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Nordstrom customer service is ranked #27 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 92.79 out of a possible 200 based upon 88 ratings. This score rates Nordstrom customer service and customer support as Acceptable.


69 Negative Comments out of 88 Total Comments is 78.41%.


19 Positive Comments out of 88 Total Comments is 21.59%.

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  • Just a note to make you aware that the new flooring on the 2nd floor of the Columbia Maryland store looks horrible, unfinished, and does not give the impression of Nordstrom's quality. My wife and I get a negative feeling each time we look at the floor.

    Anonymous 7/18/14 12:58PM
  • Hi Blake -

    So, what's the deal about no employee handbook to answer basic questions when dealing with customer returns, orders, etc. in an efficient an sane manner? The lack of training with new employees is painfully apparent, and not the fault of the employee. No handbook, no "cheat sheet" at the complicated register, ands lots of disgruntled customers with returns, orders, etc. and no help in sight. Don't you think that this is a big waste of time and poor customer service? What's the secrecy about in the stores (all of them) when it comes to moving the sale or return along efficiently and speedily?

    Anonymous 6/26/14 4:07PM
  • I purchased a tank top $26, from Nordstrom. It developed 2 tiny holes near the bottom front. I tried to exchange it, but I didn't save the receipt, so they said that I could not exchange it. Just be careful when buying anything at Nordstrom. It is kind of a risky thing to do. You could lose all of your money if you don't keep your receipts.

    Janey 6/11/14 11:39PM
  • This is a late complaint But it needs to be told.About a week ago!!! My family and I have been a very loyal Customer of Nordstrom for Years we drive about 45 minutes to Nordstrom at South Park mall at Charlotte NC just to feel like Home Nordstrom is like Family I feel very Happy and comfert the minute I step into Nordstrom.We spend a good amount of money every time we go to Nordstrom we just love the store and I never thought that I would have the worst Experience of my life Thanks to Jorge the sales associate at the Salon Shoes Dept. I've never been treated so poorly in my life.The sale associate gave me the worst poor Customer Services Jorge was very rude I felt like he didn't want to help me I ask him a Questions about a shoes a wanted to purchase and not one time was he was actually nice to me he was very rude and very unpleasant I drop everything I had on my Hands and Drove back 45 minutes back home crying and very up set the worst Expirences of my life I was a truley Loyal Customer and Never had this bad expirence I Refuse to go back to Nordstrom Refuse to spend another Penney on that store ever again if Nordstrom Continue to Hire The Worst and poor sale associate they will loose a great amount of Loyal Customers and Business. I will rather shop at a Different Dept. Store from Now on!!! Nordstrom has been a very good store to me until now very disappointed. Nordstrom needs to Re Hire New Sales Associates I will never go back until my complaint has been heard and action as taken place.And strore manager needs to be told about his sales associate thank you.

    loord 5/31/14 9:49PM
  • I have shopped at South Coast Plaza Nordstrom since they've opened and have never had this poor of customer service, especially from the store manager too! I had looked online and found of pair of shoes that I fell in love with, online said they had them in the store, I went to the store and was told no, we don't have them. So I went back to work and ordered them online for instore pick up, received the email shortly thereafter that my shoes were ready. I go to customer service and they bring out the shoes, well, it was the right box, totally wrong shoe inside the box. I couldn't believe that whoever pulled the order didn't check to make sure that the correct shoe was inside the box. Then the customer service girl seemed annoyed that I didn't want the shoe. They were ugly and not what I ordered. So I returned them. As she was returning the shoes, I'm listening to her co-worker on the phone talking to a customer that called in and he had no clue what products were carried in the store and when he asked her she said I don't know, I actually told him that yes, that is a cosmetic line and no you don't carry it. As CSR they should be very well versed in all of the departments products and what they store carries. So at this point, I've wasted over a half an hour of my time and gas driving back and for to the mall. So I decided to call the store manager, well, she acted like she was doing me a favor in saying she'll order the shoes for me, expedited shipping so I would have them the next day. I told her I'd think about it and that I would call her back. I called her back and decided to get the shoes. Let's just say it's been 24 hours and I still don't have my shoes!!!! I have been talking to CSR online and they have been wonderful and super helpful. The store manager at South Coast failed to put my unit number on my address, so we will see if I even get the shoes, and don't promise that I will have them the next day and fail to fulfill your promise. I still don't have any sort of tracking information for the shoes at this point! I'm super disappointed in this store. Nordies is known for their customer service and yet they have epically failed at this point. I think I'll stick to shopping at the Fashion Island store from now on!

    suzie92663 5/15/14 1:41PM
  • The Nordie's people at the "way top" are wonderful, caring and decent folks. I suspect Blake and Co. don't know really know what's going on at the lowest store (read that The Rack) level. I believe they would also be appalled at the hiring and promotion practices in these stores. From my experience as a customer for years and an employee since 2009, competence and skill are NOT prerequisites for management and moving up the corporate ladder. It's about "looking the part." Not intending to generalize but just reacting to what I have seen...if you are young, female and from a visibly ethnic group, your internal growth rate matches the speed of the space shuttle. There is unprovable discrimination toward age, non-visibly ethnic and religious minorities, over 40 Jewish man need not apply...not due to blatant discrimination but because of the ignorance and pre-conceived ideas of store and department management as well as the lack of flexibility in decision-making that separates inexperienced youth from the mature worldly vision of slightly older folks with some life experience.
    And let's not forget what a title and feeling of power can do...think Lord of the Flies! Oh, Blake, please visit your stores and talk to the them a coffee and cut to the'll be surprised how a great company can be even greater. Remember, happy employees make for happy customers who stay longer and spend more!

    ochorios 5/1/14 11:53AM
  • My wife drove 45 miles today for a second job interview with the Nordstrom Rack Store manager in Henderson, Nevada. Yesterday the store changed timing of her appointment which was no problem. She took a day off from her current job for this second interview. When she arrived at the store the manager rudely said that the position was filled. She did not have the decency to inform my wife prior to the long drive over and taking time off at our expense. Bottom line...beware of the unprofessional manager running the Henderson store.

    unhappy hubby 4/18/14 2:17PM
  • Loved to eat lunch at 6th and Pine. Great things on the menu. Went to lunch there today and was so disappointed with the new menu. All my favorites are gone. I will not be back.

    [email protected] 4/8/14 1:48PM
  • I have been a very loyal customer of Nordstrom since 1985. I live an hour north so I don't make it down here (Corte Madera Store) very often. Last year during the construction I purchased a bra and when I returned home I realized I had been given someone else's Nordstrom card by the sales associate--after a long back and forth I was issued a new card--I did not receive any compensation from Nordstrom for this.
    So this past weekend I was in the Corte Madera Store.
    During the purchase of an Eileen Fisher tunic "Mariam" who was very sweet and helpful to me mentioned to me I had a $200 Nordstrom credit. I found this hard to believe until she actually turned the computer screen towards me and there it was--"Nordstrom $200.00 credit"--and I would have 'credit left over'.
    She told me my purchase would therefore be free.
    When I got home, I checked my receipt and saw that I had been charged for the item and the other items I had purchased afterwards.
    I called and spoke with the STORE MANAGER who listened and said she did not see that I had a $200. credit--she agreed I had been given misinformation and she also noticed that I had a $40.00 Nordstrom Note on my account--I said I had just used it the day before at the San Francisco Nordstrom--she said she saw this but this was an additional note--she said she could not give me the number of the note but if I ordered something online.
    After a day I received two more calls from the STORE MANAGER and THE CREDIT DEPARTMENT saying 1) there was no $200.00 credit; but thanks for being a loyal customer and 2) there is no additional $40.00 Nordstrom Note but thanks for being a loyal customer
    I called back again and spoke to "Diane" who said she would shoot an email back to the STORE MANAGER as I feel as if I should be compensated for being given TWO pieces of misinformation by Nordstrom--she asked me what I thought would be reasonable and I said: 1) two 40.00 Nordstrom Notes (please keep in mind this past weekend I spent over $900.00 in both of the stores--and I AM a loyal customer)
    Message back from STORE MANAGER: Sorry we can't give you this--looks like you do have a $20.00 Nordstrom Note coming and thanks for being a loyal Nordstrom Customer
    I do not feel my request is unreasonable

    MA D-C 2/28/14 10:47AM
  • My 90 year old mom and I visited your store at Barton Creek Square in Austin, Texas today. We were so impressed with all of your staff in this store with their helpfulness and quality. I actually bought a pair of shoes because of Kevin Tseng's help and suggestions.
    We may not be your typical customers, but so appreciated all of your employees in this store. We visited your shoe department, your restaurant and perfumes. I know that your staffing of high quailty personal costs your store lots in our payroll department, and it shows.
    I wish you luck for the days and times going forward. Thank you so much of an exceptional day of customer service.
    Sincerely, Rebecca Hester

    dont know 2/14/14 7:59PM
  • To Whom it may concrn,

    My mother and our family have been Nordstrom customers since your
    store at Lloyd Center opened and you were Nordstrom Best. I am saddened to hear that you are closing the Vancouver Mall Store.
    There are many people who happen to be dedciated to that location especially senior who might not be able to drive to Portland to shop. I understand your financial reason to close.
    However many people will loose jobs. Shoppers will be very disappointed in your decision. I am just a customer who is expressing the feelings of many friends and family. Sincerely,
    Diana Ridabock

    Anonymous 2/11/14 9:59PM
  • I agree with the aforementioned comment. We live north of Vancouver and having a Clark County Nordstrom has truly been a pleasure - the classiest establishment at the Westfield Shopping Center - small, easy to shop.
    We are devastated to hear the news - the thought of driving all the way to Clackamas is not a very pleasant thought as downtown driving is a nightmare for me. There is now an hour of free parking in downtown, but sometimes I spend way more than an hour at Nordstrom!

    Is there any possibility of staying or opening a Rack - some connection here in Clark County?!

    ann 2/11/14 11:07AM
  • So disappointed you have announced the pending closure of the Vancouver That closure may be justified by the expense of remodeling, but the cost to our community and your customers will devastate the shopping experience in Vancouver....unless your plans are to open a Nordstrom Rack, I feel your customers will find other merchants to patronize. Maybe a second look for this store is appropriate. With traffic and distance, there will be no convenient Nordstrom for Southwest Washington. I will personally not make the Portland Beaverton Clackamas Downtown trip to " pop into Nordstrom". Sorry but it's not worth the effort. We were previous stockholders in Nordstrom stock and enjoyed watching it's success until we sold our stock to start our own family business in downtown Vancouver with 9 employees. ...5 of which are family. We are 100 percent invested in Clark County. What is good for us is good for Nordstrom....please review your customers and commitment to Clark County.

    Anonymous 2/9/14 7:06PM
  • The Lloyd Center store is underperforming due to the lack of high fashion merchandise. Lloyd Center Mall is near my home but it does not have the best choice of merchandise compared to the downtown store. I've been told many times that we don't carry that brand here - you need to go downtown.
    I am disappointed that this location is closing and it's Nordstrom's fault - your management did not understand that the eastside of Portland needs the same merchandise as downtown. There are professional/educated people here.

    Amelia 2/7/14 6:04PM
  • We thought your Corte Madera, Ca location was closed the past few years, there was construction hanging out during the day all the time. It was'nt Nordstroms, it was Grandpappy and Grandma the New York Jew from Macy's and Bloomingdales and thier human resource list and inventory but your name Nordstrom was still up. What's up with that? Can we expect that all over or only in some places or you are completely unaware of it?

    [email protected] 1/21/14 6:28PM
  • I've shopped at Nordstrom for many many years. Long enough to miss the piano music. I was delighted that a new N rack was moving in close to our

    home. A short drive to Concord CA. What a complete disappointment.

    While the store looks neat enough, the maintenance of sizes and general order is a disaster. I left the store with one purchase from the men's dept. which is ordered much better than the women's. While there are size dividers they are

    meaningless. The sales personnel on an early Saturday morning seemed more

    interested in chatting with one another than keeping order or helping.

    Though there were few people in the store there was a long line to checkout.

    The music was loud and intended for a teenage audience.

    I almost had look back when I left to be sure the sign was Nordstrom.

    Usually I carry armloads of things out of other racks like my daughter's in MD

    but frankly I just grew weary of looking for sizes that were not where they should have been. Really sad for me and you.

    Elizabeth Fisher

    Anonymous 1/12/14 2:45PM
  • the nordstrom rack in westbury long island,ny the STORE MANAGER there sucks she is bias and im a white woman and she is as well i shop their often myself and my professional african american friend same situation with our returns and she turns her down and accepts me i dont condone this..she is very rude how you have customers and we dont even know who the store manager is because she doesnt speak..i feel so bad for the employees their that ive come to,to help me shop...

    jessyt 1/3/14 12:56PM
  • I am grateful to Nordstrom for the opportunity given me. But my experience at Stonestown, San Francisco, had much to be desired. My first day on the floor was without a manager to shadow, but I did well and was asked to join the Stylist group within 4 months of hire. I did not receive the benefit of a 45 day review and my first APR was given by an individual just weeks in her management position and minutes before her transfer. Most of what I learned in orientation was specious, and I would have been better served by advice indicating that to get ahead at Nordstrom, one MUST be obsequious. Even though I was a top seller (4) I tried to transfer but was denied. What a disappointment. :(

    dtylice 12/7/13 11:48AM
  • I advise all Canadian customers to avoid online shopping at Nordstrom. Although clearly advertised on the home page, there is no free shipping to Canada. So expect to pay twenty dollars on top of duty tax. And also expect your package to arrive partially opened. Despite several emails, the company would not offer a refund despite this clearly being their mistake.

    Anonymous 12/1/13 10:18AM
  • I have been a loyal customer to Nordstrom for many many years now, of always recommended the shopping at Norstrom even if the prices were a little more expensive than other department stores he because the customer service was so wonderful however I've had two bad experiences in the last few months, twice now when I was in the store and try to order something it took much longer than was told I ordered something for my daughter children's department I was told was not not available but she can ship it to me. It took several weeks ! Then when I went into the shoe department to order shoes they got the address wrong and was sent to the wrong address it was supposed to be corrected and was sent back to the store! Norstrom definitely has gone way down hill and I will no longer recommend the store to friends and family it's really sad that Nordstrom has change so dramatically! I have spoken to several other people have told me the same thing that they've had bad experiences now with Norstrom department store. I never thought I would say how disappointed I am with Nordstrom I will be avoiding going to Nordstrom for now. I was the one that would always have on my car rather be shopping at nordstrom no longer do I feel that way!

    Iris 11/26/13 8:26PM
  • Wow, after 24 years the customer service is gone. Shoes not in stock so placed order for delivery to mothers home while visiting. Address incorrectly entered for billing, these shoes will never ship. I have been told the item shipped in e mail, not true. Spoke by phone with customer service and told item would ship today, after told they shipped Friday, not true. Spoke with CC company charge never processed when told all was fine. This is the worst service I have yet to receive at Nordstrom. Customers should not have to communicate five times for information. I could have ordered these from Zappos last Monday and had them by Thursday with free shipping. I plan to do this as soon as I can get this so called charge cancelled on Nordstrom end and will never give them a CC again. Say hello to my good friend Saks.

    SG 11/11/13 8:32PM
  • We live in Columbus Ohio, and look forward to Breakfast with Santa with our grandchildren and children. Today I was told by the management at Easton Towne Centre they will not be having the breakfast this year. It seems the management feels this is the trend for retailers. I never thought Norstrom was a "follower" company, but set the standards for other retailers. I remember a movie about Macy's Setting the Trend many years ago, not following Gimbels!
    Our family looks forward to this tradition each year and there ten of us that attend it yearly. It is one of the things we have all come to look forward to. I think retailers need to encourage family not discourage it. Cookie decorating in the children's department is just not good enough.
    I am afraid my family will be taking our business else where.

    Carolynn 11/11/13 4:05PM
  • I ordered a dress online with the pick-up option at the DT seattle store. I have been a loyal Nordstrom shopper since 1982. This latest experience was a real disappointment. I got an email that the dress was available to pick up. when I arrived at customer service on the 4th floor the gal could not locate it. I showed her the email and gave her the confirmation #. I waited 20 minutes at the counter while she went hunting for it. Finally she appeared with the dress, in tissue (no hanger). She then asked if I would like a bag: for 5 cents. REALLY? The dress costs over $250. Isn't a bag given? How about a hanger? I walked out with the dress in my patagonia bag. So much for advertizing Nordstrom on the street. I am sure the Nordstrom family would be unhappy with that result. I was. Nickel & diming is not the Nordstrom way! Or is it now?

    mpse 11/11/13 1:38PM
  • In the 1970's, Nordstrom stopped selling furs. Now they sell them because, as one customer service rep said, "Customers ask for it." I used to think free enterprise and capitalism were the keys to world peace, but I now see how companies taint themselves in the revulsion factor. Intuitively a person understands that anyone who makes money from the ghastly horror or fur farms cannot be healthy. There is a line and Nordstrom can choose, no matter what, no to besmear its good name form any reason - not with the negative energy that goes into the fur trade. Any trafficking of animals for money is dipped in practices going against nature, cruel and sadistic, but above all, the fur trade. It all grieves the heart. Nordstrom decision makers on the matter need to be required to visit a fur farm and see the atrocities and causes to break the heart first hand.

    Nordstrom - just say no, and when asked, tell the reason:It's an industry you don't want to associate your happy, HEALTHY name and rep with.

    Sana 11/7/13 7:11PM
  • How excited I was to received my in-house order of two pairs of shoes! I opened the box of Vince Camuto-Eliana Black Vintage Goat and to my surprise the shoes looked like it had been worn, I checked it over again... it didnt look like it had been worn , they had been worn!!!!!. It had a obvious toe print on the inside of the shoes, heal cushion was coming apart,the of sole the shoe showed wear,and tear coming apart. I have never been so insulted in my life.These shoes are disgusting whoever send these out should be terminated. This is not what I expect as a valued customer at Nordstroms.I ordered two pairs of shoes, I am returning the other one as well, since now I'm questioning their sevice and committment to customer service. Nordstrom you LET ME DOWN!!!

    cubana 10/31/13 8:41PM
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  • Last year ..I forgot,to comment..but we went for lunch at the bristo cafe in nordstrom naples there was a singing waiter doing a birthday song ! I thought it was wonderful!...thank you for just been different it made my family very happy...

    raul 5/27/14 6:46AM
  • I would like to compliment David, Adam and Joe -- the wonderful workers at the Nordstrom Cafe in Chicago. I accidentally left a laptop on my chair and did not realize it for about 10 minutes. I returned to the Cafe (panicked!), and they said they had already brought it to lost & found at customer service. Sure enough, it was there. I will be a loyal Nordstrom (and Nordstrom Cafe) customer for life!

    NordstromCafeNo.1fan 3/20/14 8:08PM
  • Dear Nordstrom Management,

    I would like to take a moment to convey my gratitude to you for the remarkable customer service I have been receiving from one of your employees at the "Santa Anita Mall" located at Arcadia, California.

    The employee's name is Maria and she works at the Women's Fragrance counter of this store.

    I have known Maria for quite a few years. I am really impressed with the caring and thoughtful service she provides to all customers. I usually do not have the time to shop at Nordstrom often, as I do not live close to the store.
    Over the years, Maria has made my shopping experience at Nordstrom a real pleasure by taking and charging my orders over the phone and setting it aside for me, for as long as it takes me to make a trip to the store to pick it up. She has always taken the time to keep me updated and informed of any upcoming special events, not just in fragrances but also cosmetics and any other items I may be interested in buying. She always takes the time to call me in the timely manner when a limited/economical sizes or supply of my favorite perfume/deodorant would be available during your special anniversary sales.
    Maria has given me the peace of mind that even if I do not get time to rush over to the store before the limited supply runs out, I can always call her and be sure that the item will be there for me to pick up . She has also done the research on any specific item for me on your website and would order it to arrive at my home.

    Maria is courteous, professional, caring and hardworking. She has excellent customer service skills. She has made me feel like a family member of Nordstrom with her thoughtfulness. Maria is really an asset to Nordstrom and a gift to the residents of all the communities located near this store.

    Please convey my best wishes to Maria for a continued advancement in her career. I wish her a promotion and advancement she deserves.

    Once again, Thank you for having Maria as one of your sales persons at Santa Anita Nordstrom.

    Add your comment 1/24/14 4:25PM
  • Want to send praises for Nancy at the Nordstrom Rack, Spokane Valley Mall store, Spokane WA.

    Today l2/2 she not only efficiently rang up my purchases but told me about being a level 2 customer and about an extra points day.. She is always so helpful, as a customer I go to the RACK because of her service and knowledge. Thank you for having such a wonderful employee.
    Claire Wickham

    claire 12/2/13 2:31PM
  • I would like to say “Thank you” to Julia Morozova (Cherry Creek Nordstrom, Denver CO Shoes Department) for doing an excellent job. She helped me make the right choice for myself. She is also very friendly and professional.
    I can tell that her passion is all about helping other people. She represents the company very well and makes customers feel welcome.
    Great work! Thank you!

    Brandin 11/29/13 7:24PM
  • Thank you for your stand on keeping stores closed on Thanksgiving since 1901. You are to be commended. By this, hopefully you realize what it is all about. Giving thanks to God for whom the holiday was started in the first place. It's like Christmas. Without Christ we wouldn't have CHRISTmas. Thanks again.

    JC in CO 11/21/13 7:56AM
  • I think Store 232 I looked it up on my receipt, I hope that is correct, But im trying to write about the store in West County Mall. I am a african American and I normally shop there with my mom, normally they just give me stares and maybe a smile, but i wanted some shoes for my son and my mom and I went to kids Shoes and was helped by I think her name was Janelle, and she as so nice and she was telling us about other deals they had and I left to go browse around before I made a decision but when I came back with my mom we saw her leaving but we knew we wanted to make sure she received credit and her co worker whome I dont remember her name but she had black curly hair said that she would give her credit for the sale and we was glad to make the purchase then. I thought out of all the african american workers she was the most genuine and I will be back to buy more Tom Boots for my son with her.

    Mother daughterduo 5/26/13 6:28AM
  • I bought a pair of shoes here. The same pair of shoes were 30 dollars higher at JC Penney. Nordstrom has the best selection of everything, and their prices are very reasonable. Love this store.

    Anonymous 3/16/13 4:58AM
  • I let my Nordstromm points expire and lost the notification letters. Customer service looked them up and reactivated them so I could use the $200 credit. They were very willing to go the extra mile. I now shop there and love the customer service every time

    mf 12/29/12 4:01PM
  • I have had the best shopping experience at the Westminster, CA Nordstrom. I usually shop at discount stores, but for my daughter's upcoming wedding she wanted me to dress really nicely, so my sister insisted on shopping at Nordstrom. I have never been so doted upon in my life.
    I am a plus sized woman, and am very self-conscious about my looks. The sales woman was very helpful. She showed me dresses that fitted my criteria (purple, tea length). When I found a few that I liked she showed me to a fitting room that looked like it was fit for a queen. Large room (approximately 8x10) with a mirror covering one wall completely. There were numerous hooks on the wall for clothes and there was an elevated pedestal on which to stand. Plush carpeting, an upholstered chair and a side table with a table cloth and flowers completed the furnishings. I was not used to anything like this.
    The sales woman was knowledgeable about what was in stock and other items I might be interested in. She showed me several undergarments that would enhance the look of the dress. The dress I like the best was not in my size. She researched the dress to see if another store had it in my size, but she found out it was not available from the manufacturer in that size. But she found me one that was similar, from the same manufacturer that did come in my size. That Nordstrom did not stock it, but she was willing to give me the stock number so that I could look for it at a store near me (since I was shopping at a mall over 100 miles from my home at the time).
    I also went to the lingerie department and got the same great service from another sales woman in that area. She also brought me many items to try on before I found something that worked for me.
    I ended up buying undergarments from both women and had a sense that, for once, someone actually cared that I found the things that I wanted and needed. Both women spent about 45 minutes with me. I have never had such personal and excellent service in my life.

    Cherished from Wildomar 10/11/12 12:05AM
  • Nordstom is one of the few businesses that offers EXCELLENT, and ALWAYS EXCELLENT customer service.

    buyer 3/25/12 9:37AM
  • I've shopped Nordies for years. Unfailingly great customer service; products and ethics Love this store.

    Fan 1/28/12 11:06AM
  • The ladies are always so sweet and friendly! I buy all my under-amour wear from them! I also bought make-up from there, and my dog ripped it up. The ladies replaced it, since I had bought it that day. AWESOME STORE.

    Sara 11/5/11 5:26AM
  • On a recent visit to Chicago, I forgot my makeup bag and went to Nordstrom to buy a few things and the Lady at counter asked me if that was all I needed, and when I told her that I went to Chicago for a meeting and I forgot my makeup bag at home, she talked to her coworkers and went all over the other counter and got samples of make up, cleansers, perfume etc. and gave to me for free. I was so impresed with her actitud and generosity. I called the manager of the store and thank them so much for the excellent people that work for Nordstrom - Chicago

    chechimartinez 8/31/11 10:39AM
  • Very Helpful. NIce to get a live person immediately.

    Anonymous 8/30/11 8:51AM
  • Nordstrom is the Best Retail Store, I am aware of!!! Their Customer Service ethics are unparalleled!!! I can not think of one bad thing to say about Nordstrom or their customer servive, except I wish they had more stores in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas. I only wish all retail stores were as customer oriented, and high principled as Nordstrom!!! Also, you can always find someone to help you at Nordstrom. And no, I have no relations to anyone at Nordstrom, I am just a HAPPY and loyal customer.

    Frances L. Williams

    Francie 6/14/11 10:09PM
  • Trust customers and makes returns easy. Makes me want to keep going back to buy.

    Anonymous 3/30/11 8:23PM
  • I've become a faithful Nordstrom customer after purchasing from their stores over the years. Any time there was ever any issue with .com orders, or in-store items, it was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have never been disappointed, and that is why I now rarely shop elsewhere. All of my beauty items, shoes, clothing, jewelry, handbags, undergarments, and athletic gear is purchased from them. I had a pair of expensive cashmere lounge pants that began to unravel at the hem, and they took them back no questions asked. Full refund. After they were worn! Of course, some people could abuse their system this way, but hopefully will govern themselves properly in honor of what they provide to all consumers. Try them, you won't be disappointed!

    SydneysMommy 12/23/10 1:21AM
  • The best customer service I've ever experienced anywhere, and their Norstrom Rack outlets are just as good. Also very nice high-end clothes for reasonable prices.

    CaitlinJ 11/12/09 6:42PM
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  • I worked at Nordstrom for several years. It was a wonderful experience in many ways. That is why I care. With the economy and shopping habits changing I think it would be behoove Nordstrom to retrain their sales staff a bit. Christine D at SCP Lancome in Costa Mesa yesterday, just wanted every customer and gave no real attention. Elaine same store in mens furnishings. Very argumentative. Told my husband that they did not nor ever sell mens long dress shirts. Ok. We bought 4 N shirts. Knew she was wrong. Came home and looked at found most of his shirts saying LONG. Some still packaged. That to me is not the Nordstrom way.

    Anonymous 9/12/13 3:45PM

    Nordstrom belive in punishing their employees.
    Nordstrom put so much pressure in their customers
    for them to get the debit and credit cards from Nordstrom.
    The benefits that they offer to their employees are
    not true...
    Don't ever buy in those stores!!!

    Mollies 2/22/13 6:32PM

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Take These Two Steps To Rival Nordstrom's Customer Service Experience
Sometimes you hear people speaking about Nordstrom (our Seattle-based fashion retailer that's so expert in customer service), and they'll tell you Nordstrom's employee handbook is only a single line long: “Use your best judgment in all situations ...
Nordstrom pushes boldly into the digital future
Further, Nordstrom is heavily committed to its mobile efforts, both on the consumer and in-store customer service sides. According to RIS News, Nordstrom is working hard to integrate tablet devices into store operations, largely to improve POS efficiency.
Nordstrom Relocates Store At Ala Moana Center
Nordstrom's reputation, quality merchandise and exceptional customer service mirror GGP's ongoing commitment to create an unparalleled shopping environment that provides the most sought-after fashion retailers and top-notch amenities," said Sandeep ...