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OnStar customer service is ranked #200 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 45.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 359 ratings. This score rates OnStar customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


316 Negative Comments out of 359 Total Comments is 88.02%.


43 Positive Comments out of 359 Total Comments is 11.98%.

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  • Basically hijacked my vehicle (in the literal sense) by linking it with my husband's account, without my knowledge or authorization, and then when I emailed, wrote letters and called was told by Onstar, although you are the owner of the truck, you in no way can make any decisions regarding your coverage of this vehicle, thus anything you request must be made by him - this is 2014 - and imagine if we were not in any relationship anymore. This company is out of control.

    Anonymous 4/13/14 4:52AM
    Official company reply


    I apologize for any inconvenience. I would be glad to resolve this issue for you. Please send your account information to the link provided : and I will contact you directly. Thank you, I hope to hear from you soon.

    -Johnua, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 4/14/14 7:26AM

  • I was debating about cancelling onstar since I have a hearing problem and the one time I did use it, I couldn't understand a word! I was lucky to have someone that could hear them and even they had problems. So, I was issued a new bank card with a new number and expiration date...figured - well, at least now they can't take $ out of my account since they don't have my new card info.....WHAT THE - they had that new card info!!! I just got a new car and went on line to cancel - but NOOOO - you had to call for "security reasons" It's all bullcrap! Calling was a total joke. First woman i talked to just stopped talking or hung up - so I had to call back - the 2nd one was nice enough.

    honey69 3/27/14 5:48AM
    Official company reply


    I am sorry to hear you wanted to cancel your service. Is there an issue or concern that I can help with? Please send your account information to us using this link : I would be more than happy to address any concerns you have had with the service you've received. Thanks!

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 3/27/14 7:17AM

  • Horribly disappointed. When we originally purchased our new vehicle, we were thrilled with Onstar. As time went by, I became very disenchanted with it. Not only were we given incorrect navigation instructions (sent down a one way street, sent to the middle of no where, sent down a deadend), but when we did a diagnostics, I was rudely told that she was NOT a mechanic. Today, I tried to get directions and was told that I was on the Safe and Sound only. I asked when that happened and got some half baked reason that made no sense, nor was I ever informed. I was told I could use the phone in my car (yeah, if I also purchase the minutes). I'm still trying to figure out what good Onstar is. My insurance covers roadside assistance.

    Diane1126 3/14/14 6:35PM
    Official company reply


    I certainly understand your frustrations. I would like the opportunity to look further into your concerns. Will you please send your account information to us using this link : Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 3/27/14 7:12AM

  • OnStar performed as stated and I was very pleased. New vehicle did not have OnStar cancellation was easy and friendly. Will purchase OnStar again if available in next vehicle.

    Anonymous 3/7/14 8:26AM
  • OnStar has been making unauthorized charges to my credit card for two years now for my husband GMC Truck. They got my (not my husbands) CC billing information from an account I had for a GMC Enclave. I no longer own this vehicle and cancelled the service in Jan 11. When I called to inquire how they got my old account mixed up with my husbands vehicle the OnStar representative told me they could have linked it using our home telephone number. So when his "Free Trial" period ran out they started billing my card. We have made several calls to OnStar and they tell us they are opening a dispute resolution ticket which will be handled in 10-15 days. This has not happened, we wait 10-15 days and call back. Each time we are on the phone for half an hour, wasting both of our time. Even though it is my CC they insist my husband be on the line since it is his vehicle. OnStar give me my money BACK and STOP charging my card!

    Ray0314 2/20/14 6:12AM
    Official company reply


    I certainly understand your frustration regarding this situation. If you can send me your information to the link provided : I can review your billing concerns and work with you to ensure a resolution. Thank you. I hope to hear from you soon.

    -Johnua, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 2/20/14 8:19AM

  • On Star is a terrible company, worst customer service I have ever come across. The lady I talked to Sonya said she is the supervisor of the customer loyal program. She was very rude and short with me when I tried to explain my problem to her.
    My husband and I have been separated for over a year and somehow his name ended up on my On Star account. And since his name was the only one on the account I was not allowed to cancel my service.
    I bought the car and set up the account myself. The credit card I used still had his name on it, that’s the only way I can think they ended up with his name. When I tried to cancel the account…this was my 3rd attempt mind you. The first time they said there was no one available to help me. They said all customer service reps were out even though I called during their regular posted business hours. The second time they left me on hold for over an hour and I hung up. I tried to explain to her that my husband was not going to help me and I needed to get this account closed. I asked her if I could fax the paper work to her showing that I was indeed the owner of the car she said there was nothing she could do to help me that only my husband could cancel the account. I think they gave me the run around because they did not what me to close the account. Not sure what I’m going to do now…. And from the look at the other comments if I do manage to get my account canceled I have additional unauthorized charges to look forward to.

    DonnaHak 2/18/14 12:03PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Donna Hak,

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with OnStar. I'd like to help with this issue and ensure a resolution. Please send me your account information here: and I will contact you shortly.

    -Johnua, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 2/18/14 12:43PM

  • Onstar billed credit card without authorization. They stated that since they are a 911 they have to bill you after your free trial is already expired. I persoanally feel this is theft or credit card fraud. It is a scam, if they forced billed every customer they are making millions. Never again

    J 2/18/14 7:53AM
    Official company reply


    I would be happy to look into this for you. Will you please send your account information to us, using this link : Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

    ~Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 2/18/14 8:50AM

  • I also have recently been a victim by OnStar through their "terms and condition" regarding their unauthorized and illegal use of my credit card. I had the free promotion OnStar and well, did not call them to ensure that, after the last day of the free promo, I didn't call them. I had no reason to as I never provided them with my financial information until, I purchased minutes for the phone. OnStar began charging me monthly for OnStar services (non minutes), servicing I never authorized. Yet, OnStar stated they were authorized based on their terms and conditions. I indicated that federal penal / criminal code statutes prevail and this constitutes credit card fraud and identity theft. I asked them to cancel and reimburse me in full. Well, they cancelled my services and the rep was only able to provide a very small portion of the amount of charges in total they charged my card. So, if you don't want auto charges taken from your credit card or other financial information, do not provide any information to them. They WILL charge you for OnStar services and before you know, they WILL take your money.

    Anonymous 2/11/14 10:48AM
  • My name is ROZETTA NOONAN. I am very upset with customer service. I just got off the phone with a rude person name ROBERT. I had call early and spoke to a woman concerning a one time payment per- year and what kind deal could she give me. I told her I want it taken out on the 25 of FEB 2014, one time still of each month. I made it clear to her not to take this money out of my account until FEB. 25,2014. She let me know that this will be ok. I call my bank to check on something and found out the money was taking out after I hung up phone. I call OnStar customer back and that when I got ROBERT on the explaining to him what happen. He was so rude and very disrespectful to me. He told me he will cancer my service and put the money back in my account and hung up the phone. I just wanted the plan what me and the lady agree on. The one time payment will come out of my account on FEB. 25, 2014. I never had this problem or any of problems like this.

    ROZETTA NOONAN 2/6/14 3:24PM
    Official company reply

    Dear Ms. Noonan,

    I first want to apologize for any inconvenience. I'd be glad to look into situation further and assist you with your renewal. I was able to locate your account but was unsuccessful in speaking with you. I ask that you please send me your contact information here : so that we can get this resolved for you. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    -Johnua, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 2/7/14 7:52AM

  • I have cancled my subscribion and they keep billing my credit card i want it stopped now every month they bill my card who can help me stop this from happening?

    Anonymous 1/30/14 9:49AM
    Official company reply

    Dear Anonymous,

    I apologize for any inconvenience. I recommend that you contact our billing department as soon as possible at 888-466-7827 so that we can resolve this matter. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

    -Johnua, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/30/14 10:51AM

  • Just wamted to share this with yall so that it didnt happen to anyone else. When we bought the tahoe for nancy, it came with a year of "free onstar". We assumed that after the year we no longer had it and have never used it. Come to find out, somewhere during the transaction of buying the car they were given our debit card number and have been taking the monthly charge out each month. I am guilty of never balancing our checkbook and look over it when I think about it which isnt as often as I should. A couple of months ago I happened to pull up our account on the day that ONSTAR charged our account and called them. I had is disconnected, I was told that you have 30 days to notify them in writing after the "free year" or it will roll over and you will be charged the monthly fee and that they DO Not notify you of this. I was able to get only two months refunded. But "Norman" the account specialist that I had to send a letter too, before they would contact me now knows what it feels like to get a $832.95 CUSSING and I'm sure that "the recorded conversation" will be used in many a training sessions! Screw YOU ONSTAR, you will never be used in any of my vehicals again! I have cancelled all service in 4 of our other vehicals and have told as many people as I can. Enjoy your money, it was the last of mine you will ever get!

    Thomas 1/21/14 2:22PM
    Official company reply


    I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with OnStar. I would be more than happy to speak with you in person and answer any questions you may have regarding our billing policies. Please feel free to submit your information to us using this link : Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/21/14 2:58PM

  • Family Link is lousy! I keep getting error code 69300. When I call no one can help and say it should work tomorrow which it does not! But I still get charged!

    Drfjones 1/19/14 11:29PM
    Official company reply


    I would be more than happy to look into why you are receiving this error message, and help to resolve the issue. Will you please send your account information to us, using this link : Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/20/14 12:41PM

  • Very unhappy. On-Star cancelled my phone minutes. When I called they gave me 100 free minutes, but wanted to increase my monthly fee.

    Even though I like having On-Star I felt like it was a bait and switch so I cancelled.


    Barb 1/16/14 2:57PM
    Official company reply


    The minutes typically have a year expiration date from the day they were purchased, and require an active OnStar subscription in order to be used. At any time before the minutes expire you can purchase another small bundle, we usually have a promotional 30 minute bundle available to extend and roll over any remaining minutes. The expiration of the Pre Paid minutes is set by the wireless team in conjunction with the wireless industry, but we do our best to work with subscribers to roll over remaining minutes. I hope this helps.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/16/14 3:43PM

  • I bought a new Camaro in August 2013. It came with onstar for 6 months. When I set it up they told me they were having trouble communicating with my call but they would take care of it even talked me into buying more hands free minutes. Problem is they never took care of it. When i call the advisor can not help with technical issues. Someone will call me or I can call back. This has been going on since August. How does this place stay in business? This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received from any company on any product or service.

    fastgmc 1/16/14 5:55AM
    Official company reply


    I would certainly like to look into any technical issues you are experiencing, to ensure they are fully resolved. Will you please send your account information to us using this link : Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/16/14 3:39PM

  • I had a horrible experience with onstar. they kept telling me while I was on a busy highway, that my car location was in a grassy field!I have to wait until they find me. then when I complained they hung up the phone on me. I called back and the directions drove me in circles. A ten minute drive, turned into a 1 1/2 hour drive!!! they kept telling me how sorry they were for the inconvenience. If they are so sorry, give me gas money and wear and tear on my car!!!

    frumiemas 1/9/14 7:18AM
    Official company reply


    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with OnStar's Turn-by-Turn directions. The problem you were experiencing is a result of your GPS system being miscalibrated. At your earliest convenience, I would urge you to press the OnStar button inside of your vehicle, and ask to be transferred to our Technical Assistance team. Tell the technical advisor that your GPS system needs to be recalibrated, and they will run the appropriate updates to resolve your issue. I hope this helps!

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor,
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/9/14 10:25AM

  • I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life. On 1/1/14, I had a dead battery and called Onstar for a jump. They came that evening and jumped the car. I then went and purchased a new battery. The next day I tried to pair my new phone but it didn’t work. I called Onstar and they said they couldn’t communicate with the mirror. They told me to go back to the dealer (Best Buy) where I had it installed. Went to the dealer on 1/3/14 and they informed me they no longer service the device. Called Onstar back and they told me Best Buy had to service it. Yeah, right! They said they would call Best Buy and handle it, but nothing ever happened. On Sunday evening, I again had a dead battery, and noticed that even when the car was off, the mirror had every light on-it would never go off. I surmised the mirror drained my battery. Called Onstar to get jumped, and was told I get 1 jump every 12 months, but they would tow the car. This didn’t make sense to me. Called back and talked to an advisor and told them I wanted to know how to disconnect the mirror to eliminate the drain. No one knew how, but told me someone would call in 3-5 business days to help me. But what would I do in the meantime? No solution. So I called AAA. While waiting, I took the mirror apart and figured how to disconnect. AAA came and jumped the battery, and I told them what I felt the problem was. He put a device on the car and when the mirror was connected, he could see the drain, but when unplugged, the drain went away. I have had numerous calls since then, and this is only 3 days later, and no one seems to be able or really wants to help. I keep getting told 3-5 business days, and have a non- functioning device. Advisors make promises but do not follow through. I had enough on holds, escalations, and BS that I had to end it, so I cancelled my 3 vehicles.

    bflo12usa 1/8/14 8:25PM
    Official company reply


    I'm sorry to hear about your experience. The FMV mirror should not be draining your battery and the Best Buy installer should be maintaining the system they installed. I'd be happy to look into your case and see what I can do to further assist. Can you please send your contact and account information here: I hope to hear from you soon.

    -Jessica, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/9/14 8:08AM

  • My service does not expire until later this month. Aware of Onstar billing practices I called placed (with great difficulty) a cancellation notice and stated I did not to renew. So now I get my credit card statement and Onstar billed me in DECEMBER.

    This is the second vehicle this has occurred with. I am deeply disturbed with these billing practices. The last time I called to cancel, I was told that the call was monitored and recorded. As soon as I said I was recording the call as well, I was told they could not talk to me and they hung up. What a wonderful company.

    roger 1/3/14 8:42PM
    Official company reply

    OnStar uses credit cards on file to insure coverage. I would love to looking to the call when you canceled and see what happened. Can you please send me some more information

    Dave OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/8/14 1:59PM

  • Cant access account. Tried to log on and create a password. Nothing. Won't work so I wrote a e-mail to see if I could get help. Once again, nothing. Starting to think that maybe this on star isn't such a good idea.

    Anonymous 12/31/13 11:31AM
    Official company reply

    Anonymous -

    We would be more than happy to help you get logged into your online account! Give us a call at 888-835-4808, Monday-Saturday, 8am to 8pm Eastern time, and one of our friendly customer care advisors will be able to assist in any way you need. I hope this helps!

    ~Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 1/2/14 8:41AM

  • A complaint was filed with the President of On-Star regarding material misrepresentations made by an overseas representative. In response, not even a formal written response or effort to resolve the issue.

    I will recommend to my 200,000 members not to use On-Star.

    NPDF 12/20/13 11:00AM
    Official company reply

    Hi NPDF,

    I'd like to look into this for you. Can you send us your information here: Thanks!

    -Jaymz, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 12/20/13 12:01PM

  • I have NEVER experienced such inept and uncaring service people in my life. I was charged almost $400.00 December 2, 2013 my monthly bill is $35.00 this is the SECOND time in 3 months that this has happened to me. I have called 5 times and been on hold for almost an hour everytime only to hear a DIFFERNET story EVERYTIME. I have still NOT received my $377.75 or $338.90 that I have been told that I would receive back within 3 to 5 business days. ONSTAR have lied to me too many times and taken my money without my consent one too many times

    Upset GMC owner 12/16/13 6:28PM
    Official company reply

    Hi Upset GMC owner,

    I'd be glad to resolve this for you. Can you please send us your account and contact information here: Looking forward to speaking with you.

    Jaymz, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 12/17/13 7:50AM

  • I just called customer service and was told
    I no longer have service with them because credit card expired. Was never notified by email or otherwise that I No Longer had coverage.... I had a note on my calendar to update my subscription in Dec and would get the same price I had been paying but was told by Chris that price is no longer available only a promotion. Poor customer service ...Sure am glad I wasn't stranded and thought I had road side assistance.

    Anonymous 12/9/13 3:03PM
  • After several attempts on 11/19/2013, to access my account on-line I gave up. Website not working properly.

    Anonymous 11/19/13 11:06AM
  • I have 2 trucks a 2007 and a 2009 and on 10/22 I renewed my subscribtion for both trucks, about 1 hour later my 09 truck phone was ringing, I went to the garage and mashed the phone button it quit. The next day when we tried the onstar both trucks onstar was not working. And before renewal they both worked. And not to mentioned that evidently they made the phone ring so much in the 09 til it killed the battery.
    We called onstar they said the problem wasnt on their end it had to be the trucks hardware, really both trucks hardware quit at the same time.
    Finally after calling everyday for 2 days they finally got the 07 truck's onstar working. Onstar said I had to take the 09 to dealer because it was a hardware issue.
    The dealer has check everything and there is no problem. The dealership has called onstar numerous times to get this fixed and onstar still insist its not onstar problem.The dealership has had the truck for nearly a week trying to fix it. So now I have a bill at the dealership to pay. I'm with other peoples post, onstar customer service is not friendly and half the time you cant understand the customer service people. Get it right Onstar, this is not a necessity and you can be cancelled. This is just the tip of the iceberg with my complaint with onstar,I have had issues with them since I bought the 09, 2 years ago and this maybe the final straw.

    harleycookie 10/30/13 5:16PM
    Official company reply


    I'm sorry to hear about your experience with OnStar. We have responded to your post on Facebook about this issue. Please see our reply there. We will be more than happy to follow up with you to ensure we're doing everything we can to resolve your issue. Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor,
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 10/31/13 6:34AM

  • On October 25, 2013 I experienced a flat tire. I was in a well protected parking lot, it was midday. When I called OnStar I was told that there would be a 70 wait for assistance, that a co. called STP rescue would arrive in 70 or less min. When the truck arrived, the driver told me he had been told that I needed a battery jump but that he could still assist me. Due to severe back pain (not related to tire) I was reluctant to get out of my vehicle. Driver said I didn't need to and proceeded to change my right front tire using the emergency donut. He said I was good to go and left. As I was driving off, It felt strange and I was told by a passerby that my right front tire was flat. The driver knew it was flat when he left me, there was a service station across the parking lot from my car, he could have gone there and inflated the tire. Please do not use this service again to assist your customers. I am 80, a widow and rely on OnStar to help when I have problems.

    Anonymous 10/30/13 9:12AM
    Official company reply


    I hope everything turned out okay for you that day! I would certainly like to investigate this matter further. Would you please send us your account information using the following link : Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We look forward to speaking with you.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor,
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 10/31/13 6:40AM

  • For the first two years my Onstar service worked perfectly but starting a few months back the data stopped working here in my home area, it works just fine after I leave this area and rome on any other system anyshere. When attempting to download turns and directions the unit will just beep and beep for several minutes before if finally gives it up. I have been asking Onstar to correct this problem for nearly six months with no satisfaction. When this first started happening I went to my local Buick dealer and they replaced the entire Onstar unit but the problem still presisted. Next I talked to an Onstar rep who changed me over to a brand new Onstar phone number but again I got the same result. The other piece of this puzzle is the fact that I have friends here at home that also have Onstar with the same Cellular company for their system and their Onstar works perfectly here. In summary consider that we have taken the Onstar radio and the phone number out of the equasion since both were changed and in light of the fact that other people have Onstar here that's working fine I believe that it is reasonable to assume that my Onstar account is not set up properly or has been comprimised. You would think that this would be a simple thing to troubleshoot but apperntly not because it was late spring when this problem started and they can't seem to fix it. I am sorry to say that I have requested to have my Onstar service terminated withing the next few days. I regret doing this because I found it to be very valuable back when it worked properly.

    MrKlite 10/29/13 9:20AM
    Official company reply


    I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with OnStar. I would be more than happy to investigate this matter further, and consult with our technicians to see if there is anything we can do to further assist you. Would you please send your information to us using this link : Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you.

    -Sara, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 10/29/13 9:36AM

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  • on star is the best it has helped my family out of a jam numerous of times especially when i am miles away from them and cant get there thanks gmc for putting this in your vehicles it has save me money and time

    Anonymous 4/6/14 10:18AM
  • I have had on star since 2006, came with my monte carlo. other than the phone I have used the service two time. once with a tire. on star kept me on line from 30 mins, (of my air time), not to worry they gave me 90 free mins. tire fixed back on the road in 45 mins. 2nd time was wife locked keys in car. on star had her on the road in 5 mins. pick up my new Malibu Monday, with 6mos on star. I think on star is great. I will be using it for the next 8 yeas. sorry others are having problems. I give it 10 stars.

    bill44041 3/30/14 12:19PM
  • I love onstar! I paid for 3 years and have already used it within the first few months due to hitting an item on the road and having an immediate flat. They had someone to me in less than an hour and totally free of charge. The people I have spoken to have always been friendly. I also enjoy the onstar app. I tend to lock my keys in the car very often! Thanks onstar for helping me out!

    lovinlife2004 2/23/14 4:37PM
  • While I Like On Star I Have A Complaint. When I Got My Credit Card Bill I Saw A Charge From On Star. I Was Not Asked Or Was I Notified That This Charge Was Coming On My Account. I Want To Be Notified So I Can Agree Or Not. If I Am Not Notified I Will From Now On Refuse This Charge.

    LOMATH 2/22/14 5:20AM
    Official company reply


    I definitely understand your concerns regarding this issue. OnStar does notify subscribers at least 30 days prior to a renewal date, before being billed. I'd be glad to look into your account and make sure we have the correct contact information on file for you. Please send me your information here : and I will contact you shortly. Thank you.

    -Johnua, OnStar Advisor
    Social Media Team

    OnStar Advisor 2/22/14 8:56AM

  • On Thursday 01/02/2014 our car was hit by another coming from the south on a local road. The OnStar came on almost immediately and assisted me with contacting responders. The operator, who had a really soothing & pleasant voice stayed on the line with me until the first responders got to me. I was very shaken up and it really helped calm me to have that voice there in the car with me. My current vehicle does not have onstar and I will greatly miss it. In the five years we have owned the Aveo I have enjoyed the monthly service reports and the hands free telephone service. Thank you OnStar!!

    Anonymous 1/7/14 10:08AM
  • Went on line to get OnStar verification and did not have any problem getting the information that I wanted. Everything I wanted to know was available and I made copies. Happy New Year.

    Anonymous 12/30/13 1:11PM
  • Worried about my elderly husband driving a new car for the first time in slippery conditions. He was very late coming home and did not have a cell phone with him. OnStar called him directly and he affirmed that he was fine...just delayed at the dealer.

    Thank you, OnStar!

    Anonymous 12/10/13 7:17PM
  • Traveling to Florida in early July I found that my Onstar would not download navigarion directions. I tried numerous times and on each occasion the system would beep for ten minutes and then tell me there was a problem.
    I contacted Onstar and after a couple of minutes worth of telling me that they hoped I was haveing a wonderful day and thanking me for choozing onstar and the they wanted to make sure they addressed mu concerns we got to the meat of the matter. After a five minute interrogation it was decided that I needed to be escalated to a senior technician. This process took a half hour and involved updating my software and eventually getting cut of and forced to go back to the entry level Onstar rep and start all over. We did two updates and two system inspections and the reps could tell me nothing. After I was four hours on the road after stopping for lunch south of Knoxville the thing started working and continued working till we reached Florida and then worked all the way home. I am getting ready to travel back to Florida in a week and I thought I would test it yesterday just to be sure it was still functioning and sure enough it was messed up again just like the last time. We hae superior cellular service in this area so I know that is not the problem. I curently have the dealer working on this problem and we talked to Onstar yesterday and they didn't have a clue as to what was going on. We suspect a hardware problem but I wondered of anyong else had ever experienced this.

    Teenangel 8/3/13 9:56AM
  • Subsciber; George McKenzie

    Account #132-701-535

    On 11 March 2013 I exchanged automobiles at Ken Batchelor Cadallac and via ON STAR, arranged for the transfer of my account to the newly acquired car; 2010 Cadallac CTS Sedan. My ON STAR account was recently renewed with the "Safe & Sound" Plan. I wish to continue with that plan and I want the balance of my account transfered to the 2010 Cadallac CTS model. I realize that the transfer can be accomplished over the ON STAR connection, but I prefer to do the same transaction using E-Mail. Please contact me at and confirm the account balance transfer to cover the 2010 Cadallac CTS Sedan. Thank you; George McKenzie

    Anonymous 3/12/13 8:09AM
  • I love their customer service their always trying to help you save

    AWyatt 12/10/12 10:01AM
  • Recently, I purchased a 2002 Suburban Z71. It has the OnStar equipment already installed. Being disabled, I thought it might be worth looking into activating it.

    Total time spent on the call was 23:41 (mm:ss). It took about 2 minutes to get through their menu system and get a human on the line. This is on a Sunday night at 10:30 pm CST. The representative I spoke with appeared to be polite, knowledgeable, and very patient with my numerous questions about the service and how it works.

    Because of the type of vehicle I have and the model year, the existing OnStar system cannot be upgraded for the new digital requirements, so I would be required to purchase the FMV (rear view mirror) version, the price of which includes installation (takes 2-3 hours). Lockout and Family Link services do not work with this version, but roadside assistance for lockouts is included, and my family can call in to find my location in emergencies.

    My plan to deal with the billing issues most of the complaints here are about is to use a "disposable" prepaid debit card, which I will use exclusively for OnStar, and load each payment a few days before my billing date to keep them honest.

    I will update in a few months (if I do decide to go with OnStar) my experiences at that point with the installation and service.

    CA Medicine Woman 12/9/12 10:22PM
  • Onstar has been great with me. i have had it for 3 years. just went to denver colorado and onstar navigation took me right to the door step of my destination. all the reps i have talked have been very nice.

    Anonymous 10/20/12 6:05PM
  • Just wanted you to know I have had OnStar for 4 years. Had it in 2009 Chevrolet Traverse, sold that and now have it in my 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. I have used it when I travel, has been a real lifesaver, got lost and they statyed on the line until I knew where I was. But Mapquest has changed, Google is impossible can't use either one. They want me to download directions to facebook or email account. Can't get it to my vehicle. I contacted OnStar, very nice women told me just call us, we'll set directions for you and keep in touch if you have any trouble. I think OnStar should let Mapquest and Google know their service "SUCKS" but OnStar is way ahead of the curve when come to service. God Bless your reps, they are the Best.

    bandit2012 9/24/12 1:47PM
  • I just spoke with a young man called "SAM" in customer service. (Billing) He was great and said I reminded him of his Grandma. He had a great sense of humor and has to have that because of customers like me!!!! I just want you to know I appreciated him listening to me and how he made me feel so important as your customer. I will continue to keep my on star calling because of people like him.....Thank You....
    Donna LeSage
    48 Juliet Lane
    Alton NH 03809

    Anonymous 8/6/12 7:26AM
  • I have a 2011 chevy malibu with onstar i work bad at first then the tech team did a software update and it works perfectly with no issues. My new phone nokia lumia connect so quickly to it it's almost scare it also has a text feature so when i recieve a text the car will read it and then reply withhaving to touch the phone great feature for las vegas.

    manofgod1223 5/29/12 2:06PM
  • I just wanted to let you know what an invaluable service Onstar is. On 5/2412 in the evening myself and another nurse were driving hom from a conference on 192. She began to show signs of having a stroke. I pulled over to the side of the road and called 911. I didn't know where on 192 I was and there were no landmarks. 911 was having trouble locating us and then I remembered my onstar. I pushed the onstar button and in a matter of minutes the rescue vehicals were there. They pinpointed our lacation and talked to us until the rescue arrived. They played a critical part in saving my friends life, including the quality of her life, by responding so quickly. They patched in her husband on the speaker to try to get her to respond and keep her calm.They went above and beyond and after this experience I will never do without onstar!

    Anonymous 5/26/12 8:26AM
  • Charissa #57708 in your Warren, Michigan technical support office. GETS THE JOB DONE. She is so professional and very knowledgeable at her job. Your Warren office could do no better than CHARISSA #57708.


    Mrs. Holmes 4/29/12 1:15PM
  • I had a brand new 2011 GMC Terrain. Onstar malfunctioned and caused the car to malfunction. The dealer was wonderful and tried repeatedly to fix it. I told them I was done. I upgraded to a fully loaded 2012 Terrain and a significant discount. I just got the car back this morning after the 4th fix since November and onstar is still not working correctly-GM replaced the VCRM (Very Cranky Rotten Machine) module and gave it back to me. A week later they got it back again and replaced the entire radio/navigation module. It is still sending me to the middle of the ocean. I hope GM and onstar are not supplying our military. But...I do love my dealer for outstanding service. I am thinking that a deluxe GPS may work better. But, when onstar does work it is great. The regular onstar people are great (all speak perfect english) but the higher level people were idiots. Just goes to prove there are less brains the higher you go on the food chain.

    michele shari 3/19/12 8:50PM
  • I am so thankful for ON Star. My husband as he ages is having problems remembering routes even in our town, He left one morning and three hours later had not returned. I called local law enforcement and told them we had on star in vehicle and they contaced you and he must have been told to move over to side of road. He had traveled over 70 miles in the wrong direction. Deputies there located him with your help and called me to come and get him. I am afraid to imagine what could have happened if not for On Star

    Force 3/19/12 8:45AM
  • I just bought a new 2012 Malibu and continued the service of On Star. In my previous cars I had On Star but never had the turn by turn navagation added. It's the greatest tool Ihave ever added to the car. The first day I drove to a area that I needed help. On Star is fabulous and I would not have a car without it. I have never had to wait for service and can't ever seeing driving my cars without On Star.

    Anonymous 3/14/12 6:19AM
  • Outstanding!
    I got locked out of my car for the first time ever. I made one call to the service and my car was unlocked within seconds!
    I was very thankful and will always keep this serice active- great job CSR!

    Anonymous 2/27/12 7:24AM
  • Fantastic service! Wouldn't be without it! I found out that OnStar updated their system two weeks ago, so it has been slow in response for activation calls and directions, but now everything seems to be running smoothly. I guess with any new system there will be a few bumps, no service is perfect! As for emergency services, it is not the same line as the activation line, so there will be no delay for emergencies. I have had OnStar for 5 years and love it!

    VegasMan 2/23/12 11:28AM
  • My OnStar experience(s) have been primarily favorable since 4-2010, however, there have been a few cases in which I really needed the service only to find them "having technical difficulties". On one such trip I had 5 pre-programmed destinations plugged into my OnStar and it could not produce ANY of them . . "technical difficulties". When I tried giving them locations via a real live rep., they could not complete anything because they could not "find" my vehicle. That made me wonder just how effective their emergency service is in the event of crash, etc. if they have "trouble" finding my vehicle on an open highway in northern MN. Today I am trying to log a destination into my OnStar and can't get it done; consistently "technical problems". I will consider dropping the service when it comes time for renewal. I wonder if OnStar monitors all the negative comments submitted to this site? I have submitted complaints directly to their site but have never gotten any acknowledgement from them.

    Gettingfedup 1/28/12 1:50PM
  • I love Onstar. This is the best thing since sliced bread. All these people that are unhappy are just the type of people you can't please no matter what you do. I have had no problems. When my six months is up. I will subscibe.

    beybeygurlbleu 1/15/12 11:01PM
  • I have had to use my OnStar 3 times and never once did I have an issue.

    Michelle44 1/10/12 12:36AM
  • Submit your comment >>
  • not a chance of keeping service when you want to charge people to ask questions, I have been in customer service for over twenty years,and would never dreams, to be that disrespectful to a customer,for a service that is included with new purchase of a vehicle you would think you would allow questions. This is a joke.38 dollars to ask one question,you should be ashame to be working for this company ,I have to much self respect to do your job

    Anonymous 12/11/11 11:42AM

  • The Onstar brand is owned by GM, however, it's call centers are operated by a Canadian company. I work for them. I too was very surprised to learn that two of there call centers are not in the U.S.(Phillipines and Canada- others Michigan and North Carolina) However, I was laid off by an American owned company, and this was the only job I could get at the time. I think more subscribers should complain about this. I think is is very offensive to ask for help from the American people, yet, hire non-Americans!! with the jobless rates here ( especially in MIchigan). As for the charges after the 3-12 month comp service ends, when subscribers call for there initial welcome call, they are told that their card will be charged to avoid disruption of service unless Onstar is contacted and a cancellation request is made. Many people don'y pay attention to that- I think because it is very scripted. Do not give them your c/c or checking acct info. they will bug you, but they can not charge you.

    anon 10/12/11 6:26PM

  • Many customers are rude, abusive and insulting. Many employees are found shaking and crying in bathrooms Do you kiss your mothers with those mouths? Do you know we get penalized every time YOU ask for mulitple searches, that it is sometimes hard to hear and understand certain sounds over a phone system? p,t,v,b. Yet for some reason you feel you have the right to swear at us if we don't hear you correctly, screaming the address makes it harder not easier. Passenger speaking is very difficult to hear and understand. Two or three people talking at once makes it difficult. We try to help, and if we can't find a location one way, we do have alternate methods of finding it, yet the common response is to call us idiots, useless and worse. I was sworn at recently because I couldn't tell a person when the heavy traffic they were experiencing would lighten up. No, no accidents, or other crisis, just heavy traffic. Let me get my crystal ball out.

    I have had onstar myself for 3 years, before I worked for them. Found it a very good service, but have never made the mistake of assuming it is infallible. And no we won't locate your vehicle without a police report for more than one reason. One being we don't want YOU running off to get it, it's not safe. And 2, we've actually been asked to track a cheating wife or husband, and to find the party your teen is at. We are not big brother.

    Don't swear at me because I ask you verify your home address before I route it. If the car was stolen, you'd be pretty ticked if I sent a thief to your house, or unlocked your car just because. All vehicles have airbag deployment, not ALL have auto crash response because the sensors are not there. And no I can't tell you if your brake fluid is low, even a mechanic has to look.
    As for the routing, it is a system not a person calculating that route and it is not all seeing. It is not a God. WE may know going through Manhatten at the dinner hour is not good, the system, just sees it as the most eficient.

    I sent a man to wrong location, (previous route) because he would not let speak in order to clarify what happened, and just what he was looking for, "just shut up you idiot and do it" So I did. I don't even know where he wanted to go, he wouldn't say, just kept calling me names, so sent him right back to where he was.

    We want to help, and we want to do it right, help us help you. Thank you won't make you implode either.

    if you only knew 6/26/11 8:25AM



    IHATEONSTAR 10/28/09 9:19PM

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