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Nikon customer service is ranked #353 out of the 710 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 283 ratings. This score rates Nikon customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


262 Negative Comments out of 283 Total Comments is 92.58%.


21 Positive Comments out of 283 Total Comments is 7.42%.

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  • Had a very unpleasant experience purchasing from the Nikon store the other day...placed an order for a d610, only to get an email the next day that my order was cancelled. Apparently, they are out of, don't you think its a good idea to update your customers that an item is out of stock before they decide to drop a grand on your camera? Disappointing. The email did not even say why my order was actually cancelled!! So I had to call to figure out what was going on...the customer support was unpleasant, to both my husband and I (who had to call again later)...its is unfortunate that a company who's products I support does not put effort towards providing their customers better service. They should have a survey of some sort, or something, where I can actually voice this to them...not on a separate website. Despicable.

    Anonymous 4/18/14 3:28PM
  • They trashed an d7100 new and an nikon 17-55 2.8 and refuse to even repair them...whorst service ever.

    asoka 4/17/14 7:33AM
  • This is my first and last experience with Nikon. I am very displeased and unimpressed by the lack of customer service given towards a warranty service to a known manufacturer problem.
    I purchased a Cool Pix AW110 which shutdown in the 1st three months and used only 4 times.
    Did not use any of the special features, nor give a water test or shock resistance test...
    but when it came to repair it, Nikon tried to suggest it was out of warranty even when Costco management assured them it was not...
    end product was this email to Nikon...

    Well Ernesto,

    Why bother say "Best Regards" when it is clear you do not have my best regards or best interest in mind at all! In my profession, I have never witnessed such blatant disregard for the customer's simple request. In my professional opinion, you are the WORST customer service manager I have ever communicated with. Your myopic tunnel vision and your text book customer service warranty script does not serve well to acknowledge the customer's complaint or needs.
    I do intend to take this further to your superiors and let them know that you have solidified my decision to never purchase another Nikon product again! On the Nikon survey and any place where public opinion is requested about Nikon products, I will be sharing my horrendous experience in trying to simply get WARRANTY service performed on a KNOWN MANUFACTURER DEFECT!
    And I will be sure to suggest both YOU and Devon be sent back for customer service training as I was told that you also would not negotiate with the manager of Costco as well who prepared to give you the information needed!
    So, instead of listening to your gibberish and road blocks, please send my useless AW110 camera back to me ASAP! Now poorer but wiser!
    And this will be the last transaction ever with Nikon!
    Thank you for the worst customer service ever!

    upset customer 4/11/14 4:00PM
  • it's been a month i have not received my nikon d5200 the problem was that it did not displayed the photos it was just the matter of updateding the firmwware while for 2-3 weeks they did not even had look over my camera i had to call them daily after that he said i need to change the motherboard and it took him more 2 weeks just for replacing
    i made a big mistake by buying next its surely canon gear im going to
    guys please don't buy nikon i will give them -5 stars
    poor nikon

    akspreet 4/7/14 8:07AM
  • Horrible experience, actually i made a big mistake by purchasing Nikon. Service centre is hopeless,for just a small issue they are saying that they need to remove complete motherboard.During warrantee period they asking for charges. Request mail sent to nindsupport id, they are also of no use.
    One thing is clear they will never owner their warantee committment.

    avni 4/3/14 10:49PM
  • Worst customer service ever. They don't say what they do and they don't do what they say. I went to LA Nikon service and customer service is so bad and rude. They kept my lens over one month knowing that they cannot repair it because I bought it from another country. Initial consultation I told that I bought this from another country and I don't have any receipt. After 6 weeks LA Nikon did not even bother to contact us and letting us know that they cannot repair it.

    Anonymous 3/20/14 10:02AM
  • I purchased the D3200 on black friday as a Christmas gift. After reviewing my pictures after the first day of use on Christmas I noticed a spot on all images. Since I had two lenses I went to switch to the other lense and the mirror fell right out of the camera. Since it was past the 30 day store warranty I had to send in for service. The first service order I received said this was covered under warranty, 2 weeks later I received a revised estimate for $375. I called to see why I'm being charged since it is brand new and still under warranty. The horribly rude customer service girl told me that I damaged the camera and if I want it fixed I need to pay it or else they will just send it back to me broken. I asked to speak with a supervisor or a technical person so I could understand how I could have damaged the camera, my request was denied. She just kept repeating that I "Damaged" the camera, she finally said that she would request a re-review, but she lied, when I went on the Nikon website to review the repair status the notes say that I called just to get the status. I am terribly disappointed in Nikon, this is my first expensive camera and I can not afford to get it fixed, I saved up just to afford the camera. The purpose of this camera was to take pictures of my children playing their sports, since I have been with out this camera for 2 months I purchased a pocket sized Cannon and I am so happy with it. I will never by Nikon again and I will definately be posting this horrible experience on every website that I can. Since this incident I have spoken with several people and I don't believe they will be purchasing Nikon either. STAY AWAY FROM NIKON, the warranty means nothing.

    dtira 3/10/14 5:36AM
  • Terrible. Refuse to allow me to handle the problem with my Coolpix S9500 because my kind camera shop initiated the repair. Will not honor the warranty as they decided the cause was something that was impossible (a tiny dent) as I used the camera for months after that accident. Does not appear to matter that I registered the camera and am the owner.

    keyskatie 2/14/14 12:23PM
  • Nikon is charging me 160.00 for bad pins that where a problem from day one(I put up with it just thinking that was par for a 399. camera until it finally quite all together). The part is the USB connector. They will not replace it under warranty after on a year and a few months. Customer service was terrible as well.
    Should have bought the Canon.

    Anonymous 2/10/14 3:55PM
  • Nikon does not honor their warranty. I dont know how they get by with this but they advertise and we have a certificate saying they have a no fault policy with their binoculars.even if it is your fault they will fix them for ten dollars. nope what they do is keep your binoculars and try to sell you another pair.

    merd 2/7/14 11:27AM
  • P530... It's sucks. This week I brought Nikon P520. The camera is good with so many features but After taking photos, if I press Playback button to look my pics and now if I want take more pics, so if I press shutter-release button or Playback button, i can't take anymore photo.....I have to shutdown d camera n have to on it again....that's very bad. I'm not happy vd it. I'm working on cruises ship, we r not going anymore San Diego, California ( from where I brought ). I don't know what to do...Is there any solution ?

    Bajrang Jat 1/31/14 12:54PM
  • "Unprofessional And Laissez Faire"
    I Bought A New Nikon Camera Which I saved Up For Quite Awhile. I Used The Camera For 11 Months And It Developed A Problem, With A 1 Year Warranty. Before The Year Was Up, I Sent It In To Customer Service As Instructed.

    1. I Contacted U, By Email And By Phone. Send The Camera Along With The Warranty And Purchase Receipt. Which I Did.
    Carefully Wrapped And Insured .
    2. You Sent The Camera Back . With The Paperwork.the Camera Was Rattling Around In The Package !

    Very Unprofessional! No Wrapping Unsecured In The Box.

    3. Requesting Paperwork That I Sent And Customer Service Wrote On The ????.

    4. I Called Again . Now The Camera Has A Dent In It ,from Your Poor Customer Service! You Called Me For 3 Months Requesting The Warranty And Paperwork. Which You Had All Of The Time. When Calling Each Time You Verified Having The Paperwork.

    Then Called Back 3 Days Later Requesting The Warranty And Receipt Again!

    Then "finally" You Responded Saying It Was Out Of Warranty.

    5. I,m Now Shopping For A New Camera.

    6. I,m Sending The Camera Back To You The Right Thing To Do Would Be Replace It Especially Since It Was Sent Back With No Care Or Attention To Wrapping Or Protection. Enclosed With A Detailed Description Along With A Time Line Of Events.

    superdave008 1/28/14 4:34PM
  • I bought a model Coolpix 810 13 months ago. It quit working several days ago. Nikon said it would be a minimum of 100dollars to repair. I took it to a camera shop for repair today. He laughed and pointed the Made in China tag on back. He said they are not worth repairing and that if I paid for the repair it would quit very soon again. His advice, " Throw it away and never buy Nikon again." I'm taking his advise. Expensive Chinese Junk

    Chuck 12/9/13 6:01PM
  • The service sucks, the People who deal with are really rude and the cost they apply for fixing is equal to buying a new camera or lens

    Ravi 11/25/13 4:40PM
  • Almost a year ago purchased the d7000, and within 10 days got a survey about the camera. Since it was in middle of holidays, I had not taken more than a few
    pictures. I just read all reviews on it and my comments are I use my cell more than the camera if I want to depend on getting pictures. This is my 4 th N., I am an amature and am going to switch back to Cannon. I am taking pics that don't record, the off/on ackward, not as simple
    when a pic appears, is a two handed affair to turn on compared to clicking on/off of canon in one second. I took this last year to my annual months and useded coolpix Nikon for quicker camera to start, or cell. Think I only took a few hundred pics, and used other cameras for dependability. I'm sorry I gave away my canon, still have old nikons but frustration of nikon has lost its luster. Suggest the survey come out after a few months, so I had honest feed back. Have this week resumed with it and 4 pics did not record. Back to cell and coolpix.

    Anonymous 11/15/13 9:58AM
  • Nikon does not back their products and does not care about customer retention. I have been an avid Nikon customer for years and have several thousand dollars worth of Nikon equipment. I sent in my Nikon D800 for warranty repair due to focus problems and the color of the monitor on the rear of the camera. Both are issues that are well documented. Nikon has a fix for both problems. My camera is out of warranty, but in my mind since these are known issues, I believe it should be repaired at no cost to me. Nikon refuses. The CSR spoke to her supervisor who said it was beyond warranty and it would cost me $240 to repair. Now I am just another unhappy customer with Nikon. Once the camera is fixed and I get it back, it is going on a popular auction site to be sold. Looks like I am going to become a Canon customer like so many other people. Sorry Nikon, but this is it for me. Thanks for nothing.

    tiekeka 10/30/13 8:40AM
  • I am 80 yrs old and finally decided to get a new camera, got the Coolpix and it is now in for repairs for the second time since July of this yr. I only use it in the house but I did take it to a once in a lifetime event to volunteer for the WOUNDED WARRIORS and it did not work so I missed a very imnportant event of pictures. I never abused it. I would never tell anyone to buy one of these. I am sick over this as being on a fixed income I had to really think hard about my purchase and to have it be so inferior is really disappointing.I wrote to Nikon no response.

    babumjane 10/30/13 5:20AM
  • Utterly disgusted with NIKON
    Bought a nikon coolpix s610c approx 2 years ago based on the idea that you could take your snaps plug in the charger and the camera would upload the photos to my picturetown
    then i woke up one day and NIKON had just on a whim decided to cancel the my picturetown service rendering the camera useless and pretty much said stuff you all
    this has to be the worst customer service in history
    you buy a camera and without a thought they cancell the features you bought it for
    Could you imagine if you spent a lot of money on a camera and they done this


    you never know when they might change their mind and reduce the features after you have paid for it
    No reply to my complaints to nikon customer service
    No option to return camera for a refund
    Useless utterly

    jd 10/15/13 12:03PM
  • I have a lot of Nikon equipment but have recently had a problem which is well documented as a flaw in Nikon SB900 flash. It overheats and I've been able to live with that because I have other flashes. Now the pin on the hot shoe in the SB900 flash will not retract by moving the switch on the flash which allows the removal of the flash from the camera body. I sent it to Nikon through the shop where I purchased the camera and received a response that Nikon wanted $295.00 simply to remove the flash from the camera. This is a documented flaw in manufacturing. Typically Nikon finds a way to blame to consumer. The once great Nikon of the late 60's and 70's is no more. I have read many stories like this but until you experience the horrible product support from Nikon you will never know. They will lie to you.

    Johno 10/5/13 12:42PM
  • I have a nikon coolpix s4100 camera its brand new but i had a problem beacuse the battery will not charge , do you have a quality control in yuor company its seem this kind of problem was the most ask question of your customer. Why

    Soy 9/30/13 8:30PM
  • I Sent A Nikon Cross Bow Scope That Was Damaged Back To Be Repaired To Los Angeles Ca. To Be Repaired Priority2 Day Mail Three Days Later I Got A Letter Saying They Would Repair Under Warrant I Wated A Month No Reply I Called 9/24/13 And They Said They Would Take Care Of It And Call Me Back They Didnt I Called 5 More Times And Got The Same Lies They Never Intended To Repair It To Start With No More Nikon Products For Me Ever James E Smith

    CHAMPION 9/26/13 6:33PM
  • I own a Nikon D800 and have had to send it in twice while under the warranty. The first time it took 5 weeks to get a port "reconnected" and the second time, another 5 weeks. I called in 6 times and spoke with 6 people in regards to my problems (including a manager)... A dead battery indicator which they claimed was liquid damage (this is mind boggling in itself as I'm an indoor portrait shooter). Each time I called the customer service rep would put me on hold for several minuets, come back and tell me they had not heard back from the repair center and then promise me a call back within 48 hours. Not once was I EVER called back. Also, when speaking to a manager I asked what her name was so that I would be able to call back and talk to her specifically. Apparently, they do not give out their names, nor do they answer to any one else (I asked who her boss was to take it even higher). This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a customer service center. Fortunately, this will be the last time I deal with Nikon as I will NEVER buy another Nikon product from them again.

    Nikon is a let down 9/16/13 3:01PM
  • 24-7 not.

    but then it was you who stated 24-7, not nikon.

    Anonymous 9/15/13 10:05AM
  • I recently sent my two 5000ED and 9000ED film scanners for repair in Hong Kong. Both scanners still function mechandically good but scannings come out not bright enough. Reqested their checking and if required, change bulbs for both. Their service department manager Roy Chan was inexperienced and rude. Told me no more light bulbs replacement possible for 5000ED BUT 9000ED, as no more bulbs manufactured. Asked them why as I could understand there was supply for one scanner but not for the other, besides bulbs are components they would purchase from source. I was told straight-forwardly, word for word "No argument! We Nikon say no means no. You want the service done or not!" Asked them to e-mail quotation for the service. Came back with price including servicing and price for changing light bulb for both scanners. E-mailed them back to confirm changing bulb for the 5000ED presuming they might find a last bulb. A day later, wondering whether the bulbs are continuing supplied item, e-mailed them to re-cofirm whether it was true, so I can plan future service for the bulbs. Nikon staff came back confirmed truly light bulbs supply was continuing. I then asked possibility at this job status whether it could now possible not changing the bulb as the story now was different. Told the staff, although I did confirm bulb change but because their manager told me bulbs discontinued. Staff switched me to the same Service Manager. I asked the manager, not strongly request, see whether it was now possible not to change bulb for 5000ED, because he told me different bulb story. He strictly denied he had told me bulbs were unavailable. He told me the scanner had already cleaned and serviced with bulb changed. I reminded him he told me no argument for the bulb, sounded like Nikon King in the previous conversation. I suggested him to listen back to their phone recording of previous conversation, and I told him I wanted to report this to his immediate department or a service complaint deppartment. He said" hea...hea..hea hea, we have only one department head here, which is me!" He hung up on me. I was amazed to understand such a nice big company like Nikon would employ such a department head. Maybe that is the way being so successful till now. I was not here to critized their repair service quality yet as I e-mailed them back told them it was up to them to decide what to do with my scanners but just confirm back to me. No e-mail back till today, exactly one week!

    PHK 9/2/13 10:10PM
  • I am currently in the process of trying to get a refund on my Nikon D3200. I bought this item in April 2013. by June 2013 the autofocus stopped working. Even manual pictures were very blurry and unclear. I called Nikon and was told that I would need to send in my item to be repaired. Since I had only had the camera for three months, I was still covered by insurance. The first thing about this experience I disliked, was the simple fact that I had to come out of my own pocket to ship in my item, had to pay for packaging and pay for shipping via UPS myself. Which I thought was honestly ridiculous, I had only had the camera three months I didn't see why I should have to be the one to pay for a faulty product of Nikon to be repaired in the first place. When I contacted customer service about my concern The representative simply stated that he would be unable to provide me with shipping labels and I would indeed be required to ship and take care of everything myself. Ok- so at the point I was like ok I'll give in paying $30 bucks to ship definitely beats having to pay for a repair. Which I wouldn't be required to do since once again I am covered under warranty. So, I shipped the item in, took a whole month to receive me camera back. When I received the camera not only did it have the same focus issue, but they also broke my diopter dial. which was working fine when I sent it in. I immediately contacted Nikon to inform them. There only response was to send it back in once again, and that they would send me shipping labels, which may I add they never sent. I waited 3 weeks before I called again, I was trying to give them time because the representative said it could take awhile for labels to be processed, and by "awhile" I was not quite sure what he meant. By this time I am really fed up. I call again and explain how I refuse to send it in for repair, and would like a complete replacement, and that if a replacement is not available I would like a refund. Why should I send it in for repair when they obviously were unable to fix it the first time, and not only that but broke something else in the process of doing it? I could go on and on, but I will just get to the point, in my honest opinion Nikon has the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. The reps honestly have no clue what they are even talking about. I had one rep that didn't even know what a diopter dial was. Another that was telling me I would have to return it to best buy for a return, since that is where I bought it from (which is completely untrue, after 14 days of date of purchase that needs to be dealt with manufacturer). In reality I do not expect them to CARE about the problems I am going through and having with their product. I do not expect them to CARE, I do however expect them to fix this issue and not give me the run around every time I call. I am at the point where I do not even want the camera, I wish I never even became a customer of Nikon to begin with. I sent a full letter along with the camera and everything that came with it requesting a refund. We shall see what happens. Plain and simple I would never EVER recommend Nikon to anyone. Sometimes things stop working, things break you will have to at one point or another have to deal with them if you have a Nikon for whatever reason. Because, if you are covered under warranty, I find is when they give the runaround. . Just- take my advice, Don't do it to yourself. Stay away from Nikon products!

    Jaytoni 8/20/13 7:39PM
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  • Breakdown Coolpix S31.
    Lost my invoice, purchased in South America, warranty normally not in Europe....

    Nikon did replace S31 anyway....


    Erik 1/11/14 4:42AM
  • Thank you guys so much for your prompt service on replacing my scope caps, free of charge, for my monarch scope. I have several nikon articles, rifle scopes thru cameras and love them all. My camera took quiet a beating in Viet Nam, in stride, and kept on working. I love your gear and will always purchase them.

    Joe Wilkerson

    Joe 11/9/13 11:45AM
  • I called on a Thursday morning. A customer service rep answered the phone right away. No wait. Didn't have to press a lot of numbers before being connected to a live person.
    Customer service rep was knowledgably and friendly.
    Over all good service!

    Sofia 6/13/13 6:33AM
  • I wrote a review and comment yesterday 6/3/13 regarding Nikon camera warranty problems and customer service. By coincidence when I returned to the office from a trip yesterday, the camera was indeed returned and finally repaired despite all their internal communication problems and the significant delay. Their problem is poor communication and lack of timely feedback, but the overall comments yesterday are not actually relevant now since Nikon did in fact finally honor their repair warranty. Thus, please delete and remove my comments posted June 3, 2013. Please confirm same by reply email. Thank you.

    Anonymous 6/5/13 12:14AM
  • Took my Nikon D300S for checkup and a missing Battery-grip cover. Nikon provided the cover free of charge. Checked the camera, found everything in order. Camera was returned after five days with no charge.

    Malangbaba 1/19/13 2:10PM
  • My Nikon D700 shutter unit developed problems almost a year ago and was sent back to Nikon UK for repair via the retailer. Unfortunately the camera was out of warranty and cost me £670.OO to get it repaired. They did carry out some other work within this cost, including a clean.

    In August this year the shutter started playing up again, and gradually deteriorated to the point where it became unusable.

    I decided to bypass the retailer and contact Nikon UK direct via a form on their website. I was amazed at how quick they responded by email and to date I have received nothing but politeness and useful guidance. Regrettably, the shutter replacement carried out in January 2012 is out of repair warranty, but I was advised to send the camera in for investigation and that I could do this for free by completing a form on their website.

    The camera was posted to them on Wednesday via Parcelforce, and today I have received emails from them to inform me that the camera has arrived and providing me with information on how to track what is happening regarding the repair.

    At this point in time (2 Nov 2012)I cannot fault Nikon on their communication. It remains to be seen what happens from hereon yet it felt important to give them a thumbs up so far (especially to Lauren who has responded to all my emails at lightning speed).

    Fernackerpan 11/2/12 9:29AM
  • I'm going to break the chain! This story has a HAPPY ENDING. I had trouble with a Coolpix 8100 and called Nikon. The tech had me try several things and then decided the camera should be sent in for repair so I shipped it off. It was received July 3 and there it sat. Whenever I checked, it was waiting for parts. I had an important vacation coming up and got nervous and called Nikon. They were courteous but told me that it was on hold for parts. Finally, within days of having to leave, I made several more calls and finally asked to talk to a supervisor. Edgar listened to my plea for help and said he'd do what he could to resolve the issue. I was delighted that a camera was shipped to me UPS Overnight and I received it the next day. Tomorrow I leave on vacation. Perfect timing. Thank you, Edgar, for making this possible.

    Anonymous 8/4/12 10:20AM
  • Everytime I have called Nikkon for information, I have received a rapid and correct reply. I think their support team of the DSL series is sensational. I would buy the cameras for the technical service intelligence as much as the quality of the product

    LTL 6/21/12 6:07AM
  • Thank you Erik (born in Conneticut) at Nikon in Dominican Repulic. You think outside the box - you helped me even though it had nothing to do with my wonderful Nikon CoolPix 500 (2). I appreciate you and your company. TY TY TY
    Connie Buchal from Minnesota!

    Connie 6/7/12 3:30PM
  • I usually don't post comments, but figured I would give Nikon the recognition it deserves for this one. I was taking pictures with my D3100 DSLR and after reviewing the picture there were spaces on it that were flashing like a shadow. I very quickly explained just that and the customer service rep, Jose, told me what to do and it took care of my issue. So grateful for his expertise. Thanks Nikon! It was the highlight setting that had been changed.

    woodard6 6/4/12 6:47PM
  • I have had Nikon Monarch Bionculars for 14 years. Whenever I have sent them back for repairs they have gone above and beyond and either repaired or replaced them with a comparable product at no charge to me. I would highly recommend this product as customer service is excellent. Tanner Griggs

    Tanner 6/4/12 5:45PM
  • I was given a Nikon 5100 as a birthday gift. In reviewing the manual, I came across instructions that were not clear. I called Nikon support. Customer service responded at the first ring. The representative was pleasant, informative and patient. My issue was resolved within minutes. Nikon, thank you!!!

    Anonymous 5/6/12 2:51PM
  • I just bought the Nikon p500 Dec 2011 and March 2012 the mode selector dial malfunctioned. I sent it into Nikon for service and was very impressed on how fast they turned it around (I requested it back quickly as I needed it back for a trip in a couple weeks.) However the dial was still not working. Upset and reluctant, I sent it back in (overnighted at my expense to expedite each time.) To my surprise, another quick turn around and it was a brand new camera. No questions. I was more than satisfied with the final resolution and outcome!

    superma2 4/18/12 12:43PM
  • I can't believe the negative comments. I called for repair and was told they will pay for shipping both ways by one person and was kept to that...then wrote letter saying what is wrong with my camera, also said the I know you are a profitable, reputable company and that I know you will do everything you can to fix my camera under warrenty or I will have to buy a Kodak because they are cheaper. In 2wks. the camera was at my front door fix with no charge and no shipping charges. Cool! Thanks Nikon Coolpix! It pays to sweet talk. Happy customer.

    Happy Customer 12/8/11 8:24PM
  • Recently purchased a D7000. Had taken approx. 750 JPEGs, a number of which I had editted using the in-camera "Retouch Menu". When trying to view images after taking my latest pics, I found that at least half of the pictures could not be accessed. Recovery software was able to get most of them back, which were subsequently saved to a CD. However, contacted Customer Service to find out what was causing the problem. Was able to connect with customer service right away and spoke to Manny in the Dom. Republic who was very helpful - suggesting several things which could be causing the problem. Was very happy with the customer service.

    Anonymous 10/8/11 5:21PM
  • excellant service, received!

    jonathan davis 9/29/11 12:32PM
  • My Nikon camera pictures came back just terrible! I thought it was the store developer's fault. When I discovered it was my camera I called Nikon support help and was very pleased by my technician's advise. Not only were we on the phone for what seemed like an hour, the camera is now in perfect working order!! Thank you Gustavo, G. I hope you get a raise!!!!
    Carole Nichols

    carolenic62 4/6/11 3:43PM
  • On 4 Jan, 2011,I sent my 14 month old Nikon D-90 to Nikon for repair.Camera was rec'd at Nikon on 6 Jan. Serv Ord #5469543. On 14 Jan I was notified the repair estimate was $200.04.After talking to Customer Service,ie John, Joel, Jay,I was notified by Nikon that the repair would be handled under "Good Will" at no charge to me.I had informed Customer Service the camera had minimal use since I owned it and I requested that the repair be covered under warranty,which Nikon graciously did for me.Thank You for your understanding of my situation. Cudos to Nikon customer Service

    Bob Nelson 1/30/11 12:34PM
  • Very helpful rep. I had two questions and he answered them in a couple of minutes. Thanks!

    Anonymous 5/19/10 6:34AM
  • After 2 years of solid use of my D80 with a 80-300mm lens, I switched to a 70-200mm Nikkor lens I had bought with the camera and never put into service. From the outset, it was clearly mis-focusing and was hopelessly "soft" when manually focused. I contacted the Nikon Repair facility in El Segundo and was told that my 5-year warranty (which I had sent in at purchase) would cover any repairs. After the first repair, the problem was better, but still not right. They asked me to send the D80 body with the lens, at their expense, and took another whack at it, cleaning and adjusting the D80 at the same time for no charge. Again, better but not right. When I sent in the lens a third time, they conceded that the problem was too elusive for them to continue trying to fix, and they sent me a brand-new, updated (VRII) lens to replace it. I have been a Nikon user for more than 35 years, and now will be one for the rest of my career as a professional photographer. They were reachable by phone, completely approachable and sympathetic when contacted by email, and professional. My tip: Use their website first, and keep records of names, dates, and emails.

    racingphotog 3/24/10 1:49PM
  • My D70 stopped working after 2 years
    sent it in and they fixed it( major parts and labor) for free. I would buy again.

    Jim 9/27/09 11:39AM

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Ikelite Announces Housing for Nikon D3300
We back our products with over 50 years of experience and the most accessible and responsive customer service staff in the dive industry. This housing requires the addition of a compatible lens port for waterproof operation. Lens port not included.
Nikon promises to replace defective D600 cameras
After state broadcaster CCTV's program criticized Nikon for selling defective products and poor customer service, the firm now plans to replace defective D600 cameras within three months, said the council. Consumers can call Nikon's after-sales centers ...
Nikon, Apple, McDonald's Escape Unscathed From China Consumer Rights ...
Social media backlash following allegations about Apple's customer service discrimination in China snowballed for a couple weeks, as Apple tried to quietly resolve the issue. Increased anger on the issue from netizens finally resulted in a Chinese ...