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Nero customer service is ranked #703 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 15.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 38 ratings. This score rates Nero customer service and customer support as Terrible.


38 Negative Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 38 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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  • I tried to cancel my online order for Nero 14 Platinum the absolute minute I read the order confirmation I received from Nero. The reason I wanted to cancel was because the details of the order confirmation did not match what I ordered. Not only did Nero refuse me, they refused to even listen to my reason for wanting to cancel. They never even attempted to rectify the problem, either. Even worse, they did it so very rudely. I am suffering from a major case of buyer remorse! Note to self: never, ever buy Nero again!

    Moon 7/20/14 5:39PM
  • i'm trying to talk to someone about my order i've been charged and it's not what i've been able to use

    david 7/11/14 8:46AM
  • it's a damn shamed you pay cash money for products and service from nero and neither work out to be a solid investment. one day i woke up and all my files and folders disappeared and nothing worked anymore...there is no direct way to get either help or your money use to be a decent program but as they climb further into mobile emphasis i have become a very dissatisfied customer...i've been burned instead of my cd's and such...will have to move on to adobe if i can not get some resolution to my problems...i've been burned...what ever happened to customer concern...

    ghasem batamuntu 2/21/14 3:06AM
  • my advice stay away from nero,once they have sold you a product,no support, i have purchased cyberlink its head and shoulders above nero and the DLNA server is brilliant,nero media home never worked,people that make garbage treat there customers like garbage. regards Rogee.

    rogee 1/29/14 4:45AM
  • Four times I tried to get technical support from Nero. The first time they answered, surprisingly on Christmas eve, quite quickly, asking me to send data which I did. I haven't heard from them since.

    Anonymous 1/2/14 2:47AM
  • Since last August, I bought NERO 12 Platinum and I did not use it on my laptop - impossible to download correctly after entering my serial number it tells me that my server would be a pxoxy problem. I think it may be better to take a system with disk have? All this is a shame because I would have been a loyal customer wanting to synchronize the maximum activity with NERO solution? Thank you Gerard cremazy

    gerard cremazy 12/2/13 9:36AM
  • Have been trying to get another Activation # since I cannot find the original for my version of NERO 10. I cannot speak with anyone and have been half way round the world trying to get one. The non $$ num for customer ser must be in the North Pole. It just rings

    infuria 10/11/13 9:50AM
  • Nero 10, I purchased from PC world 6 months or so ago. and have had nothing but heartache trying to use this programme. I'll never purchase NERO ever again!

    living a NERO HELL 8/20/13 9:20AM
  • just bought nero 12 for my windows 8 computer and it will not run. need help. serial number

    nandr 7/23/13 12:50PM
  • I bought a brand new Nero 12 Platinum Multimedia Suite. First I could not even get my computer to recognize the disk (even though other disks all work fine), and then when it finally read it, it says it is a BLANK DISK!!! All that money for a blank disk and now when you call the customer service number you get a constant busy signal. I had Nero 6 years ago and it was great, Nero is just not the same!!!

    rainbowbrite 6/18/13 10:07AM
  • It is almost impossible to reach someone at this number. No matter how many times we have called it always rings busy!!!

    rainbowbrite 6/18/13 10:00AM
  • PLEASE do not purchase a Nero product if you expect even reasonable customer service.

    I purchased Nero 12.5 Platinum - Downloadable Version in June 2013 and am filing a complaint with VISA.

    Karl 6/13/13 1:50PM
  • I called tech support yesterday and was on the phone with agent for approx. 3 mins and now there is a $71.00 charge to my account!

    I'm so peeved I can't see straight. That was money I needed to buy food since I'm unemployed every cent makes a HUGE difference.

    Now I'm calling customer service and the line is busy.

    I better get my money back tomorrow or heads are going to roll!

    Carolyn 6/5/13 7:26PM
  • I have been going back and forth without any resolution for almost TWO MONTHS with NERO about my NERO 10 version problems. They keep on sending the same email on how to fix it (which it doesn't) and I never get any answers to the questions I ask of them. They won't give me any managers name so I can contact them either.
    Would someone please offer some help?

    mjricci 3/24/13 2:08PM
  • Iam so sorry that I had to pay good money for this program I am so upset with this completely hopeless program and it wont burn a DVD [ when you try and get help you people are nowhere, hopeless I want my money back and if I could have used bad Language I would have, not happy at all.

    harrytape 3/10/13 1:31AM
  • I purchase nero-11 platitium and realized i already brought that version and call nero curstomer service to cancel it and they keep giving me the run around to get my money back,Nero make no sense to be conning people oout of there hard earn money.what's so hard about being honest with your customers!

    Anonymous 9/7/12 12:10PM
  • The boxed version did not install on a new windows machine. When I called no apology or explanation. Somewhat helpful as told to download the trial version which I am in the process of doing. No apology, explanation about the problem and guy told me that they do not stay on the phone for a minute while I see if I can uninstall the one component that did install (something to do with backup files)

    neronadda 8/28/12 6:27AM
  • I tried to download Nero 11 Platinum twice and each time the downlaod failed. Each downlaod attempt took about three hours and at the end I received a message that the data had either been moved or deleted. Get this though, they charged my account twice for the privilege so I'm down nearly $300:00 (Australian) for a product I don't even have. I have tried to contact support to get them to refund me for at least one of the download attempts but haven't heard a thing. I'm not going to attempt another download because I know they'll charge me again. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with over the internet bar none. I would warn everyone to stay away from NERO and avoid them like the plague. They take your money and run like scalded cats. I'm looking at some legal means at the moment to make them refund my money.

    stillworking 5/17/12 8:38PM
  • The Worst !!!! Stay away - Be carful when backing up to your new harddrive. Bait and switch. don't use their "free" software. They lock your files until you pay. No warning whatsoever

    chank 2/9/12 9:00PM
  • I purchased Nero Video Premium HD. I t worked great until I had to reinstall my OS. Once I did that and reinstalled Nero Vision I was told my patent activation failed. There live chat support is ALWAYS offline when I tried to contact them. So I had to fill out that BS email complaint sheet. Here its been days and I;m still waiting for a response! So I'm sitting here with a product I spent my hard earned money on that I can't even F-Ing use! To make it even worse its $1.29 a minute for phone support! Realy? I have to pay for tech support on a product that I purchased? Really? Garbage!!

    Afcpats 1/25/12 8:12PM
  • I can't find anyway to complian or get intouch even by email as it brings up a form that is not relvant to my situation. When I tried theonline chat as I was typing my question (on more than 1 occasion) it disconnected me.
    Not very good potential customer service.

    Eltoyn 1/23/12 8:58AM
  • I upgraded a video component and received my link via email to download the upgrade. As soon as I tried to log in I received an error stating that my account had been "disabled"! WTF!!! I JUST PAID! Finding any type of contact information was a 40 minute process. All avenues lead to the SAME BS email submission form located in GERMANY! This company absolutely SUCKS. Avoid them like the plague! Save you money and a LOT of frustration and go with ANYONE ELSE!

    kmoomoo1 12/25/11 9:05PM
  • Upgrading with Nero is like being forced to buy a new car when all you want is new tyres.
    Going the upgrade route from v8 to v11 is a no-can-do for Win-XP 64-bit even tho they explicitly say: on 64-bit systems it will run in 32-bit compatibility mode - Nope!
    Win32 is OK - but not Win64 - but it will work if you install v11 on Vista or 7 in 64-bit, go figure!
    I refuse to have to buy a new OS when mine works fine just to accommodate their non-backwards compatibility stupidity; some works, some doesn't. There is no consistency with this out of touch company.
    No refund!

    chokyi 12/2/11 8:10PM
  • Be very wary of this company and its business practices.

    They mailshotted me selling an upgrade from Nero 10 to Nero 11 with all the benefits of the new model. I was NOT offered a fre trial, but I did upgrade, having done so in the past.

    The contract was quite clear. In capital letters, I was told I could cancel within 14 days without giving a reason.

    In fact I cancelled after my first use of the product. First, the preview panel does not work and, secondly, is 2 to 3 times slower at burning DVDs.

    Nero has refused a refund and MasterCard have, so far, ben unable to help. Sure it does state quite clearly about cancellations, but nowhere in the T&Cs does it offer refunds.

    Their technical, legal and customer services departments are the pits.

    ztivark 11/21/11 5:19AM
  • Purchased the newest version of Nero. I tried to install it. I was unable to install. I requested a refund. I was told they only refund if there is a bug or a tech problem. I thought being unable to install is a tech problem. Still my request for a refund was denied. I have been a customer for several versions of this program. I might have purchased another version before being denied this refund. I tried to use my logon and found it was cancelled. This was after being told they would help with the install. I will never purchase from Nero again! I suggest everyone tell anyone who will listen that Nero is not Customer Friendly!

    MikeSA 10/7/11 1:02PM

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