be like it was 8-9 years ago if it wants its reputation back.

    Nani.JohnsonCarter 4/13/14 10:55AM
  • I want to retrieve my info and delete my old account .You people need to either answer your phones or return calls.

    Anonymous 4/9/14 6:55AM
  • No customer service at ALL by phone. I'm getting nowhere with all the askmyspace CRAP! Seriously upset & reviewing the laws on intellectual property. All I want is to regain entry, save my pics & copy my blog. It's no wonder myspace is currently not relevant to social media users. The support team is nonexistent & the entire site is pathetic. This my experience is a huge disappointment and is completely unacceptable. It is quite obvious why The MySpace Company is failing. Sorry that I ever joined.

    DoesntMatterNoSupportTeamWillAns 3/19/14 2:39PM
  • Not very good it seems. I accessed my account , only to not be able to hear my music, scroll my pictures and to boot, there is some picture on my profile of a trailer that I know "i" never put there....what's up.

    Now, I cannot even get in touch with them or technical department and or leave my contact information here. Why not just close the whole thing down if it is going to run this poorly, really now, seriously?

    Tamara Demetro 2/28/14 9:02PM
  • I Called The Number Above And Pressed 1. And The Recorded Message Says: That Mspace Does Not Offer Phone Support. So Anyone Trying To Call. Dont, You'll Just Waste Your Time.

    beach0918 2/7/14 12:30PM
  • This really sucks I have not heard anything back from myspace. I understand I have no been on in a while, but this is do to not being able to log on. If I actually got some help with getting on I could.. I don't know what to do or contact.. I can't remember my password and when I try to retrieve it, it will not let me due to yahoo closing out my account that I had on there. What do I do now. I need someone I can contact to get all this back. PLEASE HELP ME.. I WANT TO GET MY PICTURES BACK ALL MY CHILDHOOD PICTURES ARE ON THERE....

    SMOMMYTOABOY2011 1/24/14 11:17PM
  • Filled out the declaration form to regain access to myspace for my numerous pictures that are there from 8 years ago. Received a temp password, which is terrific however, why no access allowed with the email I have that I thought it was our the "url" it has. All I need are my pictures.

    The guy with no access 1/23/14 8:56PM
  • I love the old original myspace and know it can be brought back just in the format with the ability to leave our own artistic expressions on peoples pages that truly did welcome them .. they were hard hitting truths of the time is why i suspect rupert murdock took them away . his propaganda he had to pay for could not complete in the free market with us creative types, especially us visual artist with short words or phrases attached to our original images left on very very wiling high profile peopel who gave some of us with nice pics and words of truth a huge stage to show ourselves to the world .. artist supporting artists they believed in in the pure fore is how i see it .. ;-) .. The images we put up along the the music was the magic that made the original myspace happen . it was real not corporate driven .. So ironic the corporate aspirations with selling the advertising alongside our unfettered free speech would make myspace a profitable enterprise . simply using our skills our way for free to tell the truth and try to shape a better more peaceful world .. hmmm still seems like a good idea to me .. ;-) .. i having worked as a corporate gm know the corporations with the money that start these project realize all too well the truth . They want to silence the peopel that compete with thier bought truth.. they put out . that is why i was looking forward to Justins vison . I very much admire the man and the creative justin timberlake is ;-) .. Justin , i had a very very bad experience this week where what was left of my old myspace got wiped out by a hacker or me doing somthing incorrectly then getting frustrated .. i would like to get what i had back with all the freinds or what you call connections back . I think of them as freinds ;-)although i hate the nazies? at facebook like most creative people thier rules hmmmmmm . lol was .. all the issues about slow loading pages do not exist today because of the many times faster internet speeds we all have . It worked in the old myspace with dial up speeds , just think of the power and fun at 4 g speeds .. i feel like i got bait and switched on the call that said i could get a human if i spent my $$$$ on the phone call and hit 1 ... that is not what happened i got the irritating recorded things that i paid for hmmm .. not a way to make freinds. that is the reason i took the time to put the lowest grades on all your feed back stuff .. i am appaled that someone in your corperation actually apparently thinks this is a good ideat to say you will get a human then not get a human .. please email me at [email protected] so you can call me on your dime and we can talk .. who knows i may actually have some ideas that a lot of people talk about in features that would make your platform more popular and best for me and other vidual artists a platform where we can choose to let eople have free speech in america .. It was a truely truly powerful thing .. that is why i and a lot of other concerned people think they pulled the plug on it and killed a profitible bussiness until they decided to fix? it sincerly b keith vipperman i took a lot of my time because once againi am just hert broken about losing my stuff at a place called myspace and want what i had back or quite frankly i dont know why i would want your service even for free it just takes my hard earned true friends creative types of all genres with me ... connections. I lose my freinds and art, taken away for no good reason i can see except ignorance that it hurts people with the policy in effect . TH euser of the platform , our stuff taken away time after time.. does that make sense mr timberlake ?? it does not me and lot of other visual artist who feel hmmm alienated and shut out on your music only thing . I make music also origanal stuff of little account but i have a lot of places that treat me nice i canput my stuff on .. .

    artistkvip1 12/19/13 1:18PM
  • I am trying to access my page but I dont remember my user name or password because the last time I logged in was so long ago. I am trying to access my pictures that are on my account. My profile account is (this is the number that is next to my name/profile when I search myself.

    How can I retreive these photos or get access to my old profile???? I need these pics. PLEASE HELP.

    Anonymous 12/19/13 12:56PM
  • I haven't been on my old myspace since 2006. My ex changed my password and my email address and i cant seem to figure it out. all i want are my pictures from my old myspace account. and i cant figure out how to get them. would you be able to help me? my old url is

    chevy cheyenne 11/20/13 2:57PM
  • I am tryng to get help in deleting an account that has not been active in sometime. Don't have access to the email or password. The only thing I can provide is attached.

    Shawn Ceja (Mercs )'s profile on Myspace, the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of our fans.

    Anonymous 10/17/13 7:30AM
  • yes you cant get your myspace but go to your search engine with your name and see that not only has myspace put you there they have also added your passcodes for everything..herrendous..mortifing and scary as HELL.and all because they forgot to pay there bill for the drop down memory....i think its now a nigerian scam...AND NO MATTER WHAT WAY YOU TRY YOU CANT GET THROUGH TO MYSPACE

    a 10/15/13 9:15AM
  • I can't remember my user name or password..I can give u all my other tiffany dawn hill lice in cyshing oklahoma I moved to florida I'm 22yrs old.. I realy need help,if u xan help me or not my email is . thank you

    baby gurl 10/11/13 11:20PM
  • Its been about 3 years a little more since I logged into my account. I can't reset my password because the email I orginally signed up with is not a real email. Please help me. All I'm trying to do is getting my daughters baby pictures from my profile.

    Anonymous 10/11/13 4:34PM
  • Awful. Tried to send an email, but never received a reply. Only way to contact is through cancellation form, but there is no way to enter customized comments. Useless company.

    Anonymous 10/11/13 5:13AM
  • Where is my music ? My original recordings from 2 of my Cd's? I just recently created an entire websight with a link to myspace where all my music and professinal pictures from my Cd covers and live performances, now that I'm sending venues and agents to the site, there is no longer music samples for them to hear. I donot understand what has taken place or why my songs about 10 of them are gone, but sombody needs to tell me!!!! signed DETRESSED .

    Pantheah Hawes 10/8/13 12:08PM
  • I deleted my myspace account years ago and still my old photos come up on google searches. It is impacting my professional life and I want them taken down. How can this be down? No one responds when I email the support team at myspace.

    selina 10/3/13 10:09PM
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    Anonymous 4/26/11 10:25AM
  • Anytime I have ever had a problem while using myspace, I just sent them an email at [email protected] with a brief description of the problem, what I had already tried, my URL and what I want them to do. Every time I get a good response. One seemed like a canned response but the one after was clearly typed by an actual person.

    el segundo 4/15/10 7:19PM
  • I had someone posting my kids pictures on their account. They are of no relation to me or my children. I contacted MySpace and got an actual reply from a real person, they signed their name at the end and everything. I wrote them and they deleted the pictures no problem. I was so thankful (and relieved) that they were able to help me. I once had trouble logging in to my account but the error went away on its own. Never had any other trouble. The way I contacted them was sending an email to [email protected] if that helps anyone.

    anyonymous 4/9/10 5:04PM
  • Just ask for a real person to write back. That's what I did after the first canned response. I clearly wrote a paragraph telling them all the stuff I tried, someone will read it and actually answer you. You just have to give them all the information. Never had a problem tho

    El Segundo 4/1/10 7:02PM
  • MySpace is really cool. I had an imposter profile where someone was using my picture to make a profile. I emailed them, they had me take a picture of myself and send it in. Then they deleted the bad account. It only took a few hours.
    You should check out the Karaoke. It's new and fun...its free 10x's

    Anonymous 1/27/10 12:33AM
  • When you all email them about forgetting a email/password or want to delete an account go ahead and attach a salute to it. If you don't know what a salute is Myspace explains it in the help section. I sent in a salute with the 2 profile URL's I wanted deleted and they were deleted in less then 24 hours. Good luck!

    bethnh09 8/30/09 1:39PM
  • wow thank you so much for the number! I called and talked to customer support and they took me off of the do not mail list! I can finally log into myspace after a week! calling them is so much easier and more helpful than emailing them! :)

    someone 7/31/09 3:14PM
  • Thanks for phone number! My 14 year old daughter and I just set up her MySpace and for some, when her profile came up after we'd entered everything, it showed her age as 18! It wouldn't allow us to change her age to 14. So I called this number, pressed 4 and a very nice gentlemen said that he was changing her age as we spoke. Hopefully it will fix it. He said that once you enter an age into MySpace, that it will not allow you to go back in and change it.

    Anonymous 7/29/09 9:27AM
  • I think MySpace's email customer service is okay. They just seem to be picky about things, which I understand because they don't want to give your account info away to just anybody. They wanna make sure it's really you, and I don't mind that at all.

    It's really easy to get things done though, if you do things right. When I couldn't log into my profile and couldn't get the PW since my email was fake, i had to send one of those pictures of with my Friend ID on it. Even though i had to sent a view, in my experience, it seems that they like the salutes when it's a full body picture, because they never took any of my webcam pics. I guess they wanted to see all of me lol.

    Anyway, I think they're doing a pretty decent job. Considering they get tens of thousands of emails per day, they're really not doing that bad.

    ElSegundo 4/10/09 10:10PM
  • beanerbop, i am a week in waiting. call the customer service number up there and choose option 4. he was really nice with me. you have to take a pic of yourself with the friend id, go to 1. search friends, 2. put your email that is assoicated with the account, and copy the numbers in the last string of myspace/yourname/numbers. take a picture of yourself, (its better to get someone to focus in on your face and number) and sent it to [email protected] But the customer support number will be there if you need it. Traci

    Anonymous 4/10/09 12:21PM
  • This phone number works. You have to be patient and follow the rules. The rules can suck, but they are there to protect us.

    Thanx Myspace Customer Service.

    Oompathegr8 3/27/09 5:58PM
  • I called the number listed and option 4. Worked like a champ!! Thank you for listing it!

    imadadd 2/13/09 3:38PM
  • I just called the number - 310-969-7400, x 4, and i spoke to someone. They are really nice. Great customer service.

    I have had problems with myspace profile. I messaged them a couple times. I didn't get any response, so i looked around for their number and that is how i came about the phone number on this page. Thanks to whoever put this number up.

    I don't understand why people are talking about class action suit. It is ridiculous.

    lightsmith 2/6/09 1:55PM

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